In order to prevent everyone from stepping on the pit, I quickly made such a comparison table, hoping to save more friends who stepped on the pit because we did not understand it. It is now at 10:30 in the evening I climbed to the top of the building to shoot. The occupancy rate of the two apartments that have been repaired for a year and are located at the key subway entrance has been less than 20% for a long time, while the next residence is 90%. Wan, and this apartment is 65,000. Many people bought it for investment and rented out at the beginning. Now they are worried about finding the next picker. Will it be you? This is still an apartment in the core area of ​​the core city, which can be regarded as the country’s high-quality apartment real estate. Let me settle the accounts with you. The total price of the 60 square meter apartment is 3.9 million, the down payment is 1.95 million, and the monthly rental is 5,500. The intermediary also charges 0.5 to 1 month commission. The annual rental income is 63,250 yuan and the rental return rate is 1.6%. . However, there is a 5% gain from the 1.95 million financial guarantee, plus the 1.95 million mortgage, which is calculated at the lowest 5%, and the loss is 10% inside and outside. Therefore, if the house price does not rise, it will be lying at a loss of about 8% every year. Moreover, because the apartment does not have a degree, water and electricity property issues, property rights issues, and occupant population issues, it is difficult to change hands and appreciate in value, so you invested 1.95 million in cash, while suffering losses, while still unable to sell, compared to the original 195 You can buy a house for 6 million with a down payment of 30%. After three years, do you think about it and regret it? But the agency’s commission for buying a house and renting a house are not less, so you said they would say that the apartment is super good? Let me talk about my experience of being used by an intermediary to buy a house. I hope it will be helpful to my friends: I saved my salary for 16 years and wanted to buy a house. If Shenzhen couldn’t afford it, I was going to see Dongguan. At that time, I was watching various posts shared by buying houses. Leave a message, a very careful and attentive little girl found me, and then very patiently and tenderly gave me this little idiot to buy a house. Popular science, two days later, on a rainstorm Saturday, she and her boss, an aura driving the Land Rover. A middle-aged woman with short hair took me to see a very good property. It was a yellow warning for heavy rain that day in Shenzhen. We were sitting on his white Land Rover Mercedes-Benz on the highway along the river. You can imagine that picture, we are Mercedes-Benz on the highway built on the sea, the sky is completely covered by dark clouds and heavy rain, we still drove from Shenzhen to Dongguan to see Room, just like trying to save the world. After such a fascinating journey, I came to the good market they wanted. An independent apartment located 2 kilometers from the highway intersection, there was nothing around, but I didn’t understand the specific differences and advantages of apartment houses at the time. After entering the real estate, the short-haired sister is very skilled and on-site sales to explain to me the hundred-year development plan of Guangshen Dongguan, the unique geographical advantage of the real estate, and the huge investment income and rental income after buying the real estate. This is it anyway. The real estate is the best in the Greater Bay Area. To be honest, even though I can’t tell the difference between apartments and houses, I’m moved. Next, I started to count the money. The down payment was 50%. I didn’t have enough money. So she asked me to calculate my credit card, online loan and relatives’ loan. The difference was 100,000. She said that she would lend me 100,000 to buy this house. It is today to pay the deposit. In a series of PUA and reverse Amway, I almost fell. In the end, I was too timid and poor, and I always felt something was wrong, so I insisted that I went home and made up the money before making a decision. The short-haired sister didn’t say a word to me on the way back. The little girl who had taken me over from Zhihu kept brainwashing me, until a week after coming back, she still told me that the real estate was good, but at this time I had already looked for it. After consulting with a friend who knows about the house, this little girl was directly blacked out. Now that I think about it, it still feels terrible. I almost ruined my many years of savings and qualifications to buy a house. I checked the real estate a few days ago. After 5 years, the unit price is the same as before, but it is very difficult to sell. If you rent out, the return rate is about 1%. It’s not that apartments are not good, but for ordinary people in today’s investment environment, you can’t buy apartments with real investment value, and the young girl who actively took you to see the apartments, he opened the Land Rover back LV You have a contribution. Looking at the property market in Shenzhen today, all residential real estate depends on looting. Those who can buy a house are not only rich and qualified to buy a house, but also luck. The community I bought is 5,000 people and 400 places are drawn. The sales of real estate developers are not good. Will not give real estate resources to intermediaries at all. However, our community has also repaired two apartments, and half a year has passed since the apartments are still being sold out by agencies and public accounts of various Amway promotions. So, young man, do you still buy an apartment?


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I bought an apartment in Jiaxing in 2019, before the outbreak of the epidemic in December 2019. At that time, the agent recommended it near Jiaxing South High-speed Railway Station. I felt that I bought it near Shanghai. And it was silly to buy the full amount, a total of 960,000 yuan. Then I entered the pit, and there was no way to look at the house for more than a year because of the impact of the epidemic. Now the house has been delivered, and it is currently being renovated. It will be completed next month. But now I know that the apartment has such a big hole. I only told me that I couldn’t enter the house. I didn’t mind it, mainly because it never happened. I thought that a house can be sold, and a house is an investment, so I regret it now. I found the agent who sold the house a few days ago and asked him if I can change hands. I bought this house for more than a year without a dime increase, but the house price in another community just 100 meters away from me has reached the level of 24,000. I regret this. I didn’t understand the difference between an apartment and a house at that time, because the street next to us was a house, so it was only more than 10,000 at that time, and now it has risen to 24,000 per square meter, just over a year, and I invested 960,000 in it. So far, a penny has not risen, and the two real estate communities are only 100 meters apart. What big pit do you think this is? People who haven’t bought an apartment try their best not to buy it. They would rather borrow money everywhere to buy a house. Don’t pour in the down payment of 960,000 RMB like me. It didn’t make any splashes, and I regret it.

6 months ago

My own real experience: Coordinates in Shanghai, 50 meters from the subway entrance. I bought it in March 2017. The house price is 1.65 million, taxes and fees are nearly 200,000. It is slightly renovated and 50,000 yuan, a total of 1.9 million. It will be sold in April 2020 because it is a loan. , I paid almost 60,000 in interest, three years of self-occupation, and the rent here is almost 4,000 a month. Benefits: 1. It is close to the subway and convenient transportation. 2. Cheap and disadvantages: 1. Noisy people and shops on the first floor. If the windows are open, if not Was awakened by a motor vehicle, or the smell of being fried. 2. There are a lot of debris in the corridor. The dog upstairs is scratching the floor. The man on the opposite side has to open the door to watch TV in summer. The sound is loud, so I dare to persuade me. Once the voice was quieter, he said that being older is not good, because there is no neighborhood committee, these are all grievances and there is no place to appeal. The property says there is no law enforcement power3. There are 20 households on the first floor and two elevators. It is particularly difficult to wait in the morning peak 4. Most of the apartments are not transparent, facing the southeast and northwest, and the lighting is not good if they are not south. 5. The quality of the houses is poor, and the water leaks (other apartments may not have this problem). The establishment of a neighborhood committee requires at least half of the owners’ signatures. The fact is that most of the owners bought in early and did not live here. They rented out. Most of the apartments do not have gas. In summer, the family has to wait in line for the water heater to heat up. , Difficult to sell, because it was renovated three years ago, and it was self-occupied, and it was well maintained. It was sold out after more than a month after hanging out. The same apartment type and different floors in the same community, the listing is 150,000 cheaper than mine.

6 months ago

Although apartments are cheap, there are advantages and disadvantages. The house is related to the comfort of life. As people’s living needs continue to increase, the choice of house is particularly important. But now the price of commercial housing remains high, and the pressure to buy a house is high. Therefore, in recent years, many people have begun to consider buying an apartment. Is the apartment worth buying? Let’s first analyze the pros and cons of the apartment. First, the total house price is low. Compared with ordinary houses, apartment houses are mostly small-sized, so the total house price is relatively low. If you buy a house with a loan, your monthly payment pressure will be very small in the future and your life will be easier. Secondly, apartments with good locations are mostly located in the core areas of cities, with abundant supporting resources. There are many large shopping malls and office buildings. People are very convenient for work, life, shopping and leisure. It is also conducive to the later conversion of rent and sale, and apartment houses occupy transportation. The advantage is that not only the surrounding roads are spacious and open, but most of the bus and subway lines are gathered here, which makes it convenient for people to travel and save money. Third, although the transitional apartment is small, but it has all the internal organs, coupled with its price advantage and geographical advantage, it is very attractive. It is currently the most popular room type for office workers, especially for young couples. You can buy an apartment as a transition to solve your own living problems as soon as possible. Fourth, short property rights. Apartment houses are commercial properties. The property rights are mostly 40 years. Unlike residential houses with 70-year property rights, people have a very short period of use. Fifth, unable to settle down Although apartment houses can solve some people’s urgent need for housing, the inability to settle down in apartment houses means that the rights and interests of homeowners cannot be fully protected. Even if its geographical location is very advantageous, some urban resources cannot be enjoyed. Take the issue of children’s schooling, for example. Nowadays, my country implements a divisional enrollment policy. The location of the house will determine the child’s school, while apartment buildings cannot be settled and they cannot enjoy school district resources. Even if there are first-class schools nearby, they are not eligible for admission. Sixth, apartment houses in cities with poor living experience are all high-rise buildings, and there are dozens of households on the first floor. The population density is quite large. People come and go frequently. Not only are there loud noises, but also the safety and privacy of life. In addition, the apartment is similar to the hotel structure. The rooms are separated on two sides with a long corridor in the middle. There are few units with transparent north and south, which greatly affects the lighting and ventilation of the room. The living experience is greatly reduced. Seventh, there are many inconveniences in life. Most apartments are not connected to gas. Daily cooking is troublesome. If you use an induction cooker, it will not only be inefficient, but the cost will not be cheap. After all, the water and electricity costs of apartments are based on commercial standards. The unit price charged is higher than that of ordinary civil water and electricity, and the living expenses in the later period are very large. In addition, the area of ​​the apartment is small. If the whole family lives here, it can be said that there is basically no personal independent space. In addition, there are more people, and things will naturally become more. The longer you live, the more crowded and messy the rooms will be. convenient. In summary, there are advantages and disadvantages to buying an apartment. Friends who want to buy an apartment can make a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision.

6 months ago

Nothing is absolute, the key is the timing of getting in the car. I bought an apartment in about 15 years, pure investment, a subway in a district of Suzhou, the subway and shopping malls were not yet opened, now the subway, supermarkets, gyms, Starbucks, cinemas, and various restaurants are all complete. The total price of more than 40 square meters is a little over 200,000, and the unit price is less than 5,000. The down payment and miscellaneous fees may be 120,000 to 30,000, and another 30,000 to 40,000 are spent on decoration. At that time, the housing prices in the same area were between 12,000 and 15,000. The key is that there is no small area, starting at 90 square meters, and the down payment is not enough for investment, and the monthly payment pressure is also high. The apartment has a mentality of not lending in vain, with a loan of 100,000 for 10 years, with the same monthly principal. From the early 1,000s to more than 900 now, the rent of the house is 20,000 a year. After deducting the property fee, it can also be The monthly payment is fully covered, and there is a surplus of several hundred yuan. As for changing hands, it is also very convenient to understand the market among the owners. The owner’s general psychological price is around 12,000-13,000, and the actual 10,000+ that is better can be sold soon, and there are often intermediaries who release information and people are 9500+ who want to buy. , Does not require orientation and decoration. The current price of houses in the same area is 22,000-25,000. Compared with the two, the ratio is basically doubled. With such a return on investment, I would only regret that I couldn’t afford to buy a house anyway, so I didn’t buy an extra apartment.

6 months ago

What is regret? You can rent an apartment even if you don’t live by yourself. Then, under the rent income, unless the house price has fallen. Secondly, even if the house price has fallen, but your rent continues to rise, you will not say that you regret it. Perhaps the regret is why you regretted not buying a larger house in the first place.

6 months ago

Our little admin girl was cheated by an intermediary when she just graduated. She bought a commercial apartment in Jiaxing around Shanghai…invested…and is still repaying her mortgage…and the house price has fallen by two or three hundred thousand (a few in total) One hundred thousand… less than 1 million), no one takes the order…every time I talk about it, I really cry! Young people should be cautious when buying a house, and you can’t buy a house that you can’t take off your hands… the location! Lot! Lot!

6 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first, and regret it. Time to return to Shanghai in 2008. The respondent has just graduated and came to Shanghai to work for a year. For a while, his parents also came to Shanghai for a while. Suddenly, one day, my parents said that they would not rent a house and buy a house for you, and then they would look at the house. , I saw a few houses on the edge of the Central Ring Road. At that time, Pudong’s Middle Ring Road was still quite deserted. I saw a few houses that were either wasteland on all sides or too far away, and then they were still undecided. Then one day, when I was still at work, my father called me and said that there is a house for you to see if it fits. Then he officially met with my first house for the first time. To be honest, I have been so far. I like it countless times and I wanted to buy it back, but I was sensibly told not to. The 22-story commercial and residential building can be almost 30 stories tall as a residential building. It faces the Huangpu River and has floor-to-ceiling windows on one wall. You can see the Oriental Pearl TV Tower at night. , And basically our little insightful people bought it irresistibly, and at a discount, 37 square meters and 600,000 square meters, the shared area is very large, it is estimated that the indoor area is more than 20 square meters, but it can be two floors, just me and Now my wife lives with two people, so I never feel small. However, this house does not increase in price. It was finally sold in 2016, 800,000 yuan, and a down payment of 50%. Because the business tax is 50%, the contract must be lowered. The buyer paid 600,000 in cash. The gross estimated his cost. It’s almost one million, of course this is not the point. The point is that in 2008, I spent 600,000 yuan on buying a house in Shanghai. As far as I know, at least 5 or 6 million will definitely be earned, and there are many people who earn tens of millions around. And you have also seen that from 2008 to 2016, 600,000 yuan was invested in real estate and a net profit of 200,000 yuan. This is probably a real joke. Buying a house with your eyes closed will not make you such a small amount. A few things that I didn’t like at the time. A house, even if you buy a small five million dollars, you can earn it. As for why I didn’t sell it for another one, my father rejected the proposal several times in the past few years that I wanted to sell. Fortunately, my wife and I bought a house with the money we saved and paid for the down payment, which included the car. Otherwise, there is really no way for the child to come out. Anyway, living on my own, it’s okay, with children, it’s not good, and investment is very uneconomical.

6 months ago

In 2018, I replaced a 100-square-meter 20-year-old house with two 70-year-old new elevator small apartments. One of them was a residential property and occupied the home purchase index for 80-year-olds. I never thought about it. Sell, prepare to keep holding for rent. If a house can only be sold once, it can be rented forever, as long as the building does not fall. Let’s talk about the income. In the past, the 100-square-foot house could only be rented for 1,800 yuan. Now the two apartments are rented for 3,000 yuan a month, and the annual return is about 4.5%, which is not bad. It is believed that the small apartment rental market will be prosperous in the future. Many young people do not want to get married and cannot afford to buy a house.

6 months ago

I don’t regret it. Although the room is small, there is no gas, and the elevator is difficult to wait. But it is my own nest, and no matter what happens from now on, I have a place to stay. I can face my love and marriage more courageously in the workplace. My apartment is not a loft, but the transportation is very convenient, and the upper floors are very quiet. There are balconies and large French windows. Outside the balcony is a busy city, and the large windows are particularly well ventilated. I bought it very early, and it was very cheap at that time. I have recovered a lot of capital from rent collection over the years. I renovated and lived by myself this year. I haven’t sorted it out yet, let’s give you a few photos of Kangkang, I love my little nest

6 months ago

Seeing that it’s all bad-mouthing, I’ll sing the opposite. Beijing, I bought a second-hand apartment in 2020. I don’t regret it at the moment. I even feel happy and safe to buy an apartment by chance. Two million + tax 200,000, the full amount, is near Haidian Huangzhuang. I have lived in myself for a while, and now I have rented it out. The rent is very fragrant (described below). At that time, I took a mobile phone and took the Lianjia app to see all the commercial and residential buildings in Beijing, and then I selected a few communities with a relatively high return on investment (rent/house price) within the budget. I ran many times before and after. About a total of three weeks have been set, and I fell asleep on the first night of the transfer, covered with sheets and even no quilt. I finally don’t have to live with relatives in Beijing! Generally second-hand houses are broken and broken, but the one I bought is high-floor, well-decorated, heated carpet (bathrooms are clean and warm), the property is responsible for it. Friends who came to me to play on the weekend said that it is no exaggeration to say that a hotel in Beijing for 300-400 nights is not as comfortable and convenient as this apartment. The original homeowners were a pair of middle-aged scholars with successful careers, and the previous tenants were basically students from nearby Qingbei people, so the room was more caring. Going out is Haidian Hospital, walking three to four hundred meters to Xinzhongguan, and it only takes five minutes to ride a bicycle to work. I wake up with a sense of happiness every day. As for the return on investment in the future, let’s two yuan: rent can rent 7800/month, the agent said that I was the highest rent she had in the same community recently, and it was a second rent, and I went out at noon, and someone looked at the house in the afternoon and sold it! Tenants also like to sell clean, highly educated children’s shoes. I haven’t counted the taxes and fees, but I have talked about the pure house price for a long time. The epidemic situation and the fate of the buyer are not high (of course, no How much lower). At present, sometimes I check the price of the APP, and my family all lament that I bought it really well. Calculating this way, I will not sell in the short term. If my parents are old-age, pension + rent, my pressure is long-term because the apartment type and house conditions belong to the top of the same community, and the quality of people living in it is relatively high (average people’s congress/ BAT level, Haidian parents are more superstitious about academic qualifications), I believe it will not be too difficult to change hands, do not ask for appreciation, a 10% increase, 20% is enough. In fact, the apartment was originally good for rent and not for sale. I will earn more packages than a house in the next year. I will leave it with good memories of being with it. Maybe I won’t sell it~ It is also my confidence and safety in Beijing. sense. So my conclusion is that if you think about the purpose of buying and can bear the risks of buying, then enjoy the benefits of buying~

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