Recently, the leader of a company in Hangzhou said that a 36-year-old java programmer came to his company to apply for a job with an intentional salary of 10k. The conditions were good in all aspects, but after consideration, they refused. There are three reasons. One is that 35+ employees are expensive, there is no price-performance ratio, and no young people are highly cooperative. The second is that 35-year-old employees are not good at “flicking” and have many opinions; the third is that 35-year-old employees are not working hard and have to do housework. In summary, the 36-year-old applicant was not admitted. Do you think this leader is right? If you are a leader, would you refuse to recruit candidates over 35?

First confirm a few points. Is this the case for this company in Hangzhou, or is it generally the case in Hangzhou? Expand a bit, if Hangzhou is like this. At that time, it was like this all over the country, or was it only like Hangzhou? If it was just the behavior of a company in Hangzhou, then this issue would not be worth discussing. It likes young leeks, so it’s fine to cut young people. There is no place to keep the Lord here. But if Hangzhou is like this, it will be difficult for Hangzhou comrades over 35 years old. If this is the case in the whole country, then… some people would say that this is a high-paying Internet career, and they are still unwilling to work in a low-end industry, and they can’t give up. But the problem is that the age required by the chain service industry is the fresher leeks from 18 to 28 years old. You can have a clear promotion route, and then throw it half a year or a year when it runs out. In the end, it is said that young people are not qualitative. Not suitable for the service industry. If you don’t enter the factory again, it’s fine if you enter a good factory. What should I do if I enter the black heart factory? I know that basically every respondent is a big boss with a monthly salary of 100,000. I myself am also a 286 house in Beijing (you can read my previous answer if you are not bragging). But the question is what do people who don’t have these things do? Continue to retire at the age of 65, after 35 years old, working in low-end industries are strenuous. How should these thirty years pass? I think there is no need to worry about this old programmer. He makes more money in a month than many people in a quarter. But most people don’t have this ability, and many people even struggle to buy a second- and third-tier house. No more worrying about the frontline bosses. Are these people going to be security guards at last? Pay close attention to the security booth. WeChat automatically makes the down payment. It turns out that most of the middle-aged people sitting in it have disappeared. I don’t know that with the country’s low fertility rate, the number of babies every year is decreasing. There are not many students in the future, so will the age at the time of employment be postponed? Don’t stare at one point. If all the issues are linked together, this is an extremely complex social issue. Of course, this is not a problem that a person who graduated from two non-one books can understand. I believe that most bigwigs with a monthly income of 100,000 don’t understand. Otherwise, this problem will not evolve into what it is now. Everyone knows that this is wrong, but…


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

What are the reasons why I am here to translate for you: First, the 35-year-old employees are expensive, there is no price-performance ratio, and no young people are highly cooperative. Translation: I am doing business, not charity. If it sounds nice, call employees, if it sounds bad, it’s the product. Did I use the price/performance ratio? Seventy percent new products are more expensive than ninety percent new ones, which is not the case. High EQ: The salary of our company is not suitable for you. The second is that 35-year-old employees are not good at “fudge”. Many opinions are translated: I want obedient college students who are like little sheep, not like you who know how to fish in the water. , And dare to talk back to the leader because of overtime. High EQ: It’s that our company’s corporate culture is not suitable for you. Third, 35-year-old employees are not working hard and have to be busy with housework. Translation: You are all busy with your family, who will work overtime for the company? If you don’t work overtime, how come my child’s milk powder money, and who will cheer me on my Mercedes? High EQ: The team atmosphere of our company is not suitable for you.

5 months ago

Look, don’t confess! It was originally said that programmers should retire at the age of 35, because knowledge is updated too quickly… Now, the real reason is! It is also the way for “capital” to make a profit: First, the so-called high wages require lower costs for capital. Lower wages for employees meet capital needs. As for the price/performance ratio, I don’t know how to calculate it, but it is due to the “Banhai Tactics”. Second, it is not good to “flicker”. Suddenly found that “Capital” is so frank that people feel “cute”! On the other hand, it can be concluded that they all rely on “flicking” and “painting cakes” as a means of squeezing. I still remember the hot list in the previous paragraph. Some people resigned, claiming that they had a bad appetite and could not digest the “cake” given by capital. Let’s just lie, it’s really frank to lie to the “newcomers” so unabashedly! Also, young people have poor self-protection awareness and good management (good bullying)! Third, it is not enough. What family is involved in… It is straightforward, that is, there is less “overtime”, which prevents “capital” from making profits through the so-called “good fortune” method. The 35-year-old workplace crisis just proved the way that some non-public enterprises squeeze the labor force. The country has begun to rectify, including the implementation of the labor law. It is bound to improve in the near future.

5 months ago

1. Interpretation of high wages: the young person is full and the whole family is not hungry. The 35-year-old family is counting on him to live a life, of course, they will not have to spend hundreds of dollars to fuck millions of hearts. 2. Unfavorable interpretation: three-year financing Five years of going public and equity distribution can certainly deceive young people. Unfortunately, people who are deceived are more convinced of the money they have. 3. Not enough to dismiss: young people have no family burden, so it’s okay to spend all their energy in the company, and it’s okay to accompany the company to advance and retreat. no problem. The middle-aged person has family burdens and limited energy. Gu’s family and Gu’s company have a good idea. Don’t even think about accompanying the company to advance and retreat. He has already suffered from crossing the river and demolishing the bridge. The company is up, and the boss’s clubhouse is a tender model. I have lunch and the company is not up. The boss runs away. Who will accompany you to play with my family? 35-year-old workplace crisis? Hehe, a lot of industries have the characteristics of getting older and more fragrant. Why are the whole industries having the vice of getting younger and fragrant now? Demographic dividends. Give your mouth to a fool~ I want to be a tree that purifies the environment, and you are holding a knife. Want to chop firewood, blame me for not having a high level of consciousness?

5 months ago

Very cruel, the 35-year-old programmers crisis is real! Many older programmers have been eliminated, or are about to be eliminated. Take my experience as an example: I have been working as a technical director in a large factory for many years. If I am recruiting junior and mid-level development positions, HR will automatically filter out applicants over 35 years old. . The main reason is that the Chinese programmer industry is not an industry that looks at creativity, but an industry that looks at execution. There are two types of work: one mainly depends on execution, and the other mainly depends on creativity. If it is work such as cutting-edge research and artistic creation, it is obvious that creativity is the main focus, and the requirement for working hours is quite different. Imagine that if Bill Gates allows all the scientists under his command to stay together, uniformly, report every morning and sum up at night, and pay bonuses according to the number of lines of code and the number of paper words, this is not Microsoft Research, this is Hengshui Research Institute. Unfortunately, Chinese programmers belong to the first type of work, and it is more about execution. Even a senior programmer in China is just a code animal who can move bricks faster. Most companies in China don’t need much creativity. They have to hold a few bones firmly and firmly, and it is the kingly way to eat before they are full. This requires the execution power of a wild dog. For programmers, execution really depends on sleeping less: Whenever the boss is lucky (to give you work), you have to lick it up, get up earlier than a chicken, and sleep later than a chicken. Thunder is too late to finish the work. Therefore, 996 is necessary for many programmers, but it cannot be normalized. Why can’t it be normalized? From the perspective of physiological laws, if mental workers do not aim to enter the ICU, then the time that they can devote every day will be the limit of eight hours. After all, people are not machines, they are flesh and blood! But Chinese bosses generally hope that the program 996, don’t get excited, don’t scold, this is a cruel reality. So back to the question of the subject: Why do many companies do not recruit older code farmers? It’s very simple. After you get old, your licking speed is obviously not as hard as young people, and you are ferocious! Years of hard work has made your screw rusty and even moldy! If you are a boss, at this time you have to pay twice as much salary than young people. How would you choose? Not to mention, at such an old age, there are all kinds of sudden death risks. Take the recent pdd sudden death incident as an example. Under the pressure of super big week (996+997), such a young girl died suddenly, let alone 35 years old. , 40-year-old first-line farmer? How high should the sudden death rate be? Do you want the goodwill of the company? Obviously, capitalists will definitely make the most commercial and correct choice: young people, even fresh graduates, these freshest leeks are their favorite. So, why is the Internet industry often upside down by fresh graduates? Because fresh graduates are indeed very useful for capitalists, people who have never experienced 996, in the first year of 996, the fighting power that broke out is infinite! Don’t complain, don’t bury the grievances, don’t be angry, this is just the correct business choice for capitalists. What we should think about is how to break the game. For students who want to study in the computer industry, it is great to get a good knowledge of the computer system and be a senior engineer before breaking the game. This knowledge includes algorithms, data structures, computer networks, computer composition principles, and so on.

5 months ago

Although I understand, the probability of your invitation is based on the push of the system algorithm. I am no one. 1. Please clarify the key points for the media. The key point should not be whether it is right or wrong for companies to choose not to recruit employees over the age of 35, but should be qualitative. This matter is wrong. Promote the country to pass legislation to guarantee the working rights of older employees. First of all, it is a disadvantage that older employees don’t need you to lick your fingers, and you don’t need to lick your face to talk about the advantages of small fresh meat. As long as you have a compulsory education, anyone can talk about it. The key depends on how to guide (this professional media definitely understands better than me, a layman). The reality is that this kind of scrawling questioning itself is extremely guiding. Normal questioning should not list the shortcomings and then ask if it is right. The most disgusting thing is that if I am a leader, I am not a leader, but I am a middle-aged person over thirty-five years old. It doesn’t matter whether he is right or not. As a media, why do you raise such a one-sided question? I am very concerned. Second, the problems faced by middle-aged people are, in fact, problems faced by this society. Normally, middle-aged talents are the backbone of society, and these people are responsible for raising the next generation and taking care of the previous generation. The magic is that the middle-aged people of the Celestial Dynasty must also prove the rationality of their existence. 2. Talk about the problem itself. Facing the problem of Piantang, tell me a Piantang answer. Which company? What leadership? How old is the leader? Male female? What is the interview process? I think it’s just a simple enterprise that doesn’t care about its employees, so just find an excuse. After all, they are all decent people. You can’t say that you have faked your resume, or have a personality disorder. Just find an excuse that doesn’t hurt your amiability. As for being seen by people with ulterior motives, that is another story. 3. Why is there such benefit? There is nothing new under the sun. Just like instigating gender antagonism, for the media, only by inciting emotions can it gain traffic and ultimately bring benefits. Everything in the world is business. First of all, I admit that before, I also liked to sell middle-aged anxiety, taking middle-aged people to say things. Found this thing is like some bad habits. When you don’t care, you can pass. But the more you emphasize, the more you deepen the impression. When it is emphasized that middle-aged people do not have these problems, you need to talk about the problem first. You know, there are only a few people in this world who have complete reading ability and those who can think independently. The end result is that the smearing gets darker. The more I emphasize that it is not, the deeper this matter is. Why do you say this? Because of this, I did get a little bit of traffic. Think about it, hype, even if I am not an author, I can get traffic, let alone all kinds of V. What is the flow? money. The middle-aged trafficking anxiety has formed a mature industrial chain at least on the Internet of the Celestial Kingdom. First, create anxiety, and then propose solutions. For the middle-aged crisis, what are the familiar solutions? 1. Improve yourself, test more certificates, and sell courses by educational institutions; 2. Sell courses at the same time within the system; 3. Start a business, sell plans, sell franchise; 4. Official account, sell plans, sell traffic. It can be said to be a package solution, and teach you how to get through the middle-aged crisis. 4. How to solve the incomprehension and create emotions is always the way to make money. Think about it, the Internet world has always been dominated by all kinds of strange oppositions, idols and passersby, mainstream and non-mainstream, men and women, young people and Old man, wait and so on. Opposition cannot solve the problem, nor can it solve the problem by speculation. However, there is no money to be made to solve the problem. As I said at the beginning, until now, I have never seen a serious media call for the passage of legislation to eliminate age discrimination. Guarantee the labor rights of older workers. It takes a conscience to do this kind of work. But conscience and money really can only choose one or the other.

5 months ago

It turned out that China News Weekly invited me. This has to be answered. I never know how the 35-year-old Kaner in the workplace came from, why not 36, or 34 (it seems to be a little bit offensive). At present, my personal subjective view is derived from the 35-year-old threshold of civil servants. Therefore, it is not so much a 35-year-old workplace crisis, as more people say, it is a middle-aged workplace crisis. It’s just that the middle-aged now, who is generally considered to be 40 years old, has been ruthlessly pressed at the age of 35. It is interpreted by many institutions and individuals as: young people have strong adaptability, strong test ability, good health, and can provide stable service for a long time, and the psychological gap is small. However, the play method of a company is very different from that of the civil service. The company rejects middle-aged employees, which may be based more on the following points: 1. There is no doubt that middle-aged employees are obviously not as hard as younger employees. of. In the first few years of work, I only slept for two or three hours a day for a week, staying up late to report, it was commonplace for me. Now it hasn’t been a few years. I feel that I can work hard until 7 or 8 in the evening. Abolish half of an old life. The decline in physical function, the fading of work freshness and the increase in burnout, dissatisfaction with the company and the mentality of old fritters, etc., will erode the enthusiasm and hard work of most employees step by step. In many jobs, execution is greater than creativity, so in this regard, young employees are undoubtedly dominant. 2. Middle-aged employees are more and more “dragged” by their families. The proportion of 35+ employees who get married and have children must be much higher than that of 22+ young people. There is no doubt about this. Family and work are not a well-coordinated contradiction for most of the time, which is why there are always so many cases of “parents indulging in work leading to insufficient family care”. An urgent and important job is given to a young man. The young man may not go home for a week and live in the company. Young people go on a long-term job, as long as the salary is in place, there will not be too much resentment. But if a job like this is given to a middle-aged person with a family, “the child needs to see a doctor if he is sick”, “parents need to be taken care of in the hospital”, “the child needs a parent meeting”, and “wife is busy this week and has to go every day. Pick up the children from school”… Wait and so on, the reasons that make the leader not good at rejection will rush to your face. As a leader, you still dare not say “your child is important or your work is important” (although you may think so in your heart). There is nowhere to spread the fire, and in the end you can only think of a solution yourself. Therefore, “family” has become a major “yoke” that “restrains” middle-aged employees. Leaders are definitely more inclined to young people who don’t have so many reasons to refuse. 3. Compared with young people, middle-aged people are more realistic. When I was young, I was looking for a job and I really had feelings. Several offers with significantly higher salary levels and better promotion paths were rejected, just to choose a company with quality products and a caring leader (colleagues in the real estate industry may guess which one). At that time, I would spontaneously maintain the corporate culture concept, and I was really proud of it, and I looked down on those companies that “do not even make products for profit”. But after so many years, I will let the middle-aged me quit, my priority is: whether the location is stable, do not want to go to the west; whether the salary is in place; whether the rank has been improved; whether the company can survive in this market To continue; and whether there is less work. As for the company’s future strategic plans, goals and dreams, corporate culture, and the things that I promised to give me in a few years, I didn’t read them all. For us middle-aged professionals, only those who get it are true. Hearing any feelings now is really just a breeze in the ears. When I hear the painted pie, I won’t even be able to burp. 4. The plasticity of middle-aged people is indeed even lower. Then 35+ has not been finalized, and probably not many. We are in the midst of unseen major changes in a hundred years, all existing facts and all existing gameplay may have earth-shaking changes. The best medicine to deal with change is to be young. Most of the 35+ comrades are very stable, regardless of their character, ability, and good direction. This is originally an advantage, which means that your performance is stable enough to make people feel at ease. But in this era of change, stability means that it is not easy to follow the trend of stress change. Young people are not only the future of the motherland, but also the future of an enterprise. Although many companies do not value the thinking and thinking of young people, they still feel that young people are more innovative and energetic. (This is kind of like a paradox. When recruiting people, I think young people are active, but they refuse to accept young people’s new ideas at work). Therefore, “for the future of enterprises”, these companies are more willing to tend to young people with higher plasticity when recruiting people.

5 months ago

It is useless to use legal restraints for such matters. If it is bound by law, the company may not dare to refuse it on the face of it, but it will secretly erase the resume. If you try to compulsory apportionment, it is equivalent to finding that applicants over 35 are not suitable for work and need to be compulsory apportionment. The position and salary of the forced showdown are certainly not satisfactory to the applicants. Although the monthly salary of 10,000 yuan is not high in the eyes of programmers, the minimum wage in Shanghai is 2480 yuan/month, and the minimum wage in other places is even lower. Some people want the law to help hide age. When you think you need to be hidden, it means that you identify as a disadvantage. Since you agree that it is a disadvantage, so is the employer. The employer will definitely increase the review during the interview. If there is no clear, there will be a dark one. If the dark inaccuracies cause accidental injuries, they can’t control that much. It can only be promoted by some successful companies that voluntarily recruit older applicants to prove that older applicants do have their value, and then there is the possibility of change. But if others don’t believe it, there’s no way.

5 months ago

In fact, what the so-called leader said is wrong. But if I am a personnel, I will not take care of it. Because after all these things are decided by the boss, the personnel secretary is just a knife in the hands of others. Therefore, in fact, the root is not the little secretary of personnel, but the boss. As for you, if I were the little secretary of personnel, what would happen to me. I would also refuse, because I want to eat too, even though the boss is wrong, let him be wrong. He may never understand where he is wrong, but if you disobey the boss, don’t want to do it yourself. Therefore, heroes do not suffer from immediate losses. This is the big environment, you can’t change it.

5 months ago

A 36-year-old java programmer with an intended salary of 10k! The salary is really not high, and it can even be said to be a bargain. If this program ape is 36 years old and proposes a salary of 10k by himself, I may not dare to ask for it. I am not because the salary he wants is high, but it is too low….Since he asks for such a low salary, then he wants to pay him Ability is not certain, and working ability at the age of 36 has not yet improved to a normal level, so there must be problems with this person’s learning ability and working attitude. Such employees really cannot use it lightly. If our company recruits people, the reason for rejection is not his age, but his lack of corresponding abilities at his age, and the reasons behind this embarrassment.

5 months ago

Everyone didn’t catch the point. Didn’t you find out that the HR of this company is actually quite “good”~ He said three reasons why job seekers were passed: 1. No cost-effectiveness 2. Not good to be fooled 3. To take care of the family , Did not work hard. These three sentences are really the voice of thousands of companies! It’s better for him to speak directly than to throw out a bunch of inexplicable euphemisms. This is the reality faced by job seekers, and this is the current workplace ecology. Everyone, what is a company? The essence of the company is: a dehumanized money-making system. All companies, it must hope to hire as few people as possible, because people are the cost. All companies hope to establish a set of standardized processes and do not rely on any individual, because people are an uncontrollable factor. All companies must be able to not hire people. If you have to hire people, you must be both “cost-effective”, “good fudge”, and “hard work, regardless of family.” And the point is, it will not tell you this directly, it will change some words, such as: “corporate culture”, “dedication”, “wolf team”, “young people’s blessings” and so on, in order to correct Its name. If the name is not correct, the words will not go well~ Then according to this idea, there is no so-called “35-year-old workplace crisis” in the world, because no matter how old you are, as long as you meet: Without these three characteristics, you will be passed with a high probability. It’s just that once people get older, they will live more or less transparently. If they live too transparently, the company doesn’t like it. The company likes “a blank sheet of paper.” We don’t need to criticize, because the real world is like this, it is not shifted by human will, and it can even be said that when you become a boss, you will think like this. What we should think about is, as individuals, what should we do? In a word: go the other way with the company. Since the company is a “depersonalized money-making system”, then individuals must become “decorporated money-making individuals.” Consider a question: Assuming that the company fires you today and you are unemployed, can you survive? Always prepare for this problem until it really happens. You can exercise your skills long enough to allow companies in the industry to take the initiative to dig you. Unemployment is just a job-hopping for you. You can also think about your sideline business, so that after you lose your job, your sideline business may become regular. In short, if the “35-year-old workplace crisis” really exists, then before the age of 35, let “the company rely on you” instead of “you rely on the company”;

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