This is still a very touching question; because fragmented reading may have read the key points and may have absorbed the essence; may know the results, which is still very practical in daily conversations; but when someone has the same interest, I hope that when I discuss with you in depth…it will be bad; I don’t think fragmented reading is a bad thing, it depends on whether we want to apply these fragments in the corresponding project plan; for example, I will share it with my family every day Some fragmented knowledge points, because the elders do not need to read through virus knowledge, do not need to have a thorough understanding of the pathology of diabetes, and do not need to have a thorough understanding of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They need to know more about: hygiene habits To maintain, medium-type diabetes can be eliminated by exercise and fitness, try to avoid the intake of high-fat foods, and eat more light foods to protect blood vessels. But actually, where did my information come from? Well, my previous job was the art director of medical public relations. My clients are some of the top medical companies in the world. Accordingly, our daily work is Learn about our products and the corresponding diseases in the fragmented knowledge provided by the customer; so the fragments I obtained are relatively complete compared to the information I passed to my parents; also because I have obtained more complete information here, I can be sure of it Authenticity and practicality. Compared with our clients and our own company’s medical staff, they are responsible for interpreting and improving the event more logically. They need more complete information. Saying a bunch of things that look like nonsense; in fact, what I want to say is that when we really want to specialize in a subject, fragmented reading is harmful, which is more like a blind faith; and no matter what Is it science or religion? Humans still have a lot of unknowns in this world, and the known content cannot be familiar with with any reason. How can we discover new unknowns and use clear logic to deny the logic of the past? But if we are just to broaden our horizons, I think fragmented information is necessary. We really can’t pass all disciplines through, but if you have a chance, who wouldn’t want to be familiar with some unfamiliar fields? But then again, there is actually a flaw in fragmented reading; for example, if you have not read Yu Qiuyu’s cultural journey, then when a person claims to have read and borrowed part of the logic inside, he uses his understanding to overinterpret Yu Qiuyu out of context. Is the original intention of thinking and writing, and then the message passed to you, still the cultural journey? Is the Yu Qiuyu that you know about, still that Yu Qiuyu? Because you haven’t read it, so you don’t know… Just like the emotional UP masters that have emerged in recent years, because you haven’t read those books about the relationship between the sexes, and you haven’t really tried to understand sociology or economics. , Psychology, and even biology… The list of fragmented information from others alone supports a new market area: IQ tax. From this, of course, I am not emphasizing the value of paper books. As I said, the two application groups are different; however, the hidden dangers of fragmented reading really should not be ignored. To make a digression, I took my mother to read a book the day before yesterday. After reading for a long time, I found that she might not be able to absorb what I was reading, so I jumped to the summary sentence of each part… Finally, I read to my mother and fell asleep. By the way, I was confused when I was a child. I became very interested in I Ching in junior high school, but the books about I Ching that could be bought at the street stalls in the small town at that time were all the I Ching after being interpreted by others; and Different people have different interpretation angles and different directions… At that time, I desperately needed to buy an original version of I Ching, because I didn’t like the content I read was the I Ching extended by others with personal subjective logic. However, in high school At that time, I finally found such a book in the market… As a result, I found that I could not understand the uninterpreted I Ching… Even at that time, I was full of “Is the content of this book over-interpreted?” Of course. Only when you grow up will you understand that your own interpretation of book information is the core meaning of learning, so it is particularly important to use your own experience and practical experience to deduce learning. The same reading itself increases the scope of vision, but you can see in the end. What… There is no absolute positive or negative, only to really understand, and then to taste and discover in combination with life… is the true meaning of learning. Fragmented reading is more like we quote some famous aphorisms, but because we don’t know the background and story of this sentence, it leads to one-sided understanding or even misinterpretation; in fact, we cannot guarantee that the reading itself will be rewarding for complete paper books… So the question itself… is not a question. After all, the obstacles to learning and growth never happen if you have read the full version and fragmented data… such as the Bible


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

No amount of reading is better than no reading. If you are really busy every day, go to work 996, and just want to sleep after get off work, then use the limited time to do fragmented reading at this time, in fact, it is also a good regulation for the brain. If you are a code farmer, working with computers every day is very stressful. After finally getting through to the evening, on the way home, you can listen to the essence of a few books. For example, in the history category, listen to the interpretation of “Autumn in Heaven”, to understand the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom through the grand perspective of world history, and to understand that period of history through different angles. Investment category listen to the essence of “Investment to Simple”, understand what investment is going on, and see if you have any unrealistic ideas. After understanding the essence of these good books, if you have some extra time on the weekend, you feel you want to learn more about it, such as the investment. Because you happen to have some extra money and want to try it. This is your chance to pick up the original paper book. It is good to hear the essence on the way from get off work, but that is the understanding of others, and you just remembered a few concepts. Pick up the paper book and read it, you can see many things omitted in the essence, such as countless examples, the author’s repeated explanation of a certain concept, and the connections and differences between different concepts. These contexts are lacking in the essence, so many times you just memorize a certain concept mechanically, not necessarily really understand it. The process of reading a paper book is the reproduction of complex scenes, giving you the opportunity to read and ponder over and over again. This is a process of reading thick books. And sometimes through this kind of in-depth reading, plus your own experience, you will get a different or deeper understanding. There is nothing wrong with fragmented reading and in-depth paper book reading. Choose different methods and different proportions according to your own situation. In this age of entertainment to death and temptation everywhere, being able to read is a huge transcendence. Compared with those who are obsessed with short videos and cannot extricate themselves, you have won too much.

5 months ago

Reading the original book is definitely more valuable than fragmented reading. Those of us who have written papers know that the entire book you build out of a framework is much better than fragmented reading, at least in terms of systemicity. He can solve our problems to a large extent. What is this thing? why? how about it? In deep reading, we can get answers to many questions. ​As for fragmented reading, I think it is also valuable in some situations. Tracing back to the source, all knowledge systems are composed of fragments. A discipline has evolved from emergence, development, and then to maturity. In fact, it is a process of constructing system theory with fragmented knowledge. The fragmentation of input knowledge does not mean that the content of digestion and output is fragmented. This is why I do not reject fragmented reading. As for why it takes time to acquire such knowledge, it is largely due to the two functions of fragmented reading in learning: the ability to quickly and diversify access to information; on the premise that a knowledge system has been established, individuals can use fragmented reading to work. Expansion and supplement. Of course, this requires you to do two things: one is to have your own knowledge system, and the other is to have deep reading as a foundation. In the case of achieving these two points, fragmented reading is beneficial to learning. Regarding the circumstances under which fragmented reading is beneficial to individuals, I have thought of the following three points: 1. The usefulness of fragmented knowledge depends on whether you can filter useless information and extract real knowledge. If the input fragmented knowledge can be expressed in one’s own words and the invalid part is eliminated, it will definitely make progress. Regarding the learning progress of system knowledge and fragmented knowledge depends on the ability to filter dross information, I thought of an example of Xu Fuguan. When Xu Fuguan first saw Xiong Shili, Xu Fuguan asked: What book should I read? Xiong Shili’s answer: Wang Fuzhi’s “Reading Tongjian Lun”. Xu said: I have read it. Xiong said: If you don’t understand, read it again. After a while, Xu Fuguan saw Xiong Shili again. Xu said: I have read “Reading Tong Jian Lun”. Xiong asked: What’s your experience? Xu said: Many places are not well written. Xiong angrily scolds Xu: How can you read this thing in the book! Any book has good points and bad points. Why don’t you look at the good places first, but specifically pick the bad ones? In this way, you will read hundreds of books and you will not benefit from the book. Later Xu Fuguan recalled: This was a curse to bring back to life. In fact, there is one point to think about here: In the study of fragmented knowledge, the most important thing is to have your own opinions. I often see problems and seek solutions humbly. The more involved this step by step, the wider the scope, the denser the discernment, and the deeper the investigation. At this time fragmentary knowledge, fragmentary insights are gone; in my heart it is all a consistent system, the entire organization. In this way, it can be considered a success. 2. Fragmented knowledge is useful, as it provides inspiration for your professional creation. Fan Zongpei, a Taiwanese cello player, participated in the “Yi Xi” speech. Some viewers asked him: why your music is so rich, and you can often hear multiple musical elements. In his cello suite, you can hear aboriginal music, hear Taiwanese opera, hear Suzhou Pingtan… This is how he answered: Creation is not made out of nothing, it comes from our platform. The larger the platform you build, the more inspiration you will receive. The more you learn, hear and see, the better. So I listen to classical music, Taiwanese opera, Peking opera, jazz, and pop music. His cello music styles are diverse, largely due to the complexity of the music he has been exposed to since childhood. Although most of the tunes I heard by chance were very mixed and fragmented, they gave him inspiration and were used in his artistic creation. “Song of the Ferryman” in the album “Water Color” used Suzhou Pingtan as a similar example and Tao Zhe. Tao Zhe’s mother is a famous Peking opera actress, who has an extraordinary understanding and perception of Peking opera. When Tao Zhe was a child, he often heard his mother practice singing Peking opera. In Tao Zhe’s R&B music, we often heard the elements of Peking opera. There is Peking Opera singing in “Su San Shuo”. Mr. Mu Xin said: Being sensitive to being affected, being strong in displaying character, the birth of style. The above two examples of cross-border inspiration brought by fragmented knowledge have this meaning. Coincidentally, the brain hole screenwriter Liang Bianyao once said: Almost all problems in the world can be solved with extraordinary power of imagination and extraordinary action. The word escape is a smash hit in Zhihu. And the acquisition of leaping imagination has a lot to do with fragmented and complicated knowledge. The fragmented knowledge is broad enough and the speed of acquisition is fast enough. There is no connection between these fragments, but strange chemical reactions can always occur under the imagination of the screenwriter. Fragmented knowledge brings inspiration to professional creation, and inspiration integrates fragmented knowledge well. 3. The usefulness of fragmented knowledge also depends on whether you can build them into a system. NBA players practice basic skills and always have to break down the details: dribbling, shooting, hooking, layup, three-pointers, passing… and then making connections. This is the acquisition of fragmented skills to build overall strength. I have heard Bai Yansheng, the host of the Chinese Opera Channel of CCTV, give lectures at school about the production of various operas. He said that the birth of many dramas was actually “crush me into you”. Peking opera, Ping opera, Henan opera, Yue opera and other operas have actually been related. Prince Ma had a lecture in front of him about how to read books. He admired Su Shi’s method of receiving the enemy from all sides: that is, he must overcome a different point every time. Concentrate and read with a topic every time you read it. Lu Xun once used this method to read “A Dream of Red Mansions”: the first time he focused on the social customs at the time, the second time he focused on the food culture inside, and the third time he might pay attention to the architectural style of the time. At one time, you may only pay attention to the people’s worldliness. After several times, although there are only fragments each time, the whole picture can be seen when integrated. Reading one is better than reading ten. In the final analysis, although fragmented knowledge is piecemeal, it is knowledge in the end. If it is true knowledge, it is valuable for learning. When these fragmented knowledge are effectively learned through the use of scattered time, your efficiency is improved.

5 months ago

Xiao Ming finished the 3-minute knowledge class, and Xiao Hong finished ten high praise answers. They all learned knowledge and they all have a bright future. -“Fragmented Reading” thanks for the invitation. First of all, I think “fragmented reading” is not necessarily bad, “fragmented reading” is actually useful. The “fragmented reading” we are discussing is actually some “short and fast” knowledge fast food processed by content creators, which is a kind of “second-hand material”. This kind of “secondary meal” is not necessarily harmful. On the contrary, if you absorb works written by creators of a certain level, reading these “second-hand materials” is actually less troublesome and effortless. This is equivalent to an experienced driver who has “read countless books” to help you screen in advance, so that you can only look at the useful ones without losing yourself in the ocean of “information explosion”~ However, “fragmentation” The shortcomings of “reading” are actually reflected in this place: what you look at is very dependent on the level of these “two-way dealers”, which directly determines whether your fragmented reading is “eating meat” or “eating x”, and it may even be possible. , You will encounter even more outrageous creators of “misunderstanding children”. The knowledge they say is often wrong. At this time, what you may eat is the “poison” == In addition, fragmented reading is still There are several “bad” shortcomings, such as: 1. Fragmented reading is a “sugar-coated cannonball” wrapped in a knowledge shell. What kind of enemy is the hardest to defeat? It is not a “Spartan” warrior wielding a big sword, nor a mechanical army of tanks and artillery, but on the surface, “brother” to you, but in fact disguised as an internal undercover agent, “fragmented knowledge” is such an existence. In fact, many small knowledge videos are more interesting than learning. They attract attention under the guise of learning knowledge and understanding the principles, but in fact they are “puzzles” of “illogical” network jokes, and sometimes they are not complete. . After watching these videos happily, it feels as if you have learned knowledge, and it seems that you have not learned, and then there is no more. This is the potential hazard of “fragmented reading”: you say, I read a paragraph and play a game, and I play a game, but I am actually happy in nature, but I feel “like What you have learned, it seems that you haven’t learned anything. Over time, you will feel the illusion of “I’m learning”, and you will easily fall into self-improvement == 2. Fragmented reading is easy for you to develop a thinking habit of “not asking for more understanding”. In fact, I want to read fast food, which is delicious and convenient, but long-term consumption will harm your health. Moderately fragmented reading “refreshes the mind”, but excessive fragmented reading “damages the body and mind” == As mentioned earlier, “second-hand reading” will cause false results. If you don’t go back to the source and find the raw materials, you will You can’t understand how the principles and knowledge are generated, and what is the logic behind it. Over time, your thinking ability will decline. In fact, maintaining deep reading is a habit and a way to resist “fragmented reading”. Souler insists on reading and sharing his reading experience in daily life: The short book review “Hu Shi on Reading Books” is relatively broad, and most of the explanations on reading are not very detailed. Probably this book is compiled in the form of teaching and lectures. Yes. But I also talked about some reading methods, such as seeing, speaking, thinking, and searching for information and using reference books. At the same time, a large number of book content fragments are quoted, and a list of required readings is also provided, and more Reading, reading a good book, and at the same time looking for and buying a book all require careful and time-consuming verification of authenticity. This book “Hu Shi Tan Reading” can be used as a gourmet book to read, the staple food is not needed.——Souler : Chu Ruochen; I don’t know why when I watched “Alive”, many people said that they didn’t dare to look down after watching halfway through. In my opinion, Fugui is indeed very miserable, it is a kind of simple and crude. The epic poem, the story of struggle and survival left people with indelible cruelty, but what I recommend is “The Skin”, which makes me feel that everyone is carrying the skin and crawling forward. It really touched me. The soul makes me really cry.——Souler: Qinghuandu

5 months ago

Fragmented reading refers to “using short and discontinuous time segments for short and small text reading”. Is there anything wrong with this way of reading? I think it’s okay. But why do many people think this way of reading is not efficient and useless? Because our current lifestyles are changing too fast, all kinds of new technologies and new equipment are emerging in an endless stream. It’s a bit unacceptable fast. At this time, many people who cannot accept this way of life will stand up and say that this way of reading is useless. When we cannot accept a way of life, we will probably reject it, and find a reason to comfort ourselves in our hearts! Regarding reading, our previous method was to buy books, read, buy newspapers, read, order magazines, and read. Now everything is subverted. There are fewer and fewer paper books, and more and more people are reading with mobile phones and e-readers. And there are various channels to get information about the explosion. Tell a little story. Around 1900, Germany gave Galeries Lafayette a car. What kind of car is it? It was the most advanced Mercedes-Benz VELO at the time. But what does our Lafayette think of this matter? At the beginning, Lafayette threw the car to the Summer Palace. When she feels bored and anxious, she wants to play in the car. I found out when I sat for the first time, my goodness! ! This coachman is sitting in a row with me, as tall as me, so how can this work? Then you can drive on my knees! When the coachman heard this, he probably knelt in his heart. Kneeling and driving is not killing me, hahaha! So I found a reason and slipped away. Lafayette thought, what’s the point of this, it’s better to sit in a sedan chair. If Lafayette came today, she would be stunned. Where is the sedan chair? Where’s the carriage? What are the people running around on the road? So, with regard to fragmented reading, many people must have become accustomed to it. What’s the matter? But for our partners who read paper books before, it may take time to adapt. But judging from my personal experience. Fragmented reading experience is not bad, but you can increase your knowledge through fragmented reading. Although reading is fragmented, the knowledge acquired is complete! So, as long as you learn it, paper books and e-books are just different carriers for spreading knowledge! For paper books, the contents are often large, which may be inconvenient to carry. But if you use a mobile phone or e-reader to view it, it is still very convenient. In addition, from the point of view of the comfort level of reading, the effect of e-readers is actually not worse than that of paper books. The screen of the reader is usually made of ink screen, which consumes little power and has very little damage to the eyes. Reading for a long time will not feel tired. I usually use kindle most for reading, which seems convenient. You can watch whatever you want. Using the usual fragmented time to read, I can now read an average of one book per week.

5 months ago

Is there any essential difference between listening to songs with QQ Music and listening to songs with CDs and tapes? The times are developing and society is progressing. No matter what method you use to read, as long as you add in-depth thinking, it is a successful reading. Of course, as a person who is used to collecting paper books, I am more accustomed to reading paper books. In the eyes of some people, reading is a stepping stone to the road to fame and fame, because the book contains Yan Ruyu, the Golden House, and Qianzhongsu; some people think that reading is a glorious lintel, and they don’t hesitate to exchange their daughters for hardcover sets. However, the books are respected as gods and stay away; some people have laid down the ambition of “reading for the rise of China”, and use books that help others to know the righteousness and distinguish right from wrong as weapons for mutual attack. Let your benevolence, courtesy, courtesy, wisdom and trustworthy, regardless of him being gentle, courteous, frugal, and conciliatory. Reading is only because it is profitable. Although I have memorized many points in order to cope with the exam, more often reading is just a hobby and pastime for me: this is not only because I recognize the old saying “Only books are beautiful and beautiful in a hundred flowers”, but also from the source. Since many years of real experience: holding pure literary readings, walking into that book and a world, the mood will ups and downs with the characters’ joys and sorrows, this is a happy blessing in life! It is difficult to explain the historical annals. From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely cheer and be proud of those sages and masters for their evocative achievements, sigh with the morale and morale of the people, and be filled with righteous indignation and indignation for the shameless and shameless treacherous masters. The troubles in life and the unsatisfactory work at that time disappeared as I kept the book and waited. This faith of loneliness and self-respect was like a force that supported me to laugh at the troubles, calm the troubles, and sing and sing. independent. It must be admitted that the Chinese nation that has experienced ten years of catastrophe has long abandoned the tradition of peace and prosperity and respect for culture and righteousness. It has turned politeness into an uproarious literary attack and military defense, and made the gentleman degenerate into a market servant chasing houses, cars, and tickets. Ordinary people, it is difficult to find the shadow of reading books on subway and public transportation, and they are free to abuse. Although some of us get rich overnight-our backs are tough, although our city is changing with each passing day, and Guangsha has sprung up; although our luxury cars are rampant and the famous Baoying Street, the gap between our civilization and the developed countries may still be widening: Those uncivilized behaviors that are deeply hated and painful by the Hong Kong people who work for China are not only staged in the streets and alleys in China, but also frequently seen overseas. At the same time ashamed, I sincerely hope that instead of envious of luxury cars and beauties, friends around me might as well walk into the bookstore and pick up the scrolls, and appreciate the unspeakable happiness in the vast sea of ​​human wisdom while enjoying it. Shape your heart, grow and be happy, please yourself and help others, why not do it? Only by transforming this unruly nation from the depths of its soul can it escape the predicament of insight and the shackles of thought.

5 months ago

1. Is fragmented reading necessarily bad? For such an absolute question, the answer must be: No. Fragmented reading can help us extract information, but at the same time it will extract fragmented information. We cannot assert that the fragmented information is worthless, because the value of fragmented information depends on how you read it. If you see fragmented information that is not processed, then fragmented reading is a complete accumulation of information. The result of fragmented reading is that there is information garbage in the brain, which is the worst part of fragmented reading. If you have a framework and context within you, then through the framework to connect the fragmented information, the fragmented information can become your branches and leaves, making you more complete and diverse. The reason why no one recognizes fragmented reading is that many people’s reading methods belong to the former type-passive reading. The common manifestation of passive reading is: it may be that you find a book you are interested in, but read it after reading it, do not process or reprocess the content of the book, and lack the process of internalizing the content of the book into your own internal structure . For example, if you read a serious literature, you may remember the storyline after reading it, but there is no in-depth exploration of the way the storyline is stretched, and the essence behind the story. This way of reading is to watch the excitement, and the reader’s state of reading is a funnel. , It was lively to watch, and a pleasant leak. The result of passive reading is that readers have not established their own knowledge system and cognitive structure through these readings, nor have they formed a stable value concept, so they do not have the ability to internalize information. The more information accumulates, the more Will cause cognitive burden. At this time, fragmented reading is terrible. 2. Is it more valuable to read only the original paper book? It is difficult to give a decisive answer to this question. The answer depends more on what you want to get through reading? This is also the meaning of reading for individuals. Someone reading is pastime; some reading is reasonable; some reading is diligent professional; some reading is to please the spirit. Different purposes have different requirements for books. The main difference between the original book and the translated version is that the original book is the author’s most original expression, with the author’s personal limitations and the color of the times; the difference between the translated book and the original book is that after being translated by the translator, although the translation The reader usually strives to maintain the original flavor as much as possible, but cultural differences, language habits, and translator’s style all affect the presentation of the translated version; if the original is pursued, there will inevitably be some distortions relative to the original in the translation process; the interpretation and the original book The difference is that if someone interprets the original book to you, the interpretation process must be restricted by the interpreter’s personal characteristics. If you need the most original expression, you can go to the original book; the translated version is more friendly to people who do not understand the language; the deciphered version is more friendly to Xiaobai. There is no difference between superior and inferior to this choice, and the focus of reading is not here. The point is not whether you look at the paper version through the kindle, it depends entirely on your personal preference. The point of reading is to understand your purpose, determine what you want to gain from reading, and read with purpose.

5 months ago

Many people think that fragmented reading means trivial time to read and browse. In fact, this is wrong. Fragmented reading is purposeful learning. In trivial time, learn fragmented content in a fragmented way of understanding. I believe that in the past, everyone saw a public article, subscribed and read it, forwarded it to Moments, or collected it if it felt good. Finally, I found that there was too much “knowledge hoarding” and never opened it again. As time passed, we also forgot. At this time, we became the “porters” and knowledge hoarding warehouses of others’ knowledge. Why is this happening? Because you don’t understand the essence of fragmented reading, how to collect, how to digest, what tools are needed to carry them, and finally it becomes your knowledge. There is also a recent experience: Fragmented learning is probably not a bad thing. Reading is traditionally the right way to study. Looking at the phone is playing. I also feel this guilt from time to time. For several years, some books have been bought unopened. I have read it several times a year, and after all, one is unfinished, but my study and thinking have not been interrupted. I no longer study difficult knowledge systematically. But I can feel that my knowledge of the world has grown, not closed.

5 months ago

For me, reading paper books is more valuable. Fragmented reading does not increase the systematic knowledge system, but makes people more anxious. In the past, when the work pressure was high, when I was driving on the road, I had a meal with friends, took a child or went out with my mother and wife. I had to check my mobile phone every few minutes, check the data of e-commerce, the valuable articles on the official account, or the stock market. Data, swipe social platforms such as Douyin Xiaohongshu, do your best to grab every minute to get information. Very tired, really tired, I feel that life is gone, every minute and every second of learning feels tired in my heart, so the state presented will be very tired, and many people around me say that I am a lot older in the past two years. It will be much better now. When driving, I will play some familiar songs and put the phone aside. I am very relaxed. I will put my phone away when I go out with friends and family. At night, I will wait for the child to sleep alone. Spend 1-2 hours reading a book on the balcony, summarizing some ideas and shortcomings, and after a period of persistence, I found that some problems have been thought more deeply, and I am more aware of what I am doing and what problems I am facing. Using fragmented time to read seems to be very hard, grasping every minute and every second, in fact, the human brain needs to rest. Fragmented reading increases the width of human information, but the depth of information does not increase. When a person knows more, but not very deeply, he will become more and more anxious. So I don’t recommend fragmented reading to gain knowledge. If you want to learn and grow, you should find time to calm down, eliminate external interference, and conduct in-depth research. You may gain something. I still can’t adapt to using a mobile phone or tablet to study. Every time I pick up my phone to read an article and see half of it, I can’t think about it when I come to WeChat or call, or when I see half of it, I turn on Douyin or Hupu to read the news. It’s easy to be caught Interference, the thinking will naturally not be profound. After reading so much fragmented knowledge, looking back, if there is no further study, a lot of fragmented knowledge is fast food, which seemed very useful at the time, but it was just a mere mere fur. In the era of information explosion, the in-depth absorption of knowledge becomes more important. See which industry is more influential than people who can think deeply and see farther? Therefore, the movement is like a rabbit, quiet as a virgin.

5 months ago

I will try this analogy. Your knowledge system is like a big tree. Need to rely on the basic knowledge of deep learning as the trunk, and then learn different subjects to extend into branches. When your knowledge system is built, those fragmented or scattered knowledge points will hang on different branches like leaves. This is a big and leafy tree. So the key is not to have paper books, but the general orthodox knowledge is spread from textbooks. Of course, in fact, many textbooks already have electronic versions for easy learning. Fragmented reading can be used as a way to increase breadth, but the most difficult part of this approach is how to screen effective knowledge. The traditional method is not only paper books, but should follow the path of learning and lay a good foundation.

5 months ago

In a word, nothing is absolute, everything is possible. Fragmented reading is not necessarily bad. The opposite of fragmented reading is not to read the original paper on the blackboard. Is fragmented reading bad? Need to define what fragmented reading is? Are the contents of these fragments connected to form a system? how to read? If you are reading a piece of work formed by disassembling a book, I personally feel that there is no other benefit besides creating an illusion of learning. Because disassembling the book like this cannot be said to be taken out of context, but it is useless for you to form a knowledge network unless you read the original. This also shows that a book has a lot of nonsense, but it can make a clear truth. Some of the concentrated essence is tasteless and testable.

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