At noon on April 25th, Beijing time, the 2021 UFC261 competition in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, ended the women’s grassweight championship. The first round hit 1:16. Chinese player Zhang Weili was left by American player Namayunas. Kicked directly to the ground with a high leg sweep, losing the championship gold belt.

At 11:42 Beijing time, the game started! The distance between the two is very good, and there is no opportunity for close hand-to-hand combat. Rose’s jab occasionally hits once. At 1:16 of the first round, Zhang Weili was kicked to the right cheek by Rose’s left leg. Zhang Weili fell to the ground. Rose rushed to make up two punches, and the referee immediately stopped the game.

The game was over and Namayunas became the new women’s grassweight champion.

For a person who has been trained in taekwondo since childhood, Rose’s high-level horizontal kick is cold, clean, and precise. The most terrible thing is precision. It makes up for the lack of strength of Rose’s leg skills, and it hits the soul. Judging from the last match between Joanna and Zhang Weili, Weili, who had two high sweeps, did not pay much attention to the high-segment leg. As a fighting player, Zhang Weili’s play style determined Her route is to go in and not go out. So the hand is much lower than Joanna. The perennial Thai training and the inaccuracy of the tibia contact surface made her neglect the defense of side kicks and back kicks, which are also known for speed and precision. So after the last two high sweeps, although Zhang Weili’s excellent resistance did not have too much impact on the game (this time Zhang Weili was hit by a side kick), but she was not exposed. The Achilles’ heel of its defense system. Rose’s tactical execution this time is also strictly in accordance with the trial of starting straight pendulum punches and high section horizontal kicks. It is aimed at Weili’s relatively weak head defense. Every time KO/TKO is realized, there must be repeated video researches day and night, which is absolutely technically aimed. It is easy to fight the world, but difficult to guard the world. Every leg of the champion’s defense is even more difficult. Hope Wei Li will continue to work hard.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

No one expected the result of such a game, and it was indeed sudden. Rose’s high leg sweep was very cold, and there was a movement of turning the hips in the middle, which was a change-of-line kick! Weili thought it was a middle sweep, without head guards in her hands, she withdrew and tried to avoid her, but she was knocked down by a mistake in judgment. After Weili fell to the ground, her right ankle was also hit. Many people said that the referee called a stop quickly. Rose only hammered three times on the ground and the referee called a stop. Personally, I think it is indeed a bit quicker, but Weili did not defend her face on the ground at all. She was exposed to the opponent’s attack, her eyes were dull, and she obviously didn’t slow down. The referee called a stop according to the situation and said the past. Moreover, Wei Li walked around after she got up, obviously not recovering. At the time Rose and Joanna had a fight, Joanna was knocked down by Rose’s front hand. Joanna quickly shrank her head guard when she got to the ground. The referee stopped after Rose hammered dozens of punches. In contrast, Wei Li does lack experience, but it is also because she has never been knocked down in her career. You must know that the UFC referee will basically not overthrow the game after the game is stopped, so the game is like this… Before the game, I expected Rose’s skills and tactics: “stand and grind blood”, ground fighting, etc., but no one I thought that Rose would end with a change line! Although Rose had a high sweep before, she didn’t use much legs in her career. In the early stage, she was also a trembling boxer. After fighting with Joanna in the later stage, her skills were more standing. , But it is also based on boxing, and the legs are really used less. But! But… don’t forget that Rose is a black belt in Taekwondo! Less use of legs does not mean that you can’t use it! And Rose has long hands and long legs, so the long-range strikes are significantly better. There is an advantage. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you lose. If you remember correctly, Rose won the championship challenge for the fourth time and re-held the gold belt for the second time. His career has ups and downs. Relatively speaking, Weili is too smooth, 21 games. Winning streaks and setbacks are also a good thing. Weili must experience these if we want to become a legend. Which of the great champions in UFC history has not experienced ups and downs? (Except for Kitty Hawk’s perversion) I hope that domestic boxing fans will treat them rationally. This force has promoted the development of MMA in China. There are boundless merits, and this achievement is worth remembering. I hope that Weili will be in good health and look forward to Weili’s return!

6 months ago

Competitive sports is so cruel, winning or losing is only a moment, maybe our dream is far above the stars, but we must experience this dramatic reality. Sadness, regret, depression is certain, but you have to stand up and continue to run! The most beautiful and burning moment of competitive sports is when the losers stand up in brief despair, and fearlessly continue to challenge their dreams, time and time again. This is the moment that every king who stands on top of the summit has to face. I think of some football commentaries that He Wei said, and they are also given to the losers or losers at this time. The most glorious day in a person’s life is not the day when success is achieved, but the day when the challenge to life arises from sorrow and despair, and the day to brave the will. Also given this famous Flaubert quote to the failed Zhang Weili. Success in life is only temporary, but failure is the main theme, but how to face failure divides people into different looks. Some people will be crushed by failure, and some people can keep getting up and moving forward. Rose is so, so is Zhang Weili. I think that true maturity should not be the pursuit of perfection, but the face of one’s own shortcomings. This is the essence of life. As Romain Roland said, there is only one true heroism in this world, which is to recognize the truth of life and still love it. Zhang Weili will start from the beginning. Isn’t the way up the climb more exciting than standing on the top?

6 months ago

Zhang Weili lost. I shed tears. Personally think that Zhang Weili is not enough to prepare for Rose’s legs, and also has the element of underestimating the enemy. But even if I lose, Zhang Weili is still my hero, and I will continue to support her. I believe she will make a comeback and make a comeback. I don’t want Zhang Weili to play the second round too early. She needs time to study Rose’s style of play. Rose is a more difficult opponent than Joanna. He is an accurate assassin. He wins by cleverness. There are many cold moves. Zhang Weili wants to rely on hard work. Kong can’t beat Rose and needs to adjust tactics. Finally, I want to say to Zhang Weili, Don’t cry, Xiaopang, looking forward to your next game.

6 months ago

Many people think that the referee stopped too early.
Although I am not an expert, Zhang Weili had obviously lost any defensive ability when she fell to the ground. When riding on the ground normally, her hand must protect her head, but Zhang Weili’s hand is already limp on one side, and the referee will not stop at this time. Will be beaten to death by Rose.
A willingness to accept failure can lead to better success.

6 months ago

In fact, in the second round of Joanna’s game, he ate a heavy left high sweep… After the second round, the coach directly moved to the corner, and some replied that Zhang Weili had a habit of holding a frame when attacking. Start thinking about the habit of reaching forward and fighting back. In the grass class, Zhang Weili’s hardness is quite hard, but she can’t stand a precise blow to her chin. As for some respondents, Zhang Weili’s low hug made him disagree with this leg. Zhang’s hug was already very high, but he couldn’t defend against the kick from the inside leg. Rose made an upper back here, which can also be said to be the whip leg in Sanda. Raise the knee, fold the calf, and kick, touching the instep. The characteristic of this kind of force is to lift the knee and spring the leg, just aim at the head and eject the calf. The angle is very small and it is easy to get close to your defense. The normal high-sweep kicks are from the outside, and there is time to bend the arm defense to block… I have to say that Rose’s team has done a good job of researching Zhang Weili, and the tactical arrangements are also very targeted. This loss is not wrong.

6 months ago

Rose’s cold fist and cold legs are indeed powerful. Xiaopang admitted that the disadvantages accumulate in the first two rounds and there is no problem with the low sweep effect. The latter three rounds have a good chance to come back, but unfortunately it did not survive. His physical performance has always been average, and this time he has gained muscle. Coupled with the low-sweep effect, and even the possible consumption of the top cage, it is very likely that you will not be able to jump in the third round. When the frequency of movement, the threat of cold fist and the power of the counterattack decrease, Xiaopang can zoom in and exchange blood with various combinations. If the original tactical arrangement is like this, I personally feel that there is no major problem (the only possible error is slow heat, the premise of the five-round physical distribution is to survive the first round). People are not gods, who can count this cold leg. Trever Wittman may have counted it, he is really awesome. The feature of being chubby doesn’t seem to have been exposed much before (I don’t remember what Joanna’s kick is): it’s that she pressed her head and tightened her neck when she entered the inner circumference for a blood exchange, and she was quite secure against hits; but she was outside the distance. When the neck relaxes, it can be knocked down. If in World War II, I hope to refer to Andrage, do more head movements, and don’t let the rose from a distance easily lock the target.

6 months ago

Today is the darkest moment of Chinese fighting. Counting Yadong Kenan who lost last time, plus today’s 4 players, he has already lost 6 games in a row. Compared with the Shenzhen station that year, Empress Wu sacrificed to heaven, and his mana was boundless. The dazzling almost complete victory, but this is fighting, this is the real world, and everyone has a reason not to fail. Weili made a mistake and judged the low sweep, made a defensive low sweep, and withdrew a bit of her front leg. The result is a high sweep, which ends after hitting the head; a low sweep defense, retreating the front foot is a good defensive method. However, it was determined that he lost his mobility for a moment, so the pre-judgment requirements were very high. Kodi was knocked down by the tj high-sweep, but also judged that it was a low-sweep, and then withdrew his front foot drastically. The magnitude is greater, and the loopholes are greater. The result is a high sweep with one blow, and it is inevitable. There is also a commentary that it is a change-line kick. Isn’t this a high sweep with the front legs of the step? On the day of my birthday, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep well. I woke up in the darkest moment when I met Chinese players early. I must be depressed, but I am an old fan for almost 10 years. Will never win the cents and lose the black. Over the years, many champions have come back. The old cold-legged Cruz, tj, gsp, and little policemen all won back after losing their belts, including today’s winner, Rose. In the future, Wei Li’s name is also very likely, Jiang Dong, the father is still there today, and the comeback is unknown.

6 months ago

The luck of the Chinese players in the first half of this year was really not so good. First, the UFC men’s hope star Song Yadong (UFC undefeated) lost to an unranked player, and then Song Kenan, who was his Ko opponent in the first round of last year, was defeated at the beginning of this year. In the first round, ko, and then to today, three Chinese players started their UFC debut. Liang Na was terminated in the second round, but the play was pretty good. Ao Riqi Leng always judged to lose to the opponent and played very tough. , The early stage had a great advantage, but it was a pity that he was hit many times later, and it felt like he was hitting a night monster with his head flat. Next is Zhang Weili. In the first round, Ross Gao swept ko. Some people said that the referee called the stop too early. In fact, the referee called it very timely. Zhang Weili might feel that she was still conscious at the time, so she was stopped directly. The psychological contrast is relatively high. She also said before the game that everything can happen and she might lose, but she would never think that she would be koted so quickly. But when she calmed down, she would also like to understand that the referee called very promptly. At that time, Zhang Weili was already completely back on the ground, and after entering the ground, the target position Rose got was also a very effective attack position. In the state of dizziness, if you continue to hit Zhang Weili will only suffer more damage. Whether it is for Zhang Weili’s World War II Ross or her future career, it is not a good thing. The referee promptly protected Zhang Weili. Zhang Weili’s downing posture is actually very similar to the downing posture of the previous digital Semiosic. The knees are not fully straightened. This resulted in a six-game losing streak for UFC Chinese players in the first half of the year. Then, on May 23, there was a Chinese player Yan Xiaonan against the former UFC grassweight champion Biscuit. Yan Xiaonan currently holds the highest record of UFC Chinese players’ consecutive victories and has not lost a single defeat in UFC so far. If she loses and loses, then the first half of 2021 is really unfriendly to UFC Chinese players. Let’s come back to Zhang Weili. First of all, Zhang Weili is a very good player, both in character and technique, but she can also be said to have risen rapidly in UFC. She won the UFC championship challenge in just three games, and she just won. In the championship belt, Andrade played against Rose. It can be said that he was completely crushed in the early stage, but there was an own goal in the middle. It was Rose that Andrade picked up and smashed ko directly. , In other words, the belt that Andrade got was a part of luck. This was also proved afterwards. Andrade lost to his opponent in World War II, and before that, Andrade also lost to former UFC champion Joanna. After getting the championship belt, Andrade went to China to defend the championship with Zhang Weili, who was sixth at the time. At that time, Andrade’s style of play was indeed a bit aggressive. She wanted to quickly take Zhang Weili, so Zhang Wei caught the loophole and knocked Andrade in 42 seconds. Zhang Weili was actually lucky in this game. Later, Zhang Weili started her first defending match and played five rounds with Anjoanna. This game is also the UFC women’s best game of the year, and some people say that this is the women’s best game of the year in UFC history. It can be seen on the field that Joanna is more accurate in standing strikes than Zhang Weili, and Zhang Weili’s fists are heavier than Joanna. After the game, Zhang Weili also admitted this and said that she felt that she was not as fast as her opponent, but she said that it was because of the time. As a result of the epidemic, the plane went around in several places and countries, and rest was affected. But Zhang Weili VS Joanna, in general, Joanna suffered more damage after the game, Joanna also had surgery, Zhang Weili did not do it. In addition, Zhang Weili was originally a champion. In the championship game, if the result is determined to be partial to the champion, unless the opponent has a sufficient advantage. It can be said that Zhang Weili won the game without any problems. After that is Zhang Weili’s second defending match, that is, today Zhang Weili is playing against Rose. Rose is an American and a local player. Zhang Weili spans half of the world. It is obvious that Rose has the advantage geographically, and the home arena in the fighting game. It is very advantageous because the players have to lose weight before the game, adapt to the local temperature environment, and have the support of local personnel, but Zhang Weili is the champion. If the judge is reached, the referee will favor the champion. Rose is very strong. He has defeated former champion Joanna twice, once KO and once judged. In fact, there is nothing to say in the entire game. The two sides did not launch too many effective blows. Rose hit Zhang Weili in a high sweep. There is an element of strength and an element of luck. Next, let’s watch the match between Yan Xiaonan and Biscuits. The match between them was originally a competition for the right to challenge. However, this time Zhang Weili was defeated, and UFC officials are likely to want to promote Zhang Wei VS Ross. After all, judging from today’s situation, neither of the players had enough strength. But if Yan Xiaonan and Biscuits play very well, UfC officials are also likely to give the championship challenge to Yan Xiaonan or Biscuits. But although Yan Xiaonan has the longest winning streak, he has never played an opponent. Compared with Zhang Weili, UFC officials are likely to want to favor Zhang Weili. But if Zhang Wei wants to win the belt in the second game, he needs enough. The advantage or ko Ross, because now Ross is the champion. Generally speaking, Zhang Weili is strong and lucky enough to come along, but today’s luck is a little bad. If she wants to make a comeback, she must evolve higher strength, but whether she wins or loses, Zhang Weili is the first UFC in Asia. champion! It is the pride of China.

6 months ago

Today at noon, “Auntie, please give me a slate dish… It’s started. Oh, the payment has to be cut out. Auntie has paid. It depends on whether the first two rounds can end the rose. Ah, don’t add spicy food, damn it. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! It ends directly? This leg is too fast, damn it! Damn it! All four Chinese players are killed today?” The aunt next to him was still shouting, “Who points The slate dishes” I didn’t respond until the third call. I have to say that although Rose is a neurotic, the technical and tactical preparation for this game is very adequate. The high whip on that leg changed line was shocking. I thought Weili had overcome the problem of losing hands after a year of preparation, but now it is still a fatal weakness for Rose. I think this time the Weili team’s research on opponents is far inferior to Rose’s husband and coach. For players like Rose, the traditional Thai mixed Sanda style is still too obvious. Rose’s husband has an extremely unique understanding of Sanda, and the game between Rose and Joanna clearly shows that the Thai style of standing is not threatening to Rose. In just a moment, the prediction made a mistake and the battle was decided. For Weili, there is nothing to say. There is no fixed number in the octagonal cage. Make persistent efforts, come on! But there is too much to say elsewhere. 1. Please keep away from traditional boxing for first-class players. I am not saying that traditional boxing must be bad, but for those who are already proficient in their skills, the extra technology has become an impurity. If you have the time to do more targeted training, if you are short of money, you can pick up formal commercial endorsements, and don’t stand with the “masters”. What’s the use? If you win, this is the result of traditional martial arts. If you lose, it means that you haven’t practiced traditional martial arts well. Don’t you understand their routine? Although Rose is a crazy nonsense, but these have no effect on her own victory. After all, the players have to rely on the record to speak. 2. In recent days, clowns from all walks of life must have come out to show their superiority, turning sports competition into a zz problem. This is a rare double census of mental retardation x scum. I suggest you make good use of this opportunity and stay away from s b3. Four China All the players were wiped out. Three haven’t survived a round. We still need to improve many details. I didn’t expect that my big Sanda shine was actually hitting the Chinese on American lunatics. You want to face the ld, can you develop Sanda well? ? TM changes the rules every day, can Sanda develop? Hurry up and restore Chinese wrestling to the National Games. The essence of our country is now a weak sports country covered by the Olympics. Our development still has a long way to go. Don’t play nb every day.

6 months ago

When you are at the top, everyone will study you carefully with you as the goal, analyzing your game video frame by frame, without distraction. It’s not terrible to lose and win back again. You must be more comprehensive and constantly improve your shortcomings, and don’t be burdened with too many things other than competitive sports. Get back the lost!

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