I saw the tattoo of Seventeen. Although I have seen black material and clarification before, I still have a bad impression. (It is not excluded that everyone likes him, that is, you also need to accept his past) 2. Some younger brothers are really simple and naive, and need to be tempered by “social beating tickets” (non-derogatory) 3. Li Junhao’s speech is very sincere, and he really likes it more and more He 4. Deng Xiaoci said that he had forgotten Liu Jun’s super cute section. (I hope Liu Jun doesn’t need to spray Yunnan Baiyao when he goes back.) 5. Luo Yizhou’s remarks are very restrained, but he also expresses it clearly, that is, he said that he thinks first, but he sets his goal very high, if the fans can’t do it, it’s okay. , He has felt everyone’s efforts. I believe he also knows that in order to make the show look good, he must catch this scrambled script, but he does feel sorry for the fans. 6. Yu Jingtian, Xu Xinchi, you are really only 3 months away. It’s hard to judge whether it is more idol drama every time you sit alone in a big chair or write a note and bury it under a tree. 7. Wang Nanjun’s speech was wonderful, and he finally regained his confidence. Good job. Where you sit, there is the Crystal Throne. 8. Liu Guanyou’s speech was also very moving. Because his speech really corresponds to his behavior. He is really hard. I remember the theme song that he danced all the dances of the whole song for 6 hours. The part that he showed with Liu Jun, you can see that he is indeed a person who refuses to admit defeat. You think I can’t do it. , I must prove it to you. 9. Sun Yinghao, he is indeed worthy of his ambition and is very serious about the stage. People can set up. Many contestants also express their ambitions when they speak, but if you are laughing and joking during dance practice, and various variety effects, then your ambitions will be completely unstoppable and uncomfortable. Sun also has variety cells, but they are all shown during non-practice time, and he has been extremely serious and serious during practice. It makes people feel that he really respects the stage and is worthy of this ambition. 10. The difference between this season and the past is that PD has its own response after everyone has spoken. Very heartwarming. Very human. It also gave the eliminated students a chance to speak. Chen Yugeng’s speech is more controversial. My understanding is that he feels that Luo is currently stronger than Yu Qiang, so if Yu takes the first place, he must work harder to be worthy of the first place. Finally, let me sigh. The 20 episodes of the show are now on. Many players like it more and more. Many players were very popular in the early stage, but their popularity declined later. People who are getting stronger and stronger are basically the ones who are very sincere and the people are more standable, or those who are strong are gradually discovered. As Yu Shuxin said at the beginning, the most important thing is the stage. If the stage is not good, no matter how many variety effects you have, it is useless. The essence of this show is still a competition. The stage is taken seriously. Those who don’t joke about the stage, and work hard, will have the confidence to move forward. Although everyone has worked very hard, some people just want to complete, some want better/perfect, some can only take care of themselves, and some can help others. The gap is reflected. If most of the shots can only reflect your hip-hop, then you and the youth producer will feel uncomfortable when you ask for tickets.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

First of all, the four of the card positions are really great. Three strengths and one strength rapper. What a pity, I hope they can continue to cheer and come up with better works in the future; Wang Nanjun’s family of domesticators is scattered. This is my favorite team and stage (crying) Chen Yugeng is a pity. I only paid attention to my younger brother before. I didn’t remember Chen Yugeng. History and the domesticator and the ship are the same stage, so I got him. His appearance is at first sight without memory. Point but good-looking. In the early stage, if I gave some story lines, I might not be gone. Then I want to talk about the three people I hate the most when watching the draft. The first type: not participating in the draft, but yelling at Jiang Bin for death. Yixuan, Jiang Jingzuo, Chen Yugeng, and Zhang Siyuan, these people are also sad to eliminate me, but I haven’t voted for them. I checked several Weibo bloggers who scolded Jiang Bin. They didn’t follow these players and Chaohua. Why don’t you ask Jiang Bin to let them advance? ? Every year the finals will be deliberately difficult to draw. Last year, Jing’s Jin Jinhan, the final night was all sad for her, but how many people voted for her? How many people followed her after the game? ? White prostitution fans don’t want to succumb to the second kind: empty mouth Jianhuang, don’t pay attention to fundraising, if you see who has more shots, you will curse the royal family. Last time Yixuan was 13, Huang, this time was eliminated. Wang Haoxuan, the emperor, a second round tour Wang Chengxuan, the emperor, did not make his debut. The third type: those who follow the trend, do not have their own preferences at all. The Oscar of the creation camp next door was all scolding before last week. After speaking, everyone liked him again. Before Big Fish Haitang, a lot of people chanted, and suddenly everyone began to scold Tang for blood sucking again. Of course, you can change for your own reasons, but don’t dominate your preferences just because you know the answer. I hope everyone can be happy when chasing the stars and the draft, instead of staring at the players every day. After that, everyone will be in the same group. Peace is the best.

5 months ago

Wang Nanjun’s speech can be included in the annals of drafting excellent. [Summary of the situation] After failing to vote for C in a row and the stage vote with low scores, the originally proud, dragged child is already a little inferior. Fans are very worried, this time Sanshun speaks. Wang Nanjun entered the final in 20th place. [The original text of the following statement] Recently, I have been thinking about so many people who have come to the show, very good, very good people. More than one hundred, many, many people, really, where is my highlight? I saw a lot of people sing very well, and the treble soared so high; then many people danced particularly well, splitting, somersaults, and various kinds; and then many people have very good personalities, and they can catch people at once. To be honest, I don’t think I have any bright spots at all. Because I don’t need highlights, I am a luminous body myself. No one looks like me, no one has the same tone as me, no one has my obsession, understanding of the stage I like, and no one is me. I have seen the top nine, they are all outstanding idols, and they are all recognized by the market. But I still want to be myself, even though I am number 20. Everyone is a unique existence. Therefore, the darker the sky, the brighter the stars. The starry sky is three thousand feet away, which does not obscure the light of any one of you. I sometimes ask myself why I like to watch the draft. Knowing that every year is the same routine, spend money, spend time, spend energy, and may be manipulated by the lens and manipulated by capital. Every year there is a bright future, and every year there is a heartbreak. After crop after crop, China never lacks people. There are always fresher faces to break into this market, either succeeding or failing, trying to get out of the cage. But I always think of one hundred teenagers and girls at the beginning of each season. Standing on the radiant stage with the theme song, glittering stardust scattered above his head. They are full of longing and hope, the corners of their mouths are always smiling, and their eyes are shining. Bright, fluffy, warm, confident, sunny, exuding infinite vitality and future. They all said the same word-dream. Then they worked hard, they worked hard, they smashed their teeth and swallowed with blood and tears. I love the vivid and reckless backs of these young people as they chase their dreams. But this may be just a little starlight in the three-thousand-meter star sky. Each person himself is a unique luminous body, some people love you hard work, some people love you indifferently; some people love you heroic, and some people love you soft. Not only idols, but every independent me in the world is like this. I think this may be one of the meanings of the talent show. Some people live in tall buildings and some are in deep ditch. Some are bare and some are rusty. But who said that they weren’t so-and-so’s “people”, in his eyes they were as gorgeous as rainbows. (But I’m not a fan of Wang Nanjun, so I can get a ticket for Zhoudi. Hahahahahaha) The natural king Luo Yizhou, a C will not look back!

5 months ago

I was crying, my favorite Xingyou finally entered and exited the Taoist position together! In the past few days, fans from various fans have posted their milk walls, and they are strong in support. Xingyou fans can finally rest assured that everyone’s efforts are not in vain, and all of them have made it to the finals! When the Spring PD announced the ranking, Duan Xingxing was 8th. Actually, I didn’t worry about him, because he was in the top 9 last time, so this time there is definitely no problem. But Liu Guanyou’s ranking really made me sweat. Last time he was 13th. When I heard that 7th was not there, I thought I wouldn’t have missed it, right? I did not expect that he would rank so high. Maybe those who often watch the talent show know that the top few changes will not change much in the later period, so Guanyou won the 6th place this time and I was surprised and pleasantly surprised! When he came to power, Chun PD also said that he was rising all the way, and it was not easy to rush from the 80s. It was really great! Both Xingxing and Guanyou continue to cheer, the finals will be here soon, and both of them must make their debut!

5 months ago

Youth With You 3, the third time it was released, there are only 20 people left, and many of my favorite players have gone. The clothes of Li Yuchunchun PD look so good, and the waist bling bling is very sexy. Chunchun is still so warm and stable. Why is He Derui’s ranking so low? Come on. And Xu Ziwei, big vocal, let’s go in and out of Taoism. Duan Xingxing Liu Guanyou has all entered and exited the Taoist position, which is really good. I think all four of the card positions are very good. Zhang Siyuan is really real after all, and he is a rapper, and it won’t be offensive. In Wang Nanjun’s speech, he saw the self-confidence before, the escaped little prince. It is also a pity that Jiang Jingzuo and Chen Yugeng, as well as Chen Junhao, Grass Carp, Deng Zeming, Zi Yu, and Yixuan are all excellent. I hope that I will make music and dance well in the future, and get better and better. It’s a pity that Liu Jun fell out of the top nine. Come on, Teacher Liu. I like Luo Yizhou’s speech. He is sincere and decent every time. I hope he can go one step further. The part of the haunted house is the biggest laugh. Some people burst into tears, some are expressionless or even want to laugh a little, seeing the unevenness of courage. Seventeen is so funny, Xu Ziwei is so funny, not afraid at all, there are also grass carp and Duan Xingxing. Looking forward to the next stage of cooperation, especially the PD group, I am looking forward to it. I want to see Chunchun working with trainees.

5 months ago

I really like Luo Yizhou’s speech
How can there be someone who can talk like him hhhhh
More than this time
Every time he
They are all calm, concise, sincere and very organized
Very decent, very decent and very generous
Probably this is the so-called way of speaking
Maybe because my major is Chinese
The broadness and profoundness of Chinese culture will resonate more with me

5 months ago

The starry sky is three thousand feet away, which does not obscure the light of any one of you. ——Wang Nanjun’s third time in order to give a speech The little princess is really great. I directly borrowed his speech as a general comment on this episode, and even all the programs of “Green 3” up to now. I have always said in all my replies to “Chen 3” or “Creation 4” that the most important thing in a talent show is not to debut, but to exercise your abilities and gain fans who like yourself. I’ve always liked the release of “Blue You” very much. Maybe there will be their own regrets or unwillingnesses in the specific order, but you will find that the favorite trainees not only have their own shots, but also Will appear in other people’s speeches, and will receive standing applause when the ranking is announced. In fact, this ranking and the top 20 when the second ranking was published, the changes can not be considered particularly big (have consciously blocked Du Tianyu, not that he is particularly bad, but the family is really rich and convinced, after all, a 10-year-old artist ). Debut circle 17 and Liu Guanyou replaced Liang Sen and Liu Jun. There were some accidents but it was reasonable, and this is still not the final ranking, especially the position of Liu Guanyou/17, still have to be ready to be shaken in the group night Of course, I think Liang Sen and Liu Jun’s strength finally broke into and out of the Dao position can be regarded as convincing the public, and I hope that there will be no such situation as Zhang Jiayuan and Qing Lian. I still want to talk about some of the points when the order was released. When the list of four 20th candidates appeared, everyone was saying “They are all “The Domesticators”.” In fact, I think this is also a “green” series of drafts. Unknowingly, it will send me a signal: In addition to the final group debut, the wonderful stage during the program will also become a kind of “group” The concept of “is remembered by the audience. “Jing”‘s “Inflammable and Explosive”, “Light Orange Island” (every cue goes to the “big vocal group” will have this stage), this year’s “Invincible”, now “The Tamer”. These are the “honours” gained from participating in the show. I chatted with the classmates who were chasing the show that day. In fact, I picked 9 players who had been eliminated or had a low probability of debut to form a second group. It seemed quite unconventional (the show has many story lines, good relationships, and online personal abilities. ): Liu Jun, Wang Nanjun, Jiang Jingzuo, Chen Junhao, Zhang Siyuan, Yang Haoming, Liang Sen, Xu Ziwei, Deng Zeming, although these are just personal YY, but I think this is the greatest joy of watching a show as a talent show fan. You don’t have to worry about a certain person or a certain position. Everyone is a great player and will shine in a place that suits you. I think like Li Yuchun said to Liu Guanyou, “There is a limit to the number of positions in a group, but personal progress is unlimited.” I am very happy to see these 35 trainees on the cooperation stage after the release of the sequence. I hope everyone can have fun.

5 months ago

The program group is good or bad, but I love it so much~, haha. This haunted house part of the design really made me laugh and cry! The trainees are all cool and handsome on the stage. I didn’t expect that all the famous names in this world would be ruined by this link! The first one to bear the brunt is Seventeen. I usually feel tugged, so courage is so small. Now when I think of the picture of him being scared, he can still hear his miserable cry in my mind. It’s so funny, I’ve been scared enough, and I don’t forget it. Give the show team a trick, let the “ghost” hide in the elevator, it’s really fun! Thanks to his tricks, which made later shows more interesting, many people were frightened by this last crit. Not only the seventeenth, but also the tenth-level empty ear master Chang Huasen, Liu Jun who screamed at the highest decibel level, and Xu Xinchi who was so scared that he had a strange shape. Seeing their funny reactions one by one, I really laughed in front of the screen. Cracked! The brothers are so cute. The staff who have worked so hard to pretend to be ghosts, it is really fortunate that you are not beaten to see how scared they are!

5 months ago

How come our teacher Liu Jun has reached a dozen or so? Let’s go and brush the pen-hold shot of San Gong’s “Bamboo” by Jun Jun sauce. The more you look at it, the more flavor it will taste. It seems that a good person has a kind of wonderful charm, like PD described he has a kind of terrifying perception ability, can sensitively capture the changes of things around him, and also knows how to express with body language, so his stage always Especially contagious, this is a great talent of him, and hope that through this talent he can heal others and make himself a better stage!

5 months ago

As Zhang Siyuan said, a few people in the first 20 sing, dance, and rap are really bad, but they can’t be likable. But anyway, this show has long been muddled, and Iqiyi is indeed unable to follow-up, and the debut boy group probably has no good resources. People with strength will surely be in the water, and the future can be expected; for those who have no strength and no sense of variety, it is useless for fans to make their debuts. They can only make themselves cute. After waiting for a while, it is almost silent. It feels like Liu Jun is really a pity. I think how the top nine deserved his place, but it turned out that he was not even a card slot. If Jun Junzi did not make his debut in the end, please ask iQiyi to settle the class fee for him. Also, there are too few rappers. There is only one seventeen this year. The configuration is really unbalanced. According to my personal opinion, from the people who have not been eliminated so far, the nine-member group will be selected as the following nine: Luo Yizhou, the lead singer, Yu Jingtian, the lead dancer Liu Jun, the captain Liang Sen, the deputy lead singer Liu Guanyou, and the deputy dancer Sun Yinghao. Seventeen raps, Xu Ziwei’s deputy lead singer, Lian Huaiwei variety show. This is the best configuration I can think of. In this way, one of the three singers would be a rapper. I originally liked Keer Lijun’s rap style very much, and Zhang Siyuan was also very good, but both of them were eliminated, which is a pity.

5 months ago

After reading the Sanshun ranking, I felt very uncomfortable. Luo Yizhou, such a good boy, can always get the first place he deserves on his own. But every time a fan made a vote, he missed it. He always said that he didn’t reach his goal because his performance was not the best, but he was already perfect on stage. Stunning more and more time after time, never-ending efforts. The strength of the dance is stuck accurately step by step. Staying up one night after another. He has always been a veteran cadre with a regular schedule and self-discipline is engraved in his bones. With the softness of Confucianism full of Chinese style and the heroic and tough attitude of Chinese soldiers, he is calm and calm, neither humble nor overbearing. I was really surprised that he could appear on the singing and dancing draft stage, and he did not even violate the agreement. The firepower on the stage was full, and the audience was cute and cute. Change your face in a second, the stage spirit. Before he joined the factory, he was a big amateur. Although he was a very professional college bully, he was low-key and never did marketing hype, so no one paid attention. I know he doesn’t allow himself to be hot, he hopes that everyone is attracted to him because of his strength and charm, not others. Without the slightest utilitarianism, and not forgetting the original intention, he is such a man. In the Vanity Fair of the entertainment circle, he never chooses to rush for quick success, but to work hard on his own. This kind of self-confidence and magnanimity is nurtured from the small military academy. I just want to say cheer up, do everything to do your fate, and fans have to cheer.

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