Play, of course, play, if a clone mode is an entertainment nostalgia mode with unlimited firepower, all heroes will be changed back to the strongest version before the redo, I will give those who play AP Juggernaut every day a good one. class. I’m AP Thain, don’t you just take your AP Juggernaut? My Silent Demon Girl doesn’t just take your AP Sword Master casually? I’m silent male sword, don’t you just use your AP swordsman? I am silent, Kassadin, don’t you just take your AP Juggernaut? I’m the speed of light QQQ Raven, don’t you just take your AP Juggernaut? I can faint when I’m invisible, widows don’t just use your AP Juggernaut? Don’t I just take your AP Juggernaut casually? My AP Doomsday don’t just use your AP Juggernaut? Don’t the old version of the Void Prophet just take your AP Juggernaut? Before the weakening of the old version, the mid laner Lulu didn’t just take your AP Juggernaut casually? AP Juggernaut bully Ryze, Lux, Midlan Mantis, Midlan Jie, Midlane Catalina, Death Song, this kind of uncontrolled hero and bully uncontrollable side lanes do have a hand, but they really don’t. Strong. Because of the ranking you have chosen the opposite side, you must take the above kind of hero Conte. Juggernaut wants to be cool unless it is a blind selection of matchmaking. With luck, you choose Juggernaut, and the opposite is Ryze mid laner, the captain is on the lane, and the mantis jungler is a situation where there is little control. But don’t tell me that this mode will definitely become popular. There are actually many old players in League of Legends. They may have not played this game for a long time because of graduation and work. If they don’t play this game for a year or two, they may already be human. No, a lot of heroes have changed and I don’t know anymore. I don’t know the talents to replace the runes. I don’t understand the reworked equipment. The passion of the year is gone, and many people actually only like to play with two. The hero, reworked it and didn’t play for a while and couldn’t be interested, so he abandoned the pit. For example, I have a college classmate, Tiantian Sword Fairy, who played thousands of games, watched him enter the pit and played Sword Fairy. I taught him how to use five knives per second. It was positioned at bronze three and fell to bronze five. I helped him fight silver for two days, and fell back to bronze five within a week. I still played Sword Fairy, but don’t say, Qin Neng can make up for two years of playing Sword Fairy, and slowly he relied on one Sword Fairy and a stone man to make diamonds. Up. But Jian Ji redoed it and just abandoned the pit and stopped playing. An entertainment mode, just like unlimited firepower, clone mode, the last time in a few months or half a year, isn’t it just beautiful? I also have a few heroes that I want to play, AP Undead Warrior, and the old version of Xerath. Although these two heroes are unpopular, they are really strong. Let’s put it this way! Backhand Brother Ba was not the “strange top laner” when the canyon ghost was sad, forehand undead warrior, backhand Xerath was entrenched in the national service king all the year round. At that time, there were only fifty kings. There is also the five-spout mouth with the highest winning rate in one second before I abandoned the pit. That version of the big mouth is also a real cock. After the League of Legends is reworked, the heroes who are backed up seem to be the big mouth and the enchantress. Abandoned the pit. I was impressed with Big Mouth. Five sprays in one second. It was the last swan song of my League of Legends. After that, I won’t play LOL. The Big Mouth ranking competitions were invincible and strong. Even the basic attack speed of three knives, if these three knives were slashed Other ADCs should be abandoned directly. The basic attack speed is too important, but the big mouth is strong. If you cut it, you can still play the game. It’s a big deal. The development is slower. Bow, teammates come to an incense burner, or all the meat will melt for you in two seconds, if it is crispy, it will be gone in one second, and you can only return to the file. If there is a chance, come back some nostalgic nostalgia more or less.


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5 months ago

Finally, one day, the official release of this mode, you go in and want to play Ap Juggernaut, thinking of CaO Nima, it’s burning! All kinds of ancient five kills collections flooded into your mind, go out, Dolan, rush! The first one, there is a Xin Zhao on the opposite side. I thought that the opposite side couldn’t move at all when I meditated, but people didn’t like you at all. There was only the tower in his eyes, and it was also an ap, but he found that he would not lose blood at all when hitting the tower, so he didn’t pay attention to it. , He alone carried the tower through a road, lost the second hand, and beat the old driver, thinking that this thing could not top the tower and dismantle the tower, so he ignored him. After 15 minutes, you watched this monster with endless blood sucking left and right bathing in your spring water. This one still lost the third one. After hitting the demon girl, your mind is stable. If you meditate, you are not afraid of breaking out, and she can’t steal the tower. . But the other side doesn’t kill you at all. Killing the other four is the same as killing a little chicken. You will be frightened by the fire, and you will get three hundred yuan wherever you go, sometimes it is twenty. No matter how fat you are, you can’t beat the opposite four and one super fat demon. You lost the fourth hand. Weapon, as expected, he surrounded the five of you all by himself. Laughing to death, I can’t beat Burning Nima at all, and the grass is up

5 months ago

It’s definitely going to be played, but every version has op heroes, so it’s not realistic to stay in one version all the time. It also needs to be updated constantly. It’s just to combine the strongest versions of each hero, including various rework. The previous hero, but the old version has a different value. You have to adjust the value, but the value has become balanced again. There is no op, and it is not good. In addition, the reason why some heroes were fun at that time was because of many People don’t know which ones are strong. After all, it was a new version for the people at the time, and the people were so delicious. They couldn’t stand it at all. Now I can’t find the experience when I open the old version. Just talk about the old version. Many people use the ap sword. Saint, but this thing is more of a good reception, one person is cool, 9 people are uncomfortable, it is not easy to play the effect. The strongest version of Juggernaut is the one that has just been redone. Without it, the attribute value is much higher than it is now. Lao Yaoji is not one of the strongest mid lanes. No Kassadin can compare to the bright moon. It is not because of high attributes, but q can be silent, and the opponent can only be beaten for nothing. The bright moon is a pure numerical monster, the most extreme numerical monster in history (I personally think that the second numerical monster is just out of Wu Yifan, remember how outrageous the damage is). The first bright moon players were half-meat players, like the time hourglass, it would be outrageous in seconds. At the earliest, q points were full of 280 base damage, cut to 200, and other skills were also weakened to varying degrees, but this time came out. Killing book hats are also seconds. Old Kassadin is outrageous than now, q can be silent, r jumps farther and has low mana cost. But for a long time it was not a non-ban selection, because there were too many outrageous heroes, and the Kassadin was weaker than the current one. Without the magic shield of q, w is useless, and it is easy to be crushed for a whole game. Later, as other heroes continued to weaken, it became outrageous. The old poodles are also an outrageous group. In addition to the much higher damage of all skills, the cruel value is not lost, and they can even play ap lion and double w seconds. Speaking of the lion, I have to say the mantis, the first is to hit the middle, q is to kill the damage, w can be passively released in the air, the e skill is not like the current 0.2 bonus, reduced to a pure displacement skill and cannot be used for damage, r can To reduce damage, the Assassin Mantis can rush into the crowd. This is also the emperor’s treatment that all skills are cut several times. Old Jax may have no idea for many people, that is, Jax with dodge rate in s1. At that time, Ninzu had a dodge rate, as well as a dodge rune. There was a dodge rate when opening e, which can reach 55% in total, and the later ad heroes can’t fight at all. After the revision, the s2 weapon does not have dodge, but 1 point of attack power adds 3 points of blood, 1 point of law imposes 2 points of blood, the current attack speed is passively based on the ultimate move, and double resistance is imposed based on the attack power. The batch that hurts and kills is still one of the most opposing heroes. With emotion, Jax is also one of the few heroes who has not changed much since then. Old Galio faces the multi-ap lineup and its outrageous, because the magic resistance addition is strong, if it is unlimited firepower, it is a true god. w One set is beaten to return blood, the magic resistance is high, and the damage is high at the same time for a batch of meat. Let’s add a few heroes who are very powerful but are actually not strong at the time: The old man’s sword is actually not as good as it is now. It seems that e is silent and unsolvable, but the line is weak and the equipment is weak, and there is no solution to the abuse of food, but it is easy to start. Soy sauce is not coming to the audience. The revised version of the male sword has a high damage passive alignment strength, and the e skill has a strong ability to walk over the wall. In fact, the strength of the old sword demon is not good. Although many people like to recall in short videos, it is quite broken. As a melee combat with a flat a output, the barbarian king can control how many slashes with his big move in 5 seconds, but the sword demon depends on bloodsucking, which means that it cannot be controlled. In fact, it is not easy to fight the bleeding magic current effect. of. The old promise is not as good as the redo. In fact, the old promise is stronger than the current melee top laner. The instant q makes people unable to hide from the outer circle. The passive is the magic damage that makes the opponent difficult to defend. After the rework, although the hit rate of delayed q is reduced, the blood recovery greatly enhances the survivability of the promised hand. The passive blood rage makes the promised hand even use the economy and the summoner skills for frankness and mobility, and the damage is still sufficient. So, you can only experience the feeling of all kinds of powerful heroes killing everything in the old version only when you travel a few years ago. But if you can really travel through, it doesn’t matter whether you are strong or not. The main reason is that you can play black with your brothers.

5 months ago

I’ll go in and dance another sharp-edged waltz with Fiona; I remember this is the first hero I got three kills, and the hero I was proud of. Remember that my teammates were wiped out, leaving me alone. I only remember that I QAEA took the greedy Hydra A at the time, and then I opened R and Jianqiwu to win the three kills. It is not so much nostalgic for those heroes, but rather nostalgic for those who accompany you to drive black. After all, it is The youth of a generation, even though we were just a group of little silver at the time, even though we had few heroes at the time, we didn’t have much skin, even at the time we had to go online with our parents secretly, but that short time was our happiest time. Time flies, time flies. “Brother, on the number, I’m Yasuo thief, take the fly” “No, I have to work overtime today”

5 months ago

I want to play old Pan Sen. I take Pan Sen and teach those sharp-edged waltz a lesson. I let you waltz, I dare not come out of your tower of Q. Are you okay if you don’t get out of the tower? I was passive, and passed you over without injury, and didn’t want to get out of the spring water that hit you. And Riven, Pan Sen’s other daughter. My classmate has the diamond level, and occasionally helps friends leveling to earn a little money. The main player is the top laner, and Riven is absolutely strong. But I was beaten to 0-3 by Pan Sen at my silver level. I don’t have the skills, I don’t know how to make a single. I hid behind the line of soldiers and QQ like a cub, and he couldn’t beat me when I queried. If Pan Sen is not redone, the top AD will not appear, and a lot of people’s mothers will be saved. At that time, the killing sword had not been removed. When the killing sword was out, the number of layers was mixed, and the number of layers was stacked in seconds. Twenty minutes ago, I was invincible. After 25 minutes, I’m dead, and the damage is low, but if you don’t have a defensive outfit with AD, it’s best not to be touched by me. No matter how super pawn I am, you can still have an AD per second. Old Pan Sen may not be that strong either. My winning percentage in a hundred games is only over 60, which is not so exaggerated. But I really miss him, I haven’t seen him for a long time.

5 months ago

Don’t want to play at all. First of all, you have to know why these heroes are in the past, not because of the designer’s whim, but because they are either too op or too rubbish. For example, the ap juggernaut you said, s3 I played, the main q deputy w. A w in the laning phase can pull up two-thirds of the blood volume. In the mid-term, it is a q and a half blood, and it is even more expensive to produce a lich. And killing people is a 100% reduction in skill cooldown, I don’t know what experience the other side can have. There is also the Echo EZ, the normally developed ez, a big scrape of 80% of the blood of the five of us, and a meeting with a half-pipe, do you want to play? Also, s2’s Sword Girl, a three-phase can play other heroes in Liushen outfit, toughness is close to 100%, and only the pinnacle weapon can fight against one. In contrast, what Cassardine is half a screen, and the card level-one full-picture big move is nothing.

5 months ago

If you don’t play the classics, how can they be redone? Thinking of the ap sword saint every day? Why didn’t the Sword Saint of the Devourer be the pinnacle of the Sword Saint? Ap Xin Zhao can play now, why not play? Remembering the old days every day, what you are thinking about is not the heroes of the old times, but the game experience of the old times where you have the hands and the chickens. Now I find that the heroes of the equipment revision have remade everyone’s skills, and I can’t even beat the terminal cancer, just remember the past there. To be honest, even after this mode, I was still hung and beaten, and there was a delusion to pull others to the previous scene, and I was beaten by experience. Wake up, it’s 80 or 90 dollars in ten minutes of advanced cancer. The anchor is often singled in gold. Kill, the day can’t go back. Let’s go play chaos

5 months ago

AP Juggernaut, the eternal god!
Then only AD was disappointed for a long time
Later, the king was disgusted with it for a long time
Later, the computer playing LOL accumulated dust
Then the computer broke down
Later, the phone was installed with King, but it didn’t open much.
Later, 996 blessing came
AP Juggernaut can go back, but we can’t go back, so it’s only a short-lived thing to come out again.

5 months ago

Not because League of Legends is supposed to be a game where I operate better than you. I can kill you. It’s not a mowing simulator that you just need to press two buttons and point the mouse on me and I can’t fight back to death. The so-called ap juggernaut, the sharp-edged waltz, has been dug up every year because the players of this game are more and more affected by the reality factor version, and they are no longer willing or unable to have a perfect hand-eye-brain collaboration again. I hate the waltz of the Ap Swordsman Blade in the past, and I also hate the current mythological equipment that is full of blood 999. The former LOL designer has made me admire, and now I want to say that I can really do professional balance for the LOL designer.

5 months ago

Play a handful of APJS and you won’t play anymore. Now the level of human operation has come up, returning to that numerically outrageous version will soon find the version answer. For example, I don’t need to say that the bright moon at that time was so outrageous. At that time, any abyss and time can be instantaneous. If modern people go back to play, it must be the equipment of the murder book Lich Nash, stack a passive wr from Flew over half of the screen in a single second. What can APJS do? The moon is standing with you A, and the Juggernaut A is not the moon. Or playing with poodles. At that time, the poodle teeth were bought for 800 yuan, and it was only a few dollars to buy a brutal force at 1350? Then the cruel value can be stored, and the invisible is completely invisible, just staring at APJS and grabbing it. What game experience can you have? In fact, there are still many heroes whose attributes were outrageous at that time, but people at that time didn’t know how to play and didn’t think he was great. For example, s2s3’s blind monk attributes are well combined with modern man’s operations, whether it is laning or jungler, it can completely explode the Juggernaut’s mechanism of the year. Ruiwen’s attributes are very fierce. Waqr may die. Just add a little skill, just a little bit, and it can be full of blood in seconds without hitting a complete set. If modern people are superstitious in the past, the old swordsman with 5 knives per second meets this kind of meeting. Ruiwen who is playing has no game experience directly. If you want to play as a bastard, both Morgana and Iron Man can push the line out of thin air. APJS has no chance to wander just like a Q Qing soldier. Let me add another reason for APJS’s fire in the past: at first, APJS’s W bonus was 4.0 but no one played it, mainly because 1. Dolan’s ring returned to blue. 2. The red fork at that time was too fragrant. Later, after Dolan’s ring was changed, APJS became popular. On the one hand, everyone is annoyed by stealing towers. On the other hand, APJS is extremely lack of blue lines and can only use Q and use the second W to make up. During the team battle, the Juggernaut is not QQQQ, it is RQRQRQQ. Every time you open R, you will waste blue, but there is no way you dare not let it break, but APJS only has one Q. The damage is not enough. Blue equipment can’t be released. Once you eat one The assists went to the CD to waste. Many Juggernauts do not really want to play APJS when they start with Dolan’s ring. It is purely because their rune talent is not good enough to play wild, and they can’t get the right line when they play AD. Starting AP, after two rings, they become a red cross and steal the tower. And teammates generally don’t like to see APJS. When he sees one and a half large pieces, he immediately asks him to transform and steal the tower. (At that time, people didn’t care about rune talents, and when they said transformation, they transformed.) At that time, people in ancient times were very honest. They were APs who walked in the middle, and occasionally there would be ADC mid laners such as the policewoman, Hanbing, but There was no AD mid laner before the Black Cut League. Juggernaut is easy to encounter an Annika card, Carter Glory Kassadin, a hero who is not under pressure. On the line, he can rely on Q to retreat (the knife is more damaged than the opposite hand) and the W can recover blood (blue cost is more than the opposite set. Small) play an advantage. If you let the cunning modern people play the Riwen Crocodile mid laner, you can make up your pawn in front of you by 2, then kill the level 2 and kill the line with full blood, and replace you under your tower in front of you, so that you can’t eat a large group of soldiers. To. Then come up again, no brain to replenish soldiers, no brain to cross the tower to replace, 3rd level hits 1st level 2nd, 4th level hits 3rd, 6th level hits you and the jungler both 4th level. APJS has long been scolded and hung up. In retrospect, I think more and more that the Juggernaut should steal the tower from the red cross. The ancients were really stupid. When they saw the Juggernaut stealing the tower, they always wanted to find someone to defend or find someone to surround it. In many cases, the ADC (the one who doesn’t make up for 200 in 30 minutes) will go back to guard the tower alone (don’t look at how fat the Juggernaut steals the tower and the line equipment) will also appear. Modern people are so cunning, even if the nostalgic version comes out, everyone has a good position, how can APJS have so many opportunities to harvest.

5 months ago

Take another killer Knife Delevingne. At that time, he ranked from zero in more than one hundred games with a 94% winning rate. Diamonds No matter what position my teammates grabbed, I would take a Delevingne by default. I would ignore everything. “It was high school. My Delevingne became a good story. Friends asked me how to pick up an axe. I said, “An axe follows people, not people follow an axe.” I joked with my friends and said that I would go to a professional career. , ID is called GDP. When I asked about the meaning of my ID when I interviewed mvp after the game, I said “GDP means the abbreviation of “big fat dog”.” After so many years, I can’t move my double-knife and even a mouse. I can’t find people. The opposite goes from the bad boy sitting in the last row of the classroom to the scholar studying in the island country and finally to the well-dressed dog sitting in the office. I tried to go back again, but it’s not that I don’t want Devin, it’s Devin don’t want me. The killing knife has also become a pig killing knife. The blunt knife cuts my neck and creaks, and there is no news from the girl who chased the girl who was admitted to the same high school in the past, but now that it is being updated, you ask me if I want to go back. I’m willing to open my eyes again for the old version. I’m still the god of war flying with double knives. People I like. I have a partner who skipped class. I have a meal cooked by my mother. What I want to go back to is not the version. I can only remember and regret the previous version. When jackylove selects Delevingne’s cheering voice, I would think that it may also be what I used to be, and it may not be the same. “Unknown, won the championship in countless local competitions. Deleving win rate is as high as 90% in 100 games, and the average is 20 minutes. The competition also hides multiple ad heroes in one super newcomer ad seed player-GDP!”

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