On April 24, the New York Times published a long article jointly written by four reporters describing the situation of crematoriums, hospitals, and patients’ families in India. It pointed out that India’s deaths from the new crown were neglected or underreported, which led to the Indian epidemic. The death toll is underestimated.

Experts from the University of Michigan said that “this is a complete data carnage,” and believes that the true number of deaths is 2 to 5 times the reported number. The family of the deceased was angry and shocked, accusing the hospital and the government of colluding to conceal the true number of deaths, an organized crime.

Even so, the number of new cases notified by India has exceeded 300,000 in a row, constantly breaking the global record. In large crematoriums, “bright orange flames illuminate the night sky, burning indefinitely 24 hours a day, like a factory that never shuts down.”

India is now adding more than 300,000 new people every day, and the positive rate of testing is 20%, indicating that the testing efforts are not strong. Generally, the normal level of positive test rate is about 5%, even if it exceeds 10%, it is very high, and it is 20% in India. Therefore, India’s confirmed diagnosis data is underestimated, and the death data must be underestimated. When the number of confirmed cases of the new crown in India exceeded 10 million last year, the deadly fungal disease spread in India and most of the patients recovered from the new crown. I remember that when the new crown virus first started, many people ridiculed that the new crown virus came to India as the younger brother. The reason is that India has a lot of germs due to its low level of economic development and poor environmental sanitation. This is reasonable. Take, for example, the deadly fungus reported in the news last year. The fungus is Mucor, but the news did not specify which type it was. There are many types of mucor and they are not uncommon. They are ubiquitous in the environment. Some are conditional pathogens. Normal people are generally fine, but when people have poor resistance to illness, they are susceptible to infection. Due to the low level of economic development in India, the lack of public health facilities such as toilets, and the poor environmental sanitation conditions, the immunity of people infected with the new crown is reduced during the course of the disease, which provides an opportunity for the invasion of mucor in the environment. Therefore, it is not surprising that most of the patients with mucormycosis in India are recovered from the new crown. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the real data of India’s death due to the new crown. This is not easy to figure out.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The New York Times is afraid that India will make secret progress. Suddenly, when the real data is announced one day, it will exceed the number of confirmed diagnoses in the United States. It will be troublesome to leave the world number one. The lighthouse country cannot lose the number one at any time. Losing the number one is very shameless. So the New York Times is warning India not to make progress secretly and not to conspiracy. The terrible speed of India I remember the last time I posted a video of an Indian biological chariot. Many people didn’t even understand it. You have to carefully taste this. Now we don’t criticize India much, but take the initiative to lend a helping hand out of a humanitarian spirit, very sincere, but the brain circuits of the Indian government officials are indeed slow. They can run to England anyway, and the fate of the people in the slums does not seem to be their business. The problem graph is like hell, so I won’t describe it here. Comparing India and Vietnam, the gap has been widened. India can carry out reforms in accordance with the Vietnamese system. It may be a little bit superficial, so let’s not compare it to us. The gap is too big.

6 months ago

In a hurry. Not India is anxious, but the United States is anxious. In the current global strategic vision of the United States, India is an important pawn to contain China. It is best for these Indian scumbags to be killed on the front line of the “anti-China” so that the Americans have material for a big propaganda war. It’s a pity that the Indians are fooling around. It’s an election rally, and it’s a big pot festival, and they even swollen faces and fills up fat to export vaccines abroad. Well, the cannon fodder prepared for the Chinese bomb is now lying on the hospital bed and pumping, or simply stopping on the corpse pile waiting to see the Lord Shiva. Although cannon fodder is not valuable, it can’t be wasted like this! From a macro perspective, India is likely to completely lose its strategic significance in helping the United States fight China because of the outbreak. Do you let him continue to do things on the Sino-Indian border and conduct military exercises in the Indian Ocean? I’m afraid it’s choking. When Songzi was alive, he shouted to print every day. Now India retreats without fighting and destroys itself without attacking. Wouldn’t it be beautiful. China has publicly expressed its willingness to assist India, but most likely it is just a statement. I would rather die than eat Zhou Su. I believe the Indians can do it. It’s just that if you don’t eat Zhou Su, you will really starve to death, which is also a historical and biological necessity. The outbreak of the epidemic can plunge the import into long-term economic chaos, and all parties have to temporarily withdraw their capital to protect themselves, which will severely damage India’s normal development. I have no sympathy for the tragedy that is happening in India. I can only try not to laugh.

6 months ago

It means that cow urine doesn’t work, oh no, it’s not enough. Since the new crown, it’s really an eye-opener. To be honest, in India this kind of direct operation in the open air, on the riverside, on the street, everyone erects wood and self-service burns the corpse, even if I have a brain hole Think of drops. Because the cemetery is tight, the government also said that each family can bury the body in their own backyard, and I can only express the clothes in capital letters. The death rate of the new crown in India has been criticized for a long time. Regarding its medical conditions, it has been maintained at more than 1% for a long time. This time even the crematorium was penetrated. The daily death rate announced by India is still 1% of the daily infection rate. Who will believe it? Therefore, I think the New York Times estimate is still conservative. Under the dual blessing of triple mutant virus and medical breakdown, it is normal for the fatality rate to be between 5-10%. However, with Indian testing methods, the number of infections per day is announced. 300,000. Actually, it is not enough to double it. Even if 600,000 is good, the lower limit of 5% will be at least 30,000 per day, which is more than ten times the daily death toll announced by India. How to do? A wave in the wave. After drying this bowl of Ganges water, you will be a Brahman in the next life.

6 months ago

Regardless of the position of the New York Times, the number of deaths in India is indeed underreported. A few days ago, an oxygen leak occurred in a hospital in India, which led to the death of more than 20 new crown patients due to hypoxia. You should be aware of the incident, but what everyone does not know is that the last cause of death of these more than 20 new crown patients was written as hypoxia. death. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The causes of death of patients with new crowns in hospitals are mostly described as: hypoxic death and sudden cardiac death. This is not over yet. After a batch of patients are screened out in the hospital, they will be screened again by the staff at the crematorium. The crematorium is simpler and more rude, and the cause of death is directly recorded as a “disease.” Therefore, after a few rounds of screening, the number finally reported is definitely inaccurate. Nowadays, Indian crematoriums are constantly working, and the metal parts on gas stoves and wood stoves have melted. Some crematoriums even run out of fuel, requiring family members to bring their own firewood for cremation. Now, in Indian parks, along the streets, and along the banks of the Ganges, there are fires and pits for corpses. However, even if the epidemic is so severe, India is still as hard as ever. On April 22, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin stated that China is willing to provide necessary support and assistance to India to control the epidemic. However, India responded very aggressively: China is not within the range of countries that India seeks to import oxygen, and the current sources of potential imports that India can identify are mainly the Gulf countries and Singapore. It can only be said that India does not have the life of the lighthouse country, and it has indeed suffered from the disease of the lighthouse country.

6 months ago

United States: You concealed data! India: Why do you say that? United States: Nonsense, we are too familiar with this set of things. The United States, if you want to question others, must be what you have done. Now India has jumped out to help American politicians share the pressure and divert the attention of the United States. Encircling India to save the United States in reality​. The two super-diseased powers are boasting each other. Lao Mei’s current performance is anthropomorphic like Star Master’s Tang Bohu who points to Qiuxiang. After Qiuxiang is beaten as a pig head by a deadly scholar, Sister Pomegranate rushes out and shouts: Finally someone is uglier than me. If I see this occasionally This kind of news, I have forgotten that the foreign epidemic is still raging, thank my motherland, she has protected us all​

6 months ago

It is reasonable for the US media to reverse the actual death data in India based on the burning of corpses in the crematorium. The inaccurate data on the epidemic situation in India is unambiguous, as can be seen from the curve of the number of confirmed cases in India. It is impossible for the virus to change the natural law of virus transmission just because it arrived in India. Not only India, but the United States’ own statistics are also inaccurate. The new crown virus in the United States automatically reduces its own number of infections at the weekend, which is to treat others as blind. As a counterfeiting expert, the U.S. media is naturally aware of this little trick in India. Seeing that India is concealing data, it must feel as cordial as returning home. But there is one thing I think the New York Times is wrong. The real number may be more than 2 to 5 times the official number. According to official statistics, the death toll is more than 2,600, twice as 5200, and 5 times as 13,000. But according to India’s natural mortality rate of 0.728% in 2018, about 26,000 people die naturally in India every day. The 50% increase in death toll can really make the crematorium completely unable to cope with it? According to reports, a large number of dead bodies were burned in the open in India, resulting in insufficient firewood. In my opinion, the actual figure is at least 5 times the official figure, or even 10 times. what does that mean? Of course, it means that India has killed the United States and has officially become the spokesperson of the new crown virus in the world, and has become a handle.

6 months ago

There are more than 580,000 deaths in the U.S. and more than 190,000 in India. If India’s true death toll is two to five times the reported number, it means that it is very likely to surpass the United States. Second bad. This is a major spiritual “victory” for the United States. Yes, they are like old bustards with a distorted heart. On the one hand, they have low morals and hate others to despise her. On the other hand, they have to continue to be low for their livelihood. She scolds you for possible There are three possibilities. One, she is really bad, but she must find someone worse than her, so that she feels better. Second, others are not bad, but if they want to pull you into the water, they will not hesitate to fabricate them out of thin air. She just wanted to say that there is no good person in the world, it is a virtue. Third, continue to confuse her with him, not to mention, if any country wants to jump out of the thief ship and leave her, she must expose the old bottom. So don’t applaud her, the dark psychology behaves differently in different situations.

6 months ago

The New York Times will not simply talk about other countries’ affairs. Nosy is still purposeful, because it needs to divide the traffic. So what is the purpose of this? The Sino-Indian boundary issue was that Wang Wang was in power at that time, and Modi and Wang Wang were also arrogant to each other. Now the Sleeping King is in power, and the New York Times is a Democratic Party. Of course, it supports the Sleeping King’s position against understanding Wang, and then it also opposes Modi, or the opposition party that supports the Modi government. Modi’s previous attitude towards the new crown was basically the same as that of the Wang Wang team at the beginning. Therefore, it is foreseeable that Modi will step down sooner or later during the Sleeping King’s tenure, and then the Democratic Party will support another government to come to power.

6 months ago

You think that the Xinxiang Times is for this and that purpose, and some friends even think it is for the so-called Indo-Pacific strategy of the United States. I want to say that everyone thinks too much, and media like Xinxiang Times is not so aggressive. It’s just using their traditional arts to spread rumors to discredit others. I don’t wear pants and even satirize other people’s exposure in shorts. Their purpose is also very simple, so that ordinary Americans have a look. The fellow villagers see that India is much more serious than ours, and they are the most lax countries in the world. This lighthouse country is actually so promising now, thinking about solving its own problems all day long, it will only shift the contradictions and become worse. In fact, I don’t want to use the word “Birth”, because these two words are the same as public knowledge. They have been made stinky by the publicly known leading party groups. Now their spiritual motherland is gone, they will all day long. Saying that China is worse than them, I have to patiently ask them every time that my 100-point excellent students hand in blank papers with you and even smear the papers to make the teacher judge the negative points. The students are worse than the students. Are you qualified? Pull it far, pull it far. Let’s just talk about the current situation of the lighthouse country. It really makes his spiritual people want to blow it. The situation in India is so severe, so many people have died, and the handling of their bodies has become a huge problem. It stands to reason that as a self-styled beacon, the United States should help India. I can’t help but sigh. A few years ago, a group of public informants led by a certain history teacher were still obsessed with the United States’ airdrop of supplies to West Berlin decades ago. How did America become like this now? This is forgotten that when we were wooing people a while ago, it was necessary to provide vaccines and to increase economic and military cooperation? It’s nothing more than your US treachery. After all, your US is such a virtue, but your media verbal criticism and trying to use India as a bad example of the epidemic in order to transfer your own taint is really not justified. In addition, India can have a snack. At least the United States can coordinate some supplies and vaccines for the Five Eyes countries. Even AstraZeneca does not have your share of the cerebral thrombosis vaccine. What kind of green onion are you India? You still want to go with the United States and hold the American thighs. The Americans still wondered: You are a disgusting Chinese tool. How can you dare to make friends with me, the lighthouse of mankind and the city of America on the top of the mountain? I don’t know if India is angry, I am angry anyway. India, you have to be stunned!

6 months ago

The US media is now using this to talk about things, not necessarily because it is not pleasing to the eyes of India, but it must be because of Modi. After all, he has been close to Trump, and his ruling line and ideology are inconsistent with Biden’s tune. As for the concealment, it is not only now. I saw a piece of news when the epidemic situation in India last year just raised its head: The contact information of thousands of confirmed patients in a certain state in India has been lost. How many of these people died? How many people have been infected? no one knows.

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