On April 8th, the final episode of Riman’s “Attack on Titan” update ended, and the fans and the audience scolded. On April 13, the Japanese government formally decided to discharge nuclear waste water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean, and the international community was in an uproar.

These were two unrelated things, but the video blogger “Babylon Tower 1” used self-made animation to establish a wonderful connection between the two.

On April 18th, “Babylon Tower 1” uploaded the video “Giant of the Underworld”, using the plot and characters of “Attack on Giant” to interpret the absurd world of “Japan dumping nuclear waste water”: “Tritium Treasure” giant monster descends to the sea, environmental protection The girl silenced her mouth, Japanese officials bowed and apologized, the international media clapped and applauded, the nuclear waste giant stepped down the world, and the ancestor of the giant smiled at the end.

“Babylon Tower 1” told Observer.com that as an anime lover, he was first disappointed with the ending of Attack on Titan, and then angry at the news that the Japanese government decided to dump nuclear waste water, and felt it from both. The strong commonality of “irresponsibility”, I hope to use this creation to remind everyone that black humor may really exist in our reality.

From the black unicorns to the giants of the underworld, more and more people in the private sector use the mode of creation and secondary creation, and use ironic methods to respond to the international public opinion dominated by the United Kingdom and the United States. Of course, because of the existence of the wall, the main audience is mostly domestic and foreign, and even the platform is held by Western countries. The domestic media space, which has been occupied by public knowledge and separatist forces for many years, is gradually being taken back by these talented creators. The domestic ideology can be said that there is no problem on the whole, and the role of Japanese propaganda in the future will become worse and worse. Netizens who often visit station b will find the current spoof videos. From the previous soul painting style to friends who have studied animation for three years, there are already original plot spoof animations with a more refined style, although there are many characters that are not original. (Because the characters in it were originally from Japanese anime), but as a whole, there is no problem in producing original plots, redesigning character actions, new storytelling, etc. If you continue to develop, it will be a matter of time for individual or studio UP owners to develop their own independent series of works (completely original). They are very entertaining and have their own attitude. After the quantity is large, there will naturally be boutiques. Just like American Hollywood movies, when the quantity is up, there will be a few good movies, and then our own good works will come out. And we need an opportunity to establish our own platform for the right to speak. For example, if station b becomes the second international platform like there are turtles, foreigners come up to search for waste water and find that it is all ironic. They think it’s funny when they watch it, but they’ll be right when they watch it too much. Japan has formed another impression, just as we have seen more white people before, and after long-term brainwashing, we always unconsciously treat white people as one level higher than ourselves, and use the same magic to fight back. This world will become more and more interesting.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

In “Giant of the Underworld”, both the character and the color scheme are quite different from “Attack on Titan”. The most obvious one is the fluorescent green and dark purple that are like wildfire throughout. “Babylon Tower 1” stated in an interview with Observer.com that “underworld” is a buzzword recently used to describe many sunless and grotesque works. “This time the accusation of dumping nuclear waste water naturally has a tendency in this respect”, so In the video, the darker and weird “Underworld” color scheme was used, and the work was named “The Giant of Underworld”. “Nuclear waste giant stepping down the world” (the following content may involve “Attack on Giant” spoilers) In “Attack on Giant”, the island country where the hero Alan is located is facing huge external military pressure and cultural exclusion, analyzed by senior officials on the island In the case of ineffective diplomacy, it was decided to adopt the foreign deterrence policy of using Allen to transform into a giant (similar to nuclear weapons) to strive for space for peaceful development. “Attack on Titan” animation promotion map. In the development of the plot, the manga author Isayama inexplicably assumed that the protagonist Allen had extreme thoughts and adopted a strategy of destroying the world outside the island regardless of enemy or friend, not only killing the outside of the island More than 80% of lives have also caused irreversible destruction to the natural ecology. “Babylon Tower 1” believes that until the end of “Attack on Titan”, Allen was successfully conquered and beheaded by the combined forces of all parties, and the author did not give a reasonable explanation for Allen’s “great turning” arrangement, but instead Destroyed Allen’s original touching persona. “Allen like a clown” is based on disappointment at the ending of “Attack on Titan” and anger at the dumping of nuclear waste water by the Japanese government, “Babylon Tower 1” is adapted like this: the protagonist Allen faces the suffering of his family, friends The victim was indifferent, but holding the banner of “for the people of the island”, he controlled the giant symbolizing nuclear pollution from trampling the world. In the current disaster of “Allen Knowing the Memory of the Future”, some forces outside the island have not only concealed the truth for short-term interests, but also used the media to show a welcome gesture, and they were eventually eroded and burned by giant pollution. “Japanese officials bowed to apologize and international media applauded.” Liwell and others, a symbol of normal thinkers, looked at the disaster in shock, but could only watch everything happen. “Who is our heart dedicated to?” And in the end, Ymir, who symbolizes nature or Mother Earth, only appreciates this as a farce of human self-destruction. In addition to the adaptation of the plot, “The Great Progenitor laughs and sees the end”, this work also reflects the ingenuity of “Babylon Tower 1”, allowing the audience to call “keep up with current events” on the barrage. For example, the giant that Allen incarnate in the original work has become a giant monster with the appearance of “Tritium Treasure” here, commanding the actions of the giant nuclear waste. “(The Japanese government) wants to use cuteness to whitewash the impact of wastewater, and I will restore it to its hideous appearance in reality.” The “Tritium Treasure” monster descends on the sea, according to previous reports by Observer.com, April 13, Japan The government “anthropomorphized” tritium into a “tritium treasure” doll to publicize the nuclear waste water discharge, which caused serious dissatisfaction among the people in Japan and abroad, and was “taken off the shelf” within one day. The Japanese government released the “Tritium Treasure” doll promotional image source: Tokyo News is another example, Jia Bi, an important character in the original work, is here incarnate as an “environmental girl”, and was kidnapped by an organization under the banner of the International Atomic Energy Agency and sealed with tape , “I can only clap and join the public opinion army that is whitewashing and desalinating the waste water dumping incident.” According to the previous report of Observer.com, the Swedish “environmental girl” Greta Thunberg, who is pushed by the West, Only one piece of news about Japan’s blatant discharge of nuclear waste water has been reposted on a personal Twitter account. In the past few days, it has continued to “show on stage” in the U.S. Congress, BBC television and other places, continue to promote the “climate crisis”, and make a big fuss on environmental issues. For many netizens, Greta Thunberg’s “silence” about the Japanese government’s sewage discharge has once again exposed the true face of the “double standard” of Western and environmental protection girls. Because this so-called “environmental protection girl” has been full of Western “political hype” since the day he became famous. The Swedish “green girl” Greta Thunberg “Babylon Tower 1” pointed out that for audiences familiar with “Attack on Giant”, his own works can basically be understood at a glance, but for other audiences In other words, it may be more difficult to understand. What I most want to express is some science fiction content, and I also want to do some current affairs content, but it is my greatest desire to bring happiness, and I will try to control the proportion. For this issue, “Babylon Tower 1” said that the production time is not long. Although the picture still has room for further refinement, it is just right for expressing the feeling of loss and anger in one’s heart quickly.

5 months ago

If you don’t occupy the cultural highland, others will put the flag on it. Outside the wall, with China’s current output capacity, there is still no return, but in the domestic environment, we need such works. The more the better, and the more the better. Only after the interior is filled can it impact the exterior. The following is an analysis (this video is mainly ironic, but there are not many analysis). The front has nothing to do with reality, and it starts from the middle. CCTV news client news on April 18th, on the 18th, the US President’s special envoy for climate change, John Kerry, who is visiting South Korea, stated in Seoul that the key to Japan’s handling of nuclear contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant is to coordinate and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). , And the United States should not intervene in this matter. Kerry said at the press conference that day that the Japanese government has fully consulted the International Atomic Energy Agency on this issue, and that the International Atomic Energy Agency has also established a strict system. The United States is very confident about this. The most important thing at the moment is that the Japanese government continues to coordinate and cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency while the IAEA is monitoring the process of Japan’s discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the sea. Kerry also emphasized that the United States believes that the Japanese government has closely cooperated with the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the cooperation will continue. When asked whether the United States is willing to play a role in Japan’s discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into the sea, Kerry said that the US government currently does not have any relevant plans. The environmental protection girl in front has nothing to say, nothing more than a puppet. Naturally, the discharge of nuclear waste water is a disaster for mankind, but under the brainwashing of the western bourgeoisie, the media have all silenced. Most of the people are brainwashed. Diming and nuclear waste water finally paid off their debts, but it was the people who were coaxed into brainwashing. What the author wants to express here shouldn’t be much, but it’s an extension. Unrepentant, Japanese right-wingers have been beaten back in several bets on the “national destiny”, but they have come back to life. Grandma’s location is the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which the author has marked.

5 months ago

I look at the comments from a political point of view, and I am also worried about your aesthetic fatigue. So, I want to talk about the “Giant of the Underworld” from the perspective of the second creation work. Although I don’t think the attacking giant is unfinished, but I really like this animated short film. There are many jokes and videos mocking Japan’s nuclear waste, and there are also many jokes and videos mocking giants, but many of them show a tendency toward routines. But this work is different. It maintains the author’s consistent excellent style of painting, and combines reality and animation at all latitudes, with the background music of the underworld, which gives people the pleasure of listening to “My war” for the first time. . The author turned out to be an attacking giant fan. I must have done this video because I was too disappointed. Many friends around me also think that the giants are not finished. I have repeatedly advised them not to damage their fan art, because the things are still good, and it has little to do with the bad works. Just chasing a fan, why bother with your own works? However, they did not listen because they were so disappointed. Of course they are not to blame. The author was also disappointed, but he brought us a thought-provoking and evocative work. Apart from indignation, try to stay rational, instead of giving up thinking, and continue to bring excellent works to the audience. I think this is the attitude that an excellent second-creation worker should have. The Tower of Babylon 1 did just that.

5 months ago

Some points to talk about: 1. This stalk obviously started to be popular in the traditional circle. The original description of the Tower of Babylon by Guannet seems to be inappropriate; 2. The Tower of Babylon is problematic as an anime fan. Let me talk about the first point. The first appearance of nuclear stalks was through the popularity of this picture. The self-made animation of the Tower of Babylon is later than this. So Guan.net doesn’t say anything about the origin of this stalk. It’s still wrong. Fanzhong circle is also a Chinese netizen. 2. The problem with the Tower of Babylon I have always watched the homemade animation of the Tower of Babylon. The first thing I felt was something wrong was the article on January 30th: Although there are many people playing Amin’s sex change, his gameplay seems to be malicious to the character itself. It’s just a little fuzzy feeling here. But by March 25, this video was really hammered. He is Teyeh like the bottle. In fan works, stomping on characters is a relatively bad behavior. His approach of changing the order of events to make Allen look invincible is not only a disrespect for other character chefs, but also for the work itself. If he consistently opposes a certain Japanese work or a certain policy based on the position of a Chinese, then it is justified. However, based on the position of a Teye faction, he enthusiastically supports Allen in the path of destruction. After the destruction of the world went bankrupt, he stomped on the protagonist and the work itself. I wondered, isn’t this the “anti-war defeat”. And this practice has actually been labeled as a voice of justice. It can only be said that Guanwang attracts likes.

5 months ago

I just took a look. I’m not a fan of “Attack on Titan”. It turns out that when this thing first became popular, I was arty (I always stood on a fashionable prostate mentally, a young man in spirit) and I also watched the first few episodes. Can’t stand it. There are two ideas. First, I am very happy that the younger generation of China has a variety of art forms to participate in the propaganda war to defend the Chinese nation. Internal propaganda is also propaganda. Second, I feel weird about the taste of this animated short film. Because of the generation gap, I am old. There is a twenty-year-old face, I will show you one, a mood of two thousand years. —Zheng Jun. I have a theory that the taste of food will seriously affect art forms such as music. I suspect that the taste of the food that the author usually eats is seriously different from mine.

5 months ago

Satire with imitation?
Is this sarcastic of others or yourself?
Bravery is used to face the unknown, facing the unknown ocean, then you are a brave pioneer, facing the unknown, then you are a brave scientist.
Copy it? What kind of bravery is this.
However, for imitators, genuine copy is always a hindrance on their way forward, that’s right.
But if there is no genuine copy, who are you going to copy?

5 months ago

The Babylon Tower is technically powerful, the painting is perfect, the animation rhythm is well grasped, and the bgm is added, the most important thing is that the theme is naturally not artificial. At that time, I saw the video of the super giant bombing Marais, and I paid attention directly after watching it.
I hope more people can pay attention to this up, but if he hadn’t created a video about Japan’s wastewater discharge, how could Observer.com recommend him because of his ability?

5 months ago

I don’t understand, who is brainwashing me?
It is always said that Japan is also a victim of war.
Japan is not the victim of the war of aggression, but the perpetrator. The Japanese are not the victims of the war, but the perpetrators. They will always be the perpetrators, and they will never deserve to be forgiven.
The people killed by them cannot survive. Only the dead can ask forgiveness. No one else can.

5 months ago

On that day, mankind finally recalled the fear of being dominated by nuclear waste water. I have to say that this video is really wonderful. The previous answer has already said a lot. I won’t talk about various symbolic metaphors here. Let me talk about my feelings. Chairman Mao said, “Water Margin” is good to be a sign, let us know the harm of right-leaning surrenderism; perhaps now we can also think that “Giant” is good enough to be a story, let us know the loss of voice and right wing of the left-wing literati in Japan today Madness, but their level is just like that. The story of “Giant” is very good, and the format is great, but the soul of the work is rotten. Covered with a layer of epic, the core is still the Japanese militarism and right-wing style. The slogan “donate your heart” is so ridiculous now. Those who wantonly take the freedom of others are not eligible for freedom.

5 months ago

In fact, it’s disgusting to think about it after reading it. When King Fritz deletes the memories of Yumir’s people, I can correspond to the Japanese government’s tampering with history. When the little girl rescued by Sasha asked, “What did my mother do wrong, why should she be eaten”, I can correspond to Japan now “We don’t know the past, we didn’t do anything wrong, the predecessors’ “It’s not our fault” attitude. Japan denies history and speaks shamelessly to the world. We are not doing things. We are all kind Japanese, harmless to humans and animals. But no matter how ignorant of the past history, Japan’s handling of certain things really “never disappoints”. They were right, and they didn’t care about doing bad things. The above actions made them very happy. They were so complacent that they were able to overthrow the world while being complacent, and they bowed and apologized in a false way. They couldn’t sin a generation anyway. The barefoot are not afraid to wear shoes, so long as I benefit from pulling the world as a funeral. (Contact Diming, in the end, there are not 20% of the people left on the ground, contact Allen’s purpose in the road.) The fourth book even before the comics finale update online about whether the giant is anti-war or advocating war. I think JSC hides very deeply. When I watched the first three parts, I basically couldn’t set the tone. At that time, it was the contradiction between the human inside the wall and the brainless giant outside the city. No one can say that fighting between humans and beasts can be called war . The main solution for the first three parts is to take back the wall and retake the human habitation destroyed by the giant. With the advancement of the plot and understanding some background (pioneering promotion), the truth slowly surfaced. JSC took a long time to lay the groundwork, without revealing too much clues, attracting everyone’s attention to the question of what rules the giant had, where it came from, the ancestors and so on. In fact, he was only for the final war from the beginning. Can’t I say that, the helplessness shown in the whole work, I have to, I can’t help myself, it seems to reflect the mentality of Japan in reality, I did it, do you think I am willing to do it, I am also forced to be helpless You are desperate and can’t help yourself, so even if the crime is extremely heinous, I should do it, not that I did it wrong. The world system shaped by jsc embodies causal correspondence. I did something wrong today. Isn’t it the cause of the past? The relationship between the corresponding characters in the comics and the plot all show this point. If nothing else, what did Allen solve? There is still war after the place name. What is the ground for? To put it bluntly, it is for personal gain. From the beginning of the fourth quarter, the entire development is logically incomprehensible. Allen didn’t do it for anyone, Sasha died, and a group of investigators around him died. Is this all Ellen’s guardian? He was actually doing nothing, just the puppet of the attacking giant, the key to saving Ymir.

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