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Let alone chicken soup, share a few practical good oral health habits: 1. Gargle after meals, this is one of the most practical ones I think. Gargle after meals can effectively remove food residues and prevent the growth of bacteria and cause gum inflammation. To ensure the cleanliness of the teeth, it is best to use it together with mouthwash~ 2. Use an electric toothbrush. After using an electric toothbrush, I insist that the previous manual brushing is a hassle. Can I brush my teeth manually? Of course, as long as you use the bass brushing method every time and persist for more than three minutes. But most of us do not brush our teeth in such a standard way. At this time, electric toothbrushes come in handy: electric is the rapid rotation or vibration of the motor core, which causes the brush head to generate high-frequency vibrations, which instantly decompose the toothpaste into fine foam. Clean between teeth. It has advantages in cleaning power, comfortable feeling, reducing damage, whitening teeth, etc. The most important thing is convenience. 3. Wash your teeth regularly, go to the dental hospital every six months or a year. Never think that washing your teeth is not important or harmful! If you compare the oral cavity to a house, our usual brushing and gargle is a daily small cleaning, and washing the teeth is equivalent to a big cleaning. So be sure not to think that washing your teeth is not important anymore~ 4. Use both teeth when eating. Don’t chew with one tooth for granted. It is a bad habit to chew with only one tooth, and various problems will arise. , Such as gingivitis, periodontitis, asymmetry on both sides of the face and other problems. 5. Use a dental flusher to clean between the teeth. Compared to dental floss, I prefer to recommend a dental flusher: at the junction of the teeth and the gums, there is a sulcus about 2 mm deep around the teeth but not attached to the teeth called the gingival sulcus. This is the most important point leading to the foundation of the tooth. The junction is the most easy to contain dirt and is the most likely to cause tooth and gum disease. The gingival sulcus and interdental are the two most difficult places to clean. These places are We use toothbrushes and dental floss where we can’t. I personally used dental floss, but after I came into contact with the dental flusher, lazy people like me have never used dental floss again~ I will share my personal use with everyone, I now use Jiebi brand new small Rocket dental flusher, the most comfortable part of this dental flusher is its convenience: its nozzle is different from other dental flushers, and it is indescribably comfortable to use after adjusting the angle. It is the same as my electric toothbrush. There is a gear memory necessary for lazy people. The most important thing is that it is clean. This is the root reason why I bought it. When I saw the dirty things that came out, I felt that I did not buy it wrong. 6. Check your teeth every six months. Don’t wait until the toothaches to remember to check your teeth. Buy a dental flusher and see the tips for oral health. It’s too late!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. Don’t take the initiative to help others, don’t take the initiative to help others, it’s really easy to suffer, I have a deep understanding. It is the original sin to abuse a good person. You are enthusiastic, and others don’t necessarily thank you. For example, you bought an apple you like, washed it, and took the initiative to give one to a roommate who went to bed. She took a bite and said: The apple you bought is not tasty, sour and astringent. He threw it into the trash bag hanging on the bedside…..Before I was really easy to help people, and in many cases, others would take it for granted. Now I understand that it is better not to help before I am not sure whether the other party needs it or not, because it can save a lot of trouble. 2. It’s okay to practice squats and abdominal crunches. Waist strength is very important, especially when there is an object. Anyway, it’s always right to practice more. If you stick to it, your butt is firm, elastic and slightly curled, and you have abdominal muscles. Even if your girlfriend looks pretty normal, your girlfriend will like it and want to be with you 24 hours a day. Stay together. 3. Sleeping naked is good for the body. But you have to listen to the experience of someone here, you must put your nightgown within reach, and put it on as soon as you catch it in an emergency. 4. Don’t urge your boyfriend to go to bed at night, and don’t urge your boyfriend to get up in the morning. Of course, the same is true for girlfriends. 5. Keep accounts and know where all your money is spent. Some people say that the reason why they use flowers is to keep accounts, and em is also ok. But if you don’t need to spend money, it is recommended to download a bookkeeping software, for example, I use Quick Note. 6. Persevere in exercise to make the figure and spirit become better. Exercise, not for anything else, but to make one’s body look more symmetrical and look better. It’s the season when you can wear slings again. Have your shoulders and collarbones been trained? If not, I highly recommend that you go to station B to practice [beautiful ballet]. It is amazing, but very effective. 7. Periodic review summary. Have your own review template, review your own study and work, do daily review, weekly review, monthly review, and even annual review. The review summary will make you grow faster. 8. Persist in meditation, not only to concentrate, but also to health. When you wake up early every day, you can meditate for 5-10 minutes. Follow your own breath and inhale. It is easy to enter the state. After meditation, you will find that you will be able to enter the state very quickly and concentrate. 9. When you feel unhappy, just dip into the smoke and eat delicious food. Even if you go to the food court downstairs twice, or go to the nearby ancient town on the weekend to breathe new air, see new people, and new scenes, it’s better to be immersed in short videos or games. 10. If you insist on getting up early, you will find that the day is very long and you have more time to do things. After you insist on getting up early, even if it is an hour, you will find that a morning is a long time, a day is also a long time, and you can do many, many things. But after getting up early, make sure to plan or write a morning diary to prioritize the day’s matters. 11. Insist on going to bed early, good health, good spirits and good skin. After you go to bed early, the short-term change is that the spirit of the next day is better, and the long-term change is that your skin is no longer so dry and rough, and there are a lot less acne and acne. Go to bed early is the best and most expensive skin care product. 12. Dismissal, inappropriate things, and people who are not suitable should be cleaned up. Girls, in particular, like to buy clothes very much, and as long as new clothes appear in the circle of friends, even if they are worn only once, they will be piled up. When the season is over, they will continue to buy and buy, and the piles will become more and more. Every quarter, a large bag of unworn clothes and some bags can be sorted out. It is very important to break away. You will find that your life will be more streamlined, the space will be larger, and your mood will be more comfortable. In addition, inappropriate people are the same as inappropriate things. If you lose them, throw them away. Keeping them will make you disgusting. 13. Learn to “pause”. Sometimes, slow down and think more clearly. Everyone wants to walk quickly, and wants to surpass others by far, but the faster they walk, the less things they get, and the more anxious and clueless people will become. At this time, it is better to press the pause button for yourself, stop to think, stop to make sufficient preparations, and when you start again, you may go faster and farther. 14. When it’s okay, watch more movies to increase your knowledge. Mainly good movies, regardless of country, region, and type. When you watch enough movies, you will have enough knowledge, there are enough things in your head, and naturally you will have more topics with others. 15. Less use of Moments, less use of Douyin and Kuaishou, and no use of Zhihu during work and study hours. Turn off the red dot reminder in Moments, you will never wake up again. The first thing is to scan Moments and uninstall TikTok. You find that life is much more interesting than short videos. When you are not working or studying Brush Zhihu, you will find that Zhihu can really increase your knowledge. 16. When you are okay, double-tap the screen to prevent numbness of your fingers. 17. Plan ahead. I usually use Apple’s own calendar for planning. In conjunction with the to-do list of the desktop widget, arrange the things to be done on the day in advance. 18. WeChat sends fewer voices, and only texts can be written. I feel terribly uncomfortable when I hear my own voice, and I am embarrassed to send someone more than 50 seconds and 60 seconds of voice. ~~~~ I can understand the information at a glance at the text, but I have to let my ears suffer and listen for 60 seconds. It’s very disappointing. 19. Learn emotional management and learn to digest your own bad emotions. Some people have a little emotion to vent and show it on their faces. No one cares at all. If you have emotions, digest it yourself first and find a good way to relieve it. If you can’t digest it, then talk to your trustworthy friends. In addition, especially the emotion of anger, when you are angry, shut yourself up first, and avoid saying hurtful things when you are angry. 20. Enjoy time alone. You don’t have to force yourself to fit into a circle that you can’t blend in, eliminate unnecessary social interactions, enjoy more time alone, and focus on your own affairs. 21. Reading, all types of books, as long as they are useful to you, it is recommended to read them. Establish your own library of books. If you have a monthly book list for one year, it is best to write reading notes after you finish reading it. Reading more and good books will help you broaden your thinking, broaden your horizons, talk more topics, and have a better temperament. 22. Keep a diary. Writing a diary is not to be a writer, but to record your own story, your own mood, and dialogue with your own soul. 23. Learn to record your own time spent and learn time management. Or download a time management software, or bring a time management book by myself. I like to use the book. When a book is filled, it will have a sense of ritual and accomplishment. 24. Regular physical examination, preferably once a year. If you have a physical problem, don’t drag it, go to the hospital immediately. This is the performance of being responsible for yourself. 25. Bring paper towels when going out. Your girlfriend will think you are a careful boy. Put a pack of tissues in your bag every day, so your girlfriend can’t use it, and you can keep it to wipe your tears after you break up. 26. Approve others appropriately, for example, you read my answer, and then clicked an agreement by the way, thank you. Appropriately agree with others, not only others are happy, but also oneself. For example, if you properly praise your boyfriend for being amazing or awesome, your boyfriend is happy, and you are happier. 27. Learn more from people who are better than yourself. Fighting for opportunities to meet mentors and friends is the fastest way to grow. 28. Always keep the assimilation of new knowledge and skills. Whether it is life skills or learning skills, even if it is 30 minutes a day to focus on it, stick to it, you will encounter more opportunities and unexpected surprises. 29. If you feel uncomfortable, just output it directly, and refuse to communicate can not solve the problem. Except for the scumbag who has experienced many battles, every boy has the potential to be straight. They don’t know where you are angry, why you are angry, and why you have a temper. When you have a temper and feel upset, just say it and let the other person guess. He might not be able to guess if you have broken up. 30. Use the Pomodoro Technique flexibly. When you can’t concentrate on something you want for a long time, you should learn to use the Pomodoro Technique to divide the time into blocks and divide things into blocks to ensure that your attention is the most concentrated in each time period. 31. Insist on having breakfast. This is very important, don’t be lazy. 32. Drink plenty of water and scented tea. Especially girls, they are made of water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and drink more herbal teas, and you will find that your skin will really get better. 33. Respect and identify with others. Saying thank you more often, such as to waiters and couriers, if you inadvertently say “thank you”, it is a great encouragement to them. For example, after reading this article now, you give me a compliment, which is a good deed in daily life. Thank you.

7 months ago

100 good habits girls must develop, and strive to be the best you can be! [Deportment Management] 1. Good-looking girls who love to laugh will not be too bad luck, let your smile look like sunshine. 2. Sit upright, keep your head up and your abdomen, stand against the wall for 10 minutes after a meal. 3. Walk with your head high and stand tall, stand out from a landscape, and start calmly and generously. 4. Properly learn facial expression management to become a must for a social person with temperament. 5. Simple and decent clothing collocation is good. 6. Keep applying the mask, it will really improve the skin texture. 7.- Care for your hair once a week, and be sure to blow dry after washing. 8. Trim your nails frequently and clean up your ear holes regularly. 9. When sitting down, place your legs together or tilt to make your calves look longer and wear a skirt. When sitting down, trim the tail of the skirt to avoid pleating and “happy happiness”. 10. Practicing yoga to improve body flexibility. 【Daily Diet】11. Get up half an hour early and drink a glass of warm water. 12. Eat breakfast on time, which is good for your body. 13. Chew and swallow slowly during meals. 14. Don’t eat after 9 pm: 15. Drink more yogurt and soy milk. Whitening and anti-aging 16. Eat less spicy fried foods to prevent acne. 17. Eat more whole grains and eliminate toxins from the body. 18. Keep eating fruits every day. 19. Quit sugar or reduce sugar intake [Life Improvement] 20. Package Put dry paper towels, wet paper towels, pens, and small notebooks in it, useful at critical moments. 21. If you eat food with bones when eating, spread paper towels in advance for your convenience and others. 22. Put a plastic bag with you. When it is inconvenient to throw out the trash, put it in the bag and put it in the trash can when it is convenient. 23 . Apply lip balm before going to bed, the mouth will be tender and tender the next day 24. Turn off the phone before going to bed, and put the phone out of reach 25. Prepare the clothes for the next day before going to bed: 26. Before meals and after going to the toilet Wash your hands 27. Learn to avoid food during your menstrual period. 28. Don’t cross your legs. 29. Wash the three-piece bed regularly. 30. Drink plenty of water. Drink 8 glasses of water a day to promote metabolism. Women make it with water. [Life Improvement] 31. Remember not to stay up late, the damage to the skin can not be saved by staying up late 32. It is best to soak your feet before going to bed every night, dry your feet and go to sleep 33. Don’t just stare at your mobile phone or computer, learn Turn your eyes and look into the distance to relax your eyes. 34. Pay attention to your teeth, clean your teeth on time, and protect your teeth. 35. Don’t bear the stool, learn the double breathing method. 36. Reduce abdomen all the time 37. Learn to sleep naked and relax the body and mind [Personal Growth] 38. When shaking hands with others, you can hold them for a while. 39. Remembering other people’s names makes people feel more cordial. 40. Take the initiative to walk over and narrow the distance between each other. 41. No matter who you meet on a date, be sure to arrive on time. 42. Read more, read good books, read useful books 43. Learn to make short-term and long-term plans 44. Think independently, be good at summarizing, and be independent 45. Be financially independent and not dependent on others 46. Have a good hobby 47 .Learn to refuse, learn to say “no”, don’t let others waste your time 48. While improving the inner, never ignore the outer 49. The sense of distance and boundary is very important, whether it is love, family or friendship. 50. Love yourself and accept yourself [Personal Growth] 51. Persist in learning a foreign language, either English or Korean. 52. Learn to be self-disciplined and do things without the supervision of others. 53. Communicate more with others and improve expression skills. 54. Learn to regulate negative energy and be a self-confident and sunny person. 55. Cherish all learning opportunities, no matter what aspect of knowledge. 56. Listen carefully to other people’s suggestions and absorb the advantages of others. 57. Be curious about new things. 58. Cultivate your own hobbies, at least one: 59. Be loving at all times. 60. Be a warm person and be warm. People around you 61. Learn to wear light makeup or fake makeup 62. Learn to cook and please yourself with good food 63. Keep summarizing yourself, only if you know your nature best, will you become better and better. 64. Write down any thoughts at the first time, or you may never remember it [Other enhancement articles] 65. No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to enjoy life 66. Women should find a space for themselves to be alone 67. Learn to learn Appropriately show from 68. If necessary, learn the advantages of men 69. Regard the harshness of your boss as a ladder for your own progress 70. In the workplace, please control your “eldest lady” temper. 71. Abandon complaints and adapt if you can’t change. 72. When speaking, often start with “we” 73. Face difficulties, find ways instead of making excuses 74. Do one extra thing every day 75. Try to like your work and find the joy of work 76. Don’t make good things If you are alone, you have to share some 77. Be prepared to sharpen your knife and not cut wood by mistake. 78. Don’t talk about triumphs in front of the frustrated. 79. A young heart will let you always radiate your youthful charm. 80. Don’t let jealousy ruin you. Mind [Other enhancement articles] 81. The concept that must be discarded: It is better to marry a good husband to make money 82. Even if you have known each other for 10 years, you should keep the mystery 83. If a woman wants a man to stay, the most important thing is to Have fun 84. Don’t want to be dumped, just invest in yourself 85. Don’t want to be ugly, don’t frown every day 86. Love your parents, make a phone call or have dinner together 87. Listen to music, let your thoughts and emotions fly 88 .Prepare a light bag to travel at any time 89. Be quiet and listen carefully to nature 90. Regularly leave and leave 91. Focus on fashion 92. Focus on two financial magazines 93. Go swimming, hot springs, and steam if possible. 94. Temperament is more important than appearance, and temperament has nothing to do with age. 95. Drink some red wine occasionally. 96. Learn to taste tea. 97. Don’t be too fat. It is not that difficult to change your weight. Keep your mouth shut and open your legs. 98. Get out of your comfort zone. 99. Do what you think you should do. 100. Make friends with good people and try to be in line with good people.

7 months ago

1. Send WeChat, can send text, never send voice and video. 2. Don’t open out in crowded places, and don’t interrupt when others are talking. 3. Watching movies and watching movies is far more important than you think. Whether it’s domestic or foreign, Italian or Japanese, whether it’s Oscars or finding resources online, you have to check it out. The more you watch documentaries, the higher your horizons. Maybe you will realize something in a single moment, and your life will be very different. 4. Go to a friend’s house for dinner, don’t ask me what I need to bring, but take it and go there. 5. When there are black things on your teeth that cannot be brushed off, you must see a doctor! ! ! This is tooth decay. The black color will continue to spread and eat away at your teeth. If it reaches the nerve layer, it will cost a lot of money! Thousands of them… and then you have to brush your teeth seriously! Don’t perfuse things just because you are in a hurry. A neat tooth is pleasing to the eye. If you want to do orthodontics, you should do it as soon as possible. I’m going to tell this one again… (I just went to the hospital for a check up recently because I didn’t brush my teeth well. I found that there are 8 teeth to be filled, one 240…) 6. Regular physical examinations, and timely check if there is any discomfort! Take a physical examination once a year. If you feel unwell for more than three days, go to the hospital immediately. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing! The body is the capital of all revolutions! 7. Thank you, sorry, it’s okay, just talk about it at any time. Being careless does not mean being impolite and educated. Otherwise, you will become a lunatic, fool. Make money, make money and save money crazily. Money is our confidence to walk the rivers and lakes, and it can give us strength and comfort when we experience the trough of life. 8. Don’t panic when you encounter things. Regardless of whether the things are going to be good or bad, you can’t help it even if things go bad. It’s better to face them and solve them in one go. 9. Habitually share value. The more you share, the more you will be paid attention to, or someone just buys a ticket and gets on the bus. 10. Learn to pay to ask others for advice. Spending money is not the same as free. The services and products you get are good. Spend money to ask others, improperly reach out to the party, and look back to see if your stingy little problem has improved. 11. Link with strangers more than with acquaintances. If you link with more people, don’t you have more opportunities? 12. Don’t be a good teacher, do others really need your advice? Not necessarily, he may also be arranging your words. Don’t let others say auspicious words to you, or sell a few miserable words, and you will give them your heart. 13. Experience what you like. After you have experienced everything, you will understand why some people are originally bad and bad, but suddenly they become passionate about struggle, and become self-disciplined, just like gods. 14. Don’t challenge the high probability, get a serious illness, cure or not? The correct answer is to ask a few doctors for a fee. If 90% of the doctors said to give up, we would give up. Because it’s not interesting to challenge high probability. 15. Learn to manage facial expressions and reduce “great joy and compassion”, and fine lines will come to your door later. Expressions can be practiced and controlled, just 10 minutes a day. 16. Don’t try to please others, just focus on improving yourself. To please friends or objects in exchange, you will only get their contempt. Don’t worry about this relationship. 17. No matter how angry you are, don’t slam the door. If the door slams too much, it will break easily. 18. Restrain your desire to consume and prohibit consumption in advance! ! ! 19. Review the market every day, recalling what you did in the day? What are the good and bad things? What are your plans for the next day? If you persist for 1 month, you will grow at least 80% faster than those around you. 20. Having a certain amount of savings is your greatest confidence in the face of emergencies in life. 21. Buy a high-value cup that you like and place it where you can easily get it. This will not only make it easier to drink water, but will also make you feel more happy. The frequency of drinking water will also increase unconsciously, so you can easily drink more The habit of water replenishes enough water for the body. 22. Clean the room at least once a week. Arrange the messy things neatly, sweep the floor clean, and open windows for ventilation. A clear and clean environment is not only the basis of a healthy life, but also a source of pleasant mood. 23. Stand up and move around after eating, otherwise fat will grow on your stomach easily. 24. Remember to bring the power bank before going out, and recharge the power bank when you go home. 25. When you have questions to ask others, it’s best to list them in points, organize them clearly and ask them again; remember to greet and show your intentions before asking questions, and don’t throw off the questions as soon as they come up; remember to respond in time and express gratitude after the other person gives the answer. 26. After adding someone else’s WeChat, remember to change the remarks, record the other person’s work, hometown, characteristics, etc., and group them in time. In this way, when you are communicating with others, it is easier to get the favor of others because of your familiarity with the details; and the social circle is also very clear, making it easier for you to find someone to help you in the future. 27. Before you go out and sit on the train, remember to check that it is clean before you find a seat. You don’t know if the previous passenger ate melon seeds, ate bread, gnawed duck necks, and left melon seed shells and bread crumbs on the seat. 28. Arrange important things in the morning, and you can develop the habit of getting up early. Studying, working, dating, meeting customers, when you have tasks to complete the next morning, you will feel urgency, which forces you to go to bed early to recharge your energy and prepare for early rise. 29. WeChat will clear people from time to time, those who don’t know, have nothing to do with, or don’t want to see; groups that are not important are deleted and exited, and groups that are sorry to leave can be set to do not disturb. Spend your most precious time on the most important person. 30. Do not change and wash bedding for a long time. It is best to do it once a week and no longer than one month. Otherwise, you will be clean after the shower, and it will be wasted when you get into the bed. 31. Moments of friends who don’t know if they should post, and want to post, can choose to be visible only to themselves when posting, and then make it public in a few days. Because, except for those who care about you, no one will click on your circle of friends to see what you are doing. 32. Don’t deliberately reject the kindness of people around you. You also give others some kindness and help each other, so that you can appear humane and make everyone more willing to have a deep friendship with you. 33. Do not eat or drink before going to bed; three-piece set before going to bed: soak your feet, meditate, listen to a book; sleep naked. Do as I say, you will definitely have a good sleep. 34. Don’t choose to start easily, just don’t stop as long as you choose to start. No rabbits, no eagles. Habitually turn big watermelons into small watermelons, and defeat them individually. 35. Before going to bed, think about what to do tomorrow, and prepare the things to take out (documents, certificates, keys, tissues, etc.). Arrange things so that you won’t panic the next day. 36. Before going to bed, don’t bring your mobile phone to bed, especially don’t put it on the bedside. One is because you will continue to play, and the other is because it is too dangerous. There are many examples of mobile phones exploding.

7 months ago

Using less useless social software, you can spend at least one hour more than your peers a day. When you use it for reading, skin care, and fitness, the tip of your tongue touches your palate slightly, your face will look better, your breathing will be smoother, your speech will be softer, and your heart will be harder. Do things decisively, double-click on the screen and you will find that New World (let others love you more) watch Oscars, documentaries, TED, and popular science films of various countries regardless of borders, supplement your own knowledge blind spots, and have more topics in the chat. Keep going to bed early , Can repair at least 30% of the BUG (hairline, dark circles, baldness…) Regular exercise. Think about things that make people happy when you wake up early, stimulate your cerebral cortex, and increase brain excitement. When visiting relatives and friends, Bring some fruits, snacks and snacks. You need to “think ahead” when doing things in the past: For example, before going to bed, think about what you will do tomorrow, and prepare what you bring out so that you don’t panic the next day and head east. I don’t set up various FLAGs in the circle of friends. I will only share the joy after success. Use a memo to record various inspirations, life, work, and even the account password I set up every time (this is my start a month ago Who uses the habit, who knows how easy this habit is!) Always keep learning new knowledge and new skills, learn from the big guys, and meet good mentors and friends. It’s the fastest way to grow and progress. Spend 15mins a day, review the day and stick to it. In one month, you will find that your life is better and your ability to solve problems will be stronger (just use a memo to record)

7 months ago

1. After the age of 20, think more about how to make money and don’t entangle whether others love you or not. 2. If you insist on reading for 30 minutes before going to bed, you can become Liu Yifei overnight, but you can never become Dong Qing overnight. 3. Insist on eating breakfast. If you want to have a good figure and worry about getting older, you must eat it. Breakfast is the beginning of the day. A good breakfast will make you full of energy throughout the day. 4. Don’t trust any verbal promises that have not been put into practice, especially the sweet words of men. 5. Drinking at least 2000ml of water a day can speed up metabolism. Little sisters who don’t like boiled water, you can add honey or lemon slices for beauty and beauty. 6. If you don’t want to do things and people you don’t like, don’t give up, just refuse. 7. The 20-second courage method. When wondering whether to do something, give yourself 20 seconds to fight for it. For example, if you want to get the WeChat account of the male god, take the courage for 20 seconds and take the initiative. If it succeeds, everyone is happy. 8. Learn to encourage and appreciate others. For example, when you read a good article in Zhihu, double-clicking the screen is the biggest encouragement. 9. Buy an individual fat scale, measure the body weight and analyze the lower body fat at the same time, and formulate a reasonable fitness plan. 10. Whether English, Japanese or Korean, you must insist on learning a language you like. This can expand your social circle and give you more choices in your future work. 11. For every hour of watching the computer, you must rest for 60 seconds. It can not only restore energy and improve work efficiency, but also completely relax the eyes and prevent myopia. 12. Take care of your own mouth, and don’t be “naked” in front of outsiders. 13. Use whole grains instead of rice and eat less carbohydrates. Fat is the result of eating, but it is also thin. 14. Learn to listen. When listening to others, do not interrupt or refute. 15. Avoid gorging or overeating. Put the food in your mouth and chew at least 20 times, otherwise it will hurt your stomach and you will get fat easily. 16. For friends who don’t contact often, their birthday is the best time to connect with each other, so remember to send a birthday greeting. 17. Give up sugar, especially artificial sugar foods, such as milk tea, chocolate, and sandwich biscuits. Don’t worry too much about the sugar contained in the fruit itself, as long as you don’t eat too much, the skin will not age and make people fat. 18. Take the initiative to admit mistakes, don’t find all kinds of excuses for yourself, so that you will never be aware of your problems. 19. Video call with parents once a week. Even if it’s okay, it’s good to accompany them to lesbian, don’t wait until you have no money to be wronged to think of them. 20. If conflicts arise, learn to take the initiative to step down the stairs. Just like in love, you must learn to bow your head, otherwise it is very likely that you will lose someone who loves you because of a small conflict. 21. Develop a good habit of taking a nap, taking a 15-minute nap, which is equivalent to going to bed 1 hour early at night. A proper nap can give the brain adequate rest, relieve fatigue, and improve the efficiency of study and work in the afternoon. 22. Plan ahead of time what to do the next day, and when you encounter important things, set the alarm clock in advance to prevent things from accumulating and accidentally forgetting. Suzhou has opened adult undergraduate enrollment, no need to go to school, on-the-job readable, high gold content! Advertising Culture for Higher Education View details 23. Writing is the best way to output knowledge. Keep writing a short 500-word short story every day, not 21 days. Our writing level will gradually improve, and our logical thinking will become more and more meticulous. 24. Always be grateful and say “thank you” to outsiders, and you will also reap the kindness of others. Just like you who read this answer and are willing to double-click the screen to give Daisy a little red heart. 25. Don’t lower the standards of making friends easily. Making friends is the same as falling in love. For example, if you know each other for less than a day, you tell the other party about your personal affairs; no matter how difficult the other party proposes, you will help. No one will think that you are kind, only that you are “taken advantage of.” 26. Uninstall unnecessary apps, which will fundamentally reduce the time we spend on mobile phones, such as Douyin and Kuaishou, and just one hour will pass. 27. Girls should pay special attention to hygiene, underwear should be changed every day, and private parts should be cleaned in place. 28. Use black sesame paste instead of breakfast or afternoon tea, and insist on eating it every day. The effect should not be too good for bald girls. 29. If you don’t bring your mobile phone to bed, you can easily lose sleep when playing with your mobile phone. If you are not careful, it will be one or two in the middle of the night, which will damage your body and affect your work the next day. Especially girls, they also have dark circles and bags under the eyes. 30. Basic physical examination once a year to eliminate potential diseases of the body in time. People who often work overtime and stay up late should pay more attention. If you feel uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital in time to prevent minor problems from turning into major problems. 31. Always wash underwear by hand, and wash it separately from other clothes. Girls are best to buy special underwear cleaning soap, which has better sterilization effect and less damage to the girl’s body. 32. In crowded occasions, you must cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. The details can best reflect a person’s upbringing. 33. Cultivate the ability to apply written knowledge to real life. For example, after reading this article, I insisted on achieving 10 of them. I must learn more and make faster progress than the little cutie who slipped away before reading it. 34. Cook yourself at least one meal a week. Eating takeaway for a long time is not only bad for your health, but also reduces your happiness in life. Occasionally eating at home, not only treats my stomach, but also can experience the joy of cooking. 35. Correct the bad posture and achieve the “three nos”, do not lift your legs, do not have chests, and do not hunch back. 36. Stick to rub body lotion in spring, summer, autumn and winter, rub moisturizing in autumn and winter, and choose refreshing in summer. If you persist for 30 days, your skin will become white and tender visible to the naked eye. 37. Try different dressing styles and find the dressing rule that best highlights your temperament and suits you best. 38. Learn to leave. Unused clothes and shoes are packaged and donated to the used clothes recycling station; those who are lying in the circle of friends and do not contact, take the initiative to delete. By subtracting life, you will live more easily. 39. Don’t think that being late is the privilege of a girl. You must have a sense of time in everything. It is best to arrive at your destination 10 minutes before appointment. 40. Do a good job of emotional management. Mood and anger are not true temperament, but the one who can control the emotion is the real strong. Those who can manage their emotions can definitely avoid 80% of the detours. 41. If you do anything, you will be rewarded if you persist in the end.

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1. Turn off unimportant APP reminders in your phone. 2. Prepare in advance what you need to bring the next day to avoid procrastination and improve efficiency. 3. Watch more movies. You can watch domestic, Japanese, European and American movies to expand your knowledge. Like TED, documentaries, popular science films… all worth watching 4. Drink a glass of warm water every morning after getting up. Refreshing and refreshing, promote blood circulation, and help to discharge toxins. 5. Soak your feet every night. Soothes tendons, relaxes the mood, and helps sleep. 6. Jogging 3 times a week. Not only exercise, but also relieve emotions and release stress. 7. Reduce short videos. Short videos are very magical. The more you watch, the more addictive you get. 8. Save money regularly, no matter how much you earn, you must develop the habit of saving money! Reject moonlight, but also can deal with emergencies. 9. Keep accounts and understand where the funds are going. Don’t be too subtle, just know where the spend is roughly. 10. Learn financial management and understand some financial management knowledge. You don’t manage money, and money doesn’t care about you. 11. Breathe through your nose, not your mouth. 12. Do 30 squats every day. Not only prevent knee injuries, but also lose weight. Both boys and girls can do it often. 13. Don’t hunch back when walking. 14. Pay attention to oral problems. Be sure to pay attention to oral problems! Toothache really hurts! Treatment is expensive! ╥﹏╥15. Spend half an hour to an hour learning a skill every day. Take time to learn some interesting skills, such as foreign languages, PS, etc., which may become your bonus points in the future. 16. Develop the habit of independent thinking. Others’ methods can be used for reference, but you should not blindly and keep thinking independently. 17. Watch videos and listen to music in public and put on headphones. 18. Follow some fashion bloggers and learn how to wear them. People rely on clothes, and learning to dress up will really add a lot of points. 19. When the mouth is closed, the tip of the tongue touches the upper jaw lightly, which will make breathing more smoothly and the face shape will be more beautiful. 20. When focusing on doing things, such as writing homework, writing reports, how far you can put your mobile phone. 21. If you don’t pursue 100% compliance, 75% is enough. 22. Keep reading, all types are fine. Reading is a lifelong matter. Reading well is an ability in itself, and reading is the cheapest way to improve yourself and broaden your horizons. 23. Pay attention to appearance and maintain skin. Girls apply makeup and pay attention to isolation and sun protection. The boy cuts his nose hair and washes his greasy face. 24. When gathering with friends, don’t touch your phone at all times, so that you don’t respect each other. 25. Take paper with you. Prevent the embarrassing scene of running out of paper when you need to use paper. In the male dormitory, if you have paper, you are the father. 26. Be self-disciplined. Self-discipline is your ability to control your emotions and allow yourself to act. 27. Stand up for activities after sitting for a long time. Sitting for a long time is an “accomplice” to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. 28. Look through your favorites when you are okay. 29. Don’t use vibrato before going to bed. 30. Have breakfast. It’s easy to say, but most people can’t do it. 31. When brushing your teeth and washing your face, put on some music to relax your mood. 32. Do not set flags to others easily. 33. Say thank you. An inadvertent thank you will make others feel good. 34. Get rid of the problem of indecision. 35. Collect useful knowledge when you encounter it.

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1: Get up early, morning is the most important time of the day. When I was younger, I used to sleep in bed. Annoying, but then I developed the habit of getting up early and I can accomplish many things calmly. I can get up to make a delicious breakfast or have a simple exercise. Persevere, and you will find that you can do a lot of work in the morning. 2: Three meals a day are fixed and quantified. I have always taken three meals seriously. This good habit makes me healthy and well-proportioned. Now there are many stomach problems caused by not paying attention to eating. This is your own body, and you have to pay back what you owe, so eat well. 3: Keep moving. This is a good habit that I have been insisting on all the time. Outside my house is a runway with river water. I will go for a run and stretch in a certain evening. There will also be a group of yoga or aerobics at home. If you can walk, just walk. 4: Wake up early with a cup of warm water, full of energy all day. 5: Insist on a nap so that you can work efficiently in the afternoon. 6: Regular skin care This good habit makes your skin better and better. As long as you stick to simple skin care products, you can get good results by using the right methods. 7: Persist in learning This is an era of rapid progress. If you do not continue to learn, you will be abandoned by the times. So no matter what, you must maintain a heart to learn.

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1. Keep your mind clear. The brain is like a muscle. The more you use it, the healthier it will be. 1. Reading some books every day, half an hour or 10 minutes is fine, even on the subway to work. Remember it is “every day”, only after “reading” can there be subsequent “writing”. 2. Write something every day, it doesn’t matter how much, record your thoughts, thoughts are fleeting, if you don’t record it, you will be wasted. If reading is absorption, then writing is production, and what is produced is one’s own. The higher the writing level, the better at thinking. 3. There are other ways to improve the brain, such as watching TED, listening to classical music, such as going out to experience nature. 4. Don’t be invaded your brain by junk thoughts, such as those brain-dead TV shows, games, etc. 5. Learn as much as you can. Never stop at this point, because learning is the fastest and most effective way to strengthen your brain. 2. Take care of your body 1. Keep exercising. You don’t have to be a muscular man, but you must maintain a healthy and good-looking figure, even if it’s ten minutes a day. Don’t wait for you to lose your health before repairing it. At that time, it may be too late. 2. Eat more healthy foods such as fruits, maintain a regular diet, avoid overeating, and stay away from junk food. Those who do not eat breakfast, those who only eat one meal a day to lose weight, will sooner or later pay for it. 3. Pay attention to your interpersonal relationship 1. The fastest way to change yourself is to be with the person you want to be. Actively look for such people, get close to them, and learn from them. However, you may not have such people around you, but you can make good use of the Internet to find more opportunities for them to communicate. If you write to them for advice, why not? 2. Stay away from vampires who always have negative emotions, otherwise they will consume a lot of your time and energy. Especially those who complain about emotional experiences and find comfort. 3. Skills to strengthen the relationship: remember the other party’s important holidays and hobbies, ask them to help or actively help each other. 4. Never stop looking for good, positive like-minded people, because these people can often take you to the next level. Fourth, pay attention to your financial situation. Financial management. You can only benefit from the beginning. 1. Make money. Only if your income is greater than your expenses will you have money to save. 2. Investment. The money you make will be taken back from you sooner or later by others, so you must continue to take it back from others. From the monthly salary, take 5-10% and deposit it in buying funds, securities, etc. But remember to buy stocks or lottery tickets. Unless you are in this industry, don’t think about making a fortune in this industry. 3. Save every dollar. Only at the right time will you know the value of a dollar. 5. Learn to communicate more 1. Learn to communicate with children. If children can understand your expression, then adults will definitely be fine. 2. Communicate with thinking people, and the sparks of thinkers can sometimes brighten your life. 3. Learn to say different things to different people, especially the “jargon” in your profession. 6. Realize your exponential growth 1. When you first start these habits, you may not feel its usefulness, but when you spend more time here, your little progress will merge with each other, and finally grow exponentially. ! 2. The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, and the second best time is now. Even if you are 26 years old now, but you mainly develop these habits, you can still achieve great achievements after 33 years of age.

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What are the good habits that can be made beautiful by persisting? 1 Keep exercising every day, jogging or brisk walking 2 Keep going to bed before 11 o’clock every day (at the latest 12:30) 3 Get your eyebrows trimmed and choose your own suitable eyebrow shape! 4 Skinny legs, before going to bed every night, put your legs against the wall for 30 minutes at a 90-degree angle to your body. Over the long term, you can ensure that you have a pair of beautiful legs. 5 Do not walk with a hump and pay attention to your walking posture. Standing against the wall and sticking to it can correct the hunchback. 6 Develop the habit of soaking your feet every day, which not only relieves fatigue but also solves some minor physical problems (to add, soak your feet with water that floods your calves to thin your calves, test it yourself!) 7 Drink more Hot water 8 Choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape, wash your hair and drop two drops of rosemary essential oil to grow your hair 9 Apply lip balm before going to bed, and your mouth will be soft and tender the next day 10 Pay attention to sun protection, apply sunscreen, go out and play Umbrellas, one white to cover one hundred ugly 11 Blush is very important when putting on makeup (the orange one will be very girly, test it yourself!) 12 Irregular teeth with braces to straighten the teeth, a neat tooth is pleasing to the eye 13 Pear-shaped body Wear more A-line mid-skirts, midi skirts and wide-leg pants with slim waist. 14 After washing your face, wipe dry with cotton pads, or gently pat your face dry with your hands. Do not dry with towels and paper. 15 Breathe with your nose, do not use Mouth breathing 16 insist on making more than 50 belly rolls a day, and you can slowly increase the amount to 50 (additionally, because doing a lot of sit-ups is not good for the waist) 17 drink less ice water and pigmented beverages 18 drink for breakfast Five-bean porridge with mixed grains, make yourself ruddy 19 Blackheads and acne can not be squeezed (additional, blackheads are very stubborn, the more you squeeze the bigger the pores, pay attention to clean and moisturize, I use CNP laboratory’s nose patch, visual inspection is fine) 20 Exfoliating products are enough to use once a week. 21 Jump rope to lose weight, the effect is obvious. 22 Do more stretching exercises to increase flexibility. 23 Drink more lemon and honey water for beauty and beauty 24. If you pinch the roots, your nose will become taller and firmer. , You must stick to it, you won’t see the effect in a short time!) 25 Stick to applying body lotion every day after taking a bath. If stick to it for a long time, the skin will become tender and shiny. 26 Don’t sit down immediately after half an hour after a meal. It is best to take a walk. 27 Stick to wipe Use hand cream to make a hand mask, and the hands are the second face of girls 28 Stick to squats, no squats, no hips (supplement! Pay attention to the standard of action, you will not be thick thighs) 29 Cosmetics and skin care products should be suitable for you 30 Use hula hoop for 15 to 30 minutes every day to lose weight. 31 Get up in the morning and get two spoons of black sesame with a cup of honey water. 32 Develop a habit of using conditioner after shampoo. If you stick with it, your hair will be smoother 33 every day Put on light makeup, there are no ugly women, only lazy women. 34 Drink green tea, vegetable juice, fruit juice or potatoes, whole grains and other foods to help detoxification. Spend only one vegetarian meal one day a week to let the stomach and intestines rest. Promote sleep, persistence will turn white. 36 Don’t eat meat for weight loss. Use meat and vegetables. 37 Skin care every night is to apply moisturizing lotion to the neck. Massage from bottom to top for 20-30 times until the lotion is completely absorbed. Do not go straight up and down during massage, but use circular motions. 38 Frequent abdomen reduction can reduce the abdomen. 39 Girls with long calf muscles will rub the calf and thin leg muscles when they have time. 40 Nails often pinch, pinch from both sides. Become a beautiful oval 41 Use a towel to wipe some soap or shower gel into the ears to wash the contours. After a long time, the ears will be bright and beautiful. 42 Wash your face with cold water every time you wash your face. It can tighten your skin 43 Don’t cross your legs 44 Rub your hands with vinegar, and then pull your fingers out one by one. Your hands will be slender and white. 45 Washing your hair with warm water with vinegar will make your hair soft (this is how my mother insists, and she often gets her hair in her forties now) , The hair does not have split ends) 46 When going to bed, take the cucumber and cut it thin, put it on the face for a few minutes and take it off, the face will be white and tender within a month. 47 Remove eye bags, do more eye exercises and eliminate it at the last session. Apply overnight tea to your eyelashes to become denser and longer. 48 When brushing your teeth, you can take a mouthful of vinegar and then brush to make them whiter. 49 After a fall, you may have a large bruise. What should I do? After you boil the egg and remove the shell, roll it over the bruise, and it will disappear slowly. 50 slices of ginger, press your finger on the scar for 15 minutes before going to bed, and then wash it off the next morning, continuously Within a week, you will find that this method is very effective in dealing with acne scars. 51 Apply ginger juice to the eyebrows, it can turn black, or olive oil will do. 52 Eat more alkaline foods to make you lean easily (vegetables, fruits, soy products, dairy products) 53 Use sweet potatoes instead of staple food, thin The fast does not rebound 54 Use a brush to apply powder, no puff or sponge, it will be more natural 55 Stovepipe foods: winter melon, barley, mung bean, aloe 56 If it is not the face bones, but the face is more fleshy, every day before going to bed Rub your face from the chin to the temples from the bottom to the top, rub it for 50 times and then sleep, you can thin your face. 57 Any skin care products can be applied from the bottom to the top, the face will be tightened and pushed up, it feels less fleshy 58 When using eye cream, gently tap and knead slowly. Apply the cream from the bottom to the top, and don’t forget the neck. After applying the eye cream, use the back of your hand to lift up. 59 Mineral water plus compression mask, often apply to your face and skin. Will become supple. 60 Place green plants next to the computer, such as cacti, to reduce radiation. Putting potatoes on your face is good for your skin. Potatoes must be fresh. Cut 3-5mm slices and stick them on the face or those with local acne. Change the sticking every 10 minutes and last for half an hour. The skin will not be shiny. 61 Put the cream first when you wipe your face. Squeeze it on your fingertips, rub it gently, and then apply a little bit on your face, or squeeze the cream on the palm of your hand, rub a few times, then cover your face 62 Tremella add water and boil until it is sticky, drink a bowl every day, Absolutely replenish collagen, not inferior to trotters. 63 Myopia In order to make the eyes look not sluggish, roll your eyes when you are fine. 64 Wash your breasts from the bottom up when you take a shower every day to make your breasts firmer and less prone to sagging. 65 I take two cheeks 300 times a day, that is, the masseter muscle that is patted with lotion and lotion. If you stick to it, your face will be smaller. 66 Read more fashion magazines, cultivate a sense of fashion, and pay attention to your own clothes. 67 Don’t use the slogan of losing weight. Eating breakfast, skipping breakfast will not only have a bad complexion, but will also gain weight. 68 Get up in the morning on an empty stomach and drink a glass of boiled water. 69 Psychological hints are very important. You must always hint to yourself that I am beautiful, I am beautiful, and confident girls are the most beautiful.

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1. Don’t tell others about good things casually 2. Put an end to your kind personality 3. Associate with people, don’t be stripped of your clothes, always maintain a certain sense of mystery, it is the long-lasting preservative 4. See For questions that begin with “Are you there?” Don’t think too much about asking you. If you are not familiar with it and you are embarrassed to refuse, please pretend not to see it. 5. Bring tissues when you go out. 6. Before you open your eyes in bed every day, in your head Here are a few things to do today 7. Don’t delay doing things 8. If you feel that your relationship is not right, it must be wrong 9. Don’t always think about having too high expectations of others, some things Just listen. 10. Do what you want to do immediately. 11. Learn to agree and learn to be generous. 12. Block out all the negative energy people in the WeChat circle of friends. 13. Borrow money, borrow in a hurry, don’t borrow from the poor, negotiate well Repayment date, written in black and white. 14. Inertial thinking is a poison that stays with you. 15. Self-discipline can solve many of your physical and mental problems. Supplement 16. If someone asks you to drink milk tea, remember the courtesy line -17. No Feel free to accept the benefits and WeChat red envelopes given by others

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