The interviewer at station B responded to the recruitment dispute. Recently, there have been rumors that when station B recruited students from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in the spring, the interviewer showed off his assets and said that “beijing people’s vision is too low.” Three students, etc., were suspected of discrimination in recruitment. “Xiao Wandou,” the head of the game studio at Station B, issued a response: I admit that there was some preaching during the interview. I apologize to him here, but I have never expressed any negative comments about Beijing Post. “My team is all Qingbei or QS top three students.” My original remark is that I recently interviewed some of these students. There is no X Suite or Ferrari in my house.

Really see the part of the iceberg below sea level to realize how humble and insignificant it is to vent your anger, calm down and do something that is truly meaningful. At a glance, you will know that in the future, interviews will be widely used in recording and video recording, right? With security check? terrible. Take a look at the comment area again, what is said that station B is still OK, what kind of weekends…but I forgot the fact that there should be weekends. (Of course, there are too many single-offs in society now.) Actually, it’s not wrong to learn more, try and fight hard just after coming out of school, but most corporate capital use these words as a guise to make up for the cost control and cost control of their company. Performance management. It could work efficiently, but 996 and 007 were required. Since the capital has used our passion, then you are not benevolent and I am not righteous. You don’t respect me. How can I respect you? There are many people who pursue their dreams and work hard, and I also hope that I will always have this momentum! But in society, the ambitions have been polished time and time again, and the squeeze of capital is really difficult. Tell a story, a bandit arrested 50 people and asked them to pay, saying that the first person pays 100, the second person pays 200, the third person pays 400, and so on. The first person said, you see, I paid less than you guys, so everyone scrambled to pay, and even forgot to resist!


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Under the original question, the high-ranking front row pointed at the high-level answers of station b. The answers have been stepped on to the bottom by unknown forces. It is difficult for passers-by to know the specific process. Most of them can only see the unilateral response of station b. The cause is at 8 p.m. on April 23 In the Spring Recruitment QQ group of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications with more than 2,000 people, a classmate complained that during the interview, he encountered a middle-aged nouveau riche owner who made relevant improper remarks. Then several students said that they met the same interviewer and heard relevant remarks, so they planned to do so. Expand the matter and ask for an apology at station b; after the matter was fermented, it was on the Zhihu Hot List. At 10 o’clock in the evening on April 24, the school leaders convened the students involved to collect evidence. A total of five students were present and willing to testify. The interview site heard relevant remarks but because there was no evidence. The school is not good at issuing a statement. The current response of station b has confused the question as a personal conflict between a certain student and a certain interviewer. The response text is not correct. The question is not correct. The text is not correct. In fact, the high-level of the b station has published more than five classmates to show off their wealth and belittle. The main appeal of the students with Bananaman is to let the senior executive personally apologize

5 months ago

Compatriots of the working class, be wary of workplace PUA! Be careful with HR and leadership workplace PUA. Compliment you when you are recruited, and when it comes to overtime pay and year-end bonus, it will hit you in various ways. Try to make you question your own abilities and feel: My ability is so poor, the company paid me a salary, but did not fire me, it is the company that treats me well, and I want to thank the company. Even if you do not thank the company, your self-confidence will be affected if you are denied or criticized for a long time, and you may feel that it is difficult to survive if you leave the company and become afraid to leave. Typical PUA routine! Don’t be fooled, stay confident!

5 months ago

Not everyone will be severely beaten by the society. Some people have been very smooth from the beginning of their entry into the society, and will not be severely beaten by the society at a very old age. Therefore, they sometimes do stupid things that do not meet their age and position. This interviewer is such a person. Before he was very naive, but now his speech is no brainer. No wonder station b can’t make fun games. Speaking of such remarks, I hope that this time there will be a severe beating by the society to let him grow.

5 months ago

Since last year, the standard template of Boom News has become: well-known companies + SomeBody + stupid/bad things such as Ali p8, and greenland executives, which shows that netizens are becoming more and more good at using media to solve problems, which is a good thing. . But most of the time, we ordinary netizens still can’t play professional public relations, and public opinion will always be biased when things go wrong. If there is a problem with the company, the temporary worker will act unintentionally. If an individual has a problem, the company will apologize. The trivial company is not painful or itchy. Temporary workers collect money and come out to save the field. As for who made the mistake and what the follow-up punishment is, there has never been an explanation. Netizens, let them go through their mouth addiction and let them vent. It is impossible to really solve the matter for you.

5 months ago

The response of station b was to clearly say, “I was absolutely right, the fault was with classmate of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, but I apologized with great compassion.”
The students of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications are not one person, but scattered feedback from many people. The content of complaints is different, but the logic is completely self-consistent and there is no contradiction. Station b is an internal collusion to unify a public relations article, but the internal logic of the article is very strange.
It’s bullying that the classroom only has videos and no audio recordings.

5 months ago

After reading the reply from station B, I only have one biggest doubt! Is station B going crazy? If you apologize, you must apologize well. When you apologize, you have to add the sentence “Station B is a platform for young people”? What is the high-voltage red line inside station B, and all the other party’s output calibers, regardless of the content and occasion, must be added “Station B is a platform for young people?”, will I be fined or expelled for not writing this sentence? I have never seen a company. No matter what content is written, there is one for every two young people at station B, and it is only a company with 200 million MAU. For every two young people, there are 190 million/180 million/150 million bla bla vibrato/kuaishou/iqiyi. They are not as crazy as you are. Just apologize! What kind of private goods are entrained? The company at station B is really sick.

5 months ago

In any case, the interviewer is the image representative of a company. It represents the company, but he vents his personal emotions during the interview, and he is the founder. He really cannot agree and this response is the personal response of the person involved, not the attitude of the company. . This matter can be understood if it is a small company, but Bilibili is a large company with a value of more than 200 billion yuan. The issue of corporate culture and values is not a small issue, and there is no awareness of this. I don’t know whether it is pretending to know or not I know that I used to be very optimistic about Station B, and I will see Station B as “good-looking”

5 months ago

Yesterday there was the so-called interviewer’s self-certification, and the whole answer pointed to the students’ slander. Today, the official came to the speed of light to slap the face hahaha. Station b quickly outsources the handling of public relations. This handling level is too low. As I have learned in politics, class contradictions are not the main contradiction in our country at this stage. Regarding this point, judging from the recent strong Internet trends and hot discussion trends, the status of this contradiction has risen more and more. See if the official will make a move

5 months ago

If you make a mistake, just stand up straight and get beaten. What is the purpose of all kinds of sophistry? Wrong is wrong. It is the most important thing now to admit the mistakes and save the hearts of the majority of freshmen The only little hope left (hope that station B can stand up and speak fairly) in the future, the school recruitment of station B will probably become a very funny joke, especially near Beijing Xueyuan Road~ It seems that the idea of station B is still Now is more important than the future. The people recruited are far less important than the current leadership. It’s too showy and you look down on the back wave. Xiaopazhan?

5 months ago

It is estimated that the recording will be released next, and then the dialogue is as follows: Beijing Post: This…Where did you get it? Station B: I cut it myself, it’s very simple. I never believed this to be true, never. If you say this is hard evidence, then I have nothing to say. Master Audience: Let’s talk about it. Beijing Post: I… I’m a little confused, you let me think… Station B: What do I think. Do you think why you are so stupid? What Bolsheviks, what American situation can’t do? You just don’t understand the basic principles of recording! Open your eyes and take a look at the world. On my B station, two five-year-old kids can edit videos and make a lot of money. The interviewer is still the interviewer, and you are still you. Even if you haven’t spoken to me, this recording still exists! This kind of thing is not Hiroshima’s atomic bomb. We can’t do it. It’s a trick trick in the theater. You should see through it at a glance! If I took this tape and said in front of the audience master, your classmate from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications was unreasonably making trouble, I would feel very stupid. What would i do? I will sit down and think about it calmly. Do I believe in a recording, or do I believe in the basic ethics of your Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications students?

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