Because of the high domestic taste, Yuanshen currently scores around 4-5 points in tap and bilibili game centers. I went over the bad reviews without any problems. Excluding the part where opening your mouth is an insulting label and cursing, other bad reviews are roughly krypton, long grass period, not updating the map, just playing some meaningless stitching games. I combined the opinions of these players and found the prerequisites for a “good game”, or “good mobile game”. It is best to have all the five-star characters without spending a penny and be full of life; the content that can be played every day must not be too little, otherwise the grass will be long, and not too much, otherwise it will be a liver; weekly or monthly activities It cannot be a small stitching game, it must be the same activity as the large dlc of the 3a game; even a small game must be a creative idea that can get a golden joystick, or it will be fried rice, stitching, or plagiarism; It’s best to update a large version every week. The objective conditions such as workload are not within their consideration. Failure to do this game company is waste, and this game is rubbish. You help him speak, you are the original batch, you are Mi Weibing, the brainwashed leek, and the ignorant brain-disabled mobile game player. I was shocked, it turns out that our current game market has developed to this level! I seem to be a primitive man in the era of red and white machines and suddenly came to the era of the virtual game world in the future. After learning from it, I decided to see those good games with 7-9 points and opened my eyes. I hope that all the noble, insightful and artistic game appreciation artists will show me compassion and recommend a game that meets the above requirements. Thank you very much! ​——From station b


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Why can some junk movies sell for more than one billion? Why can some people become traffic superstars with their entire content? Why do people on the live broadcast network can get hundreds of thousands of rewards for swearing? Why do some novels just copy and paste other works, and change their names to collect tens of thousands of them? Why do some people earn one hundred thousand a month without doing anything, while some people suffer from cold and starvation but less than three thousand? Why can housing among basic human needs become the life goals of many young people? Why are those good-looking fan dramas not popular, but those boring love fans can dominate the list for a long time? I don’t know these, but you have to ask me why the original God score is so low. I can tell you that it is not a game of Goose Factory and Pig Factory in the first place.

5 months ago

Because after the initial “domestic Zelda Rhythm”, many people who gave bad reviews (I do not comment on whether it is a player or a navy) will basically not cancel the bad reviews. There is a basic number of people here; in addition, with the follow-up In the operation, from time to time, when the planning makes the players unsatisfied, some people will make negative comments. After all, everyone is playing while scolding and hoping that the game will become better. On the other hand, if you think the game is good, you don’t necessarily spend time scoring the game. It’s usually played by yourself or recommended to a friend. So overall a low score is quite normal.

5 months ago

1. Thanks to the high-tech and high-quality games of the domestic friends and merchants Yuanshen that have shaken the traditional games of big manufacturers, the basics of games are cut off people and money, like killing parents. Tencent has been trying to kill the Yuanshen, you can completely put all the pots. All are deducted from Tencent, because Tencent has actually participated in every Rhythm Storm II. Player quality As a stand-alone player, it is the basic consensus that the original god belongs to the Renaissance leader in the Chinese game industry. Of course, some Muyang dogs are unwilling to believe it. The PUBG boom promotes the popularity of steam and high-performance graphics cards, bringing a lot of fresh blood to the stand-alone game market, but how many people are willing to buy game graphics cards? Mobile games are the mainstay of the Chinese game market. Yuanshen’s contribution is in mobile games. Yuanshen improves the aesthetics of Chinese mobile game players in an all-round way, so that mobile game players can experience the transformation from CF to COD. With the impact of thoughts, there will always be pains: 1. A large base of players leads to many low-quality players, short-sighted and lack of independent thinking, and no brain to follow the trend with rhythm. 2. The poverty of poverty is mainly the poverty of thought, and the game should be free. , I deserve to be whoring for nothing, not to make me happy. White whorings are all spicy chicken games 3. Greed and hatred are all mosquito legs. I don’t want to invest but need intensity. I want horses to run and not to eat grass. 4. Ignorance I don’t know anything about game development and I like to talk about it. I’m just talking about game balance and mechanics. I don’t have a good game experience and I am self-righteous. I don’t know anything about game development. But I believe these problems will gradually be optimized, and China will also usher in high quality. The wave of games.

5 months ago

The impact of the Zhongli incident was too great, and the handling was a mess. The people who scored at that time should have no need to go back and change it. Refer to the collapse three next door, buying a coffin with a knife and going to mihoyo to find CH can be done. It is not impossible for these devilish players who hate the black house to step on the original god. The game itself is of course a good game, but not all players are good players. The original god currently has many shortcomings, but it is by no means so disgusting that many players can’t activate it. So when you play, don’t care if there are too many people who are like you, just like you. Playing the original god is also a way to break free from the shackles and enjoy freedom

5 months ago

There are early reasons. But also look at how bad your gamers are. For stand-alone, what’s the level of the game against mobile games, it is all spicy chicken, you are definitely one of the best in the number of filial sons, you can play better than anyone else. You have absolutely contributed to the promotion of the card drawing system. Can Microkrypton also have a great time? Why don’t you say that the king can drop v10 without krypton gold, and the king can play all the heroes except Zhao Yunying Zhengwu Zetian without krypton gold? Are you marching? In the early days, he mocked the single player, the master, the Brahman. I asked every day, is there any better game on the phone than Yuanshen, why? Can only be a Brahman by yourself, not allowed to be others? Low score? How tall can it be? How many popular games are there?

5 months ago

Maybe the Mihei brought by Bengsan and the accumulated black powder have also caused the current situation. The quality of Mihayou games is indeed sufficient. I used to play Bengsan for more than two years, basically full attendance, and a series of disgusting operations. Retired. After playing, Yuanshen found that the operation method has not changed, but has become more severe. Anyway, I don’t dare to play. I can’t be happy with my time and money. Give me a bad review. You have the right to like. I also have the right that I don’t like

5 months ago

You seem to have made a mistake. The score and the quality of the game are not equal in themselves. Just like The Last of Us 2, in terms of the basic quality of the game, the full score cannot be overstated, but due to the controversy of the plot, the overall average score of players on each platform is only 4-6 points. I know that I searched it and got 2.2 points. God has 4.9 points. So does it mean that the original god is higher in quality than the Last of Us 2? Can’t. So the player groups that can represent Zhihu are not objective, they are all blocked groups that are poisoned by garbage mobile games? also can not. In 2077, the MC station PC platform player score was only 1.8 points at the beginning, and there are not many single-player games that are lower than 1.8 points in history. So is the quality of 2077 more than 99% of stand-alone machines? Can’t. But the game score can reflect the public impression and evaluation to a large extent.

5 months ago

More terrible than ignorance is arrogance. After reading the answers to this question, I was really shocked. Originally, the original god, as a two-dimensional krypton gold mobile game, did not jump out to pull the hatred, and it really fell short of everyone’s shouting. The game circle is a very large range. Hosts, PC-side games and mobile game page games, generally speaking, the main game console, no one will be full to give a low score to the blue moon. But the fault of Yuanshen is arrogance. If it weren’t for Mihayou’s high-profile promotion of cross-platform 3a, and encountering Zelda, it would not provoke public anger. Take a look at some of the enthusiastic fans under this answer-what is a fan top ten black? I don’t dare to play Nintendo like that. Although Tencent NetEase is not a thing, how can Mihayou be so strong? If you want to claim that you are a leader in the revival of domestic games and to help the game industry progress, then don’t blame players in other circles to measure you by the leader’s standards. Since you have made the field so big, you have to accept the scrutiny of the entire game circle. Sorry, at least for me, the original god failed, I can only give a low score.

5 months ago

Are you asking about mobile games or pc? If it is a mobile game, I declare that the original is the only true god in the mobile game world. The low score is because he is not a game of Tencent NetEase. In addition, the original wise operation of Mi Ha You and Mi Wei Bing has led to more black spots. It is reasonable that the original God is a mobile game. The only black spot is probably cheating Krypton, but this is the general black spot of mobile games. Rounding the original god is a perfect mobile game. The shortcomings of cheating Krypton are the characteristics of two-dimensional mobile games. In this part, I very much agree with the point of another Gao Zan’s answer. You and Mihayou are not making any money to make Chinese mobile games better. If you are talking about pc. Then, when will Mihayou die? The darkest day in China’s stand-alone history, the scum in the stand-alone world, Xiao Zhan in the game circle, I can only say that this score is still too high, and I don’t want to give it a score of 0.1. At any rate, Tencent has a studio dedicated to independent games and produces When the god of death is here, and the excellent indie games such as Rainbow Fall, Mi Huyou has been publicizing it for a long time, and it is launched on all platforms. The popularity of Zeldara is the whole thing? Cut the leeks on all platforms in the world? Tencent NetEase is not doing anything wrong. Mihayou wants to die in China alone. The difference between it and Tencent NetEase is that the two cut branches every day. Mihayou wants to root out, which is bad. The last classic question is Mihayou today. Is it closed?

5 months ago

I always remember how fierce the stn program was in 19 years. Before the game came out, I was sprayed to perfection and mocked for several minutes, as if they actually charged 10 648s, and then all crooked to the sky. It seems. Looking at the leopard, although I don’t know the whole picture, I can see that there are tx capital injections behind the stn, indicating that there is a high probability that large manufacturers are also participating in the control and evaluation. In other words, Yuanshen’s initial score is extremely low. It is not only a part of the stand-alone superior party that maliciously gives low scores, but also the navy and the passersby who follow the trend.

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