Jinjiang author Lan Yueyue (Weibo account: Jinjiang Yue diedshui) met her husband 15 years ago, and has been married for five years now. He suspected of committing suicide because of her husband’s many derailments.
At present, Jinjiang has called the police, and hope to expect good news
I didn’t know what to say before I left, so I just wanted to talk about it.
The day before yesterday was my birthday. It was the same as the first birthday after I married Mr. Chen Bojian. He was not by my side and did not say happy birthday to me.
The difference is that he went to another place because of his father-in-law’s injury. This time, I can’t go back.
I started off very well with Mr. Chen.
Fifteen years ago, he couldn’t memorize books and always slept in Chinese class. The teacher asked me to stare at him to endorse books, and he turned me to the Internet cafe to play games;
Ten years ago, I was an intern at a game company in Xiamen. He gave up being a teacher and rushed to Xiamen to enter the game industry with me;
Five years ago, I was pitted by an unscrupulous boss in Shanghai. He ran from Beijing to Shanghai and took me to the museum and took me to Disney on a roller coaster.
Then we got married. From friends, to lovers to husband and wife, it took only three months.
When I left home again, I took the second-hand NS he bought for me, and spent a day watching Dongsen yesterday.
At this time last year, he kidnapped me to play Dongsen, and we looked for small animals and slowly built the island together. Later, he was tired and stopped playing, and complained that I always played a game for a long time.
I said, because I like a thing or a person, I will like it forever without getting bored.
He said that games are different from people, and that he likes to play new games does not mean that he is a person who loves the new and dislikes the old.
Really isn’t it?
Last year, the island I built with great difficulty disappeared. When he first derailed, he arranged an appointment with Fang Ting to go to Huangshan. In order to put more games in the cracked NS to play with her, I deleted my Dongsen. The data cannot be retrieved.
I bought a cassette and tried to build the same island, but everything was different from the terrain to the small animals to the furniture drawings. I only had the same island name as before. Under the name, I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I tried. Back to the past.
I no longer have the energy to plant blue roses again in half a year.
I don’t have the chubby I love to accompany me to fish and catch tarantulas.
This kind of helplessness and despair, just as I accidentally conceived a baby, its father didn’t want it to be born at all.
It turns out that not everyone is married as a couple, and they are both loving and unsuspecting.
One couple for a lifetime, what a good word, what a desperate curse.
I wore these little red shoes that you personally put on me when you took me home, deceiving myself and pretending that you personally sent us to a peaceful place.
I won’t be in pain anymore, and neither will you.
If there is a future life, I just hope that you and I will never meet again, and there will never be a time to see you again.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

During the divorce cooling-off period, you can’t run away from the pot that you should carry. Some people can’t understand why someone can’t think about it because of a cheating scumbag. In fact, two people can be together for so many years. In the end, they will have a deep relationship when they enter the marriage. Divorce from the one they love deeply requires a lot of separation. The courage of divorce, the divorce thing is smashed, and then it fades, and the three are exhausted. To deal with divorce, you need to coordinate, and you always need to mobilize your own emotions to deal with it. If you can leave, you will be reborn, but because of the divorce cooling-off period, it continues to be famous. Marriage looks at the partner who has the title of husband, trapped in a negative intimate relationship for a long time, always thinking about why he betrayed himself? Are you not good enough? Why do you have such a bad vision and fancy such a person? Why do you still have no courage to part with knowing that he is like this? Why are you so cowardly? Why can’t you let go of the past? In the end, I totally denied myself and stepped into the abyss…Even after the dog was beaten, I knew that he would avoid the person who hurt it. Why did he want to leave the person who hurt him when he was betrayed in the marriage, but he had to calm down for a few months? Why do you need someone else to decide whether you want a divorce or not? It is said every day that there are not enough grass-roots personnel. In the divorce lawsuit, there are many people who come to give pointers to the situation. Is there no place to make contributions?

5 months ago

First of all, I hope this author is okay and can go out strong. Then I hope everyone, don’t believe any remorse of the derailed person. (This sentence is valid for all men and women who fall in love) What is cheating? It was looking for the mistress without telling the object. Those who know how to do this all want to enjoy the blessings of Qi people. On the one hand, they can hardly give up their original counterparts’ contributions in the family, and on the other hand, they want to escape the reality of tea, rice, oil and salt, and hide in the arms of Xiaosan to enjoy the wind and snow. You can not love, you can empathize. But you can’t derail. I even want to warn those who are trying to pass the junior high status. If he really loves you, he will not confirm the relationship with you if he can’t end a relationship. Because he is neither respecting the original partner, nor is he respecting you. He was just respecting the unaccountable nasty mentality in his heart that he couldn’t stand up and admit. He just treats you as a gentle homeland, as a summer resort. Today you are in charge, what about tomorrow? When you fall into the original family life of the old tea, rice, oil and salt, will he choose another gentle town, or another summer resort? Would that little third tell you that they are true love? I even asked many male friends how this man would continue his life in this situation. They all told me in a unified way that he might feel melancholy and sad, but soon, he will get back into the tenderness of Xiaosan. Therefore, his life is desperate, betting that he will always remember himself, betting that he will be separated from this little third. Is it worth it? I even think that this man can turn his head and plunge into the arms of the mistress to be a stranger, crying about his pain in order to win the pity of the mistress. You are dead, the inheritance is his inheritance, and he will hold this inheritance, hypocritically shed two drops of crocodile tears, and happily marry the woman who ruined your marriage. He will tear down the marriage bed you have lain together, delete all traces related to you, and change the home that originally belonged to you bit by bit into traces that you have never seen before. But you can’t retaliate for all this. The desperate hatred of abandoning life because of you will make him regret for a long time. It’s just what you think. So, love yourself. Don’t turn your misfortune into a weight to increase the happiness of this scum. Only the happier you are, the more regretful he will be. Man is such a species. When what you discarded like a shoe becomes a rare pearl in the past, you will start to regret why you abandoned it in the first place. Abandon your life and burn yourself completely. Then he would never know how precious what he abandoned in the first place. To survive, you must even be bright, public, and happy. Cracked his face. This is the best HE you have written for this marriage. Finally, once again sincerely hope that this author can live well and not do stupid things.

5 months ago

I just swiped this hot search on Weibo. After reading it, I felt mixed. If I have a cigarette on hand, I would like to order one, although I don’t know how to smoke it. Yue Shishui is not a well-known author. Even if I am a reader of Tanmeiwen, I have never had a chance to read her book. However, the text she left on Weibo, with tears and blood, brought me more than anything else. The novels are even more touching. When reading novels, I always chuckled and shook my head, thinking, these novels always write love as fairy tales. Where can someone love someone because of love, and no matter what the person does, they will chase after what they want. ? Where is there someone who can survive the passing of time, more than ten years later, still have endless passion for the other half? However, I love to watch, and I love to spit after watching it. As a psychologist, I know too that the so-called impulse of love is just a hormonal; as a person who has seen elders cheating since childhood, I know too much how sparse and common people can cheat; as a former depression patient , I know too much that once I care too much about something, I can easily get hurt by it. Why do so many people have feelings about this matter, just because it is so difficult for us to accept the reality, that is, the person who once loved so much, and the person who loves himself so much, will also betray? The deep love in the past is hardly an illusion. If you think about it so deeply and compare it with the current reality, you will feel that your past self has never existed. I understand the pain of Yue Shishui very well. She has lost not only her husband, but also the fifteen years of self she has lost. Fifteen years, all habits will be set, when life is full of someone’s shadow, no matter what you encounter in the future, it will be a shadow of a cup bow and a snake. Therefore, if it continues to exist, it becomes an extremely difficult thing. The tea cup at hand, the quilt on the body, the fragrance of flowers when you open the window, and the sunlight spilt down through the clouds will all become the trigger to touch the memory and induce pain. The most important thing is that her conviction collapsed. She didn’t know what else to believe. The person who trusted so much became the knife of her heart, so she couldn’t reconcile with the world. As for the method of divorce, in fact, this situation of her is applicable to the lawsuit for divorce. There are no lack of divorce litigators around me. I remember that when one of my relatives divorced, the woman hired a well-known lawyer, and finally my relatives. It was equivalent to going out of the house, only a daughter was sentenced, but it was not that the woman didn’t want the child, it was he who wanted it. This lawyer was a well-known good wife, but her husband cheated, so she later specially litigated women who were disappointed by the guilty man. Unfortunately, my relative was also cheated because of cheating. Finally, his wife must divorce him. My relative is a wife slave in the eyes of others. More than 30 years ago, when the atmosphere was still not open, he and his wife could walk hand in hand on the street. Before falling in love, his love letters were delivered to others one by one. After getting married, he washed all the bowls in the house. Even if he fell ill that day and the bed was cold in winter, he put his wife’s feet on him. His heart is warm. When they divorced, when QQ was first popular, the wife was chatting with strangers on QQ, and found that some people would come up to say ambiguous things, and found it very interesting, and dragged her husband to let him play together. The person who acted first did not enter the play, but the later ones. The trick evolved in life. They asked a girl from afar to come to his city. The relationship between the two did not happen, but it ruined an existing relationship. This fact was only known to me more than 20 years after their divorce. It was their daughter who told me about it in person. In the mouth of the man’s relatives, this story is another version. They concealed the fact that their son was cheating and exaggerated the woman’s laziness and greed. He later had a family, and she was single for more than 20 years because she could no longer believe in people’s hearts, and only recently decided to enter into marriage again. And her new target, a career boom, gained her trust because she had directly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a trolley for her. Her ex-husband, who is currently burdened with loans, has taken a turn for the worse in his career. So the same bridge segment has different backgrounds, different writing styles, and different endings, but the most difficult thing is the determination at the time, depending on whether there is any strength. This wife has relatives to accompany and support her, and she has children to care about, but what about the moon? In her text, she wrote “Parents’ obstruction”. The existence of the child in her womb is even more a tragedy. I don’t know what it means, but I think if someone asks her to keep her, maybe she I still don’t think about leaving. I have read too many stories, and I have experienced some. Before meeting my husband, I always thought that if I get married in the future, my husband will definitely cheat. So when I saw my husband keeping a distance from other girls and being very open and honest with me, it was unexpected at first, but I did not take it lightly. I was not afraid of getting married because of these things, because I wanted a home very much. I just thought about the preparation plan. If there is a junior, what should I do. One day later, I smiled and said to my husband that if one day you cheat, I will move out and ask your lover to come and live with you for three months, so that you can live without me. He told me that I am very smart, and I think so. He chose to explain these things clearly to him, first because he definitely has no intention of cheating now, and second, assuming he has this idea in the future, he has to weigh the price. I will not be an obstructer, I will quietly lick melon seeds and watch the show, because when I become a “villain”, it will only make them form a closer alliance, and by opposing me, they will have a more sympathetic relationship. There are some things that I don’t need to say, he will naturally know. I will calmly let the people of his unit look at him differently, let his family put more pressure on him, and let him and his lover fall into quarrels and tears because of these things. Crack, let him see how much trouble his sperm upper brain will cause him. My preparatory plan is not to divorce, because I didn’t believe in long-lasting love. When my parents had their own lovers, my trust in loyal love had already collapsed. If one day, I have such a story staged on me, I will suffer pain and suffocation, but I will only say nothing, and finally finish my script, I will even accept this person who betrayed me and let him know that this world Only me is the best. I want him to be the one who is afraid to see the shadow. I don’t think that a person’s derailment is solely the reason for his character. Pursuing different prey is engraved in human genes. A strong reproductive impulse can make people confused and make extremely harmful mistakes. I am a generous but selfish person. Selfishness means that I will find a “scientific” explanation for all my encounters, stop letting myself think about all the things that hurt myself, and tell myself over and over again that these things happen are normal. . It is because I don’t want to hurt myself, and it manifests itself as generous forgiveness. It was written in disarray. For a while, I thought of the past experience, and then I thought of if I were her. I only know that among all living beings, there are many people who are in the same position as her and me. In love, we offer a sincere heart, be loyal to each other, and hope that each other will return with the same heart. Some of these people are afraid of disappointment, and some are already disappointed. I just want to write other scripts and other ways out. But I am not her after all, and other people’s stories are not hers. All wrongs and mistakes have become the result of today, I only hope that everyone is safe.

5 months ago

Suicide for a scumbag is not worth it. This world is very big. If a person makes you feel uncomfortable, just leave as soon as possible. Get to know new people more. Then you will find that there are still many people in this world who care about you, and some of them will be with you. Like-minded people. In short, an unfortunate marriage does bring a lot of harm to a person, but suicide for a scumbag is not worth it. Such people will not feel guilty because of your suicide.

5 months ago

Translator’s response from a scumbag: My marriage can’t go on. My wife found out that after I cheated during pregnancy, she seemed to be a different person. She was very suspicious of me going out, and she punched and kicked me and said that I was a scumbag. Later, she finally got divorced. The first time we talked about divorce, she forced me to write an agreement to let me go out of the house. How can it work? Although I have cheated, I can’t be out of money because of this, otherwise how can I raise a mistress? I disagree, so there is no way to divorce. I want to divorce and allocate property. This lady will not let go, she must still be thinking about me, so this lady is not letting me divorce. This old lady relied on being an author and a fan to live the whole process of my cheating, so that everyone sympathized with her and did not sympathize with me. Why did I get scolded? She wants to die, I want money! what? You said she was going to commit suicide? how can that be possible! She just wanted to use running away and suicide to threaten me with more money. I pretended to accompany the police to find me. This lady is not there. It is much more convenient to find San’er doi these days. Netizens scold me and scold me. Anyway, I can’t lose a piece of meat, so you just pulled out my phone number and address. Fortunately, I didn’t pull out my dear. I’ll just change when the time comes, and I’ll ignore you now. Ok? You said why I went to the Weibo Xianyu Alipay S1 forum? Oh, because I have no time to answer your complaints, but I still want to clean up.

5 months ago

She really made up her mind to leave. If there is no cooling-off period, she will simply leave. There will be no repeated cases, there may be no accidental pregnancy, and there may be no need to end her life. Unexpected pregnancy is the last straw. I hope she just hides and calms down, and she didn’t really implement it.

5 months ago

Why am I invited?
I deliberately went through it, and such a man’s responsibilities are used elsewhere. He must be very satisfied with his love for another woman now, a sense of heroism that the wind and rain are blocking her in front of him.
His wife’s disappearance was really dead in his heart.
The missing woman can get away with severed hand, so why bother to die? Some people just want you to die.

5 months ago

Those who wish to preach, and those who wash the ground for the man must understand one thing. The man cheated in marriage. This act alone violates the definition of good customs in our civil law. The man is already at fault. On S1, the man said something that he could not live with her, it is not good, that is not good, many facts in the article do not match, and so on. Leading out a bunch of philosophers who are forced to look at the facts from front to back, and to look at things fairly. Are you all Bao Qingtian? To put it bluntly, what kind of person is the woman, is she committing suicide or a threat? These things have nothing to do with derailment in marriage, don’t they? You think your partner is not good, you can get a divorce before cheating. It is better to be frank that your pure moral corruption is a scum.

5 months ago

Seeing the comment area, I only think that many people have too many misunderstandings about love. Love is not just about being attached and lost. The pattern of love may also include becoming a better version of yourself. Just as the predecessors said: “Love is to sculpt a beautiful self.” Some people’s love returns to the incompetent baby mode, and some loves to return to the healthy baby mode. Please experience it carefully. What’s more, when you are in the same relationship, when you are in a bad state, you will not encounter too much good “love”. You think it is salvation, and it is probably a trap. Life is not easy, but live and cherish it. Those friends who say that they can’t be rational, it doesn’t matter, this is not for those who can’t be rational. You can deal with your business, your life, whatever you want. This is just to provide an idea for those who need it. The words may not be very pleasant. She is not a failure of a love story, she is an unfinished problem in her own life. I saw the words she wrote on Weibo today, and after reading it several times, I still can’t leave too many impressions. I think that many girls have actually suffered a broken love. No matter how painful you hear, the voices and expressions. Maybe there is no such expression of this girl that makes people at a loss. Whether those girls are heart-piercing or hysterical, they are always a little bit angry. You read this girl’s article very groggy. In fact, this is very familiar. In the past few years, too many girls have made similar speeches. Their words have a characteristic: very little information, many, many trivial words and trivial things, and they convey more negative emotions. That kind of despair, pain, and that kind of diffuse and floating pain. It’s not that she suffers a very real pain, but she doesn’t seem to be using an entity to face life. A pain that makes onlookers dizzy. She was indulged in it, she has completely lost the ability to think, and her spirit has no attachment points. You always feel that she is already very light, as if the wind can blow her away from this world. This girl seems to be living in a state of lack of pyrotechnics. She seems to have no life of her own. It seems that the joy and focus of her life are attached to the man — I don’t know if this state of mental attachment has always been the same, or whether she was caught off guard by the stress reaction that occurred because of such an event. Her identity: writing novels in Jinjiang. And, according to her, her husband is used as a prototype. You can imagine the style of Jinjiang, or her writing style. She beautifies each other too much. Under repeated self-hypnosis day after day, it will show a more divorced state. Therefore, whether it was Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary” in France before, Madame Bovary caused a tragedy in life because of reading romantic novels and indulging in unrealistic love, or whether it was the criticism of the old lady in “A Dream of Red Mansions” in China. The novels of those gifted scholars and beautiful ladies say that those books will seduce people badly. In fact, they all tell you one thing: some books are determined by the background and purpose of their production. They cannot give you a good influence and correct love. Concept. I only thought that if you read this book, if you lack a critical spirit and your three views are immature, you may be affected by some negative effects. What I see now is: the person who wrote the book may also be addicted to this kind of illusory beauty, or may be lost in this kind of illusory love. It may be difficult for us to face a problem at first: people need to maintain their spiritual independence. No matter who is in this world, it is possible to leave us someday-no matter what method they use. Whether it’s birth, old age, sickness, death or renunciation. Let’s look at this, the male lead and the female lead. Although she said that she had known each other for 15 years, she herself said that their transition from friend to lover was very accidental. The time of their love and marriage is actually about five or six years. Of course, five or six years will continue, but compared to fifteen years, it is actually not that long. But it can be seen that the girl’s emotions and state of mind may not be very good before she fell in love with the male protagonist, so she thinks he is redemption. From this moment, she was doomed to be too attached to him emotionally. Writing romantic novels and further beautifying the other party in the novel will further aggravate this dependence. She has her own problems to deal with. If you want to enter your relationship with a feeling of being redeemed, it is actually very easy to be tragic. She needs to reorganize her outlook on life and emotions-I hope she can give herself this opportunity. I hope she won’t have any trouble. I think that through this barrier, both her personal life and her works may be beneficial to improve. I hope she survives. Then remind girls and boys, if you have not seriously considered what feelings mean to you, you have not seriously considered the issue of human independence. Did not consider the possibility of accepting emotional failure. So whether you are watching a novel, watching a TV series, or hitting CP under the leadership of a big V, I hope everyone can keep a certain distance and rationality while being moved and intoxicated. Be sure to think about it. Those beautified love, those irrational behaviors that are over-exaggerated and emphasized are not worth promoting. If you can’t, you must listen to some different information, and don’t let your source of information be too single. For example, in the past two days, some people said that the two people’s broken lips were caused by crazy KISS in the background-regardless of the truth of this matter, because if I say that this is false, people who knock on the top of the CP will think I am very disappointed- I would like to remind some friends who are easily brainwashed and have not yet formed an independent and adaptive concept of love, you should be wary of over-indulging in such overly passionate emotional events and scenes. It is likely to imperceptibly have some not-so-good effects on you. It will make some girls and boys have some unreasonable and unrealistic expectations about the way they get along. Love can be addicted, but it needs to be rational when getting along with people. This applies to any relationship. At least you must have the basic ability to interpret other people’s behavioral intentions and form a common language communication system and recognized communication mode with each other. It’s not just yelling “I love you” and going all by feeling and instinct. People learn to love and be loved all their lives. Little babies are learning when they are born. Do you have any better excuses to say that you can’t, or do you have any better way to do it without learning? Many of the skills you have now, including standing and walking, and running are the result of learning. How many times have you beaten during this process, do you still have scars from learning to walk and run? Do you remember those pains? “Shaocheng is like nature, and habit is like nature”, savor this sentence seriously. Love requires a certain degree of letting go of yourself and a process of being intoxicated, but you always have to maintain a certain degree of rationality. If you want to be happy, at any time, you must not lose your ability to control and reflect, and you must not lose the ability to act. Even if you put your heart and soul into it, you must have the ability to pick you up rationally at any time. Someone in the comments cursed me for being depressed or betrayed. Don’t worry, I’ve been fortunate enough to have encountered it… Some people’s kindness is just cheap, and your kindness is similar to viciousness. But it doesn’t matter. I think the main problem is your understanding and vision. If this is not your teacher’s problem, it may be innate, and it does not depend on you. Even with depression, it is not impossible to think and act rationally. And look seriously, I don’t mean to blame this girl, I’m just looking for the reason. I just said that if there is a problem, try to figure out a solution to it. Will the whole world automatically clear the way for you under the name of depression? Just like when you stand on her side, don’t others see your narrowness and other bad qualities? Shouldn’t depression work harder to help yourself? Do you have to rely on a derailed person to pity you? Or do you rely on the two online keyboards to curse people who disagree with them? What can you curse me to bring to her or those girls who have suffered misfortune? I don’t want to hang on you, but I think even if you don’t want to accumulate your morals, you should not expose yourself. After all, it is unsightly.

5 months ago

The words describe love too great, sweet and too unique, it seems that life and death are better than life and death. People who play with words are either too sober or too addicted, but unfortunately more people are the latter.
As seen on Weibo, we are willing to accompany you to rebuild a new island, and we are willing to accompany you to plant blue roses again. I hope you will never regard another person as the only light in your life. Please be safe. .

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