The approximate meaning is: Even if you put in more money and don’t want to play the account of Dungeon and Warriors, the owner himself cannot be sold, as long as the sale is against their regulations. In-game game currency transactions also violate their regulations? The famous name affects normal players and the cost of game operation?

This is indeed the case with Tencent games, and there is no way to trade. This is really something that should be learned from NetEase. NetEase has created a treasure chest, which facilitates players to buy and sell characters and earns a large amount of handling fees. Take Fantasy Westward Journey as an example. The server was launched in 2003, and it has been nearly 18 years now. So far, the number of online users is still considerable. In the news that I saw a few days ago, after the repetition of Dreams was removed, one more player was opened, which created a new high of players online at the same time, which has surpassed the previous 2.71 million! This should be the statistical data during the event, usually worse than LOL, but also much better than DNF and CF… Fantasy Westward Journey can go to this day, on the one hand, it is suitable for office workers (as long as you can hang up, you don’t need it most of the time). Operation, follow the captain. The intercommunication version is more convenient to hang up, and the phone can hang up). On the other hand, it is to maintain value. On the one hand, the preservation of value is the preservation of equipment. The price of equipment fluctuates very little, and it is very convenient to buy and sell. If there is no time to set up an online stall, you can hang it in the treasure pavilion. If the price is right, it will be quickly dropped by someone. The price of gold coins is also very stable. The dream price of gold has been maintained at around 100: 1200W, which is slightly different in each district. Dream will introduce a lot of money-consuming gameplay, such as learning skills, point repair, running loops, you can also use gold coins to buy points cards consigned by other players, and later introduce a reserve mode, just to stabilize the price of gold. The most important point is that Treasure Pavilion can buy and sell characters. When AFK is available, most of the investment can be recovered (I spent more than 20,000 yuan to play Fantasy at the beginning, and I finally sold it for almost this price, basically without loss). But the money I invested in DNF and CF has basically been lost. I can’t sell the QQ that has been with me for more than ten years. Although QQ is basically not used anymore, it doesn’t seem appropriate to sell it just like that. I feel that Tencent should launch a platform similar to Netease Treasure Pavilion, allowing players to freely trade items and characters, which is convenient for players and can give their own games another breath.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

To be honest, this is a typical “headline party”, shouldn’t the focus of this news be to condemn the DD373 trading platform? To get the “fisherman’s profit” from it, if it weren’t for the news of Baby Xu Xu, how many players would be defrauded of money because of this! As for the statement that the account owner cannot resell his mobile game account is the legal language used in the court trial, this is the need for litigation. Even so, everyone must have checked the agreement content before playing the game. Since you agree, then It should be done in accordance with the rules. As for whether the virtual account belongs to the player, this is a big legal issue, and there will be an arbitration sooner or later.

6 months ago

As a person who has been in the game industry many, many years ago, I can basically conclude that the trading platform will lose in this lawsuit. Even if the relevant laws and regulations have not been changed in the last ten or eight years, the trading platform will lose. The reason for being so sure…because the kid is not talented, he has participated in the trivial details of the relevant user agreement before. This is quite a long way to go, and not only Tencent, but other game companies also follow this rule; not only game companies, but the entire Internet industry basically has a calibre for virtual props. The most fundamental reason lies in the definition of the Internet industry: the service industry. The service industry is not a manufacturing industry. The products made by the manufacturing industry are given to you for one hand and one hand. The product is yours. The manufacturer has no right to move the product in your home. If it does, it will be illegal. The responsibility of the service industry is to do the work for the masses. These virtual things are the props for the whole work. Using props can bring you joy. What you spend money to buy is the joy, not the props themselves. If it feels a bit convoluted, let’s cite the example a little bit crudely. If you think props, these things belong to your personal property, it is roughly equivalent to: go out cupping, feel comfortable, after paying the money, take the can and pull it out by yourself. When the market saw the monkey juggler, he was happy. After rewarding the two copper plates, he went up and took the monkey away. I was surprised to buy a ticket, hey! This is so exciting! Stepping up to the stage, the princess hugged her, taking Hua Dan home as a wife… These are unreasonable, right? You think of the virtual things in the game as the jars mentioned above, the monkey, the Huadan, and you understand the roots. The self-definition of all game manufacturers, even the legal definition, are network service providers, not virtual property sellers. If all the ownership rights of props and even accounts are assigned to players, the entire industry will be messed up. The game I played the most years before was Hearthstone, NetEase. I started playing in closed beta and went through dozens of version changes. The strong card will weaken you, the weak card will strengthen you, and even some cards will be IMBA. NetEase waved it with a big hand and chopped it off directly, and went into the honor room to eat ashes! If I think this card was bought with money and belongs to me, then I will sue him once if he cuts one card, and wins every time. It is estimated that Comrade Ding Lei has lost his full-time pig raising, and NetEase has already given my last name. Then there is the most jumpy Primordial God right now. The same thing is about who wants to cut who is cut. In the previous part, I saw someone on the Internet saying that they cut two characters. The liver of these two characters is harder than marble. If you cut it, you still have humanity. ! Sorry, if you take a closer look at the user agreement, he can really do such inhuman but legal things. Because the ownership belongs to the manufacturer. After talking about the issue of ownership, let’s look back at the trading platform. The trading platform has always been a gray product. After all, all the data belongs to the operator. In principle, there is no room for the trading platform to flicker. The pots used by other developers for eating, Monkey, Huadan, why do you sell them on a single platform? So in the past so many years, the reason why the trading platform can exist, in the final analysis, is not that he is legally compliant, but that the manufacturer turned a glance at him. After all, the existence of a platform can stimulate player interaction and activity to a certain extent. But the platform itself is also a double-edged sword, where there is trade, there is harm. In the past, all the fraudulent equipment for the hacking of accounts, and even a little bit of fraudulent cards were issued. In the end, most of the stolen goods were collected by the trading platform and then sold again for profit. Therefore, the trading platform, as a gray industry, actually breeds the pure black industry of hacking and becomes prosperous. Therefore, as the actual owner of the game data, the manufacturer believes that the trading platform is detrimental to the life of the game or the user experience, and it is accurate to the trading platform. There is another advantage of data ownership in the manufacturer, that is, the manufacturer can determine the ownership of the account and the item, such as verifying in the account database through an ID card. Once it is determined that it belongs to you, the manufacturer has the right to arbitrate and return the account to you. Get it back for you. Therefore, the role of the manufacturer as a server, the benefit to the user is here. If a manufacturer acts as a virtual item seller and someone loses his equipment and stolen it, find the manufacturer, and the manufacturer will say sorry. The thing that was sold to you is yours. If you lose it, you can’t help it. At this time, the player is the most miserable person to cry. To sum up, as a service provider, the purpose of adding, deleting, adding and deleting game content, and determining the attribution of accounts, is for the purpose of a balanced game environment to provide players with a fair experience. After all, what manufacturers sell is experience. After the experience is sold well, he can make money. The trading platform actually does not have the authority to sell games and user information. From the perspective of ownership, the trading platform is actually a fake intermediary. Therefore, whether it is Tencent NetEase Mihayou or any game company, as long as the platform is reported to the platform, the platform will be in the wrong, and the loss will be passive. This is dictated by the law.

6 months ago

It is not recommended to trade the account privately, without him, because the risk is really too high. In addition to personal information risks, there is also the risk of platform bans. Game accounts have long been no ordinary virtual property. With the introduction of the “anti-addiction” system, online games require real names for all game accounts. During the registration and use process, the manufacturer will also guide players through various methods to complete a series of account security settings, set password protection questions and answers, and bind mobile phones and emails. After this operation, an unbreakable relationship has been formed between the game account and the player. The anti-addiction information can only be modified once. The modification of the bound mobile phone and mailbox requires the integrity of both parties in the transaction, and no one party will deliberately defraud money or deceive accounts. In some cases, the seller’s careless failure to modify the bound personal information in time may lead to serious consequences. There was a case before that the transfer account did not modify the bound email address and the email information was leaked. Because he was unwilling to cooperate with the buyer in the second sale, the buyer found the company falsely accusing the company of fraud and almost lost his job. What’s more, according to the Guangzhou Internet Court (2020) Guangdong 0192 Minchu No. 8306 Civil Ruling, private game account transactions between players are essentially the seller’s intention to withdraw from the rights and obligations between the game service provider and the buyer. The general transfer of the rights and obligations it enjoys to the game service provider belongs to the general transfer of rights and obligations. However, the transfer of contractual obligations requires the consent of one of the parties to be legally effective. That is to say, if the registered user transfers the game account to another person without notifying the service provider and obtaining its consent, the game service provider is learning this After the situation, there is the right to refuse to provide services to the buyer, that is, the title is valid. The demand for the game account trading market is in full swing, and the risk of banning and being deceived will not be subsided. If possible, wouldn’t it be a better choice to establish a new official trading platform for the right to use as soon as possible to provide an authoritative and assured intermediary service for both parties?

6 months ago

It’s normal. Many fields and platforms have severely cracked down on private trading of accounts. If you don’t believe me, you can look at their user agreement. If you want to buy and sell, the entire platform will be chaotic, and transaction disputes, privacy leaks, fraud, etc. will also emerge in endlessly. Have you noticed the point that Tencent games basically enter the interface will have a reminder about the reasonable allocation of game time for minors. Penguin is on the side of minors. Because game transactions are usually through a third-party platform when the two parties do not know each other, especially like the transaction cat, the two parties may have no conversation, and the transaction is completed directly through the customer service. Adults can’t resist the temptation of games, let alone minors. If a dispute over a trading account occurs and the object is a minor who steals his parents’ money to buy and sell game accounts, this is undoubtedly a black spot for Penguin.

6 months ago

Anyway, when it comes to big factories, there will be traffic, and it must be shocking enough to be watched. You have to poke the audience’s pain points, at least you can’t talk about the law honestly. I was scared by these self-media. Many examples around you are the separation of the right to use and ownership, such as your personal ID number, mobile phone number, driver’s license number, and even the land ownership of the house you buy, etc. Individuals only have the right to use, and they have to go through the formalities when they expire. Then used. This system of separation of ownership and use rights works very well, avoiding drawbacks and having a certain degree of flexibility. At least for now, you won’t lend your ID phone number to others for illegal use, right? Usually, people don’t worry about whether the ownership of this number is their own. Of course, if you are really worried about this, you may have to go to Shanghai Jingwei. Game players don’t have to do this. Putting your account on the operating platform is much safer than buying and selling on the trading platform. What will happen to the yy platform now is a bit redundant. In fact, DD373 is the protagonist. It not only relies on players for profit, but also brings players the risk of being defrauded of money and money. It should be strictly guarded to prevent chaos. This case will not be a typical case. You don’t have to worry about whether you will lose the ownership of your account in the future. I have three wow accounts myself, and nearly 40 full-level characters. I never worry about whether these characters belong to me and can be sold or sold, but I am reluctant to let it go. I haven’t opened these for half a year. Account number.

6 months ago

Because this matter is too dramatic and too joyful, and the future development is also unknowable, I specifically answer this wave. In fact, the audience lords don’t need to care too much about dd373. They don’t need to have a special affection for them because of this incident. The essence is just an online game trading platform that is not perfect in all aspects. It has many netizens (including Brother Bao) broke the news that there was money-making behavior. The highlight of the entire court trial lies in tx’s attempt to meddle in the ambition of defining civil law, the status quo of constantly falling into the pits that the past self digs for the present self, and the one-question three-unknown economic analysis expert’s answer. There are also soul questions given by the presiding judge many times. Generally speaking, from the beginning of the defense, it can be said that there are continuous problems on Tencent’s side. You can’t see the appearance of Nanshan Pizza Hut at all. The report submitted by the expert and the speech can be said to have worsened the situation. Although I did not see the report itself, it was judged. From the long-term questioning method, we can boldly guess that experts lack understanding of dnf itself, and the reference value of the analysis report is doubtful. Coupled with tx’s attitude toward the entire game market in recent years, it can be roughly determined that the war with dd373 is actually not intoxicated by alcohol, and the attitudes and arguments shown by tx later directly prove this point. tx The main purpose of this time is to use this case as a reference dossier to give a reference answer to the future qualitative question of virtual property and the ownership of virtual property, which is the question mentioned by the subject. tx “hope” also “proposes” (the game is a virtual community, the player’s character items in the game are only a piece of code, there is no actual value, and the code is also part of the game, so its ownership should belong to the operating company, and the player only exists (Right to use) This wave of remarks can be described as a beautiful show, and not to mention whether you can win the lawsuit by relying on the arguments based on this. At least the players who know this matter are almost all offended. At first glance, the gain is not worth the loss. But actually? From my personal point of view, tx is determined to win this lawsuit, or to some extent it needs to be won at the cost of losing some users. As we all know, in every online game, there is a book with many entries called “What Players Need to Know”, which is full of overlord clauses, which makes people think that it is not the emperor of the earth who really can’t write such an unequal treaty. As long as this lawsuit is won, to a certain extent, Article 127 of the Civil Law has been evasive for the relatively vague protection of players’ virtual property at this stage. That is to say, the in-game and even part of the virtual economy may be completely reduced to an extra-legal land of national laws, while the operator surpasses the emperor of the earth and becomes the god who makes rules to control life and death. Although my description looks horrible, it is true, and tx seems to be difficult in this lawsuit, but it does not necessarily mean that it will really lose. Because the final result depends on the final characterization of the virtual property. If the player’s game account, character, and props are identified as virtual property, then the future suspension of the game may have to consider the issue of compensation to the player, which is likely to cause the game Operators’ fear of operating games has led to the decline of the gaming industry; and if they belong to an operating company, then obviously the operating company will surpass the law to a certain extent; and further speaking, the virtual economy that may arise in the future, Virtual labor and virtual currency may become props for operators to play with the market. Of course, with the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, a compromised approach will inevitably appear, but it will inevitably be difficult to apply to tx’s litigation this time, so tx has indeed created a problem for the trial. In conclusion, no matter who wins or loses, I hope that the injured will not be the players and the production team dedicated to game development. It is true that tx is disrupting the game, but even if it does not disrupt the game today, it cannot be ruled out that there will be no damage. Others disrupt the situation and hope that relevant laws and regulations can be improved as soon as possible.

6 months ago

There are a few interesting points about this matter worth paying attention to. First, there are no waves on the Internet for such a big thing, which is very interesting. Second, although my country’s legal judgments follow the isolation law, because the description of virtual property in the civil law is so vague, it is difficult to guarantee that Tencent’s evidence will not be abused as an extension of Article 127 of the civil law after the case. Article 127 of the Civil Code stipulates: If the law has provisions on the protection of data and network virtual property, follow those provisions. Is Tencent really defending its own interests or is it trying to influence the legislative standards that the judicial assistance country has clear (in line with its own interests criteria)? This is also very interesting. Third, Tencent is currently talking to the Anti-Monopoly Bureau, and at this point, it can speak out these statements in court while talking. From the speeches in the trial, we can clearly see what attitude this company has towards players, users, and people. And combined with the state of being able to speak like this while talking to the country, what attitude does it have towards the country? This is so interesting.

6 months ago

This is actually true for Penguin. Are there few cases of fraud due to game account transactions? -I have roughly understood the process inside. Probably a few people pretending to be game customer service and platform personnel on the other side of the screen, and then a link to the platform will be sent there. The interface in the link is exactly the same as the interface of the original platform, specific to the punctuation in the sentence, but this is a copy Version platform. Then the scammer will say a bunch of tricks to induce transactions on the platform, the ultimate goal is to defraud, and the money is empty. Who is to blame for this? Game service provider, or a liar. According to our usual humanitarianism, game service providers should pay compensation, but to stand on the side of game service providers is to treat them unfairly. The only thing they can do is to prevent game account transactions. In other words, avoid risk. In addition to fraud, this matter also involves the protection of minors. Because the audience of games is wide, there are people of all ages. Compared with adults, minors lack self-control and are prone to impulsive consumption behavior; and minors usually have no financial resources, if they meet I want to buy from my favorite game account, what can I do? One is saving money, and the second is stealing from parents’ pockets. The ban on account transactions is to avoid risks and to protect minors.

6 months ago

Someone posted a link to the trial video last night, and I went in and watched it with curiosity. Except for the stuttering of the network and some small voices without subtitles, there was no urine in the whole process, which was more exciting than watching a show. Especially the question of the presiding judge and the appearance of the expert. During that time, all kinds of embarrassment rushed to the face, and the three defendant agents almost couldn’t help laughing. Some people say that TX’s arrogance and capitalist nature are revealed here. How can there be such a thing? TX is embarrassed even the camera is facing himself, the experts all sort of sloppy, suspecting that he wants to die, I don’t know if this is a false testimony. It is recommended that the subject of the subject go to the last part of the video. What the two defendant agents said should be able to match. Someone in the comment area posted the video address, although it is station B, the viewing time should be the same

6 months ago

Let me talk about the things that have nothing to do with this first. In the early years, there was a saying that in addition to the convenience of game digitization, another reason is that it can be used to combat the second-hand physical game trading market, such as what cassette CDs. At the same time, digital supervision is not as easy as the entity. You are like the entity. The data in the purchase is fixed. The digital may be temporarily connected to the Internet tonight to change the user agreement inside (some companies have done similar seemingly). It’s just that at that time the second-hand ones were individuals or small retail investors. Nowadays, because of the transaction function of some games, later players can obtain “second-hand” resource equipment from other players at a lower cost. Just like the things mentioned above, the revenue of the game company will definitely be affected. Designing the direct resource pile is over. In the past, you have to buy sky, artifacts, strengthening materials, and time-consuming activities to play normally. Although there will be brainless quick chickens, but for those of us who need time to play games, this does save us a lot of time. . However, this is like a good year and a good harvest for tenants, which is not conducive to the landlord’s absorption of land slaves. Now some game user terms don’t need to be read. You know if the law stipulates this, it’s fine. If there is a regulation, it will definitely not dare to write it. If it is not stipulated, it is definitely the right to interpret it. Otherwise, how can the refund process and account title process be handled in accordance with “all the cents in your account are worthless”, and the People’s Club will refund the membership fee. PS: To put it bluntly, the services obtained by these games Krypton Gold do not stipulate the service time, why, let you think you can “permanently”. If the time is set, it is easy to be said that it is not completely consumed, and people can apply for a refund for the unused part. An old man said that if he doesn’t want to play Shakou, he must fight with game companies or stop playing online games.

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