Xiaolan and our so-called main storyline, I always feel that the old thief Aoyama has already given an obvious plot in the plot. Just in Xinlan’s childhood cherry blossoms. Conan (Shinichi) did everything possible to keep Xiaolan in a pure and beautiful world where there are not so many conspiracies. In addition to seeing the dog food for the first time in Sakura, the main plot is that the kindergarten teacher wants to abduct Xiaolan, so he has made various meticulous arrangements for this. Shinichi and Yusaku cracked the conspiracy, caught the teacher’s brother-in-law, and asked the teacher to surrender. Maori and Mugure were ready to do it at any time from a distance. Throughout the whole story, the relevant people knew the truth, only Xiaolan didn’t know it, and didn’t know it until more than ten years later. I just remember the teacher I liked very much at the time, but I resigned and left without knowing why. For Shinichi, he wanted to protect his princess from any harm, whether it was physical or psychological. So push her away from the crime-filled mystery as far as possible. He would not tell Xiaolan anything about the organization. Sister Bei made a similar move in the betrayal stage series. She stopped Xiaolan and said, Angel, the front is not where you should go. Both the black and the red have double insurance, the purpose is to make Xiaolan not even aware of the existence of such a very evil organization. Of course, it is impossible for Xiaolan not to participate at all, but it should be noted that her participation was passively involved in the main line because of her kindness. In the New York chapter, because she saved the silver-haired murderer, she felt that she was also favored by angels. In the Full Moon chapter, because she suspected that Mr. Judy would be disadvantageous to Conan, she hid in the trunk of the car, and finally saved Xiao Lai. For Xiaolan, there is no such thing as “mainline” or “organization” in the subjective sense of these two things. She just wants to protect the people in front of her and the people around her. As a result, Conan doesn’t seem to know that Xiaolan saved Xiao Ai in the full moon chapter. Modification: Here I will add why Conan didn’t know that Xiao Lan saved Xiao Ai. I always thought that at least Judy would tell Conan Xiaolan to save Xiao Ai. As a result, when I re-wrote the comics, I found that when Conan recalled the story of the full moon, he never mentioned the huge danger that Xiaolan faced. Let’s start with the full moon chapter. The sequence of the plot: Judy is shot, Conan is torn apart, Conan is anesthetized, Sister Bei points to Xiao Ai, Xiao Lan calls the police first, and then comes out of the trunk to protect Xiao Ai. That is, at the time of the full moon chapter, Conan was under anesthesia and never knew that Xiaolan had followed. The next chapter is Xiao Ai’s rejection of the witness protection plan. This statement is very ambiguous. First of all, Judy and Xiaolan know each other, and Xiaolan feels assured of Judy. Judy only told Xiaolan that there was a kidnapper who kidnapped the child, which obscured the question of who the kidnapper was. What Conan and Xiao Ai talked to the FBI was just that they didn’t see who the prisoner was, that is, they concealed the existence of Chris Wynyard. On the surface, the content of the two sides’ ventilation does not include the question that Xiaolan saved Xiao Ai in the end. Conan’s memories show that although he believes temporarily, he doesn’t know why Sister Bei gave up killing Xiao Ai. From this point on, all Conan’s memories of the full moon chapter are almost all the scenes of Bei sister typing in the phone number. When the new appearance reappeared, he was still wondering why Belmode just ran away. There has never been a sentence like “You can’t let Xiaolan take risks anymore”, let alone Xiaolan’s desperate protection against Xiao Ai, Belmode’s reaction. Well, all of the above are based on Conan’s abnormal performance, and the evidence is not far away. I went to the music family to ask about the melody of the phone. Conan said, “The FBI named Akai saved Huihara last time.” In Xiao Ai’s memory, the scene of Xiaolan protecting herself finally appeared. In other words, Judy, Xiao Ai, and Xiao Lan did not tell Conan (New One) Xiao Lan’s actions in the full moon chapter. Xiao Ai has always had a complicated feeling for Xiao Lan, and after the full moon chapter, Xiao Ai feels that Xiao Lan is especially like her sister. But at this time, she would not tell Conan straightforwardly, “It was Xiaolan who saved me”, she actually couldn’t say it. And Judy didn’t say it. I think to a large extent Xiaolan told Judy not to tell Conan. Xiaolan herself didn’t tell Xinyi about this. The reason I speculate is that Xiaolan herself knows that she has indeed encountered a real danger. This kind of danger is not the kind that can be passed by just making a joke. Not only Conan, Shinichi, but even Maori and Yingli don’t know. She didn’t tell everyone around. There was only one reason, Xiao Lan didn’t want people close to him to know that he was in danger and escaped. The only thing I know is Yuanzi, because when Judy said this, Yuanzi was by her side. However, Xiaolan changed the subject and turned to worry about Judy hurting Conan. She followed up and found that Teacher Judy was a good person. In this conclusion, she ignored the danger she encountered. That is: Now that everything is over, don’t let anyone worry about it. This is the role of Xiaolan. After reading all the intrigues, you will find that there is such a kind and beautiful existence. But Xiaolan is also lucky to have this kind of protection from Conan and Sister Bei. There is another similar relationship in the current plot, Ayumi and Wakasa Rumi. Wakasa Rumi received the four-leaf clover from Ayumi, and threw it away after changing hands. In fact, Ayumi’s image is somewhat similar to Xiaolan, but Wakasa Rumi completely closed and refused to accept this kind of “angel’s favor”, which is quite embarrassing.


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6 months ago

At the beginning of the plot, Conan’s idea was: The black organization fed me medicine to kill me — I didn’t die, they would definitely come back if they knew I wasn’t dead — if that day, everyone around me who knew the secret would Being silenced-I can’t tell Xiaolan, so Xiaolan has been out of the main line from now on. Not letting Xiaolan know his identity and how to tell Xiaolan’s true identity in the future have become one of the highlights of this drama. But in fact, I think, Conan, you live in Maori’s house every day. Even if you don’t tell them about it, the black-clothed organization will come to your house and definitely kill the Maori family you live with. They won’t ask who knows. Who doesn’t know, as long as you live together, get rid of them together. This is the normal way of thinking.

6 months ago

In fact, Xiaolan was involved. It’s just that the “main line” we usually talk about is a concept that has been created over the years, and everyone has acquiesced to this statement. It really calls the “organization line”, and this kind of plot is called the “black organization-related plot.” Ming Ke’s work, as 73 himself said, is always a “love reasoning comedy”-and this definition is the true main line of this work-if it is insisted-the two main lines of love and reasoning “you in There is me, and you are in me”. According to this definition, Xiaolan has been involved in the main line from beginning to end, but according to what we usually think of as the “concept”, I think she is not in the “main line” or far away from it. As the saying goes, “There is a specialization in the art industry.” If characters including Xiaolan leave her or his position in Mingke, so that they leave the work of Mingke, they really have not participated in the main line. So this pot of Uncle Qingshan naturally doesn’t memorize it.

6 months ago

I won’t talk about what counts as the main line in the end, just accept the story line of the Black Organization as the main line. The reason why Xiaolan was not allowed to participate in the comics Neike Nanfang’s statement was for Xiaolan’s safety. But in fact, from the perspective of the work, Xiaolan’s non-participation in the main line is the basic setting for Conan to be serialized for so many years, and it is an important factor that Conan can start from the short story that Conan envisioned at the beginning of the 73 to the migrant manga that has been serialized for more than ten years. Xiaolan, or the expansion of the scope into Xiaolan’s family, is an important existence that balances Conan’s daily life and chasing the man in black and other crazy behaviors. Xiaolan does not participate in the main line, in exchange for Conan has a very daily life of death outside the main line, and Conan has been serialized for so many years, relying on these daily life of death, rather than the main line that pops up from time to time. Imagine if Xiaolan participates in the main line, knows Conan’s identity, and knows everything about the black organization, she can still treat Conan as a primary school student like she does now, and let Conan live in her house and live like a okay person every day? Then take him out to solve the case as a daily routine, and even watch him from time to time to deal with the stimulating life of the black organization wandering between life and death? Then sleeping Kogoro becomes a karate girl detective? This is an important reason for preventing Xiaolan from participating in the main line. Others such as protecting her safety and ensuring the beauty of her world are just for maintaining this setting. Facing crime every day, I have experienced hundreds of homicides, more than some policemen in a lifetime. This life is no longer beautiful and simple, and exciting enough.

6 months ago

Because the famous detective Conan is an “ancient period” work. Conan has been so popular all the way to the present, we sometimes forget that this was originally a comic from the last century. When Conan was born, there was another reasoning comic “Kindaichi Boys’ Incident Book” that had no opponents. It is undeniable that Conan was more or less influenced by Jindaichi. And the heroine Nanase Miyuki of “Gold” is a very standard vase character, even less than the current Xiaolan as a female bodyguard. It is really useless. In contrast, Xiaolan is still Be stronger. However, “Gold” almost failed to engage in any serious main line from beginning to end, so although the heroine is a vase, there is no problem of low main line participation. Conan’s reasoning quality is too bad now, relying solely on the seller’s line, it seems that Xiaolan is very embarrassed. On the other hand, Xiaolan, a beautiful, kind, and good-looking girl was actually a very popular female role positioning more than 20 years ago, but it is not popular now, but the personality has been set, and there can be no major changes. , You can’t suddenly change Xiaolan into a magic stick, which leads to Xiaolan not having the “capital” that can melt into the main line of the current immortal chaos.

6 months ago

The “main line” mentioned by the subject actually defaults to the red and black plot line as the main line, so I need to correct it first; if you don’t like it, don’t say Conan’s positioning is to reason about love for all ages. There are always multiple plot lines. The line interaction is interspersed in the daily plots of the original animation group and the original comics, so as to meet the needs of different audiences. Therefore, from my point of view, except for the daily plot, the rest are the main lines. These plot lines complement each other and are very important components that make the worldview and character settings of this comic rich and full. For example, Red and Black Melaleuca Fighting Wisdom (also known as Conan’s Road from a Voice Actor to a Director), the protagonist’s Youth Campus Love Story, the Metropolitan Police Department’s love story, the Osaka Exorcist’s daily life and his confession venue, Kaito Kidd and His adversary of the release of water (sea), the birth of the Gunma No. 2 Exorcist (also known as the road to the police department of the mountain village), the Nagano trio and the Sengoku complex, the grand past of the public security group of five, and the birth of the emperor of labor, Akai Relatives of the Miyano werewolf family. cough! Digress; in these many mainline plots, the love plot is a very important part of the mainline plot. As the heroine, Xiaolan’s status is naturally very important. Carry the banner of Xinlan; if you stand alone on the subject, Xiaolan’s entry into the “main line” means the interaction between the red and black Melaleuca line and the love line where Xiaolan is located. First of all, hide the identity from Conan. The main reason for this is the starting point of this work: to protect the people around you from the organization, the most important of which is of course Xiaolan. Secondly, it is to use the identity of the Maori uncle’s detective to gradually explore the black-clothed organizations to find the antidote and deal with the various forces. This has been thoroughly familiar to everyone in the annual theater version of the stick. Therefore, Rum’s identity has not been officially revealed so far, (although the manga clearly states that it is Wakita Kennori, but the red party has no knowledge of it) the follow-up plot is still unclear. At this stage, Xiaolan definitely needs to be protected, and the red and black layered cake line will not easily interact with the love line where Xiaolan is located. This is in line with the original intention and the personality of Kudo Shinichi. . Before and after the full moon chapter, it was said that it was Qingshan’s attempt to interact with the two lines. After all, no one knew that this cartoon could run for more than 20 years. Here’s a bit of a replay. Before the life-threatening resurrection, Lan gradually discovered the identity of Conan (this part of the comic is very exciting, and interested friends strongly recommend that you make up this paragraph of the comic. There are various details in it. Lan Jiang is also a famous detective. It’s a pity that the early TV animation production messed up the timeline, so that when Lan discovered the new identity, it was somewhat sudden. This is a very successful piece of Lan’s character in the comics.) After the identity was gradually discovered , Shinichi almost confessed leniently, and then was blocked, there was a joint screen with Huihara Heiji. Combining the comics before and after, Lan’s attitude towards Conan, many times even if Conan stopped acting, Lan did not show anything strange. Personally, because it was here, Lan had decided not to ask any more questions. After all, both people showed up together. Yilan’s intuition, as long as it is familiar enough, even if you look like it, you can feel it at a glance. For reference here, the Death Luoshen incident. Therefore, when Lan had determined that Xinyi = Conan, even if she noticed something wrong with the new one, Conan on the trumpet would be weird, but these two numbers appeared at the same time, so she couldn’t refute anything. There is a kind of, I force you so, you still let both accounts be on, so hard to conceal, there must be a major reason, although you are very angry, you don’t say anything, this lie will be broken with a single poke, unless you tell it yourself. Me, otherwise I don’t know. Similar to this mentality, there is a sense of helplessness and a bit of anger. But anyway, Lan’s behavior finally forced Xinyi to get involved in the big game, and promoted the full moon chapter later. Sister Bei pretended to be a new doctor and appeared with a black tissue. Only when Sister Bei set up the situation, Lan found out. The picture of Mr. Judy was hidden in the trunk to track, and sister Bei took Xiao Ke to let the story of Hui Yuan’s mailbox exposed. It can be clearly seen that once Lan discovers Xinyi’s identity, it means that Xinyi, as Conan, can hide the basic end of his daily life, because it is the one who wants to protect it most when hidden, but Xinyi reveals his whereabouts, the plot takes a sharp turn and the rhythm accelerates, and the black organization is organized. Will come to investigate afterwards, and the finale of the finale will soon be in sight. But after so many years, from the perspective of Xiaolan’s plot development, this kind of interaction is only once in the full moon chapter. Therefore, the result of the attempt can be imagined to be unsuccessful. Probably Qingshan discovered that as soon as Xiaolan got involved, he might end the chapter (no). The main reason is that I was afraid that the new person would set up an ooc. To sum up, by the way, I can learn from other answers. When Xiaolan entered the Melaleuca line, it was also time for Conan to disclose his identity. And we, at that time, were afraid that it was not far from the finale.

6 months ago

Mingke’s story is mainly composed of three parts, the red and black lines, the love line, and the daily chapter, which are intertwined (for example, the London chapter and the study chapter are love lines, but they are directly related to the red and black lines). Using only the red and black lines as the main line and the others as the branch lines, it actually misplaced the work. [In other words, don’t go too deep into the rationality of the plot of the red and black lines. It’s good to be basically self-consistent inside. It is too demanding to investigate the rationality based on the realistic background] And the name Ke Honghei Xian is an adult’s battlefield. Shiho Miyano/Ai Aihara has been deliberately excluded from the frontal battlefield since the reunion chapter, even if he is involved in the incident, he is often embarrassed. Shiliang Zhenchun was asked by her mother to find out the medicine to restore her body, but she did not understand the situation of the organization. It was not until the train chapter that her identity was exposed to the organization member Belmode, and she still goes to school with peace of mind. Hattori Heiji occasionally helps to check things or discuss discussions, but the most involved is the full moon chapter. In addition to Shinichi, the red side mainly appeared on the stage, with adults like Akai Hideichi and Noriya Rei, and even Yusaku Kudo is now directly participating in the group. One of the reasons for this is that the spirit of the legal system and the feelings of the Virgin in the red and black line in the daily love story are a bit too ideal. Qing Shan avoided this conflict, but it was also difficult to forcibly pull them together and confuse them.

6 months ago

If Xiaolan participates in the main line, knowing that Conan is the new one, the episode is basically over. Xiaolan will resist tears and hold Conan to brew a half-episode relationship, then stand up and clenched his fists and said let’s face it together. Where is the wine? Where is the headquarters of the organization? Today, I have to find him even when I was walking and sweeping the street. Let’s take care of him, Xiao Ai, do you know the inside story of the organization? Hurry up, don’t say I smoke you, don’t think I’m not hitting a child, anyway, you’re not a child, call Jingjizhen and let him come quickly, the enemy shoots and I can hide, if you launch a missile, you throw the missile back. Conan, you know those people, call all the ones and zeros for a meeting, forget it, let’s go first, what’s the matter, go on the road and talk about the same time, also hurry up and go to school, knowing Conan’s identity, you didn’t tell me , I stand up straight and let me kick my feet and then I will see the streets and grounds of Mihua District are trembling. Xiaolan’s whole body flame effects are walking in front. Every step I take, I will recall the classic moments that I experienced together in the past 5 minutes. A group of people in the red party Following behind, some people who tried to dissuade Xiaolan were holding their bags on their heads. There were a few people lying on the side of the road who were already awake. Personnel… That was the person in white clothes at the top of Tokyo Tower, the producer who didn’t want the anime to end. Loading B

6 months ago

Um… I believe you must have read other great gods’ posts about your problems. The detailed explanation of thousands of words may make you even more confused. And this question is the kind of question that old fans don’t want to ask new fans and don’t want to ask, so as an old fan of Conan, let me tell you why in a simple and concise manner! From the 6:38 second episode of the second episode of Detective Conan TV version, we can know that Conan was just assaulted by the man in black at this time, and he found the doctor’s house based on memory and hoped. The doctor helped. At this time, the doctor told Conan a fact and a fact that runs through the whole show. To put it bluntly, the man in black killed Conan and failed to kill, then Conan has the evidence that the man in black did evil. People know that Conan is still alive, then Conan will definitely be hunted down, and the man in black will not let off the important people around Conan. Therefore, Conan named himself Edogawa Conan. When Xiaolan found him in the doctor’s house, she used a lensless glasses to disguise herself as Conan. Then you will definitely ask, can’t you just tell Xiaolan and let everyone help with the case? No, Conan did not do this, because the black organization was too strong. Conan didn’t even tell anyone in the Metropolitan Police Department. Those who knew Conan’s identity either had a common encounter with Conan, or he was aware of it and confirmed it, Conan. I have never directly said “I am Shinichi Kudo” in front of anyone. Hide your identity, protect the people around you, and fight against the black organization. This belief runs through Conan from the first episode to the present complete works! Even at the beginning of every movie. To sum up, put aside the emotional analysis, character setting, and plot anatomy of those great gods. Or maybe it’s Aoyama’s own opinion, what he said, what are the details… It’s difficult to maintain an original aspiration after making anime for more than 20 years, and always follow a principle until the end will always be picked from the egg due to changes in the plot and some other factors. bone. If you want to focus your question on every detail of Conan’s entire play, then I can’t finish writing it in a day. It contains too many objective and subjective factors. And although Conan has serialized more than a thousand episodes, only half a year has passed since the show. (Ten thousand words are omitted here) I came to the conclusion that I am Conan. I was made small by the men in black. I want revenge and expose their sins! But now, I want to protect myself from being discovered by others and also protect the people around me from being implicated by me. Then the best way is to live in my pro-meizhuma Xiaolan’s house because his father is a detective and I can collect clues about the man in black. In addition, because I want to keep my identity secret, everything is done by Dr. A Li and I. I can’t tell Xiao Lan because I want to protect her! Okay, that’s it, there is no more, and more is to find the fault, I am the most perfect answer (laugh)

6 months ago

Let me copy my previous answer. According to my own understanding, the main line is the story line that runs through the more than a thousand episodes of Mingke, so it should be divided into the red and black lines that fight against the black organization, and the relationship development between Xiaoke and other characters. The emotional line of changes and the changes in the relationship between other characters, there is also a line of growth that Xiaoke and some of the main characters themselves have grown up… I don’t know what it is called a growth line. Among the three lines, the red and black lines are the main lines that everyone thinks. I don’t object to this view. After all, most people are looking at Xiaoke’s reasoning and handling of the case and the red-black showdown. Then we can see that Mao Lilan did enter the main line, but what she entered was only a part of the character relationship line, the Xinlan line, rather than the red and black lines that most people are mainly interested in. This kind of main line feels that there is no blue.

6 months ago

If Lan participates in the main line, it violates one of the hot spots of this work at the beginning: you think he is very far away and never see each other, in fact, he has turned into a small body to protect you. When Lan participates in the main line, it means that there is a high probability that this explosion point will be gone. Conan (Xinyi)’s helplessness that has to be concealed in order to prevent the other party from participating is a small pain in the hearts of many Ke fans. , This is also the official attraction. In fact, from the current point of view, the character of Lan can not participate in the main line or participate moderately (more on that later), but the biggest problem is not here, but that the image of Lan is too instrumental. In the early days, Xiaolan was not the current white lotus flower (not derogatory), but a little Gu Liang with her own personality. She was angry and smashed the telegraph pole with a punch (no need to put the picture). There are many plots to see this. Girls have a life of their own. It’s not like it’s now. If you encounter a problem, you will call the “washing machine” or act as a pure thug. It is worth noting that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Conan Animation in 2016, the beginning of the animation was reorganized and made into a special chapter of about one and a half hours. The image of Xiaolan here is very surprising. For example, at first, the mobile phone fell into the drain and cried with Shinichi and asked him to pay compensation. Shinichi went to work in the middle of the game and went wild on the spot to win the game. When she was teasing her father in the garden, she found a suitable time and said: My father is as strong”…These descriptions have made the characters more three-dimensional, and at the same time, it also shows that the official does not know how to write Xiaolan, but it does not care. It’s not just Xiaolan who is distressed to protect his father. Now many characters are becoming more symbolic and instrumental. For example, the first 200 episodes of the Juvenile Detective Group are not like the three fools they are now. They are witty in times of crisis. The portrayal of the friendship between several people is very moving; not to mention Hui Yuan Ai, I was a super fan Xiao Ai in the early stage. This charming character has become what it is now, and the official must do it well. Now Conan can be said to be a big ip, but the official is indeed getting lazy and careless. The main line was written in a mess, so that bugs appeared one after another. Not to mention the theatrical version. It can be said that the first ten parts are all about Conan’s stories, which were shown to Conan fans. Although the box office took off for the next ten parts, they gradually changed the face of Tom and 007. It’s Conan’s story. As a fan, I have to read it, and after reading it, I have to scold it. I think that if Conan wants to continue to serialize for many years, he needs to take a good picture of the character of Lan, take the characteristics, and take the three-dimensional effect. It can allow Lan to get closer to the so-called main line of the black organization without knowing Conan’s identity. This can also be a small explosion. Let Lan (as the daughter of an excellent criminal police and a famous lawyer, and the girlfriend of a detective) be serious The IQ of the matter should be mentioned a little bit. Only a little sympathy with Xinyi and two can continue to improve the attractive point of this love reasoning. Don’t let the Bai Yueguang in Ke Mi’s heart only be a symbolic “princess”, okay?

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