On April 23, it was learned from a person familiar with the situation that in the early morning of April 22, a second-year boy from Baoguo Road Primary School in Fengjie County, Chongqing City was bitten by a dog fed by a farmer who lives alone while passing through a rural road in Changling Village, Kuimen Street. His neck died after 120 rescue attempts.

After preliminary examination by forensic medicine, the student died of traumatic shock combined with tracheal disconnection. At present, the solitary farmer is under the control of Fengjie police for suspected of causing death by negligence.

This is not a dog’s problem, but a human problem! The murdered dog has been dealt with, and the dog owner must also be brought to justice. The solitary farmer who raises the dog is a frozen food business, and there is a freezer at home, but usually there is only one elderly man in his 70s or 80s at home. The owner has raised three. A dog guards against thieves at home. The dog owner put two Dogo dogs in a vacant house and a simple kennel. During the incident, two vicious dogs rushed out to repeatedly bite an 8-year-old child and died. The dogs are hateful, but the human problem is even more obvious. The crime of homicide caused by negligence in management and death caused by negligence should be convicted, even if there is no precedent before. An 8-year-old boy, even if an adult faced with a strong and fierce Dogo dog, would not necessarily be able to parry him. He was killed alive. The boy’s parents worked in other provinces. His grandfather sent his grandson to school every day. On the day of the incident, his grandfather went back halfway to get a bus. Card, it turned out that such a tragedy happened, how sad the parents who are on the go, and how much the grandfather who was absent for a tragedy caused by the absence of escort should blame himself. Life is a matter of life. I hope that the law will severely punish the dog owner and not allow his negligence to cause the tragedy of the child being bitten to death. I hope that in the future, the dog owners, especially the aggressive dogs, must be tied well to avoid hurting others.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

In fact, I have always felt that the management of dogs can be done in the same way as the car. First, the owner should learn the knowledge and laws and regulations. Only with the feeding certificate can he raise the feeding threshold. After thinking about it, and then raising, and then annual inspection, payment, and centralized vaccinations, it is still 12 points a year. If someone complains that the dog is noisy, does not leash, and does not catch the shit when going out, the points will be deducted. After the 12 points are deducted, the feeding certificate will be deducted. Withdrawal of the re-examination, the dog owner deprived the owner of the right to feed and gave the owner 3 months to re-examine, and the failed dog would be adopted by someone else. Keeping a dog must pay a management fee. If there is no corresponding financial revenue and expenditure, it is easy to implement one size fits all, or a gust of wind. At the same time, abandoning dogs must be punished every year, because once managed, many dog owners will definitely consider the cost of discarding them, causing greater hidden dangers.

5 months ago

Dogs are hateful, but dog owners are more problematic. According to local villagers, the dogs that bit people were very vicious, and a few days before the incident, they killed a big neighbor’s dog. If the dog owner is really interested, after his own dog bites the neighbor’s dog to death, he should have a 12-point spirit and pay more attention to the supervision of the dog. But the result? The death of the neighbor’s dog did not cause the dog owner to pay attention to this aspect. At the time of the incident, a vicious dog rushed out to bite an 8-year-old child, who died of traumatic shock and bronchiectomy. An insider said that this is a freezing business, and there is usually only one elderly man in his 70s who is at home. The dog is raised to guard against thieves. It’s okay to prevent thieves from raising dogs, but if you know that your dog has a bad temper, you should put more effort into supervision, not to mention that there are precedents. This is the negligence of the dog owner’s supervision. It is hard to imagine how big a blow this incident will be to the child’s family, especially the grandfather who is accompanying the child. On the day of the incident, it was Grandpa who sent the child to kindergarten, but because he forgot to bring the bus card, Grandpa chose to let the child go first, go home and pick up the card and then catch up. As a result, a tragedy happened to the child. . I hope that this irresponsible dog owner can be severely punished, and the mouths that say “my dog ​​will not bite” will be shut up. Let them pay an unbearable price to play a fundamental role in warning. With a sigh, the dead rest in peace.

5 months ago

In 2021, a second-year elementary school student was killed by a dog on the way to school. What magic news? The current dog disease is really too serious. There are at least millions of people bitten by dogs in China every year. Regarding dogs, the main contradiction at present is not whether to eat dog meat or not, but how to regulate dog keeping. It involves dog vaccination, walking the dog, leash, dog excrement and noise disturbance, etc. It is hoped that the Animal Epidemic Prevention Law implemented after May 1st can strictly enforce the law on non-standard dog keeping, rather than becoming a display. Compared with the death caused by rabies, this time the dog directly killed the primary school student is really too bad. Regardless of whether it is urban or rural, dog keeping must be regulated. The rabies mortality rate is 100%, and the most effective way to prevent rabies is the vaccine. Rabies vaccines are divided into human use and canine use. The use of rabies vaccine for humans in China has reached 15 million doses per year, which accounts for 80% of the world’s human rabies vaccine production. The longevity biological vaccine fraud case that shocked the country involved rabies vaccine. Why has so many people been vaccinated against rabies in our country? This is because most dog owners in our country do not vaccinate their dogs for rabies, until after the dog bites a person, they will be vaccinated against rabies. Developed countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan regulate the raising of dogs, and they are compulsory to vaccinate dogs against rabies every year. After a dog bites a person, people can basically not be vaccinated against rabies. Take a look at what Mi Di does to prevent rabies. Don’t be good and don’t learn, always talk about dog meat.

5 months ago

Disagree with the crime of negligence causing death. 1. Vicious dogs attack passersby and are not targeted at specific people. The objects and results of the infringement are uncertain beforehand. The object of infringement in this case is not the life of a specific person, but public safety. 2. Vicious dogs have previous convictions, so the dog is subjectively deliberately letting it happen, knowing that it might happen. Therefore, this case can only constitute the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means. Article 115, Paragraph 1 of the Criminal Law stipulates: Those who set fire, burst water, explode, throw toxic, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens and other substances, or use other dangerous methods to cause serious injury or death, or cause major losses to public or private property, shall be sentenced to ten Fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment or death sentence for more than one year.

5 months ago

A primary school student in Chongqing was bitten to death by a dog while he was going to school. The dog owner’s negligence caused death and was brought under control. It is really grief that such a young child was bitten to death by a vicious dog in this way. The dog owner must bear criminal responsibility. Dogs do great damage to our living environment and seriously endanger everyone’s safety. Only by intensifying the punishment of dog lovers can we curb the unhealthy trends of dog raising that are rampant. Dog bites happen frequently, and the owner of the dog should be sentenced to imprisonment or fined to ruin the family. If the punishment for dog owners is too light, it will not serve as a warning, and the tragedy of biting will be repeated repeatedly. If a dog bites or kills a person, the dog owner must be severely punished. In addition to compensation for medical expenses, dogs injured by dogs must compensate for lost work expenses, nutrition expenses, and mental damage expenses. The dog owner must also be sentenced. Many people have the experience of being frightened by dogs countless times when they were young, so more than 95% of netizens hate dogs very much. In fact, the repeated tragedies of evil dogs hurting people have once again proved that the lie of civilized dog breeding has gone bankrupt. Civilized dog keeping is purely a slogan to fool the common people. How many children will be killed? Now the voice calling for the ban on dogs is getting louder and louder. What the masses really want is the prohibition of keeping dogs.

5 months ago

Don’t underestimate the faith of dog lovers, this little thing will not shake them at all. There is an old man near his hometown who likes to raise large dogs, and he has several. Once his mother came to his house-he was out that day-and was directly killed. In fact, the dog usually met his mother, but she didn’t recognize her when she brought a straw hat after finishing the farm work that day. In particular, there is a Tibetan mastiff with a high IQ in the legend that only recognizes one master. It screamed and rushed up, and a group of follow-up dogs rushed up to bite. Domestic dogs do not know how to kill with one blow, and the bite takes a long time. I heard that the old lady’s cry before her death also scared a neighbor into a faint. But this is not the point, the point is the dog owner. This big filial son actually spent a lot of money to buy out the relationship and got out a few dogs that had been taken into custody by the police for humane destruction! ! ! You must know that these gadgets have tasted human flesh, and they may taste it again at any time! Of course he didn’t dare to raise it anymore, after all, it was terrifying. After I got it out, I was also looking for someone to sell it (maybe it was a gift, I forgot specifically) to other families. This boundless love, not for oneself, but for dogs, is really moving~ Understand, real dog fans don’t even care about their mothers, but will they care about passersby and primary school students?

5 months ago

In ancient times, people kept canines for hunting purposes. After all, dogs were tamed wolves and were very aggressive. It can also be said that dogs are a tool of humans, and humans used tools to attack. Other humans should be able to determine that armed fights are armed. It can also be determined that the owner of a dog is raising a dog and is using a tool. Now that a murder has occurred, it can also be determined that the owner needs to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. How can it be? Lost money

5 months ago

I really have to take care of these dog owners! Last Sunday at 9 o’clock in the morning, I just got up and went downstairs to have breakfast. A woman was walking her dog there and holding a rope, but the rope was flexible and relatively long. When I was passing by, the dog rushed up to bite my calf. I thought it was just coming up to sniff the scent, but didn’t react. Fortunately, the pajamas I was wearing were thicker, and the dog was not a large dog, so I was not bitten. .

5 months ago

It is hard to imagine that today in 2021, there will be an event of a dog biting someone to death outside!
This is not a stray dog, or a deep mountain and old forest. It is just a pupil on the way to school. Three vicious dogs can burst out and kill people alive! It is hard to imagine that this child died tragically after experiencing so much pain.
The crime of death caused by the proper negligence of the dog owner is serious and does not need to be washed.

5 months ago

First, ignoring the Virgin Mary group. Second, strictly control stray animals and animals that may hurt people. They should be caught and killed. Third, strictly deal with the owners of stray animals that have ownership. Children who are not sensible cannot be inactive because of this, and parents must be severely punished. In reality, many things are severe light penalties and heavy penalties for small things. Fourth, severe punishment should be imposed on those who cause harm to life, and various publicity should be required, and the punishment results should be posted everywhere to let people know. Rather than simple education, arbitrary punishment, and then the trouble. Let more people know that it is a trivial matter not to take good care of a dog, it is a small matter to die, and that it is a major matter to lose money yourself. People are selfish. If you tell him that dogs can bite, he won’t care. But if you tell him that a dog bites you to lose money, then he will take it seriously.

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