Is there a scientific basis for the superconscious mental energy method? Is it really possible to achieve rebirth of boiled eggs?

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[The author of the “Rebirth of Boiled Eggs” paper said that he submitted his paper after the experiment: “I don’t know the principle but the phenomenon”] A recent paper titled “Boiled Eggs Turned into Raw Eggs (Rebirth of Eggs)-Experimental Report on Hatching Chicks” caused a fever Discussion. The article declared: “‘Eggs rebirth’, as the name suggests, changes from a boiled egg to a raw egg. This is unimaginable, or even impossible, but such a peculiar phenomenon did happen in Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School. A group of specially trained students, under the guidance of Ms. Guo Ping, is conducting a peculiar experiment, that is, boiled eggs are turned into raw eggs again, and the returned raw eggs are hatched into chicks, and more than 40 have been successfully reproduced. .”

On April 26, Guo Huaping, the author of the paper and the principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School, responded to The Paper, and the relevant paper was indeed written by him. However, she said that this is her own personal hobby. After doing related experiments, she submitted the experiment report to “Photo Geography” and other magazines for publication. Regarding the expression “students use super-psychological energy methods to regenerate eggs” mentioned in the article “Boiled eggs into raw eggs (return of eggs)-experimental report of hatching chicks”, Guo Huaping said that it has indeed appeared in the experiment. But she did not respond to the reporter’s specific steps of the method. “I don’t know the principle, I only know the phenomenon.” Guo Huaping emphasized.

The author of the “Return of Boiled Eggs” paper said that he submitted his paper after the experiment: “I don’t know the principle but the phenomenon”

The journal “Photo Geography” responded to the paper on the rebirth of boiled eggs and hatched chickens: the normal review will not pass, the author should have used some other methods to publish.

[Henan Yi Principal published the paper on the rebirth of boiled eggs and the rebirth and sprout of cooked mung beans] April 25, Zhengzhou, Henan. Recently, a related article about #熟蛋回生烫鸡纸# went viral on the Internet. It is reported that the paper was included in the journal “Photo Geography” and the author is Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School. According to public reports, Guo Mou, a teacher from the school, also wrote related works such as the rebirth and sprout of cooked mung beans.

Instructor: That’s it. Other research groups have changed the parameters and concepts that can be changed. The article has been queued to 90 years later, that is, TMD 2110. We are too late. This topic has been It’s dead, there’s no water to fill. Student: I never thought about following other people’s buttocks to work on projects. Instructor: What are you doing without following other people’s ass? Student: Whatever topic is, I will do what it is. Mentor: Have you ever written a paper? Student: No. Mentor: Come here, let me tell you. When writing a paper, you have to create a name in a clever way, use school funding, and use current affairs hotspots. Only when you get to the hot spots, can the reviewers be interested. After being hired, you need to thank the journal editors and get more than one thousand page fees. Student: How can we get more than one thousand page fees? Mentor: More than one thousand is for others! It depends on the face of Huang’s reviewer. Student: Whose face? Mentor: (pointing to a journal paper on the table) He. Student: Him? The student also said: I have been studying hard for twelve years just to see his face? Instructor: Yes. Student: I finally took the college entrance examination and went to university. I still had to keep up with current affairs, and I had to make a name, and I had to look at TMD’s face. Didn’t I become a kneeling beggar? Mentor: Then you have to say that. Reading the R&D paper is really kneeling and begging. That’s it, how many people want to kneel and don’t have this door. Student: I would like to ask you, why should I enter the university for postgraduate study? The instructor shook his head. Student: I just have trouble with my legs and feet, so I can’t kneel down. Instructor: So you want to stand up and post papers, so it’s better to go to school. Student: I don’t understand this. I’ve been admitted to the university, so why is it better to graduate? Instructor: In the eyes of the common people, you are a college student, but in the eyes of the reviewer Huang, you are kneeling and begging. The instructor continued: Post a paper, graduate, not shabby. Student: Shabby, very shabby. Instructor: Do you want to stand or post a paper? Student: I wanted to stand and I also posted the paper. Instructor: I can’t post it. Student: Can’t send it? Instructor: I can’t post it! The students snapped an offer from the R&D department of a certain company to the table: Can you post a paper? Instructor: Ability to make a career. The student took the postgraduate admission notice to the table again: this, can you post a paper? Instructor: Can send, kneel. Student: Then this plus this, can you post the paper while standing? Instructor: Dare to ask where is the sacred one? Student: I, Zhang Houlang; my father, Zhang Xueshu.


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6 months ago

I used my mind to achieve the ultimate goal of losing weight. Believe it or not, I lost weight anyway because my mind was firm.
In the next stage, I will sublimate my mind level and strive to live forever and rejuvenate.
If successful, I will write an essay of over a million words to discuss the arguments and arguments one by one.
Please stay tuned!

6 months ago

I asked my dean and parents to testify. The main content of the full text is very “notarized and reasonable”, which is only one sentence, which is the fourth part of the experiment process, “Using the method of super-mental consciousness energy to start rebellion”. A large introduction to the structure of eggs. . The intention of making up the word count is simply not too obvious, so this paper has no technical content, at least the data is nothing, give you the whole metaphysics, just look at it as a joke, I wonder if it will attract a secret exploration program, go to demolition or Prove this super-psychological consciousness energy, hey, such a powerful thing, do you know if you can draw cards?

6 months ago

Not winning the Nobel Prize is really a great loss for the scientific community. It is worthy of Nobel’s direct awards. There was Mrs. Curie before, and now there is President Guo of Zhengzhou. I can’t express my admiration by saying that I worship. Serious dividing line Regarding papers, the explanation given by Baidu Baike is: contemporary, papers are often used to refer to articles that conduct research in various academic fields and describe academic research results, which are simply called papers. It is not only a means to explore problems for academic research, but also a tool to describe academic research results for academic exchanges. It includes academic year thesis, graduation thesis, degree thesis, scientific and technological thesis, achievement thesis, etc. This kind of civil science is not regarded as academic research at all, so don’t insult the word academic. So it’s not a paper in my opinion, just look at it as a joke. It’s just that if you publish such an obscene article, will you really not be embarrassed? The level of kindergarten graduation is not so whimsical. The so-called innovation is not such crazy thinking. The only worry now is, will this kind of magical thinking principal affect the education of the students in this school? It is recommended that relevant departments intervene. A piece of advice to parents: Don’t send your children to her and be “scoured”.

6 months ago

It turned out to be a vocational training college. I thought it was a super power college opened by someone similar to Professor X. Vocational training institutions are not committed to cultivating student skills, but instead talk about “metaphysics”. In the final analysis, it is the result of teachers’ essay orientation in evaluating professional titles and publication of essays if they have money. The thesis needs innovation, but it is obviously difficult to provide these innovation points in teaching, so I put my idea on these metaphysics. It sounds “innovative”, but it actually laughs generously. As for journals, except for some well-known journals, most of them are not about scientific research results, and are more concerned about the income of page fees. After all, the journalists are not scientific researchers, but businessmen. Whether the paper is meaningful or not is not important, it is enough to fill their wallets. Pseudo scholar + real businessman, hit it off. So there was this ridiculous news.

6 months ago

Hey, I have been worried that this group of scum will expose our group. Now it’s good, the whole world knows it, now where should I hide? I can only make them disappear with my mind. As for what problems have been exposed, as an expert, I think they have a lot of problems. Normally, they are directly hatched with boiled eggs, and they actually have to return to life. It is unnecessary to do this, or the skill is too shallow to reveal the inside story. On the third layer, the eggs are reborn. On the fourth layer, cooked eggs directly hatch live chickens. On the fifth layer, chickens hatched from boiled eggs can be eaten with seasonings after plucking their feathers. On the sixth layer, the chickens hatched from the cooked eggs have no hairs and can be eaten directly with seasonings. On the seventh floor, chickens hatched from cooked eggs have no feathers and come with their own seasonings, but they only have one flavor, which is not optional. On the eighth layer, chickens hatched from cooked eggs have no hairs, come with their own seasonings, and have optional flavors. The ninth layer, without using eggs, directly incubate various chickens with optional flavors. Do you now know why the fried chicken of major fast food restaurants is coming so fast?

6 months ago

This kind of paper is weird to write, and it is even more weird to publish.
A boiled egg cannot regenerate at all, but anyone who has studied biology or chemistry knows that the protein will be denatured when the egg is cooked.
But this teacher can actually restore the damaged protein to its original appearance. If it is true, is it not too much to award a Nobel Prize?
But it is a pity that what is fake is fake, and no matter how bragging it is, it is also fake.

6 months ago

I will not read a normal paper, but I will read an abnormal paper? I also don’t want to crack down on academic fraud. I don’t want to pull off any private principals. I don’t want to pull anyone down. Because I think it’s useless to pull someone off. The same goes for another person. Don’t you just like watching the drama of coming over to rule a small official with a Shangfang sword? I’m sorry, I do not like. That’s it, I didn’t see it. It’s good to continue like this.

6 months ago

Can chickens be hatched after the eggs are cooked? If I ask this in the street, do you think I will be considered a lunatic or a fool? however! Henan Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School has done it! Not only did he write a paper and publish it on “Geographical Photography”, he also gave an experimental report! In the experiment, teachers and students obtained 10 fresh eggs from the chicken farm and boiled them for 23 minutes until they were fully cooked. Then 10 students in the special training class each took one and put it in a paper cup, and began to use the super-psychological energy method to start the egg rebirth, and the egg rebirth was successful after 20 minutes. Observers carried out the light transmission test again. The eggs were light-transmissive and the white and yolk were clearly visible, and one of them was broken on the spot, confirming that the eggs were regenerated in liquid form and were successfully regenerated. The remaining regenerated eggs have been sent to the chick hatchery for incubation. A group of students who have mastered the “super mental consciousness energy”, under the guidance of the teacher, turned the boiled eggs into raw eggs again, and hatched the reborn raw eggs into chicks, and successfully reproduced more than 40! This… Is it the rebirth of the filthy soil? Is Uncle Snake you? And the specific basis for regenerating cooked eggs and hatching chickens, well, this time is not “quantum mechanics”, but a more high-end “super-psychological consciousness energy method”! The instructor of the thesis, Guo Ping, has long been engaged in research on the development and application of human subconscious awakening, as well as related works such as objects passing through a bottle and regenerating and sprouting of cooked mung beans. As the first observation and witness expert, his title scared him to death: National Level 2 Psychological Counselor, National Level 2 Enterprise Trainer, Henan Province Science and Technology Consulting Expert, Deputy Director of the Heart Brain Education Research Center of the Academic Committee of the Chinese Academy of Science Management, Deputy leader of the Heart-Brain Education Research Group, Deputy Director of the Training Department of Beijing Zhengxing Military-civilian Integration Center, Deputy Director of Beijing Relativity Research Association, Head of Henan Station, Secretary General of China Branch of International Chinese Parapsychology Society, Chairman of Central China Branch, Qian Xuesen Institute of Educational Thought Researcher, Henan Provincial Women’s Federation, Henan TV Station “Feng Tiao Yushun” expert group of 100 experts, Vice Chairman of Vocational Education Professional Committee of Henan Private Education Research Association, Deputy Secretary General of Provincial Alumni Association of Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou City Director of Chunlin Heart and Brain Education Laboratory. As for whether it’s true, I don’t dare to talk nonsense. What if I irritate these students and teachers who hold the “super-psychological energy” and stab me to death with a finger across the computer screen? Frankfurt said in “On Nonsense” that nonsense is not a lie, but it is the greatest enemy of truth. Because the liar knows what is true, but he is telling lies. The bullshit neither cares about what is true or what is false, but only cares about self-interest.

6 months ago

Scientifically explain why it is impossible for a boiled egg to regenerate and hatch a chick. Because the protein will denature after heating and is irreversible after denaturation! After the eggs are cooked, protein denaturation actually occurs. What is protein denaturation? It refers to the destruction of high-level structure of natural protein due to physical or chemical factors, resulting in changes in its physical and chemical properties and biological functions. For example, the solubility of the denatured protein decreases, the viscosity increases, the crystallinity is destroyed, and the biological activity is lost. But this is not a bad thing for humans. Protein denaturation has not caused changes in the primary structure, and will not affect the nutritional value of the protein; and the denatured protein is easily decomposed by proteases, making it easier for the body to absorb. The causes of protein denaturation can be divided into physical and chemical factors. Physical factors can be heating, pressurizing, dehydration, stirring, vibration, ultraviolet radiation, ultrasonic effects, etc.; chemical factors include strong acid, strong alkali, urea, heavy metal salts, etc. Some proteins begin to denature at 60 degrees Celsius, such as boiled eggs, after heating in boiling water, the protein has completely lost its activity and is irreversible at all. If this process is reversible, it doesn’t seem to be far from turning back in time. The ridiculous research result that cooked eggs hatch chickens comes from an experiment conducted by a group of specially trained students led by Guo Ping (Ping), the principal of Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School, and it was published in the journal “Photographic Geography”. Boiled eggs become raw eggs (egg rebirth)-the experimental report of hatching chicks”. The abstract of the paper reads: It is unimaginable, or even impossible, for a cooked egg to become a raw egg, but such a peculiar phenomenon did happen in Zhengzhou Chunlin Vocational Training School. A group of specially trained students, under the guidance of Teacher Guo Ping, are conducting a peculiar experiment, that is, the cooked eggs are turned into raw eggs again, and the returned raw eggs are hatched into chicks. And more than 40 pieces have been successfully reborn. (Tucao: As a rigorous journal paper, there are two typos in the abstract, and the teacher’s name can be written incorrectly!) This extremely brief paper only describes the process of the egg rebirth experiment and the structure of the egg. For the most critical step, that is, how students use the super-psychological consciousness energy method to achieve experimental success, nothing is mentioned. There is only one sentence in the full text: students use their own super-psychological energy methods and so on. Such absurd papers can be published, which shows the water of a certain journal and the ignorance of the editor of a certain journal. At the end of the paper, the author also wrote inexplicably, did not summarize the paper, and did not raise new scientific questions. Instead, a series of questions were raised. Among the experimental observation and witness experts mentioned in the thesis, there are many experts such as professors, deans, and chief physicians. No one questioned the scientific nature of this experiment? According to public information on the Internet, Guo Ping, the principal of the school, has also experimented with mental photography and wrote related articles. After reading this summary, I feel that the slots are full. I hope that parents will stop sending their children to learn this “magic”! Let’s end with a quote from President Guo Ping’s paper. I hope President Guo will not discredit science under the guise of science in the future. I am sorry! The development of science does not need such paving stones! Finally, I attach a link to the relevant paper by Mr. Guo Ping, and interested friends can go and see how outrageous it is.

6 months ago

I really can’t understand a lot of high praise answers, a pair of high-ranking sayings about buying papers, and so on. How do you know that you must have bought it? If you can’t do it, just say that someone else bought it? If you don’t make it or don’t understand it, just say that someone else bought it? This is life science understands or not! Director Hou Xingyu of the Office of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee of the Bureau of Supervision and Audit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences clearly stated that verifiability is not necessarily reliable in life sciences. One of the chiefs hasn’t said what your professor said, right? What a principal said is not what the doctor said right? I don’t understand anything…With the skill of arranging others, why don’t we guess the reason why Mr. Guo lost Nobel next to him? Isn’t this another hot list? Director Hou Xingyu of the Office of the Scientific Research Ethics Committee of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Supervision and Audit Bureau stated on his personal public account “Research Integrity”: “Is repeated experiments really so magical? The answer is not necessarily. Different disciplines have different attitudes towards repeated verification.” Verifiability is not necessarily reliable in life science…Furthermore, repeating the experiment for 20 years, no matter what the result is, it will not explain any problems.”

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