Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Physical Health Management of Primary and Secondary School Students.” According to the document requirements, primary and secondary schools must strictly implement the rigid requirements of the national physical education and health curriculum. Primary school first to second grade 4 class hours per week, 3rd to 6th grade elementary school and junior high school 3 class hours per week, high school 2 class hours per week, and conditional schools every day Set up a physical education class to ensure that physical education and health courses and student campus sports activities are not crowded out for any reason.

This is a nonsense that can be seen everywhere in Chinese society these years: you are wrong, you pay attention next time. What’s the use of nonsense? It’s also useful. It makes you think I’m working hard. After all, there is a lack of heart in this set of pretending to be. Speaking of these classes, I almost never took up classes in middle school. Even if the teachers really didn’t come, no teachers would take them. Not only physical education, but also art, music, computer, labor technology, and health classes. in this way. But what about the actual effect? In the first half of the semester, the physical education class also symbolically teaches something. The second half is basically to play, and some of them go back to the classroom by themselves; the art and music class is single digits; the computer class is a game class, the teacher teaches in front, the students Let’s play below. I’ll be the only one in the class. After two days, I won’t have to listen to it because I’m playing competitions. I love to listen to labor technology classes because the teacher doesn’t teach at all, so I just talk about intelligence every time. Mathematics; the health class is similar, and the teacher himself doesn’t know what he is talking about. Let’s put it this way, my classmates said that they had never taken a “labor technique class” or a “health class”, even though I reported the teacher’s name. ——We are considered to be among the best in implementation, right? We have also learned stick skills and swordsmanship in physical education, and we still have the conditions to skate in our senior year (although it is completely self-playing, the physical education teacher said in the first class: the task of physical education in senior year is to play, and we don’t want to come. , Never appeared again). The results of it? So even if the nonsense at the beginning is not nonsense, even if it says who takes up the class to shoot someone, in fact, there are too many ways to prevaricate the past. The old tricks are useful for treating symptoms but not the root cause-this is just in recent years. Come everywhere. If you make the selection system and social distribution method like that, the school will naturally be utilitarian, because if you are not utilitarian, you can’t live. Even if you take the college entrance examination for physical education, the result must be that the school must figure out what the college entrance examination will take, and then the students will practice and test it mechanically. Throw it away immediately and never practice again: Isn’t that utilitarian? From the perspective of people’s physique, it may be better not to take the test. You want him to take off his coat. The more the wind blows, the tighter he wraps it up. When you expose it to the sun, he will naturally take it off when it gets hot. The difference between kingly dominance and domineering, but nowadays some people are so domineering, there is nothing else at all, and they don’t want to be. (Digression, our middle school used to be a strong sports school. In the 1980s, the women’s football and women’s basketball teams were all strong teams-yes, these were all in those days. My aunt and her sister-in-law were both players, now? Speaking of now, more than ten years ago, when I was in school, I was guarding a football field and was not allowed to play football. So don’t talk about things with the basics. How has a school with good basics developed in the past 30 years? Is it serious?)


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

As a representative of physical education in the past, in fact, I personally like physical education very much, but the physical education classes now seem to be really different from our past physical education classes. In the past, our physical education classes were very simple, with simple students and simple parents. It is rare that a child is injured in physical education class and the school is surrounded by parents; the current physical education class is a very serious challenge for schools, teachers, students, and parents. P.E. teachers are even more afraid of abnormalities in students. Parents at the school really don’t dare to provoke them; therefore, how to take physical education classes and how to take them can ensure that children are 100% safe, and how can the school balance physical education classes with parents The relationship between? It is a problem that needs to be studied carefully and considered to be solved;

6 months ago

All administrative actions that only prohibit and do not give directions are lazy policies. Against the background of the extreme shortage of educational resources, it is an inevitable result that the Tianlong people who are outside the three realms and are not among the five elements are involved. All attempts to resist the involution is a man’s arm as a car. Therefore, we can only take advantage of the situation and influence the content and fineness of the scroll through policy guidance. For example, it is stipulated that the proportion of sports scores in the scores of the high school and college entrance examination. In short, where the economic foundation is laid out, the volume must be rolled, but how it is rolled can be discussed. In the end, the teaching reform for so many years, if the baton of the college entrance examination is moved, it means that it will come true. Otherwise, regardless of how high the door is, they will pretend to yell, and we will pretend to listen and pull down. They pretend that we have heard, we pretend that they have yelled, tacitly, and everyone is happy. serious? Seriously, you lose.

6 months ago

agree. But treating the symptoms does not cure the root cause. After all, the pressure of study is so great nowadays that many students do not go to physical education classes and choose to study in the classroom. Or the lesson is still thinking about the text that hasn’t been memorized. Even in physical education class is absent-minded. Especially when facing the critical stage of entering higher education, many schools and some will temporarily cancel physical education classes in order to sprint without distraction. There is also a phenomenon that we often encounter in school. If the physical education teacher is sick or asks for leave, the class will be taken up by the main subject teacher. There is also a rainy day, basically in the class for self-study. Generally, there are only about two classes a week. So in this way, many students don’t have any expectations for physical education. The purpose of physical education is to improve the overall quality of students, mainly physical fitness. Physical education is often not taken seriously because it is not included in the scope and indicators of the examination. Students in the lower grades will prefer PE classes, while the students in the upper grades are pressured to attend PE classes. My cousin goes to high school in the county seat, and she is usually busy doing problems between classes. In physical education class, she goes to call a name and then ran back to study. So from a deep level, they are a passive acceptance of physical education, rather than expectation. Some friends are also quite right. It is estimated that only the physical education class is included in the assessment of each school stage, and it is counted as the total score. It is estimated that the quality of physical education will be truly grasped, and students will be more interested in physical education. I remember that when I was in college, my physical education grades were the same as other grades and counted into the total score. The aerobics I chose, even though my limbs are not coordinated, I still work very hard because I am afraid of failing to learn. Relevant education departments should also pay attention to the teaching quality of physical education and create a colorful physical education environment, mainly to increase infrastructure construction. In some schools, because of poor basic conditions, children can only skip rope, run and run, and the infrastructure is very limited. , So for them, physical education is just a place to play. Most of the teachers play the role of security officers, always paying attention to students bumping into each other. Infrastructure cannot be guaranteed, so physical education is just a formality. There is also the issue of campus security. I have heard many physical education teachers say that in physical education class, there are some smiling activities that they dare not involve students, because safety issues are also very important. Some students in their class had accidentally hurt their eyes because of playing basketball. As a result, the parents came to him to be held accountable if they didn’t agree with him. After more than half a year of mediation, the problem was properly resolved. Therefore, relevant schools should also increase measures to ensure the safety of students’ outdoor courses. Especially the infirmary must keep up. It really makes students dare to take physical education classes, and physical education teachers can teach them with peace of mind. There is another problem that is difficult to solve. Physical education is to enable students to become active and participate in sports activities. How to make students turn passive into active and take physical activities as their daily hobbies. This is more difficult to handle. After all, schoolwork is still heavy, and even elementary school students do their homework late at night. When I was in my third year of high school, I almost didn’t even have time to drink water, let alone physical education. So maybe it might be a way to include physical education in the comprehensive quality assessment. In this way, teachers and students will pay more attention to sports activities and achieve results. Therefore, it is only emphasized that primary and secondary schools should not squeeze physical education classes for any reason and cannot solve practical problems. Only the relevant supporting facilities, the necessary assessment requirements, and the practical guarantee of outdoor activities can make the physical education class really effective. As an elementary school teacher, I hope that children can participate in more physical education courses, combine work and rest, in addition to learning, they should also have their own hobbies. The body is the first priority. The admission and assessment of physical education teachers should also be added to ensure the quality of physical education classes and truly promote the growth of students.

6 months ago

After entering middle school from elementary school, the “body” of the physical education teacher is not as good as one day, and he asks for leave at every turn… To say that the most humble class in a school is physical education, because physical education is especially high school. Physical education is a guise. When we were in school, what we looked forward to most was physical education, but the thing we feared most was rain, because at that time our playground was still soil, and it would be muddy if it rained. At the physical education class, a kind teacher came and told us that physical education class is not available today, and we are studying in the room, or which teacher kindly gives us supplementary lessons. It is very difficult to occupy the physical education class. When you think about it, high school itself was very, very tiring, especially in the third year of high school. There were no courses at all. Only physical education classes allowed us to exercise outdoors. As a result, 40 minutes of physical education classes were occupied. Sometimes it is really something, sometimes Is occupied. It is true that many elementary schools do not pay much attention to sports. This is a result given by the school, parents, and society. All people focus on scores, and everything else is pushed aside. Physical education has not been put in a more important position at all. It is necessary to exercise children’s physique and cultivate their competitive spirit from an early age. We can’t always keep our eyes on grades, moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic. Since we were young, we have been told that we should not be partial to subjects in our studies, and we should not be partial to subjects when we grow up. Children nowadays have too little physical exercise. Parents use cars to send them to school in the morning and pick them up after school in the afternoon. There are only a few classes in school, and there is no time for exercise at all. The two sessions of physical education a week are squeezed by other teachers, so the child is seriously lack of exercise. Over time, the health of the child will be worse. It’s getting worse. No matter how good a child’s academic performance is, it is impossible without a healthy physique. In the final analysis, it is a manifestation of emphasizing cultural courses and neglecting quality education. In any case, whether it is the school or the parents, it is necessary to strengthen the child’s physical exercise.

6 months ago

It may be useful to include physical education in the college entrance examination if the symptoms are not the root cause. But after all, “the poor, the rich and the military”, which groups will be more biased in sports performance by then, and whether it will further push the bias and promote the division of classes and regions, and bring greater problems, is another topic. After all, school software and hardware in developed areas are far from comparable to ordinary small and medium-sized cities. There are also various private, interest classes, and cram schools for wealthy people to choose from. Moreover, if the importance of physical education grades is too high, and it is also unfair to some top-minded but poor-physical students, the possibility of the Chinese version of Hawking and Roosevelt will basically be cut off. In the final analysis, perhaps only to return the college entrance examination to education itself, to make the educational resources of various regions as even as possible, at least to ensure that a certain amount of high-quality educational resources are tilted to backward areas and small and medium-sized cities. Only in cities and rich areas, and downplaying the attributes of the college entrance examination as a screening method, will it help to achieve a fair and comprehensive development of students from all over the country.

6 months ago

Fortunately, in my memory, physical education classes were hardly occupied in elementary, middle and high schools. But what should I do in physical education? The physical education class did not leave me any good impression anyway. The elementary school ran a circle around the playground, basketball was also a class of dribbling and dribbling, and a class of skipping and jumping. , Highlighting a torment. Junior high school is mostly training, and the training of various items to be tested in the high school entrance examination is practiced over and over again. High school is very watery, and I can also record how many plants bloom in a few months and bear fruit in the small vegetable garden on campus. Many students go back to do their homework as long as they have free activities in the physical education class. It is good to go to bed half an hour earlier in the evening for many self-study, but I still respect it to go to the campus. Can this be solved simply by issuing a rule? In some people’s logic, physical fitness is equivalent to some unreasonable sports performance. Exercise must be implemented in the improvement of physical fitness and sports performance. Everyone has to reach the average regardless of innateness and ignore normality. Distribution, is this reasonable?

6 months ago

It’s really useless, because the unreasonable parents, the school where the child is, the physical education class exists in name only, and the physical education class must be taken normally, but how to do it is the key! The physical education teacher does not let the children really exercise most of the time. Physical education is just training queues and jogging that can be called walking speed! The only sport that is alive is skipping, and the spacing is also very large, and they will never touch each other. Recently discovered the key to the problem. Unreasonable parents! Unreasonable parents! Unreasonable parents! Recently, physical activity classes and physical education classes in schools have basically died out in name, because the school has recently had two accidents in succession. For the first time, a child made a mistake when he did a cartwheel between classes. No one touched him, and he broke his arm by himself (it happened to be in the surveillance coverage). The parents came to make trouble for 3 consecutive days, threatening to go to the Education Bureau to complain to the head teacher and the school, to the court to sue the head teacher and the school, affecting the normal teaching of the school. For the second time the school organized a basketball game, a child had a broken leg. The parents came to the first sentence: “Who organized this game! Who made you organize it!” I didn’t see how the child was doing. After a few days of trouble, the head teacher and the school were exhausted physically and mentally, and lost money. There are too many similar examples, and the other is that orthopedic steel plates are too expensive! It is also the reason why parents go to school to make trouble. Although they have bought insurance, the reimbursement ratio is not certain. Looking forward to the purchase of orthopedic consumables! It is not difficult to understand that starting from elementary school, there are fewer and fewer sports at all levels! Because there is a risk of injury in any event, the school is forced to cancel all the events with a slightly higher risk of injury, leaving only: intermittent exercises, jogging, walking and other sports, all kinds of ball games can be cancelled as soon as they can be cancelled! The child’s physique is naturally getting worse and worse! Think you went to your school when was the last time you reported a major school-wide sports meeting that was more than two days old?

6 months ago

Doesn’t it mean that the culture teachers in elementary and middle schools “do not teach in class, but not in class”? Ouch…Since all “no lectures in class”, what kind of culture teachers in elementary and middle schools are so lazy? Since I’m so lazy, would I still lick my face and scold them to take up classes for free? Don’t worry about it. People may not be willing to take up classes without time fees. I really want people to take up the class, don’t worry, just follow the rules: in the off-campus education and training market, the average price of a 40-minute ordinary course for a student is 60 yuan, and based on the headcount of about 50 students, it’s 3,000 yuan. , Make a 20% off the emotional price, 2400 yuan. Remember to prepare all the lesson fees and hire a bridge to lift the bridge, otherwise you will not suffer the crime. Isn’t tea fragrant in the office?

6 months ago

China’s education system really needs to change. For example, physical education classes are replaced by team competition courses (basketball, football, etc.), and the number of usual courses and school-level league matches are counted as college entrance examination results. For example, book knowledge is distinguished by the breadth of high-level knowledge education. The difference in talents and efforts of students leads to the selection of talents in different sciences…Take mathematics as an example, elementary school mathematics can be learned all the way to high school mathematics (entry level), junior high school mathematics can learn university mathematics (entry level), high school mathematics can be I have been learning the mathematics knowledge (entry level) that mathematics graduate students need to learn. For high school students, most high school students may at most only learn the introductory knowledge of mathematics in the university. Only a small number of mathematics talents can learn the introductory knowledge of mathematics for graduate students in the mathematics department. Then the questions will be sent to the graduate students in the mathematics department. The breadth of the mathematics learned, in this way, naturally distinguishes students who are gifted in mathematics and those who are hardworking in mathematics. There is no need to use difficult and strange questions to distinguish students’ grades…Take Chinese as an example, elementary school Chinese and junior high school Chinese are analogous to mathematics, high school Chinese can learn what Chinese language and literature graduate students have learned (introductory level), but most high school students only If you can learn the introductory knowledge of Chinese language and literature at university, then the examination questions will be based on the breadth of the introductory knowledge learned by the graduate students of Chinese language and literature. This will naturally distinguish the students who are talented in language and those who are hardworking in language… Physics, Chemistry, Foreign languages, art, music, history, biology, philosophy and so on… so that when the college entrance examination, students naturally know which direction their talents are and which college major they should apply for, and the college entrance examination can also be divided into different professional categories. Focused questions

6 months ago

The main reason why physical education classes are always squeezed is that physical education is not taken in the college entrance examination, so everyone should pay attention to physical education from the source. In line with the idea of overcorrection, the subject of physical education should be added to the college entrance examination, and the score should account for half of the total score. The body is the capital of struggle. If you don’t have a strong body, you won’t be able to do the work of 996 in the future. What is the point of having good results? Therefore, sports accounting for half of the total score is not too much. If it is too small, it can be added.

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