What kind of legal responsibilities may the parties bear?

What made gamers choose such an extreme method, and what are the warnings for the game industry? Will it have some impact on the Chinese game industry?

Event background

On the evening of April 24, it was reported on the Internet that a gangster who wanted to assassinate the two founders of the company with a knife was arrested on the site of Mihayou Company Park.

On April 25, the Red Star Capital Bureau asked the police station where the Mihayou company park is located to verify the matter. The police officer of the police station said that the case has not yet been announced to the public, and there will be a police report later.

According to Internet news, the cause of the incident was related to Mihayou’s mobile game “Benghuai 3”.

Specifically, “Benghuai 3” has launched a special plot on the external server, which revolves around elements such as “Bunny Girl”. In the promo, characters such as “The Strongest Valkyrie” are all dressed in bunny girl costumes.

Many players believe that this plan is neither online in the national service, nor do they want their favorite characters to dance in bunny costumes, which hurt their feelings towards the characters.

On April 22, Mihayou also apologized for this. Said that “the “Benghuai 3″ external service activity is indeed improper. I have improperly controlled the setting of the established role. I apologize to the player and promise not to appear again in the future.”

It is said that the suspect Gu, because he was dissatisfied with Mihayou’s overseas promotion, wanted to wait for an opportunity to come to Shanghai to kill the two founders of the company, Liu and Cai, and then planned to commit suicide by jumping off the building.

Gu’s temporary residence in Foshan City used the Internet to check the identity and photos of the two founders of the company, Liu and Cai, and purchased two controlled knives (curved blades, with a blade length of about 9c, opened) through the Internet. However, Gu was arrested on the spot in the Mihayou company park.

Except for a few photos that were said to have been taken on the public security intranet machine, the local police have not confirmed the matter. But the occurrence of this kind of thing is foreseeable in the long run. Waiting for a Chinese Miyazaki Tsunami, China Aoba Shinji. The subculture of the second element must have elements such as pornography and other elements that are not tolerated by the mainstream morals of our country. If it is only popular in small circles, it is good to say, but after 2014, it is irreversible to go out of the circle. Once there is a vicious criminal case caused by someone “affected by the two-dimensional”, no matter what reason he has, how deeply his crime is related to the two-dimensional, it is from collecting some OVA anime to child pornography like Miyazaki. Products and then abduction, imprisonment, rape and killing of three-dimensional young girls, or veteran fan lovers like Shinji Aoba plus a railroad house, and mental problems after becoming a family squat will lead to mainstream public opinion and outsiders who did not pay much attention to this. Ordinary people re-examine the entire two-dimensional industry. The “Miyazaki Tsunami incident” that year brought the entire Japanese ACG industry into a low ebb. Suppose not from the so-called two-dimensional perspective, only from the perspective of the game. A few days ago, Tencent claimed that all data ownership of game accounts should be owned by Tencent. On Mihayou, the contradiction between the increasing reliance of players and the impulsive krypton, is the role of “positive lead” or “NTR” caused by Events such as planning decisions will become the topic of discussion in the future. In fact, the gameplay of the Korean rice circle has become popular in the game field, and the evil consequences of idolization and a high degree of emotional dependence will eventually appear. “Love killing” is an important type of motive for intentional homicide, which is derived from the emotions towards real characters in real life. Many “love kills” are because of emotional breakdown and want to “destroy” a partner who has paid a lot of emotions and materials. If a player can pay for a game or even a character in a game, it is equivalent to the partner in real life. Feelings and the same amount of money. When this feeling is shattered, it is actually conceivable to use the game developer as the object of vent.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

When we really started to start a business to make a two-dimensional game, we also encountered a problem, the problem of business model exploration. At that time, the domestic games on the market, especially the profitable domestic games, were all big R paid mode games, that is, the main income of the game was contributed by big R paying users. The top few users on a server might be able to top up dozens of credits. Ten thousand, even millions. The income of these mainstream games comes from the PK hatred and comes from the competition between players. I want to be stronger than others, and I want to rank first on the server; but we are not such users ourselves. Several of us students play games. It only cost a few hundred yuan at most. How can I experience the psychology of big R players recharging hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it was very painful at the time, and I really couldn’t understand it. We don’t play such games ourselves, and we feel that we can’t do such games. But start a business to make money, how do you make money? We are back to exploring our own needs. Why do we like the two-dimensional, because we like to be immersed in the virtual world of the two-dimensional; why do we pay for it ourselves? Because of love, I love this role, so I am willing to pay for her. And this kind of impulse to pay is just the opposite of the mainstream games at that time. The mainstream games are all strong PK and pay for hatred; and the two-dimensional games we make ourselves are to pay for love. —— Liu Wei (Co-founder and CTO, President of Mihayou)

5 months ago

Mihayou said in his entrepreneurial seminar that they will be virtual idols in the second dimension, so that the otaku will satisfy the desire for the opposite sex. Mihayou has targeted those young people who are empty in real life from the very beginning. When some “perfect” virtual characters attract these groups, they will vent their missing family love to this character wildly, causing The almost crazy Krypton Gold, Liu Wei, the founder of Mihayou, described this as “paying for love”, and some of this kind of affection was projected on Mihayou, which was the earliest “Mi Guard”. So what if this madness becomes hate? With banners and even assassination now, Mihayou cannot control the users of his choice. The word “control” is somewhat ambiguous, I mean to make players feel satisfied with their own Krypton gold, do nothing (mostly) not to the level of mind control, and attempted murder must be punished, not like this Common sense needs to say something special, right? But after the punishment, just let it pass a hundred? The existence of such people is a social problem, but Mihayou’s approach is to increase the proportion of psychological problems among its users. If a group of more extreme people stimulate each other, there will be a big problem.

5 months ago

Mhy suddenly slipped on her knees when the rhythm was in decline, and finally found the reason for offending his own guards. I was afraid that the three-dimensional yuan would be directly given to the dump truck. After all, the relative decline in rhythm is only in terms of breadth. The resonance is enlarged, and the width of the rhythm may decrease after no response is received, and the disappointed players leave the game directly. However, the core area is still resonating, creating the possibility of extreme events. This time, for the safety of the three-dimensional self and employees, I lost someone when I slipped and kneeled, so I lost it.

5 months ago

If it is spreading rumors, then the effect and cost is even a very good super spread… It depends on the police report. If it is true, look at the follow-up. I don’t think there will be any change in mhy, but their public relations skills are indeed worth learning from TX. Unfortunately, their channels are not good, and Tensun is the biggest channel anyway. If this results in suspension or rectification, it can even be suspected that this person has been used or bought at all. I think too much, but this world is not absurd, and even if there are people who can actually plan for actual combat, it is beyond ordinary people’s cognition.

5 months ago

During the Lynch case, I chatted with a teacher from Lu Mei. I said that no matter what kind of person Lynch is, as far as the case itself is concerned, it is a landmark case. It’s like the case of Peng Yu in Nanjing 10 years ago. Even the old Mrs. Xu was no longer there a few years ago, but the impact of the case on society has not been eliminated. Once the bottom line is touched, just like the Pandora’s Box is opened, the original awe will disappear, and various imitations and reference events will emerge in endlessly. This is like a long road without zebra crossings, flyovers, and underground passages. Pedestrians have to go a long way from side to side. But most of the time, everyone just complains or curses a few words or detours. Suddenly, one day, when a person is walking across the road in full view, everyone will “wake up”. It turned out that there was this operation, and then they followed suit. No matter how many ruthless officials in feudal society, why is Dong Zhuo the most famous? In addition to the IP blessings of the Three Kingdoms itself, it is because he pioneered the “playing method” of “abandoned emperor”. During the Han Dynasty, it lasted for about 400 years. From Emperor Wen, he began to promote feudal ideas such as “Monarchy and God, Three Guilds and Five Constants”, and it has been the most stable tool of rule for 400 years. Before no one broke the magic box, even “traversers” like Wang Mang did not “dismantle the emperor”. But when the old demon Dong Zhuo first began to practice “abandoned emperor”, everyone in the world saw the new game of imperial power. In the past, the idea that the emperor is the sky was stepped underfoot. Faith and order began to collapse, and at the same time, higher gameplay was expanded around imperial power. For example, Comrade Cao Cao expanded the gameplay of “holding the emperor”. But Cao Cao and Cao Pi’s gameplay was limited to this, and Xiandi had a good death in the end anyway. Their imagination has not reached its limit, until Sima Zhao developed the “killing the emperor” gameplay. Decades later, he was carried forward by his descendants. During the Rebellion of the Eight Kings and the Rebellion of Yongjia, the Sima family was almost extinct, and even the prince was directly beaten to death in the toilet with a stick. Of course, there will actually be positive and iconic cases, such as the anti-kill case of Kunshan Longge. Direct advancement redefines justified defense. As far as this event is concerned, the lower limit operation has been opened, and whether there is a lower limit “play” is still unknown, but this will certainly not be the last one.

5 months ago

I saw this from the official account last night. I went to the post forum and found no news. I thought it was fake news. I didn’t expect it to be true. I was a bit surprised, but it was reasonable to think about it. The most taboo of the second dimension is the collapse of human design. In the past, the company was small and there were not many players. However, Mihayou has gathered a large number of core fans for so many years. Under such a huge number, such a human design has been produced. Under the circumstances of the collapse and the official pretending to be dead, players from other countries are expected to do more extreme things. When the otaku is easy to pass, it is easy to dismiss it, and it is not that simple if it is really true. I have been paying close attention to Mihayou. Although I rarely play Mihayou games after collapse 2, I still care about the development of this company. After all, it is also my most promising domestic game company. I really want to To see where I can go in the future, I can’t understand the development of Mihayou just from Yuanshen. It feels more and more like the second Tencent, with more money, but the reputation is getting worse and worse. The bunny girl incident was only the last straw that crushed the camel. Through this opening, all the problems accumulated before were exposed. After the live broadcast yesterday, a large number of people broadcasted the account. This is the point of death. Yesterday, I watched a brother look through the clothes of the characters one by one, the mouse slid over the text introduction of the clothes, and then changed all the characters into the initial costumes. This kind of thing is painful for everyone. Miha swims to this point and can only say that he asked for it. The moment the flood broke the bank must have accumulated a lot of problems, but I think for Miha You may not care about it. The company has achieved this point, the player It’s just a steady stream. This batch can’t work and can be replaced with another batch. The original god hasn’t had any major problems now, and can continue to harvest. It’s been so many years since the collapse of 3, and the squeezed is almost the same. Throw it away and throw it away. Domestic No one is playing this, don’t you still have an international server? If you take good care of the international server, you can still earn foreign currency.

5 months ago

Warning or warning, the sorrows and joys of normal people and demon people are not connected, I just think his brain is sick. In fact, many game/novel/comic writers are threatened and intimidated, but very few really come to the door with a knife. For example, in 13 years, Jianshan Chuang was threatened with death because of the attacking giant, and nothing happened in the end. (I don’t know what the Kouhi old man felt when he saw the 21-year giant) There is also the “Father of Sending Blade” Anno Hideaki, because EVA has received many death threats and is still alive today. Sending the blade itself is also a strong proof that “normal people can’t understand the devil.” Normal readers send blades to the brain, that is, express a box of blades to the official, and some people ridicule that the official can make a fortune by selling blades. But the real “send blade” is actually sticking the blade to the opening of the envelope, and the author cut his finger when opening the letter. It means “The painting is so bad, don’t take your hands.” How should I put it, people with normal brain circuits, even if they hate the author, can’t think of such a vicious trick. Normal people are forced by the government to spit out fragrance in the comment area and directly kill the founder with a knife. Even in Japan, where the concentration of the second dimension is the highest, only the Jingani arson case can be compared. The only warning we can get from this incident is that the demon is terrible, don’t provoke the demon. Don’t try to understand why the demon is crazy, the demon’s brain is full of indescribable things, if you can understand his thoughts, it means that your san value has also been lost.

5 months ago

A typical demon. You were disgusted, so you scolded on the Internet, turned black mud, and rushed to mhy. These are harmless. It is almost inevitable for acg fans to be disgusted by the main cause, and I personally have been disgusted to the extent that it can’t be relieved for a few days. However, upgrading to offline personal injury is another matter. This bottom line is absolutely unbreakable. People outside the circle can’t figure out the ins and outs, it will only be simplified as “the addicted person kills people.” This kind of thing happened several times, and the two-dimensional circle is estimated to be more foul than the fans of xz, and they didn’t have a knife. People who hate myh don’t feel relieved, and they should quickly cut their seats with such people. I don’t want to scold mhy normally in the future to be suspected of being an extrajudicial fanatic. To put it bluntly, these demon people have found the wrong “mental sustenance”, and people always need to rely on something to get the motivation to live. Ordinary people may use their family, lover, or real career as their “supply.” And these crazy people use idols and acg as sustenance objects. These commercial fictional characters are like “wives”, “family”, or “God” in their eyes. In short, it is sacred and inviolable. This is really very dangerous, because the pinned object is actually controlled by another person. And this person may be a “ghost” such as jsc and Anno Hideaki, a master of pua, and the four villains of the villains. I sometimes think that young two-dimensional elements look at “Eva Theatrical Edition”, “Yan Fist”, “Chain Saw Man”, “Attack on Titan” and other “stimulating” works are also very good, just like using Ollie. Induce vomiting and let you know what “the author’s evil taste” is. You are disgusted, but you are relieved: these things tmd are really just “entertainment products” and cannot be regarded as spiritual sustenance. It’s really just that. Don’t be too dominated by your own emotions, this is a compulsory course for mature two-dimensional elements. However, the mhy company itself has a sense of selling spiritual opium. In essence, it is a virtual idol business, and risk management must be done well in this business.

5 months ago

If it is true, the apology letter will understand why it is so funny. This is not a letter of apology, this is a begging for mercy, not a begging person, but an iron fist. But now I really hope that Iron Fist will come down, and the second dimension will go backwards for ten years. I think the second child will feel that there is still such a good thing. Originally, we thought that opening up the introduction and maintaining the originals would make the circle better, but as a result, the group of people who had eaten their brains and the big circle became 2ch. It is recommended to block and climb the wall by yourself, whether it is physical or virtual, anyway, I will climb first.

5 months ago

I have to say that Miha’s fate is really hard, and after planning a big death, there will be a demon who will find you to make up for it. The problem is that this incident is completely beyond the scope of the state of affairs that can be controlled by Mihayou and even all game companies. What I think of for a while is the Miyazaki Tsunami incident and the Kyani incident. This is not a question of non-support, this is Zhenger eight. If you have violated the criminal law, if you hang up a banner, I can still talk about it. If you don’t go to jail for two years, I think China is not a society under the rule of law. Considering the ancestral contradictory way of transferring, once this matter is hyped up by the media or even the official media, the destructive power of the game industry is definitely greater than that of the “electronic heroin” of the year. Even TX “friends” would not want to see this situation. Happened, this is not grabbing food, this is smashing the pot, no one should eat. You see, some people have already called “to rectify the game industry”. At this time, don’t say anything about Mihayou’s screening of leeks. This kind of silly X has nothing to do with Mihayou. I can only hope that this matter will be suppressed as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are no serious consequences and the situation can be controlled at present. No, the occurrence of such a vicious incident has nothing to do with Mihayou. The question is how to wash the ground for Mihayou’s actions before, the bunny girl incident Mihayou is right, right? It’s numb! This kind of vicious incident is unavoidable in any industry (medical trouble or construction site trouble is much more than this), but this does not mean that you can wash the ground for Mihayou’s previous practices, understand? Your rice is really….. WMB is so pure? The bunny girl is the fuse. A domestic company operating a national service without a foreign service is inherently wrong, and then as a main seller of a “virtual character” game, it destroys its foundation. It is finished with cold public relations + confused apology, and then combined with the previous ones. Forcing krypton and problem activities are not cleansed. Don’t say that the thief is not guilty just because a murderer has been involved. Legal and moral are not good for this.

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