I am not as pessimistic as everyone else. I personally think that the animation of this animation should have a lot to do with the supervision of the animation. Jin Qianqiu, the female supervisor, stands out among the male animation supervisors, and is absolutely sufficient in terms of ability. Moreover, Jin Qianqiu’s most well-known work recently is “Backstreet Girl”, which focuses on the cuteness of the underworld. If you say it is simple, that animation is really simple. You can imagine an animation of about 20 minutes per episode. It is so poor that the OP needs it. Let the supervisor personally put on clothes and dance the house dance? The supervisor Jin Qianqiu did it. Therefore, instead of lamenting the end of Japanese animation, it is better to say that this is the personal ability of the supervisor Jin Qianqiu, who has animated many works that cannot be made into animation. However, because the supervisor cannot attract investment, it can only be made like this. . If you pay attention to Mendel, you can see that he has introduced many very good manga works that are not animated, and this is just the tip of the iceberg in Japan’s huge manga library. To give an improper example, would anyone worry that there are not many Chinese online novels that can be adapted into TV dramas? It doesn’t exist at all! Given the number of excellent online novels in China now, even if one is adapted a day, there is absolutely no problem with adapting for a hundred years, and the number of excellent manga works in Japan will not be less than this, if not enough, plus the number of light novels Enough. I personally think this work is quite interesting. The supervisor Jin Qianqiu’s ability and level are also very good. Everyone should not use special cases to look at Japanese animation. Instead, I think that it is precisely because of such things as “Guru Fu Dao”. The appearance of the work shows that the animation industry in Japan is very strong. As long as the personal will of the supervision is strong enough, a group of people can be mobilized to animate a work. This is the power of the industry.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The Japanese underworld brainwashing film is misleading to audiences who lack sufficient judgment. The formation of a person’s ideology or values ​​is not a sudden “insight” one day, but a subtle change. The “underworld” in Japanese literary works is just like this. I can probably enumerate these works: “Ji Dao Fresh Master”, “MY BOSS MY HERO”, “Pseudo Love”, “Seto’s Flower Marriage”, including “Ji Zhu Fu Dao”. If a person doesn’t know anything about the Japanese underworld, what impression would you have when you read these works? Oh, the Japanese underworld are all good. Although a bit fierce, they are all very grounded, kind and warm-hearted, and very funny. Over time, you will not have any negative impressions of the Japanese underworld, but if you have the opportunity to go to Japan, it would be good to find a few underworld brothers to worship. In “Ultimate Master”, the host is acting as a “housewife” in a murderous posture, which will also reduce the audience’s psychological defense and strengthen the recognition that the Japanese underworld is actually very good and kind. Even in terms of setting, these underworlds “may” have done bad things, but in the main storyline, they have “returned to the righteous” and become legal citizens. And will not be subject to any legal and moral sanctions. But the question is: is this the case? From the introduction of Wikipedia. Japanese underworld organizations are criminal gangs. Like all criminal gangs, they participate in various activities that can make huge profits. Illegal gambling and prostitution are the main businesses of the Japanese underworld, and the smuggling of illegal products such as drugs, arms and pornographic publications are also profitable industries. The practice of collecting protection fees is a common trick used by Japanese gangs to make money. Japan’s well-developed porn industry is created solely by gangsters. Kabukicho, located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is the largest red-light district in Asia. Tens of thousands of bars, adult clubs, love hotels, etc. gather on one square kilometer of land. It is called the “maze city of desire.” In the eyes of the Japanese, Kabukicho is also synonymous with the underworld. There are hundreds of gang offices in the town and more than 1,000 active gang members. In Japanese underworld families, women are usually marginalized. Even the wives and daughters of gang members can only get a slightly higher treatment than the subordinates, and sometimes they become tools for gang members to lust. Jackie Chan played a work called “Shinjuku Incident”, in fact, it is a better description of what the underworld is in the true sense. Compared with these works that deliberately beautify the underworld, “Infernal Affairs” and even the “Young and Dangerous” series are more educational. Because they will never tell the audience “it’s glorious to be a gangster”, but – they will have to pay it back sooner or later when they come out and mix it up.

6 months ago

It’s not boring, but it’s not particularly funny either. Many of the jokes are created by the contrast between the persona and the event, and the exaggeration of the anime characters. Too much makes aesthetic fatigue. Regarding the social situation in Japan, although I have always learned something from animation works, there is still a lack of resonance after all. I watched the first episode with 80 points. It looks good and I want to watch the next episode. It’s okay to watch the second episode with 65 points, but it’s not that good. The third episode is 45 minutes. I can’t tell what’s bad, but I’m not interested anymore. I see half fell asleep.

6 months ago

Apart from Uncle Jin’s performance, there is nothing to be praised. The look and feel of the picture is not as good as the comics.
In addition, I oppose Gao Zan talking about values. In this case, the underworld is so hard on the road. Isn’t it telling everyone that if you are a gangster, you should live your life in a warm little home?

6 months ago

Look everyone! The comic is moving! What kind of ghost is this animation that basically only moves the mouth, and it does not affect the storytelling of the plot at all. As if “You are right or not”, this kind of uncomfortable sentence does not affect our understanding at all. In terms of simplification, it is true that Japan has achieved the ultimate. In 1963, Japanese animator Osamu Tezuka developed a new animation production process and produced “Astro Boy” with the greatest possible cost savings. Many of the scenes use the effect of picture enlargement instead of animation, and use repeated pictures in many places. This approach obviously severely hurt the artistry of the animation, but this Japanese first TV animation achieved explosive success after it was broadcast. At the time, Japan knew how studios followed this approach and produced minimalist TV animations. Manga+animation=anime, “Ultra Lord Fudao”= an animated manga≈anime, absolutely! Minimalist animation, original and original, absolutely! Is this trying to compete with “Houjie Girl” for the title of the poorest anime? This may be real poverty. A complete slide show, many so-called moving pictures just pan or vibrate a picture from top to bottom, which really saves money to the extreme. The spiritual sequel of “Backstreet Girl”, “Utmost Master”, may have some problems with hard targets, but it is undeniable that this work is interesting in content.

6 months ago

I completely gave up the pictures of my peers indulging in funding, and directly threw it to the original comics with good expressiveness (play ppt), and put most of my energy into the plot, sound effects, and lines. The look and feel is surprisingly good… It seems that the production team actively requested this way of expression to do it. It can be said that there is a poor way to spend… It can also be said that it does capture the essence of the original… But in this way, the upper limit is basically framed in the original.

6 months ago

When I first flipped the comments, I found that it was a PPT fan, and then I didn’t have any desire to watch it. Then yesterday when I was talking about the new show with my classmates, he strongly recommended me to watch this, saying it was pretty good. I want to take a look. Then in the middle of the night watching under the covers almost laughed. How to put it, this is indeed a PPT episode, full of the feeling of insufficient funds, running is a person shaking wildly, talking and talking is one of the few dynamic pictures. But from the perspective of perception, it is very beautiful. It is very suitable for relaxing when you are tired after a busy day. If you are watching it for the sake of experiencing the artistic atmosphere, it is indeed not suitable, you should go out and turn left and look at other things. Regardless of the degree of restoration of the original and what it has to do with the live-action version, I, as someone who has never seen the original and the live-action version, really feel that this is pretty good. If you are interested in Sha Diao Fan and don’t mind PPT Fan, it is worth a visit.

6 months ago

The story swaps the social roles of men and women in traditional concepts, and creates comedic effects through huge cognitive contrast. Do the most virtuous work with the most ferocious expressions and words. Some places are quite funny, but the production level is a little bit hip, and insufficient funding is one thing, but the basic problem of the background volume being too loud to hear the lines shouldn’t be. The big brother of the underworld represents the extreme of male masculinity, and the housewife represents the extreme of feminine beauty of women. Juxtaposed the mutually exclusive two poles in this inherent cognition, forming the role of the master of the extreme, which constitutes the role of the traditional gender. The deconstruction and rebellion of order, men can also wash dishes, cook, clean and purchase household items, even if you are a gangster.

6 months ago

There is an up in station b that talks about dart man comics, it feels better than this (the same format, the production feels better than this 2333)
But I didn’t feel much joking and joking in the backstreet after watching it. At first, I felt more stiffer than the backstreet. I don’t know if it was my illusion, but I can still see it. It’s okay to laugh. If I’m in the b station, I will. 9.2 points

6 months ago

It’s not a problem for me to watch the ppt animations on Netflix. I didn’t even find the ppt problem when watching Backstreet Girls. The only problem for me is that it’s not funny. All the laughs are It’s just the male protagonist’s underworld posture, which is in contrast to the male protagonist’s identity. Once you accept this setting, you will feel that it is repetitive and boring. Exciting, every time the male protagonist does some housework, and then the posture is regarded as a gangster backstreet girl. There are too many stories around transgender, and there is only one story in the master’s road, so I feel boring

6 months ago

I watched five episodes after I watched it and then looked for reviews. I watched five episodes on Netflix. All in all, the contrast is cute and cute. I think the little theater that I like the most is a play for dinner, why are you so serious? Think the ppt texture is more adorable? It’s purely a personal opinion, it’s weird and pretty, no matter what others say, I’ll finish reading it. If you like it, it’s fine. There’s no need to scold you, right?

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