Hello everyone, I am Aurora, as the strongest Miyue in the national service, of course I want to be a hero with everyone. Miyue is a typical representative who is easy to learn but difficult to master. The novice is friendly, the master loves it, the intensity is T1, and the joy is endless. Since the violent S23 season, I haven’t systematically shared Miyue’s preparation plan and play ideas with you, so today I will briefly talk about how to play the new version of Miyue. 1. Version changes The S23 season is a well-deserved version of the wizard, with adjustments in the mid lane line, reduced monster resistance, and enhanced spell equipment, all of which greatly improved the dominance of the wizard, and Miyue obviously also reaped the version bonus. 1. Adjust the mid lane pawn line in the new version. The mid lane pawn lane intersection time is closer to the side lane pawn lane intersection time. After the mid lane clearing is completed, the side lanes often complete the lane clearing, which slows down the rhythm of the mid lane grabbing side. , The chance of being GANK on the side has decreased. Under this circumstance, the side lanes put more emphasis on laning ability, and as the king of side lanes, Mi Yue, the intensity has naturally increased. 2. Reduced magic resistance of wild monsters. The magic resistance of wild monsters and ancient creatures in the new version has been weakened, which makes Miyue’s jungler speed higher, which can cause extra damage to wild monsters. Obviously, the planning also took this into consideration, so Miyue’s passive skills were weakened to reduce the extra damage caused to monsters and creeps. However, under comprehensive consideration, Miyue’s speed in the wild is still considerable. Although the speed of the Qing soldiers declined slightly, it was harmless. 3. Spell and equipment enhancements The new version of spell equipment has been fully adjusted. The witchcraft wands often produced by Miyue and the Twilight stream have been synthesized more smoothly, and the cost performance has been improved. The value for the Miyue Twilight stream and the Book of the Sage is numerically improved. All have been strengthened, and the witch’s cloak that restrained Miyue was slashed horizontally. In addition, the Yellow Knife is no longer suitable for Miyue due to the need for heads and assists to stack up, but the Blue Knife is the best choice for Miyue due to passive reverberation. The passive echo of the blue knife has the same name as the passive of the rod of echo, which can cause area damage, further increase the speed of Miyue Qingbing clearing the field, and the development speed is even more impressive. In summary, under the blessing of the version bonus, although Miyue was weakened on the surface, the actual strength has increased. 2. Preparation plan New version of the blue knife method piercing flow: inscription: 10 hunting 5 awe 5 heart eyes 9 red moon 1 fate; production: blue knife resistance shoes holy sword anti-armor vampire book witchcraft Notes: 1. This set of preparation plans You can play side or jungle. 2. Miyue is afraid of being charged and will lack magic resistance when he comes out of the anti-armor. Therefore, resisting shoes is the best solution most of the time. However, if you are facing heroes such as Ma Chao and Old Master, you can also consider cloth shoes. 3. When the enemy’s spell damage is high or the spell damage is high, the anti-armor can be replaced with the prophecy of time. If the pressure is too great, a witch or eternal night can be used. 4. If the enemy has a lot of defensive equipment, you can skip witchcraft and go directly to the sun and evening or magic penetrating stick. 5. Life-saving outfits can be used later to replace shoes, such as golden body, resurrection armor, moon god, fiery ruler, etc. 6. If you pursue the ultimate output, you can directly publish the hat or the sage’s book without the defensive outfit. 7. If you carry flash or rage, one more piece of equipment can be added depending on the situation. Third, the play style is the same as before, with the line as the main line, and the team participation as a supplement. If it’s a jungler, you can choose to invade the enemy’s field after the red is open. The second-level reddish Moon has a very strong combat capability. In the early and mid-term, it controls the field by multiple dragons. In the mid- and late-term, it is still based on the line. auxiliary. For the complete strategy of Miyue, please refer to my top answer: This answer lasted more than two months. Although the whole article is titled Miyue, it has condensed all my understanding of the game of King’s Glory. The article is about Miyue. The analysis and deconstruction of is also applicable to other heroes, which is of benefit to different players. Therefore, this answer not only elaborates on the micro-issue of “how to play Miyue well”, but also provides a detailed insight into the macro-topic of “how to play the glory of the king”. I am Aurora, and I will launch the strongest Irene Raiders in the network in the near future.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

As far as the current version of the confrontation is concerned, except for the belief players (there is a summary of hero strength in other positions later): the light letter is not worth practicing at all, and the hero mechanism belongs to the reverse version. Secret letter can be practiced, but there are better alternatives: Miyue or Old Master. Miyue: Recommended practice. Standard single-band side. In many cases, it can effectively suppress the opponent’s resistance and reduce the development space of the opponent’s jungle. Old Master: It is recommended to practice, you can counter Ma Chao and Yao online. Although it is a single-band side, the teamfighting effect is also good. With the assistance of Da Qiao, it can play a very good operation effect. Zhu Bajie: Must practice, flexibility and frankness are all very OK. Like Ma Chao, it has been weakened but the intensity has remained high. It is worthy of the name T0 Tanbian. Baiqi: Zhubajie is a flat substitute, which has a more stable start-up than Zhubajie. After the pig is weakened, there is only a double-burning profit. It is recommended to practice. Lian Po: The tool man Tanbian represents the hero, and it is better to be a training assistant. Xiahou Dun: Too versatile and too mediocre, there is no need to practice. Lu Bu: You can practice. Lu Bu has two styles of play. Lu Bu uses punishment, which is similar to Lian Po. It is mainly responsible for resisting injuries and dividing the battlefield, creating output or pushing tower space for his teammates. The output stream is similar to cutting edges. In team battles, the face is directly cut to death. The fault tolerance rate is very low, and there are many alternative heroes. If there are too many tanks on the opposite side, there are very few outbreaks, or the opposite shooter is Huang Zhong. Cai Wenji’s, can be selected with miraculous effects. Generally speaking, you can practice or not practice. Guan Yu Ma Chao: This kind of rhythmic type, support type cuts to the side of the post, is a must for the opponents of the road. The mechanism is a separate category in the game, and the two heroes are also adapted to different lineups, and neither can replace each other, which is very valuable for practice. Yao: Bian Xun Yao is a replacement with a line and an edge, Flash Sprint Yao is a support and a substitute, which is more versatile, but not outstanding. At present, in the last few rounds of BP in professional competitions, everyone can play and practice when there are no heroes. Meng Tian: It is worth training, has a relatively strong team role, can be selected to match the flat push lineup, and can counter a popular shooter like Marco, and most of the standing shooters. Charlotte: One of the representative types of line fighters on the sidelines. Counterpick can be used as a countermeasure against the off-horse. He has the ability to take over the game in the mid-term, and there is also a certain ability to cut after the game is worth training in the later period. Sikong Zhen: One of the side representatives of the same line hegemony. The force period is early and late. The mid-term is weak, the damage is not high and it is relatively fragile, the gap period is particularly long, but the team battle ability is particularly strong in the late stage. The advantages and disadvantages are particularly obvious, you can practice or not practice. Crazy Iron: Charlotte’s replacement product is similar to Charlotte’s function, but it is not as flexible as Charlotte, and it is easy to be pulled by the captain hero. Generally speaking, it is enough to practice Charlotte. Yang Jian: After the enhancement, the teamfighting effect is much stronger than before, but the overall strength is also average, and there is no absolute dominance on the line. Teamfighting is similar to Charlotte Crazy Iron, so it is enough to practice Charlotte. No need to practice. Bodhidharma, Sun Ce, Hua Mulan: In my opinion, it’s the same as Yang Jian’s crazy iron, it’s better to practice Charlotte well. However, believers can play these three heroes with a trimming effect similar to that of Guanma. But the overall strength is still weak. Brother Yuan: This is difficult to evaluate. This hero has a high upper limit, but the role of teamfights in the late stage is really limited. Moreover, if you choose Brother Yuan, if you can’t crush it in the early and mid-term, the team lineup will be weak and weak in the later period. In summary, those who choose Yuange in rankings have a greater desire to show than a desire to win. Players who have a heart to show off can practice. If you are a bit utilitarian just for better points, don’t spend time practicing Yuan. Arthur, Zhong Wuyan: The Diamond Star Game is the first choice for mixed points, and I want to score, but I don’t want to spend time practicing heroes, just play with him. Make up two more Chen Yaojin: Standard low-level happy hero. The heroic mechanism caused its departure from the version to be particularly serious. Has the body of a tank but does not have the ability to open a group, has the strength of a line fighter, and does it have the suppressing power of a line fighter hero. Like Zhuge Liang, the game experience is extremely polarized. You can pull 5 of them with a tailwind, and you are a super soldier against the wind. If you have already played the king, it is not recommended to play. Cao Cao: This hero is of average strength, but occasionally appears on the court. Its role is similar to that of a single-band side. It is particularly dependent on the economy. If there is an economy, it can often be more than one. If there is no economy, it is not as good as Miyamoto. Overall it is still too mediocre, it is recommended to practice Charlotte well. Nezha: I almost forgot this. The only two remaining fruits of the double burning flow. This hero is very difficult to operate, and the fault tolerance rate is extremely low, but the upper limit is extremely high, a wave of good big moves can determine the victory or defeat of the team battle. The laning strength is weak, heavy and very easy to be caught, and very easy to be targeted in high-end games, so only players with very good consciousness can play his true strength. It is difficult for ordinary players to control, and it is easy to become a canyon courier. Can practice or not practice. Flash Tachibana Ukyo: Believe me, most of those who play this are brainwashed by Douyin Kuaishou’s twin flash orange short video. Tangerine with punishment is the correct way to play Tangerine. It is recommended to use Tachibana Ukyo to jungle.

5 months ago

The problems that have always existed between the two types of fierce men, the tank side and the battle side against the road, are that the tank side has no battery life and low damage, and the battle side is difficult to start a team and the body is fragile. Therefore, the heroes I recommend are the tank side and the open side. The fighters of the regiment (Cheng Yaojin can’t open regiments, lack of hard control is not recommended). Frankly speaking, Baiqi has gone through the weakening of the previous version and still has a good strength. The ultimate ridicule opening regiment is very powerful, and the summoner skills must bring healing. , Pinch the treatment of Bai Qi can often fight back and kill two, it has a very good effect in beating the old master. But it was restrained by Lu Bu, and the support speed was very slow, and the ability to bring the line was not strong. Zhubajie Zhubajie is a t0-level side road in kpl, and can also be used as a blue-collar wild. The early and mid-term strength is very high. In the current version of the battle of the gods, it is very popular. It can be used to punish the wild, and it can also be weakened to protect the back row. Strong opening is also a good choice. Nezha has no battery life but dominates the win rate list below the peak. It is a true evergreen, thanks to his strong team opening ability, weakening and damage-free stacking. Frankly. Big moves and sanctions made up for their lack of battery life, and in the version of crazy fights to control the rhythm, the four-to-one belt advantage is obvious. Sun Ce Sun Ce has a good ability to cut back, and is relatively flexible. It is easy to hit when starting a backhand group and has a very high upper limit. The Bingxin Tomahawk shoes are basically formed after they are released. The development cycle is short. There is a taste of Nezha. Lv Bu Blue collar Lv Bu Kpl is very popular, but Lu Bu, a passer-by bureau, is very economical and has a long development cycle. He belongs to the half-line tyrant hero. Under Fang Tian’s halberd, all beings are equal. Strong backhand ability to start a group, sufficient battery life, high damage, and not easy to be caught are his advantages over Nezha Sun Ce. Short legs, insufficient retention ability, and slow support are his shortcomings compared to Sun Ce Nezha.

5 months ago

I found that most of the respondents did not review the questions very carefully. Generally, others need to recommend players with stronger heroes. Most of them are new players. It is unlikely that there will be some old fried dough sticks that have been playing for several years and need others to recommend high-strength heroes. These are all well-known. If you want to recommend heroes, you must recommend some heroes with high strength, simple operation, easy to use and other advantages. It is recommended that you play an old master. You open the video software and search for Lai Shen Lao Master 1 to 5, the blood is surging, and the ranking is opened. It takes six minutes to know how spicy your opponent’s hands are. At first glance, heroes like Old Masterzi are simple and simple, but they actually require no less details than other heroes, such as the release time of the second skill, the more detailed walk A and hide skills, and the big flash, which are simpler and more practiced things. The old master is definitely a one-on-two or one-on-one scene that must be consciously crushed by the opponent to operate the leading position in order to play Lai Shen. You have to say that a novice player who has not been in the pit for a long time and is not a king can get started with the old master. Then I think that the talents of the novice players are too good. If you want to score, if you want a simple brainless score, if a novice wants a simple brainless score. There is only one hero I think is the most brainless and simple. That is: After the revision of Lian Po Lian Po, I have always felt that Lian Po’s intensity is very high, whether it is online or in group, I don’t think there is much room for fault, the only shortcoming is that there is no strong solo kill. Ability, generally, you should go home after playing a set of residual blood from the opposite side. It is impossible to beat you to death in a naive way. A brief introduction to this hero skill: Passive skill: In the process of releasing the skill, it is in the state of hegemony, and full of anger can reduce damage by 20%. 1 Skill: Charge forward and hit the enemy for 0.5 seconds (Passive: You can attack the enemy three times. The enemy causes an additional 200 damage and reduces 1 skill CD for 2 seconds) 2 skill: lava burst, high center damage and incidental percentage damage, and can immediately refresh the 1 skill CD, and other skills can be released during the second skill release. 3 skill: triple hammer , The first and second hammer hits the ground causing 30% and 50% slowdown on enemies within the range, and the third time it knocks enemies within the range into the air for 1 second. During the release process, 1 skill can be released. Skill Combo: First understand two points. Skill 1 or Skill 3 can be released during the release of Skill 2, and Skill 1 can be released during the release of Skill 3. It’s easier to quickly clear troops and fight groups with only 121 on the line. 1 flash 213 hits the back row to control and damage high-level combos. Understand by yourself, below the king rank, only these two combos are enough for you to become the king. Up. Although this hero is currently only T2, I don’t think that playing a bit more carefully will not be able to fight any confrontation. At most, there will not be too much headwind. Even if it comes out of a meat outfit, only a shadow battle axe is needed, and a set of damage to the crispy skin can be seconds in the later stage. Teams only need to fight full control and damage, and basically win. If you can lose according to what I said, then you have not dealt with other problems, or your teammates are too mechanical.

5 months ago

Li Xin is not good, can’t move, this hero has the advantage and can’t bring the rhythm, the disadvantage is too small, especially for a slight streak, the system will arrange a wave for you, and you will find that this hero is extremely weak. If both sides are level They are all close. Light letter’s home keeping ability or secret letter’s home stealing ability may increase the team’s win rate, but if your teammates are not as good as the opponent, this hero will win. Unless you are a faith player, it is more recommended to use secret letter, try to bring Rhythm, to help teammates play containment, play an advantage. The remaining Ma Chao is very strong. Although it is somewhat weakened, it does not affect the core mechanism. This hero has the ability to radiate the advantage to the audience. Yao can be too, but it weakens too much, a little bit of tricks. Guan Yu, although this hero has a teleportation formation, his winning rate has dropped, but this hero can control the field, can bring rhythm, has an effect throughout the period, can resist c, and always t1 wing. Tanbian is more suitable for the current version, Zhu Bajie, Bai Qi, Lian Po, will never lose after practice, good lineup. The first recommendation is white, with strong rhythmic ability, and the ability to cut c is just enough. Lian Po can play, can play support, it is best to build a lineup, not very economical, the panel value is sufficient. Zhu Bajie Tan has the answer, but it has weakened too much, not the power of the year, don’t blindly engage in double-roasting pigs, look at the lineup and your own record, the advantage can be developed, the disadvantage is to honestly engage in resistance first. Cheng Yaojin depends on the lineup. Although it is also a strong version, there is a final shot on the opposite side. Luban and descendants are not easy to cut. There are also protected lineups. Don’t take it. Otherwise, Luban will be passive with a piercing bow. , Directly teach you how to be a man. It hurts too much to get back to Ben. Standing next to Lu Bu…Yes, this is the trash hero. This version of the tank is still popular. Lu Bu is a good match for the lineup, but the strength is not high, and the gameplay is not high. There are still many hero genres, and it is also a first-hand post-guarantee. You can practice the renamed knife for the aerial slippers. Although the rhythm of the fish is a lot, this trick is really easy to use. Charlotte can do the same. Charlotte passively slows down the attack speed, which is quite restrained, but this hero is still a bit stupid. Don’t be kite. Sikong Zhen, thunder smashed the darkness, the version is strong, and the version answer is over. Meng Tian wants to say separately, this hero recommends tank production runes, but the style of play is a bit like a warrior. The main reason is that the attack distance is cut, the output is a little out of reach, the pure meat outfit, full of troops, the same stabbed people yelling, if you dare to fight, the less the blood, the more you will return. The more you can resist, the more you can fight. Assassin’s side road Yuange yyds, taking advantage of not cutting, quickly scored ~~~~ With strong rhythmic ability and strong throughout the period, it needs tricks. Don’t play with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Don’t play this thing. It’s easy to create obsessive-compulsive disorder. Miyue should be used as a jungler. If nothing happens, Miyue will be cut. Miyue has been cut all the time except for 2 skill deceleration. It is uncomfortable. The pen is fine. Now Miyue’s side road is not as strong as before, in the middle and late stages, and weaker than before the 2 skill deceleration was strengthened. The previous mask percentage damage + Miyue passive triggers are still that version. Especially the Yellow Knife is no longer paying, and the Blue Knife is really inferior to the jungle. At least Miyue is in the wild again. Those who jump around will not be able to beat Miyue.

5 months ago

As far as this season is concerned. Zhu Bajie, Cheng Yaojin. Really happy. The sense of control of the game that can’t kill you and can’t catch up with you, fights and finds that you can’t beat you is incomparable. If you live in the opponent’s wild area and don’t leave, the jungler will not eat all the monsters. The jungler will eat up the jungler by himself and chase the jungler at the same time. When the jungler with assistance, only two people will hammer together. The jungler will take 3-4 people to chase and intercept you. Just run, most people will not chase these two rascals all the time. If there are five, the opposite C position is not good, I can even change one. When you stand with the blue buff and look at the opponent’s jungler who wants to fight and can’t move, you are really happy.

5 months ago

Practice whoever you like. The top order is the most popular version, and there is no need to play strong heroes for top points. The pigs in the sewers in the first two days suddenly became T0 Tanbian in these two days. The sewers in the first two seasons: Hua Mulan, Sun Ce Yang Jian, are now T0 or T1 battle sides. I play Yao, and I highly recommend you to play Yao. Below this hero’s Glory, it’s completely chaotic, but it can be wild, you can play as an assassin or as a tank. very happy.

5 months ago

The so-called double burning flow means that you have to make two pieces of equipment, the red lotus cloak and the guard axe at the same time. In this case, even if you stand still, there will be more than 500 points of damage per second. If you are doing a counter-injury Thorn armor, you can say: “It’s quite scary.” If the subject only wants to deepen the road of confrontation, then I suggest you choose the following versions of strong heroes: Zhu Bajie, Bai Qi, Xiahou Dun, Cheng Yaojin, this kind of tank that brings back blood. It is meaty and has output and control. It is very efficient to support team fights and anti-wild, and the lower limit is very high, easy to operate, and skill mistakes have little effect. Or Xiang Yu, Lian Po, Ne Zha, this kind of fighters charging in the crowd. Double burning flow is suitable for them. If you are still using the yellow knife from last season, then you might as well try this set of double burning. The outfitting of the double burning stream is very simple, first make three small pieces: the first-level jungle knife, thorny handguards, resistance shoes & armor shoes. Don’t go out the red lotus first, the price is very low. Then in the beginning of the game, if the opposite hero is stronger than you, first take Ha Ling, and then clear the line. If the opposite hero is weaker than you, then grab the line first, then take He Ling, and play with the secret letter. same. After you finish these three-piece sets in the early stage, we will go out again with Guardian Axe and Little Red Lotus. The order should not be chaotic. After these four pieces of equipment are made, you will enter a strong period. At this time, our style of play is just one word: ” Greed” Because the wild knives are faster than the yellow knives to clear the wild, we should try our best to speed up the development of the wild, and then your next equipment must first upgrade the anti-armor, because the anti-armor is the most cost-effective, and it can guarantee you whether it is Against the wild or heads-up, the survivability will be greatly improved. Then we upgraded the 900-fast Red Lotus and the 1350 Giant’s Grip. This order cannot be wrong. If you can make these four pieces in 9 minutes, then the opposite assassin will have residual blood if he touches you a few times. At this time, the double-burning style has taken shape. In our subsequent equipment selection, the blood-recovering hero will be the Phoenix, the charging hero will be the Eternal Night, and the sixth piece of equipment will look at the lineup. Unknown, Overlord, and Violent will do. Finally, I want to emphasize: “This is a very low-limit play. Its advantage is simple and practical, not for show.”

5 months ago

Even if Ma Chaoyuange is weakened, even if there is no T0, there will be a T1. Don’t ask the team but what to do with Tanbian. This question is too stupid. To put it simply, Yuange’s better point than Ma Chao is that it can be played in the later stages, and it also has vision ability, a certain initial ability, and explosive second-hand ability. Ma Chao’s better than Yuange is that he has no blue bars, can return blood, runs fast, and has a tight rhythm. Generally, there is no late stage on the opposite side, but Ma Chao is very weak once it is dragged to the late stage. Sikong Zhen’s lane is too easy to be caught, and it is very difficult to grow. The real strength of Sikong is Liushen who sells shoes and sells big books. It needs 1W4 economy. After Liushen, basically can’t lose. After the teammates start the team, the backhand waits for the opposing wizard to hand in the burst, and after the assistant hand in control, the big move jumper’s face will fall off, and the rest will hit casually. Their output is not as fast as you suck blood. Zhu Bajie can live in the opposite wild area and win more than half of it, but if it goes against the wind for strange reasons, Zhu Bajie can play a small role. The most suitable lineup for Zhu Ba Jie is to match the strong jungler (Tiger Mirror) to strengthen the middle road (Chang’e Zhou Yu), and it is best to face the monkey Li Baina and Lulu. Guan Yu won’t, and doesn’t comment. Charlotte is twice as strong on the line and half as weak as the team, and is similar to Mi Yue’s line hero. It may be useless to fight against the road, and the one who can determine the outcome of the game must be the strong roaming gank and the strong teamfighting ability. And generally speaking, the opponent will not be able to play, the higher the segment, the lower the probability of eating alone online. Of course, whatever you like, after all, there are still people who insist on using light letter.

5 months ago

Recommend a hero against the road? That must recommend Charlotte! Among the warriors, Charlotte is the more flexible kind. Although at first you will think this hero is a bit “bells and whistles”, but after playing more, you will feel that she is actually not as difficult as you think, and it is easier to get started. It’s not complicated! In the confrontation, Charlotte can steadily suppress the opponent’s top laner (as long as the opponent is not of the slow control type). At the same time, Charlotte can also use combos to quickly consume the opponent’s HP. As a side fighter, Charlotte Special laning ability must be praised! In the middle and late stages, if Charlotte enters the field by flash, as long as the opponent has no control, he can use 2 skills and big moves to harvest the opponent’s head. Charlotte is in the domineering state during the release of the ultimate move, and can get 40% damage free. If all six sword marks are hit on the enemy, it will be enough to drop the remaining blood and crispy skin on the opposite side in seconds! Of course, if Charlotte encounters a shooter with control and displacement, she is still relatively passive, so if it is just the beginning of the practice of confrontation, I think Charlotte is still possible!

5 months ago

A hero on the side: Guan Yumachao (choose one of the two or practice both) Old Master Hua Mulan. These heroes cover basically all the functions of the side: single belt, open group and cut c. And there is the possibility of playing more with less. Needless to say, Guan Yu, if Ma Chao and Guan Yu choose one of the two, I would recommend Guan Yu. The second skill of the charge form is basically incomprehensible, stepping on a foot and turning a knife, the opposite c position is not dead or disabled. Once the team fight starts, find the right opportunity to break the opposing formation. But the shortcomings are also obvious: afraid of control, easy to be broken, especially now a few new side heroes Charlotte Sikong shock, can beat Guan Yu to autism. Ma Chao-the representative of the wingman, a frequent visitor to the high score peak game. However, it is more difficult to get started, mainly because the two extremes are the ones that can and can’t play during the laning phase. One is to clear the side road plus a wild area; the other is the human-shaped defensive tower. Hua Mulan: It is also a hero who must be trained on the side lanes. The mechanics are very good. It is so good that as long as you increase a little value, it may lead to an unsolvable existence. Therefore, the planning is generally very cautious about the changes to Mulan. This also means that her strength is always online but not too high. It’s easy to cut a shooter wizard in a normal game. There is also a very easy to use laning Charlotte. I usually use Mulan on the side of Charlotte and Baiqi on the side of Tan. Old Master: Because of being passive, he can demolish a defensive tower as long as he doesn’t look at the old Master. The high damage prevention and movement speed provided by the second skill can give the old master more room for manipulation. The big move is a weapon to open the group heads-up. The selection of Summoner skills can also be varied. If you train these sideways well, you can also get started with other sideways well. (Except Yuange) Of course I don’t recommend practicing Yuange.

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