[As of 2020, 30% of our country’s college students have failed physical health] Recently, a survey of more than 1.15 million students’ physical health showed that the “failure rate” of students’ physical health across the country is basically on the decline. As of 2020, the national failure rate of students in physical health is 6.5% for elementary school students, 14.5% for junior high school students, 11.8% for high school students, and 30% for college students. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of Sports, Health and Art Education of the Ministry of Education, said that primary school students are not under pressure to enter a higher education and can have more time for physical exercises. From junior high school to high school and even university, the pressure of study is increasing. In addition, many people may not form a good and healthy lifestyle or exercise habits, and their physical fitness level will decline significantly. (News One Plus One, China News Network)

It is estimated that 30% of the failures are less talked. I think it is possible for 40% or 50%. Don’t see the Games to catch up with no one registered on Friday. You don’t see the one thousand eight hundred finishers who are almost gone. What did the teacher say during the physical test? The students worked hard to pass! Why do these phenomena occur? why? What the Secretary said! Elementary school students are not under pressure to enter a higher education and can have more time for physical exercises. From junior high school to high school and even university, the pressure of study is increasing. In addition, many people may not form a good and healthy lifestyle or exercise habits, and their physical fitness level will decline significantly. In my memory, my middle school ran a thousand meters and finished more than three minutes. Now, let’s not talk about more than three points, more than four points, I am panting and choking. As a result, I can still run to the top of the class…Everyone basically doesn’t like to exercise now. I remember when I asked my classmates to go for a run with me. He looked at me in surprise and said-exercise? waste time. I think this is a kind of psychological change. We don’t pay much attention to exercise, and naturally we don’t get feedback on exercise. But it’s right, what’s the use of paying attention to it? I try to study for a while, maybe I can guarantee the study. You can get a good offer. When I have time to sleep for a while, I can also enjoy the rare leisure of life. Are you telling me you want to run now? What’s the use of running? Will you live another eighty years? I have eaten instant noodles, am I still thinking about health? I have to eat ramen first before I think about health. Does that person understand the importance of good health? It’s just that sometimes, this life is too far away, and most of us in the present just want to grasp this moment. Then try to live a life with ramen, or enjoy the life with ramen first. As far as the distance is concerned, sooner or later, you will merge into the sea of ​​people. To put it more realistically, if it meets the standard or even exceeds the standard, you can escape from the future life of 996/solve the phenomenon of not being able to find a job in the future/exercise into the series of assessments of the graduate school and other real discounts. Then I believe that the 30% phenomenon can be completely changed. [Ramen does not necessarily refer to grade points, but also refers to things that I like relatively]


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

When a person feels great pressure, he just doesn’t want to eat a healthy diet, at least I am so. Some scholars I have seen articles that I can’t remember say so [2]. After you write code for a day, you go to the cafeteria at night and you just want to buy some fried chicken chops, ice cola, and soft fried tenderloin to treat yourself. After eating and drinking enough, I feel that I should go for exercise. But when I think of tomorrow’s lesson xx, I haven’t previewed it yet, and I won’t understand anything at that time; the homework of lesson xx has not been finished yet, ddl is coming soon; lesson xx has to participate in the competition, and you have to read the literature and learn… , Fold back to the library. I understand why the library is face to face with the cafeteria. How to form a healthy lifestyle? From the root cause, stop involution and immediately reduce the burden. Why do old men and old ladies like to go out to exercise? Because they don’t have to worry about their future, they don’t need to be trafficked, they don’t need to be squeezed by capitalists, and they don’t need to be hunted under pressure. We are not unloving sports, nor are we undisciplined. There must always be time for rest, otherwise people will collapse. In the case of ensuring a certain period of rest and relaxation, we can go for physical exercise. We never hate sports, nor do we hate health. What we hate is to give you endless work, and at the same time, we want you to keep healthy and better endless work.

5 months ago

The university is nothing more than just a few types of people, such as those with lofty goals and award-winning strugglers, those who lie down and laugh at the fishermen who have spent four years enjoying themselves, and contemporary college students in between. University activities are nothing more than those, such as exams, competitions, research, library, postgraduate entrance examinations, student unions, clubs, student work, volunteer activities, charity activities, outings, playing games, falling in love, staying up late, chasing drama, etc. It is in line with the struggle of traditional values, and everyone knows what kind of depravity is not enterprising. But no matter what kind of activity it is, exercise does not seem to be the first choice, or the most important thing. In other words, everyone does not take exercise seriously. People who like exercise will naturally exercise. If you want people to exercise for health, many people cannot do it. Including myself, in the four years of undergraduate studies, my physique is indeed getting worse and worse, which is also reflected in my undergraduate physical test results. The retreat of the senior year is very obvious. After everything is settled, there is no class. All I think about is to sleep in bed for a day. It is impossible to get up early. I feel that my physical fitness has deteriorated, and I also want to exercise in the past, but I can work intermittently, but it has turned into three days of fishing and five days of drying the net. Besides, at that time, the gym could not be run, and it might not be possible to go there. You can only exercise in the school playground. There are many younger brothers and sisters in the playground, and they are in good shape. Every time you do a few laps, you are tired. It depends on others. One of the biggest shortcomings of outdoor playgrounds is that they are too affected by the weather. Today, after a few rains, I don’t want to exercise. If it’s cloudy and windy, I can give myself an excuse for being in a bad mood. He justified himself and refused to exercise. Physical health first seems to be the consensus of everyone, and a healthy lifestyle must also have enough exercise. The status quo of contemporary college students is that many people are extremely deficient in subjective initiative. You ask him whether health is important or not. He said that the body is the capital of the revolution. If you ask him whether he will go to play football, he said that he has made an appointment with a friend to play black. As for the National Award winners, postgraduate entrance examinations and postgraduates, occasional running is acceptable. You want to take him to play basketball for two hours? If you don’t go, you have to go back and do more professional topics. How to change and how to make college students take the initiative to exercise? Personally, there is no solution. Those who like sports and love to exercise will naturally go there. Their lifestyle and physical fitness must also be better. And those who have no sense of exercise, or even think that exercise will occupy his time for other activities, forcing him to go may not be useful. Presumably they are a large part of the unqualified group. The reason why I can do so many pull-ups is due to my rock climbing experience before my junior year. Rock climbing has improved physical fitness very significantly. When I can do nearly 30 pull-ups at a time, it is also the most rock climbing. At that time, after finishing the evening self-study every day, I had to go to the back of the rock wall to move many times, practice movements, practice finger strength and arm strength. At that time, I loved rock climbing, and I took the initiative to do these sports. As a result, I have good physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, which should be a manifestation of subjective initiative. Later, due to various reasons, I gradually stopped climbing, and my physical condition was not as good as during rock climbing. But recently I started to pick up sports again, but I switched from rock climbing to gym ironing. The body fat rate measured when I applied for the card was 14.9%. The coach said that my body indicators are actually okay. But I can feel that long-term sitting and facing the computer have made me unable to do many exercises that I could easily complete before. When I went to the sixth floor, I had to breathe a lot of breath and run 800 meters. It seems that Lord Yan is coming to take away my old life. After thinking about it, I didn’t get it, so I started to run in the gym and press iron. After regaining exercise, and the physical condition is not bad, I can clearly feel the changes in my body and the overall mental outlook, and I can eat two more meals. I personally think that it is necessary to let college students, or let people, not only college students, but also social animals, let them exercise actively and have a healthy lifestyle. The fundamental way is to give play to their subjective initiative. One is to make them fall in love with certain sports, which is the most driving force, and love is always the best teacher. The two are to let them clearly feel the consequences of lack of exercise and exercise. Only when there is contrast can there be harm, and only when there is harm, can they promote reflection and reform.

5 months ago

There was a training course for Chinese medicine. The teacher of Chinese medicine called us boys to another classroom and said that they wanted to check the pulse for us. Everyone happily and excitedly, a boy was the first to step forward. Sit down, place your wrists flat, flush with your heart, roll up your sleeves, and take the lead. Put the fingers on the three parts of Cunguanchi, the teacher began to check the pulse, and after a while, “young man, your body is a bit…”. It probably means that there is a bit of yang deficiency and kidney deficiency, so pay attention to take care of your body… suddenly, everyone laughed. Supplement: The boy later paid attention to his physical fitness, listened to the teacher’s advice, diet therapy and regular work and rest, and participated in more physical exercises, and his physical fitness has been improved. Later, the school was going to hold a school sports meeting and a qualifier. The boys in the class were unwilling to sign up for 100 meters. The boy who was diagnosed with kidney deficiency rushed out and signed up. The score of 12.96 seconds was actually not as fast as me, but because of the lack of competitors, I advanced to the preliminary rounds. However, the participation of college students in sports activities is very low, and it is difficult to live a healthy lifestyle. Junior high school sports is the peak, high school physical fitness is still good. Since we came to the university, we have become less self-disciplined and coveted for ease and enjoyment. Can sit and never stand, and can lie down and never sit. Physical test results rely on cheating. Thirty percent of college students have failed physique health. I guess this ratio is still somewhat conservative. At least 40%. In the freshman year, the physical education teacher asked us to do Tai Chi, which should be included in the test scores, and everyone was panicked. What can I do? It’s too difficult, the hands and feet are not coordinated, and the movements are forgotten. The simple twenty-four style Taijiquan made us choking. Later, we found a set of emoticons. It was okay for everyone to post and play together. Gradually, we remembered almost all the moves. There is absolutely no problem with a mouthful. When it was time for the exam, the physical education teacher covered his mouth and laughed at us, barely giving us a passing score.

5 months ago

I’m not pretending to show off!
Junior high school is not allowed to play, high school is not allowed to play, internship after graduation, go to work 996. You won’t let me play for a while at university? Isn’t this killing human…
So I can’t roll it… I have a showdown! I just want to relax. After all, how can a certain sound be happy when running? Where is happiness? How can I be happy to watch people write stories?
work out? Just pass the physical test…

5 months ago

Well, I still want to clarify that all tests are related to test-oriented education. It is indeed not very rigorous to explain how physical fitness is based on this. Due to some congenital reasons, my body is relatively thin, and the physical examination is indeed more difficult. The college physical examination score is close to 80 points. (There was still a decline during this period. When I first entered the school, I went down a bit after 80.) Although my dad often said that their generation used to do farm work when they were young, their physical fitness was better than ours, but after I showed him the standard of physical test, He thought that maybe the score is not as high as I am now, and I am also surprised that many of my classmates who look very strong are also very annoyed. In the final analysis, it is the requirement of exam-oriented education and failure to prepare for the trouble according to exam-oriented education. Take a look at the physical test items, long and short running, pull-ups, sitting body forward bends and long jumps. The coverage is still relatively rich. The key is that 11 pull-ups can pass, and 11, if they follow the standard, it is still Few people can reach it. In the long-distance running, boys need 200 meters more than girls, so the difference between boys and girls is so big? I do not believe. The long jump is set to a full mark of 2.7 meters. Are you choosing athletes? Sitting forward bending, some people just don’t have ligaments, this is not good for health. These requirements are very difficult for a healthy person without training to go directly to the battlefield. However, can we sprint for full scores in sports during the high school entrance examination? why? Because this is to be included in the total score, the school specially invited teachers to make time for us to take the high school entrance examination for a year. If you want this thing to get points, you have to do it according to the requirements of the test. When I first entered university, because I didn’t exercise very much just after the third year of high school, I tried 1000 and ran for 5 and a half minutes. I was shocked at the time. I was 2 minutes slower than the high school entrance examination. I completely failed the pass. What happened? Then the teacher Saying that there is still one month of physical test, I often pinch the watch to practice, and it takes 4 minutes in a month, which is still a fast improvement. Afterwards, anyway, the total score of the university is enough. Long-distance running is too tiring, so I won’t practice this one. Then the score decline is mainly in this one. Mention other things, especially the sitting body forward bending, just press the leg and press the leg. In two weeks, he can get 90 points, and the total score is not bad. However, most college students have never practiced these items, and they choose ball courses, which are not related to the exam. They will take the test when the time comes, and go to the questions that are not surprising in the college entrance examination. Can it be low? So, saying that everything else is useless, it means that you want to give a class specifically for exams, just practice this, and everyone’s grades will naturally go up. Now, if you want to get a quantitative indicator to measure you, without organizing related exercises, and want to make students score high, I can XX. Finally, a reasonable diet, scientific work and rest, this is the best way of life. But why is the lifestyle of college students gradually becoming unhealthy? I think everyone knows it in their hearts.

5 months ago

I live in Wuhan and I often study and study. I have been to many cities, and every time I respond to a city, I must go to the university town, university library and Internet cafe. So it’s amazing to pay attention to the phenomenon of some college students. In the past few years, various colleges and universities paid attention to physical testing in a ventilated manner. There were various software running clocks, how often and how much pace and how long to qualify, and how many credits to qualify for running. He is often complained by college students, and also on the hot lists of major software. The original intention of the school may be good, but when it was implemented, it did not operate according to the actual situation, which was counterproductive! When I was in class, I fell down a lot, and I didn’t do well in study and exercise. The students complained all the time~playing games. This is easier to understand. All came from the university, and a dormitory or a “dream linkage” with the dormitory next door opened the King’s Master Canyon to fight. Seriously, I often play games all night! Staying up late, this is a hidden health hazard for contemporary young people, overdraft health is not worth it! In fact, there are other reasons, such as high schoolwork pressure. Then university will be easy, I don’t know how many people have been deceived! The academic pressure of the university is not small, it is just that there is a little more free time. Still very tired! I love sports, and even skipped class to play ball in college (not recommended). Even so, some items still barely pass the physical test. What about those who don’t usually exercise? In fact, college students still need to have advocacy for physical exercise, which depends on local conditions and varies from person to person! I also hope that everyone will establish a good health concept, exercise regularly every week, fall asleep before 12 o’clock in the morning, and stay away from bad habits ~ exercise more, less BB! Just sauce~

5 months ago

A healthy lifestyle is conducive to human health, maintains a positive mood, and reduces the possibility of illness. It is difficult to always adhere to a healthy lifestyle, and we sometimes make unhealthy choices easily. If we can eat healthy, exercise, regulate stress, and quit smoking, we will feel better and we will prepare for a positive and healthy future. Healthy diet A healthy diet means balanced nutrition: match fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat milk and dairy products; choose lean meat and poultry, and add fish, beans, eggs and nuts; stay away from saturated fat And trans fat; less salt and less sugar; pay attention to the daily intake of calories. The last item depends on age and amount of exercise. Generally speaking, adult women need to consume about 1600-2400 calories per day, and adult men need to consume 2000-3000 calories per day. The benefits of a healthy diet A healthy diet will bring the following benefits: reducing salt and unhealthy fat intake, eating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease; eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and High-quality protein is less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke; eating more fruits and vegetables can help prevent cancer, including lung cancer, oral cancer, stomach cancer, throat cancer and colorectal cancer; healthy and balanced eating habits, but also Helps control weight. You can reduce the risk of diabetes by eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, staying away from unhealthy fats and high-sugar beverages; adequate calcium intake can help prevent osteoporosis. Calcium is found in dark green vegetables, yogurt, milk and Japanese green beans. If dairy products are not suitable, other options (such as almond milk) can also increase calcium intake. The calcium content in some fortified brands is even more than that of a cup of traditional milk; usually about 1 month after eating a healthy diet, even if you don’t lose weight, you will feel better than before; try to move yourself and stick to the right amount Physical exercise is also one of the ways to live a healthy life. Persistent exercise can help improve physical strength and mood. If you want to get the most benefit from exercise, you should participate in 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity every week. You can divide the exercise into several times to complete, for example, you can exercise for 10 minutes each time. Of course, you can also do a small amount of exercise in the early stage, and then gradually increase the amount of exercise. The benefits of continuous exercise Exercise helps: Maintain a healthy weight: Regular participation in sports activities can help maintain your figure, and more activity plus a healthy diet can also help you lose weight. Fight disease: Exercise can help lower blood pressure and increase “good” cholesterol levels. Even if the weight is slightly above normal, lower blood pressure and healthy cholesterol can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Exercise can also help reduce the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, arthritis, stroke and cancer. Make you feel happier: Exercise can make you feel better and more confident, because exercise can promote the production of certain chemicals in the brain that make people feel good. More energy: more exercise helps the cardiovascular system to work better, and brings more oxygen and important nutrients to the heart and lungs, so people will have more energy and better endurance. Better sleep quality: Exercise can make you have a better quality of sleep, and it also helps to make you more awake during the day. Relieving stress. Busy schedules increase people’s stress, as do financial problems, problems with the boss, health problems, and family relationship problems. Whether you can handle these daily pressures well is related to people’s long-term health, so we must learn to deal with the pressures in life. Everyone knows that stress affects emotions, but few people really understand how stress, especially chronic stress, affects health. Stress can cause muscle, heart, and lung problems, increase the risk of diabetes, and affect the digestive system. At the same time, the immune system will also be affected, and may even affect fertility. Although our stress cannot be completely eliminated, we can learn how to control it. Controlling stress does not mean sitting down and staring at candles or doing yoga, but figuring out ways to reduce stress that work for you. In order to better control stress, eat well, participate in exercise, get enough sleep, and do what you like with your family and friends. If you still feel that your life is like years, you should see a doctor and work with your doctor to make a plan to deal with these stressful problems. The benefits of stress control Stress control is as simple as walking in the park. If you control it well, your body will respond well, including: enhanced immune function, which means fewer colds and fewer illnesses ; More energy; better sleep; healthier heart. Tobacco contains a large amount of nicotine, which is harmful to human health but not beneficial, so you must choose to quit smoking. Quit smoking tobacco contains a lot of nicotine, which is harmful to human health, so it is necessary to quit smoking. Nicotine is addictive. The more you inhale, the more your body desires it. Many people who quit smoking say that quitting is one of the hardest things they have ever done. However, no matter how long you smoke or how much you smoke, quitting smoking will improve your health. Many things in daily life help to quit smoking, including over-the-counter or prescription aids, group consultations or individual consultations. For some people, quitting smoking can be very difficult. It takes a lot of time and after many efforts, it is possible to succeed. However, if you encourage them and make irresponsible remarks instead of quitting smoking a few times, you will always succeed. After success, they will also feel great. Benefits of quitting smoking After quitting smoking, the chance of suffering from the following diseases will be reduced: certain cancers; cardiovascular diseases; strokes; cough and wheezing;

5 months ago

This result is in line with the law of growth. It is 6.5% in elementary schools. Primary school students have a large base. There are 10% of junior high school students, which means that junior high school students start to enroll and have less time to go out to play. There are also 10% of high school students, because high school is not compulsory and the number of students is much smaller than that of junior high school students. At the same time, it shows that high school is more stressful and more complicated than junior high school. 30% of college students means that the group of people who can do the most can go to college. This is what the teacher says most often that he can settle down and sit still. You can’t expect to open up all-round development after college. Take-out is the biggest problem of students’ physique, high oil, high salt and high sugar. Primary school students eat the least of takeout, and then with the increase of education level (age), the frequency of eating takeout becomes higher and higher.

5 months ago

It’s only 30%, which is pretty good, and the failing rate will increase in the future, because contemporary college students really generally don’t like exercise. The failing rate of college students is higher than that of middle and high school students, which is outrageous! Don’t say anything about heavy schoolwork and no time to exercise. The study pressure of university can have high school? More people actually don’t want to exercise. When I was in college, there were 33 people in the class, and only a few people would exercise. There are 8 people in the dormitory, and only 3 people run, including me. Usually they hold their mobile phones to play Chicken Eater or Glory of Kings, follow dramas and watch movies and so on. Stay up late every day until one or two o’clock, often go out to eat and drink, it is only strange that there is no problem with the body. If you want to say that playing e-sports is also considered physical exercise, then the number of people in our dormitory who regularly exercise can be 7 people, and the other is really not wanting to do anything. In the university sports games, no one is willing to sign up for many events, and only the strong can participate in it. At every physical test, there is always a group of people anxious like ants on a hot pot, worrying that they will not pass the test. In the week before the physical test, the number of runners on the track and field is more than doubled than usual. During the running test, some failed the run, some sat on the ground and vomited after running, and some went around looking for someone to run instead. I once helped a friend to run for a friend unethically. A big fat guy, he usually thinks about playing when he has time, and doesn’t want to exercise at all. Have you sent me frequent messages during physical tests? Do you want to drink Red Bull? 1000-meter endurance running and pull-ups, the most people fail, one thousand can not run, and one of the pull-ups can’t get up. Alas~ those who usually exercise with me, they are light in the physical test. It’s easy. Is there a lack of physical fitness facilities in the university? Are college students really too busy to exercise? No excuse for not wanting to exercise. To form a healthy lifestyle, go to bed early and get up early and exercise more.

5 months ago

Don’t mention a student’s physique test. I’m going to pull up on this generation of students. I remember someone sighed before, “This child’s physique is not as good as that of the next generation.” We back then”. Nonsense, a generation has the living conditions of a generation. Our current living conditions determine that we do not need to spend a lot of time on running long jumps, but we have to do nine sets of papers a night. I’m not as good as you in running, and you’re not as good as me. What is better for different conditions? You are racing against primitive people, and you will be laughed at for three and a half minutes of the 800 meters. What kind of rabbits do you eat at your speed? The fruit will be snatched by the monkey. The jokes of the current group of students, their physical fitness is far worse than that of their parents. Today’s children, especially high school children, start earlier than chickens, sleep later than chickens, and spend a few hours a week on vacation. Physical education classes are occupied by various classes. Inter-class exercises may be the only “exercise”. It is strange to be healthy because of various physical overdrafts! When I arrived at university, I enjoyed the consequences of the three-year overdraft of my body in high school. Only when my physical fitness was good would I have a ghost. University was a bit stricter before, unless you run half of the 800 meters, the teacher will also score a passing score. The female classmates I have seen who don’t even run and walk for exams have never seen them. What’s going on, but the teacher begged them to run to make up the test. During the inspection, he hurriedly organized a training assault test to test the physical performance. The teacher still wants to talk about me if I can’t run fast. So what should I do? I’m just physically weak and can’t run fast, no matter how hard I try, it has something to do with physique. My lord is in a cultural college, why do you still require me to be physically strong? It is true that you require a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor. In this case, all college students must take the annual engineering drawing examination or aesthetic art courses. Ok? Investigate the student’s ethics and morals? Let’s look at the excavator for planting seedlings and sowing? It’s really not easy for the Lord to complete the exam alive. Pull-ups are even simpler. Just jump, do one with your strength, 0 points, retreat​ to form a healthy life? When I retire in old age, I will return to my old profession and practice Tai Chi with my classmates without pressure.

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