Reference News reported on April 20 that according to Reuters, on the 19th local time, New Zealand Foreign Minister Mahuta said in a speech at the New Zealand-China Relations Promotion Committee that the “Five Eyes Alliance” expanded its scope of authority and made New Zealand “uneasy.” . She said that New Zealand opposed the use of the “Five Eyes Alliance” to “a collective voice on a series of issues beyond the scope of the “Five Eyes Alliance”.”

The scope of the so-called “Five Eyes Alliance” traditionally refers to the collection and sharing of intelligence. This alliance was born during World War II and is composed of five English-speaking countries, the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. However, in recent years, the organization’s hands have become longer and longer, and it has been frequently criticized by China on issues related to China’s internal affairs such as Xinjiang and Hong Kong. It has been criticized many times by the Chinese side. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian said “regardless of their length. Five eyes are still ten eyes. As long as they dare to harm China’s sovereignty, security, and development interests, and be careful to be blinded, it is widely known.

However, the alliance is not monolithic, and New Zealand seems to be the “weak link”. For example, New Zealand has previously been reluctant to sign a joint statement criticizing China by its “Five Eyes Alliance” partners. New Zealand did not participate in the process of gathering more than a dozen countries to question the WHO’s new coronavirus traceability report. The New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained the reasons and said that the country hopes to independently analyze the WHO report. In January of this year, China and New Zealand also formally signed the escalation protocol of the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. For this reason, the neglected Australian politicians were so angry that the Australian media also criticized New Zealand for “undermining the alliance and unity” and “too moderate to China.” “.

Among the various critics, the British media reports are quite representative. The “Daily Telegraph” report stated bluntly at the beginning of the first sentence: While seeking to establish a closer alliance with China, its largest trading partner, New Zealand has broken with its “Five Eyes” intelligence partners, including Britain. Although the report also quoted sources from the British intelligence agency that New Zealand’s foreign minister Mahuta’s remarks did not represent the “rupture of the Five Eyes alliance,” the report anxiously concluded that New Zealand will focus on China. “The Times” directly pointed out: “Five eyes” will become “Four eyes”.


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5 months ago

After living in New Zealand for six years, let me talk about some of my observations. Whether the government is friendly to China or closely following the Five Eyes Alliance, it has no effect on the locals. New Zealanders’ attention to international politics is horribly low. Even in the general election, the political parties’ election policies related to diplomacy are not ranked in the top ten. The vast majority of people care about three things, whether wages will rise or not, tax cuts will not be cut, and benefits will not rise. Really a small country with few people, such a big thing as the new crown, after being controlled here, nothing is the same. What should I do, the same as in China. The New Zealand government basically just sits and takes a nap on international affairs. What do you guys do? Occasionally someone awakens me and just screams. But what is interesting is that the locals are not like frogs in the bottom of the well like some Western countries, on the contrary, they have a certain understanding of China. After all, it is a small country with few people, and it is not qualified for Yelang to be arrogant. On the one hand, there are a lot of local Chinese, and no one has a Chinese friend; on the other hand, Chinese catering, retail, and real estate penetrate all aspects of society, and it is impossible to understand them. Although the mainstream society is still dominated by whites, the Maori, as aboriginals, have a very high political status (although their social status is very low and there are many people on subsistence allowance). Whether it is for political correctness or votes, the end result is a social consensus that the Maori are the masters of this land. Therefore, there is no way to generate systematic discrimination like Australia (occasionally), because white people lack the “legitimateness” of discrimination. White people, like Chinese, are all guests. Who do you discriminate against? Under this framework, many New Zealand government actions can be understood. As a Chinese, I not only hope that my motherland will be good, but I also hope that such an alienated place will be able to take care of myself. In a few decades, when the world situation is preliminarily set, the two countries will continue to be friendly. Don’t make any major twists and turns during this period.

5 months ago

I’m really going crazy. The homepage of Microsoft Edge keeps pushing me negative news about China, and one homepage is 60% full. I have never searched about politics, and I don’t know what’s wrong with the algorithm. Every time I see these news headlines, I roll my eyes to the anus. “This is the intelligence inner circle of the goodguys” I saw the author of this article describe 5eyes with this sentence, I really vomit

5 months ago

There happened to be a discussion on the extranet: Why does New Zealand seem to want to have a closer relationship with China? Is it wise for them to leave the Five Eyes Alliance? Why is New Zealand seemingly wanting to have closer ties with China? Is it wise of them to leave the 5 eyes alliance? Zealand New Zealand must maintain close ties with China, because half of the goods we export are there. We rely on China economically. If other members of the five countries want New Zealand to stand with them more, then let us rely on them economically. They don’t have much trade with us, so they need to put money in their hands. Especially the United Kingdom, New Zealand was established as a food producing country for the United Kingdom. Then in 1973, they abandoned us and switched to importing food from other places. Now they are not happy that we have become dependent on China for exporting food. In fact, they created this situation. Occupying a country, making it your main food producer, and then changing your mind to make it financially impoverished is a bit shameless. They should give more consideration to the political impact of this approach and how it will affect their further development. In addition, New Zealand did not leave, but was obviously threatened by being kicked out. This is not democratic, because one of the factors that belong to this Five Eyes alliance is that it allows you to have different opinions. You can’t be driven out because you have a different point of view, it will be totalitarianism. New Zealand tends to deal with matters diplomatically, and the government does not want to take tough measures. They want China to know what they think of some terrible things China is doing, but that doesn’t mean you have to threaten them, because in many cases, this will only have an adverse effect on you. In addition, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark also expressed his views. She said that the “Five Eyes Alliance” used to be a private matter that did not receive media attention, and since it was related to espionage, it should be maintained in this state. I agree with this. 2. Thomas Lee Multinational Senior Executive New Zealand hopes to establish a closer relationship with China is undoubtedly, because China is New Zealand’s largest trading partner so far. New Zealand exports 16.7 billion U.S. dollars worth of goods to China (as of March 2020), more than twice that of Australia, our second largest export market. Earlier this week, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of New Zealand made it clear that New Zealand does not want to participate in the “Five Eyes” activity except for spying on each other within and outside of the “Five Eyes”. In particular, New Zealand does not want to join the Five Eyes organization, constantly demonizing, insulting and attacking China and other countries. Having said that, there is no sign that New Zealand wants to leave the Five Eyes Alliance at this stage, unless the other Four Eyes continue to engage in activities that force New Zealand to join, embarrassing and hurting New Zealand’s national interests. 3. Joseph Siew, former financial writer, geopolitical writer, wealth manager; degree from National University of Singapore, graduated in 1994 Former Financial Writer, Geopolitical Writer, Wealth Mgr; degree from National University of Singapore Graduated 1994 This is the New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs I discovered Narnia-Mahuta said that she eagerly hopes to see the intelligence network only staying on intelligence sharing. “The Five Eyes Alliance is a network composed of five like-minded countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, to share security-related intelligence.” Obviously, New Zealand is tired of the new position of the “Five Eyes Alliance”; it is not so much that New Zealand wants to have closer ties with China, it is better to say that it just wants to return to the status quo. Just like on the school playground, an Anglo-Saxon gossip group was forced to start attacking a Chinese boy, because the leader of this group believed that the Chinese boy was tall, dark and handsome, and he would take all the girls. It turned out that the Chinese boy was an otaku and had no interest in snatching any girls. A member of the gossip group believed that it was crazy to start bullying a Chinese boy just because the group leader had delusions. Therefore, he decided to state his position, and if forced to do so, he might withdraw from this group. 4. Thye Kim Meng London/Wolverhampton Bachelor of Laws (Hons)/Engineering (Hons); Lives in Singapore LLB (hons)/ Bsc (hons)Eng from London/Wolverhampton; Lives in Singapore 1980 –Present New Zealand is pragmatic and refuses to be a vassal state. New Zealand understands that its future lies in the world’s largest consumer market, and that is China. Australia has more choices and has chosen a more challenging path to decouple from China. I think Australia believes that this challenging path is more meaningful. New Zealand will find this method too challenging for its survival. New Zealand does not want to be close to China culturally and politically. The business relationship between China and New Zealand is very good. The United States thinks that it can trip China in some way by creating tensions and letting a few vassal states obey them. This is completely wrong. They can only unite the Chinese and meet challenges and promote their own development through their efficient management plans and execution. 5. GJ Coop lives in New Zealand. Lives in New Zealand Five Eyes Alliance is an intelligence gathering organization. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are the five members. New Zealand has had an independent foreign policy for some time and does not want to act like the US Deputy Sheriff Australia. New Zealand has a history of independence. For example, it prohibits nuclear-powered ships from entering the country, does not participate in the invasion of Iraq, and so on. Why should we try to antagonize our main trading partners for meaningless grandstanding? We will not leave the intelligence gathering alliance, but if we are driven out of the alliance, then this is not the alliance we want to be. 6. Lance Chambers, PhD in Genetic Algorithms, University of South Australia, graduated in 1995; Lives in Australia PhD in Genetic Algorithms, University of South Australia Graduated 1995; Lives in Australia Each country has the right to do what it considers to the country within a certain range And the best things for the people. I believe that Mahuta’s statement to the Australian government shows that she and the people of New Zealand support her. It seems that New Zealand has decided that their future relationship with China is closer than their relationship with the West. Given the actual location of New Zealand and Australia, their relationship with China is closer than their relationship with the West, which makes a lot of sense. New Zealand is also a member of RCEP, as is Australia. However, when Australia continued to attack China, New Zealand adopted a different strategy, that is, keeping in line with the Far East and staying away from the West. For those who do not know RCEP, RCEP is the largest free trade zone in the world. It is considered to be the center of world trade and therefore will become the richest region in the world in the future. 7. Kay Mackenzie works in a self-employed enterprise; Works at Self-Employment in Auckland, New Zealand; Lives in Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand has not left the 5 Eyes Alliance. New Zealand Foreign Minister Mahuta only said that the Five Eyes Alliance is a security alliance, and she believes that it should be limited to security matters. She told the media that since she became Minister of Foreign Affairs, she does not want to use “Five Eyes” as the first point of contact on a series of issues that do not fall within her purview. “This is a question we asked our partners in the Five Eyes Alliance. We are uneasy about expanding the scope of the Five Eyes Alliance.” 8. John Hardman, writer; studied at the Master of Psychology; lives in Writer, San Diego, California; Studied at MS in Psychology; Lives in San Diego, CA Yes, it is wise for New Zealand to leave the “Five Eyes” racist coalition and realize that they are Asian countries and no longer Anglo-Saxons. The current world is globalized, and the old colonial alliance with Britain is not so much an asset as it is a hindrance. Now, the governments of the United Kingdom and the United States are basically dysfunctional. Except for intelligence sharing, they hardly provide protection for the geographically isolated New Zealand and Australia. Now is the time to end the nostalgia of British colonialism, and it is also the time to assess the reality of power transfer to Asia in the post-pandemic world. The Commonwealth will die together with Queen Elizabeth, and the colonies need to find a new reason for existence outside the United Kingdom. 9. Martin Doyle lives in Australia Lives in Australia New Zealand is a sovereign country, it does not need to do what Australia or the United States want. It has the freedom to choose its own friends or business partners. The Five Eyes Eavesdropping Alliance is an outdated organization and should not exist. I know it employs thousands of people, but can’t these people find jobs that increase national productivity? 10. Michael Sue graduated from the London College of Fashion in 1969 and obtained the Certificate in Design and from The London College of Fashion Graduated in 1969. New Zealand does not have to leave the Five Eyes Alliance. It can choose to “not join with other countries in an unfriendly containment conspiracy against China.” It is pragmatic. New Zealand knows that it needs to coexist with ASEAN and China as neighbors (with the exception of China being its largest trading partner). New Zealand “think with their soul”. Australia only “thinks with their eggs”. 11. Daniel Eyre New Zealander New Zealander does not want to do this. The trade relationship between New Zealand and China has a long history, which is a natural result. And this has nothing to do with the Five Eyes intelligence arrangement.

5 months ago

In fact, it is difficult to make correct judgments about mentally unstable people. This New Zealand government leader has a very special style of doing things. Let me talk about what this buddy has done. New Zealand Prime Minister Dan, female, has always been thinking about it. When she took her child to the United Nations General Assembly, she asked the meeting to be suspended and she wanted to breastfeed the child. It is said to be the first time in the history of the United Nations. After the terrorist attack in Christchurch, she participated in many memorial activities. Then, her team and the media were overwhelmed with noise and suggested that “our Prime Minister should apply for the Nobel Peace Prize.” At that time, I also searched the Internet for “Funeral, Nobel Peace Prize”. I was wondering if anyone in history won the Nobel Prize for attending a funeral. Before this buddy came to power, New Zealand’s business confidence index ranked second among Western countries. After she came to power, it was still second, and the bottom brother was Greece. This result has also been very stable. In this regard, I also posted a circle of friends, leaving a message saying that you are having a bad time, so I can rest assured. Various questionnaires indicate that she will not be re-elected. However, this buddy is lucky, and the epidemic is coming. When the New Zealand blowout increased, none of the cases came from the mainland. The first thing she did was to suspend flights to the mainland. The number of imported cases from India has been high. This buddy just announced the suspension of flights to India last week. During the period when Australia was forced to talk about China, this buddy has been following up and calling out, including the massacre of young civilians by the Australian army in Afghanistan. After Zhao Lijian scolded her several times by name, and Australia and the mainland have almost stagnated economic and trade, New Zealand leaders from all walks of life jointly wrote to her, begging her to shut up. This buddy is also very funny. One day, she announced a series of plans to reduce carbon emissions to the world. The next 50 years are all planned. Two weeks later, this buddy was refused to participate in the Western Conference on the subject. The reason is: The plan is not sincere. When I saw this news, I was drinking at the cafe and almost squirted out at the time. To be honest, I was a little surprised by the New Zealand Foreign Minister’s statement. I don’t know if it belongs to the mentality that you don’t play with me and I don’t play with you. One more thing must be said, this buddy is very fucking. Before the election, she visited Chinese associations and the media and declared that if she was elected, she would actively promote the immigration policy of family reunification. As a result, she announced the suspension of the family reunion policy on the second day after her election and there was no plan to reopen it. It’s so fucking. All my good impressions of Western countries are from Hollywood movies. Those movies are so terrible. If it is an exaggeration to say that every brick and tile in Western countries is covered with the blood of the colonial people, then I will tell you that the Maori in New Zealand hate the whites and gnash their teeth. VIP in prison. The foreign minister of New Zealand is a Maori. This government likes to do eye-catching things, and everything it does is for votes. The foreign minister’s remarks are in line with their style. I am also 100% sure that they will definitely do something disgusting with China in the near future. Ugly people are more strange, just wait and see. Now, I love my motherland more and more. Someone asked me why I didn’t go back to China. Hey, I am a low-end population and a foodie. Returning to China is to add chaos to the motherland. Another reason is that I haven’t saved enough pension money. I definitely have to go back when I return home. Enough is enough for this egg place.

5 months ago

I have to say that this conclusion of the British media is really sensational and sinister. This move is tantamount to labeling New Zealand as “pro-China”. Once New Zealand’s internal opposition becomes too loud, the country may have to publicly explain its relationship with China, and will be afraid of dealing with China in the future. It may even choose to embrace the “Five Eyes Alliance” completely under pressure and embark on a path of confrontation with China. Is it familiar? That’s right, Western politicians and the media have tried this method repeatedly. So what is the real situation? Let’s restore the scene. According to the New Zealand Herald, the largest daily newspaper in New Zealand, Mahuta described the relationship between New Zealand and China in his speech using the beasts of the water “Taniwa” and the dragon in Maori mythology. She said: “I think Taniva and the dragon symbolize the power of our special customs, traditions and values. These customs are not always the same, but they need to be maintained and respected.” Mahuta believes that “New Zealand hopes Establish a relationship of mutual respect with China, but the two countries will not always reach an agreement. It is important to recognize this and treat each other fairly and honestly.” Of course, Mahuta is not entirely talking about it. For example, in her speech, she also pointed out that there are “significant risks” in the high debts of the Pacific region. However, unlike some Western media accusing China of investing in the region as a “debt trap,” Mahuta did not follow suit and criticize it. In addition, Mahuta also emphasized that New Zealand seeks to pursue long-term, deep-seated values ​​and interests, and hopes to be a “respectful, predictable and consistent” partner in its exchanges with China. All the starting points of the government are ” The long-term interests of all New Zealanders must be considered.” To be honest, this kind of speech really does not show that New Zealand is going to “fall to China” or that “five eyes” will change to “four eyes”. The Deutsche Welle website believes that New Zealand just wants to formulate its own line of relations with China. As Mahuta said, China and New Zealand will have differences in many aspects such as values ​​and interests, but the most important thing is mutual respect. Isn’t this the basic principle of state-to-state relations that China has always advocated? And this just touched the negative scales of those countries that like to engage in “small circles” and engage in confrontation. In fact, New Zealand has a historical tradition of having a high degree of independence when choosing foreign policies. According to an article in Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, in the mid-1980s, New Zealand blatantly confronted the United States, declaring its territorial waters, airspace, and territory as a nuclear-free zone. To this day, it is still a nuclear-free zone. This move angered the then-U.S. President Reagan and announced the termination of New Zealand’s participation in the United States-Australia Joint Security Agreement. But this decision not only enhanced New Zealand’s domestic pride and international status, but it also remained the foundation of its foreign policy. The Hong Kong media article also pointed out that New Zealand believes that it is more in its national interest to adopt a more balanced policy towards China than to join the US-China struggle. And China and New Zealand can show the world how two capable governments can get rid of ideology and grandstanding, and work together for mutual benefit. I would like to advise some western media and politicians not to live in the present, and to stop their minds during the Cold War. They should not always save others by one’s own self and assume that they want to fight in groups. What China is pursuing is different from what you think.​​​​

5 months ago

Generally speaking, it is not necessarily aimed at New Zealand. 1. First of all, don’t personify the country, thinking that there is still personality, temperament, and morality. In the 19th century, the famous British Prime Minister Palmerston said: “The British Empire does not have permanent friends, only permanent interests.” (A country does not have permanent friends, only permanent interests). Nowadays, it has become the foundation of state-to-state relations. The principle of sex. In January this year, China and New Zealand also formally signed an upgrade protocol to the China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. How can politicians not understand how many interests are there and how to weigh them? Therefore, if the benefits (or damages) they get from others outweigh the benefits of their friendship with China, there is nothing to be surprised about if they repeat themselves. 2. 1700 years ago, Chen Shou wrote in The History of the Three Kingdoms·Zhuge Liang: “The minister dared not exhaust his strength and loyalty, followed by the death call. Weak countries have no diplomacy.” At that time, how much have you endured? The good name is to hide one’s power and bide time. Isn’t it awkward to say it is to swallow one’s breath? That little New Zealand is far away and almost equidistant from the top two. No matter what it does, it is just a crack in the cracks. This kind of country can only be used to wave the flag. Where can it become a decisive force? So if he falls to the West tomorrow and the East the next day, neither side will be unwelcome and neither side will be severely sanctioned. Everyone understands. 1000 years ago, Chao Buzhi’s “Chicken Rib Collection · Beizhuting Fu” said: “Take your physiology in the four directions, solidify the Qin Dynasty and twilight Chu.” It is said that this is how small countries survived during the Warring States Period 2,200 years ago. 3. “Han Feizi” said: “If you are vertical, you can attack a strong if you are weak; if you are a strong person, you can attack the weak.” How long have you been playing together? It’s not too much to say that it has been integrated into China’s blood? But in the final analysis, under the circumstance that there is no possibility of destroying the country, it is nothing more than seizing the opportunity to develop, or being blocked and interrupting development. We want to develop, and we must also develop. We have countless ancestors’ experiences to learn from when dealing with international relations, but don’t expect us to survive like Americans after surpassing the United States. If it is true, it is just a young dragon slayer. That’s it. If you fight with the dragon for too long, you will also become the dragon; if you stare at the abyss for too long, you will stare back at the abyss. ——Nietzsche’s “Beyond Side of Good and Evil” teacher who is armed with dragon slaying skills, is still a teenager when he returns, and I hope that the Chinese under his glory will be too.

5 months ago

You can find a problem from the epidemic. New Zealand has a population of 5 million and the number of infected people is 1,200. It is considered good in the world. Only North Korea, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Taiwan are ranked first. Nothing. Except for the infection in the above-mentioned countries and regions. Rates are higher than New Zealand, including Hong Kong. The first Germany was washed by the second wave, and the foreign media’s awkward Japan was washed by 4 or 5 waves. So why is there only one New Zealand in the entire West? There is only one possibility that the New Zealand government did the right thing, and it is difficult to do the right thing during the epidemic, because the West was jokes at the beginning of the epidemic, and New Zealand directly adopted the lockdown. The island country closed the city, but instead of talking about closing the city, it closed the island directly and learned the Chinese method. In this way, the New Zealand government is a pragmatic government. At least this prime minister did the right thing. This is the youngest female prime minister in the world. She should be only 35 or 36 years old this year. She is very pragmatic and knows how to measure. In fact, it’s not just now. New Zealand did not participate in the Hong Kong incident in 19 years. This is what China did. Making a fortune in a muffled voice is what China has done for the past 40 years. Now China can’t hide it anymore. It’s too big to have to take the initiative to show up. Now Vietnam is also learning from China, making a fortune in silence. Having said so much, I just want to say that, fundamentally, the New Zealand government is different from all Western governments. New Zealand clearly sees the future 10 years from now. The entire West has not seen the general trend of the world clearly, and still wants to struggle before the end of the 350 years of world hegemony. In order to surpass Britain in GDP in 1895, the United States eliminated Germany, the Soviet Union, Japan, and the European Union after its international influence in World War II defeated Britain. Now China is the fifth challenge. Most countries in the world, especially Western countries, have empiricism at work. It is believed that the probability of the United States winning is still very high, and it is impossible for a pragmatic government such as New Zealand to fail to see China’s future NO1 status. The inertial thinking of the Western media cannot be changed in the short term. They have been blowing 300 years, but it is strange that they want to talk 300 years. However, history is never a simple repetition. How did Greece and Rome end the curtain? Today’s Rome will most likely be repeated in other ways. This is a normal way for a group of fools to be surprised when they see a smart person doing it. Not surprising, it’s normal. The wise man is New Zealand, who is the fool?

5 months ago

Regarding the news reports between these countries, I have something to say: The accumulation of primitive wealth is always accompanied by ugliness. So who said that the wealth they hold now is not ugly? Are they themselves? To put it bluntly, it is reasonable for you to be civilized because you have a lot of money and people are stupid. When your money is not easy to make, but you take the money from me to fight for the right to speak, then you have to deal with you, right? Why are you afraid of being strong? Because I am afraid that you are strong, just like when they were strong, clean up the weak. This kind of bandit logic has not fallen since the time of their great voyages. The Chinese must realize that when robbers have money, they will be polite and charity, but in essence they are still robbers. When they have no other way to mess with you, the robber side should be revealed. Don’t think that they are good people with advanced technology and strong economic strength. There is still a gap between China and foreign countries. You and I must continue to work hard to catch up and surpass them!

5 months ago

Normally, the anti-China motives of the other four countries of the Five Eyes Alliance are very clear: the United States must always be the boss and suck the blood of the world, and kill China to prevent China from threatening its dollar hegemony and military hegemony; Canada is the small follower of the United States, the United States What is it doing? The UK is always messing with shit, and the more chaotic the world is, the more profitable it will be. I also want to show that I am not a second-rate country through anti-China troubles. What happened in Hong Kong before was not that they were fooling around behind; Australia itself I feel that I am the boss of Australia and that China’s Belt and Road Initiative threatens its status. White countries also have a common anti-China reason, which is the deep-rooted racist ideas of white dominant countries. They think that Chinese are barbarians, monkeys, and stupid and dirty yellow thieves. How can they be threatened by the yellow race as a high-level white race? status. From killing Aborigines in Australia to killing Indians in the Americas, to white police killing blacks and bullying Asians, it can be seen that this racist thinking of robbers has been firmly implemented by these countries to this day. But New Zealand is different. First of all, New Zealand’s economy is highly dependent on China. Whether it is trade, tourism or study abroad, China is their extremely important trading partner. Anti-China does not bring any visible benefits to New Zealand. A country in the Pacific, which is a little bit bigger, will not get any benefits if China fails to recover. For the other four countries, if China is strong, it will squeeze their discourse power in their international status and economic hegemony. New Zealand need not worry about this, because New Zealand does not have an international status, and the economy is supported by China, and there is no need to worry about being confronted by China. Liquidation. Britain and the United States are worried that we will liquidate them to kill indigenous people, rob Chinese cultural relics, and the Eight-Power Allied Forces of the Opium War. What does New Zealand worry about? Worried that China will steal their sheep? Obviously not. On the contrary, the stronger China and the higher the per capita consumption level, the more beneficial to the New Zealand economy. If New Zealand insists on anti-China, it will inevitably be subject to our economic sanctions. Australia can rely on itself as a resource country to bear sanctions. Most of New Zealand’s economic growth is based on the tertiary industry. If China is sanctioned, the economic loss will be real. On the issue of racism, New Zealand is also different. Do whites in New Zealand engage in racism? Also engage. However, as a country with heavy immigrants, New Zealand has a much lower percentage of whites. The proportions of Maori, Pacific Islanders, and Asians in New Zealand are not low. Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, now has a quarter of the population of Asians. Auckland is a city without a Chinese street, because walking everywhere is like walking on a Chinese street. Asian faces are everywhere. With this proportion of the population, white supremacy has been compressed, and racial discrimination still exists, but it is relatively flat. So from New Zealand’s standpoint, the epidemic is predominant, and tourism and study are all over. Originally, our economy was affected. However, because you are all your own people, you are still united with you. But it’s been more than a year. Now the epidemic is not over. Globalization is getting finished. We are indeed a bit poor, and we are anti-China. Now we really want to make some money. Your other four-eyed words are pretty good. If I didn’t pay a cent, I continued to scold China. If I didn’t scold me, I would say that I was pro-China. Therefore, the New Zealand government stated that New Zealand opposed the use of the “Five Eyes Alliance” to “a collective voice on a series of issues beyond the scope of the “Five Eyes Alliance”.”

5 months ago

There are also levels within the Five Eyes Alliance. Take the confidentiality label of the classified document issued by the US Central Intelligence Agency as an example: if the confidentiality label is REL TO USA/AUS/CAN/GBR/NZL, it can be read by intelligence agencies in all countries of the Five Eyes Alliance. But if the security label is REL TO USA, GBR, only US and British intelligence agencies can read it. It can be seen that within the Five Eyes Alliance, it is obvious that the relationship between Britain and the United States is closer than with the other companies. As for the remaining families, New Zealand is the weakest, which the New Zealand government admits. New Zealand is the weakest country in the Five Eyes Alliance. The importance of the Five Eyes Alliance is also the smallest for New Zealand. Then it will naturally not care about the views of other Five Eyes Alliance countries for other interests.

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