All of them are generally good. In addition to what other brothers said, I would like to add: Harden has averaged 25 points in 29 shots per game for more than a month, which is too inefficient. Someone asked, it’s not right. Isn’t it about 38 points? How can it be 25 points? Because every 13 points is a free throw score, there are more than 28 shots, including foul shots, so the degree of excitement depends on the scoring of the sports game. However, this kind of excessive playing time + high scores in exchange for a large number of shots is low in efficiency (not low, but low, because we are discussing these two), so it does not appear so shocking, but it is also related to the style of play. Harden is notorious for his resistance to exercise. Although he is a three-pointer with a retreat step + three threats to feed the cake card king + a European foul against a porcelain foul, these three tricks are perfect, single but effective. It is the master of Magic Ball. Unlike Curry’s style, is Harden shocked? There were a few games with high scores and high shooting percentages, and two 10+ three-pointers were really shocking, but they were few, but most of Curry’s goals looked too difficult, as if he was forced to lose his mind. But they have all made it, and the hit rate is amazing, the scene is against the sky, how can it not be shocked. Nima can vote for this? Damn it, throw it like that? Can this be made? Damn it again? Fuck! day! dry! He can make a super high-quality fan unstoppable swearing, even if he is a fan of Curry. Let your mother grab your ears and repeatedly ask you why you kneel on the ground to watch the game. . . For example, Curry has made 83 three-pointers in April, which is a new NBA record for three-pointers in a single month, surpassing Harden’s (82) three-pointers. It is worth mentioning that Harden made 82 three-pointers in a single month, and his three-point shooting percentage was 39%, while Curry now hits 48% of his three-pointers in a single month. But these 9 percentage points are not the point. The point is that the defensive level of the pair in the library is higher, each three-pointer is farther, and the scoring is more difficult. Curry is the first player in the past 25 seasons to hit three 33-foot three-pointers in half a game. Trey Young once did such a feat in a game, but Curry only used half of it. field. Except for some strong defensive teams with strong executive ability who use box-1 daily, Curry most often faces: Curry dribbles the ball and gets double-teamed at the top of the arc, Curry catches the ball and gets double-teamed, and Curry chases. Dream pick-and-roll was double-teamed, Curry was double-teamed in the midfield, Curry was double-teamed when running without the ball, Curry rushed into the inside and was double-teamed by three people, and Curry pulled out to attract three defenders. This is not what I said, this is what Dom of the live broadcast bar said.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

What a magical 100 three-pointers in a single month! As of April 26, Curry had scored 85 three-pointers, and there were two games left in April, one against the Lone Ranger and one against the Timberwolves. 15 three-pointers, according to Curry’s recent average level, it is not difficult, throwing 7 or 8 in a game, this record is finished. By convention, in the win against the Kings, Curry didn’t play well in the second half and lost free throws, so the next game is likely to break out. In addition, now is a critical period to determine the postseason seat, Curry will definitely spare no effort to attack, which will help to set a record. According to the current situation, Bill has not lost his chance in the scoring competition, averaging 31.1 points per game, which is only 0.2 points behind Curry. The Wizards are currently winning 8 games in a row and the momentum is flourishing. The possibility of Bill’s continued output is very high. In the remaining 12 games of the Wizards, Bill needs to increase the score to 32 points per game to achieve a go-ahead. For the Warriors’ remaining 11 games, Curry will basically be the scoring leader as long as he continues to maintain his recent state. Curry’s advantage lies in being more efficient and shooting too accurately. Returning to this question, the reason Harden is not shocked is that it is much less difficult. Why is Kobe 40+ consecutively shocking, because that is too difficult, and his style of play is originally to win by danger. Keep watching the game and witness the miracle!

6 months ago

How should I put it, because the two are fundamentally different in the way they get 30 points, which also leads to different difficulty and different shocking feelings. We look at how Curry scored 40 points. It was really done with one shot and one shot. There were several games with 10+ three points, 5-7 three points were played normally, and only 4 points were an abnormality. This kind of performance obviously tells you a truth, that is, Ku Ritian is here to blow you up, how can you drop it? And Harden? Let’s take a look at the scoring panel after a game. Good guys 30-40 are normal, and 50+ is a lot. No matter how you look at it, it is a proper superstar. But, look at his free throws per game, 50+ games are basically 20+ free throws, 40+ games with 14 free throws, and 30+ games are even more outrageous. Sometimes it’s terrifying that the shooting rate is low, but it’s hard. Relying on free throws to pile up to 30 points, such a continuous 30 + gold content, at least here is not enough. Because the referee took too much care of you, it fundamentally changed the defensive attitude toward you. The most obvious example is James defending Harden with his back. Rubio chose to stand behind Harden directly. I just want to say that in the face of this kind of defense, even if you let Beverley play, he can get 30+ you believe. Do not? The referee’s partiality towards Harden at that time changed the ecological environment of the stadium to a great extent. It is no wonder that so many people looked down on Harden at that time. With this kind of free throw, no matter how many points you score, no one will agree with you. But this season Harden’s free throws dropped suddenly. Because he went to the Nets, the league needed balance, and then he played an excellent season, and then you will see that fewer people spray him, and people who like him again. too much. The fans are very sincere, you really play well, don’t falsify, everyone will support you. Just like we support Curry now.

6 months ago

Harden is even more shocking watching the data, but watching Curry live is even more shocking. The real Nima is a series of 3 points, and the efficiency is high, the output per unit time is full, and it looks very passionate. Harden scored more evenly, and then averaged a dozen free throws per game. Although the total number was also high, the game looked relatively flat. The two roles are beyond doubt.

6 months ago

Because at least 1/3 of Harden’s points are on the free throw line, and Curry can have 1/3 of Harden’s free throws, thank goodness. The whistleblowing treatment is lower than any super giant, lower than any first-line star, and lower than most NBA players. As long as he was not killed, the referee dared to open one eye and close one eye. Anyway, this fellow would only get angry about this incident once a year. It just happened to be a technical foul, perfect.

6 months ago

The score is explosive! It’s like the 76ers who still had the score in the fourth quarter. The result was an output. Embiid was stunned, and the people who watched the game were also stunned. This kind of game has a strong impression! Harden’s one belongs to continuous output, and the perception of the game is not strong. After playing and watching the statistics, oh so awesome! And at that time, the reflection was also very strong, and now there are more and more short videos. Many people who don’t have time for basketball or who read videos about Curry’s game see the good guys!

6 months ago

Sense tank is secret, uninvited. First of all, I watched Harden’s game at that time. The impression was also very bursty. 60 plus triple-doubles, all kinds of refreshing team scoring records, but if you say why it looks not as good as Curry 11 games can only be said that the Warriors before this season let people see no hope. Curry just ignited the light of hope, and he was very accurate. He scored crazy points in various double teams. This is my personal opinion. As for Harden, he was still a burst scorer, and that season was also rare.

6 months ago

Because you are a fan of Curry, I feel more shocked than Harden. In the eyes of Harden fans, Curry is really strong in these ten games, but that’s it. Harden’s influence in the regular season of those years was basically the only one. Don’t look at Ku Mi’s shocking blows everywhere now, but the shocking soul of Deng Mi was about to fly away.

6 months ago

I am a Nuosoft fan, in my opinion, Harden was a bit more shocked. I like both Curry and Harden. Everyone feels that Curry is even more shocking, except for the slight disadvantage of Harden’s play style in terms of ornamental aspects, it is obvious that more people are already accustomed to the rhythm of Black Harden. The fundamental reason is that Harden has not won the championship. As a Nuosoft fan, I know the bitterness of it. Fortunately, the king is lucky, and a championship can change his destiny. I hope Harden can have such good luck.

6 months ago

Because people are forgetful, that’s all. Just like Harden was taken out to compete with Jordan at that time, and now Curry is taken out to compete with Harden, in a few years there will be people who will say “xx only scored 30+ in n consecutive games, how does it feel better than before Curry? Shocking?” How do you plan to answer by then?

6 months ago

Because some people watched the game 365 days in the Douyin and Zhihu comment areas, Harden averaged more than ten free throws per game. Curry was targeted by the referees of the league.
The argument is over! Anyway, Harden? The brush touches the porcelain! My library, I have to be a great warrior! what? May not make the playoffs? **Cole, the mud horse don’t understand the ball, Oubrey retire quickly!

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