American basketball reporter Shams reported that Chinese teenager Zeng Fanbo will give up joining Gonzaga University and decided to join the NBA Development League. Zeng Fanbo wrote today that it is a well-thought decision to go to the Development League and it is incumbent to play for Shougang in the future.

The latest news is that Shougang has no prior knowledge of Zeng Fanbo’s choice, which also adds some subtle changes to Zeng Fanbo’s future path in the future. The 18-year-old Zeng Fanbo is the future of Chinese basketball and the closest Chinese to the NBA. In 2017, Zeng Fanbo went to the United States as a student of the Beijing Shougang Young Eagle Program. He succeeded in high school in the United States and received an invitation from Gonzaga University, promising to join. But in the past two days, Zeng Fanbo first hired a professional agent, and then stated that he decided not to go to Gonzaga University (the NCAA has strict regulations on professional agents for players), but to join the NBA Development League’s Ignite Team. Why did Zeng Fanbo choose the Development Alliance? There are two main reasons why Zeng Fanbo joined the Development Alliance. One is the departure of Gonzaga University assistant coach Tommy Lloyd. In the previous process of Gonzaga recruiting Zeng Fanbo, Lloyd played a very important role. But just this month, Lloyd, who has served at Gonzaga University since the 2001-02 season, ended his 20-year coaching career at Gonzaga University and became the new coach of the University of Arizona. Losing Lloyd this year is considered a huge loss for Gonzaga University, because Lloyd’s understanding of the European League and foreign players and personal connections is unmatched in the entire American college basketball world. Gonzaga is the NCAA team with the most international players in recent years and has always maintained its competitiveness. Lloyd is the biggest contributor. In the past 2020-21 season, Gonzaga has 4 international players, namely Matinas Allauskas from Lithuania, Joel Ayai from France, and Ao Mali from France. Mar Barlow, Russia’s Pavel Zakharov. In the previous seasons, Lloyd has helped Gonzaga recruit international players such as Hachimura, Brandon Clark, Sabonis, Olynik and Thackeray, and helped them successfully enter the NBA. . Lloyd’s scouting network covers all continents, which is why he found Zeng Fanbo and successfully recruited. Coach Lloyd’s departure brought a chain reaction. Mali center Omar Barlow, who was recruited by him, chose to continue to follow his mentor and transferred to Arizona; Zeng Fanbo also chose not to go to Gonzaga. Second, after joining the Development League, Zeng Fanbo was able to immediately get more playing time than at Gonzaga University. According to domestic media reports, the Development League Ignite Team showed great sincerity in this invitation and made promises on the issues that Zeng Fanbo and his family worry most, such as playing time and training environment. Gonzaga has learned to choose the strongest lineup to form a rotation. For those young players who are unfamiliar in technology and not strong enough, the team will choose to formulate a long-term training plan for them, and wait until their stadium performance and competition. After the tactical comprehension ability is mature, put it into the main lineup. Before Hachimura entered the NBA, he averaged only 4.6 minutes per game in his first season at Gonzaga University. He was also a substitute in his sophomore year and did not become a core player until his junior year. NBA lottery picks as strong as Sabonis Jr. and Zach Collins also played on the bench in Gonzaga’s first season. Obviously, Zeng Fanbo is unable to reach the level of Sa and Collins. Born in 2003 will be one of Gonzaga’s youngest players next season. He will definitely not be part of the team’s game plan for next season. The level of all aspects still needs to be improved, so the team may choose to take it slowly as it did to cultivate Hachimura a few years ago. What is the status of the young people who enter the development alliance? Since 2008, because some players do not want to play for the NCAA “for free”, the NBA Development League has become one of the channels for high school, college, and international players to enter the NBA. The most obvious benefit of the Development League is salary. Compared to the free NCAA, players in the Development League can receive a fairly good income. In October 2018, the Development League formulated a “choice contract” worth $125,000. Attracting elite-level high school students to join. At that time, Darius Bezley, Ramello Bauer and RJ Hampton all considered joining the Development League, but in the end Bezley regretted it after promising, three goals and a tie. Hampton went to the Australian League NBL. By last year, the Development League had simply established the Ignite team that belongs to no NBA team. The Ignite team has therefore become the exclusive development channel for young players to the NBA, and as their development project for potential players with NBA-level talents. In part, the Ignite team’s salary has been increased to a maximum of $500,000, which has reached the NBA’s basic salary level. Started to “grab people” with the NCAA college teams. Jaylen Green, the No. 1 high school student in the class of 2020 in the United States, was the first to announce his joining the Ignite team. His choice made history. Subsequently, the other three 5-star high school students Jonathan Kuminga, Isaiah Todd, Deshan Knicks, and two other international players like Zeng Fanbo, Prince Parr Singh (India), Kay- Soto (Philippines) also announced their accession. As the first batch of “experimental products” in the Ignite team plan, although the performance of the four 5-star high school students is unsatisfactory, their current draft picks have fallen to varying degrees compared to their high school rankings-Green on ESPN High school students in the United States ranked No. 1, and the current draft is ranked No. 4; Cuminga High School is No. 4 and now No. 5; Todd High School is No. 15 and now No. 51; Knicks High School is No. 21 and now No. 61. The other two international players have no draft prospects. Indian insider Singh played only 4 regular season games in the Development League in one season, averaging 6.3 minutes per game and 2 minutes in the playoffs; Philippine center Soto did not play directly and signed this year. The Adelaide 36-man team of the Australian NBL is ready to spend another year to hit the NBA. It can be seen that the Ignition Plan of the Development League actually did not achieve the desired effect. For example, Todd and the Knicks have lost their worth in the Development League, and now they can only enter the NBA as a marginal player. The Ignite team did not attract too much attention, and the exposure was not as good as NCAA. Is this a good choice? Everything has two sides, and the same is true for Zeng Fanbo’s choice this time. On the bright side, Zeng Fanbo got the promise of playing time, which means he can get more opportunities in the coming year. Because he may only get single-digit playing time in Gonzaga, and even sit on the bench for a whole year-Gonzaga’s core insider, next year’s junior Drew Timmy may test the waters after the draft. Choosing to return to school, by then, Chet Holmgreen, the first high school student in the 2021 class of America, will also enroll, and these two will occupy the absolute main position of the team. The draft expert Sam Vecenie of The Athletic website believes that Zeng Fanbo has too many competitors at the same position in Gonzaga. In addition to the above two, there are Anton Watson (third year), Ben Gregg (second year), Zhu Lean Strausser (sophomore) and Carden Perry (freshman) are likely to be ahead of Zeng Fanbo in the order of rotation. Getting a certain playing time means that Zeng Fanbo can have more opportunities to stand in the spotlight, which can help him quickly improve his reputation within a year and accumulate some professional game experience. But playing time commitments are not necessarily counted. If you do not perform well and fail to meet the requirements, the coach can’t force you to give you time to level up. Zeng Fanbo still needs to rely on his performance to buy more time. If Zeng Fanbo performed well enough in this year, then he may join the NBA through the draft or signing a two-way contract. To some extent, joining the Development League accelerated Zeng Fanbo’s speed in touching the NBA and his own potential ceiling. However, the Ignite Plan of the Development League is more like a springboard for those super geniuses who have participated in the draft within a year even after entering college. They don’t seem to be good at solving problems about player development. In the past season, although the first high school student Jaylen Green has shown amazing talent, after a year of training in the Development League, he still maintains the “trembling style” of high school (the highlights are good-looking, flashy, Low tactical literacy). As for Zeng Fanbo, who is 2 meters 06 and weighs 86 kilograms, it seems that his skills and body still need to be polished for a long time to adapt to the level of professional competition. Suppose he chooses to join Gonzaga University, maybe he will not be able to enter the public eye in a short time, but he will have three or four years to stay in the United States to improve himself. He has the opportunity to grow from rough technology to gradually cultivated like Hachimura. Solid basic skills and understanding of the game. But now, the time left for Zeng Fanbo may only be the next year. Therefore, this does not seem to be a good choice. Although at present, there will not be as many newcomers on the Ignite team next year as this year. So far only one 5-star high school student, Michael Foster (7th on ESPN, the same age as Zeng Fanbo) has decided to join, but Zeng Fanbo The competition is still not small-Foster and Zeng Fanbo play the same position, in addition to the 37-year-old Jarrett Jack and 36-year-old Bobby Brown in the development league. Old fried dough sticks to eat. Among the opponents Zeng Fanbo will face, there will be young players like Kevin Porter and Jordan Poole who will develop the league to fight monsters and upgrades, and there will also be many players like Jeremy Lin who are struggling for NBA opportunities. The weak and the strong in the development alliance are much more cruel than the universities. Next season, if Zeng Fanbo’s performance in the Development League falls short of expectations, his trip to the United States may end here. At that time, the choice left to him may only be CBA.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

1. It is normal for Zeng Fanbo to leave the team. The coach responsible for international player development & recruitment Zeng Fanbo was hired to become the head coach of Arizona with a high salary. There is no one to take care of him. 2. Those who follow the draft should know that Holglen, the No. 1 candidate in the 2022 class, also promised Gonzaga (Sallis, who is also a five-star high school student, also promised Gonzaga), not that these people have a direct pick. The impact is that Gonzaga is originally a team that does not like to use newcomers (unless it is super super), and has to produce results. There is a high probability that Zeng Fanbo’s college will be wasted in the first two years. With good luck and his own efforts, he may be as comprehensive as Hachimura Upgrading, if you are unlucky, you may wipe out sentient beings over there. 3. The G League has already had some cards after Jaylen Green and Cuminga joined, and ignite promised to train Zeng Fanbo, although the game there may be similar to the NBDL, resulting in a lot of singles, and Zeng Fanbo has an 18 It is a little bit more intense for young people to fight (not to mention racial discrimination), but it is also a serious confrontation in the American professional league. Although I think Zeng Fanbo may be a better choice to follow Lloyd to Arizona, but the G League has chosen to go, I can only say that I hope he can develop there. As for that obligatory. . . Zeng Fanbo originally planned for the Beijing Youth Training of the Young Eagles. After returning to the league report, Shougang must have no objection to Zhang Zhenlin’s meeting in Liaoning. Before he started to fight back, I thought this was nothing to provoke.

5 months ago

Choosing the G League, I believe that the reason is that Zeng Fanbo believes that he has the ability to impact the NBA. This confidence is very commendable, but in the current situation, I am not very optimistic about Zeng Fanbo’s choice of the G League. In recent years, more and more high school students choose not to enter the NCAA, and choose other ways to prepare for the NBA. Including overseas leagues (Mudier is far away, there are two rookies from last year, the probing show Ramelo Ball and the No. 24 rookie RJ Hampton), self-preparation (New York jump center Mitchell Robinson, Thunder forward Dalius Bezley, Wiseman who played three games in college can actually be counted). From the beginning of the draft this year, the G League has become another place to attract potential high school students. Four potential newcomers headed by ESPNtop100 shooting guard Jalen Green and fourth-ranked forward Jonathan Kuminga (the remaining two are 15-ranked forward Isaiah Todd and 21-ranked point guard Daishen Nix) join the G League ignite The team almost shocked the eyes of many people. This ignite team can basically be regarded as an NBA preparatory class specially created by the G-League to attract potential rookies to join and sell tickets, with potential high school students as the core, supplemented by experienced veterans (this year includes veteran point guards, where is the peak period? Jarrett Jack, veteran center Amir Johnson, and veteran guard Bobby Brown, who are familiar with CBA fans and Rockets fans, are all rushed to start. If not surprisingly, Zeng Fanbo is going to go to this team, but the lineup will change. It’s not easy to predict. The team’s performance this year is pretty good, catching up with the last train of the playoffs, 8-7 in the regular season, and losing to the Raptors’ subordinate 905 team in the first round of the playoffs. However, it should be noted that although this team is a specially built NBA preparatory class, it does not do a good job in the training and display of rookies. Except for the template Kobe’s Jalen Green (17.9 points per game, 46+36+82 shooting per game), Kuminga, Todd and Nix are all struggling. In the current mock draft, Green and Kuminga are still in the top five, but Todd and Nix are basically on the verge of losing. This star-making efficiency is much worse than the peak of Calipari and the old K. It remains to be seen whether the relatively higher intensity of the G League can help players adapt to the NBA. As a player with less talent, Zeng Fanbo himself is very risky in choosing the G League-NBA road. Zeng Fanbo’s choice not to go to Gonzaga is also reasonable. To recruit Zeng Fanbo’s assistant coach to change, the team leader Drew Timme is likely to stay at school and fight again. In 1991, the 21st top 1 rookie Chet Holmgren joined, basically occupying two starting positions, and coach Mark Few does not like to use rookies, and it is understandable that he does not want to waste on the bench. But not going to Gonzaga does not mean that the G League is a good choice. Personally, it may be a better choice to follow the recruiting assistant coach to Arizona. This veteran NCAA team has not performed well in recent years. For Zeng Fanbo, this stage may be even bigger. But no matter what, Zeng Fanbo also has CBA as the ultimate insurance, and he can fight for his dreams as much as possible. As a Chinese fan, I also hope that Zeng Fanbo, who may be China’s best potential rookie after Zhou Qi, can achieve higher achievements. Of course, if he is thinking about the curve of returning to China for export to domestic sales, then he probably thinks too much. . The Basketball Association is not currently an organization that does everything in accordance with the rules.

5 months ago

It doesn’t matter where he plays for in the future, the key is whether he has a chance to go to this development league. First of all, why not go to college to participate in the draft? Because in Gonzaga, he has a lot of talents in this position, and he may even hit the lottery pick in the future draft. So with his talent and ability to adapt to the university’s competition requirements is still relatively high. Moreover, now in the United States, if you go directly to the university, the required student visa is more stringent. If you go to this development alliance, there will be more opportunities, and if you can really exercise. It’s a game, not just sitting on the bench. Therefore, his approach is definitely more expensive, and it should be supported, and regardless of whether it can stand up in the development alliance, at least trying to do it is to try and do it. This is right, because China’s Sports must go out.

5 months ago

Mainly because CBA is too far away from the United States
If you want to get the attention of the NBA, you must either play in the United States or shine a light on a world competition such as the Olympic World Cup. It is very likely to attract the attention of scouts.
As for the actual training effect, it’s hard to say that the one-year development league is compared with the one-year CBA.

5 months ago

First of all, the project where Zeng Fanbo decided to join the NBA Development League is actually not very optimistic for me personally, it seems too urgent and too radical. In the next year, he will be under great pressure. First of all, it is certain that Xiao Zeng regards the NBA as his goal. Choosing to stay in the United States is undoubtedly the right choice. However, the G League selection team is a one-year project. His original intention was to give elite high school students ready for the NBA, one more option outside of college, to play in the development league for one year, and to experience the career in advance and get a salary. Participate in the NBA draft a year later. Although Xiao Zeng is currently the most promising seed in China, he does not meet the NBA standards in terms of body or technology. It takes longer to grow and exercise. I personally feel that one year is not enough, so NCAA may be the better choice. As for Gonzaga, Arizona or other universities, it is questionable. From another point of view, the selection of the G League team is a new thing. This project has only been started for one year, and the plan and schedule have been greatly adjusted and compressed due to the epidemic in the first year. There are not too many samples to evaluate. Is Xiao Zeng’s choice correct? In the first year, 6 high school players joined the program. Except for the four-star Kai Sotto and Indian Princepal Singh, the other four are all five-star high school students. Over the past year, we have seen the appearance of the major simulation rankings. The faces of these five-star high school students. In the second year, the G League selection team did not lead the new trend of selection of elite high school students. Although the team provides a high salary, only Mike Foster is currently a five-star high school student to join the 2021 session. More elite high school students will join this year. High school students may come from overseas. In addition to Zeng Fanbo, it is expected that Ousmane Dieng (2003-206cm-PG) of France will also come to the team. Although in my mind, developing the league selection team is not the ideal choice for Xiao Zeng, but he can at least bring a few benefits: a significant increase in his international influence, more opportunities to play and more game time, The opportunity to train with the top high school students and professional players in the United States and the accumulation of experience in participating in professional competitions in advance. In any case, I wish Xiao Zeng good luck, the road ahead is full of challenges and opportunities; it is indeed no problem to play for Shougang, here Zeng Fanbo is going to play in the American G League. So if Shougang gets a clarification letter, he will let Zeng Fanbo go. But if Zeng Fanbo returns to the CBA, Shougang is the first team to sign. But there is nothing wrong with this, the young eagle plan to take you out. When you grow up, it is not unreasonable to return to feed back. Moreover, as a CBA rich team, Shougang’s promise and signing conditions to Zeng Fanbo will certainly not be bad. Training conditions and stadium conditions are certainly not bad. So let’s see how it develops in the future

5 months ago

Normally, the wording is also decent. From the high-end pursuit of science, art, and sports, looking for a platform that can make you stronger is an inevitable choice for every young person. If you have a choice, you should fight for it. Don’t let yourself regret. Which scientist doesn’t want to meet Einstein? Which musician doesn’t want to go to the Vienna Golden Hall to give a concert? Which player who loves basketball doesn’t want to be on the NBA stage? Jeremy Lin said last year that I am going to play in the NBA. CBA gave me applause and money, but I still want to play in the NBA, even if I want to develop the league first. I want this opportunity. At that time, various voices said that pursuing dreams is good, come on. ! Some people say, don’t you look at your body and age? What dream do you want? Some people say, is CBA bad for you? This is a betrayal. Some people say that it’s just a development alliance. Why bother? Some people say that the money is not settled, right? Want a high price? People in the world always have their own opinions, but I believe Jeremy Lin, who once played “Lin Cyclone” in the NBA, took his injuries and decided to play in the Development League. It was a deliberate decision. As Zeng Fanbo said, I need to be higher. The level of training, diet, and competition are very simple. I hope that getting stronger money can indeed attract a lot of people to play in CBA, and even attract people to change their nationality. But the level of basketball and culture, money alone, is not three to five years. I believe that Dayao’s plan will persist for another ten years. Chinese basketball will catch up with the NBA, become more confrontational, more stars, and more commercialized, the youth selection echelon will be more perfect, college basketball will be more popular, and it will be loved since childhood. Basketball kids can participate and enjoy it, including my son. But now, that is the highest palace. It has nothing to do with the relationship between China and the United States, and it has nothing to do with the silly X remarks of the NBA president. It is all basketball players who are on the court. I wish to bless Zeng Fanbo, and hope that he will cheer, in the development alliance where the weak and the strong eat the yellow race. As you said, when the country needs you, return to your country to play

5 months ago

Be cautious and not optimistic. The development of young players has its own rules. Only a few geniuses can achieve significant improvement through skipping competitions. Most young players who participate in adult competitions too early have difficulty fulfilling their talents. The list is very long. Among them, the one we are most familiar with is Zhou Qi. It is assumed that his age has not changed much. Compared with adult players, young players have two biggest differences. One is that their tactical understanding is relatively superficial, and they need to continue to observe and learn. The second is the existence of physical strength. Weakness, it takes time to improve. At this time, you let him participate in the adult game. First of all, his tactical ability and body are not enough to be the core of the team. You can only use your talent to play for the team. This is not conducive to his consolidation and development Own technique. Secondly, the adult game consumes a lot, and most of the young players are not physically prepared. Under this kind of consumption, he does not have the time and energy to improve his strength and make up for the physical shortcomings. This is for It is very unfavorable for him to realize his potential. Take Zhou Qi as an example. The year he moved to Xinjiang, although in terms of ability, it was enough to occupy an important position in the CBA adult game. However, it was most important to him at that time The thing is not a stable CBA playing time, but to continue to polish his own offense and defense, and strengthen his body. And the Xinjiang team needs him to stay on the court for a long time to contribute to the team’s defense. There is no chance to hone. Low offensive and defensive, excessive consumption did not make Zhou Qi stronger. This has led to several years of CBA League, Zhou Qi’s potential has never been able to realize, the last player with NBA talent can only rely on his own talent to play in the CBA .Zeng Fanbo now faces the same problem as Zhou Qi. Looking at his highlights, his skills are better than Zhang Zhenlin, but his stability and understanding of tactics are not outstanding. The key point is that he is still very thin. For him, go to professional football The team cannot help him improve by two points. Instead, he needs a relaxed environment to give him time to learn and strengthen..

5 months ago

This is a decision to maximize the interests of Beijing Shougang, and it may also be one of the best choices for Zeng Fanbo’s development after comprehensive consideration. The main reasons that influenced Fanbo to give up NCAA to join the Development League are as follows: 1. The coach who admired him very much at the beginning and recruited him to Gonzaga transferred to other schools (tactical status and playing time are not guaranteed) 2. Gonzaga In addition, this year’s enrollment situation is very satisfactory, a large number of five-star and four-star rookies (the team is fiercely competitive, and the first year has a high probability of playing time) 3. The development league has a salary and a stronger confrontation, and at the same time, the explosive team is very suitable for an NBA team. Graders (there are many hot lottery shows and NBA veterans in the team, and the tactical weight is heavily tilted towards the newcomers) 4. The Beijing team, who has invested heavily but has no good results, is in desperate need of a super talented newcomer, and it is likely to have reached a deal with Zeng Fanbo A certain agreement, if you lose the draft, you will be airborne to the Beijing team (to join the Development League, there is no long waiting time for the university to level up). So in summary, this is a very good choice for Zeng Fanbo’s personal development, but for those who desire NBA Chinese players For the fans, there may not be much time left for them. Because I am still not optimistic about the positive effect of CBA on super talented young players. The next year, either to realize the dream of NBA or airborne CBA, all depends on Zeng Fanbo’s good fortune.

5 months ago

Let me talk about his NBA prospects first. I think if he kills the NBA, no one will really be entangled with Shougang or CBA. The evaluation of foreigners is better than Zhou Qi. It is true that his abilities are more suitable for modern NBA, but foreigners also think it is difficult for him to jump to NBA after next year. His body is a little far behind. Of course, foreigners haven’t seen him up close for another year. It’s not very accurate, but I also think that his offensive record can definitely reach the NBA level. The problem is that he can’t keep up with his defense. Of course, offensive ability is usually more important in the NBA, and his defensive problems are mainly not impossible to solve. But the problem is that he was really a teenager before, and he will definitely suffer a big loss if he directly touches an adult NBA senior. This cannot at least match the upper and lower limits. It’s really hard to get into the NBA, but I personally see him in. I think he is the first generation of NBA Chinese players to have the best technical level and sense of roots. It should be said that he is a bit similar to Wang zz, but he is a lot thinner (this can be good or bad)

5 months ago

Originally planned to join Gonzaga University, but the coach who recruited him is no longer in this university, and later a number of first-year high-quality strikers have been added. Zeng Fanbo did not get much exercise. But at any rate, it is also a famous basketball school. It is a good choice. I don’t know if you have gone through the relevant registration procedures. In fact, you should choose a school with less strikers, but if you have already registered, you will be suspended for one year when you go to other schools. I remember it seems like There are such rules and the promise of the development league to ignite the team. Of course, it is good to jump out of school and play the development league. However, the disadvantages of the development league are that the confrontation is larger than ncaa, and it does not run tactics. College basketball can fully exercise tactical quality. In fact, it is the best choice. Still go to a university that can play the main force, but unfortunately I have been pitted by Gonzaga University. I hope I can play in the G-League and don’t get hurt.

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