Recently, I am reviewing the movies of The Lord of the Rings, and the classics are indeed classics. However, the details of the war…I feel a little tasteless, such as the Battle of the Helm Valley. It is reasonable to say that such a dominant terrain will not have that great defensive pressure. However, Rohan’s defense method is extremely simple, resulting in the city wall being breached and strong orcs. All the way into the horn fort, and finally opened the hook before retreating the enemy. What do you think of this battle?

This is a multi-party battle with extremely high gold content, demonstrating Saruman’s amazing military capabilities, and the way and process of victory of the Justice Allies are also amazing. On February 28, 3019 of the Third Age of Fangon Forest, Iomo’s cavalry team annihilated a team of Uruk orcs (strong orcs) on the edge of Fangon Forest. The hobbit Meri and Pipin took advantage of the chaos to enter the forest and accidentally met the oldest Ente (tree man)-Treebeard. Meili and Pipin informed the tree beard that Saruman had been cutting down and corrupting the forest for a long time, so the Ente Conference was held, and in the early morning of March 2, the Entees finally agreed to counterattack Isengard. Ente and Huoun (the creatures between the treants and the trees) were divided into two groups (Ente went straight to Saruman’s lair Isengard, Huoen swiftly expedition to the deep valley of Helm to clean up Oak), Going to the battlefield mightily. On March 1, 3019 of the Third Age, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas entered the forest and unexpectedly met the white-robed Gandalf who was reborn. The return of Gandalf marked the righteous side’s counterattack against the dark side. The demise of Ruman laid the groundwork for this. Saruman’s conspiracy: The first battle at the Eisen River Ferry was broadcast back to the Third Age on February 25, 3019, Saruman sent troops to attack Rohan. The Rohan Prince Theojede (son of Theoden) heard that an army had been summoned in front of Saruman Isengard’s gate, and he strengthened the fortifications and opened his strategic deployment. He deployed the strong infantry of Seyveld (North of the White Mountains) on both east and west, defending the path leading to the Eisen River, and left the cavalry of the three companies along with the Wrangler on the east bank. Theodore led the main cavalry force (eight company cavalry, one company archer) alone, crossing the Eisen River, trying to assault Isengard when the enemy was not prepared. Grimbold walked with him as a secondary cavalry general in the army. After passing through the Eisen River crossing, Siogade encountered a striker of Saruman’s forces, and he defeated the enemy heroically. As Theojde continued to advance north, he was blocked by a large number of enemy troops, and new troops came from Isengard and raided his flanks from the west. Relying on the cavalry company that came up from behind, Siojed was able to get away. After Siojd arrived at the ferry, he strengthened the defensive forces in the West Bank with fifty cavalry soldiers who abandoned their horses and sent Grimbord to command. The remaining cavalry and all the horses were immediately sent across the river, leaving only the guard company, and he led these men to dismount to defend the river. But the East Route Army came too fast, and the East Bank defenders were attacked by a large group of Uruk orcs. The cavalrymen crossing the river to the west had not had time to form a team and were driven away from the ferry. A group of fierce soldiers and the Ork mixed blood rushed towards the prince with all their strength, and forced the Siogade and his party from the bank of the river island to the low hill in the center. Grimbold on the West Bank was also attacked by the army on the side of the Eisen River. After feeling that Theojed was in a dangerous situation, he immediately ran back to Hezhou with a few people around him and turned to the back of the attacker. An attack was launched, but it was too late. Before Grimbold arrived, Siojed had been chopped down by a huge Ork hybrid. Grimbold thought that Siojd was dead, so he guarded his body. At this time, Elfheim was summoning troops to rush from Edolas to Hornburg, but he found traces of wolf cavalry on the road, so he hurried to the Eisen River Ferry. The vast majority of Oak was driven north by the cavalry, and two cavalry companies chased him. The remaining cavalry dismounted and defended the east bank, while Elfheim led the guard company to Hezhou, and together with Grimbold, eliminated the enemy on the low hill. They lifted the dying body of Sioged and found him alive, but he was dying and died soon after. Saruman cleverly lured the enemy into deep and inflicted heavy damage on the prince Theojde. After the war, Isengard’s troops were all withdrawn. The battle began with a plan to murder the prince. After Siorged’s death, Okenbrand, the lord of Sevold, relayed the news to King Siordon and asked Iomo to come and support, but Grima slandered and deceived and finally gave up. Saruman’s claws: The Second Battle of the Eisen River Ferry. On March 2, when Ente and Huorn’s army were preparing to go to the battlefield, Saruman’s elite came from Isengard along the road to the west of the ferry. The fortress launched an attack. Both fortresses were caught in a bitter battle, and a team of Uruk still forced a breakthrough from the fortresses and began to pass the ferry. Grimbold believed that Elfheim would block the offensive from the east, and counterattacked with the rest of the manpower. After receiving support, the enemy broke through the line of defense, and Grimbold was forced to withdraw across the Eisen River. It was nearly sunset, and he suffered heavy losses, but he still stood by the east bank. At dusk, Elfheim withdrew all the companies under his command, retreated to Grimbord’s camp, and divided his troops into small groups and deployed them at a certain distance outside the camp to resist attacks from the north and the east. After retiring, he immediately dispatched a messenger to ask Okenbrand and Edolas for help. Soon, the enemy’s reinforcements arrived, and Grimbold retreated from the east bank and erected a huge shield wall around the camp. The camp was quickly besieged, and because Oak’s figure was not suitable for this way of fighting, the black barbarians took their place. The barbarians’ poor fighting skills were unable to break through the shield wall, but Grimbold was also unable to fight back, and Elfheim’s reinforcements never came. At this time the enemy launched an offensive from the east bank, and several teams of wolf cavalry had separated between him and Grimbold’s camp, trying to encircle every small team of his cavalry. The Elfheim’s army was in chaos and could not provide any support. The sky is gloomy and dark, and the enemy’s offensive has weakened. Grimbold immediately ordered the cavalry to mount, and appointed Dunherley command. A gap was made on the east side of the shield wall, and the cavalry rushed out and repelled the enemy on that side. Then they split into two groups, returned to their horses to charge, and attacked the enemies on both sides of the camp. The enemy was confused and panicked. At first, many thought that a cavalry army had come from the east. After Grimbord himself led a group of selected people to break, taking this opportunity, they and the cavalry commanded by Dunherre together covered the remaining people to evacuate as soon as possible. Saruman’s general did not choose to continue pursuing, but tried his best to gather the army, rushed to the south road, and went straight to the horn fort. Most of Grimbord’s men survived, but they were separated in the dark. In the daytime on March 3, the Eisen River Ferry was completely lost, and Rohan has lost the northern barrier. The return time of the White Knight was broadcast back to the morning of March 2, when Gandalf the White arrived at Edolas and immediately healed Theotun, and immediately ousted Grima, and strongly advised Theotun to send troops to join the defenders at the Eisen River Ferry. In the afternoon of the second day, they learned that the Eisen River Ferry had been completely lost, and Ekenbrand was defeated. Gandalf suggested that Hiodun lead his army to garrison the Helm Valley (Valley of the Helm), and Gandalf left them for a secret mission. . It was evening when the horn for preparations arrived in the Helm Valley. Ekenbrand left more than a thousand people to guard the Helm Valley, but Ekenbrand was missing. Responsible for the defense of the deep valley is the old Gamlin guarding the Helm Wall. They learned that Seyveld’s old, weak, women and children, as well as food and livestock were in the deep valley of Helm, and then they sent the horses they had brought into the deep valley, leaving a few soldiers guarded. Sevold’s garrison and King Theoden’s guards were arranged in the horn fort, while Iomo led the hussars to guard the walls and towers of the deep valley defense wall, Aragorn personally commanded on the wall, and theo Dun sits in the high tower in the inner courtyard of the horn fort.
Legolas and Gimli were waiting for the war to come on the defensive wall of the deep valley. It was late at night, and they could already see the enemy’s torches. When the wall was fighting hard and almost midnight, Saruman’s army launched an attack on the outer Helm Retaining Wall. The Oaks entered the retaining wall one after another, rushing to the deep valley defense wall and the horn fort. The defenders on the stone wall saw countless black figures moving there, some short and strong, some tall and hideous, all wearing high helmets and holding black shields. In addition, hundreds of enemies are surging across the retaining wall and through the gap. This black tide filled the gap between the cliffs on both sides and surged towards the defensive stone wall. The thunder rumbling in the valley. A torrent of rain fell. Saruman’s army gradually approached the horn fort and the deep valley defense wall. They released a shower of arrows, and the defenders hid behind the parapet and did not counterattack. Amid the sound of the horn, the Ork and the black barbarians charged on the slope of the horn fortress gate and the deep valley defense wall. The defenders began to counterattack. They used boulders and arrow rain to repel waves of enemy offensives, but the enemy troops kept pouring up and stepped forward to the gate and high wall of the horn fort. Aragorn was standing on the defensive wall of the deep valley, and found that the gate of the horn fort could not be supported by the impact of the enemy. They ran to the outer court of the horn fort and summoned some brave soldiers to rush out from the north side door. They walked along the wall. Running from the periphery to the gate, from the narrow path between Horn Fort and Horn Rock to the slope leading to the gate, Aragorn and Iomo drew their swords at the same time and rushed towards the enemy. After the demon fire of Orthanc was repelled by the defending army’s surprise attack, the enemy forces once again assembled their forces and attacked more violently, and Orc and the black barbarians crowded the open space in front of the city wall. They tried to use long hooks and ladders to climb the high wall. The defenders struggled to intercept them. By this time, the corpses in the corner of the wall were piled up like a mountain. There is a passage under the city wall where the deep valley stream flows. While attacking the city wall, a group of Oaks quietly waded from the channel under the wall and dived into the wall to fight with the defenders protecting the horses. Jimley spotted the enemy in time, and Old Gumlin also realized the enemy’s sneak attack. They summoned a group of soldiers to turn around and kill the Oaks, and wiped them all under the cliff at the pass. Then under the guidance of Jimley, the defenders blocked the passage. Everyone talked on the defensive wall of the deep valley, thinking that the dawn could not bring hope, and the Uruks were not afraid of the sun. The trumpet sounded again, and the last wave of attack came. Accompanied by an explosion, the passage that had just been blocked, along with the city wall, was exploded by the Orthanc magic fire developed by the enemy’s magic. As the enemy swarmed in, the defenders were swept away. Some hussars retreated to the deep valley of Helm, while Aragorn and Legolas covered part of the defenders and retreated back to the horn fort. Aragorn discussed the defense with King Thiaudon, and both felt hopeless. Soon after the desperate charge, the city gate collapsed under the demon fire, and Theotun was not ready to sit still. Maybe we can break a blood path, otherwise we will let ourselves die singularly. The horn sounded from the tower. Oak and the black barbarians were very frightened. In the sound of the horn, King Theotun led the Guards to fight out of the horn fort, and the defenders in the deep valley also smashed out. Aragorn and Syodun went hand in hand, the hussars galloped all the way unstoppable, and the enemy troops fleeed wherever they went, and there was no way to fight back.
A strange change occurred suddenly; the hussars stopped at the Helm retaining wall, and in the morning sun, they were surprised to find a forest appeared on the deep valley and wide valley-it was Huoen’s troops who arrived in time, Oke and the black barbarians In a panic, he was driven between the retaining wall and the forest. At this time, the horn sounded from the ridge to the west on the left, and Gandalf and Ekenbrand led more than a thousand West Valley infantry soldiers from the ridge to kill the enemy. The hussars of King Theodun rushed to the enemy from the pass of the retaining wall, and under the attack, the Uruk army scattered and fled. They wailed and fled into the forest, and were wiped out by the Huaouns. The Fall of the Spring Commander On March 2, Saruman was planning a strategy in Oul Sancta, and the Ents of the Van Gun Forest unexpectedly launched an offensive. They destroyed the fortifications of Saruman with rocks, flooded the entire base with the flood of the Eisen River, and all of Saruman’s sins were washed away by the flood. In this way, the army carefully prepared by Saruman was completely destroyed by the heroic counterattack of the Rohan people and the surprise attack of Ente and Huaoen. Saruman’s exquisite evil plan finally failed with many efforts, and the second phase of the Lord of the Rings Holy War kicked off.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

From the perspective of the movie alone, I feel that although the tactical level of defense in this battle is not the best solution, it is not as incomplete as many respondents. After all, you can’t stand in the perspective of Zhuge Liang afterwards to complain about Hiudun and Aragorn not doing well enough. First of all, from the perspective of tactical goals, Gandalf made it very clear and persisted until dawn five days later. Specifically, it is to stick to the Holy Helm Valley for help in the short term. On the one hand, the advantage of holding on in the short-term is that you don’t have to worry too much about supplies, shifts, and replenishment of troops. On the other hand, the movie shows that the transfer is also very hasty, and there is not enough time to prepare after arriving in the Helm Valley. In the evening of the same day, the elves’ reinforcements arrived. Some people complained about the unreasonable ratio and division of labor between the elves and the human coalition forces. They put all the elven archers on the wall and gave them nothing. But in fact, since the elves and humans do not belong to the same camp, and they don’t even speak the language, it is very unrealistic to mix and coordinate defenses skillfully when they arrive in the evening. Therefore, under the conditions at the time, the defense zones were divided into separate areas. Responsibility is already the optimal solution. Taking into account that Rohan’s army is more old, weak, sick, and disabled, it is responsible for defending the gate area where the enemy is relatively small and relatively easy. Then the elf is in charge of the city wall, which makes it easier to spread out the bow and arrow firepower. There is nothing wrong with this arrangement itself. For the specific details, as mentioned in the previous article, this is a short-term mission (actually only stayed overnight). In the case of insufficient troops and great defensive pressure, there is no way to arrange mobile forces, reserve teams, etc., it should be considered although Imperfect but forgivable. There are several factors to be considered next. One is that there was a heavy rain that night, and there was lightning and thunder at the same time. Under such weather conditions, the vision on the city wall, as well as the accuracy and power of the bow and arrow will undoubtedly be greatly reduced. On the other hand, the city wall blasting tactics of the industrial pioneers (crossed out) Saruman’s army can be said to be a revolutionary innovation unheard of at the time. Maybe everyone could not think of a way to directly lift half of the city wall. This tactical neglect of prevention can be said to be inevitable. Of course, the negligence of the weak point of the drainage channel is indeed a mistake, but considering the conventional methods (without blasting) recognized at the time, such as digging the ground, it is difficult to destroy the city wall in a short period of time and the tactical goal of defense in the short term. Next, this kind of negligence is entirely possible. After the city wall was blown down for a while, Aragorn organized a wave of volleys of archers inside the city wall, and then went up. Many respondents felt that this place abandoned the long-range advantage of the elves, and gave them no idea. However, judging from the battlefield situation at that time, although the city wall collapsed for a while, the resistance on the city wall continued. In a short time, the enemy forces were not enough to influx in large numbers to form a military advantage. Therefore, the countercharge was launched immediately to plug the gap. In order to avoid expanding the enemy’s face and covering the retreat of the city wall defenders, this decision is not a problem. This kind of reaction is essentially an enlarged version of Aragorn’s fight for time to repair the city gate. The only thing worth optimizing is that if the countercharge is initiated by Hidden’s elite guards, or simply attacked by cavalry, it may greatly reduce the loss of the elven army. As for King Hiurdon’s final counterattack, there is nothing to say, it was a desperate fight. The only thing worth complaining about is why the last elite cavalry didn’t play any role in the previous battles, but after all, the number was not large, and it was basically a few hero units to get the last bit of money. After that, Gandalf came to support him by playing with high beams. Generally speaking, at the tactical level, the Battle of Saint Helmet is limited by tactical objectives and defensive strength. In fact, the defensive side has not much room for maneuvering. Although the overall performance has many shortcomings, it can still be regarded as quite satisfactory. But Saruman’s blasting tactics are indeed remarkable, after all, it is the dimensionality reduction attack of industrial civilization on feudal society.

5 months ago

I also revisited this question before coming to it, but the main reason was not to talk about the Battle of Saint Helm Valley, so I made a slight deviation from the question. First of all, from the overall point of view, the movie is good-looking, even now I think it is still very good. But if I only talk about the battle scenes in the movie, then I can only say that it can’t stand scrutiny. In the vernacular, I can’t watch it with my head. Let’s talk about the battle between Lirohan Cavalry VS Mammoth in “The Return of the King”. This scene of cavalry launching a decisive charge on the mammoth, I admit, is very bold. But besides it looks very imposing, it basically has no practical significance. This charge is almost purely for the scene, for the film effect. In fact, you can see from the back that when the mammoth faced these Rohan cavalry, they just sang their ivory and shook their heads. The ant-sized Rohan cavalry were all “going to heaven.” In fact, the above-mentioned movie scene of the desperate charge has also been seen in another movie, that is, “The Kingdom of Heaven”. It happened when the male lead led a very small number of cavalry to attack Saladin’s army. The spread of this picture is probably higher. But in fact, the plot in “The Kingdom of Heaven” is because the male protagonist has nowhere to go, so they made the final charge. This is not the case in “Lord of the Rings”. The city of Minas Tirith stands behind the Rohan cavalry (although it is also precarious). The Rohan cavalry outside the city clearly has the advantage of mobility. As long as you maintain a calm judgment, you should know that the direct impact of the mammoth is hard to hit. The next move is that in front of the huge body of a mammoth, trampling your cavalry to death is like trampling an ant to death. It is a rational choice to divide your troops and detour. Cavalry has two advantages. The first is the mobility of small strategies (long-distance marching in the true sense, the infantry is stronger than the cavalry), and the second is the battlefield transfer ability. The American boxing champion Mayweather is also known as the “Mei Run” because he has too much dodge in his playing style. Many people express disdain for his tactics of “avoiding the enemy”, so he is called “Mei Run”. But from Mayweather’s point of view, facing an opponent whose direct combat power is stronger than one’s own, it is reasonable and wise to attack and consume in a roundabout way. Similarly, the Rohan Cavalry faced a mammoth army whose direct combat power was obviously stronger than that of their own. This kind of decisive charge, apart from seemingly powerful, had little substantial significance. Obviously head-to-head is that the mammoth is more powerful. Obviously, it is more advantageous in terms of mobility (at least in the movie, we can’t see which cavalry is faster than the mammoth). How can there be such a way to give up its own mobility advantage and use one’s own to short-cut each other? Long play? Later, we saw that the mammoth was still defeated in the movie. It was the Rohan cavalry who used long-range weapons such as throwing spears, bows and arrows to kill the mammoth, which caused the mammoth to chaos itself. This is good. But does it have anything to do with the charge? If you want to achieve the purpose of killing the cavalry, your Rohan cavalry can do it without charging, divide the troops and attack from a distance, anyway, the mammoth can’t catch up with you, the same can achieve the purpose of killing the cavalry at a distance. . To put it bluntly, it doesn’t matter whether you punch the root or not. After rushing this, apart from giving away a bunch of heads, the substantive meaning is too small, so small that it is almost invisible.

5 months ago

For 18 years, I revisited the Lord of the Rings and saw the battle of Kidney Deficiency Valley late at night. I couldn’t help but complain on Zhihu. In the final analysis, this is basically the result of the West’s emphasis on individual heroism and confrontation of power. Sometimes I don’t quite understand. Before getting the support of the elves, Kidney Loss Valley had 300 soldiers, and there were a bunch of farmers, old people, children, and the strange power of making wontons. They had to fight against the 10,000 strong orcs, the old stuff like Hidun. What is the origin of the self-confidence of mystery. The terrain of the Kidney Deficiency Valley, from the TV series, the Kidney Deficiency Valley is composed of the causeway, the deep creek wall, the horn fort and the Crystal Palace. The process is simple. 10,000 orcs stormed the Kidney Deficiency Valley under heavy rain at night. The ladder directly attacked the Shenxi wall, and the strong orc with the shield hit the city gate through the causeway, and the deep river wall could not be attacked. So technology changed the fate. It was a bomb and an Olympic torch, which directly blasted the wall to pieces. As a result, the line of defense was broken and could no longer be resisted. One broke, and there was crisis everywhere. In the end, even Haldir hung up and hid in the Crystal Palace, preparing for the cavalry to charge and learn Zhao Zilong’s solo charge before he died. As a result, his life should not be broken, and he was rescued by Dafa and the 2000 cavalry of Yiomo. As a member of Zhuge Liang’s keyboard party afterwards, I have to complain about it. This method of defending the city can actually last the whole night and I am drunk. If we replace the defending army with the Celestial Qin, Han, and Tang Ming army, and forget about bullying, we will replace it with the defeat of the Song army and see how to defend. The arrival of Hardy and 200 archers provided more ranged attacks for the defenders. I don’t know which rib of Hidden got confused. Most of them were used to guard the Deep Creek Wall, and the remaining half were tested as long-range soldiers inside the Deep Creek Wall. According to Song’s law-abiding, more than half of the elf archers should be placed on the wall of Deep Creek and on the horn fort to give full play to the role of long-range bows and arrows. It turned out that the pile of spearmen on the horn fort was partly down on the wall of Deep Creek, so that despite the archers shooting arrows, the siege ladder came up, and the spearmen would resist the melee attack. Advancement: On this basis, the Song Army can still add additional abilities. A group of three, waiting for the ladder to come up, poke the strong orcs on the ladder back and forth like tofu cubes, to ensure that there will not be a few. The archer came up and just shot it to death. Put the spearman at the top of the horn fort like mentally retarded; archer (single unit) on the deep creek wall like mentally retarded 2. N bombs were placed on the fence waterway of the deep creek wall, and the elf shooters inside were all blind, none of them see. In exchange for Song, even if you don’t know that there is gunpowder, there will definitely be a few soldiers here to watch, and they will put bows and arrows when they come to put things. However, because the strong orcs have crossbows, this is just a delay, and it will not affect the overall situation. The city wall will blow up or will blow up. Swaggering Olympic torchbearers (big mistake); 3. After the bomb blasted the wall of the deep stream, because according to Article 1, most of the archers had been placed inside the wall of the stream for testing, and a large number of strong orcs poured in. Aragorn, a mentally retarded man, drew his knife and went to a hand-to-hand fight after a round of shooting. Looking at the arrows in the full quiver, I suddenly decided to forgive an 87-year-old man. By frustrating Song’s practice here, the elf archers had already been shot in a row for three times. After a breach, there are not many people coming in. The elves can shoot arrows in turn. The correct way for Aragorn is to reorganize the spearmen to guard the two wings, so that it can actually last for a long time, at least until the bow and arrow are shot. The so-called one inch long and one inch risk, sure enough, there are two archers in the movie who were strangled by the strong beast spearmen. The archer who was stunned by the mentally retarded Aragorn with only one arrow, charged with a short knife, felt distressed by the bag of arrows. Sadly reminds the archer who is strangled by the quiver; 4. If you want to reinforce the gate of the mentally handicapped city and add wood to the gate, why don’t you directly seal the city gate? Later, you need to add wood to let the old man and the dwarf be handsome. Defeat Song’s tactics. This place is also reinforced with a fart, and the house was removed directly by the boulder blocking door and it was blocked for you. Don’t you want to hit the door? When you enter the door, there are left and right passages. There are supporting points on the front, and the boulders will block it directly, you believe. Don’t believe it, don’t say 10,000, 100,000 people can’t push it away.

5 months ago

The battle scene of the Lord of the Rings, there are a lot of big cow analysis jewels in front. We can’t write a long story, just say something that I think is extremely unreasonable. Mordor’s army appears many times in the trilogy, such as the orcs, the strong orcs, and the alien army with Persian style. Without exception, the number seems to be much greater than the number claimed in the film, including the Battle of the Holy Helm. Especially in the third final battle of Minas Tirith, the Mordor army covered the entire plain with the sky and the sun, and the formation density almost reached the level of side by side. What is this density? Everyone must have experienced breaktime exercises, right? The horizontal interval is almost 2 meters, so that it can be used almost completely. OK, we cut it in half, and the interval is 1 meter. It looks almost the same as in the movie. The front and back interval is almost 1 meter. Then 10,000 people can stand within a range of 100*100 meters. In the film, Minas Tirith The plain below the city is at least a few kilometers long and wide by visual observation. How many people are there in the whole station? Derived from the formation density, several cavalry battles in the film are almost dead in reality. The actual army formation will not be countless as in the movie. It is purely a waste of combat power, so the role of the heavy cavalry is to tear a hole in the line that is not too thick and destroy the formation of the opponent. In the cold weapon era, once the infantry’s formation is destroyed, facing the cavalry, they can only kill by pulling their necks. If the opposing faction is very deep in front and rear, and the formation is tight, with spears lined up, heavy cavalry will first hit the spears to form meat skewers before encountering the opposing infantry, see Mel Gibson’s “Brave Heart”. If the heavy cavalry charge in “Lord of the Rings” happens, the ending will undoubtedly be miserable.

5 months ago

I can’t talk about tactics. The biggest shock this movie brings to me is not the simulation of the battlefield, but the expression of human belief and spirit. This is the most grand scene. The most burning passage for me: when the orcs were about to break through the city defenses, seeing that they were about to be destroyed, King Rohan took the future Emperor and did not sit down and wait for death, but issued a death charge and a desperate cry, for die ! ! ! Even if you fail, you must die gloriously in the final fight! At the same time, at the moment of the moment, the white-robed wizard was in the remote mountains, with the morning light, accompanied by the majestic background music, the white horse knights slowly lined up behind them, as the white staff in their hands was held high, the knights rushed like mercury. The orc about to collapse! Faith and hope finally brought the glory of victory. This is the human world, always wandering in the darkness of the Jedi, but there will always be people of light leading mankind to defeat the darkness. Although the world will be shrouded in darkness for a while, as long as the faith and hope of mankind exist, light and victory will protect mankind forever

5 months ago

Watching movies-even a classic movie like the Lord of the Rings must have one of the most basic qualities: to stand at the director’s standpoint, stand on the director’s IQ and level, to “understand” the movie. If you can understand what you can’t understand, you can add some plots in your mind to “help” yourself understand. To “understand” the movie from the standpoint of the audience, stand on the IQ and level of the general audience. Understand that the audience is here to entertain, not to appreciate, not to learn professional knowledge, not to be educated. If you have an understanding of the above point of view, you will suddenly understand the movie. When we watch cats and mice, we will never doubt that Tom was beaten up just now, so why will the next shot be okay? The rationality of the film is from the perspective of a reasonable box office. The director’s idea is that of Auntie Jiang: Aragorn should give some impassioned speeches to reflect the leadership role and let everyone know who is the boss; Aragorn should reflect the individual Now that you have the ability, you can swipe up and chop a few; the elven prince also has to show that his skills are agile and his arrows are all right. What do you think is a big maneuver stepping on the shield? The elven troops will also come to support, to reflect the role of the anti-devil race united front, the elven leader, I know you are not arranged like this in the book, but you died here for the box office, okay? Don’t worry, I will arrange a few slow motions for you. Oh, look, the dwarf Gionee hasn’t taken the shot yet. After this explosion, the scene of a man who is a man and a man who is playing is given to you. What do you think? Rare stew king, you can’t do nothing in it. For the country and the people, you have to put some color on it. I’ll design and design for you… Okay, are all the actors arranged? Are the plots that the audience likes all Yes, do special effects not only control the budget but also fully demonstrate it? (Of course, the director did not consider the budget. I was talking about most directors, most of them.) Which, did the family members of the leaders arrange for the camera? It’s all right, let’s start the whole process!
Of course I know that the most reasonable thing is that everyone hides inside the wall and arranges for the archers to shoot out, but the audience does not do it, we spend money together to watch this, the main actors are all in the horn for braising ribs. day? The producers don’t do it either. Why do you give these people so much money? What we see is magic, not reality, but reality. If you make a movie, you can’t be realistic. Let’s talk about some knowledge below, it seems that my answer also has “connotation”. In the medieval history of Europe, the fortress defense is very invincible. According to the Cambridge war history, there seems to be no precedent for being siege and fall. It is useless to rely on a fierce attack. Rely on the siege. There is food in it, and it is not a year or a half Worry, the food outside was not enough in the end. It is precisely because everyone found that this trick works well, so everyone began to build fortresses. The project is huge. What should I do if I don’t have money? Taxation is the same as Jiang Wen’s Goose City. Taxes are levied 100 years later. If there is gunpowder in the four great inventions, it is true that without a scientist like Saruman, the city wall would not be able to be attacked. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and A new power is rising! The reason why there are only so few people in the fortress and 10,000 strong orcs outside is also the meaning. Of course, this number is not enough in the eyes of our Chinese audience who are always competing for the Central Plains. The director also felt that the scene was too close, so he arranged a elven army to fill the number. In the actual scene, a little more was added. Later, when I filmed the Battle of the Five Armies, I let go of Hu Bian. Anyway, the audience loves to see you and me! In the history of the Lord of the Rings, the Valley of the Holy Helm has successfully saved the king (the statue in the movie) before, and it is also explained in the movie. The strategy at the time was exactly the same as that of King Rareton: I took my relatives and squatted inside. You can toss it out. After a few days, the snow will cover the mountain, and you will not be able to stand it (the Soviet-German war?) Anyway. Our nomads have no real estate, and I will find my brother the other day and take revenge on horseback. In short, the Lord of the Rings is a classic, but he is a classic of movies, not a classic of war studies, don’t get confused. Gondoff wields his magic wand as a stickman, you all have no objection, what else are you talking about? Broke up.

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You are all analyzing the battle of Saint Helm Valley itself, but for me, the battle of Saint Helm Valley shouldn’t hit me at all. It’s also very curious why a group of nomads want to go to a Jedi to defend it? Even if you have old and weak women and children, the orcs are still wearing heavy armor and carrying a bunch of heavy siege weapons. Saruman doesn’t have elephants and ogres like Modo, who should be after that wave of coolie wolves. It can be analyzed that Saruman lacks the maneuvering power and the maneuvering power that can shoot arrows. If Saruman had enough wolves to intercept and kill, Sydun should carry forward his mobile advantages and directly use light. The archer on horseback flies the orc’s main kite

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Not a military fan, but a movie fan. Let me talk about my experience of the Battle of the Helm Valley from the perspective of the movie. First of all, the film’s fear of the imminent war is rendered in place. First, Saruman assembled in Isengard’s army, and even Grima was frightened to tears. Later, Aragorn inadvertently saw Isengard’s army squeezed in black on the return journey, winding and marching. On the side of the Luo Khanate, those who are in battle are old, weak, sick and disabled. Without a regular army, most people can’t even use a sword. The great disparity in the strengths of the two sides has vividly rendered the situation of “the enemy is strong and we are weak”. Then there was the tense atmosphere before Saruman’s army approached the city. The timely precipitation added a tragic atmosphere to the war. The most exciting thing is that during the confrontation between the two sides, Saruman’s army roared, and the hearts of the audience were ready to launch like an arrow that was erected, but no one knew how the arrow would be triggered. When I was watching this section, I only felt a surge of adrenaline, and my blood was boiling. When the battle really started, the formations of all parties were clear and clear. The elves and human archers were located on the left and right wing of the city wall, and there was a group of elven archers inside the city wall. After the enemy breaks through the city wall, the archer can also switch from shooting mode to charging mode, which all reflects the well-trained army. In the course of the battle, the shots of each named character are well given. The most brilliant scene is that before Haldir died, he saw countless of his own compatriots lying on the battlefield. The noble elves and the ugly orcs fell on the same stone. I think when he was dying, his heart was filled with despair and hatred. Needless to say, Legolas is a handsome professional. Jin Li’s performance in the Battle of the Helm Valley was also very brave, without losing the face of a dwarf. In terms of siege methods, the Battle of Saint Helm Valley also gave textbook-like materials. The methods used by Saruman’s army include ladders, sewer bombs, and hitting city gates. These methods are rich and varied, one after another, making people feel that the Saruman army is well prepared. When the orcs were fighting, Rohan Fang retreated steadily, and had to defend the city gate to fight for escape time for the old, young, and young women and children in the rear. But under the persuasion of Aragorn, King Haydon decided to lead the knights to charge, even if he died in battle, he would not be a coward. The contrast between before and after made this charge full of heroism and tragedy. Finally, what impressed me the most was the appearance of the white-robed wizard Gandalf accompanied by the first ray of sunlight in the east. He used the dazzling sunlight to stab the orcs unable to open their eyes. This scene made me feel the strength and tenacity of human beings. This is the highlight moment for Gandalf and Iomo.

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The Battle of the Helm Valley does not express how to win. At that time, Gandalf, Aragon, Nicholas and Grimri, a dwarf clan, came to Rohan Castle to wake up’King Theoden Rohan’ from Saroman’s magic control. Just after waking up, they faced a sudden army of beast soldiers rushing towards them. There is no way to go, in order to protect his people, and without the escort of cavalry, he can only settle his people in the mountains to take shelter. It was because of this war that the elves and human races stood together again after a hundred years to resist the enemy, and the war started fiercely. Of course, when the war lasted until people could no longer retreat, Aragon made a decision with the king at the same time. When Gandalf left, he explained that he would appear high up in the east when the first sunlight came up on the fifth morning. Gandalf’s budget was never wrong. At this moment, King Aragon of Rohan and Nicholas, his comrade-in-arms elf, took the remaining generals on horseback and rushed out of the castle. After a fight, Gandalf appeared on the cliff to the east. He did not expect that he was not the one who returned. He also recruited a cavalry regiment of more than two thousand people belonging to Rohirrim, leading them to be the king’s nephew Aemor. Two thousand horses went from the mountain to the king to protect the king like a flood, ending the war.

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Defending the city is the best decision. In field battles, the Rohan cavalry is not the opponent of the orcs and wolf cavalry. Defending the city can give the greatest advantage, but it never expected. Industrial pioneer Saruman had gunpowder. Directly break the city overnight. After breaking the city, the elf archers fought in vain and lost a large number of elite archers. If it is not the protagonist halo. The Aragon trio can be gg.

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