Whatever resignation sees character is nonsense and involves self-interest. Don’t think that 40-year-old adults can’t fight. Of course, it is undeniable that many resignations are proactive, because finding a better job or the company is indeed unable to sustain it. The interests of the two parties are not much involved, so they are naturally polite, easy to gather and disperse, and show the stability and virtue of the workplace in all aspects. However, a considerable part of the resignation was forced. The employees did not want to leave, forced others to leave, or forced them to execute, and because the company was strong, the employees were weak, the two sides fell out, and even the employees made a fuss in the office. This kind of intense scene, in the workplace where I have been mixed for 20 years, I have seen and heard a lot. Let me talk about a factory owned by a Fortune 500 company. The quality manager inside the office was chased after leaving his job and was finally driven away by a group of security guards. I know why I am so clear, because the quality manager later jumped to my factory. We became friends, and he was still in agitated mood when he talked about this matter, and his emotions were hard to control. The cause of the matter is this, their company is engaged in safety parts in auto parts. Because a large customer was not satisfied with their company, the order for the new model was not received, and finally sales fell sharply. But the sales volume declined, and the quality manager said it had nothing to do with his wool. Although there have been complaints due to quality problems, the company has also lost some money, but this is normal. That big customer was tricky. When he went to the quality review meeting, almost all the suppliers had compensation, and he still had a small amount. The main reason for not receiving orders for new models is that the business public relations above have been unpleasant with major customers, and they do not accept free public warehouses proposed by major customers. Stored in the warehouse designated by the customer, the storage fee is at your own expense), and the annual drop in points (reducing the price of the product and reducing the profit) from major customers is not accepted, resulting in a stalemate between the two sides. You say that customers are dissatisfied. What is the relationship between this main contradiction and quality? This is caused by the headquarters’ business strategy. As a result, as soon as the high temperature vacation was released that summer, he (the quality manager) originally took a seven-day rest as required. The intermediary personnel manager called him and said that the company’s production tasks were not heavy, and the relevant departments continued to take two days of vacation and asked him to take another vacation. Go to work on Wednesday. He didn’t take things seriously at the time, anyway, give more rest, which is a good thing, usually too busy, there is no time to spend time with his family. As a result, as soon as he went to the company that day, he was stopped by the security guard as soon as he entered the company’s gate and told him to go to the personnel department first. He said that he was ready to go to my office to put the computer bag and water glasses. As a result, he couldn’t get into his office, and couldn’t open it with the key. He turned his head and saw that everyone else in the office looked at him strangely. When he was wondering, a small supervisor of HR ran over and helped him pick up the computer bag and water cup, and said he wanted him to go up there. The HR manager was waiting for him. He went directly to the personnel manager’s office. As a result, she closed the door and said that because of his dereliction of duty, the company’s interests had suffered huge losses. The company will immediately terminate the contract with him from now on, and all the personal belongings in his office have been packed and will be mailed to his home address. He only needs to sign, after completing the process, the company will give a certain amount of resignation compensation. He was anxious when he heard it. What did he mean, it was not clear. Tell me clearly about the dereliction of duty. As long as there is a quality audit, I will work overtime until 10 o’clock in the evening. Is there any compensatory time off and overtime pay. If the customer has any problems, a phone call in the middle of the night, no matter how heavy the sleep, within an hour, like a grandson of a tortoise, go to the customer to screen for quality problems. What’s the problem? If you want to do this, he doesn’t sign the word. He immediately rushed out, trying to find the general manager of the factory. As a result, two security guards were already guarding at the door of the personnel office, waiting for him to rush out, then he was caught. The personnel manager at the back said that even if you do not sign, the company’s resignation has been confirmed. You can receive compensation if you sign. If you do not sign, the compensation may not be available. He was so angry that he was yelling in the general office outside, shit, labor and management are not talking about it, the RICHARD (general manager) didn’t say anything, what do you mean, if you have something to say in person, don’t play this behind your back. set. He was 1.8 meters tall and more than 180 catties. The two security guards couldn’t hold him back. As a result, three security guards came, and five people swarmed up and dragged him out of the office building forcibly. I think of previous foreign companies. I went to a pure foreign company (100% foreign company holding). Basically, they had to expel the management without any notice. They opened it directly on the spot. As soon as the news came out, the expelled were not allowed to enter the office. , I’m afraid you use your power to make trouble. A director of my previous company worked overtime for meetings at the company on weekends. He called up the supervisors and managers of his department to plan the work for the next quarter. When it was 11 o’clock in the evening, he paid his own subordinates to have a luxurious supper. As a result, when he came on Monday morning, HR informed him to leave at noon, saying that he must have left the company before the boss came to the meeting in the afternoon, and the boss did not want to see him. The news of his dismissal was justified by the company, and no one knew about it. The director of personnel was always notified in the morning. When he received the personnel news, he was surprised, wondering, and completely unprepared. A middle-aged man with gray hair in his forties had his eyes flushed all night. He could see that he was suppressing anger and grief forcibly, so he ran away. I went to the general manager’s office to sit for a whole morning, but the general manager did not come for an excuse… And the previous company, a production manager was opened, and this was the same, and no news was revealed temporarily. A new production manager was airborne directly from the headquarters. The general manager convened the company’s management in the large office to a meeting in the conference room to announce the matter and introduce the new production manager. Halfway through the drive, the production manager was still patrolling the production line, but he learned that he rushed out of the production line, shouted outside the door, kicked the door with his foot, and the locked door was kicked open by him. He was about to rush. When he came in and beat someone, he was forcibly taken away by a group of prepared security guards. He could hear his roar on the entire office floor, saying that all of you high-levels have no conscience and are all TMD beasts. Whatever resignation sees the character, the character that can be seen in the workplace, are all produced by real needs and shown to others. In the cruelty of the workplace, the so-called character really can’t do naked interests!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

A former colleague was still writing a project report the night before he left. After leaving, the report was thrown into the waste document pile. After cleaning up the files the day before yesterday, he accidentally found what he left. Upon closer inspection, he found that what he left was not the report, but the project summary and experience. This experience is of great reference value and has a good guiding significance for existing projects. I didn’t dare to be expert, and showed the documents to the leaders and related colleagues, and they all said it was good, yes. Then, there is no more. No one remembers his “good”. His merits and demerits here seem to have never existed. His joys, sorrows, joys, ups and downs, no one “remembers”, and no one “cares”. This is how the workplace is. When you leave, there is nothing left. No one cares about your character and ability, because the people who stay will no longer ask you to work, and they can’t let you back up. It is a false proposition to see character after resignation. After resignation, nothing will remain. What character will we talk about?

5 months ago

Resign on resignation Please don’t associate with character! At that time, I felt that many resignations were just the end of labor relations. Why do we have to have moral kidnapping, kidnapping failure to achieve professionalism? It was kidnapped anyway! Do the work you should do before you leave your job, and after you leave your job, it doesn’t matter to others, it’s that simple! Of course, this is a different thing from premeditated sabotage, and I also believe that this is a minority! As a boss, don’t think about employees smearing you after you leave; don’t think about the days before you leave, and don’t think about employees working hard to work overtime 996 until overnight; don’t think about the work handover is over, and you have officially left. Thinking of asking this or that on the phone, or asking you to come back and help this and that. For behaviors such as deducting wages, deliberately discrediting in front of peers, planting and framing, etc., direct labor overload or report to the police! As an employee: Don’t think about resigning and staying in the work group. If people don’t kick you, do you have to respectfully invite you out? Don’t think that if you leave your job and kick out of the workforce, you will feel a bit wronged, the world is cold, and people go to the cold. Work is always just work and life is just life. Each of us should do well in each of our roles. We are employees and we must do well in the role of employees, and the boss must do well in the role of the boss. We will never escape a topic, which is the distinction between work and life. There are also many warm people in the workplace. However, when resignation is the time when benefits are redistributed, each of us will unconsciously protect ourselves, but this protection is under the framework of the law and under the framework of the labor contract. As long as under this framework, we will Everything you do should not be kidnapped with morality. Because this is the workplace!

5 months ago

I have worked for 6 years and resigned 10 times. I can say responsibly: my character has nothing to do with my performance at the time of resignation. If a company only sees your character when you leave, what kind of company is it? If you only see the character of the company when you leave, you are so stupid. If you are in conflict with the company, no matter how careful and considerate you are when you leave, the company will not think you are good. Only your friends think you are good and stand on the last post. If it is a peaceful breakup, unless you leave without saying goodbye when you leave, you don’t hand over anything, or even delete the company’s documents, otherwise the company’s perception of you will remain the same.

5 months ago

Section Chief Zhang told a joke in the office. Everyone was teased, but Xiao Li didn’t laugh. Everyone asked him, why don’t you laugh? Xiao Li said, because I offered to resign! Resignation to see character is TMD’s moral kidnapping, you usually PUA me, I will bear it! You usually let me take the blame, and I can bear it too! You usually scold me like shit, I still bear it! Why, it’s not for the broken silver in twos and threes. Do you think I really like you? I have resigned, and I still need to be honest, like Jiao Yulu for the people, and for good deeds like Lei Feng, leave all the credit to you? What do you think? If you leave this door, you may never see it for a lifetime! Don’t mention anything to me, the industry is so big, you can’t see you when you look down, so let’s go to coax the ghosts with these words. No matter if you walk on your own initiative or passively, don’t forget that the tea is cold before you leave! If you want to understand these things, what happens is normal! In most cases, employees are still a disadvantaged group. I personally think that it is more appropriate to change the title to “Resign to see the company’s product”! I have seen a lot of disgusting companies, in the last month of employees leaving, they desperately squeezed and asked you to come up with a variety of plans, materials, and contribute your own wisdom! I have also seen too many companies, asking for your troubles, understanding your attendance data, auditing you, not giving you a certificate of resignation, not giving you a good back-adjustment to threaten you, and in the end, they can give you less payment Social security was quickly cut off. In the end, you went out and buckled all the shit bowls on your head. I didn’t expect you to be so important. It turns out that last year’s poor performance was all because of you! Those who are still talking about “resign and see character” should wake up! I hope that when you leave your job, you will be full of character! I’m OD. I’m talking about career growth. The code word is not easy. If you like it, please like it and follow it. 15 years of HR practice|Lecture course: “Human Resource Management of Non-Human Resources”. Output on the platform about career growth and management skills improvement related dry goods, and sometimes I will babble when I see interesting ones. I also wrote the following, you can check it out if you are interested! 1. The interview self-introduction is done well, and the interview pass rate is improved. 2. What kind of resume do HR and the employing department like? 3. What things did you understand only when you became a leader? 4. Why is there no news from your resume? Because the positioning is not accurate. Let’s take a look at how to make a well-positioned resume. 5. For people who have been in the workplace for more than 5 years, what’s more important than low wages? 6. What kind of resume can “highlight” attract HR’s attention? 7. How should HR respond when he asks “Do you have any questions?” during the interview? 8. Recently I have fallen in love with reading and want to develop a good habit of reading. Are there any recommended books for me at this stage?

5 months ago

I resigned, and after the handover, nearly 200 official accounts have been taken off. I vaguely remember that the last time I left my job was also the process. Simply and neatly, I checked all the text platforms that my work came into contact with, leaving only three or five niche text bloggers that I liked to read. In the past few years, I have been writing, updating web articles, updating essays, and talking nonsense in this public account. Without the intentions of other bloggers, they rarely give real useful insights to the more than 6000 partners in the background. Sorry, I am still too small to be mentioned. But it’s also funny. I am so small, three years after graduation, three jobs, and three bare resignations. In fact, every decision is not difficult to make, and every resignation does not cause too much injury. Between people is the process from acquaintance to alienation, and no one can avoid it. Maybe it’s because I haven’t grown up in a good family atmosphere since I was a child, and my indifference sometimes seems a little uncomfortable. But this is how I am. I have always been an insecure person. This is the case in my family, in the workplace, and in love. I uphold the principle of not being hurt and not hurting others and staying calm for years. I rarely have deep friendship with people in reality from the bottom of my heart. But fortunately, writing does not deceive me. I have met many readers and predecessors who shined on me, and gained the respect and recognition that I wanted. Fortunately, friendship does not deceive me. My best friends put every weakness and emotion in me properly, and treat every anxiety and depression of me tenderly. Over the years, from the first day I went to university, my heart has not been filled. It seems that a leaky balloon is dry and unable to participate in the climax of the group. Even if I make money, even if the rented house is packed full, I always feel that the wind is still leaking in. I miss home very much and want to have my grandparents there. As an independent self, I often want to see where the gap is where the air leaks. I want to get in through that gap and want the wind to stop. But for a long time, I work every day, commute to and from get off work every day, struggling with my father, and have little contact with my mother. After growing up, care occasionally seems to put some calculations into it, I can’t figure it out, and I don’t want to figure it out. I’m so smart, not being loved is always my most sensitive sense of smell. Maybe I can’t tell what kind of really good love is, but bad love and unloved love can be seen thoroughly at a glance. Three years ago, in my first job interview, my boss asked me about career planning. That is a very remote question for me who just graduated. Is it planning? I haven’t thought about it. I abandoned professional writing. In the two paths of art and writing, I chose the latter that can solve the problem of food and clothing. It is no exaggeration to say that I have come all the way through all the difficulties. Without the support of any family members, with that inexplicable persistence and love, I now have strengths with no strengths. Coming out of the personnel office today, a little girl from the company cried to her colleague. She said: You left my job and I was left empty and insecure. She also said: I feel very depressed, I just want to cry, I can’t help it. Of course I am happy to be “valued” in this way, but I dare not take on this value. From the time I accepted that life is a process of making goodbyes, I am adapting to being the one who makes goodbyes. We always have our own way home. Twenty-seven years old is not a particularly young age. If you are married, it is okay to be admitted to your youth, but I am unmarried, and it seems that I am a bit out of step with the world. I keep listening to advice, advice, jokes, teasing, and ridicule, to welcome every time I grow older. But it is precisely because of this, because I have heard too many people who came over, that I don’t want to take the road that many people go. My parents’ marriage was not good, and my friends’ marriage was not good. As a child in a poorly married family, I suffered deeply and I grew up awkwardly and strong. In addition to writing, I was not loved for many years. Enthusiastic, lively, positive, self-confident, agree…I don’t have all of them. I have to work hard and work hard to be a normal adult. A little tired, but willing to bear it. 27 years old. Bare remarks. Freelance. I guess the best state of life is that the various decisions I make are no longer compelling, and I finally have an active determination in life.

5 months ago

There is a certain truth, I have an example that moves me. My previous unit, the property sector was outsourced. After the contract between the company and unit expired, the contract could not be renewed. An old electrician sent by their company to my unit was directly laid off by their company because he was too old. Another version said that he took the initiative to resign. The old electrician is a very real Northeast uncle. He is happy to see anyone. Because the air conditioner in my office does not heat well, he often troubles him to bring people over for repairs, and he is familiar with him once and twice. His hometown is Qiqihar. In the few days during the handover period between the new and old properties, he was actually unemployed and did not lie down. Before leaving, he took the ladder to check all the offices of the unit again for damage to the circuits, lights, and switches. The thing that moved me the most: In those few days, a deputy director didn’t know that the old electrician master had left his job, and they were generating electricity for love these days. A young man in the office in charge of the deputy chief called the teacher to help adjust the layout of the conference room tables and chairs (people in the office know that this workload is very heavy), and the teacher helped move them up and down, sweating a lot. When we entered the conference room early that day, we saw that he was still helping the young man sweep the floor and clean the table. (You can fill in this picture for your friends). I was moved by the sweaty picture of the teacher at work, and I haven’t forgotten it many years later. Later, he left, and it didn’t take long for me to leave the original unit. I never saw the northeast uncle again. But his spirit of “stand well for the last post” taught me a lesson. Even if you leave a job, if there is something you are grateful for and miss, then try to leave a good reputation, and the road will go further. Wider. Finally, I wish you a happy retirement! Healthy body! That old man in the Northeast! Of course, if the resignation is a sweatshop-type enterprise that is not on the road, don’t be kidnapped by the “resignation character” morality, just leave according to the law, I don’t think it is necessary to generate power for love, it is not worth it!

5 months ago

In fact, this is a “wish” released by a relevant stakeholder, or just “coaxing.” Say it is a rumor, it doesn’t seem to be counted. Everyone knows that when a person resigns from a company, most of them are pursuing a better career. The current “position” cannot accommodate or satisfy oneself. The former is forced, the latter is active. Have you worked so hard and struggled day and night without seeing your character? Or “turn a blind eye”? Pretend to be stupid, right? He just resigned, and actually investigated his “personality”! Does it make sense? Who will use the results of this investigation? In fact, it should be like this: as the original company, or take over the relevant person, for your own convenience, reduce losses; or, in order to be more conducive to the next step of your own work. He deliberately released such arguments and used his so-called “morality” to kidnap those who “resigned”. Actually, it’s not very useful. Anyone who feels that they have been treated unfairly will definitely take away all their efforts can take away. No one is a fool. If the original company wants to avoid greater losses or earn more profits, it can “buy” instead of deceiving. Even if it is something that warms the hearts of the leavers, it is more effective than spreading such “arguments.”

5 months ago

For most of the workers, they have a certain feeling for the company, and they also perceptually regard the company as a place where they have devoted their youth and passion. Therefore, unless it is an unhappy resignation, otherwise many resigning partners are still I will stand on my last post, and even write down my feelings and opinions on the company’s problems, hoping to give advice again at the end. The younger the partner is, the easier it is to treat the company as a half-home and the more emotional it is. However, the boss is not like this, or most bosses are not like this. In their eyes, you are not your own at the moment you propose to quit your job! Your opinions and feelings are of no value to the company. As a personal participant in various resignation incidents, I was feeling the boss’s cold-bloodedness at first, but after thinking about the boss, it seemed that there was no way. After all, a company with a small number of dozens of people and a large number of tens of thousands of people often faces people coming and going. , So unless the most core generals, otherwise others can only be defined as production tools, do you say they have feelings for tools? Therefore, I also remind you that if you have mentioned resignation, don’t think about staying.

5 months ago

That’s not it! ? People take the tea to cool, no matter whether it is a company or an organization, it is the same. Whether you leave or retire, the workplace itself is cruel. Favors are not as good as they were at the beginning, and how many heroes are defending their way. Especially the old cadres of the government agencies, once retired from their leadership positions, are extremely unsuitable. why? There is no longer the ability to yell five and six in front of him, and there is no ostentation of Zhongxing Pengyue, and no one is accustomed to him anymore. When I returned to the unit, I found that I had no kisses with my colleagues. The leader was used to it, habitually arrogant, and suddenly no one came to curry favor. In fact, when they have been more officials, they mistakenly believe that they are very attractive and very friendly, and everyone likes them. In fact, everyone is in awe of his seat. As for which butt is sitting in this seat, no one cares. A friend of mine is a second-generation official. His dad was a member of a certain organization. Later, his dad was transferred and went to a certain department in another city to be the main responsible comrade. He was clearly promoted. But because he was transferred from this department, within a month, a cadre came to persuade his mother to move, and he had to move within half a month, because his house belongs to the property of the unit, and now his father is transferred, it will be taken back immediately! Turning face is faster than turning a book. For some negotiation, the deadline has been loosened, within a month. Before, people from the unit came to send food to send condolences every month, but then they stopped sending them. His mother asked the unit: Isn’t it gone? The unit said, yes, but you have to take it yourself. Recently, the unit staff is nervous and no one has come to deliver it.

5 months ago

I’m going to resign, how does my character affect it? Give a chestnut. The previous leaders convened a meeting before leaving their posts and arranged the follow-up work in an orderly manner. Only half a year of work was allocated before they were withdrawn. When everyone left, everyone did their own follow-up projects, and there was no bad effect. His work was also distributed to everyone, and it went smoothly. A long time later, a big leader was so full of food and drink that he talked about him and made an evaluation: I think his level is not very good. Without him, nothing will be affected. Before my wife changed jobs, she also handed over everything in detail, for fear of delaying the company’s operation. I told her about this example, and suggested that the company should have her business related to her. As soon as she leaves her, she will immediately mess up, and wait until the other side is overwhelmed to fix it, and then she will think of the benefits of her presence, and instead will be able to read it well. Unfortunately, my wife is a kind person and did not accept my suggestion. I have a project in my current unit. At a critical moment, the person in charge ran away. The person who took over the project later found that it was like a shit mountain. Several people ran away. Those who did not run would fight to death and resolutely refrain from doing it. , All withdrawn one by one. At the end of the year, the boss, who has always been able to rely on it, actually made up the year-end bonus to him with conscience. Those who resign and talk about character are all stupid. Human beings are cheap. You invite him to eat every day, and you will scold you if you don’t invite them; if you slap him every day, if you don’t, you will be grateful immediately.

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