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Don’t praise me anymore! ! ! I really want to swell! ! ! Yuan replied-I went to my aunt’s house two days ago and stayed with my cousin. The cousin is handsome and stylishly dressed. I think this kind of boy should know cosmetics well. But he was stunned when he saw me removing my makeup. He said, “You actually put on makeup!” I was also surprised because my makeup was quite heavy that day. I asked, can’t you see it? He shook his head and waited quietly for me to finish removing my makeup. Then I said, it makes no difference. The next night, he watched me remove my makeup again. He said: “You take off one eye first and let me see the comparison.” I put on the light Thai makeup that day. After removing one eye, I said, “Look, the difference is very big, the eyes after removal are much smaller.” He looked intently for a while, and laughed scornfully: “The eye you put on makeup seems to have been beaten. “After I got home, I asked my straight male brother again. I asked, “Is there a big difference before and after my makeup?” He said, not very big, but before makeup is too sloppy. I… Sure enough, only girls can see the difference before and after makeup. But… I see other girls, they are basically the same before and after makeup! Even if you only beautify your face (including Douyin) and not picture (change the contours and facial features), I think it’s the same. But I see myself, the difference between before and after makeup is very big! Su Yan Huawei p30p original camera. I don’t know why after a while, the nose will become very big when I get up in the morning… After makeup, Huawei p30p original camera 2.22 update. A few of my friends said that my make-up made the silkworms disappear. I want to say that I really don’t have that ability. I can’t even cover the dark circles under my eyes. It’s because of the expression. Many people say that they look alike before and after makeup. Maybe even though I put on full makeup, it is not strong enough, and the posture and angle of the photo are similar. This photo is completely different. I updated it and thought about it. Why do you think the difference after makeup is not so big? Probably because of the original camera I used. Some people say that Huawei’s original camera comes with beauty (anyway, I can turn off the beauty at p30p, and the texture of the skin can be photographed in the sun). Although many angles will deform people, but in general, and in real life It’s almost the same (but the front of Apple can make me feel like an internet celebrity), and all photogenic makeup looks less obtrusive in life. In other words, I don’t have the blessing of heavy makeup + filter + P picture, plus I did not deliberately pretend to be ugly before makeup, so the contrast is destined to not be super big, just like the sisters in the comment area said: “and ordinary The girls are almost the same before and after putting on makeup.” This is the final answer to the question “Most girls’ plain makeup”-the difference is a bit, but it won’t be as obvious as a spoof video. How do you distinguish between before and after makeup? Isn’t it a big difference in life? Find a bright place (you have to go to a place with a filter like a nightclub, to observe a girl with heavy makeup, I can’t help you), it’s best to be in a sunny day with unobstructed skin conditions. It also enlarges skin blemishes-what kind of powder, what pores, what acne. If the skin is not good, it cannot be covered at all. Can a thin layer of putty cover the concrete wall? If the brush is very thick…Do you think it can be seen in life? I have a colleague who has darker skin and large pores. Every time she puts on makeup, others can’t see it. Let’s talk about the eye makeup part. You can ignore the eye makeup and get the eye size directly by looking at the distance between the whites of the eyes. Of course, double eyelid stickers may not be able to see it, especially for me, with thin eyelids and lace double eyelid stickers. I have to close my eyes. You can only see it by looking carefully at my eyes. It’s hard to say about cosmetic contact lenses… I don’t understand because I don’t wear them. However, for those who have had eye surgery, removing the color contact lenses may make a difference. All in all, if you can really finish the makeup of both faces (especially the ugly before makeup and the super beautiful after makeup), you still have to rely on lighting + beauty + p (yes, beauty alone can’t be done. Even if The skin is not good, but you can pass the level of beauty. The basic features are not that bad.) There are a thousand aesthetics in the hearts of a thousand people, whether you think I’m good-looking or in general, thank you for your comments ( ´-ω-`) Many partners said that my style is wrong. Some sisters asked me the good news of double eyelid stickers, which are very invisible, small double eyelids or inner double eyelids. Round head mesh reel mesh natural skin color lace double eyelid stickers seamless female lace invisible Taobao ¥ 13.80 to buy​Too many private messages, just put the link, you need to pick it up shampoo link Schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf) multi-effect repair Care 19 Care Set (Shampoo 600ml + Jingdong ¥ 119.00 to buy​You can also go to tb official flag (good things recommend no tb official flag link) or supermarkets, but beware of fakes, my friend bought it. The conditioner is average So, I can only say that it can be used barely. Edited on 02-25 Sincerely appreciate it, and leave a lingering fragrance in your hand


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9 months ago

I read the comments today, I really look like Tang Maru~~~ Hahaha! How come I rub it like that, help! ! ! Hahaha! Then my upper teeth were arched forward, but the braces had to be worn for several years. It was too painful, no matter what, I suddenly felt that the protruding mouth was also quite good! Then I leaned my pelvis forward. Every day I got up and my back pained. My child asked for corrections again. There are different opinions on the hip bridge on the Internet, and I didn’t dare to do it. After listening to your opinions, I felt like a beard. Still go to the hospital to have a look~ I am actually just an ordinary salted duck egg, a student party~ Forgive me for putting on so many drops of makeup after photos~ Hahaha, I am stinky! I just think that putting on makeup can make me happy and confident, and I also think that I will really look better after trying on outfits and makeup! So I hope you can have this happiness too~ God knows that I have followed a lot of beautiful girls learning makeup! Then the photo was taken by my friend. She is a photographer who made an appointment. She must put on good makeup and choose the angle. You can also take pictures of Mei Mei Di to keep the most beautiful yourself!

9 months ago

Normal looks, and the skin is okay. Occasionally, acne occurs. T-zone, nose and cheeks are oily. Large pores are more serious. The King of Children is asking for a way to repair the pores so large that they can be transplanted! ! ! Then the most annoying thing is! ! ! If the pores are too big, you need to use half a BB cream to cover the pores. What a shame! ! ! I also have a beard! ! ! I am a woman with a growing beard! ! ! As far as the picture is concerned, it grew out after I shaved with a razor for two weeks! So sad! I want to cry! But although my face is normal, my makeup is OK~

9 months ago

Presumably, products that repair barriers and unclog pores are also aspirations of most people. I think Amway has saved my black-headed nose for many years, and successfully saved my lacto-sugar essence on the road of my rosacea sensitive muscles. Feimanzi lactobionic acid essence is named after its ingredients, so its main ingredient is lactobionic acid, which can intelligently identify aging keratinocytes, remove dead aging cells, promote keratinocyte regeneration, effectively promote skin metabolism, and quietly smooth Pores, so that the skin also comes with a microdermabrasion effect.

9 months ago

Almost two bottles of Feimanzi Lotion Acid Essence have been used up to now! ! The blackheads on the nose are almost invisible, and the pores on the face are also much more delicate. If you look at the skin now, I will ask you if you are envious! Girl with strawberry nose, don’t hesitate! ! You need two boxes of useful blackhead artifacts when you come home to meet relatives and friends during the New Year! Buy two boxes of lactobionic acid and get a box of blue copper peptide stock solution (original price 78 yuan) at the New Year’s Day event; if you miss it, you can only say goodbye to strawberry nose next year! ! !

9 months ago

Look 4 points, make up 6.5! 8 minutes after using Feimenzi Lactobionic Acid Essence to shrink pores, remove blackheads and strawberry nose! So, sisters, listen to me, Feimenzi Lactobionic Acid Essence can be used to properly improve the appearance of several levels. and also! Sisters! Will you have edema! I am super prone to edema! When I swelled up, I looked really ten pounds fatter! I am usually the kind of damp person, and I often stay up all night. I wake up every morning with greasy hair, haggard face, and swollen eyes and face. Moisture is very harmful, some common phenomena such as obesity, constipation, arthritis, eczema and gynecological inflammation… There are two types of moisture, ordinary moisture and stubborn moisture. In the face of stubborn moisture, ordinary methods are difficult to be effective. Well known! Red bean and barley rice noodles are the most useful for reducing edema! I just saw Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast with red bean and barley noodles from Guzhiyoupin! Super bargain! And it’s sucrose-free! So the calories are so low! And it’s very delicious! In addition to chixiaodou, barley, etc., there are also diced strawberries. The taste is delicious, sweet and sour, very smooth! I insisted on drinking two cans! It is really useful! I feel that the color of the tongue coating is much healthier. If you drink it, you don’t have to be afraid of getting fat. Two tablespoons are less than 80 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of a banana. I usually like + some oatmeal for breakfast! It’s not expensive, and it’s a good deal for only two dollars a meal.

9 months ago

Around the age of 20, she looks good without makeup. I didn’t understand when I was young, but now I see the young ladies on the street, all of them feel so beautiful, full of collagen, no dark circles under the eyes, and pink lips. I remembered that I was young and ignorant when I disliked myself before. Looking back at the previous photos and comparing them to the present, the traces of the years are still very obvious. At the age of 30, my face began to have spots, my skin tone began to appear uneven, wrinkles, and dark circles under my eyes have long been present. It will be more obvious when I stay up late, but I don’t feel like a day’s whitening if I don’t stay up late, so the skin around my eyes is worse. . The most obvious thing about 30+ is that the lip color is not ruddy, pale and bloodless, so it seems that the overall popularity is very poor, and lipstick is a must for going out. Although there are many problems, getting old is irreversible. You can only accept it and try to maintain it so that you age slowly. In terms of mentality, I never feel that I am old, I still love life and accept new things.

9 months ago

At that time, everyone questioned whether the big baby had a plastic surgery, and the big baby gave a photo without makeup to prove that the makeup is true… so the suspicion of plastic surgery was eliminated. It’s time to hang up the bare face photo that repelled the rumors of plastic surgery. It’s not very ugly, but the complexion is very bad, a little yellow and thin. Huang Xiaoming once said that the big baby is ugly without makeup. I still don’t believe it. After reading the photos of without makeup, I knew it was true.

9 months ago

I didn’t expect to have received 200+ likes. I had known that so many people would watch it. I should at least take a look at the neck wrinkles… Then a sister asked me how the shadow of the nose changed. The answer was: I didn’t. I belong to the type with big nose but not collapsing nose. The one with my makeup is sideways, and it is obviously farther away than the one with no makeup (because the face looks smaller) plus no makeup The photo was secretly photographed. I was playing with my phone with my head down, and the glasses slipped a little bit, making the nose bigger. But big nose sisters, I read the beauty bloggers before and said that as long as you deepen the nose bridge and make the nose bridge a little thicker, the nose will appear smaller! By the way, Amway’s two big nose sisters take pictures. 1. When taking pictures, turn off the light in the room, then turn on a table lamp, and increase the exposure of the phone. In this way, the nose part will be exposed, and it will not look that way. Eye-catching.

9 months ago

I feel that the contrast video before and after makeup that dy was very popular in the past has caused everyone (especially most boys) to have a misunderstanding that it seems that girls make up is a magic technique, and there are two people before and after makeup. This is really a misunderstanding! Unless it is a very powerful makeup artist, most girls actually don’t make a big difference before and after makeup. It just lifted the complexion, made his face less dark and yellow, and his eyes more energetic. Like the one in the video, or painted makeup that looks quite exaggerated and scary in reality, such as the eyelids and the lying silkworm occupy half of the face, the liquid foundation is applied to the face like a wall, and the face is blackened to the face. You can poke the fake eyelashes to the hairline. That kind of makeup looks pretty good in the video, but in reality, you will have a ghost if you don’t run away. Either you don’t use beauty before makeup and deliberately pretend to be ugly, and then you can maximize your beauty after makeup. In short, these are all stereotypes and inherent prejudices! The girls around me don’t have a big difference before and after makeup. Everyone is a little girl, and makeup just makes people more confident, more complex, and more refined!

9 months ago

I think every girl is a little angel. In my freshman year, none of the six girls in the dormitory know how to make-up. They are all face-to-face, but they are all beautiful, some are small and cute, some are elegant, and some are quiet and calm. I think the state of bare face can better show a person’s mental outlook. In order to get off the order smoothly, our dormitory has made an appointment to learn makeup and dress together next semester, and we will be beautiful together! In my opinion, the level of most of the girls without makeup is quite good, but they can’t reach the brilliance of celebrities, but each has its own characteristics. Um, let’s put a piece of your own makeup, this is the last day of 2020, record it, and see if it will change in the future

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