According to a report by Taiwan’s “United Daily News” on the 25th, in recent years, some of the US military purchase projects that the Taiwan authorities are about to close, before the conclusion of the case, it has been reported that the US request to continue to use the method of repurchasing ammunition and increasing technical management personnel to stay in Taiwan. Make a balance instead of returning the balance to the “national treasury.” Regarding many arms purchase cases, the Taiwan military mostly argues that the relevant practices are “conventional.”

Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” passed a resolution for this purpose, stating that Taiwan’s military units have poor discipline in the budget control of the US arms sales. The US military has been able to continuously allocate administrative and management expenses, and unite with Taiwan’s military construction units to systematically improve, overall logistical support, and even Purchasing related equipment in a non-procedural way, and then revising the original construction case before closing the case and including it in the way of combat requirements. The “Legislative Yuan” decided to freeze Taiwan’s “Ministry of National Defense” 2021 related budget of NT$20 million.

In fact, just like the defense of the Taiwan military, the United States has become a “routine” to withhold the balance of Taiwan’s military purchases. In July last year, Taiwan’s former Chief of Naval Staff Li Hao disclosed that he chose to resign from the military a few years ago. The key reason apart from changing the P-3C anti-submarine aircraft to the Air Force was the problem that the United States had accumulated over the years to withhold the remaining military purchases of Taiwan’s military. He intends to get back on track, requiring the completed projects to be closed according to the normal closing procedures. At the same time, he reported to high-level officials that he was mostly scorned by his “problematic”.

Because of the impact on the interests of the US arms sales system, relevant US parties even invited him to Singapore for an interview, and was ordered by Taiwan’s “Ministry of Defense” to go to Singapore to attend the annual maritime meeting.

The ancestral law is immutable (laughs)! Not to mention the case of Lafayette in the distance, but the one who is near to talk about how miserable this navy chief of staff Li Wei is. To say that he really did nothing, but that he should act in accordance with the law. It is not to prevent the high-level Taiwan military from taking rebates or to prevent the arms lobby group from earning the median price difference. What he asks is just “return the balance.” Treasury”, the result? He was directly humiliated by the high-level Taiwan military officials in Singapore and publicly humiliated the US officials, and the Chief of Naval Staff was instigated by the Deputy Director of the US Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DCSA). What is the rank of the Deputy Director of the Security Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of National Defense? In terms of military rank, it is no more than a brigadier general. In other words, a Taiwanese lieutenant general is probably just a colonel in front of the US military. As for the reason? Regardless of the power gap between the two sides for the time being, as far as the trading market is concerned, the Taiwanese arms sales case with the United States is that the Taiwan authorities are selling arms to the United States, not the other way around. This is especially true for direct commercial sales channels (DCS). Having said that, compared to the Lafayette case, the former chief of staff of the Navy is already fortunate, but he was forced to retire. Think of the parties in the Lafayette case? Some people were electrocuted by the hair dryer while taking a bath, were pretended to be dead by a truck, fell to death from upstairs, killed themselves, or died of malaria. Even the director of the National Security Bureau and the dignified second-level general also had “heart attacks.” And die. In comparison, the mere “compulsory retirement” can be called “competitive and good-looking.” Of course, this is also related to the former chief of staff not wanting to go deep into the inside story of the arms purchase case, but he is unhappy that even the remaining money cannot be returned to the national treasury.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

To put it bluntly, 20 million Taiwan dollars is enough for what? Blue Star’s strongest navy will give you no money for the platform! Going back and forth, the outsourcing service providers alone have more than so many taps. Fleet commanders, captains, and the Pentagon all have to take care of them. What is enough to do with such a small amount of money? What’s more, if Kaishen didn’t keep a handful, what would it rely on to transfer U.S. aid to the U.S. bank, buy and sell real estate, and transfer it to Taiwan? Now that the situation is so tight, what if…. Then you must not leave some money in the United States so that you can continue to transfer! This is a national policy. I dare to doubt that it must be the conspiracy of the ACP!

5 months ago

1. As long as arms sales, opposition must be opposed. 2. Not to mention old things, what else can the United States sell? Can the U.S. sell it, but can the island afford it? The rotation of the F-35 allies is scheduled to after 2030. Two F-22s will come? What do you want. Two Burke? First-class people are not enough for their own boats. In a few years, Tikon will retire, so you can collect some points. That thing has big targets and is easy to play. 3. This thing is to pay protection fees. From the liaisons of the military-industrial complex, up to the parliamentarians and presidential advisers, they all benefit. And people on both sides have to take it. Otherwise, why are you eager to buy arms? 4. It is said that the main problem is that there are too few beach heads available on the small island. Many obstacles and hidden forts have been built on a small number of good beaches. The intelligent unmanned attack fleet is stepping up its practice. Another possibility is airborne. 5. The small island is extremely hateful. It puts a lot of missiles and armored weapons in schools and hospitals in order to create a humanitarian crisis. Our precision guidance is a consideration. 6. It is said that I really want to fight guerrillas. Many caves have been dug in the middle mountain range, and weapons, ammunition and food have been stored in advance. 7. It is said that the other party’s intention is to run the ship desperately towards Guam once it starts. Then try to delay as much as possible. How our side encircles and annihilates is under great pressure. 8. It is said that they are fighting in bad conditions during drills. The purpose is to carry out during the typhoon. 9. It is said that typhoons can be created by meteorological weapons.

5 months ago

Wanwan’s Diary: 1. Today, I went to Yingjiang’s to buy things again. I gave Yingjiang 100 yuan, which cost 60, but Yingjiang didn’t give me any change. I didn’t ask, nor did Eagle Sauce say that this is our practice, it should be the tacit understanding that people say. 2. Today I heard that I don’t buy electric toy cars from Yingjiang’s house next door, and I said that the electric toy cars have brake problems. In fact, I know that these are just excuses, just like not buying our pineapples, because they don’t have enough foreign exchange. Besides, how can the electric toy car of Yingjiang’s family be faulty? It must be fake. 3. Today, the foot pot chicken drained the nuclear waste water into the sea. This shouldn’t be true, but since Eagle sauce didn’t say anything, then I won’t talk anymore and just pretend to be.

5 months ago

This is not called deduction of the balance, it is called buying military flowers. What is a military flower? Army flower is another form of uncompleted. The building can be sold before it is completed. The building will not be repossessed until a few years later. Similarly, American military weapons are famous for their high quality and long manufacturing time. Usually, only one batch can be delivered first, and the remaining batch will be delivered only after a few years or even decades. This is based on the Hong Kong real estate model. Quickly increase the transaction volume and promote the return of funds. It has been well implemented in Wan Chai. Wan Chai first obtained American weapons by buying military flowers, and other countries had to queue up if they wanted to buy them. In the future, the United States may launch digital military weapons, which means that Wan Chai will first give money and then sell 2D weapon photos to Taiwan. After the 3D printer is launched, Wan Chai can print the weapons on the photos as long as they buy a 3D printer. Flying quickly. At that time, Wan Chai only needs to buy 3D printing materials to quickly print out American weapons in large quantities, and the efficiency is much higher than that of the mainland. Wan Chai has once again been at the forefront of the world. In the 21st century, the eyes of the world must be concentrated in Wan Chai. Nanbo Bay is not talking about Saxiao, or she is talking about nothing, and if you are close, you will not know the shadow.

5 months ago

I have always felt that Taiwan’s arms purchase is basically an industry chain of benefit transmission. Think about it, why Taiwanese out-of-hospital groups have so much influence in the United States, do you need to spend money to find someone to swim? Given the size of Taiwan, it would be impossible to take the legal route if you want to put out a bargaining chip that satisfies those guys. Then, if it is said that a large amount of funds are “legally” transferred to interest groups in the form of arms purchases, it is relatively easy to operate. For example, we will find that the arms sold by the United States to Taiwan are relatively outdated, but the prices are higher than the new ones. So, a weapon that was originally valued at 100 million U.S. dollars, now the United States sold 500 million U.S. dollars, an extra 400 million U.S. dollars… divided! Then let the manpower be soft and have a lot of interest-driven, naturally it will make the group outside the hospital more active to engage in lobbying, and it is absolutely unwilling to see the essential changes in cross-strait relations. After all, whether it’s peaceful reunification or the indulgence caused by indus, the out-of-hospital group will be unprofitable and lose a lot of money. Where is doctrine, it’s all business!

5 months ago

In fact, think about it, this is a very simple matter. Why did the Taiwan authorities buy arms? Because the situation in the Taiwan Strait is tense, it needs to expand its armaments. Why is the situation in the Taiwan Strait tense? Because the DPP authorities are inclined to Taiwan independence. Why can the DPP become the authority and govern? Because the United States supports it. Why does the United States support the Taiwan authorities? Because it wants to contain China and obstruct cross-strait reunification. You see, in the final analysis, it is external forces interfering in China’s internal affairs. It intends to achieve its ugly purpose of containing China’s development by splitting China. Then a small group of “traitors” take the foreigners to self-respect, only consider the interests of small groups, and ignore the righteousness of the nation. In this way, why we have figured out why the arms purchase, then why should we “deduct” during the arms purchase process? This is even simpler. Regardless of its arms purchase, Taiwan cannot compete with the mainland in terms of overall strength. In theory, no matter how arms are purchased, it is meaningless. That’s weird. Since arms purchases are of little significance, why do they still purchase arms? This is actually another kind of “protection fee”, nothing more! The two sides tacitly agreed with each other to deceive the Taiwan compatriots and use the hard-earned money of the Taiwan people to please foreign devils! Therefore, “deduction” is normal. The Taiwan authorities are also worried that they can’t find a reasonable excuse to send money to be filial. So, it’s the “convention”.

5 months ago

This fully shows that the US arms sales to Taiwan are just business. Arms sales to Taiwan are very profitable. Taiwan pays more for second-hand and obsolete military equipment than other countries pay for new equipment. Many people in the United States and Taiwan have profited from arms sales. This situation has been going on for decades. However, repeated purchases of expensive US weapons will not actually change the balance of power or the status quo in the Taiwan Strait. For example, Taiwan purchased $63 billion worth of F-16 aircraft from the United States last year, which is equivalent to 10% of its entire GDP. However, in terms of performance, the Chinese J-10 has surpassed the F-16 in many aspects. These weapons are not enough to change the military contrast with China. Therefore, there is a saying that arms sales are Taiwan’s protection costs for the United States. The surplus of the Taiwan authorities’ arms purchases was withheld by the United States. Taiwan’s military explained that this was “usual” and it was also a kind of helplessness and self-deprecation. After all, the United States is Taiwan’s only realistic source of advanced weapons and equipment. What other options do they have? Except for the United States, no other country can bear the risk of counterattack from mainland China. There is no European country, and of course there is no Russia. Even the United States is very cautious and does not dare to annoy China too much. This is why the weapons provided by the United States are a grade lower than their most advanced toys, and the number of sales is not enough to greatly change the balance of power. Only arms dealers have made a lot of money in trading, and Taiwan has not only become a pawn for the United States to contain the mainland, but also a chicken that can lay golden eggs.

5 months ago

On March 9, 2005, Li Ao made a shocking statement in the “Legislative Yuan” questioning, saying that Taiwan is the “watchdog” of the United States and that “the United States should supply Taiwan arms free of charge in accordance with the “Taiwan Relations Act”.” Li Ao said that the theory is based on the content of the law that “the United States should supply Taiwan’s defense weapons based on US political and strategic interests.” The English word is “provide”. Buy in the United States. He pointed out that the United States should provide free weapons to Taiwan in accordance with the “Taiwan Relations Act”, because “Taiwan is the watchdog of the United States.” How can the watchdog chew its bones and pay for it? Just as the United States sent free arms to the United Kingdom last year, if the United States does not give Taiwan free of charge, Taiwan should sue the United States. Sixteen years have passed, and Taiwanese still don’t recognize their identity. Don’t understand why some people are willing to be “watchdogs” and don’t want to return to their mothers’ arms?

5 months ago

The United States is forcing Taiwan to eat clenbuterol and pork. This is a prerequisite for Taiwan-US friendship. The United States includes Taiwan on the exchange rate manipulation watch list. This is the starting point for fair trade. Taiwan will give the United States 10 million masks, and the United States does not need to give anything. This is called My sincere friend, the United States sold second-hand weapons to Taiwan at a price three times the original price. This is called a peace-of-mind weapon from the United States. Now it is just a deduction of the balance. What is it?

5 months ago

It is in line with American practice. The balance is a tip. 6 billion purchases, 4 billion tips. Wanwan tipped a lot more generously. As a result, some insiders clamored and disagreed. Obviously Wanwan’s finances are very good to support its 66% tipping ratio to the United States. Through ECFA, the mainland earns 1,500 billion U.S. dollars each year from the surplus, and then the U.S. deficit is 100 billion U.S. dollars, and finally, the military purchases plus tips are 100 billion U.S. dollars. Basically, it just happened to realize the transfer of wealth to the mainland’s profits, and then from time to time to stick to his own capital. So who is financially assisting Taiwanese drugs, or the US funding for Taiwanese drugs? It’s time to discontinue ECFA. Otherwise, Taiwan’s arms purchase would not be so generous.

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