According to a CCTV financial report, the reporter found during a visit in Shenzhen that the price of shared charging treasures of major brands is basically 3 yuan/hour. In some special occasions, such as high-end restaurants and bars, the price rises to 6 yuan/hour. The shared power bank initially entered the market at a low price, and its price gradually increased after consumers formed their habits. Although the price has risen, it has become more difficult for shared power bank companies to make money. Relevant data shows that the growth rate of shared power bank users has declined year by year, and it has become more difficult to acquire new users. The industry has gradually entered the stage of stock competition from incremental competition. In the context of continuous compression of profitability, shared power bank companies have also started new businesses. At the beginning of this year, Monster Charging launched a new brand of liquor, which is currently on sale online and offline simultaneously. Not only monster charging, but all power bank companies are not satisfied with a single business. They have extended their company positioning from a “shared power bank company” to a “technology consumer company”, using the consumption data and positioning data accumulated in the backend to tap new users. demand.

In fact, this is the case. Shared power banks want to understand their target users, so they dare to increase the price. Who are his target users? Is it an occasional accident, and the battery is about to run out of people who need to recharge it urgently? No, that’s just a few people. I often travel for a year and there are not a few accidents that need emergency charging. What’s more, the charging speed of your shared power bank is not good. Who can’t let me resurrect immediately? Who is that? Is there a group of people who basically need to charge their mobile phones every day? Before the evening, everyone will go out to eat, build a group or go shopping on weekends, etc. Under normal circumstances, you always need to charge. Don’t care about the relatively high price line of shared power banks. Is there such a user group? There are indeed iPhone users


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6 months ago

Is there any mobile phone that can be charged from zero to full by sharing the poor battery capacity of the power bank (the battery capacity of the power bank cannot exceed 5000mAh, and it can only charge about 3000mAh after calculating the charging boost loss)? Oh, it seems that there is really only one brand, and its mobile phone battery capacity is in this range. It’s that, that, that brand whose users are often acquainted by various big data because of their price insensitivity. So when you find that your service can no longer satisfy the user experience of price-sensitive users (their mobile phone battery capacity is too large! The concubines are really dissatisfied) and can only serve users who are not price-sensitive, you will How to do it? Know that you have only price-insensitive users. The first purpose of business is to make profit. Investors are pulling the whip to make profit. Employees’ salaries are paid monthly, and venue rental fees increase year by year. Don’t be a charity. People also have their own wives and sons. To be raised. Don’t you increase the price?

6 months ago

Hi, people who visit high-end restaurants and bars care about the power bank for 6 yuan an hour? Brothers who don’t know how! If you are drunk, or are playing happily, when the battery is out, sweep! Next, the next step, the price will not look at all, okay? What do these people care about? If I go out for a while or have a drink, I have to bring a power bank with me online or something. It’s okay for women, but men who don’t have the habit of backpacking, so I have to carry it all the time? Pattern brother! As for the difficulty of making money, it may really be not because of pricing, but because of Apple’s space being squeezed… I have seen Androids with my own eyes. I don’t know what mobile phones are, and it is full in 10 minutes! Do you think he can make money these 10 minutes? I rushed for half an hour, and found that the power bank was full, and the next day I thought about it, I was bombed…so Apple has less space, so this thing is not easy to make money, you can’t 5 6 yuan per minute…

6 months ago

None of the existing answers talk about the point…why the price increase is not profitable, because the share to the merchants is too high. This is the industry’s low barriers. The core of this industry is to grab a spot, that is, to put the machine in For restaurants, movie theaters and other scenes, this is to be divided into merchants. For example, 50% is divided into 6 yuan for a single 6 yuan, and 3 yuan for the business that puts the power bank, and even some businesses with strong voice will have to enter the market again. Due to the fiercer competition, the proportion of the share to the merchants is getting higher and higher. In the early years, the proportion was only 30%. Now, especially the share of a beast to the merchant is more than 60-70%, and the cost of the power bank is also That, including the depreciation personnel, etc., only dividing the 30% of the income is basically a break-even (also depends on the efficiency of the supply chain personnel), then it can only make money in the early stage of the price increase and there are no barriers-many industry participants —-Everyone raises the share ratio to grab a spot—-The share ratio is too high, and their profitability decreases. The price increase on the c-side is just such a logic. When the price increase greatly affects the order volume, it is small When the manufacturer can’t handle it, the pattern will change, but once the profitability increases, new operators will appear. So, it is also a messy industry that will have a head out, such as a certain animal. But it’s hard to kill all opponents completely

6 months ago

Not long ago, the first domestic shared charging treasure, Monster Charging, was listed on NASDAQ. Take a look at its prospectus to understand why such a price increase is difficult to make money. There was a sharp drop in the listing (picture from Zunjia Financial APP) 1. The entrance fee and commission cost are increasing. In 2019, the “entry fee” paid by Monster Charging to partners was only 106 million yuan. By 2020, this number has risen to 380 million yuan, 3.6 times the previous year, which shows that the company’s fixed costs for developing new cabinets are increasing rapidly. Overall, the admission fee of Monster Charger in 2020 has increased by as much as 260%, and the commission has also increased by 45.5%. 2. The rapid growth of marketing expenses. On the one hand, the homogeneity of products is serious. There is basically no threshold for this thing, and there is no customer stickiness. Basically, it is used with a power bank, so the customer stickiness caused is almost zero. It is necessary to continuously invest in advertising to strengthen its own brand; on the other hand, Monster Charging does not have its own traffic portal, and is currently embedded in WeChat, which is invisibly stuck in the neck of the cash portal. 3. The single profit model returns to the old-fashioned business income structure. If Monster Charging only relies on the charging income business (currently operating income accounts for 96.5%), then the ceiling of performance growth is expected to appear soon. After several years of development, the shared power bank can still only rely on the leasing model itself to make money. It is very troublesome to not find more value increments. Without a new cause for capital to realize that you can make money, you will soon be unable to make money. Yes, the capital won’t give you money anymore. So, not long ago, Monster Charging began to sell liquor, but unfortunately there was no response. Moreover, in the case of a year-on-year increase in revenue in 2020, the net profit of Monster Charging has fallen by 55%, and the net interest rate has also fallen from 8.2% in 2019 to 2.7% in 2020. This is based on the repeated increase in the past two years. Based on the price, it can be seen that the competitive pressure it faces is becoming greater. 4. The growth rate of user scale declines According to iResearch’s data, from 2017 to 2020, the total user scale of shared power banks has shown an upward trend, from 80 million in 2017 to 290 million in 2020, but the growth rate is But it has continued to slow down, the annual growth rate has dropped from 104.9% to 56.3%, and then to 15.6%. Of course, users don’t care so much. As an ordinary person, just charge a battery outside, and the price keeps rising. It costs 3 yuan to charge for an hour, and even 10 yuan during peak periods. It is good if you don’t scold your mother. Regardless of the reason, in the end the money fell on the consumers. Who could be happy when thinking of being treated as a leek? Think about it this way, if the price is raised, it will be finished, and if it is not, it will be finished. I hope that shared charging treasure companies can quickly find the next new story or profit point. After all, there used to be such an agreement: more content, welcome to pay attention to Zunjia Finance, Hong Kong and US A shares 0 commission ~ risk warning: the content in the article has its own specific position, investment is risky, and trading needs to be cautious. Zunjia strives but cannot guarantee that the above content is completely accurate and reliable, and does not assume any responsibility for the profit or loss arising from the operation of relying on or using third-party information.

6 months ago

Pretending to thank you for your personal guess, on the one hand, the charging speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. Almost all consumer entertainment places such as milk tea shops, supermarkets and supermarkets will have charging sockets. Therefore, the power consumption after going out and having fun increases, but their mobile phones can Get replenished quickly. In addition, those who gather in the milk tea shop to fight the king and the users who eat chicken are the main users of this type of shared power bank. After all, you can’t get through 10 games with enough battery, especially on rare weekends. You must not relax and drink milk tea. , The last minute. On the other hand, it may be the influence of users like me… One treasure is two uses, no longer have to worry about your girlfriend and you rushing to charge.

6 months ago

Shared charging treasure was born in the “sharing” outlet. In 2014, Calli-Dian Technology became the first shared charging treasure company to eat crabs. After a round of reshuffles under the influence of capital, players have formed the current “three powers and one beast” ( Incoming call, street power, small battery, monster charging) + Meituan format. On April 1, after being listed on the US market, Monster Charging officially emerged from the “three powers and one beast” melee and became the “first share of charging treasures.” Monster charging market share ranks first in 2020. There are more than 664,000 POIs (points of interest) nationwide, and more than 5 million mobile power banks are charged by Monster. It has become the largest shared charging operator in China. However, the cruel thing is that a small power bank plus the word “share” is still a pseudo-demand after all. Shared charging that can’t tell a good story can hardly support the expectations of the capital market. The single revenue model sharing economy has always been a traffic business. The current industry structure has gradually stabilized, and it is difficult for various manufacturers to make breakthroughs in traffic. As far as the current model of Monster Charging is concerned, it is necessary to continue to burn money for marketing to increase customer growth, and the industry’s marketing expenses continue to rise under the fierce competition of three powers and one beast. Take the admission fee for a power bank in 2019 as an example. It was 106 million yuan at the time. By 2020, it has nearly tripled to 380 million yuan. Marketing drove an increase in scale, which led to an increase in revenue, but the high admission fee also diluted profits. Monster Charging’s net profit did not increase but declined, down 54.74%. On the one hand, the growth of industry users is about to peak. According to the iiMedia Consulting Report, the total number of shared power bank users in 2017 was 80 million, and this number will become 290 million by 2020. But now the market is becoming saturated, user growth is beginning to slow down, and fewer and fewer people use shared charging. Price increases will only make this situation worse. On the other hand, in the business of shared charging, no one can escape the problem of a single profit model, and Monster Charging is no exception. The prospectus shows that Monster Charging relies on mobile device charging and power bank sales to make money. Last year, Monster Charging’s revenue from these two businesses accounted for 96.5% and 2.8%, respectively. From the perspective of the revenue structure, it is difficult to have other options for sharing power banks to increase revenue in the short term except for price increases. This has also caused the phenomenon of “invariably” price increases of power banks on the market overnight. This type of price increase of leeks has caused serious dissatisfaction among users. Not only did they frequently search on Weibo and were criticized by name, but more than 7000 black cat complaints were all about monster charging. On the one hand, increasing revenue through price increases, and on the other hand, through continuous expansion to form economies of scale to reduce costs. Such a business model is not a sustainable business path, but it is the only choice for power bank companies. After Monster Charging goes public, whether it can find a sustainable profit path is the key to keeping it from being delisted. The price increase has narrowed one’s own way. Some insiders pointed out that the original business model of shared charging treasures was not to make money by cutting leeks through price increases, but to use shared charging business as the traffic entrance, and occupy the line like Meituan. The resources of merchants can be used to expand new retail business with more imaginative full-scenarios. But the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny. It was expected to become the next shared charging treasure of Meituan. It did not bring the expected traffic port, but became a simple and rude rental charging platform. Moreover, with the continuous upgrading of battery technology, people’s demand for power banks is bound to be different from the past. In this case, the price of shared power banks will increase, which will inevitably cause users to reduce the number of uses or choose to bring their own power banks. Shared power banks may gradually lose their brilliance in the future, being hidden in small corners and becoming a niche industry. As mentioned above, sharing power banks is not a profitable business. The single monetization model is the most painful point. With the current products of mobile phone manufacturers, battery life is getting better and faster, and the charging speed is getting faster and faster, and the just need is gradually weakening. The price increase this time can only be said to be for the short-term performance of the listing, but the steps are a bit big. The monetization model of rent + advertising is single. While revenue is increasing, profits are declining. It also shows that the user viscosity is declining. He feels that the price increase of shared power banks is stimulating. Regardless of whether it is charging monsters that are already on the market or other players, they must think of a new mode, otherwise it will be the next ofo. IResearch pointed out in the “Research Report on Shared Power Bank Industry in 2020” that the increasing popularity of fast charging technology will greatly reduce the demand for shared power banks. With the development of many battery technologies such as graphene batteries, wireless charging, and fast charging, the dividend period for shared power banks will not be long. Power banks do not have a good imagination. Any product has a certain price ceiling. Increasing prices can solve the profit problem in the short term, but it is not a long-term solution. What is more important is to optimize the revenue structure and find a new growth point that suits you before the dividend period fades. Monster Charging wants to rely solely on mobile power sales to support the imagination of investors. I am afraid that it is treating capital as a fool. Moreover, the capital is not stupid. Monster Charging has not yet entered the unicorn level in terms of valuation, and its imagination is limited. So the question is, what is the imagination of sharing power banks? Putting on the cloak of the “sharing economy”, it is bound to come up with some new tricks of the sharing economy, but from the monster’s financial report, some are still relying on the traditional model of marketing-driven and rental income, and there is no new trick. Moreover, the value of traffic generated by the scale of 219 million users is far from being fully reflected. Therefore, in the shared power bank industry that is generally profitable, expanding in scale, and sprinting for IPO, the continuous good news does not mean that the story tells a good story. According to iResearch Consulting’s forecast, 2 China’s shared charging market is expected to grow to RMB 106.3 billion by 2028, and the accumulated registered users of Monster Charging are 149.1 million and 219.4 million respectively. How can these traffic be better monetized? It is a story that can be told. Charging business is currently the main monetization method. However, only relying on the price of the charging business to ensure growth, the revenue model is too simple to form a long-term sustainable business closed loop. Therefore, what companies need to consider is how to increase revenue diversification. Beyond its main business, Monster Charging has quietly opened up a new retail battlefield. At the beginning of this year, Kaihuan, a cutting-edge liquor brand that was incubated internally by Monster Charging, is currently on sale online and offline simultaneously. Monster Charging takes Kaihuan Baijiu as its second growth curve attempt. It is not only the confidence given to them by nearly 600,000 outlets and more than 200 million users, but also based on their needs. The liquor market is a trillion-dollar market, with a high gross profit rate, which allows companies to have more bullets to promote branding, sustainable development, and single liquor products can be “exploded”, turning a product into a hero product, so monsters charge Choose white wine. The advantage of the monster is that it has enough offline resources, which may be a bargaining chip for Kaihuan Baijiu to open the situation quickly. However, it is worth noting that on traditional e-commerce platforms, judging from the sales data of Tmall stores that open Huanjiu, it seems that there are not enough consumers to pay for the baijiu charged by the monster. In addition to selling alcohol on a part-time basis, Monster Charging also hooks up with The specific manifestation is that’s charging service will log in to the app. In the future, there will be scenarios where Eleme’s delivery staff will come to “receive the power bank”. After all, who needs a power bank at home? Of course, the ambition of Monster Charging is still great. The ambitious plan uses a large number of users and merchants to create a strong network ecology, and is committed to becoming a technology + new retail company. The shared power bank model like Monster Charging is more like a new retail consumption network link, forming a closed loop that gathers consumers and merchants, but whether it can become a good story or not, time will prove. The giants end, hunting the monsters is when the monsters are actively preparing to cross the boundary, the giants have already crossed the boundary. In May 2020, Meituan restarted the shared power bank project and launched it on a large scale. The original “three powers and one beast” pattern became “three powers and one beast” and Meituan. The giants want to eat cake again, making the competition even more fierce. The fate of the giants, on the one hand, proves that the shared power bank industry has been on the right track and has not lost its potential due to the ebb of the sharing economy; on the other hand, it also shows that although the shared power bank industry seems to have no threshold, it is no longer a small one. The market where players can get involved at will, the industry pattern is difficult to shake. The third entry of Meituan may be an important reason for promoting the listing of Monster Charging. Meituan restarted its shared charging business last year, and gave merchants more room to choose in terms of sharing methods. Meituan, which has failed to enter the game twice, seems more confident this time. Internet giants entering the game to harvest has become a common phenomenon in all walks of life. Once Meituan uses its local life ecology to increase the penetration of its own shared power bank, or uses its volume advantage to fight a price war, it will come to other shared power bank companies such as Monster Charging. Said to be a great threat. Before Meituan had a firm foothold and the monsters were still the top players, the monster charging team with Ali took the lead in listing. Wearing the first aura of shared charging on the head, let the monster charging to a large extent create a good momentum. However, the market position cannot be stabilized by reputation alone. It is still necessary to increase the confidence of investors in the business field. If there is no new story to tell after the listing, facing a stock price break may be just the beginning. The listing of Monster Charging is just the beginning of the reshuffle of the shared charging treasure industry.

6 months ago

This is the essential difference between monopoly and price alliance. If a shared power bank platform monopolizes the bargaining power, it will naturally have stronger bargaining power not only for users, but also for suppliers who can buy power banks at lower prices. Advertising, etc., to further expand the profit space, without frequent price increases, can also have sufficient cash flow, and even further suppress the power bank retail store, so that users do not need to share the power bank. If you want to buy one by yourself, it is more expensive than it is now, but the price alliance obviously can’t do it. This is the meaning of the anti-monopoly law. Simple and rude Internet thinking is not easy to use.

6 months ago

Sharing economy, it’s not good to say it, from the state-supported wool to self-reliance, nothing more than that, without exception. The sharing economy is an idealized economic model. PPT is both environmentally friendly and beneficial to the people, and it looks like it cannot be more beautiful. However, when placed in reality, it is a tomb of shared bicycles, piles of scrap iron of shared cars. It took only five years for the sharing economy to sprout from the initial germination to the current decline. (Mobike was launched in April 2016. Although the shared bicycles appeared earlier, Mobike should be the pioneer of the Internet sharing economy. ). Hangzhou, one of the most active cities in internet finance, has witnessed how many internet financial miracles and the collapse of the tower of miracles. The sharing economy, to put it bluntly, is to rely on investors to invest a start-up capital, and then use a wave of local government policy dividends to pan for the first pot of gold. As for whether it can be bigger, it’s up to fate. Mobike sold, ofo fell. Shared battery cars that used to be full of streets are now rare, and shared electric cars that were very common are now in recycling stations. Shared products that should be environmentally friendly and benefit the people have become the biggest waste of resources in some respects. And the existing shared products, without exception, have become the drainage tools of various Internet giants. For example, Mobike was acquired by Meituan. If you want to ride a bike, you must install Meituan. Therefore, Mobike has become one of the active guarantees for Meituan users. Other shared products are in fact unmatched. Ofo’s transformation into an advertising App after bankruptcy is a pioneer. Going back to the shared power bank, its supply chain, and its maintenance cost, in fact, have not been low. These costs were originally paid by the investors. When the investors gave up the loss-making transaction, the power bank company could only choose to be self-reliant. In the way of self-reliance, in addition to advertising on materials, all that is left is to increase the price of use. From the free and low fees in the early days, to the current 3 yuan era, the most unbearable ones are actually those woolly wool parties. Are you a performer in the arena? Those who favor the market are gone. In fact, there are very few who favor the money market. Therefore, the sharing economy, which originally seemed to be booming, is now even more withered. I personally believe that the sharing economy is indeed beneficial to the people and environmentally friendly. It is only in the early stages of development. It grows as barbarously as other Internet economies. A large number of speculators in the middle set up projects to cash out in the name of the sharing economy. For example, it’s completely free for a period of time, etc.), although it seems to be booming, but it’s just checking the data and fooling the investors. After investors’ minds cool down and withdraw their capital, the original speculators quickly stopped their losses, and the remaining market environment is only a piece of chicken feathers. Those who really want to do things are faced with an environment messed up by speculators. If the sharing economy did not have so much unhealthy competition at the beginning, and everyone was accustomed to paying for the sharing economy like buying tickets in a car, maybe it would not be what it is today.

6 months ago

The shared power bank did not think about profiting from rent at the beginning, otherwise it would not build such a high operating cost. Like other Internet projects that “wool out of pigs”, I imagined finding new profit points with the increase of user data and cash flow, but obviously all attempts to find new profit points failed. Among them, there must be a large number of operations such as “distributing costs to create profit illusions, data falsification to prove that the rent model can be profitable”, and finally the scam is exposed (of course, most wealthy people also know that it is a scam), slowly waiting to die, many Internet projects, including the previous Very popular community group purchases have more or less of the above operations.

6 months ago

Has been unable to meet user needs. In the era of the outbreak of shared power banks, mobile phone chip manufacturing processes were backward, power consumption was fast, and battery capacity was small. Only the flagship had fast charging. The remaining majority of 5V2A, and lower power. Now 2021.4 soc has advanced manufacturing process and low power consumption. The battery capacity is generally more than 4000mah. Thousand yuan machine also has 22.5/30w fast charging. 18w is outdated, not to mention many shared power banks. In order to extend the user’s use time and reduce the charging current, even 5V2A is available. Can’t satisfy, the price is still expensive. It is better to put one in your own bag. If the shared charging industry wants to save itself, quickly transform, purchase high-power chargers from various mobile phone brands, and build shared charging stations

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