Former foreign company programmers, and now the district is a public counselor, let me talk about my feelings. Not easy, really not easy. It is said on the Internet that programmers are very tired. When it comes to programmers, the first thing that comes to mind is 996 blessings. Actually, there are many programmers who have to repair blessings, but not all programmers are very hard. Some foreign companies The work intensity is very good. For example, I worked in the Chengdu branch of a German software company for two and a half years. During the two and a half years, I worked no more than 10 hours of overtime. I only remember that there were two real overtime work, both because of the need to have a video conference with foreigners, because of the time difference, the start time of the two meetings happened to be 6 pm Beijing time. However, the efficiency of the general meeting of foreign companies is quite high. If the meeting notice sent by email says that it is an hour, it usually only runs for an hour. The organizer sees that it is almost an hour and has not finished talking. Delete some unimportant content to ensure that one hour ends on time, because others may be going to another meeting soon. In addition, there are some fragmented overtime hours, such as ten minutes or so, because everyone in foreign companies is in this style. If there is no emergency, they will leave after get off work. During the two and a half years, our manager clearly stated several times, “Our company does not encourage overtime.” By the way, there used to be an architect in our group. Because his wife and children did not live in Chengdu, he rented a house by himself in Chengdu, so he was a little boring when he got home. He liked to have a meal near the company after get off work. Then he went back to the company to study something he was interested in. When I first went there, I was still thinking about whether it would be “rolled up”. After observing for a period of time, I found that it would not be: What he is going to do when he stays is his own business, we leave us. Moreover, this company has 11 days (company annual leave, one of the benefits) + 5 days (national statutory annual leave) + 15 days (sick leave) for employees who have just gone. The leave is just to submit an application in the system. Yes, the manager approves. I have never encountered a manager who refuses to approve leave, nor do I ask employees what they do when they ask for leave (seems like this is one of the company’s employee privacy protections, and the company attaches great importance to privacy protection). Now I am in a district unit in Chengdu, and the gap is really big. First of all, the meeting is extremely inefficient and the time is lengthy. Every time the leader is late for a meeting, everyone will wait for him to show his authority. Usually half an hour is enough to explain the content of the meeting, and there is no discussion during the meeting (all the leaders are talking, there is nothing to discuss), but it is because the leader will not organize how to hold this meeting before the meeting, so the meeting The scene was an empty space, one hammer from the east and one hammer from the west, resulting in a meeting that lasted two or three hours. And regardless of whether your job responsibilities are really related to this meeting, there will often be a question mark on my face after the meeting: What does this meeting have to do with me? After the meeting is over, it is time for you to do what you have at hand. There are a lot of things originally, and there are often some rain girls who will take up your time, so working overtime is common. By the way, there is another way to show the inefficiency of the meeting. Once the section chief had two meetings that coincided in time, and the clone was lacking in skills, so I asked me to attend one of the meetings instead of him. It was a teleconference. At the beginning, the provincial leaders talked about a dozen things on the screen. I lowered my head and carefully jotted down the main points. After they finished speaking, the screen went black. Everyone thought that the meeting was over, and some people had already stood up. At this time, a few people greeted everyone to sit down, saying that there would be a meeting later, so everyone sat down again. Then the screen lights up again, and it’s a teleconference again. This will be the leader of the city. After listening to a few words, I found out, isn’t this what the provincial leader just said? Then everyone watched the leaders of the city tell the dozens of things that the leaders of the province had just said one by one. When the leaders of the city finished speaking, the screen went black again. Everyone thought it was over this time, because it was already past 12 noon, and the few people asked everyone to sit down again. This time it’s not a teleconference, but the district leadership went up to the stage and told them one by one the dozens of things that the provincial and city leaders had just talked about… It’s really “important.” Say things three times” chant. Secondly, the work is full of temporary nature, and in many cases it is not an “emergency response” or the temporary nature that needs to be dealt with when an emergency occurs, but the temporary nature of the “whisper” of certain leaders. For example, I have only been here for less than a year, and I have experienced this kind of “wonderful” thing several times: at two or three in the morning, a district leader told his secretary that daybreak was coming to our unit for inspection (I don’t know these. Why don’t people need to sleep), then the district leadership secretary called the leader of our unit, and then the leader called the leader in charge, and the leader in charge called the section chief. Finally, we will be notified all the way to Qiu Ba. Then a large group of people rushed to the unit from all directions at two or three in the morning. When they arrived at something like the speech draft that the unit was preparing to introduce, they sometimes went there and assigned tasks until they realized that it had nothing to do with me. I didn’t know why. Call me over, but I don’t bother to run home at this time, because even if I take a taxi home immediately, I can only sleep for an hour or two, so just give up. Third, there is no sense of accomplishment at work. Usually you don’t experience the feeling of “serving the people”. What you experience is likely to be “serving the leadership.” Why do you say that, because I am most impressed by the time I worked overtime to change the material. In fact, every edition made things clear, but why should I change it, because “the document in the market does not use this term.” . For example: the documents in the market use “convergence”, then we can only use “convergence”, we must not use “collection” or “gathering”; sometimes it is necessary to write something that you can’t even think of or don’t know. Enter the clouded vocabulary, or write a plan for some task indicators containing unintelligible vocabulary, just like the establishment of a “unified space-time dimension” in the population database, and what is the “high-precision high-tech commanding height.” “I still don’t know what they mean. Maybe this is “Unheard Word Meaning”. We still don’t know the meaning of the words written that day. Let’s not talk about the difficulty of taking vacations, but it shouldn’t be difficult for civil servants. Most of them find it difficult to hire workers. It’s just that it was too easy for me to take vacations in the German company before, so there was a gap. Is it easy for civil servants to work? Most positions in most units are not easy.


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6 months ago

It is relatively speaking. For example, I have a classmate who is a civil servant of the Urban Management Bureau, and he sent me a message one day that he was the busiest day in history in order to meet the inspection by the superior, and he did not leave work until 7:30 in the evening. ! ! ! I don’t know what to say. Because I got off work at 10 o’clock every day during that time, and sometimes I slept on the floor in the office. 7:30 is just when I just ate the takeout box lunch and was about to work at night. There were also two other students who had a conversation. One was a civil servant in the Transportation Bureau, and the other was an administrator in a state-owned enterprise. Both of them had poverty alleviation tasks. The one at the Transportation Bureau often complained that poverty alleviation was too busy because of the reason for eating from the countryside. I came back after dinner. It was already 8 o’clock in the evening, and it was dark. I missed the rich afternoon tea in the office every day, and I couldn’t get off work early to participate in the fitness activities organized by the unit… I was very happy every time I helped the poor at the state-owned enterprise. Reasons To do poverty alleviation, you don’t need to do chores in the office, and you can also prepare meals and send the souvenirs to parents and relatives. The result of these classmates is: The Urban Management Committee is still in the Urban Management Committee. He is already a low-level official. There are several sets of houses. They were bought at the right time. The price was not high when they were bought. Appreciation, purchase restrictions after purchase, several cars, two babies born, all in elementary school, no hobbies, like stocks, go to work every day from 9 to 5, go to work and pick up the baby, shouting very busy; that of the Transportation Bureau. I am now seconded to a relatively remote district and county, and I have invested in the local area through my own relationship. I have already planned to be promoted. I heard that I will be promoted. I am very busy every day, and my personal life is very rich. I often travel abroad. , It’s surfing and gliding, and the family has a good time. I just gave birth to a second child. I have a few houses. I bought a car. I am planning to buy a new energy. The state-owned enterprise can’t stand the daily chores in the state-owned enterprise and there is no future. Administrative post, I resigned and went to a private company. I have tossed for several years and changed many companies. I haven’t bought a house yet and my girlfriend has not been found. So do I think civil servants are relaxed? Of course, although they feel busy, they are very honest and enjoy themselves.

6 months ago

This job never goes hand in hand with ease. The reason why it is easy is that the elders in the family relied on their experience 20 years ago. For example, when I was the busiest, I went to three provinces in a week for different reasons. I went to the countryside for research with people who were different from the three waves. I walked four or five hours to one point on the Panshan Highway and started at seven or eight in the morning. , I was often busy until nine or ten in the evening, and many people vomited out on the road. Another time was to go to the Nu River in Yunnan, and a group of people zipline, as shown in the picture below. I was a little younger at the time. Some leaders were in their fifties and slipped over. I watched him sweating on his head and shaking his hind legs. Of course, you may think this is my job, it should be, and it is true. But to be honest, in order to do this job well, you may take on a lot of unexpected jobs and pressure from different directions. It’s really not easy to deal with this. Even if I don’t go out, I work in the unit. I go to work at 8:30 in the morning, and often do not leave until 7 or 8 in the evening. And this kind of busyness is different from that of an enterprise. It is not only doing business, but also welcoming all kinds of inspections, audits, manuscripts, and learning. These things will take up a lot of energy, but they have to be done. And according to my observation, many grassroots are much busier than me. Ten thousand threads on the top and a needle on the bottom. Why do I always persuade others not to go to the township, because they are really tired, and sometimes they still don’t produce results, and they are really discouraged. I admire the comrades at the grassroots level, but I am very contradictory. I don’t want to see young people make a lot of contributions to the grassroots, but in the end they can’t get the corresponding recognition. So toss and turns, if you can choose, don’t go. As for those who find civil servants relaxed, either they are the older ones who have gone through the 90s, early 2000s, and the period before the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and now they have entered the “old care” stage; or they have run into departments that are not busy in the system. I believe that most young people who have entered in recent years will not find it easy. Because they want to do it, and they have something to do if they can do it. This trend will continue. However, we still have to admit that, compared with enterprises, no matter how busy or tired civil servants are, they are less likely to be expelled; they will not encounter basic survival problems, which has a big “understanding”. With this level of identity, people’s psychological pressure will be much less. When I first went to work, I was at ease with the Moonlight Clan for a year. But I have never seen the so-called “gray income”. This is actually a job that looks glamorous, but is really ordinary inside. It takes patience and people who return to the normal heart to do it slowly.

6 months ago

It’s hard to find a cup of tea and a newspaper for an afternoon job, right? What good job is not to gradually reduce the cost performance in the process of rolling and rolling? People only see the leader’s splendor and even spend time, and people do not see the leader’s sleepless night worrying about a report. No matter what profession has advantages, there must be disadvantages. Specific to individuals, of course, there are civil servants who are idle to death, and there are civil servants who are busy to abolish. This is not the same. However, it is not stupid or bad to make subjective assumptions about the overall situation of an industry based on one-sided cognition.

6 months ago

Civil servants are not relaxed. Different positions, different departments, different levels, and different personal enterprising spirits may have different feelings. But one thing is basically the same, that is, life is stable, it is impossible to get rich, and not to be extremely poor, and most of them are in a state of adequate food and clothing. Compared with a stable life, the output of civil servants to the social spiritual culture is not enough. When life is stable, there will be more spiritual needs (satisfaction with warmth), and finally there should be spiritual and cultural output. But at present, there are few people in the system, including civil servants, who have become the first to take the lead. Of course, some people in the system have created awesome works. For example, Liu Cixin was writing science fiction when he was working at a state-owned power plant; for example, Mingyue, a civil servant, and now the Shandong Provincial Government Office, wrote “Those Things in the Ming Dynasty” that was very popular. You should know that the ancient bureaucratic groups chanted poetry, painted and calligraphy, and talked about Taoism. Civil servants like me are left talking about this kind of problem.

6 months ago

I should belong to the typical outside system to inside the system. Compared with the previous 995 (2014), I can indeed go to and from work on time. Special periods (such as the epidemic) may occasionally need to work overtime, but it is indeed understandable that there are reasons for the facts. The working time angle is easier than before; in terms of work intensity, it will be easier than before, but it is by no means a brainless work. Now I feel that if the company cares about the combat effectiveness of a certain grassroots level, then the organization pays more attention to managers. Unfortunately, I’m still a grassroots worker now, so obviously I’m not as tired as before, and knowing what effect these things can play in my hands, I am happy. In summary, the organization is indeed easier than the enterprise, but it’s not. Representative offices eat plain rice. On the contrary, I think that companies are inhumane. When you let a person work 12 hours a day, no matter how much you give, you will ruin his years, unless , You started your own business voluntarily

6 months ago

I used to think that civil servants would work from 9 to 6 and have weekends a week. They were paid well, and everyone was the same as an uncle. Then, after I started working and had friends who were civil servants by my side, this idea had a tendency to collapse. It seems that they are not so busy, and when they meet together they always complain about how difficult the people are and how busy they are at work. Later, I fell in love with a boy who was a civil servant and became his girlfriend. This idea was completely disillusioned. When he just fell in love, it should have been like glue and sweet love, he had to work overtime even on weekends, and he could come back from get off work at five o’clock the next day to accompany me, but he forced it out. Last year, I worked to fight poverty. I didn’t take a vacation for a month and worked overtime continuously. When I left, I was a good young man, handsome and sunny, exhausted when he came back from the work unit, with a shaggy beard and an old look on his face. I still remember the time when he finally came back from vacation. I was full of joy to pick him up, but when I saw his tired appearance, tears started to fall, and it scared him to death. , Coaxed me for a long time. Work overtime on Ching Ming Festival this year, and work overtime on May Day. Finally, at the end of last year, the fight against poverty was about to be finished. It looked like it could be easy for a while, but was dragged to the election again. The election is almost over, and the epidemic prevention and control has begun again here, and the new crown vaccine has been organized. He has already given me a vaccination, maybe his Dragon Boat Festival, or even National Day holiday. During this period of time, personnel may be transferred. They said that their secretary told him to let him be the director of the project office, and he was just connecting with the work of the project office. A person is simply lacking in skills, and he is being asked to do work everywhere. In the past two weeks, in order to get a vaccination venue, I often leave work at around 12 o’clock in the evening, which really hurts. Tired of working every day, a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan, plus car supplement, business trips, overtime, a total of more than 4,000 yuan. The year-end appraisal performance is about 30,000 yuan, and you may get 890,000 yuan a year, but the gap with my imagination is quite large. He asked me a few days ago, but he didn’t regret following him and didn’t have time to stay with me. The salary was not as high as mine. I felt so sad at the time, and distressed. The tears in my tears tended to fall after holding him. After being with him, I would cry too much. After the poverty alleviation campaign was over, their unit won the prize. He was as happy as a child and told me that the medal was won by the joint efforts of several people. After being with him, I really realized that being a civil servant is not easy, and it is very tired, so tired that there is no time to spend time with my girlfriend.

6 months ago

In the second half of last year, I suddenly received a call from the mother of a high school classmate asking me to help his son… I didn’t contact this classmate after graduating from high school. Before he went to work, the grassroots were already busy, others were introverted, and never refused to work arrangements. He was so dying that he ran into an epidemic. He went to work overtime for days and nights, so he was directly depressed. Yes, it is really depression, depression! She didn’t talk all day at home and didn’t go out, but her mother was anxious. The doctor said that the current way is to move from the current environment and chat and socialize with friends more. Then her mother came to me and found me. I was one of the three people who could talk to heaven in his high school…

6 months ago

There are senior elites with an annual salary of hundreds of thousands of millions of social animals, and there are also low-level social animals with four to five thousand! There are several civil servants in Shenzhen with an annual salary of several hundred thousand, a department that is idle for the elderly, a grassroots policeman who works overtime and stays up late and smokes, and the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development that can be dragged down at any time. The summary is that the ability is a talented person, you are very appreciative of what you do! Mediocre, when you are a social animal, you are at the bottom, and you will not be able to get a good job when you are admitted to a civil servant. Then you will know that there is no future for a civil servant.

6 months ago

This question reminds me of the experience of working at the grassroots level after graduation. In the township party and government office, I know everything I have done. Sending and receiving official documents, notices, meetings, dispatching cars, attendance, compound directors… all the trivial matters and priorities are all yours and you can’t escape. I used to stamp 3,000 times a day, with bronze seals, and both hands were red and swollen…I used to rush the manuscript into the wee hours of the morning, and squinted for a while to arrange the regular meetings of the town authorities…I once rode a small electric donkey to distribute supplies from door to door in the village where I was stationed in the middle of the night. Sick petitioners…I have received reports of emergencies many times in the middle of the night, including forest fires, national highway car accidents, and crowds making troubles… Whenever there is a major emergency, all the staff are soldiers. The artificial wall of the factory land broke and collapsed, the surrounding people were evacuated, and the site was guarded on duty. In the big summer, give me a Louis Koo suit in two days! When I get home on weekends without overtime, I can sleep all kinds of sleep, even lying on the sofa. Later, because of too many phone calls and text messages, I was a little nervous and couldn’t sleep well. Everyone has seen a lot of complaints about grassroots work, but aren’t the cities, provinces, and the central government busy? I spent more than a year in an emergency department in the city. It was a nightmare year. Because I have to be on duty and keep records, I easily keep a concise account of the 365 days of work. Statistics show that I have been on duty for 103 days and overtime for 165 days. We welcomed five rounds of superior inspections, local inspections, cross inspections, various reports, various meetings, various summaries, and various forms. In a provincial meeting, I wrote two overnight speeches and exchanged the leader’s sentence, which is not bad… Before that, I caught a cold once a year on average, and had a bad cold 3 times that year, and my eye circles were usually dark. From the township to the city, I have seen busy jobs in units that are not busy, and I have also seen busy jobs in units that are not busy. In addition to the above, whether a civil servant is busy or not depends on the content of the work, but there are also a few feelings: whether a civil servant is busy or not depends on the level of the unit and the location. Vertically, for the same unit, the city is usually better than the province than the Zhongzhi is better than the county. (Personal one-sided understanding, welcome to discuss) The same is the National Development and Reform Commission, where projects develop rapidly and where development is generally very different. The same is the tourism bureau, where tourism resources are rich and barren are also very different. Whether a civil servant is busy or not depends on the job position. Some were so tired to cry, some were so idle. In the same unit, the material dog and office are generally the most in-house, and they are born early. Can the theory department of the propaganda department be the same as the literature and art department? Can the Organization Department of the Organization Department be the same as the Audio-visual Education Office? Can the disciplinary committee handle the case the same as the propaganda? Whether civil servants are busy or not depends on the nature of their work. For example, in public security, there is no such thing as people. It’s all about finding people, which is urgent and difficult. The court, the files are piled high. In the two offices, the leaders work overtime, do the people underneath dare to leave? Emergency departments, such as the Emergency Bureau and the Office of Cyberspace Affairs, are on duty or shifts 24 hours a day. The Market Supervision Administration, the three bureaus are in one, face the front line. In the past, the area of ​​forest fire prevention belonged to the Forestry Bureau. A friend told me that I was looking forward to rain on the Spring Festival and Ching Ming Festival, because this way I can spend the festival with peace of mind. Whether civil servants are busy or not depends on the workload per capita. Most of the work of the group has no hard requirements, and it is more proactively determined. But the group is not busy? not necessarily. The Red Cross, right? But in fact, because of the marginalities, there are fewer staff, and there are usually 5 or 6 leaders in municipal units. Small but complete. Personnel, finance, party building, performance, civilization, etc., are all indispensable. You said that besides the leader, can anyone be free? Whether civil servants are busy or not depends on the XX leader. Some leaders are pragmatic, logically clear, and caring about their subordinates, and some leaders are supreme, dogmatic, and have no humanistic care. Obviously there are many things that are useless, but he just asks you to go through every twist and turn, and you can’t work it out at all. He asks people to work on chicken soup, promotes and raises salary and pretends to be an ostrich. Whether civil servants are busy or not depends on their mentality. Why do I know that Shang Tucao civil servants are so busy? Because the users are generally young, the new career in their 20s, and the backbone of the unit in their 30s and 40s, are all the main force of the unit to work overtime. Further up, some people become leaders and continue to be busy, while others become old fritters. Because of old qualifications, no desires and no desires, no troubles and no troubles, everyone is thankful, how much work can you expect them to do? With so many chores in the township, young people are squeezed so that they have no personal time and space, but there are always so many comrades in their 40s and 50s who are faltering, not knowing that they think they are retired old cadres, daily paddling, working Lin Daiyu, and Fang Shiyu off work. Not to mention, if this continues, my body will be hollowed out, and I must practice fish fishing skills… Uh, no, I went to work…

6 months ago

Haha, I really didn’t think. Work stability is true, ease is false, overtime, weekend breaks, and frequent things, never tell me that civil servants are “drinking tea and reading newspapers”. I haven’t seen it in my work since I started working. Such a person can make me rest quietly on weekends. I want to burn high incense for two days. Of course, whether the work of a civil servant is easy or not depends mainly on the unit you work in, the position you are in, and the work style of your leadership. If you are a township civil servant, I am sorry, there is a high probability that you will not be able to relax. Today’s work in towns and villages is really busy and can’t be busy anymore, “white + black” “5+2”, and it is rare to be able to take regular days off during holidays. Overtime and on-duty work are common. If you take a vacation, what does your unit have? With the new work arrangement, your vacation will be over after a phone call. Don’t make a fuss. If you want to relax, don’t try the township. If you are a civil servant in a ministries and commissions, sorry, there is a high probability that you will be disappointed. Everyone says that civil servants in ministries and commissions are good, their jobs are easy, and their social status is high, but those who have experienced know that not only are their salaries and incomes, but also working overtime is the norm. Sleeping in the office is also a common thing-high level and good platform. Being tall, I don’t deny it, but if you say work is easy, don’t think about it. Of course, the differences between different ministries and commissions are quite large. Different departments have different work intensity and ease of work. However, overtime work in most departments is normal, and it is rare that overtime is not. If you meet a leader who loves to work overtime, sorry, your job is still not easy. I have been working for five years, and there are few leaders I have met who don’t work overtime. Everyone says: You young people should exercise more and work more actively so that they can grow faster. Single people have to take the initiative. Working overtime. Well, indeed, those who can be leaders basically come here when they are young, so they are used to it. Overtime is just normal work for them. They don’t even think that it is overtime, such as 5 o’clock. Normally off work, but the leader prefers to run to the office at 4:30 to arrange your work. Maybe you think it’s not normal, but in fact he thinks it’s normal, and he asked you to give it to him today, so you too You can only be forced to work overtime, so you want to get off work normally, and you want to relax. It’s not possible. When we were training for public examinations, many partners who went ashore together were civil servants in towns and villages, as well as civil servants in the public security system. There are also civil servants who go to ministries and commissions, as well as those who go to municipal and district municipalities to work as civil servants. The easiest place may belong to the civil servants of the district-directed units. The busiest ones are the townships and ministries. Of course, the municipal departments are not easy. , But after all, everyone is a rookie who enters the workplace. It is not easy to work easily! In terms of work units, for example, the policemen’s partners say frankly that sometimes they can stay on vacation for two or three months, and three shifts take turns. On average, they have to be on duty at least 2 to 3 shifts per week, 24 hours a day. It’s very common for people to call their names. It’s not too common to stop taking a break. For example, if you work in a township, it’s also a must. Sometimes I’m talking about WeChat and there’s no more text, and it’s already in the middle of the night to reply to news. I’m too busy. Sometimes I don’t even have time to use my mobile phone. However, work units like the Women’s Federation, the Bureau of Retired Officers, and the Archives Bureau are quite relaxed, and the work pressure is not great, and there is no less money. Few ~ From the perspective of the department, the party building, the disciplinary inspection, the office, the organization, the personnel department, and the core business departments of the department. There are also a lot of overtime and extra hours. There will always be endless materials and endless business. Weekends I often have to work overtime. It’s not uncommon. Sometimes it’s not unusual to work until the early hours of the morning. I still remember when I was in school, I always listened to people around me about how good civil servants are, and their work is easy and stable. But after I actually entered the system, I realized that they were still too naive. In recent years, various performance appraisal scores and questions The responsibility system and various xun investigations and inspections are added layer by layer, and the work is really not easy. Sometimes even if it is a lighter work unit, when you meet an invincible leader who loves to work overtime, it is all right, you can only accept your fate. In order to prepare for the next day’s meeting to proceed smoothly, I worked overtime throughout the week, working overtime until 8 or 9 o’clock every day, working overtime until more than 1 am the day before the meeting, and rushed to the meeting place at 7 am the next morning to prepare for the meeting. In fact, this situation is not once or twice. It is not uncommon. It is good to be used to it. Therefore, the job of a civil servant is really not easy. Stability is inevitable. Relaxation is suitable for the situation of the unit, the position and the leader. Certainly, after all, he shoulders a heavy social responsibility, so he can’t be sloppy~

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