I won’t make a subjective evaluation on this matter…but because I personally like to record the IMDB and Douban ratings of some movies in recent years (of course I don’t have a 5-star ratio or something like that), so I’ll share some Let’s conclude… 1. Douban’s average score calculation method is very pure (or even if there are some unsmooth formulas, most movies can’t see it), it is 5 stars and 10 points… analogy until 1 star and 2 points. Son, I calculated it once in 19 or so, and today I used Zach’s Justice League panel data to do the calculations, and they are all consistent. (The by-product of this is that many movies with no controversy on IMDB scored 7 points, to Douban may only be able to rely on 6 or 8 points, because you can not directly score 3.5 stars, only controversial movies, such as half of the people Only 3 stars and half people 4 stars can get 7 points. This is something later.) 2. In recent years, I don’t know that Douban has cleared up some 1 star and trumpet relationships (it seems that there is related news? But I can’t find it very specific. Yes), new users generally like to give movies with 5 stars. Many of the Douban scores I recorded in the 18th to 19th years have generally risen by 0.1 points when I watch them again in early April of 21. (This is very rare in IMDB, even if it is a classic movie, IMDB will generally drop by 0.1 points over time, although I don’t know why–!) 3. Back to “Zach Schneider Justice” In the movie “League”, if the previous data of the 165XXX people with 8.8 points is true, the 168XXX people now have 8.3 points, so no matter how low the scores of these three thousand people are, they will not be able to bring the average score to this level. Because now, let alone the average score, the total score is lower than before. In other words, they must score a negative score…4, so there are only two reasonable guesses (inspired by another respondent to update the third): one The kind is that Douban has changed the mechanism that can make the movie +0.1 points back (but I checked my data, including the re-screening of the Lord of the Rings series, DC movies, Marvel movies (considering the people who rate these people) It is highly coincident with the people who scored Zach Justice League), and they have not changed back), and this thing is not likely to affect 0.5 points…The other is that a large number of original 5-stars have become low stars. Regardless of whether it’s the user’s own account number change, or Douban through some mechanism, for example, they are a small account, so the score is lowered (because according to the conclusion of 1, even if Douban wants to introduce this mechanism, it currently does not secretly change the score. Formula, you can only lower their stars clearly and then count them on the panel) The third is that Douban deletes a large number of 5-star zombie trumpets when calculating the percentage of stars, but the previous number of ratings remains unchanged ……This is indeed a perfect explanation for the current data situation (the data was cleared on the 23rd), and the motivation is also very reasonable. It is this completely illogical data processing method that is not linked to make people feel a bit spitting. = = … The following are some calculations, um, these calculations are of course objectively valid, but maybe because of my subjective emotions, I will choose to present some results, and everyone will treat them dialectically. (When writing this paragraph, I did not consider the new third conjecture mentioned above. If this conjecture is true, then many strange situations can indeed be explained, so the following is for reference only) 5. The data I recorded here is 21 years On April 6, there were 155,381 people with a score of 8.9. (IMDB is 243,669 people with 8.2 points) 6. Then starting with this score, if the number of people is changed to 165000+ people with a score of 8.8, the extra 1W comers need to get an average score of 6.9. Considering this time, the people who scored are basically I’m not a fan anymore, so it’s reasonable. 7. From the 6th to the 23rd, it is counted as 16 days from the beginning to the end, and only 1W more people have scored. In the last 2~3 days, 3K people have scored more. I don’t know these domestic streaming media. What’s the magic of the website, so that when they officially announced that the film was going to be introduced to the country, thousands of people raced against the clock. Before that, they used other methods to watch the movie and then went to Douban to score…8,3000 people only accounted for it. Less than 2% of 165,000 people. In other words, under normal circumstances, this movie has more than 3,000 people rated. Its 5-star to 4-star ratio should be almost unchanged. So from the current screenshots, there are at least 10 % Of people suddenly changed their ratings from 5 stars to 4 stars in the past few days. Again, what is the magic of domestic streaming media? (The conclusion of this sentence has been overturned by the third conjecture)


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Why bother. How should I say…Compared with the situation of BVS at the beginning, or the situation of the guide cutting abroad now, there is really no need to waste any thoughts on this kind of “small things” (it is already a person who has experienced big storms. jpg). It doesn’t matter whether it is the official lowering of the score for some unknown reason or the sudden large-scale “attack”. It can’t be worse to brush the score of the guide to the level of BVS’s “contradictory”, nor can it be better to let Warner the dog have his brain again. Wait for the domestic launch on May 3 to see more public comments. If you still have energy now, why don’t you care about the amount of broadcasts on the Internet. This thing is not as transparent as the box office. Warner Dog doesn’t publish the data and plays GVK there. When the media compares the data, it’s falsified. Who can justify? go with. Of course, I want to thank the true fans who have been staring at the data to find this problem, and that’s why I can say this. I have been staring at the data for a while, but I am staring at imdb, which is normal.

5 months ago

When the total number of reviewers increased from 165,000 to 168,000 and only increased by 1.8%, the number of 4-star reviewers reversed. From 30%, which is less than 50,000 people, suddenly increased to 40.4%, which is nearly 68,000 people. The number of 5-star ratings has plummeted from 60%, or 99,000, to 39.1%, or 66,000. I don’t want to calculate the change in the number of 3 or 2 star ratings. This is generally the case. The preliminary conclusions are two situations: 1. Tens of thousands of people suddenly went to Douban at the same time and lowered their original ratings; 2. Douban backstage considered the physical and mental health of netizens, and the backstage helped users to rate the movie more “in line with their truth.” Willingness” revision. But in either case, it saved me a sum of money to go to the circus show. Ha ha

5 months ago

Haha, I smile when I see this question, and it may be a little messy to answer it easily. Generally speaking, it is another matter of subcultural groups being beaten by reality. Subcultural groups always think that they represent the mainstream opinion, so when the real mainstream opinion comes out, they will fall into the cycle of deceiving themselves-denial-anger-pain-and then make up lies to deceive themselves and talk about what I have discovered. After the small details were released, the US team 2 and other Marvel good word-of-mouth movies began to lose points. The US team 2, which had maintained a score of 8.3 for 6 years, fell directly to 8.0. You see such a big thing, there are Marvel fans. Almost ask? No, because people don’t care about this at all. Why should I eat or drink? Why do Zhafen always like to say that others persecute Zaza? Because they do it every day. Why about DC, they rarely discuss the movie itself, the discussion content is either screenshots to find easter eggs, or Warner’s office gossip and rice circle tearing. They don’t care about movies, because they are essentially a group of fans, not movie fans, Douban regularly cleans up the brainless five-star and zombie paint points, so the general theater movie scores will return to a normal value within one month after they are offline. So if some movies are hacked across the Internet with rhythm, the scores will rise back after a period of time. For example, when the hero was first released, the score was 5.9, and now it has risen to 7. Some movie fans criticize or buy the navy, and the score will drop after a while. So… why did Zalian scores start to drop? I don’t know, and I don’t dare to ask the familiar IDs in the front row that Douban has gone from the most objective website in the country to nothing but rubbish within a week. This kind of diode thinking is indeed in line with the style of fans in the fan circle. I would say that Douban scores are not necessarily the most objective, but they must not be too different from the real level of the movie. So I personally look at Douban scores with very special algorithms, such as foreign literary movies, one point is deducted for action movies of science fiction, and another point is deducted for niche movies. Zha Lian is a niche movie, so the final reasonable score will be around 7.5, ideally it can reach 8. You laughed that I didn’t understand Jesus. I laughed that you didn’t understand the movie. Two predictions before turning over me: 1. Zha Lian puts it on a popular platform like theaters, and ordinary audiences will have low scores when they enter the stadium. Of course, the introduction of the entire network is very similar to offline, which is a place to drive the subculture into broad daylight and truly test the quality of the subculture (just like the one piece of the second element is a subculture recognized by the mainstream, so the box office is acceptable. The second element meal The representative of the circle of culture, the fate Tianzhicup series, the box office is so miserable that you can’t bear to look directly at it. The voices on the Internet are definitely the reverse of these two works) Still have to say a good news to Zaslin, the introduction of the whole network is compared with the offline real knife The gun is already very good for review. I really want to release it offline, and the score will be swish. I’m really afraid that someone will cut the Douban boss.

5 months ago

I was actually invited… let’s talk about my own point of view… I still don’t think Douban scores can represent anything… Even if Douban has the largest number of ratings on all platforms, it may also have a relatively high number of movie viewers, but For individuals, it is only a reference. Moreover, the evaluation of the same movie at a time and a time are completely unequal. For example, during the honeymoon period between China and the United States, many Hollywood works are highly rated, but now, they are far worse. However, many film works do not have such a strong vitality on which platform can remain hot for more than ten years or even decades. So, how many people will revise the evaluation of those falsely high works in the past? No. I started to get in touch with Douban some time ago, but I am also a movie lover. The amount of movie watching is not exaggerated in the thousands, but there must be a few hundred. A lot of money is spent in theaters every year. On average, it’s basically one movie a week. Last year, there was even a concentrated retaliatory movie. If you look at Douban, not every movie has a rating that meets my expectations, so just look at it~ Besides ratings, Douban has ratings, and there are also Maoyan and Taoping tickets! I know that some people say that the scores of Taoping tickets are not high, but I want to know that the scores of Taoping tickets are not made by the audience? So what are the standards for high audience quality? You told me that European films are of high artistic value, but audiences don’t like to watch them, and cinemas don’t make money. On the contrary, I think that the scores of Maoyan and Taoping tickets can intuitively reflect whether a movie is good-looking or not. If it is used to evaluate the entertainment of a movie, the latter is much more accurate than Douban! In other words, if you fail to get a ticket, no matter how high the artistic value is, it will be useless if you can’t stand it. The score is just a reference. Everyone has different aesthetics. Is it more meaningful to find a movie that suits you than to force others to accept your favorite work? And the authority built up by the power of the masses can be transformed into private power and profit from it. That’s another matter~

5 months ago

When I first came out a month ago, it was already very clear. When foreign streaming media is online, there is no conflict of interest with the domestic ones, so there is no capital to organize sunspots to get a star. Most of the fans who can spend time looking for resources to score when they first came out are fans, so it’s normal for the score to be higher. After all, Zach Schneider is not pleasing to the eye like Su Sunken, and it is indeed very rare that he has been in the dark for several years. Most people still feel that the flaws are not concealed, and it can be called a masterpiece. Now the situation is different again. The domestic legal version comes out and there is a conflict of interest. Naturally, things will be a bit more and normal.

5 months ago

Thousands of bad reviews came out overnight or in a day. I don’t know where I saw the conspiracy theory of zsl. I just came over and shouted. Now there are 168,000 reviews, but in the early morning of the 23rd. 167,000 people have already commented. At that time, it was still 8.8, and after more than 2 days, there were only a thousand new people. As for the drop of 8.8 to 8.3, many respondents have already said that the new people Even if all of them are the lowest, it is impossible to pull down to 0.5 all at once. It is only possible that Douban has activated the cleaning mechanism, and the low-weight and machine-brushed are all considered invalid and deleted, just like the previous steel body increased from 6.7 to 7.1. It’s not that the time to verify the truth with some fans has greatly reversed the word of mouth, but it is that the one star of the sunspot has been cleared, because at the same time everyone’s score has been raised; the score is 8.1, and there is an Arithmetic mean below, which means it counts. The average is 8.6, which means that the score of close to 269,000 people is 8.6 points calculated according to the ordinary algorithm, but the system itself has a weighting mechanism and an anti-scratch mechanism. After comprehensive calculation, it is 8.1 points, which is the score of Zhajianzhenlian, part of High scores are played by accounts with low weights. In order to spoof data, some fans madly register new small accounts to score high. These accounts have low weights or are identified as the same IP and the same device login is recognized by the system, resulting in 250,000 The reason why the average difference between the scores and the arithmetic is still so large for the above scores, and the film with such a big gap on the basis of the scores, it seems that there is no impression… Douban also has a counter-scoring and clean-up invalid evaluation mechanism, which is not surprising. It’s just that this wave of action is really too slow and too inactive. The imdb score is updated at any time. Douban has been ignorant. Now the enthusiasm of tie-cutting itself is almost over. Now it’s a sudden wave of cleanup and a bunch of conspiracy theories are not surprising. Of course It is also possible that the “protection fee” has expired. After all, Douban itself has created a super-British list; this list cuts the score and airborne second, which is unreasonable in all aspects. You scored 8.9, scored by thousands of people. Can 9.0 be the same as the reference value of 8.9 scored by hundreds of thousands of people over 1 million? And even if it’s 8.3 now, it’s still the second place. The third is the rise of the Dark Knight, who has a rating of 8.8 by close to 600,000 people. Is this the kindergarten math not enough? Looking further down, Watchmen 8.5 ranks fifth, Spider-Man Parallel Universe 8.6 ranks sixth, and the same 8.5 points, but the number of evaluations reached more than 300,000 and 900,000 respectively. Xia Ying Riddle and Fulian 4 ranked seventh and eighth. …

5 months ago

I didn’t expect this capeshit to cause so much trouble after it went online. This kind of theme park-style popcorn super British movie and its fan base are really becoming more and more Hollywood cancer trends. It is also questioning how the broadcast volume data was deliberately lowered by Warner, and it is also questioning how Godzilla vs. King Kong could have such a high broadcast volume, and then to restore the Schneider Universe and Aye edited versions, and now even the Douban score reduction can be on the hot search. In contrast, Netflix’s new work “Legion of the Living Dead”, which will be launched soon, can’t help you get over the splash. The number of followers and answers to related questions is still single digits. It’s like “Zhengliandao Cut Edition”. After the official announcement last year, there were several hot searches on related issues. A large group of fans wrote a thousand-character essay, tearfully talking about how they resisted Hollywood Capital through social media (instructed The larger capital ATT intervened in Warner, and then they recharged ATT’s streaming media to repay the ATT), and the follower’s answerers randomly increased to three or even four digits. And now I suspect that many so-called “old fans” do not even know the existence of the movie “Legion of the Dead”. Also, most of these “old guide fans” are superhero CG movie lovers who are attracted to them. They don’t even know that “Spartan 300 Warriors” is a comic film, and they cannot be expected to pay attention to anything other than superheroes. . I have to sigh, as expected, the DC brand is still thinner than the horse, and the basic guaranteed flow is still there. It’s no wonder that Zha Dao, who has been persecuted by Warner for so long, said a while ago that as long as Warner agrees, he is still willing to go back to shoot DC movies and be persecuted. After all, Zha Dao himself knows very well that he can have such a large amount of traffic if it is not related to DC? After holding DC’s thigh for so many years, now he is leaving the IP of DC to make original movies. He really has no such person. The first trailer of “Legion of the Living Dead” released by Netflix’s official account has not yet reached 9 million YouTube views worldwide. The “Shangqi” trailer released one day later was so popular that it had more than 14 million views. The first trailer of “Godzilla vs. King Kong” was played by 47 million in the first week. Those who hate and like this director are almost gone. In an interview with the New York Times, the director made it clear that the film was deliberately made to be controversial. The director Zhadao, an uncontroversial and highly acclaimed film like Neptune, simply looks down on it. He feels that audiences of this kind of pop culture can’t remember it. He can make it, but he doesn’t want to make a movie that makes the audience too comfortable. The popcorn of Marvel next door is even more despised. He has publicly dissed movies like “Ant-Man”, and his own “Super Battalion” is different from “Ant-Man” (referring to Martha Terrier being laughed at until 2021) . The operation of guiding fans belongs to the level of T0 among Hollywood directors. Weibo’s “tearing force = high traffic” set of Zhadao has long been discovered and started to play, and the level of play is very high. He has been purifying fans. Many so-called old “Zhahei” like me are actually just The former powder that is sifted out during the purification process. Most of the fans with the highest purity now gather on Vero, and the group on Twitter is more gentle than them. In contrast, the director of “Suicide Squad”, David Ayer, was obviously a lot worse in fan operation. Later, he started to use #RelaseTheAyerCut as an affiliate of #RestoreTheSnyderverse movement, and no one was a fan of him. Do you know the nature of the #RelaseSnyderCut movement in the eyes of Zhadao? Just a social experiment, giving fans a way to gain a sense of belonging and identity at a lower cost (Twitter hashtag). You tore the sky dimly for a capeshit on the Internet, racking your brains to find a way to broadcast the guide, the fans of Anrand Zhadao watched happily behind the screen. The people who occupied Wall Street in those days became one with the police and security guards. The Wall Street elites upstairs held champagne in front of the French windows and watched with a smile to see them beaten to death, similar to this.

5 months ago

Let me put aside the work and talk about it. Douban is a personal census form. As long as you have an account, you can comment. It has nothing to do with whether you have seen the work or not. Especially for popular works, where there is interest, there is struggle. Means the rhythm, the reference value of the score is almost 0. As long as you approve of it, don’t worry about Douban. It won’t affect your watching movies. . . So there is nothing strange about this, even if the work is scored 1 point, it is normal.

5 months ago

Some people really laughed at me. Do you know that the average reading comprehension level is so low that you can’t even understand the questions? Should the original Zhenglian get 10 points or 1 point and the problem description has a dime relationship? One answer is very good: Murder itself is a crime, and it doesn’t matter whether you like the victim or not. If you applaud the murder just because you don’t like someone, then there will be one day when the one you like is murdered, and no one will stand for you. justice

5 months ago

Oh, Zha Dao was persecuted again. Both Warner executives persecuted Zadao, Marvel plagiarized Zadao, and now domestic scoring software has come to persecute Zadao. I am trembling and cold. When can we stand up? I was trembling with anger when I saw the news. I was cold in sweat and hands and feet on a hot day. How could this society be better? We will guide you how to live to be satisfied. Tears flowed down, and the earth was flooded everywhere. With the oppression of Zidao, when can Zidao really stand up? I want to report the world, accuse him of the persecution of Zadao,

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