I don’t know much about Batman. Although I admire Batman very much, I wonder if it is Batman that a billionaire can do more? Bruce Wayne said that he was Batman to make the bad guys feel scared and prevent them from committing crimes. But in the end, Gotham City is not simple and honest? If he chooses to use the means of a billionaire, can anyone else in Gotham hang him? So, did he become Batman for justice or revenge?

Because billionaires are not rare animals in Gotham. Many people have the illusion that Batman, that is, Bruce Wayne, has a big family business that can be used in all of Gotham City, covering the sky with only one hand. This is not the case. This is because the lack of understanding of Gotham City has been misled. Gotham is a very, very large city. You can even say that it is a tiny country. There are many factions in the city, and the eight immortals cross the sea. Supernatural powers. Those who can survive in Gotham are among the top ruthless people, and there are even many ruthless characters from other cities who want to come to Gotham to make a name (for example, Luthor often wants to live in Gotham, although in the end they basically end up. Very miserable) There are a lot of Gotham villains represented by rich and powerful, all of which are very old fashion images. They are the most ingrained evil in this city. On the contrary, they are clowns and riddles. They are more like a clear stream of Gotham City (mudslides…). Batman wants to change Gotham by money alone, no matter what. Whether it is in comics or other related works, Wayne Enterprise has done its best to make its own industry into a business that benefits the people and engages in construction. Lucius Fox, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, is also a powerful equipment provider for Batman. However, even so, there are still many disputes within Wayne Enterprise, and there will even be many villains. For example, the Riddler has worked in Wayne Enterprise, Poison Ivy, and Frozen Man. These villains are all related to Wayne Enterprise. Silky ties. Batman is not a fairy. He can’t kill all the enemies in a second. He can only try to ensure the survival of the Gothams within his own power and die as little as possible. As for those who engage in red thinking, don’t even think about it in Gotham. It’s not that red is wrong, but in Gotham, an outstanding and spiritual city, you’re doing red is equivalent to sending the people to death directly… even if the means are not so vicious as a riddler. Such a refined villain also tried to induce the US government to throw missiles to blow up the entire Gotham in the “Batman: Zero Year” story. In the “Batman Borderlands” storyline, it is even more outspoken that Gotham is a city abandoned by the United States. Among the villains, there are at least the following in total disregard of the life and death of Gotham (the kind that directly neutralizes Gotham from the earth): the clown (see his mood), the riddler (not often bombed, but it is definitely Hard work), League of Assassins (Batman’s father-in-law Lhasa Agu, the biggest wish is to level the Gotham core and then rebuild), Leviathan (Talia Agu, father is kind and filial, daughter inherits his father’s inheritance), Shengdu Mas sect (the angel of death, he is also a master who doesn’t mind destruction anyway), the black fire sect (there is no card, but the goal is the same as the group above). So Gotham can survive to this day without being blown to the dust, it is the result of Batman’s unremitting efforts… (You ca

even say that the most popular person in Gotham City is Batman himself… No one is more TG. ) You still let him live and work in peace and contentment… Do you think he doesn’t want to? It’s too much.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

If the master really only uses the means of a billionaire, there are really many people who have crossed him. His father Thomas Wayne is a man who tried to change Gotham with capital, so Thomas died. Not because his efforts are useless at all, but because in Gotham, all attempts to reverse this evil city within the system are useless. I believe you all understand that the problem of Gotham is far more than just too few good people and too many bad people. Everything in Gotham is distorted. On the surface, the city is a magnificent palace, with capital and opportunities everywhere, but only those who walk in know how many disgusting things are hidden behind this palace. Moreover, the financial resources of the Wayne Group cannot be dominated by the Gotham family, not to mention how much resistance and attacks will be received in the underworld and Baidao. Think about Harvey Dante, a once-motivated local attorney, who was once known as the light knight (corresponding to the dark knight) and finally turned into a terrifying, hideous, double-faced man in the hands of this city. In fact, the source of the problem is not the criminals. The criminals are just a concrete manifestation of the city’s problems. Batman can subdue criminals with an iron fist, but he can’t subdue Gotham. Where there is light, there are shadows, the master knows this very well. So he didn’t try to use light to destroy the shadow, but incarnate the shadow. But he also knew that the shadow could not be eliminated. (Write a little more easily) So some people will say that Batman is hypocritical, saying that he never really wants to save the city. He defeated so many criminals but not as a killer, but blindly allowed them to escape and commit crimes again and again. Again, the real problem with Gotham is not the criminals. Since I can’t make the shadow disappear, I can make the light more and brighter. This light, let us put it another way, is called hope. Before Batman appeared, street criminals raged at night, robbed, murdered, and drugged. How many people can only live in fear and anxiety, praying that they can survive the next night, or not to be stabbed by someone while walking through a dark alley, just for a few banknotes in their wallets . Now, people may still not be able to walk into every alley with confidence, maybe not every night can be spent peacefully. But when facing the white-collar who shivered with sharp blades and took out his wallet, looking at the murderous mob who had been stunned by the black shadow falling from the sky five seconds ago, the police were ordered to hunt down the murderous criminal, hoping that they would not be hit. When he died with a gun and found that the criminals had been tied to the street lamp and the black cloak on the roof of the distant building flashed, when the night came, people were nervous but there was always a ray of light piercing the darkness and projecting the bat symbol on the clouds. What do you think people will feel? grateful? Sigh of relief? The joy of the rest of your life? Or hope that tomorrow will be better? People think Batman is fear, darkness, and nightmare. But he never understood that he was indistinguishable from Superman. Those who are heroes give people hope.

5 months ago

The screenwriter had already thought of it, so he compiled the Owl Court. Watch out for the Owl Court and keep an eye on your travels. Look at Gotham City from the dark, hidden in the low-walled attic. He is with him at home, as well as in bed and bed room. Wanmo mentioned his name, and the claws found your head. Owl Court, an organization from the darker parts of Gotham. It was born much earlier than Batman and even the Wayne family. He is at odds with Gotham’s history. They even knew about the existence of Barbatos. In other words, compared with the Wayne Group, there is a higher order management. Regardless of money or power, everything is better than this organization. It secretly operates everything in Gotham. If you think money is useful, you are too naive, and the owl’s claws will surely catch your throat. (Actually, I told you that the Gotham root is rotten and there is no way to save it)

5 months ago

First ask if it is, then ask why. First of all, various places in comics, animation and game movies have shown that the master has done good deeds of improving Gotham as Bruce Wayne, such as the revitalization plan at the beginning of the new 52, building a building in Gotham; for example, in the game movie, Bruce sponsored Ha Vidant campaign; for example, “Thomas and Martha Wayne Children’s Welfare Institute” that has appeared in various media. Of course, Bruce knew that Batman could not completely solve Gotham’s problem, so he did a lot of things on the surface, but when we watched comics and movies, we watched Batman, so these descriptions are not too long. Secondly, choose to use wealth to solve the problem instead of being a masked vigilante. Someone has done this before. Who, master his father Thomas Wayne, the result? Tragically dead in the alley. The master knew early on that it was impossible to improve Gotham by relying on the strength of the light, so he became Batman, hoping that the supplement on both sides could become the solution.

5 months ago

Some stories have a small stage and a small world view. They are all trivial and trivial, but they are a Hongda narrative, such as Bailuyuan, such as the Dream of Red Mansions, such as a hundred years of loneliness. Some stories have a very big stage and a big world view. They are always right and evil, Star Wars, and the end of the world, but the essence is a very narrow “type story”, such as Star Wars, such as Star Trek, such as DC Marvel’s big Most comics. What is Batman? ——Superhero, born in the 1930s in the United States. How did superhero comics come about? ——From the legend of cowboys in the American West that prevailed in the 19th century. How did the western cowboy legend come about? —— Borrowed the core of the story of European knights and rangers, and set it in the United States. Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man are the same cowboys, knights, and rangers who go to the sky to catch the moon, go to the sea to catch turtles, fight gangsters, and sweep the galaxy. Although the screenwriter talked about a lot of “inevitability” that Gotham can’t save and Batman can’t save, they are all nonsense. In a word, the screenwriter can’t write. The screenwriter can easily write Superman and blow the solar system and Batman in one breath. Isn’t it funny to be mad at Superman (who doesn’t brag?), but can’t write how to manage a city with a very high crime rate? ——Not funny, look at Mexico now, which DC or Marvel screenwriter can propose a solution? It is a politician who can solve Gotham through political and economic means. The screenwriter gives Batman high IQ and skills. He is just a cowboy, knight, and ranger. The screenwriter knows this very well. This is a very traditional story. , There are good and evil, there are struggles between good and evil, but the portrayal of system building is superficial and superficial. Of course, if we change to reality, the existing methods will be a direct Bolshevik iron fist for Gotham’s extremely criminal “house of evil”: abolish private ownership, overthrow the old bureaucracy, and shoot almost expensive family members. Entered into labor camps to serve as cheap labor, press censorship, courts and police are taken over by the People’s Committee, arrest lawyers, pastors, and freelance journalists, isolate and censor, set up deeds, mobilize the masses, encourage the exposing of evil forces, and shoot criminals as soon as they are arrested. …By then, the penguins, double-faced people, clowns, and question mark people who pretend to be crazy will be made really crazy~-but it is related to Batman’s class attributes and the social background of his friends, lovers, and family members. He dare not do this! (Funny. Of course, American screenwriters dare not write like that~

5 months ago

Two points 1. Wayne’s status as a billionaire keeps building public facilities, transforming slums, creating jobs, fostering honest politicians and police officers, or simply donating money. 2 The bad guys that Batman really sanctions are not the poor, or say It’s not because of the wealth problem. Money and rights can’t solve the clown, double-faced, penguin, nor can it be cured by frozen, mud-faced, nor can it satisfy Baine, the clown, and the riddler Gotham itself is not a poor place, although it can’t be bigger. The city is actually more prosperous than the coastal city, and it has the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor, but most of them are still middle-class. The middle-class is not short of money. If you give him money at the bottom, it will eventually be scraped away by the upper-level. What Gotham needs is that the rich can be effective. The middle class has a stable living environment, and the bottom class has the opportunity to change their destiny. Wayne is responsible for funding honest politicians, reducing the collusion between officials and businessmen to deal with money rights, operating the Wayne industry to provide middle-class job opportunities, establishing hospitals, school orphanages to help the bottom, bat Xia is responsible for fighting gangs and lunatics and maintaining public order.

5 months ago

The master is doing both things, and the things that can be solved with money are solved with money: such as creating a plant protection foundation for poison ivy, investing money in Arkham to add new equipment (although criminals will still run out), etc.; Cam’s new security device, but some things can’t be solved with money, such as the clown, he doesn’t need money, and he can incite a large number of fanatics to die for him, and the police (GCPD) simply can’t catch him. , No matter how much money you give, no one will dare to move the clown. He can use his subordinates to threaten the life of your family. He can tell the judge to sentence him to innocence. This guy can tear his face off. Werewolf. Ugly Lord killed a house of police with toxins, so there must be a righteous police like Batman to appear. Brave and fearless, clever and witty, selfless dedication, superhuman endurance, and sufficient ability, coupled with his own rich material conditions, Batman is almost invincible, even if the Joker wants to use Batman’s shadow to attack him (such as Er Barrel) Death) He also knows how to take care of the overall situation, not like other heroes, they will blacken or lose money when they are weakened. Money cannot buy people’s hearts. What Gotham lacks is not money, but it can give people a sense of security and make citizens feel at ease at night. You don’t have to be afraid of not seeing the umbrella of the sun the next day when you sleep; besides, from the perspective of Gotham’s nature, if the Lord only relies on money to help the lower class people, the money will be corrupted by various middle class people and can really be divided. What’s the use of giving the lower level very little?

5 months ago

Most of A-bian’s enemies are the dark side of A-bian’s personality after the extremes. For example, Bain, who broke Abian’s back, built a set of Batman armor to maintain order during the disappearance of the batman. Bain was the villain who had overturned all Arkham by himself. See it, Bain is A-bian who has no money and no principles of justice. If A-bian abandons the principle of not killing, he will become a tyrant like Bain. So pinch, why not play money or get into politics? If Abian does this, he will most likely become a penguin, a black mask, or Luther.

5 months ago

That is because violence is the ultimate justice. No matter how rich, there is no violence to defeat violence, and there is no justice. Use money to hire violence to defeat violence, and the victory is still violence. Suppose you use money to hire violence to defeat violence, what is the result? The price of violence you hired has risen. He can take the asking price. If you don’t pay more, violence will do evil again. What is ultimate justice? Ultimate justice means that people will use their lives and violent abilities for their own legal rights to defeat the violence that violates them. The most primitive social order is when everyone is out of fear of others’ violent self-defense ability, and rationally chooses not to infringe others’ interests casually, this is the primitive law, this is the primitive social justice. Rulers will implement benevolent governance because they fear the violent resistance of the people. Because capitalists are afraid of the violent resistance of the proletarians, they will be restrained. In a word, the ultimate justice is a person’s ability to defend his own limits of violence. In a city like Gotham, when the evil does whatever it wants, it doesn’t need a rich man to avenge him with money, that can’t solve anything. What is needed is to defeat violence with violence.

5 months ago

Living in a city, you may not know anyone who has a property of 100 million yuan. Even the mayor of this city may be unheard of. But if there is one person who is voluntarily enforcing the law every night, he will be full of all criminals. With the old boxing, and for decades, there is no way to take him in both black and white. You will never fail to hear him at all, because compared to the successful people inside and outside the system, the latter redefines this society on its own. Order. The shocking thing about Batman is that he alone is a set of law enforcement agencies. When Gotham City enters the night, all criminals will be judged by him alone. The power of this fear is far greater than that of a billionaire. A policeman or a politician, when the criminals face them, the law is a restriction, or it may be an umbrella. They can use familiar rules to solve them, but in the face of Batman, any fraudulent means and sophistication will not work. As long as Batman thinks you are guilty or necessary, he can do whatever he wants to you (breaking into the house, wiretapping, various tortures and confessions), criminals do not have the so-called basic human rights in front of Batman. In terms of deterrence to criminals, Batman’s existence is better than ten Bruce Wayne.

5 months ago

I was looking for a textbook on an e-book sharing platform a few days ago, and suddenly I saw a book with a Batman comic as the cover in the recommended section of the webpage. I downloaded its PDF and opened it. It is actually a super-English story script with no pictures and plain text. The name is: Batman: The Last Son of Kryptonian. The name indicates that this script should be quite interesting, because The Son of Krypton was originally another name for Superman. In 1996, DC also published a one-page book of Superman, whose name was: Superman: The Last Son of Krypton. Therefore, from the name of the script, it can be inferred that the author wanted to put the story of Superman and Batman in this brain-opening super-English story. The magical modification of the line at the same time is regarded as a fan creation. And after reading the script, I found that the author’s adaptation was something like this: it was conceived like this: Kal-El (the original name of Superman) was not in Kansas, but the Wayne family’s manor. ……And the Waynes and his wife have been childless: They tried countless times to conceive, and yet they remained childless. Conceive can also mean conception. In this way, it is quite reasonable to say in the paragraph that “creation is like pregnancy, the longer I get, the more I feel that I have something in my stomach”. Back to this script: The storyline on the Krypton side has not changed. Kal-El’s father, Joe-El, cannot persuade the council to believe that there will be an end. For the history of Krypton, Director Zach is in the movie of Man of Steel. Restored in place: He had attempted, in vain, to convince the Science Council of Krypton’s impending destruction. His words had fallen on deaf ears. They ridiculed him and laughed him off the Council. There is a catastrophe, but they just don’t believe it. Here is the story line of the earth: Martha and her husband Wayne finally had a child one day, but unfortunately they were still born. The grief can be imagined: They felt like their entire world had been taken from them. They stayed at home for weeks. They told no one what had happened, but the rumors spread like wildfire. One night, the husband and wife were still sad because of the painful loss of their abdomen. They were reading absent-mindedly. Suddenly they heard the sound, Wayne ran out and went to his manor. Checked in and saw the falling spherical spacecraft…… Martha was reading the latest novel by Richard Castle. She’d read the same paragraph ten times. And in the center, a sleek silver orb about the size of a trunk.orb: spherical物sleek: It’s slick. What’s supported in this spherical spaceship is Joe-El’s son Kal-El, the last son of Krypton. I didn’t find the PDF of the follow-up script, but I found that DC has published a parallel universe comic series similar to Superman becoming Batman: Speeding Bullets. The plot is similar: the son of Krypton was adopted by the Wayne couple. The alley witnessed his parents being shot and killed. Gotham Bat. If Batman is an almighty super-British, how will he heal the shadow of witnessing his parents being shot in his childhood? I guess that at the beginning, he would use violence to control violence and never relentless Batman. Maybe later he will gradually be influenced by mortal relatives and friends such as Louis Lane, take off his mask, and become a kind of parallel universe like Superman, who is much more merciful. The story line actually raises the complexity of Batman’s character to a notch. The only weakness of Superman may not be kryptonite, but the part of his character that belongs to the “human nature”. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a super-British movie of high quality. It was because of seeing this humanity that Batman threw the Krypton Spear aside in irritation and anger, and realized that he had misunderstood Superman. In Luther’s instigation strategy. The master was afraid of God and hated the omnipotent God, and at the moment he realized that Superman was actually a child who was worried about his mother’s safety, the nightmare he had witnessed in his childhood when his parents were shot to death came like a tsunami: ” It turns out that this creature called God is the same as me. Even if he becomes a superhero who can punish and punish evil, he can’t protect his mother.” The master is not on guard against gods, but creatures with no weaknesses, one of Superman’s great The weakness is his adoptive mother and Louis Lane, even blackened for Louis, but that’s another story. After changing the master’s background setting to a complete man who is omnipotent in battle and has a wealth of money in daily life, he will still become Batman, because he still can’t save his close relatives, the metropolis is good, Gotham City Regardless, evil events that should happen will still happen. The young superhero who joined the world must not be able to fully control his power from the beginning. In “Man of Steel”, the superman adoptive father under various concerns raised a hand to Clark to stop him from using his superpowers, and then, Clark watched as his father was swallowed by the tornado. Bruce Wayne chose to become Batman because he knew that there are many things that Bruce Wayne can’t do, nor can Clark Kent; only the Dark Knight can do it, only Superman can do it.

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