I have a long-distance relationship with a blind date man. I have met two times in total. The first time I met him, he was very impressed. He liked to laugh and was very polite to my father. The second time he gave me something and got off the car and waited for me. I respected the woman very much and was very polite, so I put aside the reservedness of the girl and took the initiative to tease him, and I asked him to play games with him, and we started talking very well, and we were sure of the relationship. My physique is not very good. I told him when I had dysmenorrhea. He didn’t respond much. My head hurts when I had dysmenorrhea, but I had to connect with him. He was playing games on the phone. I suddenly felt wronged. . Later, when I went out, I got sick and vomited. When I went home to rest, I told him that he didn’t do anything else. It’s just whether there was anything better in the greetings. We talked for two months, and then I became more and more unwilling. I chatted with him. I used to chat with him very well. Later, my tone changed a little. The idea of ​​breaking up came up in my heart from time to time. Later, I couldn’t help breaking up with him. He didn’t reply. He didn’t reply until the next day. I didn’t agree with the breakup, but I ignored him again. I was a little sad after breaking up, I just wanted him to care about me more when I was uncomfortable, and coax me when I broke up. Is it because I was too pretentious?

Okay, did I say that boys shouldn’t care about girls? If the boyfriend of the subject comes to ask a question, I will scold him, why not care about his girlfriend. But since the subject is asking for help, let her realize what’s wrong with the problem? If you are a man, do you like a girlfriend who laughs and makes you happy every day, or a girlfriend who cries and cries, dysmenorrhea and vomiting like jade every day? I didn’t say that I shouldn’t ask boys for comfort, but it depends on the level of time. Shouldn’t you think about how to attract each other at the beginning of a relationship? Could it be that your dysmenorrhea and your asking for comfort will make him love you more? When you really make him fall in love with you, he will naturally care about you. The following is the text and I can’t say that it is too much, but it is a bit too clever. I have never understood why girls like to tell boys about dysmenorrhea, do you think it’s very elegant? Still cute? Very weak? What is the use of you telling boys? He didn’t experience the pain, so why would you feel the same for your pain? Besides, even if he really feels your pain, what can he help you? Besides comforting you a few words, what else can you do? What can be solved by a piece of ibuprofen particles must be so complicated. Really, when boys face girls and say that they have dysmenorrhea, they will not have any other feelings other than embarrassment. You said that you still have to talk to him when you have dysmenorrhea, so this is worth moving? It is not likely that he took the initiative to mention Lianmai, because he was playing games…You are not feeling well, and you have not taken some medicine to sleep, and no one is forcing you to join him with Lianmai. Didn’t you have nothing to do with him? And you vomited in motion sickness, do you think it’s elegant to tell a guy? Wouldn’t it be very graphic? You say what he can do, nothing more than comforting you. Next time you know that you are motion sickness, remember to buy motion sickness medicine. I know that your purpose is actually to test him. Many girls do this in love. Give the boy all kinds of problems and trouble him, and some even break up to test his attitude (oh, you have a high probability of breaking up for this reason). Then why don’t you think about it from the perspective of a boy, what can he get with you? Get the opportunity to continue to freely challenge. If I were a boy and met a girlfriend like you, I might have persisted for less than two months. I think this is too annoying and hypocritical. Let me do this and do that every day. I have negative energy every day. I am not happy anymore. It’s better to be single. Remember, at the beginning of the relationship, what you should do is how to tease him and how to make him feel “Wow, how is this girl so cute”. Rather than testing him, because who is testing who is not necessarily, the boy is also testing what he can get from this relationship. But you always want him to prove how much he likes you so that you can feel safe. Why not think about proving how much you like boys? Why don’t you have a sweeter mouth, coaxing him every day, saying “husband, I want to learn to cook for you” “husband, I will take care of you when you get sick from now on” “My dear, no matter what. I won’t Leave you”. Create an illusion of true love for him, and make him feel that you are the woman who loves him most in the world. If you lose you, you will lose love. But your heart can be independent and sober. In case he violates the bottom line, he can leave at any time. It’s a smart woman’s approach. The operation behind you is so fascinating, I don’t even bother to talk about it. It is very likely that you are falling in love for the first time, and this boy may be too (or I can’t stand you long ago, it won’t be restored at all). And you two are still in a long-distance relationship. Do you know how difficult it is to maintain a long-distance relationship? There are so many good emotional foundations, and they can’t last long. You two have no emotional foundation, you still do… Forget it, you are in love for the first time, many things do not understand, and it is easy to make detours. You can take a look at this, I sum it up, I hope you can have a long snack!


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

Don’t talk about love, even after marriage, straight men treat girls’ aunts: drink plenty of hot water! That’s it. No matter what period of straight men, you have to clearly state your needs. Girl when I first fell in love: I’m here for my aunt. Boy: Drink plenty of hot water! Girl in love: I’m coming to my aunt. Boy: Drink plenty of hot water. Girl after marriage: I’m coming to my aunt. Boy: Drink more hot water! Do you understand what? If there is a need, express it clearly. Sometimes boys really don’t understand a lot of tricks. If you ask a boy to buy an aunt’s towel, you have to tell him what brand and size it is. If you don’t say it, it’s very likely that you will buy cushions! Don’t ask how I know, the sorrow of a married man! At most, it is to bring hot water to you. If a man knows girls very well, he will make all kinds of rhetoric and make you happy. Then you can be sure that this man is definitely a master who Baihua has passed through. As for whether you are sincere to you, it’s hard to say.

6 months ago

Agree with the reply from the netizen “Qing Shan”, if he is not a straight man, he is a big warm man, he has been divided up by the goddesses around him in his life, and he still needs to engage in a long-distance relationship with you on a blind date? In addition, I sincerely want to ask: What do you want him to say? Or how do you feel warm-hearted, can you teach me and other straight men to drink more hot water? Will it be beaten, or will it be divided faster? Drink some brown sugar water? That thing is useless except for growing flesh, I believe in science. Or do you want him to feel so distressed over there, waiting for him to come back to hug you and bear it for you? Will it be too sensitive? Will it be broken up by being too sensitive? Or do you want him to run the train with his mouth full, baby dear, a bark, can ease your pain? Will you be broken up by you as a scumbag? What to do, then ask on Zhihu, the answer hasn’t appeared yet, the girl said I want to break up! There is another possibility that the boys are busy working overtime, or the dog-blood sprinklers who have just joined the team and were scolded by their teammates. How can they care about a long-distance relationship that is thousands of miles away and has only seen two sides? Forget it, divide it. Straight guys can’t do it for the sake of others.

6 months ago

Miss sister, I really want to really want to really want to ask you, you want others to care about you, do you have any expressions? To be honest, the foundation of your relationship is a bit weak. There are few different places, blind dates, and few meetings, and when you are with him, you are proactive out of goodwill. And your relationship is not long, right? It feels that you are together, you did not give him a process and time to chase you. Of course, you can also tease until he wants to chase you, but your current feeling is that I am wronged, lower myself, and take the initiative to come to you. But you are now indifferent to me, and then you feel that we have determined the relationship, you should care about me, love me, love me, and so on. In fact, what you think is right, but it only stays at the level of what you think and think. You might think I think these shouldn’t? Shouldn’t you be a boyfriend who should be nice to me and take the initiative to care about me. I came to my aunt and asked me to drink more hot water and hurt me more? But you have to look at it from a general perspective, your emotional foundation is very weak, and the foundation is not well laid, and he did not give him more emotions, then why should he take the initiative to care about these, and maybe even he thinks you No, that’s why I asked you if you have a need to express your inner heart? These seem to be in your feelings, I have not seen them. You must know that people only pay attention to what they give, no matter whether it is time, energy, or money, but in your relationship, you have always paid a little more, and he paid a little less. That is in terms of input and output. The party who pays less, of course, will not cherish the things that are easy to get so much! Then you might ask, but he is very good. If I don’t pay, he may not take the initiative. Then if I pay too much, he doesn’t cherish me. What should I do? Correct! You are not wrong, you can give, but if you really want him to fall in love with you, care about you, and love you, the direction you pay is to find a way to make him pay more for you, and you must stick to this goal. If you have a bit of twists and turns, you will have to feel pain, and groan without illness. This will only increase your own sense of grievance. You will feel that you have suppressed your needs. If you do not get his attention and love for you, you will be lost, wronged, and sad. Sad. Because you don’t see your pay in exchange for the needs you want, you feel unfair. But in the relationship, it is not who pays more who is more free and easy, on the contrary, who pays less, who has less fetters. And if you want to get more attention from the other party, you need to make him pay more to you. And don’t use the reason of breaking up easily in your emotions to get the attention of others, so that it is very likely that you will say what it is, and then you may be more aggrieved. Because your breakup is not to stop the loss, but to attract the attention of others, and he may not think so deeply, just think you are making trouble again. If he agrees, you will think, look! He doesn’t value me! I said that the breakup would not detain me, I paid by mistake. If the other party ignores you, you will feel that the other party is indifferent, and you will also doubt whether the other party has true feelings for you. If the other party responds to you in time and disagrees with the breakup, you may also think it is fake, he has a purpose! So don’t use breakups to test humanity, test your feelings. It is likely to disappoint you! Can’t you mention the breakup? can! Of course, when to mention it, you really think it is time to stop the loss in your relationship, then there is no need to explore the value of such a decision. Because you know for yourself that I am not worth it anymore. I don’t regret what I have paid. I just turn around and go and look for something more suitable for me. Then you won’t ask yourself the question of gains and losses. But you still asked. I guess you still feel unfair and unwilling, and it’s not that you really want to break up, but you don’t know how to attract each other. If this is the problem, you need to think about how to improve. Own attraction.

6 months ago

It is not so much that your boyfriend doesn’t care enough about you, it is better to say that you are a meticulous and sensitive girl. In fact, if you pay attention to it, there are some differences between men and women. Therefore, you should not use women’s standards to measure men. In addition, you will gradually find that men who are informal in other aspects are more Charm, and more importantly, those who love you will work hard to change for you. Sometimes you change yourself according to your wishes, but not everything can be changed because of other people’s requirements. Maybe most boys are less delicate, which is also related to personal character. Sometimes being not considerate does not mean that he does not value you. You can show thoughtfulness first and let him know how to care about others. If there is still no change, then boldly tell him what you need and what you care about. So even the dull children will understand. Either he is such a person, careless, and doesn’t care about anyone, then he must be considered from other aspects, whether he still needs to be together, such as character, academic practice, ability, economic conditions, and so on. Either he doesn’t love you at all and doesn’t take you to heart. In this case, it depends on your mood, how much you like him, and whether you like him so much that no matter what he is, you must be together, or you must Only when you like each other can you be together. Then make your own decision, whether to reconcile or divide! Some things are not justified by superficial actions. What if your personality is like that. But speaking. If you really feel it’s not worth it, break up. If he will stay, it proves that he still has feelings. Happiness will not wait for you from time to time, love you and the person you love can not appear at any time, please learn to cherish it. There is also a lot of girls who don’t know each other very well when they make boyfriends, and become someone else’s girlfriend when they are confused. When two people are together, they realize that the boyfriend is not the one who knows how to care about the girlfriend. People eventually ended up in a breakup. So you must pay attention to this issue when making a boyfriend.

6 months ago

As an emotional counselor, I can understand your behavior well. There is nothing wrong with being coquettish with my boyfriend and seeking security. What is wrong is that you think, “The other party should treat you well, and the other party should act If you do this, if the other party doesn’t do it, is it just that you don’t love you”. When your expectations of him rise to a peak and the other party does not meet your expectations, this gap naturally makes you think, “Does the other party love you enough?” Don’t care about you enough.” “Since he doesn’t love me enough, then I’ll find someone who loves me more. It’s certainly not wrong, so you chose to break up.” In fact, there’s no problem with your choice, because I’ve seen too much, fall in love When you spoil the other person until there is no “human figure” and finally break up. Take the problems you mentioned, if the other person takes care of your emotions, you will definitely think, “He is really a perfect man, everything is for me Think, my vision is really good.” The girl believes me, a man really has “other ideas” for you, he can do so much for you, so much that you doubt yourself, “Is there a problem in our relationship? He has always been tolerant of me, has always been paying for me, is there another plan for me”. Let’s talk about a case: I received a consultation last year. The one who saved me was a graduate student of Peking University. He was 180 in height and 140 in weight. Time to work out, so I have a very well-proportioned figure, and I feel like a sunny and handsome academic bully. The redeemed person is also a graduate student of Peking University, “white skin, beautiful, and money at home.” I use the term Bai Fumei to describe She couldn’t be more suitable. The reason why the girl broke up with him is very strange, “I think I’m the one to enjoy in this relationship, you will take care of my emotions, and you will also consider me, even every time there is no contradiction. You will admit your mistake at the first moment. I don’t think it’s love. I think you think more than love.” A girl thinks that a relationship, a boy has been giving, and he has been enjoying, this kind of relationship is not equal. “Everyone has their own independent personality. It is impossible to change their personality for another person. If they do, then the other person is plotting bad luck.” I think this is what the girl wants to express. So I asked the boy: You The unconditional tolerance for her is because you really love her? Any other ideas? The boy said: I just like her very much. Whether it is her appearance, family affairs, or three views, I agree very much. I am afraid that it will give her a bad impression, so everything I encounter is centered on her.” I understand that it’s true that boys love her. It’s just the feeling that this love gives girls. It’s not just love. That’s why girls say that boys want more. Later, I said to the boy: It’s not wrong for you to love her, and it’s not wrong for you to think about her. What’s wrong is that you make her feel that you are too ambitious. Maybe you didn’t realize it, “The other party may think that you are a phoenix man, and you treat her unconditionally. It’s just because her family’s conditions are superior.” This is also the fundamental reason why the other party wants to break up with you. In a healthy relationship, both parties must have their own independent personalities. Try to keep both parties in a relatively balanced position. This kind of love can only blossom and bear fruit. The subject of the question asks: “Is your behavior very aggressive?” I can understand her behavior, but it is really a bit of “death” if you propose to break up. This is not called loving the other person, but you are called loving yourself. If the other person has been accustomed to you, sooner or later you will still be divided. Because no one can always be nice to the other person. When one day he can’t do it, it’s When you broke up. Let me give you an example: I have a friend who has a second marriage and divorced with a child, and his income is very good. In his own words, “I have everything except my wife.” He found a girlfriend. , Very beautiful and doesn’t dislike his second marriage with a child, so friends are very good to girls, he will meet whatever the girl wants. Even if the other party’s conditions are a bit harsh and the friend is a little unhappy, he will meet her at the first time . My friend thinks that it’s hard to find someone who can live with him if he doesn’t dislike his situation, and it’s nothing to do with him. So he endures small things and big things too, just wanting to have a future with him. There is an idiom called Pride and arrogance, the girl’s requirements are increasing, and my friends are becoming more and more difficult to meet, so the girl began to think, “Is he not loving me enough”. The girl is in order to determine her own inner guesses and requirements. Friends give her all kinds of contributions. If a friend has done 10 things and done 9 things and one of them fails, then she will not love her. She will continue to quarrel with her friends because of this. The girl’s view of love is: you Earn 100,000 yuan a month, and you have to spend 80,000 on me. I feel that you love me, you earn 100,000 and give me 10,000 to 20,000. It’s not because you love me, you love yourself more.” Finally, my friend succeeded with her. I broke up. I said to my friends, “You have talked for so long, and she has been showing love to you, and you are still enjoying it. Even if you keep petting her, she won’t think about it. If you are married, and you really want to marry you, you can’t talk about it for five years. There is no other meaning in writing this case, just to tell you, “There will be inertia to enjoy the effort. When you get used to the other party’s contribution, the other party will not If you give, you won’t be able to accept it.” If you don’t accept it, you will doubt yourself and finally break up. As the subject described, this little thing can’t be done by the other party. This is the reason why the subject broke up. What I want to say is: maybe he can’t do this little thing, he’s afraid you have more “small things”, as long as you get used to 100,000 things, he does You have done 9,999 pieces. As long as one thing is not done, maybe it is because he doesn’t love you.” So it’s good to say that it’s good to find someone who can do you a good job. Don’t be evil. The opponent is now, it is necessary to force a breakup with him.

6 months ago

Didn’t this question really come for fishing? This is a blind date, not dating, not falling in love. Not long after the blind date, I met twice. Saying it is a blind date, in fact, it is no different from a stranger you just met. It doesn’t make a difference, so I say that I am sure the relationship and ask people to care about this and that. Is this a Bodhisattva who hasn’t been in love for 800 years? He looks like an old man and wife. It hurts and feels uncomfortable, asking for care and petting. Where is this and where? Sex swaps, when a girl meets a man on a blind date who has only met twice and then stubbornly cares about him, his face is full of question marks, and he ran to respect him first.

6 months ago

No, you are not wrong, this man is too stupid. What is the most difficult thing to maintain in a long-distance relationship-it is emotion, this is the most fundamental reason why this man is stupid, he didn’t realize it. When you said you came to your aunt, does the greeting on his phone have any effect? He should immediately go to the Chinese medicine shop and ask the old Chinese doctor about your height, your weight, your appearance, your eating habits, and your past dysmenorrhea experience, and then grab 12 courses of heavy Chinese medicine and bring a casserole in. Simmer it downstairs at your home and deliver it to you while it is hot for no more than 1 minute. This is the correct way for a man to deal with it. What’s the use of just laughing, a girlfriend can’t coax him well and deserve to be single. When the girlfriend said that she had motion sickness and vomited, she just asked if it was better? Boy classmates, I’m knocking on the blackboard. I once again emphasize that as a lick…oh no, as a warm guy, a qualified boyfriend, what do you want to do? It appears immediately. You only ask if there is anything better than a dime, or that sentence, old Chinese doctor, 12 courses of treatment, detailed information, boil medicine downstairs, no more than one minute, and send it to the front. Perfect and handsome! In the end, his girlfriend said that he had broken up, but he just said that he disagrees on WeChat. see it? This is the biggest reason why he is single so far. First of all, the girls said that they broke up, as a lick…oh no, what is the correct posture as a warm man? I immediately drove downstairs, bought 999 roses, did not eat or drink, and stayed at a distance of 100 meters from others, so as not to harass them, but also to let her see your sincerity. Wait three days and three. At night, I can’t change another wave of roses and wait until the other person is touched by you. You can lose weight and embrace the beauty. Why not do it? This kind of emotion is enough to shock the world, weeping ghosts. I don’t understand the basic operation at this point, you say, are you still a man? (Overview: Hey, you still have no analysis. They have been talking for two months…) Huh? How could there be such a long fishing behavior in two months? I haven’t been able to make a quick fight for a week, alas, this man is really hopeless, now I will lick him…oh no, remove him from the warm . male world! You said, everyone has gone on a blind date, and they still don’t know how to tolerate and manage each other, waiting for someone to love you, or else, the scumbag will warn you again? Blind date is not easy, and do it and cherish it! The words stop here, good luck! I am Nanjue. After reading most of my content, I broke up. If you like it, you can follow me!

6 months ago

People who came over told you that wild straight men are such a virtue. When my husband and I started dating, wouldn’t there be a curtain to enter the mall? He went in and let go, and the curtain hit me in the face! My aunt told him when it hurts, she also told him to drink more hot water! Once I was allergic to vomiting and diarrhea, I went to the emergency department. When I contacted him (he was in a different place), he simply cared about him. After the infusion, he was better and called him and found that he was playing games! I was also furious at the time, but in the face of such a straight man of steel, you can’t sulking in your stomach, he really doesn’t know he cares about people, understand? I don’t know how painful my aunt is, so I can only comfort and drink plenty of water. I have allergies and contact him, but simply said that I’m allergic and go for infusions. He couldn’t imagine that someone would be allergic. Vomiting and diarrhea, intestinal colic and fainting. Therefore, in this case, you have to tell him straightforwardly: You are too gentleman, you have to open the curtains for the girl when you enter the door; you have to let the girl sit first when you eat; the girl comes to the aunt with the same pain as you have gastroenteritis; I am sick I told you that I didn’t just want to get a simple sentence, right? Are you ok? , But I hope you can care about me sincerely and eagerly, so that I will feel safe. Sister, as long as it is not a matter of principle, I think it can be solved. Now my husband knows that every time I go to the mall, he mentions things and will take the initiative to care about me. Do you think you are a natural warm man? They are all domesticated…

6 months ago

This is a typical case in which a need expression error leads to a breakdown in a relationship. The main topic: I have a bad physique. I told him when I had dysmenorrhea. He had no reaction. I had to talk to him for a headache. Later I went out and vomited. He did not say that the girl’s fault was when she was uncomfortable, not directly expressing her needs, and presumptuously asking the man on the opposite side to understand you. If it’s not a problem at the stage of love, girls want boys to be able to. Understand her, understand her, this need is normal. Everyone has a certain emotional foundation in the love stage. Boys can satisfy you with the patience and have enough energy and time to play guessing games with you. Whether the boy guesses right or wrong can be counted as It’s the sentiment in love but the blind date. You go to the various rules and regulations in love to ask for your partner. It’s hard to find someone who matches you. Generally speaking, marriage problems are resolved through blind dates. First of all, everyone is not young anymore, and secondly, each person is not young anymore. There are a lot of things to worry about in work and interpersonal relationships. It’s already past that one person is full, the whole family is not hungry, everything depends on preferences, energetic young days, everyone is a worker, and the work is already very hard. I don’t have the energy and time to guess your little thoughts. What you can do is to let go of your thoughts and seriously manage your relationship with your dear blind man. Because, if you miss this, it’s very likely that you In the blind date market, you can’t meet people who are in such a good time. You should focus on important things, such as properly solving remote problems, cultivating relationships, and getting along, instead of looking at these trivial things. But It’s not that you can ignore the small things. After you have ideas on how to solve the big things, you can plan how to make your life more comfortable (for example, to solve these eye-catching small problems). In fact, these are the things you are very worried about right now. In the eyes of many people, things don’t matter at all. The reason why you care so much is that you can’t let go of your own face, and you can’t recognize the reality of the moment. You have painful periods, and you tell the other person what you want others to do. What happened, if you go out and vomit, you have to tell the other party about your needs. If you don’t tell, how does the other party know? You say that my aunt is particularly uncomfortable. The most aunt is her stomachache, but I still have a headache. I am so pitiful. I hope you can hug me. If you hug me, it will be fine. Oh, knowing that you can’t hold me, then I’ll just be reasonable, and I’m reluctant to ask you to order me a cup of milk tea. It’s hard to express your needs in such a coquettish tone. If you say that the other party is uncomfortable, but the other party is still indifferent, you can just say directly: Oh, I’m so uncomfortable. I’m still reluctant to connect with you, but you still only care about playing games. I’m so heartbroken. What kind of boyfriend did I find? If you say that, the other party still ignores you and doesn’t even tell you a good thing. I don’t even want to give you a milk tea worth tens of dollars. If so, you can think about whether to break up. Girls have a lot of distress in their relationships, and often they are fighting with themselves and encountering problems. Communicate with your partner and learn to express your needs reasonably, otherwise you and no one will go on happily. The ability to love and be loved needs to learn how to cope with quarrels. Many times the relationship between couples must be Accompanied by some contradictions, you must prepare for two-way at this time. First of all, no matter what happens, you should not attack so quickly. This is to avoid misunderstandings and extra branches. We can first think about whether the other party is lazy or making mistakes or listening. If you don’t go in, you are deliberately against you? Think about it again. Did you be too aggressive towards the other party, for example, did you show that it was a very small thing, but you got a lot of fire, and went online and even forced the other party to change something and let the other party? A strong feeling of disgust is generated. At this time, we can’t say: Didn’t do the agreed-upon thing=Don’t love me this thing is equated but to become—-Failed to do the agreed-upon thing=You are right I’m not good + I feel sorry for you. No matter what kind of contradiction you have, after you bring up the other party’s wrong behavior, immediately turn your eyes to the other party. It is better than the quarrel between two people who never washed the dishes at first, and the arguing has turned into a quarrel. If no gifts were given on the anniversary of the year before, it would be very easy to affect the feelings between the two people. So how to avoid this from happening? That is, when arguing, you must be clear about what you have said and the purpose of the quarrel, and at the same time change your thinking to turn the other person’s anger that the other person has failed to do something. If you are not good to yourself, I feel sorry for selfishness. Human instinct. At this time, the other person sees that you care about me so much, and the original emotion becomes guilty for you. You are so good to me, and I can’t do what I promised you. I am too human. At the same time, you can achieve your goals very easily, and at the same time, the other person can realize how uncomfortable your uncomfortable place is. When you are encouraging, sympathizing, and caring about each other, it will actually increase the communication between you. No matter what you think about the relationship between you, it is definitely worth trying. I don’t believe that your relationship will not get better after you do this. Finally, I will share a few tips that will help increase the trust between you. : 1. Don’t suppress your emotions because you are away. Communicate in time if you have feelings. 2. Contact every day. If you can’t contact for special reasons, tell the other party and explain the reason. 3. Don’t forget to express your love at the end of the communication every day. Tell the other party clearly that I love you very much, and how soon I will meet, to establish a firm belief for the other party 4, the first thing to do when you encounter a problem is always to soothe your emotions, and then think about how to solve the problem 5, be sure to Share your life with each other. If you can, it’s best to have mutual friends6. Looking forward to the future, you can give each other hope by improving your own value. For example, if you have some knowledge of maintaining feelings, I hope to inspire you.

6 months ago

Boys’ knowledge at this time is still too far away, especially when it comes to girls’ physiology, you have to slowly make up lessons for them. Now that we have talked about the object, then move in the direction of enhancing mutual understanding, and do not move at all to increase the difficulty of mutual understanding. About 18 years ago, the company was next to the Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center. That time I caught up with a food exhibition, so I went around. When I saw one selling Yunnan brown sugar (that’s the kind of square flat candy cubes), I suddenly remembered that my mother often drank brown sugar water when I was young, and thought that my wife might also use it, so I bought some. When I got home, put it in the refrigerator, and then went out to do something. When I came back, my wife asked me what it was, and I said it was brown sugar. She asked how to eat this food, I said it was used for soaking water, and she suddenly realized: That’s it, I almost lost my teeth… I also learned about the effects of brown sugar after my daughter-in-law bought brown sugar. My daughter-in-law didn’t make me fat because of my teeth. Boys have such a natural character. If you give him a signal, he will most likely think that you want him to solve the problem, but if you don’t say the problem, he thinks it’s okay. In short, it’s okay to do it, but it should be aimed at enhancing mutual understanding, rather than doing it for no reason.

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