Today I finally understand that I also want to let go. The first time I broke up was more than fifty days that you couldn’t walk out. I really feel guilty for you. This time I feel the same way. I have also thought about not having you for more than a month. What should I do? I was humbled to keep you, but that’s not fun. You don’t take him seriously. I have done everything to find you. I will let my friends accept you step by step and let my parents like you. You, let them know that you are the most important person to me and them. After two days of contact, I knew that we would not like that again, but we couldn’t let go of each other, and others could not replace you, because the important three years have always been you. Do you know that I made a decision, I don’t read any news about you anymore, and I don’t want to contact you anymore for at least this month I won’t send any news or news anymore. What you said is worthy of this feeling for us. Memories are just beautiful memories. We can’t go back. It’s time to start again. You can let go. Why can’t I? We all live without each other first, and then we all Try to live by yourself and see what it is like without the other person, you can’t die without the other person, so the biggest thing in the world is death. Everything except death is trivial, because there is a person between two people who is special. It’s particularly bad, and it’s not long, evenly matched love is the longest and best process. I think the most important thing for two people to stay together is to achieve each other. You can’t limit each other just because you are unhappy. If you can, just let it happen and meet it. You don’t need to deliberately. Neither you nor I will have results. How can you have results with such a bad person? So I am not afraid of her at all. Sometimes distance is really not a problem, but if your heart changes, then you can say that no matter how close the distance is. Do you understand, there is a saying that I will not run to the moon, I want the moon to run to me, and the other is that the flowers are naturally scented. You can attract more butterflies if you smell it yourself. I am unique, no one can replace me, I give you the feeling that it is that way, that standard, so no voice can say in your heart, this person is better to me than wwq


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

Don’t give up even knowing that you can’t get it. How are you treating you, how are you treating her. If you really love her, you should know how to do it yourself! The thing about love is really interesting. Being together won’t make love last long, but undesirable love tends to last for a long time. If you have been looking at it from a distance, it is more painful that you have been so close to love. In fact, it is not terrible to love without being incapable. It is terrible to love not enough. The most terrible thing is that if you don’t love enough, you have to reluctantly. After all, knowing and doing are two different things. If you know this is destined to fruitless love, if your heart is not strong enough, it is best not to try to contact or pay attention to him. Time will help you, but you should not help yourself. Pure love is rare in the world. The feelings of ordinary people are intertwined with love and desire. Don’t be too demanding of yourself, and don’t be too demanding of the person you like. You want ta’s love so much, it is not a kind of request. This may just mean that you don’t actually love him that much. People must first face themselves and fulfill themselves. When you are complete enough, you don’t have such a strong sense of need for others, and you can let it go calmly if you love it.

5 months ago

Let’s just say the conclusion, since it is determined that love is not enough, then choose to give up. If you want to live in this kind of sadness that loves you all your life, just keep waiting. And the ultimate probability is that there will still be no results. Of course, you can also use “sadness” as motivation and become a better version of yourself. Next, let’s look at fate. There are so many people in the world, and there is no need to struggle with those who are fruitless. That is obsession. Zhou Zhiruo in Jin Yong’s works is a character who cannot be loved. In the end, only helplessness and sadness were left to her. Love doesn’t know where it starts, but it is deep in love; hate doesn’t know its end, but smiles. PS Tuyuan Network, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete

5 months ago

Today’s theme: Can’t love. In the summer of the second grade, there is always a girl with a long ponytail and a pink mouth slightly upward. No matter what the math teacher writes on the blackboard, she always looks out the window. You follow her gaze and look out, as if there is nothing. After so many years, I don’t know if you want to understand, what did she see? A certain ball game in high school, the tall, white boy in your class, you who are obviously so shy, how can you have the courage to shout his name to cheer him on. You who obviously don’t like basketball, when did you start to watch the ball on the court? The bottle of mineral water that had been prepared, didn’t seem to be sent out in the end. The spring of the senior year was so busy. Running around in the recruitment market, the collar of the white shirt has turned yellow, and you still laugh at yourself as a rogue. Whether looking for a job, taking a postgraduate entrance examination or going abroad, everyone seems to be moving towards a certain goal, the days are crowded and rushed. You haven’t realized the significance of this semester. The school days are over. This is the last time in the intersection of your life and that TA. It’s not too late to say goodbye, it’s true, never see again. In this world, there are always a few people, you only know when you meet them. It turns out that those poems and love talks are not pretending to be pretentious by the literati and poos. Some people can really decorate your dreams; some people are really better than the ten-mile breeze in March; some people will really bring their own light, let your eyes focus on TA. Even if he refuses you, his arrogant little emotions will not leak out. You still hope that he will be well. Coming back to today’s theme, I can’t love it. Most ordinary people are the same as me, there has been such a person who can’t love it. It may have been confessed, or it may have been just secretly liked. A person has experienced countless times of turmoil in his heart, and in the end, it is a person who silently tasted the pain of defeat. You will feel low self-esteem and regret why you are so ordinary. If you look better, taller, and better, the ending will be different. You start to lose weight, you start to learn makeup, you start to study hard. You think that if you become better, you will not be a person to love. You counterattack and become a schoolmaster, fitness has abdominal muscles, and occasionally post a selfie or even be cheated by a photo suspected to be a stolen picture. You have become the male god and goddess in everyone’s mouth. Full of joy, plucked up courage, and confessed to TA again. However, the sentence is still inappropriate. You may not understand, nor do you want to understand, why all this is. One day you met TA’s lover, and you don’t even understand what is good about this person who can hold TA’s hand every day. But this is life. Not being in love is the normal state of life. Like it is not doing business, you add some weight, the other party will want you to give in. In the end, it seems that the more you pay for this battle, the worse you lose. But if you think about it rationally, you don’t even have an opponent. If you have tried to change for a person, even though you lost in this battle, I also want to congratulate you for the fat you lost, the books you have read, the exams you have learned, and the knowledge you learned. , No one can take these trophies away. I know, you actually didn’t like him a long time ago. What you like is just your stupid and lovely self in those lush years. Now please turn on the light and say to yourself in the mirror, I don’t like him anymore, but I really, like you very much, you are really great. Good night, I wish you a good dream.

5 months ago

I think it’s good to do what I want. After all, different people have different ways of doing it. If I have already given a lot of sincerity or love, I will choose to give up, but if I can’t let go, I will try to become better. Then maybe he will be attracted to himself, even if not, he has become his own light

5 months ago

Give up liking a sentence that you can’t get, always in a commotion, and those who are favored have no fear. I have also insisted on what I shouldn’t insist on. Then I will go to university, go to ask, go to save, go to heartbreak, go to give up, and finally understand, give up You should give up to get what you deserve. Now, after meeting him and looking at him, I feel that my departure was right because I am already very good, and he seems to be still standing still. I have always believed in a word , Everyone’s arrival is to teach us something, we don’t have to be unforgettable, don’t have to struggle, what should be done, calm down, sum up the reason for the failure of this love, there is no mistake just for one person, so is the breakup, let you Become a better version of yourself. Come on

5 months ago

Don’t persuade the subject to give up, because it’s useless. You can choose not to give up. I suggest that you don’t give up. Just love it hard. When you love you, you will be annoyed. When you love you, you can’t sleep every day. When you love you, you can’t sleep. When you love you, you can find a new love. .. Some giving up is not just letting go. You need to hit the south wall and you will naturally look back. If you haven’t looked back, it is because the south wall has not hit enough. I suggest you continue hitting it. Sooner or later, you will give up.

5 months ago

I have a very beautiful client, Sister Li. She is very beautiful and looks like the young Li Jiaxin. Share her story. (At the bottom is a photo of Li Jiaxin, you can refer to it) She wears light makeup and shawls with long fluffy hair every day. I always thought she was in her twenties, and only after getting to know that she was thirty-three years old. Sister Li has a high EQ and speaks nicely. I often think, who has such good luck to marry such a fairy-like beauty. Some time ago, I had an appointment for a drink, and I was in a little drunk state. Sister Li told her story. The story is very ordinary, but also very old-fashioned. But she said it was her youth, just listen to it. When Sister Li graduated, she joined a big company and fell in love with the company’s leaders. The big leader is six or seven years older than her and has a family. The leader is young and promising, and the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, but at that time Sister Li really fell in love with him incorrigibly. Sister Li’s love has always been unrequited love. But after a long time, she was a little dazed. Always thinking that he is his lover and that he belongs to him. For the lover of the big leader, she has all kinds of evil ideas to replace her. Therefore, she confessed that she could not stand the torment of a person’s unrequited love. In front of the big leader, she said softly about her love and love. Tears pattered down, crying like a child. The big leader was shocked to calm at first, and finally listened quietly. Then he told her his family, the husband and wife are loving, and the child is well-behaved. But Sister Li couldn’t listen. She brought the rain to pear flowers and asked if there was still a chance. Even if it is small. The big leader said to her gently, you have your happiness, but not me. Sister Li has already fallen into the demon and can’t listen to anything. She thinks he must have him. So, she said, I am waiting for you. She began to wait stubbornly. Later, the leader deliberately alienated her, but Sister Li kept chasing her. Sister Li is very capable and beautiful, and has always had no shortage of suitors. There are rich second generations, entrepreneurial bosses, and even the son of a local mayor. It’s just that there is one person in her heart, and the others don’t have a chance. The first class was another one or two years, and Sister Li was also promoted to a very high position in the company, and she usually had more contact with big leaders. Sister Li, who has been enchanted, has always wanted to have a clearer and further relationship. But the big leader is still like before, trying his best to alienate her, not getting too far from her. One time I finally caught a chance. The company’s senior executives entertained customers, but the big leader drank too much, so Sister Li took the initiative to ask Ying to send it. She took him into the hotel, who was drunk. When she woke up the next day, she took the rain with Pear Flower, asking for only one place. She remembered that the leader said to her softly, you are very beautiful, and no man will not be tempted. Don’t cry, you cry, my heart is broken. He wiped her tears and said, I will be responsible for my mistakes, but it may not be the way you think. Sister Li only heard that he would be responsible and thought she was successful. She embraced him excitedly and kissed him, but his cold lips did not respond. More than ten days later, he invited her to dinner. He said, I found that I also fell in love with you. Sister Li had tears in her eyes, and her tears were full of anticipation. Then the leader said, but I want to leave here. Thunderbolt on the sunny day, tears like rain. He said, I have wives and children, and I love them. I did something wrong, but they didn’t. I’m sorry for you, I leave you, and my heart aches too. It’s just that you can’t go wrong in the end. This is Sister Li’s seventh year in this company, this is the sixth year that she likes him, and this is the third year that she confessed. The big leader left the next day and left the company. In the past ten days, he has gone through the resignation procedures, but Sister Li doesn’t know. When he left, he left a passbook and a sentence for Sister Li. The word is, birth is not at the right time. There are one hundred thousand in the passbook. The story is not over yet. When Sister Li talked to me, she was an understatement. Just from the look in her eyes, I can see the full of affection. She shook the red wine glass, and the red wine showed a strange light in her long hair. She said that in the third year after the leader left, they met again unexpectedly. The two companies cooperated, and they were the persons in charge. At work, he is still upright and outstanding, with clear thinking, which is fascinating. She still missed him like a fire. She asked him to reminisce, but he disappeared. At the end of the project, he asked her out of nowhere. She was pleasantly surprised, dressed up and prepared in advance. The white dress of the day made her a goddess. She thought he finally changed his mind. He took her to his house. There was a middle-aged woman in the house. She had an ordinary appearance and a fat body. He introduced that this is his wife, who cooks delicious dishes. He introduced that she is an old colleague. She was eating food and couldn’t chew. The atmosphere was a little awkward, and the woman smiled quietly at her. After it was over, he sent her off. In the car, he said, you are younger, more beautiful and capable than my wife. In terms of ability and appearance, you two are in heaven and on earth. I actually have long been tempted by you. But, my wife is only one me. She cried loudly, crying out of breath, and messy makeup on her white face. He was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do. She leaped at him, kissed wildly, tears and makeup all over him. Finally, she calmed down slowly. She touched his face, his eyes still clear. She said, I knew I was wrong. I still love you, but I won’t bother you again. She got out of the car to leave. Suddenly turned around and said to him. You were drunk that night, I used many methods, but in the end nothing happened. He smiled and said, I know. I was indeed drunk that day, but I never dared to fall asleep. After listening, she was surprised. After a long time, she laughed again. Everything seems relieved. The story ends. Their separation this time is only a few months away. I asked Sister Li, then you really want to understand, don’t you love him? Sister Li finished the last bit of red wine in the glass and said, why not love it. The best years, the love I have given me. Although there was no result, it was over. I have loved, and I have waited. That’s enough. Her eyes were blurred, looking at the empty red wine glass. When I cried in his car, I knew that I should give up. Now I am going to find the true love between two people. After speaking, she looked at me. How about, do you give sister a chance?

5 months ago

give up. Since I’m very sure that I can’t get it, why not give up early and get out of it early. When you come out and meet the person whose eyes are full of you, you will be thankful and even grateful for those who didn’t choose you. Happy love must be mutual and go in both directions. In the past, I also had a person who couldn’t love it. During that time, it was also very painful. He became concerned about gains and losses, and was even sensitive to low self-esteem. Later, I met my current husband. He spoiled me as a little princess. He made me feel how happy I was to be loved. Now I live very happily, and occasionally there are small frictions, but I think it is the spice of life, and even after a fight, I feel that he loves me more than before. When you meet the happiness that truly belongs to you, all the previous paranoia and unwillingness to you are just a passing moment. I hope you can come out early, then make yourself better and better, and use your best self to welcome the beautiful love that belongs to you.

5 months ago

Some people say that the most painful thing in a relationship is not to love. In this world, there is always someone who walks barefoot in your life, with a smile, not short or long, but it is enough to let you experience Happiness, experience the pain, and remember a lifetime. You love him so much but you can only look at him from a distance, as if you have an incurable disease. Although life slowly fades with time, there is nothing you can do. Love without being a kind of exquisite cruelty. 01. Roommate Lao Zhang posted a circle of friends and said: If it were ours, it would be great. I don’t know what he is referring to, but I know that it is a feeling of not being able to love, looking at something you like, and wanting to share it with the person you love, only to find that she is gone. If you really like someone, how can you be a friend? I want to have one more look. He likes her so much that he can be there on call. He loved her so much that he fell into this emotional dilemma. Cannot love, this sentence always makes people’s heart a bit sour. 02. After watching “The Later Us”, I realized that love but not in love is actually the norm in life. In the movie, there is a dialogue between Jianqing and Xiaoxiao in the car: “I miss you.” “I miss you too.” “No… I mean, I missed you. Seeing Qing, I missed you.” The biggest feeling is regret. It is a pity that there is no you in my future, and there will be no more you. In fact, the turning points of each relationship are clearly visible, just like Lin Jianqing and Fang Xiaoxiao. Everyone knew that the last subway meeting was the last chance for two people. It was too young at the time. One was too stubborn to stay, and the other was reluctant to catch up. In this movie, there are two most tear-jerking places: one is that Lin Jianqing’s bank account burst into tears when he saw 600,000 deposits, and the game he designed showed a full screen of sorry. One is that Dad Lin said in a letter to Fang Xiaoxiao: It’s good to live up to the fate, it’s really hard to live up to this life. We may all have had such a helpless experience. After traveling thousands of miles, we met someone we wanted to love, but we were destined to meet and miss each other, and the ending was destined to be separated. I have left endless thoughts in the long years, this kind of unspeakable pain, I can only swallow it myself. The mountains and the seas are not even if you love them. 03. I liked the song sung by Chen Xiaochun very much, the one I love. If you can’t love the person I want to love the most, who can want me. Falling in love with someone who doesn’t belong to you is like falling in love with wine. It’s obviously bitter, but you can’t help but want to drink it. The saddest thing in a relationship is nothing, thinking but not being able to, not being in love but not being able to retreat. Qian Zhongshu said in “The Besieged City”: love is mostly unsuccessful, either because of the boredom of the family members or the sorrow of failing to finally get married. Feelings that go smoothly are often rare, and it is not easy to meet a just right love, and fate is the most commonplace. Sometimes, I don’t want to let go, but I don’t look back. I am still in love but miss each other. Love that I can’t ask for is the most hurtful. Maybe everyone will meet someone who loves but can’t be together in their life, who is reluctant to let go, and is too tired to persevere. In the long wait, there was pain and helplessness, but in the end I had to reconcile with myself and let myself go. In this world, there are many who do not love you, and there are also many who love you. But there is always someone who makes you feel so painful that you are not willing to give up; there is always a kind of affection, you can’t cry without speaking; there is always a kind of love, love is as deep as the sea, destined to be lonely as blood. No matter how much people are loved, they will always miss the love they don’t get. Since you can’t love it, it’s better to let it go.

5 months ago

give up. I know you are uncomfortable, but you still give up. The relationship between people will not change because you are objectively gentle and considerate to treat them well. Adults must learn to respect and love themselves. I have met many people who have had a good opinion and started pursuing them until later I found that the person I liked didn’t like you, but was just moving myself. You should cry, eat, and do things, just don’t hurt yourself. In fact, you can think in a range. What are the qualities you like about him? Take good care to turn those luminous points into your own luminous points.

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