Let me talk about the three most important skills first. Compared to Kong, Skadi, who has his own small speaker, is undoubtedly much more flexible. The three skills also have a certain amount of damage while buffing, and they can also clean up a little bit for a single operator like Neng Angel. After all, all the buffs and one shot would be a blood loss on the creeps. She is also the new 6-star abduction that the physics team has been waiting for for a long time, and Skadi can also eat abductions, and reward the team with a higher buff efficiency after eating. And not only is the physical team getting a new powerful support, because it is a group buff, and there are 9-square-range ground-deployed speakers, Skadi should be easy to give Longyang 42, three people in the steam team. This efficiency is not comparable to that of Sora. In the past, Battle Songs were often used. The biggest problem was that the range was too short and the position requirements were too high. As a result, sometimes she might reduce the output efficiency because the sheep can only be squeezed. Sometimes you can’t hit people on higher platforms. Or the high platforms that can use each other are not enough at all. Lily of the valley, sheep, and dragons must be up, and it is difficult to squeeze in the air. Besides, Fazheng’s original demand for offensive power is not as great as that of a physical team. And according to the anniversary celebration, the buff can be superimposed on Skadi and the small speaker. This is almost a complete coverage of a high-ranking player. Those who can’t be on the air, Titi can be on the air, and those who can be on the air, Titi doubles the buff. Coupled with the extremely important flexibility of small speakers, the cost of Titi is extremely low and there is no need for a prime location, and it seems that speakers can always exist. The nipple is likely to become the tears of the times just like Lamb’s new clothes. As for the 1900 attacking sour candy for the anniversary celebration, in fact, it is mainly the effect of the superposition of blood anger. In fact, it is not too scary to use individually. Skadi itself has only 400+ attack power, so although it is strong, it is not brainless. The expansion of data is not too exaggerated. As for why the demo animation was shown…I’m afraid it wasn’t Rosemary that was obviously good at the time, but it was milked into a blues eagle horn and couldn’t stand it anymore. I personally teach you how to use new operators. Let’s talk about the next two skills. Obviously, this is a very useful corner stone. Imagine that Skadi is blocking the door with spines and mountains. Resident 60% offensive and defensive buff, basically a simple level to block the door randomly and kill the permanent reply is really useful for Cornerstone, especially for Huang, the original output efficiency of Huang is quite high, two grids , Hit three. Just because there was no reply, the daily picture was squeezed down by the mountain. And with the Skadi + small speaker, not only the buff recovery position is very flexible, but the output is also enhanced a lot, at least about 2000, and the defense is also very good. The main reason is that the cost is low, which can ease the embarrassing period of the warm-up period. To sum it up, it’s a blast! I wish everyone a double yellow, a good one and one pedicle.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

First of all, I don’t explain why I am very supportive of the introduction of divergent operators. Although alien operators cannot play at the same time as the main body. But this issue may not be as pessimistic as many players think. The biggest problem with Ark’s plot shaping before was “the lack of character creation caused by too many operators”. Before the paradox is simulated, even the six-star operators (without their own exclusive SS activities, such as puppet shadows) are many. The operator’s introduction with only a few hundred words, the specific character of the character, and the past experience are purely supplemented by the player’s brain. If the Ark is relying on a set of mature worldviews (Journey to the West, Conferred Gods, History, etc.), that’s fine. After all, the characters still have prototypes that can be directly substituted into the characters. However, the Ark’s worldview is purely original, and Eagle Horn is trying hard to ip the Ark’s worldview, so such a thin characterization is a flaw in the Ark’s worldview. Nowadays, the monthly new card pool is the main profitable project of Eagle Point. Eagle Point cannot reduce the launch speed of Six Stars in order to improve its personnel. Then “sp operator”, a compromise solution that not only guarantees the launch speed of the operators, but also takes into account the shaping of the stories of the operators, has become an acceptable choice. Although the “different operators cannot appear on the same stage” has led to the loss of the “independence” of the operators, but with the current formation of only 12 people, many operators actually have no room to play. Even the “living space” of many operators is still being constantly squeezed. The most obvious example is Huang. Huang, is it strong? Strong. Has it been weakened? No. But her playing rate dropped significantly after the appearance of mountains, mudstones, and spines. Because there are three basic operators on the field, and Huang has no self-recovery ability, and needs to warm up, so he was naturally replaced by a new operator. Huang’s extremely high-strength “Illusion God Level” six-star is even so, let alone five-star and four-star. How many people did the five-star in the double five-star pool? How many people did the five-star gift given to the event go to practice? How many four-stars have never played except for trust? These operators who were unable to play on their own launched the sp mode, and the impact on them was actually almost zero.

5 months ago

Old Titi had no appearance rate in the first place, and the future could only be expected by relying on more deep-sea operators to abduct each other with one hand, or it might strengthen the Juggernaut Guards group. But now there is an out-of-the-gee Titi. Just looking at the skills, the old one is basically destined to not compete with the new one in the Deep Sea team. Now Titi also knows all about the airborne ability, and I am worried that there will be more aliens in the future to eliminate old operators in disguise. Titi is my favorite operator, but now I feel that the old Titi has been denied by Eagle Horn, and I feel that the old Titi has a feeling of being treated with an attitude of liking the new and disgusting the old, which is quite sad. I had always hoped that the deep sea team would attack in the future, but now it seems that Skadi is just a joke, and he can’t squeeze into the team that can be expected in the future. It’s like your wife used to be a teacher, but now she’s a nurse. Are you fond of the new and tired of the old? Do you deny your old wife? They are all the same wife, why do you dislike Guardi? There was not much space for employment, and the guards were still rolling. Now there is a six-star strong air support upper position, which can increase the upper limit of the angels and help such a large market. Who do you think can break the limit with the six-star? In summary, Guardi can also bring back blood with the pv new 6-star deep-sea operator talent, which is not also a system. Skadi was the tears of the times. At that time, the panel monster is now Happy Titi. At that time, the mechanism design of yj was not mature enough, and the data was too conservative, which made it unable to keep up with the times. The support of a strange and new activity six-star can be regarded as strengthened in disguise. Make a small suggestion. That is, everyone has the right to set up a copy of someone to play, or not to play at the same time, and then update it for free on the first anniversary. Let those so-called two Titi players who are weird at the same time, set them to be unable to play, and add 2 deep-sea characters, thinking that it is to strengthen Titi. In fact, it is to directly put Titi into the cold palace, what kind of deep sea blood return buff, isn’t it a strengthened ghost shark? Originally, Titi could also rely on the deep-sea hunters to turn around each other, and the red Titi came out and killed Lan Di in the warehouse. This strangeness was too funny. Tell a joke. Those in the warehouse are not counted as clones, only when they are played at the same time. Anyone who is set up has already collapsed, okay. Spend twice as much money, only one character can be played, and there are few other games in the two-stab ape mobile game. Is there any other game like this? I can play 5 cocoa on my pcr.

5 months ago

Back then, after Wendy came out, the first party and the second party appeared briefly. Now that the dissident cadre can only be one after the messy Skadi comes out, it will fast forward to the dispute between the new party and the old party after the installation. . The new pedigree party, that is, the muddy-hearted skadi party, is powerfully assisted, but it can be attacked by milk, good-looking clothes, and live2D skin. This new pedicle is the only true pedicle; the old pedicle party has begun to follow the deep-sea hunter system flow. Various deep-sea BUFFs are superimposed on each other, trying to send the old pedicle to the strength of the T1 guard, and recast the glory of the old pedicle. It is incumbent for my generation; this will lead to a series of follow-up party disputes, such as future work on the teddy, the title is marked as new The pedicle is still the old pedicle, the new pedicle party brushes the barrage and the new yyds, the old pedicle party brushes the barrage and my old pedicle can fight for another hundred years. It will even trigger a series of second-creation colleagues, and even torn between books. For example, the allusions of the Great Split between the East and the West Church can be used. The Old School Party believes that the Guardian Skarty and the voiced heart Skarty are two in one. Skadi is the character of Skadi in different periods. The doctor’s marriage to Skadi is equivalent to marrying two Skadi, which allows Skadi to switch between different forms freely, but he can only play one form at a time; It is believed that the guard Skadi gave birth to the assistant Skadi, and the two Skadis have their own independent bodies and personalities. The doctor can marry two Skadis at the same time, and the three can live a happy married life together. Because the new party and the old party were in a dispute over whether Skadi was a two-in-one or a mother and child, it triggered the division of the North and the South of Skadi, which is known as the first split in history. The resulting heated discussion made Tomorrow’s Ark once again on various hot searches, and a large number of fan creations were born, and the popularity is close to the doctor’s persecution of Ami Donkey. Finally, to get back to the subject, the deep-sea operators that have been announced this time added a wave of buffs to each other. Visually, the guard of the deep-sea system should be able to surpass the old man, and the specifics will be tested after being drawn.

5 months ago

Tiga Purple (can be seen as blue) made its first appearance in Melba, Titi made its first appearance in the big Bob Tiga Red lost the game with Gatangieu, and Titi Red alone can’t boss Tiga needs the whole world. To defeat Gatan’s children, Titi needs teammates to defeat the boss. Tiga has the gram type, and Titi’s boss is also the Ke type. Tiga has a compound type, a powerful type, and an aerial type. Titi has a normal type and a different type. Grid type, Swimsuit type, Tiga, and air type. The follow-up performance is weak but the highlight is not lost. Titi is weak but the highlight is not lost. (refers to the crisis contract) The Titi strong type has a piercing punch (real injury), and Titi also has a real injury to Hiroshi Nagano. She is an idol, and Titi is also an idol. Titi knows a neurological woman. Titi also knows a neurological woman. Titi has been laughed at by the Kirylords, and Titi has also been laughed at by Kelsey. The new generation Digatliga has also been laughed at. , The new generation of Titi’s heart-warming Skadi Tiga is the first in Heisei. Skadi is the first active six-star Tiga to fight for the one he loves, and Titi will also fight for the one he loves. War (referring to Doctor) Tiga has many skills, but most of them only use those three skills, Lampart, Zapelio, Dila Hume, and Titi also uses only those three skills. Tiga Age It’s very big (30 million). The same name of Skadi is also very old. Dihe has a lot of age. There are many people with nipple. Diga is the peak of Heisei. Skadi is the peak of running water. This year is the 25th anniversary of Diga. This year is Dihe. The year when Di Di stood up, Di Di triumphed

5 months ago

If Lin Guangqiang is that you can’t play two Serayas, then I can only say that it is empty. After all, the abductees never have to be unwilling to see this result. After all, I personally hope that each role of the Ark , Especially wide-area sniper, auxiliary, push-pull special, and group milk special characters can have their own characteristics. Originally, this aspect has been doing quite well. The advantages and disadvantages of the six-star assist and the five-star assist are obvious. Even if the six-star is strong, it will not completely crush the five-star one. The group milk and sniping are also distinctive. This card is completely abolished, and it is better than nothing to increase health. The skill that few people would use to gather monsters is now even more unused. Except for some big guys who used to be the second Skadi for the ultimate abduction team or mixed with a bunch of people to play perpetual sleep (isn’t it good to have this manpower and material resources to build a steaming team), I really can’t think of it. What is the use value of sora sauce? Of course, some data is not so clear now without specific implementation. If I get slapped in the future, I will be happy to delete this article.

5 months ago

skadi the corrupting heartcorrupting skadi the corrupting heartcorrupting I thought of the siren banshee and the eternal hometown, the term eternal hometown, appeared in the “Shadow of Innsmouth” combined with PV Snippet of the plot: Skadi sings a weird and ethereal song, asking you to return to her eternal hometown with her. So Skadi is a family member of an ancient god in the IF line? Trying to clear my SAN value and let me go with her to the eternal Laley? TrueTM Stimulus

5 months ago

First of all, the first L2D, don’t you burst? Also talk about intensity. I hope everyone will not forget that they were kidnapped during the demonstration. The use of abduction is a kind of flower life, and it is not so meaningful. Needless to say a skill, it is a simple and unpretentious skill to improve the survivability of the friendly side. When the skill is activated, it is not the same as the milk. This is a skill that can improve the first strike line. That is to say, the previous situation of being blamed for a single knife may be improved. The strength of the second skill (emphasis) determines the versatility of the red pedicle. Sustainability is a good skill, but the attribute blessing must be strong. When the three skills (strategic reinforcement) were demonstrated, blood fury was added, and the attack power was increased a lot, and it was the double increase of the sea heir. If estimated according to normal conditions, this real injury may be a real mosquito leg (at least higher injury than the guest master). The real big head should be on crutches. Like Wu Lian’s doll, Hai Si can be fully hooked and attacked during the three-skill period, which is very convenient. But it also depends on the specific value. Compared with the fact that netizens generally put the treasures on the three skills, I am actually worried that the eagle horn hides a poison. On the contrary, playing is very optimistic about the versatility of the second skill and the possible countermeasures of the first skill. (Hai Si Yi skill can be used to protect people remotely)

5 months ago

The intensity of Red Skadi will certainly not be low, but more should be the function of the function card. First of all, in the early version, the operator Sora had a low appearance rate. It was a very good toy because it could turn Warfarin’s abduction into aoe, but there were three problems that prevented her from playing. 1. The magnification is too low 2. The range is too small and the magnification and range of the Red Skatie have solved the problem very successfully, so this means that the Red Skatie + Warfarin is a good toy. To allow low-star operators to have a high output, it is highly recommended that ordinary players draw. But for the big players, Skadi is not just as simple as turning output, three noble real damage, as long as she sucks her, she can also provide considerable output. In general, I think there will be unexpected performance in the crisis contract.

5 months ago

Knowing that major changes are impossible, they can only be made up for by other deep-sea operators in disguise, but the mechanism of Guard Skati does not reach t1, wasteland reclamation is not part of the role of convenience, and the crisis contract cannot make it difficult, nothing more. Of course, the role of “Skarty” itself has ushered in growth, so that Chef Ti can take her on the stage, so I think it is also strengthening Skarty. In the past, you and your wife did the housework. Originally, your wife was in charge of cooking, but the cooking was not very delicious. Now the old man tells you that your wife washes the clothes very cleanly. Then you usually cook by yourself. I want to see Please ask her to wash her clothes when she is working, isn’t this all your wife? Of course, the above remarks are limited to the role party of the plot party. For some intensity parties, they feel that the role strength they have spent on their money is not worthy of their efforts, and they will indeed continue to make trouble.

5 months ago

All the operator strength problems can be attributed to numerical values. No matter how good the mechanism is, it will be useless. Fortunately, Xergskatie is abducted, and there is no need to compete with other operators for output, and the numerical requirements are not so high. It can only be said that this wave has tried his best. The staff designed by yj on the guards after Skadi is too strong. If you still want Skatti to play tricks on the guards, then it is very likely to create a numerical monster, and there is no way. Can only change career assistance.

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