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I am more confused. In the past 20 years, have the two of them really fallen in love with each other in the way of lovers? Thousands of words filled with water, describing how her light shattered her last line of defense. However, I see her light from her perspective-it is a middle school who does not study, skips classes and goes to Internet cafes, with poor work ability, no ideals, no pursuits, no achievement worth mentioning in 20 years, no money Concept, no habit of saving, who ignores trivial things at home, is afraid of bugs, dares not to recognize, lied, and wants his wife to clean up the mess when he makes mistakes. I can’t find a merit of his own for a few thousand words. Is this light? What she wrote is a complete waste. A person who said he loved him for 20 years did not even realize that when he mentioned him, he was useless. Besides, Chen Bojian, his wife’s greatest hobby in her life is writing essays, and he has never even read an essay she wrote. His wife suffered a fall in the tail vertebrae. For the sake of his parents’ face and expectation, he agreed to her behavior to endure the pain and wear high heels to complete the wedding. When the two were the closest to each other, he didn’t even have the interest in reading each other’s words or caring for the other’s body. How can I convince myself that he once loved her? The migration of their work, the union after his father fell ill, and Yue Shishui said that he let her know that there is another person in the world who can’t live without her, and she is greedy for this love. This description is more like two falling waterbirds huddling together to keep warm. When Yue Shishui mentioned Chen’s behavior of ignoring her, she used to whitewash. For example, he never looked at his own work because he was a straight man with normal taste. After marriage, you need money for firewood, rice, oil, and salt. Yue Shishui can write part-time manuscripts for survival, while Chen avoids financial pressure. She described him as a big-hearted man, and I can only worry about it a little more. Seeing this article written by Yue Shishui, she did give a lot to Chen, but most of them were her own one-man shows. For example, the hero of the writing is him, but Chen never actually read her writing; the omelet was fried and made another one by himself, and Chen would never know… I think this is a very deformed intimacy. , More like a pair of psychological mother and son, Chen Xinan reasonably regards Yue Shishui as another mother, and Yue Shishui is also responsive to him. Chen’s mental state in this relationship is very young, almost degraded to childhood. He is afraid of pain, loves acting like a baby, and when encountering unhappy things, he always hugs and coaxes slowly, and he will stay on the ground and refuse to get up. The Chen Bojian I saw from the perspective of Yue Shishui is almost a handicapped person who cannot take care of himself. He is a young child with an adult body. In order to conceal his incompetence, Chen Bojian chose to use a more incompetent derailment object to set off his strength. He said he was afraid of the moon and water, and Fang Ting was also afraid of the moon. It is because they are both incompetent and cowardly. They are incompetent or even unable to actively end a relationship. Chen Bojian cannot end the marriage he hates, nor can he end the extramarital affairs, because he has no ability to take care of himself, nor the courage to reject others. Even if Fang Ting was discovered, she couldn’t end an unethical love. Because the question asks about their psychology, I did not focus on moral judgment.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

A hot knowledge: commit suicide without dissolving the marriage! Your husband will get all your inheritance! include! your! Fiction! copyright! Fifty years! ! ! He got your death certificate and spent your money happily with Xiaosan. Kill the heart, delete the data of Dongsen’s island. In order to play more games for her, I want to kill this man 1,000 times, and lose his life for this kind of person. He probably only finds his own charm. It’s huge, I really want to be a snowflake now. I really hope that my wife is okay. I don’t know how she is now. The police arrived at her house and found no one. It’s uncomfortable for me. But she posted a regular Weibo. The date is the 23rd, now it is the 25th. I am really afraid of her missing. Some people say not to think of men as the only light, but after a little analysis, they know that the original po was not born like this. There is nowhere to go after leaving home; the divorce is obstructed by her family; the so-called redemption given to her by the “only light” is just a normal dating behavior; if she is fractured, she has to wear high heels for the wedding because of the “parents’ expectations”. What her native family is like can be seen. People who lack love long for love and idealize their partners. Why should they be harsh? Is the divorce cooling-off period equal to the killing cooling-off period? How much scum is complacent about this. Why is there no fixed time limit for marriage? You can choose how many years of marriage to renew.

7 months ago

I am quite optimistic about life, except for love. After reading this Weibo, the ordinary and tasteless work has become like a sea of ​​bitterness. I can’t help but wonder where I live and how I can jump out of this place and escape all of this. To be honest, I also went to the man’s Weibo to comment and denounced him for his cruelty, but apart from his anger, I felt powerless. I don’t know how others are, but I have really been in a mood of “hearing love, ten sorrows” in the past two years. To be honest, we all know what love looks like, and it is precisely because we know that when reality is in front of us, we will have a beautiful and broken sense of tearing. The beginning of the relationship is beautiful, trust each other, support each other, mix oil with honey, and promise white heads. But most of the endings are also very similar. After all, it is hysterical, a place of chicken feathers, and the beauty of the past has become completely unrecognizable. I know that love is very precious, and I no longer pray that I can meet it. I just hope that I can face the betrayal and get out in time. Don’t ruin the rest of my life, don’t let my value be destroyed by an unhealthy relationship. After so many years of books, so many years of examinations, hard work and study, even if I am not contributing to society, at least I still have many other fetters, I can go to see more beautiful scenery in the world. But this lady, the exhaustion revealed from the text, makes me really unable to comfort. The joys and sorrows of human beings are not interlinked. I can’t experience the suffocation that is extinguished. I can’t express my powerless and useless comfort in some ordinary words. I only hope that this lady is safe, walks out of the broken world, and sees the beauty of the world without love, reconnects with the goodness of this world, and establishes a bond.

7 months ago

How did they meet? Teachers try to let women drive men’s learning. This is the root of the tragedy. In this regard, the gender difference between men and women is actually smaller than the personality difference. Regardless of the intellectual gap, from the perspective of personality, students who learn well are usually more diligent and responsible (some exceptions are gifted, but this kind of people will have a strong focus), and students with poor learning may not learn and have methods that are wrong. Yes, there are also those who don’t want to pass the struggle, lack goals and sense of responsibility (and usually lack concentration). From her self-report, her husband is the latter. These two people are fundamentally inappropriate. This man can’t cheat, anyway, divorce is a high probability. Of course, those who have no sense of responsibility to oneself will not have any to the family. In addition, I have a small range of unverified experience. Children with excellent grades have problems and are easy to self-attribute, leading to perfectionism and self-collapse. Therefore, parents shouldn’t think that their children will be fine when they study well. Children at the end of the grade crane can easily find external causes when something goes wrong. No matter any problem, it is someone else’s fault, and he is absolutely right.

7 months ago

Entering the emotional industry, you are in contact with this kind of people every day. In fact, people who cheat are nothing more than their own emotional needs are not met. Such people have a low sense of morality, are extremely irresponsible to feelings, and are very selfish. 1. Both men and women have emotional needs. In 1943, American psychologist Abraham Maslow put forward Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory in his paper “The Theory of Human Motivation”. He divides human needs into five levels from low to high like a ladder: physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, respect needs and self-realization needs. People in each period will have one demand dominates, and other needs occupy a subordinate position. When everyone meets safety needs and physical needs, they will look for love and belonging, will establish friendship, family affection, love, and later, after entering an intimate relationship, we will want inner value and affirmation, such as respect and self-confidence. Affirmation, encouragement, worship, etc. When the partner is unable to provide these needs, people will seek satisfaction from the outside. 2. Reasons for men and women to derail 1. Fall in love with fictional characters. Many people fall in love with not that person, but the fantasy in their brains. The derailed person is an image created in their own minds. In love, and this lover is just an abstract, fictional character, this character can satisfy his every emotional desire and physical and mental needs in the moment. Song Siming in the TV series “Snail House” likes young seaweed because seaweed is like his first love. She is young and simple, and satisfies all of Song Siming’s fantasies. What he likes is not the seaweed, but the fictitious person in his mind. 2. Satisfying inner psychological needs The core needs of an affair are the deep psychological needs that desire the recognition of others. Because everyone likes to be admired and admired by others. Those who cheat are not really in love with others, but they like the kind of pleasure that has not been felt for a long time and the once youthful self. The image recognized by others is the object of his infatuation. In “Thirty Only” when Xu Huanshan and Lin Youyou are together, they have found their own youthful feeling. Lin Youyou will play football with him, look at him with admiring eyes, and praise him for his greatness. Even when Xu Huanshan screwed a screw, Lin Youyou would obsessively say: I just like to look at your hand because it can design the best fireworks. Therefore, Xu Huanshan fell into it step by step, but what he fell in love with was not Lin Youyou himself, but the feeling of being recognized by others and the once so beautiful self. 3. Feeling obsessed with stimulation. When someone meets a lover, they will be anesthetized by the stimulation brought about by this encounter. At the same time, this relationship can give him positive external feedback and stimulation (admiration, admiration), so people will Be trapped firmly like an addiction. This is why many people are deeply involved in extramarital affairs and are unable to extricate themselves. All people who can see the essence will not satisfy their selfish demands by cheating. People are greedy and want to get the most benefit with the least cost. It’s just that we have all forgotten what Zweig said: At that time he was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been priced. The book “Do you want happiness or right or wrong” about marriage may give you many answers.

7 months ago

I see her writing that she regards that person as her only light, and I feel very sorry for her. Girls, don’t put a person in such a sacred position, thinking that love and marriage are salvation. Over the past few years, I have increasingly felt that marriage and other things are deceiving girls, and those sweet romance novels are really unpredictable. Many dramas and movies only shoot youthful and sweet love. After we get married, there is not a single drama filmed clearly for us to see, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. You must have a career, make money, and have your own confidence. If you have an unfortunate childhood and an unfortunate family, don’t think that another person will save you. What you have to do is save yourself. I hope that this month’s death is safe and sound, and it must be safe.

7 months ago

Thank you, the person who invited me may still understand my answer preference, hehe, hug one. Let me talk about reading the article posted by this girl, I suddenly realized that my heart is aging, and I was not touched by some of the details of love. I think I might have recalled the love in this way when I was young. Every little detail builds a sweet illusion in the world, and falls into endless self-movement. After I arrive in Spain, I have to cook for myself every day, and I will never consider frying a man a poached egg as something worthy of being moved. Now let me make a full feast for the man I like. I don’t seem to be talking about it. under. I didn’t mean to belittle the author. My main point is that as people grow older, they tend to ask more about meaning rather than hovering over details. Let’s summarize what the author’s main intentions are: Sunk cost: time spent in this relationship, 15 years of acquaintance, 5 to 6 years of marriage age; savings for this relationship are not special. Many, they are all based on the father’s treatment; the emotions paid are completely beautiful before the derailment, and there is no problem at all (in fact, it is not noticed); the emotional energy consumed is mainly caused by the psychological caused by repeated derailments. Injury; physical injury, miscarriage may need to be considered due to unexpected pregnancy, or simply abandon this body and come to a complete break. Man’s personality and emotional changes: What is the main emotional value that the man provides to girls? Being alone and courageous, willing to accompany, as long as the woman needs it, the man can abandon everything and come to his side. The man’s dependence on the woman in everything has fully aroused the woman’s desire for motherhood and protection. The man’s property and economic foundation have hardly contributed. It was said that she was afraid of the woman’s amniotic fluid embolism, so she did not have a baby, but if she did give birth, it is still unknown what the man will raise the baby with. When I meet a junior, I am passionate but refuses to divorce. Is it because of nostalgia or because no matter how self-willed, there is someone to solve my worries? Emotional uniqueness and irreplaceability: Obviously, although the woman has assumed the main responsibility of the marriage and paid more, for the man, the woman does not have the uniqueness and irreplaceability. It can be said that the woman’s utility seems to the man. Has exceeded the emotional value. According to Hegel, true love is the highest level of recognition and exclusive. Then true love should have the only point in a certain period of time. So, what Xiaosan said may be true. The two are happier together, and it is hard to separate. Xiaosan feels true love. Some behaviors of the man also felt that his emotional focus has shifted. Although I don’t know much about the game and haven’t played it, the man gave the woman the resources used to store the island to the mistress, which made the woman lose the thought of building in the virtual world. everything of. Maybe this man really has no assets to transfer, so he can only transfer virtual assets. Looking at the woman, her personality is incompatible with the world and she doesn’t like socializing. Everything is pressured on this relationship. The man is his only emotional sustenance. Without him, the whole world seems to have collapsed and lost the meaning of existence. Unexpected pregnancy: I once heard several women tell me that they were pregnant by accident when they were about to break up. I had an intuition that maybe this was not entirely an accident. It may also be buried deep in the human subconscious, and instinctively pushes human women to make the last stay with their partners in the way of nurturing life. For primitive humans, the main task of partners is to raise cubs together. According to Helen fisher’s research, couples with children can delay divorce for at least 2-4 years. But is pregnancy in the face of a breakup in line with our principles of rational interest? Obviously it is inconsistent. In 5-6 years of marriage, a man does not have much development in his career and does not have enough financial ability to raise his offspring. So, how is it possible to suddenly assume responsibility for a child when a relationship is on the verge of bankruptcy? Therefore, this heavy price can only be borne by the girls themselves, like all the responsibilities in the past. Causal Interpretation: The hatred for the mistress obviously shows the main attribution, that is, if there is no invasion by the mistress, the relationship is very good and there is no problem. There is resentment towards the man, but there are still many illusions in my heart. The main expression of resentment towards the man is that I have paid so much for you. You are my only one. How can you fail me? How can you love others without loving me? The last unplanned pregnancy is the last link to cut off hope, because even so, I can’t keep you, and I have nothing to love. Let’s help the author do a little analysis: 1. The different attributes of feelings and marriage: feelings are fundamentally a structure of desire, part of which is unconscious and driven by instinct. For example, we like boyfriends to behave like a baby and be afraid of bugs. We think the object we like is the other party. Perhaps we subconsciously want to multiply and live, we want a child, but when we can’t have children, we will place this love for children’s characteristics on another object. Emotion is a kind of libido energy, which needs an object to project like a container. In philosophy, there are two main traditional schools of interpretation of emotions: one is Plato and others, who fully emphasize rationality and believe that emotions are useless and unstable. Only rational thinking can see the reality and recognize the world; the other believe that emotions are not. It is unreliable, but part of guiding rational thinking helps us improve our cognition. And what is marriage? The main explanations in philosophy are: contract (contract), ethical structure (moral restraint), reproduction unit, high-level spiritual pursuit (if there is one, it will be more ideal). Then let’s look at the situation in this relationship. Apart from emotions, the man has almost no other needs. Not an ideal contract partner, the resources that can be provided to the family are limited, and even some virtual assets are not let go. Obviously, there is no moral restraint. This is not a case of this pair of spouses, but the development of the whole society, which makes the marriage structure unstable, and the moral criticism and restraint of the society is no longer enough. In the high-level pursuit of this part, the man is the reference frame of the woman’s writing, but obviously this kind of creation does not stimulate more infinity and creativity, but stimulates a stronger possessiveness and fear of loss. In other words, people whose souls are stimulated will have a bigger world in mind and explore more unknowns; while those whose desires are stimulated will close themselves to an object, afraid of losing, and hold on tightly. The woman’s close emotional dependence model can be said to be accompanied by anxiety. It also failed to make the spouse more motivated. Instead, it was like a sealed jar that trapped both parties in the illusion of a sense of security. When we are immersed in the illusion of this comfort zone, danger may come unexpectedly at any time. 2. Separation and inseparability, the choice of sunk costs: People are animals that are influenced by emotions, so the phenomenon of sinking and consumption in emotions is the majority. I personally ended a long-term relationship, and the follow-up impact lasted for a long time and continued to lose. It was also interfered by others, but I am glad I stopped the loss in time by mistake, otherwise I might pay more. It’s amazing to love this thing. My relative’s husband is in his 60s, and his cheating behavior is no different from that of young people. Everything that can be transferred from home is taken away. So if you leave early, perhaps at least the result of an unintended pregnancy may be avoided, but if you don’t get to this step, you may not be able to completely cut off your illusions and hopes. Anything that happens can be interpreted in a certain sense, such as an unexpected pregnancy, which proves that a relationship is irrevocable. If it is a completely heartbroken event, it can also be regarded as the ultimate decision to stop loss and bear a certain verification effect. 3. Why is the love and marriage relationship linked to death: In the Song of Everlasting Regret written by Wang Anyi, the heroine finally chose a form of homicide that was like suicide and left the world. Her lover left her, she has no love for the world. Freud’s instinctive fate has said that when the object we love disappears and abandons us, our love may turn into hate. When we cannot hate the other party, we will turn a huge resentment toward ourselves. When it reaches the extreme, it will be achieved in a way of destroying itself. Without a person, we are like a huge void, and it is difficult to believe any new sense of meaning for a while. 4. Stability and change: People who are accustomed to a stable mode of life are more difficult to cope with changes, because we are completely adapted to another person, giving up the multiple choices of relationships, giving up social interaction, giving up the ability to meet interesting people opportunity. In fact, the changes are not all that terrible. The sudden collapse of Domino, the old world fell apart, and we regretted the ruins and missed the past. But because of the end of the old, we have new possibilities, maybe a friend, a new development opportunity, a new interest, etc. We don’t know where the future fortress is, but if we don’t take this step to find it, how can we know what we will encounter in the end? Who did you meet? 5. In addition to emotions, people have responsibilities: The author’s foreshadowing of marriage has long existed. At a certain age, it is difficult for us to act willfully, because the responsibilities on our shoulders are getting heavier and heavier. Provide for the elderly for their parents, live a happier life for their spouse, get a better education for the offspring, etc. Whether it is romantic or childish. When you reach a certain age, you know that these floating things can’t solve the most basic needs of life. Even if the boys do not cheat, these contradictions and problems will gradually surface over time in the end. Many times people just selectively ignore these things. Therefore, people who choose to enter a marriage cannot just be lonely and need company, but also need to consider whether the other party can bear so many responsibilities and share risks with themselves. 6. Thinking of the victim and condemning the victim: My purpose of writing this is not really to condemn the victim, but I think rational perception is that we can think about attribution from the perspective of ourselves and others. The moral framework of the society definitely does not approve of derailment. If the man considers developing with a third party, it is a fairer and more moral way to propose a divorce. But after all, some people are both busy and don’t want to lose the interests of either party. This is very selfish. It is against morality to get involved in marriage, but people are always people. If they are really as stable as a designed program, there will not be so many extramarital affairs. This just proves that it is unreliable to trust emotions only. Marriage needs to preset some risk control strategies, such as increasing the partner’s divorce cost. But from another perspective, is the victim perspective really better for us? Being entangled in our victim status makes us repeatedly fall into the rumination of pain, and it is difficult to look up to see the possibilities and new opportunities in the distance. Being abandoned does not mean that we are losers, nor does it mean that we are not worthy of love. Perhaps it just means that the existence of this relationship can no longer produce more new meanings in our lives. And letting him go is also a way of life for himself. Love has never been taken for granted just because we give more. The failed love lets us know how much we can always be in love, how much we both need to grow for, and how much effort we have to put in. And it may be unavoidable to be destroyed by that uncertain chance. The only part that can be grasped is actually only a small part that you can control. My biggest improvement in the past few years is that I have learned to distinguish people, and it takes time to recognize a person. This is the tuition that we have to pay. A bad collaborator, a collaborator lacking a sense of morality is really a waste of all the resources of life. Stop the loss in time after recognizing it, the world is huge, and there are still many unknowns to follow. Share a small project management formula of Peter Drucker: result = economic cost + time cost + quality requirements + human resources. If it is difficult for us to rationally analyze when we are in an emotion, just a simple generation formula and thinking about the main four elements of this composition may be a little better than making decisions based on feelings alone. May the author be well, the pain will pass, and the future is still promising!

7 months ago

Uninvited, it may be off topic, but I really want to find a place to vomit quickly. After reading Yue Shishui’s Weibo, I was really crying every word. Her words are very contagious, and there is a feeling that you have followed her through her life. From childhood acquaintance, youth love, to the end of the divorce. From a young boy to a mature adult, he accompanied her through fifteen years. He was her only light, her courage to walk a long life, and the only male protagonist in the novel she conceived. However, he betrayed her. “It turns out that not all couples are married, and they are both loving and unsuspecting.” Waiting for leisure to change but the heart of the people, but the heart of the old people is easy to change. People’s hearts are changeable! She was still the stupid dragon many years ago, guarding her treasure, thinking that it was forever. The most painful thing for her was the love and love in those years. It was true that he loved her, and it was true that he did not love her. The most hurtful thing is not not not loving, but loving. He loved her, nothing more. He had already let go, but she could not forget the memories of the past. How can someone suddenly become totally unrecognizable? Seeing him crying bitterly, she softened her heart, compromised, holding the weak hope that she might not have noticed, they reconciled. Finally, he derailed again, he was disconnected, and he had no guilt. She was finally disappointed. There is only one chicken feather left. It really made me suffocate. I will definitely say this to my partner in the future: I cannot guarantee that I will love you forever as I did before, but every sentence I say “I love you” is true. If I don’t love you anymore, I will bravely say to you, “I don’t love you anymore”, and leave decently. I hope you do the same. I squat for a follow-up, hoping that the moon and the moon will be safe, there will be sun, moon and stars in life, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, fireworks and warmth… Not only scumbag men and women. If there is no reversal in the end, then I wish the scumbag and the bitch a long time, a good relationship for a hundred years, weeding off children and grandchildren, and stinking for thousands of years. In the end, there are really only zero and countless derailments. Waiting for the scum man to change his mind, it is more practical to wait for human beings to rush out of the galaxy. The latter can be achieved at least, the former is absolutely impossible.

7 months ago

Don’t think of men as a light in life, because a good man worth entrusting is not willing to be that light. And the man who is willing to be that light is not willing to be just your light, he is happy to illuminate more people. The key is that many people don’t understand why a good man worth entrusting is not willing to be that light. Have you seen “The Pretender”? I know many women like Yu Manli far better than Cheng Jinyun. There are many reasons why these women tell themselves, including the actors’ acting skills and appearance, and so on. But what makes them unable to surpass the actor’s appearance and acting skills and see the setting of the characters themselves? Yu Manli: This man (merchant or Mingtai) brings sunshine to me. I will follow wherever the sun shines. All my joys, angers, sorrows and joys revolve around the sun. Cheng Jinyun: My belief is to serve the country. I like like-minded people. Love is not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction. A man who is truly worthy of trust is not willing to be a light to others. What this kind of man needs is a pair of hands that can be held tightly, a person who can tell the heart, a husband and wife who are of the same mind, and it is profitable. It is like-minded, that is, love is not looking at each other, but looking in the same direction. Both Mingtai and Cheng Jinyun’s psychological images are “husbands and wives are in the same heart, and their profit cuts gold.” Yu Manli’s image is “sunlight brings warmth to the girl and dyes her a layer of golden brilliance.” Her good man paid the price of his life—he was sentenced to death for killing an enemy for the businessman; wherever Mingtai took refuge, she would take refuge—it looked very moving. However, if the businessman who rescued her was a Japanese spy and did not die, what would happen to Yu Manli is easy to guess. Mingtai does not want to act as the sunshine for Yu Manli. He needs a woman who can tell her heart, a pair of hands that can be held tightly. He doesn’t need a sunflower. And those men who have no heart to tell and can only speak sweetly, are more willing to be a light to others. But how can he play with only one sunflower? Why would her husband cheat while saying that he loves her? What is the psychology? The ubiquitous psychology of light. When did you see the light only shines on a sunflower? So, don’t think of a man as a light in your life, otherwise you will become a sunflower. A man who is worthy of trust will not want a sunflower. A man who is willing to ask for a sunflower is not worthy of trust.

7 months ago

1. The woman’s divorce request is: to get back the mortgage repayment after February 2017. The house is the man’s pre-marital property (appreciated). 2. Look at the statistics of the woman behind on Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards. The man’s property was basically transferred to the man. After the man cheated, he had to take the couple’s joint deposit card. And after cheating from the man. Almost no wages were transferred to the woman. 1. The man cheated first. Refusal to return part of the mortgage to the woman. Refusal to pay the woman’s mental loss. Instead, he repeatedly entangled with the woman on divorce and non-divorce. 2. The man’s personal income: buying a car, spending together with husband and wife, raising a junior. Finally, I want to divide the woman’s personal deposit and the contribution fee. 3. Know that his wife is emotionally inseparable from him. The wife may have depression. If the wife dies because of depression, she can get a large amount of fortune instead. 4. Under the influence of passion, it is true love to Xiao San. The following screenshot is from Weibo: Moon Cub Breeder. The following table is sent by the wb friend of Yue Shishui. Billing statistics from the author of Moon Passing Water. From WeChat, Alipay, to bank card bill statistics. The woman also posted a lot of money. And after Chen derailed, the money never went to the house. Take the husband and wife’s common property to buy gifts for Xiaosan, open a house, recharge games, and so on. It is not known whether this type of property can be recovered.

7 months ago

It can only be said that when a man loves her, he really loves. If he doesn’t love her, he really doesn’t love. Love and marriage are venture capital. You can only guarantee that he will love you very much now. You don’t know if he will still love you in the future. I will love you as I am now. This man is very scumbag, so while in love and marriage, never lose your independent personality, so that you can live well regardless of whether there is a man or not. The most important thing is to improve your ability to resist risks, you are the most reliable. To really judge whether a couple is really happy, you need to use a lifetime to judge, and only a few years to judge, the result is inaccurate. Men will be like this, women will be like this. Both men and women are helpless when encountering such things. In addition to condemning the derailed party, you can’t let the derailed party change his mind. This is a gulf that can never be crossed in the hearts of husbands and wives. I can only comfort my injured self, so that I can move on after healed. I feel uncomfortable for Yue Shishui, how good it was once is how disgusting now. But as a bystander, I only have a deep sense of powerlessness and frustration, because the man’s derailment is really not something the woman can stop if she wants to stop it. I can only sigh that I have been sincerely fed, or that the man has become. So, the moment of marriage does not mean that the couple can really be together for the rest of their lives. Marriage is gambling. It’s just a bet on whether your spouse can be consistent. Bet right, be happy for a lifetime, wrong bet, it will only bring pain. It’s all about fate. Marriage is a big event and a difficult task. I have seen many beautiful and disgusting cases. I can only say that you must be clear-headed and do all risk assessments to get married. You must have your own opinions instead of going with the crowd. Even if love is beautiful, reason cannot disappear. Always be realistic when you fall in love and get married. The knot is a husband and wife, and there is no doubt about love. Few people can do it. This kind of feeling is extremely precious and rare. Once encountered, it is a blessing for several generations to cultivate! This is not something that one party can decide, and the other party’s cooperation is needed, but what can be done if the other party does not cooperate! A person is truly precious and beautiful, but if a man loses it, then he also loses his own blessing. He will always regret and feel guilty.

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