Like the title, in Beihai filming, except for business activities, it is almost difficult to participate in other activities, and out of role needs, whether to exercise or get a tan will have a great impact on him.
However, Shanhe Ling’s business during this period should be very important, so will the lack of business during this period affect his fans?

It was probably after the finale of Shanhe Ling Chao that Zhang Zhehan really began to archaeology, slowly turning from a drama fan into one of his Haizhe. After Shanhe Ling’s big fire was broadcast, seeing Gong Jun taking the endorsement and taking on business, I was still very anxious for him. After all, it was ten years of silence, and he had accumulated a lot of money. I was afraid that he would not be able to stabilize the heat in time. After Ling was over, I began to rejoice that he is now filming in Beihai, and he is still such a good crew and such a beautiful place. Although I want him to continue to develop as an acting school, I have to admit that traffic is still very important. Fortunately, during the time he was filming in Beihai, although there were few sales, his ups and downs in the past ten years were enough to make the new fans unknowingly attracted by his personality charm in the archeology (I am one of them). One). His past escort, his past injuries, make us feel distressed; his persistence, his basketball and golf, and his touch by Haizhe made us attracted by his people. He is a person surrounded by love, and a person with love in his heart. Just like I love his smile, he smiles like sunshine. The magazines and business during the Beihai period brought us the ever-changing blind box Zhang Zhehan, which made Haizhe even more attracted by him. A look and a smile are enough. Otherwise, why OK’s wonderful sales volume quickly made it into the top ten in domestic entertainment. Fortunately for Beihai, what he gained was more Haizhe who fell in love with him after getting to know him, rather than some Kou-Hi who could not teach well after nine years of compulsory education. Although these Haizhe may not understand the fan circle, or how to fight against gangsters and criticize, they will never allow others to hack the people we most want to protect. Others speak of our data, but we use business to prove ourselves and prove the power of Haizhe. Missing the hottest business period of Shanhe Ling will not affect him. The person who is truly worthy of love, even if he appears in front of our eyes from time to time, we always have his place in our hearts, always watching and supporting. Asu is just one of Zhang Zhehan’s innumerable past and future roles. He may have the shadow of Zhang Zhehan. Thank you for the role of Asu. For me, Asu will gradually go away but will not disappear from the heart. Finally, look forward to Zhang Zhehan’s retro detective and the peacekeeping anti-riot team filming in Beihai.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

To tell the truth, I was preparing for the exam during the “Shanhe Ling” fire in March. I didn’t watch the drama every day except for moving bricks and writing questions after work. During that time, I occasionally swiped on Weibo. During that time, Shanhe Ling, Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan were popular searches. The frequency is really high and it bothers me…for a moment I thought of the time when “Chen Qingling” was popular…I happened to avoid the time when they were the hottest and most popular. …Just watching them take turns on the hot searchers every day, the senses are really bad. . Then I came into the pit long overdue (both in, I’m such a conscious leek) Well… it’s so fragrant. In April, Junzi did not join the team, so he seized the opportunity to open business. Singles often want to cue to Teacher Zhang. Teacher Zhang is not in the arena, and there are still rumors about the rivers and lakes~ Teacher Zhang is in Beihai and occasionally comes out to work together. Other single business broadcasts Or the magazines all fly directly to the Beihai by the team of party A’s father, and set up a shed on the spot (can’t help but shake a clever, the princess just wants to spoil it)… How many cover shots have been shot on the beach in Beihai? All of them have attracted the attention of the official blog of Beihai Tourism, Culture and Sports Bureau… and Mr. Zhang’s recent business projects are all pretty good. The sales of magazines, sunscreen toothpaste, Arden Pandora, and the sales are very good. So forgive me for my clumsiness. I didn’t see any subsequent bad effects. I just feel that, fortunately, there is no excessive marketing, and it should not be in the state of annoying passersby. After all, there is a word called “It’s too late”. In this situation, Junzi has just joined the group. Teacher Zhang is about to be released. There is no competition between the two people as if it’s done, tf is Double single chain, even endorsements avoid competing products (the magazine is no way, you can sing it and I will appear on the stage) complement each other and achieve mutual benefit, mutual benefit, cooperation and win-win, generous, decent, decent, good, good fans, good everyone, so happy The heart made the money, the father of the funder was happy, the two teachers were happy, and the leeks were cut off and they were very happy. Harmonious society~ (It seems to be a bit off topic, forget it~)

5 months ago

Think about it the other way around. Maybe what you can’t get is even more memorable? During this period of time, Beihai has become a stalk, and many people are eagerly waiting for Beihai to release people. Maybe I am a fan of the authorities, I feel that Zhang Zhehan’s popularity has not been affected by the filming at all. This popularity is because he sees the dragon without seeing the end, and slowly settles on the Internet. When it is finished, as well as the subsequent birthday parties, singing songs, and concerts, his popularity is likely to be accumulated.

5 months ago

I always think that an actor should rely on his own work to attract fans and rely on his own personal characteristics to solidify fans. Actors are always lonely. It is difficult for people surrounded by flowers to feel the emotions of others. Perseverance and immersion are the states that actors should have. It takes a long time to shoot a film and television work, and good film and television works are hard to come by. Fans who like actors are destined to wait for a long time. Those who can persist in the long wait without knowing the results and no rewards must not only pay attention. Appearance of people. Those who should go don’t have to stay. Shanhe Ling’s drama is a change. Asu is the best person in the world, but to be honest, Asu’s positioning can easily have an adverse effect on Teacher Zhang. During this period of time in Beihai, he can help him avoid some risks. In addition to the short-term business, two-way cleaning, it is simply wonderful.

5 months ago

Is there any impact? Yes, less powder. Is there any impact on short positions? Yes, less powder. Is there any influence on the uncle’s dressing up? Yes, less powder. However, it is difficult to tear off the label on his body because of “suffocating oneself and losing one’s horse”. Lao Zhang has at least successfully torn off more than half of his body. It is very good. The actor should not be stereotyped. I look forward to Lao Zhang’s next appearance. Character. The other is that Lao Zhang can’t dress up too casually. Modern people look at their faces too much.

5 months ago

I don’t know why there are always fans asking this kind of question? Do you think you can plan your route better than a whole team of artists?
If you don’t understand, first check the internet to find out what themes of the movie made by Beihai are? And Teacher Zhang is an actor, so it’s better not to expose too much. And that Beihai movie is much more important to Teacher Zhang’s career than sales. Can you stop asking these questions, okay?

5 months ago

I am very grateful to the Beihai crew for detaining him for filming in Beihai. I have avoided some bloody storms, and seeing him holding a basketball and smiling at the security team’s construction photos with a few other actors, I am sincerely happy for him, and believe that everything is the best arrangement~
Although he is not in the arena, his business can still be played, although people do not show their faces, how many times the god-level business, who doesn’t boast?

5 months ago

Thanks to the Beihai crew! Don’t let it out. Really, he’s also very good in it. Business and everything are very popular, and the endorsements are also fast and slow, and they are robbed every minute. The most important thing is that I haven’t slept well for almost a month now, staying up late and knocking on sugar, my dark circles can’t even cover my makeup… Just now, the two big brothers who are trapped in Beihai can send them every day. The sugar-fat smashed our cpf. Will this come out and let us live? ? The ball is over. Ask the Beihai crew to be a competent Fahai, and don’t let him out.

5 months ago

There are countless actors in China. Everyone who is not famous is working. No one was hungry. Teacher Zhang’s character is very self-confident, let alone filming in Beihai, just idle. I will play golf with my heart. So even if the heat is worse. He will also be happy. He is happy when Haizhe is happy. Follow-up, take your time. Haizhe will always accompany him anyway. A good actor will create many roles in his life, and he needs to be able to control his emotions and behavior. Only the next role is the most exciting. This is the self-cultivation of an actor. If it stays the same from beginning to end, the audience will be aesthetically tired, after all, the momentary heat cannot last long. There is never a shortage of handsome men and beautiful women in the entertainment industry, to follow the trend and realize himself, he should be able to handle it well. Personally, I like Zhang Zhehan’s ever-changing style, which can be rigid or soft, beautiful or rough, not overly marketing his appearance, and not afraid of external rumors. An actor should have such a psychological quality.

5 months ago

The plan is not as fast as the change. There is no way. The director of the Beihai crew is very demanding, and because of some yj reasons (everyone understands this), there are more remakes. The explosion of the mountain and river is also unexpected, regardless of whether it affects the work. It is still necessary to complete one by one. The wife’s team is relatively mature, although it will definitely affect the money, but the follow-up will also bring a lot of good resources for the wife. In addition, the Beihai drama is also a very good drama, which is in line with the main theme, wife. It’s also because Sanhe Ling added a little bit of drama. In fact, everyone treats them peacefully.

5 months ago

I don’t think so. I’m Zhang Zhehan from Shanhe Lingfen. I did a lot of interviews on variety shows when he was not out for business. Whenever I missed him, I would find out his first concert. Increasingly addicted to his personality charm can not come out. During this period, I stopped playing games and quit novels. Zhang is the first time I like an actor so much. Langlang nails is also the first time I have a pair of cps. I think there should be a lot of people like me who are sincere and willing to buy idol endorsements.

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