Recently, I was bored and watched the variety show “It’s just a teenager”, and I was fancied by Wang Junkai’s face value circle. I feel that he looks so good. The many angles of the show in the show made me feel amazing! It felt like it was so earthy before, why did it suddenly become so good-looking? Is it long open? Hahahaha

Is it possible that I am the only one who is Yan Fan, when he first debuted~ I think it is very clean, not very good-looking, just very clean. Later, the longer and more open~ It really looks better, the more pictures I can’t control over the past eight years~ Happy~ I don’t think he is the most handsome and screaming kind of peerless. Fenghua, he only talks about looks, it is the upper-middle kind (I have very high requirements for appearance, for example, Mr. Hu Ge~ I think he is also upper-middle~ Mr. Guo Fucheng~ Mr. Su Youpeng~ Mr. Jincheng Takeshi ~ My face was very handsome when I was young, but it didn’t make me scream~ I seem to be a bit too much) There are many small and subtle flaws~ But he is too clean~ That kind of sunny youth really makes my whole person Occupied~ I think it’s really not easy for him to be so clean in the eight years since his debut~ We all know what he has experienced~ It’s really enviable that he can maintain such a clean and youthful feeling~ The soaring may really be. Because he continues to grow and learn, all aspects, including collocation, fashion sense and a sense of security belonging to a man, with his unique clear youthful sense are really the reasons for his soaring appearance. Ah ah~ Come on, Mr. Wang and fly~ I look forward to Mr. Wang looking more handsome in a few years!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Laxatives, I think, some people still have the impression of him when they first debuted a few years ago. At that time, it was really a bit earthy. The company didn’t have any money. The MV for the MV was all Taobao’s dozens of explosive models. It happened to be the theme song of the youth, and many people were surprised. When did Wang Junkai sing so nicely, in fact, he really grew up, worked hard, and did not disappoint his fans at all, and his conditions are really superior. I It’s the kind of dog, maybe it’s also a filter. I don’t think the entertainment industry is more to my heart than his face, and there are handsome ones, but I don’t feel like him. I love youthfulness, youthfulness yyds

5 months ago

Sister, Wang Junkai’s appearance is actually always online, but you just got it now. Maybe in your heart Wang Junkai has always been the little boy singing “Left hand and right hand a slow motion”, but he is actually 21 years old. The adult Wang Junkai must have better makeup and hair than when he was a child. Wang Junkai in “It Happens to Be a Boy” is actually thin, and he has lost a lot of weight in order to film. Wang Junkai of normal figure will look better. Hey, I really won’t praise his looks. In a word, Wang Junkai is handsome and clear.

5 months ago

Wang Junkai has always had a lot of fans. When he was a child, he was abducted by company employees to learn singing and dancing because of his good looks. In the early days, fans voted for the trainees in the company. Among a bunch of children, he got the most votes for his debut. Kind. Now that he has grown up, the tone of his speech can sometimes be very suspicious. His expression is the kind of handsome with a little innocent childishness, his mother’s favorite, and the expressionless is the kind of alienated and melancholy handsome, the favorite of female fans. There is no need for filters in “It’s Just a Boy”, and the clean shots and animations are more intuitive.

5 months ago

Answer the questions of the next subject seriously. Before Douban, there was a 14-year post “How far are the three ugly dolls”. What is the magic of this post? 1. The existence of time god, from 14 to 20 years, countless fans failed to report. 2. The amount of replies is amazing, ranging from top posts every month, to top posts every week, depending on the frequency of fan battles. 3. The out-of-lap range is magical. Starting from Douban’s largest entertainment group, it has swept almost every group in the past 7 years. That Wang Junkai is an ugly baby, this view, at least in the minds of certain people, has been qualitative, and all kinds of black p-pictures in the whole network are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, if they are not ugly, they will become ugly. And when was the filming of “It’s a Boy”? After “Broken Bridge” was completed, it was the literary film directed by Li Yu, who lost weight and was in a depressed mood for a long time. Some people say that they will not recognize Wang Junkai when they see Meng Chao. He is impure and wild. Maybe, Wang Junkai is not as straightforward as the handsome before, with a little shadow of his own role, “It just happens to be a teenager” has not yet fully come out. During that time, Wang Junkai was dark and thin, and looked like this.

5 months ago

The subject probably stayed in his childhood and didn’t pay much attention to it. Everything originated from Broken Bridge! ! ! He looked good when he was a child, because he used to have a normal body. With a normal body of his height, there will be a little sensuality on his face when he is on the camera, but in reality it is indeed quite cold. His temperament is cold and alienated. As soon as he took it, he lost about 20 kilograms by photographing Broken Bridge last year. His cool temperament was highlighted in the lens. After he lost his weight, he was very close to the person he had seen on the camera, because many people said he was not. Photogenic, it’s just that Shao had just finished shooting Broken Bridge to record. The lens actually smoothed out his clear temperament. It looks gentle. If you go to see a real talent, it will be more shocking. Maybe you can pay more attention to his stage and work. , Guaranteed to make you feel like a treasure

5 months ago

It’s really a white moonlight in the world! Full of youthfulness! The stage can be salt or sweet, and you can do everything well! He is a person I have liked for 8 years. He has no black material and is gentle to others! In such a complicated entertainment circle, he was out of silt but not stained, and he has been clean and accompany the fans to grow up together. Seeing him getting better and better, we just want to be his strongest backing. I thought that fans would not get a response, but he saw everything in his eyes and silently responded to everything about us. He has never liked a star so sincerely, he can only say that Kai crab is very sweet! Not so much his face value is against the sky, his character is even more incredible. This is from the appearance of loyalty to character!

5 months ago

When I was also at Chinese Restaurant 3, I suddenly found out how he looked so good. When I was in high school, Wang Junkai was in a mess, but I didn’t know what his mentality was at that time, maybe because I was a little older than him, I always felt that children had something to like. Now I just want to say sorry to Brother Kai, because I have no eyes. It’s really beautiful. I always think that when a person is good to see, a certain level of beauty can be used to describe it. This word is not limited to describing women. I now remember the stunning and sudden heartbreak when I scanned these pictures at night; I really wanted to hug him. In fact, if you pay more attention to it, you will find that not only his appearance, but also his ability. Everyone is welcome to listen to the Boundaryless Concert. I was attracted by the appearance, and the stage went vertically into the pit. I really like listening to him singing. He really loves the stage. You can feel his love through his performance. There is another movie to be released this year. The specific release time is not clear, but I hope you will look forward to it, the original crime story film “Broken Bridge” directed by Li Yu. Wang Junkai reduced the weight of this play by 20 kilograms and created another soul in his body. A person who can deal with himself cruelly, what he wants to convey will not be too bad, he needs an opportunity to tell everyone that Wang Junkai can do everything he can to do his best.

5 months ago

Why did the younger brother Wang Junkai in 1999 make thousands of young girls be tempted? Why does his appearance soar as if he has been hanging out in the past few years? It’s really handsome; as the saying goes, no one’s bones or skins, this sentence is also very suitable for boys, like Wang Junkai’s bones are very superior, the frontal bones are full and wide hairline plus points, the T-zone brow bones and nasal bones are high. The forehead is naturally beautiful and three-dimensional, the temple, the zygomatic arch, the lower jaw, no protrusions and no depressions are naturally smooth. The middle part of the face is full, the nasal base is high and the mandible is not parallel to the Korean cosmetic surgery. Sudden sense of bone is absolutely superior in the entertainment industry; his facial features are neither concentrated nor scattered, and the lines are very delicate. The nose is straight and the nose is round and the nose has a natural connection line, especially It’s Wang Junkai’s peachy eyes and long eyelashes. His mouth is just right when he laughs. In addition, his tiger teeth are a perfect match, salt can be sweet, milk can be wolf,

5 months ago

Every time I see a star on the hot list, I open the comment for the first time, and I am not disappointed every time. Fan control can’t control it here either. like! To be honest, fans blowing rainbow farts made me get goosebumps. I was full of passers-by favors, but I lost my favors as soon as I went on a hot search.

5 months ago

I didn’t want to miss any of his shots when I was a teenager. I have to go back and see if I missed his shots if I’m a little distracted, just to see his handsome face [covering face] is very sensational. Yeah. He is really a pure person, like him is really safe

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