On April 21, Shenyang, Liaoning, near Lane 16 of Beiling Street, a woman rides an electric bike and bumps into a Mercedes-Benz SUV. Then the woman on the bike quarreled with someone on the Mercedes-Benz. Two men on the Mercedes-Benz slapped the woman consecutively. , Causing his nose to bleed.

According to several witnesses, the woman was still carrying a little boy. A passenger of Mercedes-Benz got out of the car door and knocked down the electric car. Many enthusiastic citizens gathered around to stop the Mercedes-Benz from leaving and Call the police.

An enthusiastic elder sister came downstairs to fight the injustice and was almost beaten. “The eldest sister couldn’t stand it upstairs, so she came down to explain things to others, but the reasoning caused her to get two feet.” Witnesses said that the last man in the Mercedes-Benz paid back. It is said that the woman is “touching porcelain”, but there is no such thing as bringing a child to touch porcelain.

The police announcement has come out, and the result is mediation to close the case. Fact part: When Yang (female, 36 years old) drove her son on an electric bicycle to the vicinity of No. 2, Lane 16, Beiling Street, when Sun (male, 39 years old) suddenly opened the door on the left and back of his private car parked on the side of the road. As a result, Yang’s electric bicycle collided with the vehicle and fell, and Yang’s son suffered a contusion on his hand. After Yang got up, he verbally abused the people in the car. Sun (male, 59 years old, uncle Sun) who was sitting in the left back seat of the car got out of the car and scolded him. Sun’s collar was damaged by a certain collar, which was later diagnosed by the hospital as multiple injuries and abrasions on his right shoulder. Later, Sun got out of the car, and his uncle Sun verbally abused and beat Yang Moumou, causing Yang Moumou’s facial injuries and bleeding, which was later diagnosed by the hospital as a nasal bone fracture (simple). Handling result: The two parties reached an understanding agreement, and Sun and Sun apologized to Yang and made financial compensation. On the basis of the voluntary reconciliation between the parties, and in accordance with the provisions of Article 9 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law of the People’s Republic of China,” the public security agency conducted mediation in accordance with the law. Legal interpretation: According to the relevant provisions of section 5.2.5 of the “Human Injury Degree Appraisal Standards”, nasal bone fractures are minor injuries and do not meet the criteria for criminal case filing; since this case is a dispute caused by a traffic accident, the parties are not in trouble, so it cannot be used to provoke troubles. Criminal prosecution procedures should not be initiated in this case. Article 43 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” stipulates that anyone who assaults another person or intentionally injures the body of another person shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, and shall be fined not less than 200 yuan but not more than 500 yuan; if the circumstances are less serious, 5 Detained less than a day or fined less than 500 yuan. In any of the following circumstances, detention for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and a fine of not less than 500 yuan but not more than 1,000 yuan: (1) Assaulting or hurting others in a group; (2) Beating or hurting disabled persons, pregnant women, and under the age of 14 Or those over 60 years of age; (3) Assaulting or hurting others multiple times or assaulting or hurting multiple people at once. At the same time, Article 9 stipulates that the public security organs can mediate and deal with violations of public security management, such as fighting or damaging other people’s property caused by civil disputes, if the circumstances are minor. No punishment shall be imposed if the parties reach an agreement after mediation by the public security organ. The personal understanding of the relevant regulations is: 1. Only those violations of public security management such as fighting or damaging other people’s property caused by civil disputes, and the circumstances are relatively minor, can mediate and reach an agreement without punishment. 2. However, in this case, the two persons assaulted the victim together, which complied with the “group assaulting or hurting others” as stipulated in Article 43, and resulted in minor injuries to the victim, which is a “serious situation”. 3. Therefore, it is not possible to apply Article 9 to impose no punishment, only Article 19 stipulates that the punishment shall be mitigated or not imposed on the grounds of “proactively eliminate or mitigate the consequences of the violation and obtain the understanding of the victim”. Of course, there is a prerequisite here, that is, the victim must voluntarily issue a letter of understanding. 4. Since the penalty range in this case was detention for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, it is unreasonable not to impose punishment on the basis of the victim’s understanding. Therefore, the punishment can only be mitigated, and the punishment should still be detained for at least 5 days but not more than 10 days.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Damn, I feel bad when I see this news in the middle of the night. Is this something human did? Two big men beat a woman to bloody face, or in front of a child, get out of the car and open the door regardless of the road conditions, and it makes sense to knock someone down? The cover news video source still dare to say that others touch porcelain? Even if you are touching porcelain, it is not your turn to use lynching, beating others in the street, and want to run after the beating. Excuse me, what is the calculation of deliberate injury and escape? Arrogant and domineering to the extreme, a kind-hearted elder sister nearby went to block the review and was also involved in it. How could this be almost beaten, and being kicked twice is not a beating? I look forward to the follow-up results of this matter. In a society under the rule of law, you cannot be beaten for nothing. Everyone has women and children. You will be heart-to-heart. If your family is going out and encountering a car accident and being beaten, how would you feel? what would you do? Who gives you the right to beat others at will? Don’t tell me about being drunk, you are the one who’s doing drunkenness. You can’t turn it over just because you’re drunkenness. The masses can see your arrogance and despising laws and regulations. Please return the victim to the female victim. A fairness, not a simple apology. ! The latest police report~ I will not reply to the comments below. I hope you still don’t carry out regional attacks. Let’s discuss the matter. Going back to the problem itself, I don’t think anyone can be superior to others and can violently beat others at will. The above may be different, but everyone has the right not to be harmed by violence. I am concerned about this issue, hoping that similar things will not happen again in the future, and that this matter can be resolved as it should be, and that it is fair and comfortable. The above is my point of view.

5 months ago

On the street, two big men openly beat a woman, and in front of the child, they beat the surrounding people, which was very bad. I don’t know if the woman is enough for minor injuries, and minor injuries can be sentenced. Even if it is not enough to cause minor injuries, they should be detained for the crime of provoking troubles. The ugliness and arrogance of these two men fully meet the requirements of the crime. But it must be enthusiastic before they can be taken seriously. Only then can the two evil men be arrested for the crime of provoking trouble. If there is not much enthusiasm, the police will generally not arrest people for the crime, it is just administrative detention, pay some money, and detain for a few days, which will not achieve the purpose of punishing the two evil men and quelling public anger.

5 months ago

If you have a scratch, whoever is responsible is whoever is responsible, and you can compensate as you should. If you can’t compensate, then come to the theory. Don’t be theorized, just start the fight. Facing a weak woman with a boy, two big men got out of the car, went straight up to pull their hair, slapped them, and the blood flow continued and they didn’t stop. On the surface, they didn’t treat each other as humans at all. From a real point of view, they were not humans at all if they did such an act. Relying on the advantages of gender, physical strength, and number of people, they did stupid things to bully the weak, and people and gods are angry!

5 months ago

Those who drive a Mercedes-Benz seem to be rich and probably related. They probably don’t put others in the eyes of the law. If they can’t be sanctioned by the law, they will be more arrogant next time, depending on how the law enforcement agencies deal with it. Well, it can be handled fairly and justly in accordance with the law, and you can naturally get good reviews. Don’t blame others for the dark area. After all, the Mercedes-Benz cannot represent a place, and your law enforcement department can always represent it. Reversal, I don’t think there can be any reversal in this matter. Have you ever seen a child touch porcelain? Take 10,000 steps back, even if it’s a porcelain, why does your car owner hit someone? What right do you have to hit someone?

5 months ago

What can’t you do, hit a woman first. These two can fight so well, why don’t you clean up the Siberian tiger that ran out the previous two days? Conversely bully a mother with a child. If you really encounter porcelain, get out of the car and report to the police and wait for the police to come over to monitor and restore what happened. Naturally, you will be innocent and you will be beaten. Is it a guilty conscience? Textbook-level evil, it is said that an aunt came down to fight the injustice of the mother and the child and was kicked by the two men. A society ruled by law is reasonable and reasonable. It’s hard to tolerate the act of beating people. I think this matter really cannot be simply detained for a few days, and it will be over if you lose some money. These two goods simply do not put the rule of law society in their eyes, and it is difficult for the common people to be angry if they do not give them a deep and unforgettable lesson.

5 months ago

There is hope for prosecution through visual inspection: the general plot of the crime of traffic accident. The aggravating circumstances of the crime of intentional injury. The aggravating plot of the crime of creating disturbances. The crime of organizing, leading, or participating in a triad organization. Crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. How to judge this? Ask the boss to explain. I hope that all the crimes mentioned above can be prosecuted. I don’t know anything else. Just saying “beat mothers in front of children in public” was placed before the Tang Dynasty. As long as the victims agreed, they were beheaded for “disobedience of filial piety”. If the criminals’ wives and children are involved, even if the victim does not agree to execute the perpetrator, he will not be filial piety for life, and will be cast aside by the surrounding society. It is hoped that the current law’s punishment for offenders will not be worse than that of the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties.

5 months ago

I knocked down an electric car and said that they had touched porcelain, and then beat the child’s mother with blood in front of the child’s face, and the eldest sister was kicked twice to tell the truth. I can only say that people who do such things are too bad! What kind of people can do evil like this textbook? Hasn’t the police uncle dealt with the result yet? Just after reading the police report, the amount of information in it is too great! I won’t say much about the specific situation. I’m afraid I’ll be banned again! But this warning informs you about your product, your fine product!

5 months ago

Conclusion 1: Getting off the car is just a few slaps, and the person in the driver’s position has pulled his hair several times in a row. The action of this beating is very smooth, very accustomed, and several men in a car are all of the same virtue, I don’t know if it’s not. Professional behavior. Conclusion 2: Mercedes-Benz glk, the predecessor of glc, is an entry-level SUV in Mercedes-Benz. It is a petty model rather than a luxury car. Therefore, the owner is not a big boss of a real estate company, but a person from a water company. Combined with conclusion one, it may be a person who relies on his fists to eat.

5 months ago

Everyone is young, and may not have heard of road tyrants. The car gangster has no positioning system before. When driving to a remote place, someone will come to grab your car, beat people, and kill people. Roadhog mainly collects tolls, mainly to stop vehicles in remote places and mountainous areas, and charge certain tolls. Law and order are now good, and the road tyrants and road tyrants are almost extinct. However, some new types of “Car Bandit Road Fighters” have come out again. In modern times, car bandits are driving luxury cars, not observing traffic ethics, relying on their own expensive vehicles, no one dared to approach the front, rear, left and right vehicles, jamming on the road, making emergency stops, honking the horn, and turning off the car. Once another car accidentally hits them, open your mouth and say “sell the house” to intimidate others. Once the other party is a very weak courier, takeaway, waste collector, housewife, or even fights, it shows a sense of superiority. Roadhog is driving a large vehicle, relying on full insurance, running a red light, overloading, and not braking, which seriously endangers traffic safety.

5 months ago

If a car hits someone and causes the other person to be injured, the driver and the cyclist are involved. Who will bear the responsibility? The “liability” here refers to the liability for civil tort compensation. Since it is an infringement, fault determination is required. For drivers, it depends on whether they observe the road conditions when they stop. Did you park as required? For example, parking the car in a motorway, or not close to the right side of the road, etc. For cyclists, do they drive normally according to regulations? These all require fault identification. However, the two men chose to violently beat them without questioning or judging after they hit someone. For this kind of behavior, let alone whether they belonged to the wrong party, they now have to bear the responsibility and pay compensation for hurting people. Responsibility is not clearly identified, it is so arrogant, such behavior is difficult for the public to accept, everyone who distinguishes right from wrong will strongly condemn it.

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