Knowing “My Questions and Answers” X Beijing News Book Review Weekly | Reading Moments in the Cyber Age
What gains will reading bring you? Perhaps it is an inadvertent detail or story in your life. You will experience the impact of reading and knowledge on you. What unique experience do you have about this?
This issue of Zhihu “My Questions and Answers” and the Beijing News Book Review Weekly launched a discussion to reflect on the meaning of reading in contemporary society and the humanistic value behind reading.

When I was young, I went to the abandoned lead mine with my friends to explore the secrets. My knowledge saved me and my friends. My parents’ company is located in the mountains, and moved to the mountains in the last century when “deep digging holes and accumulating grain” were engaged in major and third-line construction. Originally digging lead-zinc mines for smelting, so it is called xx smelter. Later, the ore was almost dug, and the production transition was made to produce cement, polymer aluminum and so on. The original mine was abandoned. My friend and I found the entrance of the mine while climbing the mountain. The bricks and stones piled up at the entrance of the cave were taken away by the mountain people. Maybe we went to build a house? Anyway, the hole opened. At that time, my friend was about to enter, and I looked too dark. So everyone decided to bring a flashlight to explore next time. When I come again next time, I am more mindful. What if something happens? I took a flashlight and an aluminum kettle, filled with cold water. I also brought something to eat and a long wooden stick. We were afraid of being blocked by adults, so we didn’t tell the adults that we went to climb the mountain. Upon reaching the mountain, after entering the entrance of the cave, I found that it was not a passage, but a lot of bifurcations. Others walked in happily, and I suddenly remembered, what if I get lost when I come back? I remembered watching the cartoon “Clever Ixiu” when I was a child. There was an episode of Ixiu and Xiao Yexiu marking their way in the cave after getting lost. In some European fairy tales, barley is used as a signpost. So I called my little friend, and then used a stone to draw a cutting head on the wall, and I used the stone to create a conspicuous cutting head shape on the ground. They all laughed at me for being timid. I don’t care about them. Every time I walk a section of the road, I have to draw arrows, mark, and indicate the direction, especially where the road forks, and make it more obvious. We probably didn’t go far in. Later, I saw a deep hole next to the passage, similar to a shaft. A friend said how deep he wanted to see. We have to get in there. I stopped him. Say wait, we hold hands, be careful you fall. So the five of us pulled together. I’m still worried. I said that the person in front pulled his belt, and he pulled the belt of the person behind. This is more reliable. After doing this, the little friend slowly moved in. When this guy was approaching the deep hole, the pile of gravel under his feet suddenly loosened, and he slipped and almost fell into the hole. It happened almost in an instant, he yelled in shock, and the flashlight fell into the hole. Each of us was frightened, and immediately grasped each other, pulling desperately, and then pulled the little friend back from the edge of the deep hole. Everyone is very fortunate, but fortunate to have made preparations, otherwise something will happen today. We didn’t dare to look at it, so we tried to throw a stone into the deep hole, and the stone was thrown down. It took a few seconds before we heard the sound. Is it estimated to be tens of meters deep? After this fright, everyone’s enthusiasm for adventure retreated, and they wanted to go back. However, as I walked back, I suddenly realized that no one knew which direction was the direction of the cave entrance. One said it was here and the other said it was here. Because when we were cheering with teammates just now, the direction we faced was chaotic. At this moment, the surroundings were pitch black, and there was only the light of the four of us flashlights, and there was no sound. Everyone is scared. If we go in the wrong direction and go deeper and deeper, we will not be able to get out. Someone cried in fear. I am also a little scared. But I remembered the markings I had made, as well as the water and food I was carrying. I have a bottom in my heart. I comforted them, I brought water and food. Besides, I marked the place when I came. We choose a direction. If there is no sign of me in front, it means we are wrong and we will turn back. We will make a unique mark here, and it will be easy to find when we come back. Even if we can’t get out, our family will come to us. Didn’t an old man see us when we came in? Also advised us not to come in. If a family member finds us, he will tell our parents. After I said this, everyone was determined. So everyone followed my method and piled up a round stone circle on the spot. Then we go in one direction. Fortunately, we are on the right track. After walking tens of meters, I saw the signs and arrows I made when I came in. We just walked in the opposite direction of the cutting head. At this time they are also actively making new marks. Indicates the return route. My mark is most useful at forks. It’s dark all around, and I don’t know where is the direction of the hole. But with a mark, it’s different. So I walked back to the entrance of the cave. Out of the hole, into the sunshine, it seems to be back in the world. Everyone cheers. They said, thanks to my markings. This was an adventure when I was young, but fortunately, nothing happened. Later, they wanted to go on an expedition again, I can’t say. After they went, they found that the entrance of the cave was closed again, and they could not enter again. So the childhood adventure is over.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I recently read a book called “Parents’ Language”. I felt a sense of enlightenment. I nodded as I watched it and wished to take notes because the elderly in the family are raising children, and they don’t know and don’t have time to read this book. So I thought of using the mode of small video sharing to dictate, so that the elderly at home can realize the so-called fragmented learning. At the same time, I also hope that more parents and parents can see those who don’t want or don’t like to read long stories. This is a precious book. In the book, Dr. Dana Suskind, the author, made a strange discovery in the cochlear implant research project: Two cochlear implant patients, Zach and Michel, succeeded in the operation Later, there was a completely different rehabilitation result. Zach has a lively and cheerful personality. He attended a public school and his reading level reached the normal third grade level; Michel, who was also in the third grade, had to study in a “special classroom”. She can only show simple sign language and speak a little bit, and her reading ability only reaches the kindergarten level. The author Dr. Suskind is puzzled: They obviously have the same intelligence, the same parents who love them, the same congenital deafness, and the same high-end medical treatment. Why is there such a big gap? Parents’ language has caused a decisive gap in children’s learning. After a large number of long-term investigations and data collection, the author, Dr. Suskind, discovered the decisive influence of the early language environment on children. In other words, the socio-economic status of parents does not affect their children’s academic performance. The language used in the conversation between parents and children is the most critical factor. A three-year study by two scholars, Betty Hart and Todd Risley, proved that when children reach the age of three, children from families with mental workers hear more vocabulary than families receiving welfare assistance. Of children have heard a total of 32 million more words. In addition, families with high socioeconomic status seldom scold their children and use more positive and affirmative words, such as “you are awesome”; while families with low socioeconomic status prefer to use taboo and negative words for their children, such as “you are wrong.” “You suck” and so on. The area of ​​the human brain that controls thinking and learning begins to function before a child is three years old. Missing the development of early childhood language ability may result in a gap between the child and others in the future academically. The reason why the language of parents has so much energy is because the construction of brain circuits gives birth to the potential of 100 billion neurons, which can be transformed into many different potentials. From birth to three years old, the brain will generate 700 to 1,000 extra neural connections every second to make the neuron’s potential to play its role. However, the brain is overwhelmed with too many neural connections. Therefore, our brain will cut out unnecessary neural connections and weed out the parts that are not frequently used. The child’s early language environment largely determines the development of his innate potential. Self-control is also one of the important factors affecting academic performance. Experiments have proved that even when children are in their infancy when they do not understand language content, they can develop their self-regulation ability as long as they hear natural sound sequences. If parents ask “what should we do after playing with toys?” This can have a huge impact on children’s self-regulation and executive functions. Because this sentence supports children’s autonomy in toys. Therefore, parents should avoid “command-type” language, such as reprimands and demands; instead, they should use “suggestion-prompt-type” language to discipline their children and guide them to make suggestions or choices. The language of the parents also has an impact on the child’s quality of tolerance and good moral behavior. The study found that when a group of 3 to 6-year-old children were asked to “help” clean, the children who were asked to be “helpers” were more willing to participate. Another study showed that adults who were asked to “don’t be a liar” were less likely to deceive, compared to being asked to “don’t be a liar,” and groups that were asked not to be a “liar” would not lie at all. The author of this book and her team have developed a set of scientific and easy-to-operate parent-child communication methods: 3T principles, namely empathic attention (Tune in), full communication (Talk more) and take turns (Take turns). 1. The first T: Empathy and concern that children do not have strong executive power, and are only willing to pay attention to things they are interested in. If a child participates in an activity reluctantly, it will be difficult for them to learn from the activity. Empathy attention requires parents to consciously observe what the child is paying attention to. What the child pays attention to, the parent pays attention to what, and promptly respond to the child’s behavior. A large number of research reports have shown that if a newborn is left alone and left to cry, his brain will be negatively affected, resulting in weaker learning ability, poor emotional management and self-control, and inability to trust others. For example, when I told my baby about picture books yesterday, he suddenly stopped being interested in picture books, but turned his head to look at the curtains. This shows that he is more interested in curtains at the moment. We should not force him to continue reading picture books. But you can tell him about the purpose of curtains. 2. The second T: Full communication should allow children to be exposed to a wide range of vocabulary and increase their vocabulary input. (1) Describe daily activities so that children can clearly understand the connection between the pronunciation and meaning of words. For example, when talking about picture books, we can say: now mom is about to start talking about picture books, mom picks up this book, first look at its cover, and then turn to the first page, turn to the next page (2) No need Pronouns are not so much, “Do you like this?” It is better to say, “Do you like this picture book?” (3) Training “out of context language”, using language to describe things that are not seen at the moment, that is, imagined things such as Say, when we are talking about a picture book that introduces animals, we can describe what the zoo looks like. (4) Add the word size to the child’s reply. Child: “Orange” Baba Ma Ma: “Do you want to eat oranges? Do you want to eat big Is it still small? Do you peel it yourself or do mom and dad peel it for you?” One day the baby can learn to say: “Dad, I want to eat that bigger orange. Can dad help me peel it?” 3. Three Ts: Take turns to talk and take turns means “you come and go” parent-child interaction. Parents should develop more open-ended questions rather than restrictive questions. “What is this?” Substitute “Is this an orange?” “What is the color of the orange?” Substitute “Is the orange orange or red?” “How do you say the orange in English?” Substitute “Is the orange orange right?” Parent Learn to throw out “what to do” and “why” so that children can think independently in the world of thinking, find the vocabulary they want to answer, and learn to solve problems independently. 4. The last T: Turn it off. Turning off screen electronic products cannot replace the interaction and response given by parents. Dr. Patricia Kuhl’s team placed a 9-month-old American baby in a Mandarin Chinese environment. Half of the babies listened to Chinese spoken by real people, and the other half listened to Chinese played by recording or video equipment. After 12 experiments, the babies who heard real people could distinguish the pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese, while the other half did not respond. Electronic products cannot pay attention to children, nor can they communicate with children, let alone talk with children in turn, which violates the 3T principle. The American Pediatric Association also believes that children under the age of two should not be allowed to watch TV or use technology products. Only after the age of two can children enjoy one or two hours of screen time per day under supervision. The linguistic contact with the parents is beneficial to the development of the child’s brain.

5 months ago

Last time when p2p was popular, someone came to sell forcibly every day, and my husband was troubled. He told me, so and so, I would buy 50,000, lest he come every day and sit down for a long time, and so many people buy, it should be okay. . I tried my best to stop it. I basically knew its routine. I explained it again and again, from the establishment of p2p, to the complicated equity design, from its high return to the character of the salesperson, and finally I didn’t buy it. Thank goodness. My sister, a little sister, said there were original stocks for a while, and did p2p for a while, several times and three times. I resolutely opposed it and was not deceived. In the small shop I rented not long ago, the landlord came to urge the electricity bill, and inadvertently said that our electricity bill will cost more than 400 a month. I can’t believe that one light bulb, two computers, electric kettle up to twice a day, and the rice cooker burns once a day. More than 400 yuan a month, more than ten yuan a day, the electricity bill is less than one yuan, those of my electricity use more than ten kilowatt-hours a day? ? The utility bills have always been my old bus. For several years, he has been paying like this? ? My husband said that you use a lot of electricity, so he doubted this and that. Later, he called the power supply bureau and the landlord put on our electric meter. I used to rent a storefront for about 30 yuan a month, and save 500 for a year. Now it’s only a month. I really don’t understand what my husband’s brain is. I never thought about it, but I said I’m Suspicious, mocked me at the first time, what the world is like.

5 months ago

Haha, I think of two things. A female student in elementary school stopped studying before she graduated. She talked about a boyfriend who was out of town. She wrote the mailing address upside down. As a result, the letter sent from the city returned to the village and was caught by a neighbor. The guy at home saw it and opened the letter to public exhibition. Not to mention that scene. When I was in junior high school, my elder brother went to another place to come back and said that a relative girl also went to visit a relative’s house in another place, and was asked: Where is your home? The girl answered: Heilongjiang, the man asked: Where is Heilongjiang? The girl answered: Heilongjiang and Jilin. My brother smiled suddenly. Haha Fortunately, I graduated from elementary school.

5 months ago

It seems that I don’t read a lot of books,
Stop first, the meaning of “read more” in this question seems to refer to
Slightly knowledgeable.
Fortunately, I read a lot. Fortunately, fortunately! As a good young Chinese in the new era of the 21st century, the road to learning is endless.
You really don’t know, when I frequently see this kind of scene on the wonderful Internet
I am really fortunate that I have read books, so that I, as a commoner, did not participate in these seemingly meaningless hot discussions. (Excluding some valuable news and hot events) Why? Look at the pictures drawn by art taught by my physical education teacher; when you actively participate in this public opinion storm as a melon eater, you can see that the two parties are opposed, and you have the opportunity to positively comment on both A and B. After the operation, you left a long paragraph of very meaningful text in the torrent of online speech, because your discussions have allowed both sides of the matter to continue to get more foodies who don’t know about them. Everyone knows them, and everyone who knows knows them better. A simple sentence includes “A got attention, B got exposure, and I was the only one wasting a lot of time.” So I am very grateful that I have read so many books. It is true that the power of the media and the public’s psychology is mixed. There is some internal logic, the world is sinister, and the world is sinister, so dangerous. I didn’t stand on the highest point of morality and join these discussions of reason and truth, otherwise the tool man would be me and the clown would be me.

5 months ago

I hate less when the book is used!
Fortunately, it’s a coincidence to read!
One year, the college student software creativity competition,
I was invited to be a judge.
A group of participating teams introduced their game works,
The judges all thought it was pretty good.
However, I feel the significance of their introduction to this game,
I can explain it better,
In this way, in the second round,
Will perform better.
So, I remembered a book I read:
“Games Change the World”,
This book,
Made a very comprehensive analysis of the meaning of the game.
I like it very much,
Because before reading this book,
I never considered that games have so many functions.
Fortunately I read this book,
I can recommend it to them immediately,
Can help them
In the past ten years,
Lectures, lectures and lectures in dozens of universities,
Every game,
I would recommend professional classic books,
And some non-professional books,
Fortunately I read a lot,
In order to recommend better books and books that are more suitable for the audience.
If you read less,
I may not have so many good books to recommend.
Moreover, when answering questions on the spot,
Can deal with all kinds of problems freely,
On the one hand, I am fully prepared;
more important,
It’s also because “thank you I read a lot”

5 months ago

It should be after being a parent,
My son often asks me about astronomy and geography,
Everything in the world,
Fortunately, I drank a few bottles of ink back then,
Otherwise, I really can’t answer it.
Fortunately, there is Douyin now,
Do not understand the problem,
Shake at any time, check it,
The graphical solution to the son is much more visual than a thousand-word explanation.

5 months ago

1. I was deeply impressed when I saw Ma Zhe during the postgraduate entrance examination. I was inspired by some theories inside. I suddenly understood a lot of things and many social contradictions. The reason is the class contradiction. What’s more interesting is that when watching a certain episode of Leg Sister’s video, she talked about the love between the two people, just like the nature of the material is constantly moving, because the state of the two is also constantly moving, so it is ideal. The state of love should be relative stillness between the two. I can’t remember the specific words very clearly, but this passage has a profound impact on me. In my opinion, doing new things with old people is a rising mountain road, and doing old things with new people is a continuous cycle of mud. 2. When looking at international relations, it is not easy to substitute ideology. For the development of things, they will actively trace the source, rather than passively follow emotions to make shallow judgments. 3. Acknowledge that I am ordinary, just an ordinary person. When I was young, I always felt that I was the protagonist in a novel, but as I experienced more things, read thicker books, increased my skills, and gained an extra The heart of awe, because it clearly understands that there are people outside the world, and there are days outside the sky, it will not be presumptuous for it, but it will encourage oneself to be more practical and grow step by step.

5 months ago

I took an interview before naked, and the question was quite partial. It was an unpopular classical Chinese essay. But when I saw the title, I was very familiar with it. Compared with the popular poems drawn by other people, I even breathed out. That article in classical Chinese is Pu Songling’s “Wolf”, which I happened to read in an old textbook that I read when I was a child. It’s a coincidence. The old book was a textbook for the elders in the family. I didn’t want to sell it or throw it away. Later, when my new textbook was revised, the text was placed in a corner and became an extracurricular extension. If I hadn’t read that old book (with notes and dense notes on it), the interview would have been cold.

5 months ago

My reading may not be the same as reading, it is really educated reading. However, reading can also be said to be included in this process. Probably it was when I went back to be the bridesmaid of my junior high school classmate during a summer vacation, and learned that she was married to Fengzi and was almost three months pregnant. In the third year of winter vacation, when I go back and find that she has given birth to her second child again. I didn’t mean to belittle my classmates, that is, I am suddenly very grateful to my parents, who have always supported and practiced the theory that reading changes fate. At that time, my classmate was only 22 years old, although he was not very young anymore. But in her twenties, she is the most beautiful time of youth, the most free and radiant time in life, but she is already the mother of two children. Managing a family, raising two children, and dealing with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law all make her feel tired from time to time. She often told me that she envied my student life and wanted to go out to work. She felt that the happiest time was the days when she was working as a worker in Guangzhou before getting married. Although the salary was not high, she was very free. However, now that the two children are still so young, and the mother and mother-in-law are in poor health, it is impossible to go out to work. This is very helpless, as if life is about to see the head at a glance. I feel the same way. I have seen too many examples around me. Because they dropped out of school early and didn’t even finish high school, their academic qualifications meant that they could only do some labor-intensive jobs, and they would also have limited vision if they read less. It is even more limited, which is an objective fact. In the end, most of them will get married and have early childbearing, and Fengzi will get married. In fact, the significance of reading is not only to improve the level of academic qualifications and find a good job. Of course, this is the primary role; it is also to shape people’s values, world outlook, and outlook on life, exercise the ability to think, and improve the level of thinking. Think about what you want to pursue and how to pursue it.

5 months ago

Everything that happens in life makes me think that reading more books is really useful. When something happens, you can see the essence of the matter at a glance, and then treat it rationally and calmly, with a degree of relaxation. When encountering a crisis, the books I have read gave me the confidence to face the problem, allowing me to calmly think about the solution, and to find clues to the problem from the past learning and thinking, as stable as an old dog. When encountering moral right and wrong things, I can quickly distinguish the right from wrong and the right and wrong. When you are upset, you can find a way to escape from the book, touch the deep emotions in your heart, and count the desires in your heart. Reading has given me an attitude of respecting facts, accepting the tolerance of the world, distinguishing right from wrong, and courage to seek the best solution with the world. It is not easy to make a qualitative change in reading. Some people say that you have to read at least 100 books to improve yourself qualitatively. Life is complicated. Each book will only provide a few perspectives to see the world. It is not enough to learn only these few perspectives. It is still difficult for you to understand this intricate world, and it will even become extreme and prejudiced. Only by reading a lot can you learn to see the world from multiple perspectives and become a mature person.

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