On the evening of April 15th, Xiao Chen from Jinhua, Zhejiang, went online at an Internet cafe in Wuyi. After going to the toilet, he found that he had been given sleeping pills in his milk tea. The police locked down the drug-administering man Luo through surveillance. According to Luo’s account, he saw that Xiao Chen was more handsome and put on sleeping pills prepared in advance. He planned to try to trick Xiao Chen after drinking it. Fortunately, he was spotted by the other party in time. Currently, Luo has been under criminal detention.

There is a saying, if the drug is a beautiful girl, then the whole network has exploded now, and Weibo comments on any scene can be imagined with feet. But when everyone sees it as a man, most people just laugh it off and don’t delve into it. Those who are addicted to beauty may still have a little excitement… Anyway, they don’t think this is a big deal. They want to laugh more than anger or panic. . I admit that my first reaction was to read it as a joke. But thinking deeper, if the person involved is violated, he will be harmed by no means inferior to any woman who has been violated. This is something the people who eat melon do not or do not have the consciousness to think about. I don’t want to stand on the moral high ground and blame someone, I am also one of them, but this is unreasonable, we need to face it squarely. What’s more terrible is that the legal definition of male-male behavior does not even count as rape, and the object of rape does not include males. However, in the law, there is no male rape of males, which does not mean that it will not happen in reality. When the perpetrator is not punished, it is to some extent to encourage the crime. In the area of ​​sex education, young girls are now being taught to beware of strange scorpions, but no one tells little boys that they should also beware of strange scorpions. If it happens, how can parents not panic? In recent years, homosexual love has gradually conquered the commanding heights of public opinion. It has become a political correctness to assume that it is normal rather than pathological. However, how to deal with homosexual infringements is absent from society and the law. Through this case, it is hoped that relevant departments can be alerted and the bugs of this system can be repaired as soon as possible. This reflects the civilized level of society more than legislation prohibiting eating dog meat. As for self-protection, everyone should look at the safety education materials, I won’t go into it more.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

This incident is not a trivial matter, this man is considered lucky; in fact, many unlucky boys have already suffered assaults, and the serious ones have developed to the point of depression and collapse and committing suicide. In fact, there are many anonymous boys who have suffered assaults. Answer, write about their various breakdowns and sorrows, only that few people have seen them. They have been trying to ask for help, but no one cares about their pain, let alone help them; hope this matter can cause legal workers Pay attention to them, and look for some measures and methods that can really help them;

5 months ago

Huo, I keep saying that boys should protect themselves when they go out. Look, isn’t this true? In today’s era, whether you are a man or a woman, you are away from home, or you are more careful, who knows whether the man opposite you likes men, or if he eats all men and women, he is not picky at all. For this reason, he still does something wrong. Knowing the person, knowing the face and not knowing the heart, the heart is separated from the belly, you are not the roundworm in the other’s stomach, I don’t know what he is thinking. You must not be harmful, and you must be defensive. This is what I often say, even if his goal is not you, but your wallet, you must be careful in everything. This little brother is considered very cautious and lucky. , Otherwise, if it succeeds, I will find someone to make sense. If you are succeeded and whoever can stand it, you will think that this is a great insult to another person’s personality. In these days, if you have a husband or a boyfriend, you have to be careful, and now you have to protect your own. Husbands or boyfriends used to be anti-women, but now even men are also anti-women. It’s too difficult~ Anyway, regardless of men or women, you should pay attention to safety when you go out, otherwise you will regret it if something goes wrong. Safety awareness is everyone’s responsibility. Yes~

5 months ago

I’m a direct guy! I used to think that girls should strengthen their safety awareness when they go out, but now they think boys should strengthen their own safety consciousness when they go out! I couldn’t help but shudder. What kind of world is this? People say that in troubled times, there will be demons, but now in this peaceful and prosperous world, everyone has it. This reflects an extremely abnormal social phenomenon, which can only be said to be too much. I think the country should promulgate relevant laws for men’s safety. Otherwise, how to prosecute and punish criminals if this phenomenon occurs? Again, boys must protect themselves when they are away from home!

5 months ago

In this world, I have to say that boys have to protect themselves outside. It’s really scary! In addition, according to Article 237 of the Criminal Law: Anyone who uses violence, coercion or other methods to forcibly molest others or insult a woman shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention. Anyone who gathers a crowd or commits this crime in public in a public place, or has other bad circumstances, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years. This person may be suspected of indecency. It is said that the process is like this: Xiao Chen from Jinhua, Zhejiang, was surfing the Internet at an Internet cafe. After going to the bathroom and returning to his seat, he picked up his milk tea and drank it. He immediately found something was wrong and spit out a white pill from his mouth. The boy was frightened. Big jump, call the police immediately. It turns out that I don’t know who gave sleeping pills to my milk tea. After calling the police, the police found Luo, the man who administered the drug, through surveillance. At that time, Luo Mou confessed: He saw that Xiao Chen was more handsome, so he put on sleeping pills prepared in advance. He likes handsome-looking boys, because he dared not pursue it. He once heard people in the circle mentioned sleeping pills, so he tried boldly, taking advantage of the other party’s drowsiness, thinking about plotting against Xiao Chen after drinking it. Fortunately, he was spotted in time. . In the end it did not succeed. Looking forward to the final report from the police.

5 months ago

Key words: night, internet cafe, man. There have been a lot of perversions in recent years. Especially in Internet cafes and bars, where the light is dark during the day, and no matter what happens at night, you may not be able to meet anything. Generally, girls are more conscious to avoid such places at night. Of course not everyone, but men generally don’t care and feel that they can’t suffer. This is actually a big mistake. To put it mildly: “Too naive “Even legally, men and men are still blank areas. So my advice is, don’t go home at night, and don’t always go to places like bars and Internet cafes at night. If you are really addicted to games, you can play during the day and go at night. What puzzles me most is that I dare to put the milk tea aside and come back. Drink, this is just a sleeping pill. In case it is a drug, in case it is directly poisoned, in case someone is drunk or fighting in groups, all of these are not impossible. The probability of encountering in such a place Also high. In recent years, not only have some people relaxed their genders, but also various perverts have really relaxed their genders. Therefore, regardless of men and women, regardless of age, they must have a certain sense of safety and protect themselves as much as possible, which is the basis of survival. Going to a safe place is the key to peace of mind. the above.

5 months ago

What can I say? Boys must protect themselves when they go out! This is not for fun anymore. It’s a kind of “concretion of faith.” Here I want to make a point that is not politically correct. Because in recent years, people’s views on lgbt have been lax. So some of them felt that the weather had cleared and the rain had stopped, and I felt that I could do it again. why? In the past, when the atmosphere was still relatively rigid, let alone take the initiative to take estrogen, boys with more sisters in the family might have habitually pinched orchid fingers since they were young, and they were all targets of bullying. It’s not easy to learn tyrants. Then dare to do something bad? Give people sleeping pills? Stabbing a chrysanthemum? With this idea, a group of people can stabb him with knives, and they will die in vain. This has happened in reality. Like, you know the medieval witch hunt in Europe, right? Of course, it’s not that bullying or killing is a good thing. It’s just a matter of fact. In that kind of environment, a small group of people do not dare to make mistakes with their tails in their hands. The same thing actually happened in various circles. For example, when playing bows and arrows, the older brothers used to set up a grass target to shoot at the fish pond by themselves. A few classmates came and saw it, boy, who doesn’t like to shoot something? Kaka’s hands are full. Later, in the news, there were more idiots who shot cats and dogs. When the family objected, knives and guns entered Kuma and released Nanshan. Another example is the motorcycle circle, too, brothers have a few people to pass on, just have fun, ride more than ten kilometers to and from get off work, and do not drag racing and bending to play stunts. In fact, it is just to find an excuse to gather together. As a result, the kind of “knights” in the city didn’t have anything to do with their cars and blow up the streets, so they stopped playing. Public opinion will affect reality. Many people actually don’t have much of their own thinking. When Zhang San was right, he felt that it seemed reasonable. Li Si was wrong, and he seemed to make sense. Therefore, the proposal of an opinion will inevitably affect reality. This is why I rarely polarize any point of view. Only on the issue of abolishing death, I resolutely oppose the abolition of death, even including the existence of “this view” of abolishing death.

5 months ago

At present, rape is limited to women, but if Xiao Chen is stunned and insulted, he can also be convicted of compulsory indecent and insult, so don’t have any bold ideas. Men should not be too careless, thinking that they will not be sexually assaulted. Boys still have to protect themselves when they go out. You can refer to the educational film “If you knew that boys would also be sexually assaulted.” (Manual dog head is also a bit curious, how did you find that milk tea was The sleeping pill was put in? It smells weird? Or is the pill flaky? How can it be confirmed that it is a sleeping pill…

5 months ago

In fact, the violation of men was a blind spot before. Lack of evidence in this area and rare cases. On the contrary, there is such a thing. Everyone still prefers to look at the rare things in a joking manner. In 2013, the film “If you knew that boys would also be sexually assaulted” produced by Taiwan’s education department to advocate gender equality was put on the Internet by netizens and became popular, setting a rare record for the authorities to promote the film. Let me see, I’m super brave, don’t wait for the line to hit the Internet. Everyone was playing with all kinds of things, but the original intention of shooting this film was actually diluted. But Ah Wei in the film itself was actually very painful afterwards, lethargic, and he was ashamed to talk about this kind of thing, and then he was threatened to continue to submit. It is hoped that the society will treat the assault of men as if it is encroaching on women. There are indeed too many incorrect views on the assault of men. If you encounter such a thing, call the police in time. Boys must go out to protect themselves!

5 months ago

Explain in advance that I am not fighting women’s rights, but to share my views on the current trend. I glanced at the comments about this, and many of them were surprised, weird, and smiled. “My God, it’s popular to prescribe drugs on men now?” But what would the netizens react if the drugged was a girl? “OMG! This girl is so pitiful, she must be punished severely, and it is not an exaggeration to wear it firmly.” Comments like this kind of fryer are endless. Should boys not deserve sympathy, or in modern society only girls deserve sympathy because they are weak. According to Luo’s account, he saw that Xiao Chen was more handsome and put on sleeping pills prepared in advance, intending to plot against him after Xiao Chen drank it. Think about it, if this medicine is really successful, what kind of impact will it have on the victim. Go to bed? Gay? Or trafficking in organs and human beings. It’s no less than the harm a girl is hurt by being drugged, but most of the people I see are just watching it as a joke. Let’s take a look at a set of pictures, which I moved from Weibo. I saw a piece of news in the past. I forgot what it was about girls being molested. Then there were several comments below, like this: “OMG! This girl must be wearing too revealing. Otherwise, why would there be a pervert staring at her?” “Girls don’t want to stay at home at night and go out to play or play.” Did you and the group of netizens on Weibo mock the drugged man if it became Ming Ming? Contrast. This is the “fruits” left by inciting confrontation between men and women. Women’s accidents, men’s ridicule. When a man has an accident, a woman will ridicule in the same way. The sorrow of the times, the tragedy of society. How come someone has entered the 21st century, but their thoughts still stay in the old society? Don’t say that boys should protect themselves when they go out, and girls should protect themselves when they go out. Just say that everyone should protect themselves when they go out.

5 months ago

The Water Margin was all in vain? Outwitness the birthday syllabus or the middle school texts. Have you forgotten the Huanhuan story in Gongdou Opera? You may not have encountered it before, but everyone in everyone’s circle has been “materialized”. Not long ago, Zhihu Hot Search, the female intern who was drugged to death, have you all forgotten? That’s why I always disdain you, don’t have a memory, and don’t reflect. Internet cafes, restaurants, etc. are not bad. Bars, KTVs, and these places can be said to have been staged uninterrupted.

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