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Tour with a group: The most primitive way to travel is to find a local travel agency, ask for the route price, determine the departure time, and pay. Then only need to bring a person and the heart to play, the whole process is arranged by the tour guide. Suitable for the crowd: Suitable for people of older ages. Due to poor physical strength, it is also not suitable for worry and toss. Group travel is undoubtedly the best choice. After all, safety is the first choice. Advantages: worry-free and safe. Disadvantages: With the continuous changes in the tourist population, there have been various phenomena of confusion and disturbance of the market with group tours. Failure to pick the right formal tour group may be counterproductive to save money and worry, and it is almost impossible to discuss the money. Note: If you are too old and want to travel with ease, you must choose a reliable and formal Yunnan travel agency with a good local reputation. Pure Play Group: This is the favorite way of traveling for young people who like to toss. You can travel as you like, and you can arrange how many days you want to play. There is no time limit, and you have special freedom. Suitable for the crowd: young people who like freedom and plenty of time and travel friends with rich life experience Advantages: freedom, save money, and do whatever you want. Disadvantages: book your own hotel and book tickets for scenic spots or take a lot of detours, plus Lijiang to Dali, Shangri-La, The road to Lugu Lake is far away. Temporarily renting a car to buy tickets is not only afraid of being scammed, but the timing is also improper. Matters needing attention: If you want to save money and have a lot of time during the travel, you can meet with three or two friends. Not only can someone take pictures and exchanges, but you can also share a bed and carpool when booking a hotel. However, you need to pay attention to the safety during the journey. There are still a lot of people to take care of. After all, there is no tour guide and you need to be responsible for yourself. Semi-free travel: suitable for the crowd: people who like freedom, have quality requirements for travel, are tight in time but don’t want to waste, and want to save money. (Suitable for almost anyone) Advantages: Freedom, saving money, worry-free After experiencing serious compulsory shopping, group tours and free travel, it is not only worry-saving and money-saving, but also can be customized according to your own needs and preferences. His own exclusive and semi-free travel mode seems to emerge spontaneously. This kind of travel method combines group tour and pure play group, which not only avoids the uncomfortable invisible consumption of the travel itinerary and forced shopping, but also solves the cumbersome travel of hotels, air tickets, and attraction tickets. Invisible consumption is completely tailor-made travel itineraries based on the attractions you want to visit. In recent years, it has been especially popular with people who have quality requirements for travel, but don’t want to bother and want to have fun. Comparing the above three travel methods, we finally chose semi-free travel. This time I plan to travel to Yunnan. I first determined the travel time, and then I checked the air tickets and hotels on the Internet. After several comparisons, we finally found this local group in Yunnan with good service and formal and reliable service. They are local. The largest formal state-owned enterprise to accept the agency, all the itinerary attractions in Yunnan, food, accommodation and transportation arrangements are all operated by one hand. Both quality and safety are guaranteed, formal operation, reasonable prices, and formal tourism contracts are signed. Only by finding the right professional team can we avoid stepping on the pit. Xiaoqian, the itinerary planner we contacted, customized a reasonable, time-saving and considerate travel route for us according to our itinerary needs. Indeed, only by looking for a professional team can we better connect with services. We really feel this. The specific itinerary that Candy arranged for us is like this (you can refer to the following) D1–arrive in the “Spring City” Kunming, Yunnan, stay in Kunming Hotel, rest and free activities (live in Kunming) D2–tour, karst wonders–【Stone Forest Scenery District] including breakfast, lunch and dinner, live in Chuxiong D3-tour [Erhai Lake] [open-top jeep around Erhai Lake] admire the scenery of Erhai Lake [net celebrity travel photo] [FRP Yacht], famous state [Dali Ancient City] including breakfast, lunch and dinner, live Dali D4–Visit the national 5A scenic spot known as “Oriental Switzerland” [Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Scenic Area] [Blue Moon Valley] Gift: [Lishui Sands Song and Dance Show] with breakfast and lunch, live in Lijiang D5–Visit the important town of Tea Horse Road [Bundle He Ancient Town] [Lashihai Scenic Area] With breakfast, lunch and dinner, live in Lijiang D6–[Shangri-La] [First Bay of the Yangtze River] “The Most Canyon in the World” [Tiger Leaping Gorge] “Shangri-La Ancient City” [. Dukezong Moonlight Ancient City 】Gift 【Toast Yan】Include breakfast, lunch and dinner in Shangri-La D7-visit the National 5A scenic spot 【Pudacuo National Park】Snow mountains, wetlands, forests, and lakes constitute a natural picture scroll, and the CCTV view location-Shudu Lake. Including breakfast and lunch, staying on the train D8-after breakfast, go to the flower market to play, according to the return ticket to the station respectively, the railway station, the airport ends the happy colorful Yunnan tour. The fee includes meals: 7 am and 10 tickets: all scenic tickets guide : The whole journey is accompanied by an excellent tour guide. Insurance: Complimentary travel agency liability insurance. Accommodation: 1 night hot spring hotel + 5 night diamond hotel; we departed from Beijing and flew to Kunming to start our Yunnan tour. Upon getting off the plane, Xiaoqian sent us The information told us that their colleague who picked up the crew was already waiting for us at the airport. I want to talk about it solemnly. I am very satisfied with the hot spring hotel Xiaoqian arranged for us on the first day. As soon as I enter the hotel door, I can smell a faint fragrance of flowers and unload the tired and beautiful bubble hot spring. Because we arrived early, in the afternoon we were free to take a stroll around Kunming Spring City. Xiaoqian also recommended the fun places in Kunming, Nanping Street and Golden Horse and Jade Rooster. The food here is super delicious. Visit the Big Stone Forest. As soon as you enter the scenic spot, this is a different stone, a strangely shaped stone, a unique karst landform, and the scenery is picturesque. Must-visit attractions in Dali: Dali Ancient Town, Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake. In the morning, play at the Erhai Sea, jeep around Erhai in various colors, cruise around Erhai in the afternoon, and take a boat to Nanzhao Island. , Blowing the air, basking in the sun, and bringing a few favorite books, just stay for a day in peace. It is very pleasant to travel along the Erhai Lake, accompanied by a group of red-headed gulls chasing behind you. We also clocked in the jeep tour of the Erhai Lake, the cloud ladder, the sky, the net celebrity glass ball, and the Dali Erhai Lake. Every photo taken is absolutely beautiful.
Dali food recommendation: Meizi: There is a “Zhaoji Meizi” near Wuhua Building on Fuxing Road. It is very rare for locals and foreigners to get the same price. I recommend “Licorice Meizi”. Friends who like to eat plums can try it. The taste is light. tasty. You can also buy a bag of assorted, and it’s good to try each. The average price is 10-15 yuan a bag. In the ancient town, you can also taste milk fans, roasted bait cubes, rice noodles, Fenghuaxueyue beer. Must-visit attractions in Lijiang: Lijiang Old Town, Shuhe Ancient Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley, Lishui Jinsha, Lijiang has many attractions. The first is the capital of amorous encounters-Lijiang Old Town. There is a special flavor in Lijiang at night. You can experience the bar street of Lijiang Old Town. There are singers and dance performances. The bar street of the ancient city starts to boil until 24:00. Everyone can enjoy the excitement. Go to Lijiang to see Yulong Snow Mountain. The Naxi people’s sacred mountain that pursues free love and love, loves her and hates him, brings her to the Yulong Snow Mountain to such a high altitude. Fortunately, Xiaoqian reminds us in advance to bring a thermos cup to relieve altitude sickness, and reminds us wherever we go. Things to pay attention to, especially careful and responsible, simply perfect, one hundred likes.


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7 months ago

It’s worth a visit, but don’t expect too much, just play with your heart, maybe more surprises. I have been to Dali once in 5 years. I have a good impression. I went to Dali for the second time in November last year. The expectations were very high, but I was very disappointed. Now there are charging photo spots everywhere on the Erhai Sea. Many of the ordinary Tianba sites have changed. , Is also basically to create a photo spot for Internet celebrities. The ancient town of Shuanglang has also changed. It is no longer the kind of real residential streets. The most exciting thing is the vegetable market in the ancient town of Xizhou. As a foreigner, I have seen many things for the first time, and the people inside are also very enthusiastic. There is a rice noodle shop in the ancient town that is delicious, and a certain steamed bun is huge and delicious.

7 months ago

Dali is a very necessary tourist attraction. It can be regarded as one of the best tourist cities in the country. It is also sung in a folk song. If you are not satisfied with your life, it is better to go all the way to Dali. If you need it, you can consult [You enjoy Yuntu] for free customized Yunnan tourism, and you can also ask Ayou for questions about Yunnan tourism! 1. Erhai Lake-one of the four famous scenic spots of wind, flowers, snow and moon. Erhai Park is located at the southern end of Erhai Lake. It is the first stop to visit the Cangshan Erhai Lake Scenic Area. There is an oval hill in the park, which is called Tuanshan by the locals because of its shape. Erhai Park is composed of Haixin Pavilion, swimming pool, Wanghailou promenade, zoo, botanical garden, flower garden, fishing platform, playground and other parts. It is a must-visit place for tourists to Dali. 2. The ancient city of Dali-a charming ancient city with a taste of literature and art Dali The ancient city is located at the foot of the beautiful Cangshan Mountain. It was the capital of the ancient Nanzhao Kingdom and Dali Kingdom. The streets in the city have a typical chessboard layout and are the core tourist area of ​​Dali. The weather in Dali during the third and fourth months of the lunar calendar is fine, and it is best to come to Dali to enjoy the scenery and feel the folk customs. Here, the bees can raise flowers and grass, tease cats and dogs, visit small shops, go to bars, and enjoy the slow life of art and fashion. 3. Cangshan Mountain-the nineteen peaks are continuous and majestic; Cangshan Mountain, also known as Diancang Mountain, is located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan. Located at the southern end of the Yunling Mountains, it is composed of 19 peaks from north to south. The nineteen peaks of Cangshan Mountain are covered with white snow and are majestic and majestic. The scenery of Cangshan Mountain has always been famous for its snow, clouds and springs. The snow in Cangshan, which has not disappeared through the summer, is the most famous of the four scenic spots in Dali’s “wind, flowers, snow and moon”. 4. Double Corridor-the paradise on the east side of Erhai Lake “Dali scenery is in Cang’er, Cang’er scenery is in Shuanglang”, Shuanglang is famous for its invincible lake view. Sunlight is refracted on the lake surface through the clouds, forming the “Sacred Light of Erhai Lake”. With the continuous Cangshan mountains as the background, it is the best lens that photographers want to capture most. The main attractions of Shuanglang Town are two islands: Yuji Island and Nanzhao Style Island. It is very pleasant to watch the lakes and the fishermen boating on the island. 5. Chongsheng Temple’s Three Pagodas Cultural Tourism Area-one of the landmarks of Dali After the restoration and reconstruction of the scenic spot of Dali Chongsheng Temple, a thousand-year-old ancient temple with three towers as the core, covering 388 acres, and the main building area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters is displayed. In front of tourists. The reconstruction of this scenic spot breaks the old rules of the scenic spot that it is difficult to prevent the “seven-year itch”, and opens up a practical way for the sustainable development of Yunnan tourist scenic spots. Chongsheng Temple is the Three Pagoda Temple written by Xu Xiake, a traveler in the Ming Dynasty, in “Dian Journey Diary”, and the Tianlong Temple written by modern martial arts novel master Jin Yong in “Ba Bu of Heavenly Dragon”. The magnificent temple of Chongsheng Temple burned down in the Xiantong year, and only the three pagodas remained intact. 6. Xizhou-a large number of Bai people’s dwellings are preserved. Xizhou is located 18 kilometers north of the ancient city of Dali, with Erhai Lake in the east and Cangshan Mountain in the west. Xizhou is an important town inhabited by the Bai people. There are the most preserved and best-preserved towns here. The Bai folk house complex. The more famous ones include Yang Pinxiang’s House, Yan Family Courtyard, Hou Family Courtyard, etc., which not only maintain the characteristics of the traditional houses of the Bai nationality, but also combine Chinese and Western architectural techniques. Historically, Xizhou Town was a military center in Nanzhao, with a relatively developed culture. It once exported many celebrities from all walks of life to the country. 7. Butterfly Spring-a square spring pool with clear spring water, Butterfly Spring, the spring water is as clear as a mirror. Every year at the butterfly meeting, thousands of butterflies fly in from all directions, flying around the spring. A butterfly is as big as a slap, and as small as a coin. Countless butterflies also hooked their feet and connected their beards, linked end to end, and hung from the albizia tree to the surface of the water. Colorful and spectacle. 8. Nanzhao Customs Island-a beautiful island surrounded by water reappears Dali’s four thousand years of cultural heritage, sharing the style of the capital of Yunnan for 600 years. If the Cang’er scenery is compared to a shining crown, then the Nanzhao style is a shining pearl inlaid on this crown. The world-famous ancient “Nanzhao State” not only built the “Ancient Capital at the Crossroads of Asian Culture”. At that time, it was the ancient city of Dali, which was the 14 largest cities in the world along with Kaifeng, Istanbul, and Cairo. It also built magical buildings on the beautiful Erhai Sea. “Nanzhao Summer Palace.” 9. Foreigner Street-The prosperous commercial street in the ancient city of Dali, formerly known as “Huguo Road”, is located in the ancient city of Dali. It is an east-west bluestone road with a length of about 1 km. At the intersection of Huguo Road and Fuxing Road in the ancient city of Dali, you can see an archway with the words “Foreigner Street” engraved on it. It is easy to find. Many tourists take pictures here. In the evening, the bars on the street begin to open. At this time, the Foreigner Street is particularly lively, and the most famous one is Tang Dynasty bars. There are many small shops along the street such as Chinese and Western restaurants, jewelry shops, antique shops, tie-dye shops, galleries, etc., selling special snacks and souvenirs of the Bai ethnic group. If you feel that it is not affordable enough, you can write down the style first and look for it in other small shops in the ancient city. There may be more affordable prices. I’m Zhao Min, a custom tour engineer in Yunnan, welcome to find me to learn about Yunnan’s custom tour groups, a small group of pure business vehicles, and Yunnan tourism issues, such as guides, routes, tickets, weather, health codes, etc. You can also ask Minmin~ also Learn more about travel information. I wish you all a happy trip to Yunnan~

7 months ago

As a Yunnan native, let me tell you, Dali is really worth a visit. Yunnan is a province with the largest number of ethnic minorities. There are local customs and tourist attractions in various places. The weather in Yunnan has been very good recently and there are no clouds. The Three Pagodas of Dali: The three towers of Dali must be seen. The three towers of Chongsheng Temple in Dali are 14 kilometers away from Xiaguan, under the Yingle Peak of Cangshan 1.5 kilometers north of Dali, backed by Cangshan Mountain and facing the Erhai Lake. Composed of two small and three pagodas, they are in a state of standing. From a distance, they are magnificent and majestic. It is one of the scenic spots in Cang’er. Dali Erhai Lake: Wind, flowers, snow and moon, romantic and beautiful, but in Dali, it represents four places, Shangguan Feng, Xiaguan Flowers, Cangshan Snow, Erhai Moon…… Let you go to a place to linger. Recently, it has been sunny in Yunnan, so I prepared skin care products and sunscreen spray when I went out. No matter where you travel, you must protect yourself. Safety is important. Second, you must prevent being deceived. Some locals will think you are a foreigner to blackmail you.

7 months ago

I must go, I regret not going to Dali in this life! Dali is beautiful throughout the year, but March and April are the most recommended, Dali March Festival, seagulls, spring cherry blossoms, Dali University and Dali landscapes are the most concentrated, and it is also the best place to watch. If you are traveling to Dali for the first time, you must make a trip around Erhai Lake. Witness the different beauty of Erhai Lake in one day, you will love Dali. The Erhai Lake tour can be divided into Haidong Line and Haixi Line. Haidong is mainly surrounded by sea scenery, and Haixi is mainly idyllic scenery. The most beautiful scenery of Erhai Lake is the Huanhai Highway, which is about 144 kilometers around Erhai Lake. Recommended route: Huayu Ranch, Huayu Ranch, Huayu Pasture, Huayushan Park, Huanhaidong Road, Huanhaidong Road, Huanhaidong Road, Dali Ancient City, Xiaoputuo Lover Yacai Village Pier in the morning. Depart from Dali Ancient City and follow Huanhaixi Road to Xi Zhou Ancient Town. Huanhaixi Road has different scenery in different seasons. If you go in March and April, there will still be rape blossoms, which are golden, and in the summer of May-June-July, there are green rice fields that are very Japanese. The best check-in spots in the ancient town of Xizhou: Yuanlou, Xilin Garden, and Lanxu Dye Workshop. Check-in points in Haitong Park: Husband and Wife Tree, Dead Tree, Shoal. On Huanhaixi Road, you can see the makeup shop where the group took photos of fat, all of which require tickets, but the photos are very small and fresh. Shuanglang: If you have enough time, it is recommended to stay in Shuanglang for one night. There are many inns near the Erhai Lake with a nice view. After the ancient town of Shuanglang, there is an observation deck on Huanhaidong Road behind the ancient city of Shuanglang, and you can take pictures of Shuanglang from above. Luwoshan: The caves and abandoned doors and windows under the mountain can take cool pictures. Little Putuo: The classic check-in point of Erhai Lake. In the evening, along Huanhaidong Road, there are sea views all the way. It is amazing to watch the sunset. It is beautiful to take pictures on the reefs of Erhai Lake. Lover’s Cliff: You can take pictures of cliffs and Erhai Lake. The roads are also more classic. Many people take wedding photos here.

7 months ago

I feel worth it! For the Yunnan trip, I only went to Dali and Kunming. Except for transportation, the cost was about 1,000 (eight days, two of which were on the road). In Dali, it is not recommended to go with a group. In Lijiang, it is not convenient to take public transportation such as Yulong Snow Mountain or Lugu Lake. You can choose a one- or two-day group. Around the Erhai Lake, riding a small electric donkey for a drive along the coastal road, the mood is especially refreshing! In Cangshan, it feels like you can see the ancient city of Dali from above. I personally don’t think it’s fun in itself. If you don’t climb to the top, it’s a ropeway or hiking (the wind cannot go up to the top in winter)… Living in the ancient city, it’s pretty good to go shopping at night. Lively, there are relatively cheap supermarkets and markets in the ancient city (in a certain corner). The consumption is not high, mainly because of the traffic. The only one who wants the tickets is to go to Cangshan (still student tickets), and the others are all outside. .

7 months ago

Dali, personal recommendation, 1. You can go on the Jade Belt Road, go up from Gantong Temple, you can go to the cable car, you can go up, walk along the Jade Belt Road, you can see most of Dali. 2. There are two roads around the sea. You can walk along the newly built ecological corridor. If you drive, you just walk around the entire Erhai Lake and pass through the double corridors. If you like, you can enter or not. 3. Go for a walk in the ancient city of Weishan. It is more authentic than the ancient city of Dali. By the way, you can eat bait silk from the ancient city, which is really a “big bowl bait silk” or Jiashi noodles (in East Lianhua Street). 4. Those who have faith can walk around Jizu Mountain in Binchuan, and those who have huge physical strength can climb up directly. There are many scenery on the road. Many Buddhist ancient houses can not be seen by the cable car. They can live on the golden tripod and watch the next day. Watch the sea of ​​clouds sunrise. 5. You can try the hot springs in Eryuan. Don’t have too much sulfur in the water, and you will lose your body when you soak. If you eat, you can try some of the raw skins of Guanyintang (place name) at noon. They are said to be raw, but in fact they are five to seven mature. In the evening, you can eat fish from Eryuan or Shaba in Xiaguan, wax ribs, hot pot with mushrooms, a lot of them. The food in the ancient city depends on your preference. I think it is not worth it, and the price is too low. If you live, it’s better to go to Xiaguan to live in the ancient city. There are cars going back and forth, 2 yuan + 30 minutes. In fact, there are still many places to visit. If you just walk around the ancient city of Dali and take a photo of the ancient city, you will say that Dali is not worth it, and that is not worth it. To be honest, you are not worthy.

7 months ago

Dali is suitable for playing slowly. Don’t hurry. It’s best to go to the ancient city of Dali for more than a week. At night, you can go to a small bar. There is nothing to go during the day and sell some souvenirs. Recently, there is a rape field in Xizhou ancient town. If you are traveling by car You can go to Sapa to eat fish

7 months ago

This is the first time I go to Dali, and I don’t know how to play. You can read this guide to make a more relaxing and enjoyable tour of Dali. 1. Accommodation and Transportation Live in Dali Ancient City [Train Station-Dali Ancient City about 30 minutes Airport-Dali Ancient City about 50 minutes] Live in Shuanglang Ancient Town [Dali Ancient City-Shuanglang about 1 hour Train Station-Shuanglang about 1 hour 15 It is divided into Dali Airport-Double Corridor about 1 hour] [If you want to experience a sea view room, you can choose Double Corridor Haidong, you can watch the sunrise in the morning, and the sea view is invincible. I hope to be closer to the ancient city and Erhai Lake. To watch the sunrise in the morning and listen to folk songs in the evening, you can first choose the villages near the sea such as Caicun, Longkan, and Majiuyi.] Transportation: Dali Airport has direct buses to Dali or Shuanglang. Railway station: Dali station high-speed rail stops, Kunming to Dali high-speed rail about 2 hours, Lijiang to Dali about 1 hour. Self-driving tour around Erhai Lake in Dali is the essence, you can choose to rent a car and drive by yourself. 2. Route recommendation Day1: Dali Ancient City-Huanhai West Road-Haitong Park-Xizhou Ancient Town Dali Ancient City carries Dali’s history, culture, religious culture, and ethnic culture. It is the core area of ​​Dali’s tourism and is lined with green willows along the coast of Haitong Park. , The scenery on both sides of the strait is different, while the waves beat the shore, while the microwave is shining, the scenery is picturesque in all seasons, and it is the best place to watch the Erhai Lake. The scenery on the island is pristine, you can see large tracts of trees and long wormwood, and the Erhai Lake in the depths of the peninsula is also very clear and blue, and the photos are very beautiful; Xizhou, an ancient town called Shicheng in ancient times, also known as Dali City, is Yunnan A famous historical and cultural town in the province. And one of the key hometowns of overseas Chinese is the typical commercial market town of the Bai nationality. Day2: Butterfly Spring-Shuanglang Ancient Town-Huanhaidong Road-Dia Se-Xiaoputuo-Haidong Coastal Highway-Lover’s Cliff-Haidong The town of Shidong Shuanglang Ancient Town is surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing the sea on the other. The nineteen peaks of Cangshan Mountain are in the west, the gate is adjacent to the waning blue waves of the Erhai Lake, the “Buddhist resort” Jizu Mountain is in the east, and the “Penglai Fairy Island” is connected to the south. The second layer has Guanyin. The pavilion is small and exquisite, with divine fog enveloping, and fairy wind slowly. Although the island is not high, there are many strange rocks, and trees grow in the cracks of the rocks. The branches and leaves are luxuriant, and the pavilions mirror each other, just like natural bonsai. Day3: Dali Ancient City-Cangshan Mountain-Chongsheng Temple Three Pagodas-Three Pagoda Reflection Park Cangshan Cangshan is the main peak at the southern end of the Yunling Mountains. It consists of 19 peaks from the north to the south, starting from Eryuan Dengchuan in the north and Dengchuan in the south. To Xiaguan Tianshengqiao. The nineteen peaks of Cangshan Mountain are majestic and majestic, in sharp contrast with the beautiful Erhai Lake scenery

7 months ago

If you are planning to go there recently, I think it is worthwhile that the temperature is rising and the flowers are all blooming. Other places in Yunnan, Lijiang, Shangri-La, and Tengchong are not worth it. As long as you don’t report the tour, except for the local tyrants, the ancient city of Lijiang was once a pioneer in the commercialization of the ancient town, and it is still a model of ancient town tourism. If I went to Lijiang in the past few years and scored 95 points, I would have failed for a while after being over-commercial. But in the last few visits, I feel that she has found her own position and path, and found a balance between commercial tourism and ancient town customs, which is undoubtedly inseparable from the local guidance and planning. However, the ancient city of Dali is very different from Lijiang. From the very beginning, she is a place that “uses” more than “sees”, especially from the villages and towns around Dali, she is first of all a “city”. On the one hand, it is impossible to achieve the unified scenic spots of the whole city like the ancient city; on the other hand, it is difficult to limit the comprehensive ecology to the money because of the lack of support from a large framework. For example, the foreigner street mentioned in the answer probably has no crooked nuts anymore after the enthusiasm of the drainage. Other tourism ecology is also in disorder. Where there is money, scattered capital will flock. The locals, in the initial wave, have almost transferred their ownership and the right to speak. Lijiang, no matter when you go, no matter how you go, you can feel her beauty and now the ancient city of Dali, only two options are recommended. One is to go to friends who are already there and let them take you to play; the other is to set aside more than a day to plan, live in, and slowly feel ~ Quoting the answer of one “Dali Haidong and the ancient city hostels and hostels are very Yes, I personally like the kind that I can see the Cangshan in the fog from the window in the morning, the Bohai Lake in the distance can be seen from the roof, and the old street can be walked down for a while, enter the ancient city for a leisurely stroll, and just see the store you like. Go in and sit and drink or stroll around.” Other worthy attractions: Cangshan Xiimatang Ropeway: Natural scenery never outdated Tour around Erhai Lake: Haixi Ecological Corridor Cycling/Haidong Self-driving Tour New tourism formats around: various farms Manor Botanical Garden and other surrounding ancient towns: more natural and original ecology, the last one is the most dreamy place in my heart. Jianchuan Laojun Mountain Laojun Mountain is in Lijiang, and there are entrances to Jianchuan in Dali, Jianchuan here is a bit quieter Laojun Mountain, Jianchuan, Yunnan (Photo Copyright David Rand)

7 months ago

It depends on which scenic spot in Yunnan you go to. The classic route to Yunnan is: Kunming-Dali-Lijiang-Shangri-La-Xishuangbanna. The rainy season in September in Yunnan has not passed. If you come to Yunnan, you should take a good umbrella. It’s the rainy season, but it doesn’t rain every day. The scenery of Yunnan after the rain is also unique. Dali-Erhai Lake, Nanzhao Customs Island, Xiaoputuo, Guanyin Pavilion, Cangshan, Qingbixi, Dali Ancient City, Foreign Street Lijiang-Ancient City Sifang Street, Heilongtan, Yunshanping, Yulong Snow Mountain, Shuhe , Shangri-La, Baisha Village—The First Bay of the Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Zhongdian Pudacuo National Forest Park and Buddhist Holy Land—Songzanlin Temple. Those who visit for the first time must do a good job. In general Yunnan is very large, and the scenic spots are located far away. If there is no transportation for free travel, the transportation fee is also a big expense. If you look for guides on the Internet, it is similar.

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