Go is really difficult, and it’s not really difficult because of the size of the state space and the complexity of the mathematics. The difficulty lies in the steep learning curve. Many people have said that the rules of Go are very few and not difficult to understand. An abstract mathematical description is nothing more than a few sentences. It needs to be described visually. Someone who understands will give you two explanations in front of the chessboard. Normal people should be able to master all the rules of Go within half an hour. Okay, now comes the problem. You know the rules of chess, the concept of qi, the raise, and even the different types and its most common manifestation: the concept of robbery. You have a good grasp of the concept of robbery with good mathematical thinking. Then give you a 19-way chess board, let’s play chess. confused. This is the most intuitive experience for thousands of novices, facing an empty chessboard. It’s the same as that famous math textbook. 1+1=2, have you learned it? Very good, the next interview is to use the learned knowledge to practice: and then make a fool of yourself. This feeling is really exactly the same, that is, does this topic have anything to do with what I just learned? I am facing an empty chessboard, how can I play? You said the first step is to set the star position? Why? Where is the connection with the rules? This is the problem. Compared with other games, the consequence of the contrast between the simple rules of Go and the complicated strategy is that the strategy itself becomes very unintuitive, and the purpose (in the eyes of the novice) is very unclear. The benefit of an action, for a novice, unless you put each change map to the end, you can understand from the rule “Oh, according to the rules, here is the advantage”, but it is impossible to put all the change pictures to the end. Things. Most people who have learned Go from an early age have gone through such a stage (in fact, it may not be different for adults to learn Go), that is, rote memorization of the jigsaw, and cannot and does not seek to understand the reasons for the establishment of the jigsaw. This is actually not much different from letting kindergarten children recite poems. In contrast, the breadth and depth of other games are not necessarily obvious, but newcomers cannot see the fifth layer, but can still understand the first layer. A novice may not understand why he should be the gunner, why mine at this time, why this combination of arms, why buy this equipment, and why go to gank at this time, but the direct benefit of doing so is visible and threatens the opponent’s squadron. , Developed the economy, became stronger, and hit the enemy. We can see how these behaviors lead to the final victory. Although only the surface is seen, it is much better than the incomprehensible in the cloud and mist on the surface. As the saying goes, the insider looks at the doorway, the outsider sees the excitement. Go is a game where there is a huge gap between knowing the rules and being able to see a little bit of the doorway. Before that, the outsider could not even see the excitement. Holy book. This makes countless people who have been stopped outside the ‘doorway’ deeply feel that this game is really difficult.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

It’s not the most difficult, but board games happen to be the shortcomings of human thinking. For humans, Go is harder than StarCraft. But for AI, it’s harder to play Interstellar than Go. Most of the resources of the human brain are used to support complex cognitive activities such as vision, spatial perception, and motor feedback. We are accustomed to this and think these functions are very basic and not worth mentioning. In fact, these abilities are far more complicated than closed logical reasoning. Board games happen to examine logical ability. It was once described that a chess player has strong computing power, and it is often claimed that this person can see through thousands of hands. But for computers, Qianshou is just a start. When it comes to thinking in images, no matter how powerful a computer is, its performance is not as good as the brain’s neurons. Our brain processes information and is highly dependent on visual signals. So look at it: no matter how complicated the life-and-death problem is, it will suddenly become clear. But it is difficult to dream about the chessboard. Without vision, the efficiency of the human brain to load and process information is extremely low. So the claim that Go is the most difficult game is actually not accurate. It’s just that some of the more difficult games, due to the outstanding performance of our brains, seem easy and everyone can do it.

5 months ago

Compared with these games, for ordinary amateur players, the biggest feature of Go is: as long as I am a little better than you, I can push you on the ground without any gaming experience. I discovered this problem that year and retreated decisively… The root of the problem is that this game is a single player + full public information + completely free of random elements. There are teammates, teammates raise one hand, happy. Basketball and football (as we all know that these two games can have no teammates), sometimes I have good luck, and I am happy with a few. Interstellar Warcraft, there is a fog of war, sometimes you can dog a dog or build a wave tower to make a bad message, and be happy. In the game of Go, the opponent is a little stronger than you, and you don’t need to be much stronger. Just a little bit, a player in a class can rub whatever position you want, which is absolutely horrible.

5 months ago

Second-level Go player, second-level basketball player, dota10 player, Hearthstone + Legend. It depends on which level to understand. If you look at the rules, the rules of Go are very simple. You can take a look at the Chinese Go Competition Rules (2002 Edition). There are only one or two pages of rules for both sides of the game. The rest are related to the judging law. Compared with the foul and violation rules such as basketball and football, which often have dozens of pages and dozens of pages, Go is very simple, with simple rules and fewer restrictions. Judging from the height that can be achieved, Go is indeed more difficult, because humans’ computing power is always limited by relying solely on calculations. AlphaGo has also confirmed this. The difference is so much that there is no hope to achieve “Go God.” “Level. In basketball and other projects, there will be talented players like Curry, who scored 90+ goals with 100 goals in the open, and monsters like Zion who have tonnage, speed, burst and bounce, and there is no standard answer. For the project, the “Basketball God” will always exist. Compared with Dota Interstellar even Hearthstone, the disadvantage of human Go is that it is completely transparent, and the information asymmetry of the fog of war can relatively alleviate the gap between humans and machines. In contrast, Go ai will make people produce more A lot of powerlessness.

5 months ago

There is a game called turn right in codecup 2006. This thing is really scary. When playing on a 6×6 board, I have no ability to enumerate the number of strategies for a player’s move. Unlike Go with a maximum of 362 moves, the moves of this game are exponential. So you can imagine how disgusting it would be to design a 19×19 board version of the game based on this rule… But why doesn’t Turn Right fall into the subject? Oh, because no one is playing it. So in this sense, Bihaijushi’s answer is also very clever. The “difficulty” discussed in daily life may indeed not be an inherent attribute of the game, but it is rolled out.

5 months ago

The difficulty is all rolled out. There are no difficult games in this world, and when there are more people playing, it starts to roll up, and it becomes difficult. Also, don’t talk about ai. Being conquered by ai does not mean that the difficulty is low, it may just be because the human level is not good-you are like mahjong. The inability of ai to conquer does not mean that it is difficult. Then this example is too much. Go is just a special case, and there is nothing special in terms of difficulty. You can play if you like it. After all, even if the game of Go is awesome, it does not mean that you are awesome.

5 months ago

Playing Go well is a test of the player’s overall strength, and this is also the difficulty. In Go, the basic strength of a player is mainly composed of “computational power” and “overall view”, which can be regarded as “hand speed” and “consciousness” in video games. Insufficient computing power will not be able to see the local life and death and gain an advantage in the robbery, and will not be able to fight for greater benefits for oneself in the final stage. If the overall situation is insufficient, it is easy to be confused by opponents using abandoned sons, one’s own intentions are easily discerned, strategy is disintegrated, and finally one can only watch his chronic death. Generally speaking, a chess game is divided into three stages: “layout”, “mid-game” and “end”. Among them, “mid-market” refers to the general meaning of “alignment”, and “finalization” refers to the closing. Assuming that a person is strong in the “line” and weak in the “closing”, unless he can directly “slay the dragon” in the mid-game to achieve a big victory, once he is dragged into the “closing” stage by a more balanced opponent May be defeated by the opponent with a slight “guanzi” advantage. In addition to the above two basic strengths, mentality is also the top priority. There are many chess players who have basic strength but lose mentality. Therefore, if you want to play Go well, you can’t just rely on a certain aspect of expertise. It needs comprehensive strength. This is the reason why Go is so difficult.

5 months ago

DOTA2 and SC2 have been beaten to the ground by artificial intelligence casually. Even OG bought ai for a few months to accompany them to practice research tactics, An Fu Tian Gao Liao
On the contrary, AlphaGo has spent a long time studying Go.
From this perspective, Go is still the most difficult, and it shouldn’t be a big problem.

5 months ago

Whether it is difficult or not, it varies from person to person. I don’t like the thinking of games and calculations, there are four arithmetic operations, and the maximum and minimum values ​​of derivatives and functions; these things can be solved by programming according to the optimization algorithm and finding a fast CPU. But my doctoral dissertation is better than many people, and the return on investment is also okay—not to mention the dealer, stocks are still normal—I have played A shares, Hong Kong stocks, U.S. stocks, and foreign exchange are all normal. Only domestic futures are weird. Foreign futures and digital currencies have never been played. I didn’t mean to look down on master chess players, because my parents played chess very well, and I also passed the amateur rank. On the contrary, I am often deceived because I can’t calculate. It’s just because the money is easy to come by, and they won’t try their best to defend their rights on Taobao like some people do. In fact, directly choose expensive things to buy and realize Taobao’s freedom; in case the things you buy are not good, change to a cheaper one, so that harmony can make money, and harmony is the most expensive. God has given me a smart head. After making a lot of money, I should help those who are in difficulty. The Puritan concept is: make money with the left hand and donate with the right hand. Anyway, the money is not mine, it’s just something outside of the body; so the left hand goes in, the right hand goes out.

5 months ago

The game types are different. Go is a round game, and these games are instant games. For comparison, the same type should be heroic and civilized. And these games are also developed by both sides at the beginning, and there is a fog of war. The difficulty of Go is difficult to quantify. For computer games, population and resources are all real numbers. You can see these gaps, but Go can’t. Go is also harder to practice. Computer games are more of a closed-loop sport, and Go is more of an open sport. Before the computer fights against people, you must first learn the visible knowledge of operation and compensation. Go also has but its relative importance in the game is very small. The most important thing in computer games is consistency, and every game of Go is different. If you are a professional StarCraft player, he will say to you, “If your base is not set for 52 seconds, the subsequent operations will be meaningless.” If you are a professional Go player, he will tell you “You have a problem with your sense of chess” so often What I was facing was that I was harassed and killed 3 peasants at the beginning of the interstellar game. I knew I should retire, but I couldn’t see it in Go. I could only feel that the situation was getting worse and worse but I didn’t know what went wrong.

5 months ago

If it is recognized that it is more difficult to conquer than to conquer first, Go is conquered in 18 years, and Starcraft and Japanese Mahjong are conquered in 19 years, so they are more complicated than Go. As another reason, they are all incomplete information games, and Niima is a game with a power number greater than 2 (although player interaction is weak)
Correction: Due to the prohibition of playing on the highest level of ai, Rima has not been completely defeated

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