Simply put two points 1. Ultra-small room temperature fusion furnace (hereinafter referred to as cold fusion as we all know. At present, known fusion furnaces are tokamak devices that use magnetic confinement fusion fireballs in a heat-conducting material, and cool by releasing heat to boil water. The water method releases heat, which is an extremely primitive energy conversion method. The unfinished tokamak device plus the size of the pipeline is already more than a house. And the ultra-small cold fusion furnace on Tony’s chest except for fusion. I’m afraid it’s not the same thing as a conventional fusion furnace. Cold fusion initiates nuclear fusion at room temperature and converts all energy into other forms of energy/attack means by some method. Conventional nuclear fusion only uses what is lost in the process of nuclear fusion. Heat is used to boil water, and efficiency is different. It can be said that cold fusion is true nuclear fusion. The exploration of cold fusion is difficult, involving the energy source that initiates fusion, the material that constrains the fusion, etc….not to mention ultra-small The engineering design of the modernization. The villain scientist in the movie even built a cold fusion furnace (including pipes) the size of a house, but ridiculed that we are not Tony Stark to be unable to complete the ultra-miniaturization. 2. Overload and reduction Zhen; Tony is not an interstellar warrior, and the problem of Achilles’s left arm has not been solved by 19 remodeling operations. In addition to his worries about the “dehumanization” of his superhuman intelligence, Tony tried his best to avoid becoming a “heart-seeking” “Iron Man”, most of his bodies are ordinary humans. As soon as the Iron Man armor accelerates, his brain becomes tofu brain; when the sky falls, his whole body is broken and his organs are broken. To avoid all this, we have to ask where the energy goes. Is it converted or absorbed? We all know that power will not disappear, but can only be converted. I am afraid that the biggest black technology of Iron Man armor is not the ultra-small cold fusion furnace but the thin layer inside the skin. The shock absorber. So we might as well ask, where does Iron Man fit in with physics?


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

The question is reversed. You have to ask, what settings does Iron Man have that are in line with physics? The setting of Iron Man in most worlds is a pure human body. Needless to say, just the power of the iron man armor, a speeding sprinter is useless. Movies like the Women’s Federation are more suitable for martial arts, replacing the arc reactor with Yi Jin Jing and Zhen Jin with Xuan Tie (both meteorites). You won’t analyze whether Duan Yu’s Six-Maid Excalibur conforms to the laws of physics. Captain America, a young man in this workshop, weak in physique, loyal and benevolent, and aspiring to serve the country, he has to be given the power of bone forging and marrow washing by an expert. He is successful, capable of carrying the tripod, and extremely good at moving around, light as a swallow. Yu Xingwu practiced martial arts kill boxing (who knows that this is a bonus), world martial arts, 18 kinds of weapons, all hand-made, holding a black iron heavy shield, personally crafted by Howard Stark who is good at organizing , Can attack far, can defend close, the Avengers group heroes, only the captain’s motorcycle is the first to look forward. The black panther, the prince of Kunlun slaves, has a strong body and extraordinary intelligence. His armor is made of black iron, invulnerable to swords and guns. He cultivates family martial arts with twelve leopard claws. The accent is strange and obscure. (2020/8/28 Chadwick Boseman RIP) Dr. Strange, a famous New York City doctor, he saved countless lives and healed countless people. He overturned while driving in a day, his muscles and veins were broken, and he was almost useless. Fortunately, the real person Gu Yi taught the magic formula of talisman and inner alchemy. After being able to heal, he became a monk and inherited the ancient mantle of a real man, slaying demons and demons with Taoism and magical weapons. The Winter Soldier, the righteous brother of Captain America, was born to death with the Captain on the battlefield several times, and was later controlled by the Hydra cult with conspiracy, so that Howard Stark died at his hands. The left arm is made of stainless steel, destroyed by the palm of an iron man, and later remade by black panther with black iron. It is more powerful than before. The rocket raccoon has been coveted for a long time.

5 months ago

There is a huge bug in the steel suit; in order to ensure the flexibility of the human body, the steel suit of the previous generations referred to the design of the plate armor on the torso and limbs, and used layered armor to form the joints. However, this kind of joint cannot guarantee compression and tension resistance, nor can it guarantee air tightness. In other words, Iron Man would have to die from lack of oxygen when flying at a high altitude, and would be torn into two pieces when caught by Hulk, and would have to fall into meat sauce when falling from a high altitude. If you want a rigid connection of the entire suit, you can refer to the handling of joints in NASA spacesuits and vertical take-off and landing fighters. A new generation of Martian spacesuit; how to rotate the jet engine nozzle that withstands high temperature and high-speed airflow is really ingenious. The design refers to the Martian spacesuit, Yak 141 fighter jet, and F1 racer equipment. I have made major improvements to the steel suit. The new suit has better air tightness, stronger durability, and more resistance to pressure. Please forgive the soul painter’s Apple Pencil debut, I have shown the details as much as possible. Those of you who praised my paintings in the comments are all tasteful. Why do some people say that they are like Monkey King, while others say that they are like Zhou Libo? Your brains are really big like Zhou Libo and like Yang Kun. What you said was not what I painted on purpose. You will be responsible for deviations in future reports.

5 months ago

Haha, I thought about this kind of problem. What I considered is that every time the Hulk changes from Hulk form to human form, it suddenly loses so much mass (according to the description of the comic, Hulk is very heavy), according to the law of conservation of energy. , There will definitely be a lot of heat, enough to burn through the ground. Not to mention his little pants. Now think about it, Marvel is actually a fantasy novel, not a science fiction at all, it is just a coat of science. Just like our martial arts novels. The heroes can open mountains and crack rocks with a palm in the air.

5 months ago

It’s happier to see so many friends entangled like me, I thought I was the only strange person. Of course, I also saw a lot of friends who said not to entangle the principle, what principle superhero wants and so on. I wasn’t entangled in the first place, Doctor Strange Hulk’s Underpants, Phoenix Girl or something, I have never entangled. The main thing is that Ant-Man insists on a scientific setting, which makes me very uncomfortable. Directly setting up a metaphysical setting like Doctor Strange is definitely the gospel for the majority of patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. —Twisted building, I think Iron Man still talked about the past. After all, no one has seen nano-materials and high-tech materials. After all, no one knows the data about the strength and shock resistance. No one knows the degree of completion of AI. It can be said that it is very high, taking all airflow into consideration. There is also the damn new element, the characteristics and applications are also the final say. I want to talk about Ant-Man. In the movie, it is said that Pim particles (if I remember correctly) change the distance between atoms, not to mention whether nuclear fusion will occur or a strong interaction material will be produced. There is one simplest question: even if it becomes smaller The quality of Ant-Man should not have changed, but only the density should have changed. So how did he ride on the ant? How did he stand on the mud and not sink? How can you squat on the arrow of the eagle eye? How did the doctor hang the tank around his waist as a keychain? If the quality of this product has become smaller, how can he hit people with his original strength with a single punch? Not to mention that the quality has become bigger in the civil war? Ant-Man is really too metaphysical, I think it’s more metaphysical than Iron Man.

5 months ago

I think Iron Man violates physics the most: if I remember correctly. The material of Iron Man’s suit is just a common metal inferior to Zhenjin. (No matter how hard alloy Tony uses, it’s impossible to beat the vibrato… I have only watched the movie series, please correct me) And for the Thor, the Hulk, and a series of villains who have fought Iron Man From the performance point of view, (Rocky, Ultron, Thanos) their power can easily break or squeeze metal… And between Iron Man’s suit and body, it seems that there is not much space to build a buffer. Floor. This makes people very puzzling. In the First Reunion, Thor met with Iron Man for the first time and gave Iron Man a few hammers. We all know that Thor is a man who can beat the Hulk every day… Oh no, male god. The blunt weapon, the hammer, is also a magic weapon to deal with armor on the battlefield of cold weapons. But Tony’s armor is not only undamaged, even he himself doesn’t appear to have been hit at all. It stands to reason that the hammer’s force through the iron armor, the lowest it can also allow Tony to experience a severe concussion and internal organ displacement. So Iron Man not only violated physics, he also violated biology!

5 months ago

After watching the Women’s League III, I deeply feel that Iron Man’s suit is not a high-tech, but a kind of magic, changing into magic. The energy used should also be balala energy. Shaking the clever answer, like it’s about to break a hundred, then I will add it. Why do people have doubts about the ability of Iron Man, but not the US team, the Hulk. That’s because Iron Man does not mutate, it relies entirely on the power of science, and it relies on the power of science that can be traced in real life (although it has greatly exceeded the scope of reality). Therefore, when watching movies, everyone naturally regards Iron Man as a representative of our ordinary earthlings. The science and technology of the previous Iron Man feels that humans can still catch up, but the performance of Iron Man in Women’s Federation 3 has no desire for people on earth to catch up.

5 months ago

Where is Iron Man? In [MCU], that is [Marvel Cinematic Universe] [Marvel Cinematic Universe] if it can be called that way, it means that this is an independent [universe], so taking the physical laws of the universe we live in, the MCU is unreasonable. In summary, Iron Man does not violate the physics of the MCU and the boy who answered the question has passed away, 19 years old! I am his mother, thank you for your approval!

5 months ago

According to Newton’s first law, he fell to death when he was shot down by a tank in the first episode. Don’t talk about the shot, just the hit that fell to the ground. According to my titanium alloy cat’s eye observation, the overload of falling to the ground definitely exceeds 200G, and people are properly shattered inside. Of course, if he is in the deep sea in the iron shell, that is, the whole body is immersed and suspended in liquid, the alveoli is also breathing liquid, and the stomach is also full of liquid. There is no air in all the body cavities above and below the body, and the density of the liquid is the same as the density of body tissues. , Then all the overload will be borne by the shell. As long as the shell is strong enough without deformation and the liquid has no bubbles, theoretically there is no upper limit to the overload he can bear! This is in line with physics! But the fact is obviously not, he is doing it! It’s a dry man! So our Nini must have turned into mud! Everyone will soon be able to see Nini’s brain pouring out of that iron mouth, along with bile and liver mud…what! ? He stood up again? Yes it is! He is not alone in the fight at the moment, he is possessed by a deadpool at this moment! Wolverine upper body! he! Absolutely krypton gold!

5 months ago

Tony: Since the enemies are super gods, what laws of physics are you talking about? If you obey the laws of physics obediently, what else? Let me just say one thing. The Nano Armor in “Reunion 3” extends from the heart, so all its mass (including the fuel used for fighting and flying later) should basically be concentrated in Tony’s upper body. It can be seen that Tony’s center of gravity is already very high. But he was still at ease. It can be seen that, except for the steel exoskeleton, Tony is already Iron Man.

5 months ago

Not violated. In fact, when you saw Fulian 4, you understood. How else would Thanos be defeated. Tony is a real superpower, the X-Men. His power is a rare space system power. When Iron Man accelerates, Tony will strip out the space around him. So Iron Man is static in its space, and moving is its portable space. When Iron Man’s fist was about to hit the enemy, Tony used his mind to materialize the space. Thus causing harm. As for his power flame? It’s just a 3d led light.

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