Let us see why we would rather draw eyebrows than tattoos: many beauty salons have also developed eyebrow tattoo programs for themselves, but most of the so-called “masters of eyebrow tattoos” are actually at the junior level, and you are equivalent to an experiment. The “white mouse” on the platform, so the eyebrows you tattoo may be just their best eyebrow shape, but it does not mean that such eyebrows are suitable for you. If the eyebrows are not beautiful or not suitable for you or you want to change it For other styles, you can only wait until the original eyebrows fade on their own. This requires a process, and it can’t fade in a moment, so for girls with changing styles, it’s really not suitable to get eyebrow tattoos. There were a few friends around me before. When I first started to make makeup, their eyebrows were the obstacle to their poor drawing, and they were troublesome. I didn’t expect them to meet in groups to get eyebrow tattoos together. To their “Crayon Shin-chan” eyebrows could not help but laugh wildly, but I knew that the eyebrow tattoos were like that at the beginning, but what I did not expect is that after a long time, their eyebrows are still very dark, and they are still very dark. Reflective light can really reduce the value of their faces. Not only are the eyebrows not so good-looking after tattooing, but they are too prominent, which makes them unacceptable. The semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that was once popular for many girls is an “artifact that saves the eyebrows”. It saves effort, time and eyebrow pencils. It is very popular. Many girls follow the trend to get eyebrow tattoos. They can look good in their imagination, but The reality is unsatisfactory. Many beauty salons also marked high prices, but they did not realize that the quality of the products they used was very poor. Not only the eyebrows were dyed unevenly, it might even cause allergies and eventually lead to poor facial features. Even if the eyebrow tattoo looks much better than the one drawn by yourself, it is still dangerous. If you don’t trust or know the eyebrow master, then choose carefully. Don’t let yourself regret it because you follow the trend. There are more eyebrow tattoos these years. Many people have been “ruined” by the eyebrows. In fact, the eyebrows have a great influence on a person’s face, and they can most affect a person’s overall temperament. If your eyebrows are very suitable for you, you have already succeeded in making up more than half, so you can’t treat it casually, let alone give it to others. Affecting appearance is one aspect. The most frightening thing is that it will affect your health. This is “spending money and suffering”. Relying on others is not as good as relying on yourself. Try more. Get new features is what we need to pursue. Gradually, you will find the skills of thrush yourself. Don’t be lazy or make it easy, just treat your face at will.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

The proprietress of a shop at the gate of my community added her WeChat account for some reason. About last month, her ticket circle began to send photos of her learning to tattoo her eyebrows, to show you: If you spend a few thousand yuan to produce such an effect, isn’t it good to buy ribs for this money? Buy an eyebrow pencil and learn it by yourself. Draw a few more times and you will find that it takes only five minutes every morning to solve the problem of eyebrows.

6 months ago

There are dozens of eyebrow powders per box, and there are more than 100 good ones. I spend two more minutes every day when I put on makeup. I can also think about what eyebrow shape and eyebrow shape I want to draw. I need to repair it from time to time. You can only pray in your heart that the eyebrow tattoo master you met is a reliable one. If you are not reliable, you still don’t know how long to hold your ugly eyebrows. So, why should I tattoo my eyebrows? And drawing eyebrows is my favorite step in the makeup process, it’s indispensable

6 months ago

Let me give you a practical example. I was a makeup teacher at a makeup school. He spent more than 30,000 to get eyebrows. The effect is like two strips of seaweed. It is rigid and unsightly, without any three-dimensional effect. , Mao flu, can be said to be a flaw on the face for a long time, spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a loneliness. Ironically, she drew the eyebrows of others and struck her own eyebrows every minute. Many professionals in the beauty industry have poor eyebrow tattoos, let alone other people? So I think the beauty of eyebrow tattoos is very limited. Even if you find the best eyebrow tattoo artist to give you a tattoo, the effect will not get rid of the rigidity and unnaturalness. I have seen eyebrow tattoos of hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars, but I still can’t get rid of these two stubbornness. What’s more, how do you ensure that the master tattoo artist, the one with the highest price, will get the best effect? Therefore, I highly recommend that girls who love beauty practice a set of thrush techniques. Because the effect of thrush is N times better than tattooing, it looks N times better! After practicing proficiency, it takes only a few minutes to draw eyebrows, but this requires long-term practice, selection of eyebrow cosmetics, and tutorials for drawing eyebrows. But as long as you do it, you will find that it is not difficult. Of course, if you are more concerned about convenience, then eyebrow tattooing is definitely the most trouble-free. If you are more concerned about beauty and nature, it must be the daily thrush!

6 months ago

I have a lot of makeup artist friends, and they have almost opened a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo business. To be honest, there are a few craftsmanship and aesthetics I am really relieved, but I still did not choose to do eyebrow tattoos for the following reasons: 1 .It’s not appropriate to hold anyone’s field. If you are looking for someone or not, you will get angry and you will be distracted. If you just say that your style is not very suitable for me, then some people will be distracted. No, no, the eyebrows are semi-permanent, and I hope the friendship is permanent. 2. If I don’t look for these friends or others outside, I won’t dare to bet on aesthetics and technology. 3. The tattoo is not flexible, and sometimes I want to draw a willow eyebrow. Tomorrow, maybe a big flat eyebrow is more suitable for styling, or the day after tomorrow I want to try a lower crescent eyebrow? ! …Just this face, and I don’t plan to have plastic surgery, just let me make it myself. This is my pleasure. 4. As everyone said, it will only take two minutes after you become proficient, it’s not worth lying down for a few hours

6 months ago

Because drawing eyebrows is very free. You can draw any style you want. Thick and thin, curved flat, short and long, round brow, square brow, pointed brow, brown, black, gray, reddish brown, yellowish brown… Once the eyebrows are fixed, change Not anymore. How fickle women are. Take me as an example. My favorite eye shadows, nail polishes, lipsticks, and perfumes often change. If I want to fix an eyebrow shape, I feel bored.

6 months ago

First of all, I am definitely not the one who is here to take a look at the pros and cons of eyebrows and eyebrow tattoos. If you are a master, you definitely don’t need eyebrow tattoos, provided that you are a person who is very good at drawing eyebrows and can draw eyebrows well. And it won’t take up a lot of time because of the thrush. Obviously, he denied his technique before answering this question. The advantages of drawing eyebrows will be more natural and vivid, and the shape of the eyebrows can be changed at will. Of course, the premise is that you are a good sister or brother who can draw eyebrows! What about tattoos? Eyebrow tattoos are suitable for those with handicapped parties and those with complications of lazy cancer (this group is certainly not small, shivering~) sisters who cannot draw their eyebrows well and want to go out finely! When the technique of tattooing eyebrows was not very mature in the past, “caterpillars, public relations eyebrows” often appeared. I’m afraid that Jimei people don’t know the “caterpillars”. I specially found a pair of “caterpillars” in the huge crowd and looked for a long experience together. Ah~ Zhang Fei: What? Has been imitated, tattoos have been surpassed! Hahaha is a little joke, but the above situation can actually be avoided. As long as you go to a regular eyebrow tattoo shop, these problems will basically not exist, so it is especially important to choose an eyebrow tattoo institution. I have just tattooed eyebrows, so I have more say, (if you don’t have the right to say, don’t talk!) First of all, the original eyebrows are respected! This is the photo taken on the day of the eyebrow tattoo in order to remember the last original eyebrows. Now it seems that I really want to laugh and only I can laugh (distressed myself for three seconds~). Is it particularly obvious? My eyebrows are naturally curved. I accidentally drew my eyebrows and raised my eyebrows. Originally, I had no hope for my eyebrows, but when the tattoo teacher designed it, I was really moved to cry~( The narratives in the article are only individual cases, and do not mean that the actual final effect is achieved) Design the effect on one side; oh the most important point! The eyebrow tattoo is indeed pierced with a needle, but it does not hurt, because the soothing cream is applied before the eyebrow tattoo. After the tattoo, is it more energetic? The eyebrows have distinct roots. The tattoo artist said that my eyebrows are okay, but the shape of the eyebrows is not very good, so the effect of the tattoo is good, especially realistic. She doesn’t like makeup very much, and she loves to laugh very much. She didn’t have eyebrows before, and she seemed very spiritless no matter how lively. But now that I have eyebrows, my temperament is different. When I chose a tattoo organization, I considered many aspects, such as scale, safety, and hygiene. The most important point is the tattoo artist’s skills. A good tattoo artist will make the final result twice the result with half the effort. The tattoo teacher who gave me the tattoo said that he has 8 years of tattoo experience. The teacher also told me a lot of professional knowledge about eyebrow tattooing, and the operation method of tattooing is also very skillful. , If necessary, you can directly contact the teacher for consultation, free of charge. Jiujiang Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Consultation Click here~ So it’s up to you to choose between eyebrow tattoos or thrushes. I think eyebrow tattoos are particularly trouble-free. Doesn’t it smell good to sleep for five minutes a day? ?

6 months ago

It depends on whether you get a tattoo or not. If you ask me, I must be tattooed! ! Must be tattooed! ! Because of my handicap, I can’t draw my eyebrows! Also, for eyebrow tattooing, you must go to a formal tattoo institution, and find a tattoo artist who has good eyebrow tattoo skills and high aesthetic quality! Taking my personal experience as an example, I moved to a new company at the beginning of last year. The new company is in the fashion and culture category and requires makeup to go to work. The beautiful colleagues are very neat every time. They never touch up eye makeup, but they look very energetic. . The eyebrows are thick and slender, and the eyes are European-style large pairs. It is not bad at all if they are painted. Once I plucked up the courage to ask for experience and asked her how to draw her eyebrows, but she didn’t paint at all, but tattooed! The beautiful colleagues are very nice. She said that if the eyebrows are light and lazy, a semi-permanent tattoo is the best choice. She introduced me a lot, such as semi-permanent use of vegetable dyes, which will not burden the body. Although it will become lighter over time, it will be more natural and not red; the type of pattern can be selected from wild eyebrows with distinct roots or light eyebrows. Natural misty eyebrows; there is a soothing cream before the tattoo, the process is like an ant crawling gently, without pain; the eyebrow shape designed by a good tattoo artist is like a face shape, unique…etc. She seemed to be a professional master in the conversation. She told me that this was introduced to her by the tattoo master. I was very moved by her comment. I went home and checked their evaluations on the Internet. They were really good reviews. There were also very few complaints and there were many people who had to line up. Later, I made an appointment with their customer service. Under this situation, the customer service may be because they did not make an appointment, and then I made an appointment to get eyebrow tattoos on the weekend. (I didn’t wait, because I made an appointment in advance) My eyebrow shape was okay, but my hand was disabled and the care was not good. It was less than a month after the eyebrow was tattooed, and no one could tell that it was tattooed. The process of tattooing is indeed not much different from what she said. The tattoo artist is very skilled, the stitching is very stable, the whole time is short, and the mist and lines will appear natural and energetic. Jiujiang has a nice name. Called Siwumei. From now on, even at night, you can apply a concealer and go out without worrying about being like Qiu Qianchi! The shape of the design is not too flat or too picky, the makeup is basically versatile, and the technique is really good.

6 months ago

Industry practitioners can’t help but want to say a few words for your reference. If you don’t agree with the trouble, just spray it. I think babies who “I would rather draw eyebrows than tattoos”, the main reason is that they don’t know enough about semi-permanent makeup. Semi-permanent makeup is already different from the tattoos of aunts decades ago. Don’t worry about it. I will turn to an article about semi-permanent makeup that I wrote a few years ago and introduce it in detail. Secondly, I should be worried about encountering unreliable tattoo artists. This is indeed possible. I have to say that the industry is quite chaotic now, and the skills of tattoo artists are uneven. My suggestion is to find someone close to you. If your friends and classmates have no tattoos that satisfy you, then please ask the pretty lady in the coffee shop and milk tea shop on the street. No lady will care if you praise her for her beautiful eyebrows. , I will enthusiastically tell you where she got it and how much she spent. This is how many of my customers come. (For example, I got the eyebrows for an older sister who was in the wholesale clothing of Bairong World Trade Mall a few years ago. One day she was not feeling well and went to Beijing Tiantan Hospital for an examination. The chief physician who examined her sister liked her eyebrows. Ask her where she got it. Now many doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. in Tiantan Hospital have become my clients.) Next, I forward an article I posted on the public account in 2016 for your baby’s reference: What is semi-permanent makeup ? Semi-permanent make-up fixation has a certain degree of durability and is used to improve the shape of eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. It uses safe materials, uses pure natural pigments, quality assurance, no side effects, safety and no allergies. Usually it will be discharged slowly with the body’s metabolism in 2-3 years. Do it once and semi-permanently, it will save you one hour of makeup time, 30 minutes of makeup time, and 10 minutes of makeup removal time every day within 2-3 years. More importantly, there is no deep damage to the skin caused by chemicals, and there is no embarrassment after makeup. The natural makeup of semi-permanent set-up makes you more beautiful without makeup, and even without makeup. Why not do permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup? Semi-permanent makeup is so popular, more and more beauty seekers are beginning to join the semi-permanent makeup army, and nowadays the most popular is semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, I will use semi-permanent eyebrow makeup For example, many friends have heard that the semi-permanent effect can only last for 2 to 3 years and feel that it is not cost-effective. They think that the permanent cost-effectiveness is higher. Is this really the case? In fact, permanent eyebrows do exist. Traditional eyebrow tattoos can last for at least 10 years. The above time, and it is very easy to color with traditional artificial chemical pigments. The color will go up with a light break. There is basically no need to supplement the color. The effect is so good. Should you choose traditional eyebrow tattoos? The maintenance time is very long, but you want What did it look like? This: Of course, there is such a thing, does it make you more surprised? The above mentioned are permanent eyebrow tattoos, permanent eyebrow tattoos, and permanent eyebrow tattoos. And what is the semi-permanent eyebrow fixation? The semi-permanent eyebrow fixation uses super elastic curved steel needles, which are fixed on the equipment, according to the embroidery method, the pure plant color imported from Korea is pierced into the skin, and the pigment is attached to the skin. Permanent eyebrow shape. Semi-permanent makeup eyebrows need to be combined with the natural growth direction of the customer’s own eyebrows, and the eyebrows are carefully made one by one, filling the missing parts and filling the thin areas, so that the brows and the waist and the end of the eyebrows are naturally connected. realm. This kind of semi-permanent eyebrow fixation can only last for 2 to 3 years, and it needs to be supplemented in the later stage, but the effect is like this: Is it very beautiful and amazing? So, the most important thing in making eyebrow fixation is technique and Effectively, a good tattoo artist can use the best techniques to help you make the best eyebrows for you. On the contrary, although the effect is long, it has the “effect” of disfigurement.

6 months ago

It is really easy to get a good eyebrow tattoo. The main thing is to choose the right eyebrow tattoo organization and tattoo artist’s technique, so that the risk is lower. In fact, tattooing eyebrows does save time, not to mention those who know how to make-up. It is really necessary for the handicapped party. Not only does it save time, but the work of a good tattoo artist will also make the whole person more spirited! So for a master, it may not make sense. Of course, if you are a lazy and cancerous master, I personally think it is quite necessary. After all, one more minute of sleep in the morning is also good, right?

6 months ago

1. Fear of ugliness: I have seen many failed cases in reality. The tattoos are too unsuccessful, and people who have no concept of beauty think that they are ugly. 2 Cost: a brow pencil is used for dozens of dollars a year, and a brow powder is used for several years. There are hundreds of words in Wen. 3 Too fixed, if you want to challenge other eyebrows to cover it, it feels inconvenient. 4 The pursuit of beauty is not strong. Many people don’t like makeup, not to mention tattoos. 5 There is no money, afraid of being fooled, afraid of doing it. It is compulsory to consume other beauty items.

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