According to the Weibo message of the Tesla car roof rights defender, the owner of the rights defending car made a voice for the first time after his release to respond to the car roof rights protection incident. The full text is as follows:

Hello everyone, I am the owner of the Tesla roof rights defender at the Shanghai Auto Show. I’m sorry that my excessive rights protection actions have taken up public resources, and I apologize to everyone here. Thank you very much for the criticism and education of the Shanghai government and public security departments, and thank you for your attention and understanding. Rights protection itself is not illegal, but the methods adopted must be legal, compliant, sensible and reasonable. I am currently in good health, thank you for your concern.

Regarding Tesla’s recent attitudes and practices, I have the following questions.

  1. Tesla mentioned in its statement at 3 pm on the 19th that in the past two months Tesla has been actively negotiating with car owners and proposing a variety of solutions. Car owners do not accept any form of third-party testing, and strongly Reject all proposals. In fact, from March 27 to this morning, Tesla has never actively communicated with us, let alone actively resolve the matter. I have never expressed that I do not accept third-party testing, but I do not accept the third-party testing agency designated by them.
  2. Yesterday Tesla privately released the data publicly. According to Article 8 of the Consumer Protection Law, the data belongs to our car owners and should be handed over to us directly. Tesla privately released the data without my consent. Acts that are disclosed to the public violate our personal privacy and violate the legitimate rights and interests of our consumers.
  3. Ms. Tao Lin, vice president of Tesla, publicly stated that we are asking Tesla for a huge amount of compensation, and ask her to provide evidence for this remark, otherwise Ms. Tao Lin will need to apologize to us publicly. I reserve the right to pursue her legal responsibility .
  4. Tao Lin said in an interview before: “I think she is also very professional, there should be (people) behind her.” How are we professional? Can’t car owners learn and grow? Tesla’s approach has trained us to learn about collecting evidence, learning automobile knowledge, and even some laws. Now we have to learn to study back-end data. As a car owner, how I hope I am unprofessional in protecting rights. Tesla has so many professional rights defenders. What are the underlying reasons? Regarding the claims made by someone behind it, I think this is a naked personal attack and malicious speculation. The Shanghai police have confirmed that my rights protection actions have not been instigated or manipulated by anyone. As a Tesla executive, Ms. Tao Lin, what is the confidence of your remarks? Coming? This baseless accusation hurt me and my family again.
  5. Regarding the data released by Tesla on the 22nd and the data sent to my mailbox by Tesla, I think this is not the original data of my vehicle. Please disclose the data source, extraction method, production method and selection principle of Tesla . As for the personal data that Tesla has provided to me, I have conducted a rough analysis. Please see Figure 1 for details.

From the time I bought the car to the year and two months when the accident happened, I took good care of my car, waxed, drilled, and decorated with care. However, now I have become a loyal fan of a brand. Car owners who have radically defended their rights. In the past two months, my family and I have gone through all kinds of hardships due to rights protection. I believe that loving something is not just to condone its shortcomings, but to point out its shortcomings and make it more and more perfect. In a short period of time, domestic Tesla accidents frequently occurred. Whenever I saw a suspected Tesla out-of-control incident, someone was hurt or even lost their life, I was heartbroken. I don’t want more innocent people to be hurt or bloodshed. The occurrence of, because every small probability event, for a family, means that it may be an extinction disaster. The safety of human life is above all else. I sincerely hope that the brand I have firmly chosen can do better, and truly take the responsibility and responsibility of a large company!

Tesla: Strive to start the next mediation as soon as possible and promote third-party testing

According to Tesla’s official Weibo news, Tesla once again responded to the “car roof rights protection incident” late at night. The full text is as follows:

Dear customers, netizens and media friends: Thank you for your continued attention.

At 11:02 am on April 25th, we have contacted the family of Ms. Zhang and conducted telephone communication. We expressed our willingness and sincerity to communicate further. The family of Ms. Zhang said that Ms. Zhang needs to rest for two days before contacting. We are very grateful for the response of Ms. Zhang’s family.

At the same time, we actively communicate with competent authorities at all levels, strive to initiate the next mediation as soon as possible under the guidance and supervision of the government, and promote third-party testing. We will do our best to cooperate to solve the problem.
Thank you again for your attention and understanding.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The fourth article is really funny. Unprofessional players can’t play with manufacturers. Professionals directly suspect that there is someone behind them and are directly invincible. “I think she is also very professional, and there should be (person) behind her.” Personally, no matter whether there is anyone behind the female car owner’s rights protection at the auto show, someone will provide legal assistance after the incident, and someone will take Tesla’s claim. It is normal to point out the problems with the 5-second data. The fifth sentence is the focus of these five. It’s up to Tesla if it’s considered a reasonable request. “Please Tesla announce the data source, extraction method, production method and screening principle.” Say Tesla has no water. I don’t believe it. Now, many people are quoting the rhythm to the fourth item, such as “Sit on Wei Lai”, “Ticket of Wei Lai supplier for entering the venue”, “Intriguing”, to be honest, there is nothing intriguing. . The car owner thinks Tesla has a problem and will definitely not take Tesla. Now Volkswagen (id.4,6), BYD (Han), Ford (Mustang), Xiaopeng (p7), Weilai (et) even Bba trams are in competition with Tesla, and Webasto happens to be a supplier of Volkswagen Ford and domestic Tesla. This leads to the public going to the public, which can be said to be behind the public; the Ford to go, it can be said that the behind is Ford; the Wei to go, it can be said that the back is Weilai, whichever sits can actually be used for conspiracy theories.

5 months ago

(This question is related to the interests, purely through personal experience to talk about feelings) Let me answer one of the points: 4. Tao Lin said in an interview before: “I think she is also very professional, and there should be (person) behind her. “How are we professional?” Can’t car owners learn and grow? Tesla’s approach has trained us to learn about collecting evidence, learning automobile knowledge, and even some laws. Now we have to learn to study back-end data. As a car owner, how I hope I am unprofessional in protecting rights. Tesla has so many professional rights defenders. What are the underlying reasons? Regarding the claims made by someone behind it, I think this is a naked personal attack and malicious speculation. The Shanghai police have confirmed that my rights protection actions have not been instigated or manipulated by anyone. As a Tesla executive, Ms. Tao Lin, what is the confidence of your remarks? Coming? This baseless accusation hurt me and my family again. Speaking of users becoming very professional, I feel a little bit lately. At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, our company’s PR department organized an event. A group of car owners who love to play with cars have in-depth exchanges with the manufacturer’s engineers (including me and another expert engineer in four driving forces) to communicate some experience and experience of the car off the track and follow-up suggestions from the owner. Last month, the famous track player Ai Feng cooperated with our company’s four-wheel drive engineers to conduct a P7 track upgrade challenge on the Beijing track. This event is a follow-up to that, and PR organized follow-up exchanges. This is a group of car owners from different places. There are car owners from Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, car owners from around Beijing (from Tianjin to Shanghai by car), and car owners from Guangzhou who flew to the scene to support the event. To be honest, these car owners are really professional, and I have a lot of trouble answering many questions. Talked a lot. It has also benefited us a lot. The content of the chat, there are four-wheel drive torque distribution, ESP affects the driving performance of the vehicle, and the energy recovery affects the driving. There are also talks about the feelings of many car owners on the track, and even some methods of vehicle modification. It makes me feel that this is a group of people who are really “professional” because of their passion. I say this is what I want to express: communicating with users and promoting automobile knowledge, I really don’t want to explain from the principle of leverage… As an engineer, I hope that users have a little professional knowledge, which can reduce users’ doubts and doubts about vehicles. . As a practitioner, I really hope to see more of the activities organized by our PR company in the entire industry. As a consumer, I also hope to become professional through positive channels. Instead of being “forced” like this.

5 months ago

Personally, she feels that her appeal is reasonable. Her answer is divided into two parts, the first part is to win the support of public opinion, and the second part is the appeal part. Since everyone has their own opinions in the part of gaining public support, I won’t analyze it. Let’s analyze the appeal directly. Article 1, Article 2, and Article 4 In order to win the support of public opinion, we skip and go directly to Article 3 and Article 5. Article 3. Ms. Tao Lin, the vice president of Tesla, publicly stated that we are requesting huge compensation from Tesla. She asked her to provide evidence for this remark. Otherwise, Ms. Tao Lin will need to apologize to us publicly. I reserve the right to pursue her legal responsibility. This article has no problem with Tesla’s appeal, but the purpose of this appeal is also to win the support of public opinion. It is not important but it is also a legitimate claim. Article 5: Regarding the data released by Tesla on the 22nd and the data sent by Tesla to my mailbox, I don’t think this is the original data of my vehicle. Please disclose the data source, extraction method, production method and Screening principle. The fifth appeal is the core of this incident. In fact, I think the easiest way for Tesla to solve the problem is to use the data to characterize the incident as soon as it comes up. And Tesla’s series of twisting and pinching movements, it is inevitable that people will feel that there is no silver three hundred taels here. And this process made Tesla lose its credibility step by step. It is necessary for Tesla to verify the authenticity of its data. In order to win the support of public opinion, Tesla car owners forced the analysis of the rationality of the data to be superfluous.

5 months ago

The latest response of the female Tesla owner, instead of entangled in Tesla’s communication methods, whether it infringes privacy, etc., individuals are most interested in the data part of point 5. After all, the core of this matter is whether the brakes fail, according to online hotspots. Discuss that the data currently released by Tesla cannot prove that there is a problem with the brakes, and more complete data is needed. Under the supervision of relevant departments, Tesla also claimed to have provided complete data to the owner. I never expected that the so-called complete data was shocking. . Screenshot of the original Tesla data on the owner’s Weibo. If the screenshot of the data released by the owner is not deliberately concealed, we can see that the pdf header in the picture is the same as the header previously released by Tesla to the media, only including speed and braking. Pedal physical signals, brake master cylinder pressure, ABS action, steering wheel angle, etc., can actually prove that the crash is due to brake failure or improper operation of the owner. Related analysis data, such as brake pedal position, accelerator opening and closing degree, vehicle acceleration, ibooster flag, Motor recovery torque, four-wheel speed and other indicators are not included. Seeing this, I have only one feeling, that is, we are all played by Tesla as monkeys. Looking back at car owners’ rights protection to the end of the official media, after relevant departments urged Tesla to provide data, Tesla’s series of operations may have answers. Normally, when a public opinion event reaches the above situation, the subject’s routine operations of the relevant event are to cooperate with the investigation, guide the reduction of public opinion heat, and wait quietly for the investigation results. People who eat melons can also wait for the investigation report to be released, but Tesla on the 22nd When the data was released, some data indicators were selectively announced, full of controversial data interpretation wording, which aroused widespread discussion in the society, and the enthusiasm was further fermented. As a unicorn with a market value exceeding the sum of several traditional automobile companies, if not deliberately, It can be understood as giving up treatment~ At the current time, it may be one of the only Teslas (the second is the owner) who knows the truth. What is the purpose of this operation? Going back to whether the brakes are malfunctioning or not, let’s make a few guesses~ 1. Tesla knows that the brakes are normal and has clear evidence to prove that he is waiting for time to release or giving the owner a chance to turn back. 2. Tesla knows that the brakes are not working properly. , Even the first triathlon and Tesla do not know whether the brakes are normal, but they are confident that no one can find out the problem. Seeing this, if you judge Tesla, what choice would you make? Anyway, if I were a consumer, I would not choose Tesla. After all, who can guarantee that there is nothing wrong with the things I buy. I don’t want such an indecent rights protection, and I don’t want to be so indecent and be the last thing to be a monkey. Finally, I hope that a manufacturer can develop a driving recorder (containing three cameras, a front view, a brake position view, a steering wheel and a central control view), so that we are all on the road of peace of mind, hahaha~

5 months ago

I always thought how complete the 48 pages are. It turns out that it is also such a large blank form. It is no wonder that others question you, and there are people who question someone behind the owner of the car. Then you are not talking nonsense? This is the end of the matter, don’t I find someone who knows a little car knowledge to help me analyze it? Don’t talk about rights protection, I will ask others when I buy a car. Is there someone behind me? I really don’t know what some people have a guilty conscience suggest that Tesla first fill in the data and send it again.

5 months ago

Just two things. One Tesla said that the car owner was asking for a huge amount of compensation, and the other said that the car owner was very professional and there was someone behind it. I think this is typical, it’s not right for people! Appeal to motives and stigmatize. The owners all refuted, waiting for Tesla’s response. I want to say, what if it is so? Shouldn’t the brakes fail? Is there someone behind it? Do these two issues affect the qualitative nature of the incident? Is it because the brakes fail to ask for huge compensation, but the brakes fail for ordinary compensation? Is the brake failure if the car owner doesn’t understand anything, and the brake failure if he knows the professional technology? 1, 3, and 4 are all stigmatizing car owners. 3 and 4 are all speculative motives, and they have nothing to do with the original question! nausea! too disgusting! Is this the so-called Tesla? The incident has been updated again, saying that the owner of the car came in with a Webasto pass, and Webasto is one of the suppliers of NIO. Alluding to trouble behind Wei Lai’s car. But Webasto is also a supplier of many automobiles such as SAIC, FAW, Dongfeng, Beijing Benz, BMW Brilliance and so on. Do you just bite like that? From Tesla’s series of actions, I did not feel a trace of sincerity in solving the problem, it really stinks. I just wait to see how Musk does the cutting after the incident. Why do so many people like to be other people’s guns now? The professional ethics is really good!

5 months ago

I am a Tesla owner. Talk about feelings. Have been waiting for the official result. This incident has developed to this point and has had a great social influence. It is no longer Tesla, or the female car owner can unilaterally call a stop, not to mention the fact that the official can handle it coldly without making a statement. The public needs a result and the truth. Because at this moment, there are still many Teslas on the road. All, to the truth. 1. If it is officially proved that Tesla has no problem with braking, then all the previous behaviors of the female car owner are unreasonable, and how should the law go. At the same time, it is recommended that Tesla bring some slanderous big Vs to court. 2. If Tesla’s brakes really have a problem, the official should immediately form a special team to solve it. Life is a matter of life, and it is the life of many people. Therefore, many people are curious about the mood of Tesla owners lately? Don’t tell me anything else, I only care about the truth. The People’s Republic of China is where the law is concerned!

5 months ago

To be honest, I’m a fan of playing games. Now the principle of mixing forums is to output opinions and not to participate in disputes. So when I look at the comments, sometimes I really have to resist the urge to talk about some diodes. I don’t want the diodes to finish reading the original text. Yes, but you have to understand the meaning of a sentence, right? Let me talk about irresponsible gossip as the people who eat melons: This Rashomon’s melons are getting bigger and bigger. The truth is summarized and sorted out, and it is full of various logical arguments and logical fallacies. For example, I personally think that the fallacy of “paraphrase” is very common in daily life: this Ms. Zhang speaks much better than her husband. In the few days she went in, her husband was hailed as a “pig teammate” in interviews, and the phrase “infringement of privacy” was instantly caught, which caused a lot of defiance in public opinion. If there is someone behind Ms. Zhang, so her words are so professional, can’t the people behind her go in to guide her husband? If there is no one, I am a little curious about what Ms. Zhang is studying. (Pure gossip: Ms. Zhang’s father was picked up as a big truck driver, but Ms. Zhang’s own pair of shoes is more than 2,000. From the perspective of hiring a trailer and hiring a model, Ms. Zhang’s family should have a lot of assets, and Ms. Zhang herself has The possibility of money is not great. If her husband is an elite, why would the whole family wait for her to speak up? Could it be that Ms. Zhang’s house is the legendary demolition household?) But the trouble is so big, you say it’s just Tes In my opinion, it is impossible to play a game with a consumer. At least Ms. Zhang will ask the lawyer and related professionals, and most people who are full of enthusiasm or have ghosts will contact her. Of course, words are not important, the truth is very important. For the sake of the trouble, whoever lied is playing public opinion as a monkey, and not assuming due responsibility is really a very bad start. You must know that Sun Shouyi, who framed the six sons, died miserably. So who is Sun Shouyi, and is there Huang Shilang behind? Article 1: It is easy to falsify. Tesla can release the call records. It can be retrieved from the telecommunications department. The cost of calling call records is very low and easy to falsify. Although you can’t prove whether your car is wrong, you can prove both Whose credibility matters. Everyone tore in the forum, the most favorite thing is the evidence to shake the face, Tesla just shake her face. Of course, it can be said that Tesla is not obliged to produce call records, nor is it obligated to prove this. No one can force it, but please, Tesla is a company. Tesla does not have a public relations department and a brand building department. Is it really good to just ignore this kind of thing? Article 2: I have to say that Ms. Zhang is really much smarter than his husband, and this statement is much clearer. Ms. Zhang’s appeal is to ask Tesla to show data to herself, not to disclose the data to the outside world. Previously, some lawyers said that after the “brake failure” incident, the right to privacy should be concession to the public’s right to know. I personally believe that the public’s focus on the “brake door” is not on the data, but on the results. The data is used to confirm the results, so Ms. Zhang and Tesla should let the consumers know whether the brakes are malfunctioning or the consumers are arguing. The data itself is very important for the authority to determine the right and wrong, and it is not for the people who eat melons. important. Also, from the data released by Tesla, people who know a related profession have already expressed that they cannot be judged. So if Tesla selectively releases data from a perspective that makes it easier for the public to understand, why can’t professionals understand it? If Tesla is only releasing the previously declared data from the perspective of privacy, why should the frame number and master cylinder pressure be released? The pressure of the master cylinder does not represent the degree of depressing the brake, but to indicate the degree of depressing, isn’t it clear that the pedal stroke is released at a glance. Article 3: In fact, the supporters of the two sides questioned both sides from their motives. This is the key-money. If Ms. Zhang is really asking for a huge compensation, then she is very motivated. If Ms. Zhang doesn’t, then Tesla’s purpose of attracting rights protection in a rhythm is also obvious. If Tesla has evidence in his hand, he should also show it. Of course, he can’t show it and it can’t explain anything. After all, it may be verbal communication all the time. Conversely, Ms. Zhang couldn’t prove that she didn’t say this, because logically, she could not exhaustively. Article 4: If Ms. Zhang’s husband is a “pig teammate”, Tao Lin can indeed be called Tesla’s pig teammate. A vice president of such a giant company can say “I think she is also very professional, and there is someone behind her” in the face of the media. To be lighter is to run the train with a mouthful of mouth, and to be more serious is to call slander. Ms. Zhang and Tao Lin are really showing evidence. Isn’t this dumbfounded? How can you prove that there is someone behind? Regardless of the truth, Tao Lin said that it is okay for the official media to set Tesla’s tone of “arrogance”. Article 5: Article 5 is really interesting. I don’t know what Ms. Zhang’s profession is. If she is a non-professional, she said “data source, extraction method, production method and selection principle”. I think at least I have sought help from a third party. , Such as enthusiastic professionals, related auto repair and inspection agencies, and even Weibo private messaging netizens. Later, the data analysis became more professional, and it wasn’t what a layman said. Of course, even if Ms. Zhang has a professional team behind it, it is understandable, and it cannot change the nature of the problem that the public cares about: whether the Tesla brake fails or whether Ms. Zhang is lying. Of course, I have a bigger question: Tesla said that he gave Ms. Zhang the detailed data on page 46 (I can’t remember it). From Ms. Zhang’s analysis, it didn’t add much data, which everyone was concerned about before. Pedal opening, torque, output power, etc. can further explain whether the brakes are pressed hard, and there is almost no data. Did Tesla fail to provide detailed data, or did Ms. Zhang fail to say? The data that everyone cares about is only those few, but these few data are like the young lady in the boudoir, from the beginning to the end they were not seen by the people who eat melons. Non-professionals said they don’t know what these data indicate that Tesla has not given it, or does Ms. Zhang refuse to say? Could it be, really not? Tesla provides data in Excel format, which is not raw data in any way. The authenticity of this data now only depends on the endorsement of corporate credibility. Ms. Zhang does not believe in Tesla, so the endorsement of Tesla’s own corporate credibility is worthless in front of Ms. Zhang. Some people say that Tesla’s data is stamped and legal liability is required, so it must be true. So is Luckin’s financial report unstamped? In short, every time the two sides spoke, there was no evidence of a final word, but the melons grew bigger and bigger. Ms. Zhang, Tesla, special black, special fan, there is always one side that is getting worse and worse.

5 months ago

The core of this rights defense is whether Tesla will have a hard brake pedal and can’t step on it! Tesla is also screaming. You can just put out the complete data directly. What use is it for you to put a bunch of Excel that lacks key data? At present, there are several points that everyone is arguing: speeding. It doesn’t matter whether you’re overspeeding or the brakes can’t be stepped on. The car owner said that he would return the car to refund the medical missed work fee, and Tesla said it was a huge indemnity conspiracy theory. I suspect that the owner of the car was sent by a friend to discredit it. I think it is unlikely. After all, a family of four including children, if you are not paying attention, you will have four lives. My point is that since your Tesla wants to use data to speak, you will give it all, just like Weilai, so that everyone knows who is playing a rogue. Rights protection methods. The time and economic cost of individual rights protection in accordance with the law is too high, but it is also undesirable to make trouble. This pot should be a national inspection agency. The owner’s point of view is that the car was pulled away by Tesla directly after the accident, and it took a few days to get it back. There is no guarantee that Tesla did not do anything. There is also Tesla’s only designated testing agency. I think it is reasonable, and I It tends to have software bugs, the hardware cannot be detected, and the software has no place to detect. PR. Tesla did not have public relations before. I believe it. After all, the vice president can say “no compromise”. Now you say that it has no public relations. I absolutely don’t believe it. From a logical point of view, it is definitely the first choice to find public relations after a crisis. Tesla is no exception. Judging from the recent situation, some comments have been blaming the car owner for problems other than braking, without mentioning the braking problem. Special fan. The group whose combat effectiveness is exploding, their view is that the national security and quality problems are all aimed at Tesla. They are all the pots of friendly businessmen. They are all the government unloading and killing the donkey. They are all the pot of car owners. Anyway, Tesla is. no problem. You said this before things are clear, you really need calcium supplements. None of the above controversies involves the question of whether the brakes can’t be stepped on, and the answer to this question lies in the data in Tesla’s hands, data data! Tesla is awesome. I have seen the black car owners from several angles. I really want to know how Tesla has cultivated so many nc fans. I am left with the brake problem and not talk about other problems. They have to wait until the end. Tesla gives the data, but they don’t know that the data still lacks key information. These are not important. Anyway, it’s enough to wash the ground. You guys, you guys, let’s be your own. Some special fans, Tesla owners, Tesla Shareholders, Tesla Spirit Shareholders, don’t hold back with me. Your ass decides your head. There is no point in fighting with me. I have no relationship with the car owner and Tesla. I just express my own opinions. In other words, to solve the problem, we must grasp the main aspect of the main contradiction (whether the brake fails) (Tesla does not provide complete data), and the rest are nonsense. The main contradiction is resolved. Are the rest still problems? If you really want Tesla to be good, you should monitor whether Tesla has any problems, rather than being infinitely tolerant or even conniving. A good company’s products can withstand doubts, and it respects customers, so that Tesla can develop. Better and better, don’t be an ostrich

5 months ago

Good guy, Ms. Tao Lin, isn’t this a self-destructed truck. Tao Lin said in an interview before: “I think she is also very professional, and there should be (person) behind her.” This sentence reveals two messages: First, many places pointed out by the female human rights defender are very professional. We Tesla wanted to lie to her but did not lie. The second is that our Tesla owners are generally not professional enough, or unprofessional car owners are our audience. This professional car owner must be sent by a competitor! Ms. Rights Defender wanted Tesla to give an explanation, and Ms. Tao Lin wanted Tesla’s life. From now on, Tesla fans will no longer be able to protect their owners.

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