I know this question!! When I saw this question, I immediately thought of me, a sleepy bug. I stayed up at night and couldn’t wake up the next day. Waking up was almost the same as not waking up, but I was in my third year of high school and I was thinking about it. No way, how can I sleep, so I tried all the methods I can think of, and now I share them, hoping to help everyone. One, coffee coffee coffee! ! ! Speaking of relief, refreshing, how can you get less coffee, this industry leader, but there are a few things to note, according to the adaptation function of the human body, if you have never drunk coffee before, or do not like to drink bitter drinks , I suggest you start drinking coffee and only drink the kind with milk, not pure. For you who are just starting to drink coffee, it will still play a refreshing effect, and it is much better than black coffee, and it will also taste much better. Why do you say that, because you drink a coffee for a while Get used to it. If you start drinking black coffee, you may not drink it for a while before it will not work for you. In order to fight the protracted battle in the third year of high school, I certainly recommend that you start drinking coffee with milk coffee. This is easy to accept and can guarantee a way out in the future. Drink milk coffee first, and switch to black coffee when it doesn’t work. At this time, the little cutie who used to drink coffee before came to ask, what should I do if drinking coffee is no longer refreshing, don’t worry, I have a solution too. Two, drink tea, drink tea, drink tea! ! ! I said the important thing three times. Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect tea to be refreshing. The key is that the thing is still healthy. The outfielder accidentally discovered that drinking tea can actually refresh my mind. There are many ways to drink tea, but of course you don’t want to taste the literary teas you imagined. I suggest you buy tea-containing drinks directly at the school canteen, such as black tea and green tea. Or, you can buy tea bags on the Internet and make hot water directly in the classroom. What’s more, just take your father’s tea directly hahahahahahaha. 3. Wash your face with cold water. At this time, I will give you suggestions again (my little clever in order to save time for everyone), I suggest that you buy a small watering can directly online, or buy it at the school canteen, usually there will be some Oh, let’s talk about how to use it next. It’s convenient and quick. Just simply wash your face, spray water directly on your face and pat it with your hands, so that you will wake up a lot in an instant. If it still doesn’t work, I have another ultimate coup. 4. Take a nap for ten minutes. Yes, you read that right. It just lets you sleep, but you can only sleep for ten minutes, just sleep for ten minutes. When you wake up and drink some water, you will find that the whole person All sober. Take a nap when you are still sleepy after trying all the methods. This will not waste your time, but will make your brain awake and improve the efficiency of the problem. That’s all for today. Come on, kids, I know it’s hard for you, but I’ll always be here, I’m the Xiaoyi who grows up with you and upgrades the monsters together, pay attention to me, more high-quality answers, etc. For you~


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

I just finished the college entrance examination last year, and I came to give a wave of answers, hoping to help. At that time, I went to bed at 12 o’clock every night and started at 5 o’clock in the morning. But I was in a better state when reviewing. I lasted for a whole year, and I was satisfied with my college entrance examination. The students in Hebei are considered to be very stressful in the whole country. To sum up, the method is as follows, and it varies from person to person: 1. Take a nap at noon every day to refresh your energy for the afternoon and evening study (the time may vary, as long as you can fall asleep) if you don’t sleep at noon, you will definitely lose energy in the afternoon. If you sleep too much at noon, your mind will easily become unconscious in the afternoon. (If the physique is special, I didn’t say it). During the epidemic, college entrance examination, school boarding. Every day at noon and lunch break, from the upper bunk bell ~ wake up bell about 40-50 minutes. I spend half an hour every day looking at my homework, leaving 15 minutes to squint. The school uniform or down jacket fell asleep as soon as the body was covered, and there was no need to fold the quilt. Sometimes you can have a dream with your eyes closed for 10 minutes hahaha. Just a short sleep will also work. A few times, I didn’t go to bed at noon, I had a headache in the afternoon, and I couldn’t concentrate, so I should go to bed obediently. , I have used some methods, and some have not been used. Choose coffee or tea yourself (ps. Don’t waste time because you make too much coffee, every minute and every second is precious before the college entrance examination!) Buy the kind that is easy to wash, such as tighten the lid and rinse with clean plastic or The glass water cup has only a simple body and lid. After pouring the coffee and water, shake it up and down to make it ok. Easy to brew, easy to clean, just add some hot water if it’s too cold. It’s very cheap, you can buy another one if you think it’s not easy to wash. It is best to have two cups. There is only boiled water in the thermos cup, and coffee and tea are made in the small cup. I personally think that this is better, not for advertising; apply a little bit of Fengyoujing to the temples. Some people think it is very troublesome. But to be honest, I haven’t used it before, so you can refer to it. Mint gum chewing gum is similar to urban ranch lozenges. Small snacks are ok. Of course, you can’t always think about snacks in class, but some lozenges taste like toothpaste. Just look at the taste carefully before buying. You don’t have to eat it all the time. It’s too sleepy. Take one, and you don’t have to eat it when you are back. Keke, let me say that the most effective method that I personally think is finally here. Drink Red Bull or Dongpeng special drink. I don’t know why. After drinking coffee, I feel I’m sleepier, and drinking tea doesn’t work. By chance, I really tasted the beauty of this energy drink. Although I am not very interested in the taste, I really feel very refreshing. So I drank a can of Red Bull Xiaoxiao for about four months. At first, it was not enough to drink. From the early morning to midnight of the day, it was always too expensive to buy. (What a way, maybe I’m too poor hahaha )Ok. Then I poured boiled water into it while drinking. The drink and the water should be drunk separately, preparing for the college entrance examination, and the body should not lack water! Some friends reminded that Red Bull tends to grow a beard after drinking too much, and then I checked it online; I don’t know if the answer is correct, for your reference, weigh the pros and cons to see if you need it or not. I just knew that it was often Drinking Red Bull is not good for your health, but for the sake of the college entrance examination, I can’t manage that much. I stay up all night and get up early to drink Red Bull after the college entrance examination. Dear students and sisters, come according to your own situation! 3. I sometimes feel sleepy while standing and listening to a class. I slap myself. How can I be so slack in my third year of high school? ! 4. Occasionally, if you are lazy and give a chestnut, if the teacher is talking about the test paper, the kind of questions that are too good, you can not concentrate on listening, use this time to distract or sort out the wrong questions, and do some work that does not require too much brainstorming , Be flexible (maybe I’m not a good student) I’m sleepy after class and can’t always sleep on my desk. Otherwise, the more you sleep, the more sleepy you will make your head more dizzy in the second class. You can sleep occasionally. Fifth, the most important point. You must have a heart that wants to sprint hard. Preparing for an exam is like washing clothes in a dark room. You don’t know if they are clean, you can only wash them over and over again. When I walked to the examination room, the lights came on. You will find that as long as you wash it carefully, that dress will look as bright as new. From now on, every time you wear this dress, you will think of those years. I have established a belief: we must keep working hard and stick to it! I need to do my best to do everything in front of me and every learning task within the stipulated time. No default, no slack. Everything is done well, how can the result be bad? How can I not succeed? You should focus on the present, instead of letting the so-called anxiety affect your mentality too much, which in turn affects your learning. Haier Group President Zhang Ruimin has a famous saying: “It is not easy to do every simple thing well, and to do every ordinary thing well is extraordinary. This sentence also applies to high school studies, haha. There are small things. I like to ask me too much homework, which leads to lack of sleep. What should I do? Let me add here. For most people, the college entrance examination review should be adjusted according to their personal level and the teacher’s teaching rhythm. The type of questions to be done is, The task set, the way to complete it does not need to be too prescriptive. It can also save time to rest. For example, we have online classes at home in the third year of high school, and geography homework is required to copy knowledge points every day, write thousands of words, and sort out wrong questions. Like, this subject alone has a lot of photos, and I have to upload photos. Ah so annoying. Many students are exhausted after copying them, and they have not remembered the knowledge points. Geography is not bad, and the literary synthesis is often the highest in the key class. Divided into the kind, just write a little bit of crossover, and print it out and never copy it again, save the time of copying, learn the knowledge points by memorization, and memorize it repeatedly, so that the foundation of geography will be firmly established. You still have to sort out the wrong questions. Students who make a lot of mistakes don’t have to copy each question by hand. Cut out your selected good questions and paste them on the wrong question book. It’s ok. For common wrong questions, write the wrong questions on the book. The reason is good. The same is true for history and politics, but if you don’t have a systematic knowledge point, you need to sort it out by yourself, and the number of words is a lot hahaha. This is a process that gets more thorough and clear. As long as you do it with your heart, the effect is very good. Some things don’t have to be done without effort, because the value is not great.) While persisting in working hard, according to your own situation and learning progress. Make appropriate adjustments to your own learning methods and learning rhythm. Do not slack in the slightest, Keep cheering on yourself and stick to it to the end. Because you know what you want. You have worked so hard to read these 12 years of books just to get into the ideal university. There are also. I was in love at the time, in a long-distance relationship, I hope I can get closer to my object. I am afraid that I will not have enough scores. I am too far away from him, but I miss him. Mobile phones are not allowed in high school. I can only see his face in my dreams. I am afraid because of the college entrance examination. Watershed, I can’t go on with him.. I study in the evening of high school. I am often the last one in the class. Sometimes I write his name on the blackboard, watch it carefully for a while, laugh out unconsciously, and then erase it with an eraser. Silently erased… Sometimes I can’t hold on, so I just read his name silently in my heart: , I’m working hard, we’re working hard together, I want to be with you! Although. We are still together now, the distance is not Far away, hehehehehe. Perseverance can succeed. Even if you fail, there is no regret. Dear dears, you must believe in yourself and keep working hard. Happiness is waiting for you. Although life is hard, you will survive. Now it has a bright future. Ollie here!

5 months ago

Why are you really talking about ways to keep yourself sleepy, shouldn’t you talk about ways to improve sleep quality? Normally, if the quality of sleep is good, sleep for six hours a day and take a nap at noon. How about improving sleep quality. In addition to the conventional external methods such as exercise, drinking milk, etc., I also teach you a method, which is to stay focused. What does it mean to stay focused? for example. How long can you keep thinking about a problem. three minutes? Still five minutes? Will look at the phone and think of other things? Will you feel uncomfortable? This is the problem of inattention. There are many training methods to stay focused, and I will teach you one that you can do at any time. Just count, just count multiplication. Just keep multiplying and make a twenty-odd line, and then change the number. I’m not going to give this example, because the mantissa is always five. You must change it yourself and you must calculate it mentally. In this way, if you slip the number a little, you will count. Wrong, one wrong, the following are all wrong. To start again. Very focused. Improve mental arithmetic and concentration. The second method is meditation. Said it is meditation, in fact, the research is about the technique of thinking nothing. Just find a place to lie down or sit down. Close your eyes, try and don’t think about anything, how can you do it? You just stare at a certain part of your body to feel, to feel his changes. I have felt the changes in the nasal cavity when I breathe. Little by little, you will find that you have entered a state. You may or may not fall asleep. In short, the rest effect in that state is very good. You You can try it when you are sleepy during the day, it will also help your concentration.

5 months ago

When the blood sugar rises rapidly, the human body is like an enemy, working overtime to process the blood sugar, and the blood rushes into the digestive system. If more blood enters the digestive system, less is supplied to the brain, and the efficiency of the brain’s operation is reduced, making it easy to fall asleep or nap. If you want your blood sugar to not rise rapidly, you must first reduce your carbon water intake, eat more meat and vegetables, and eat less staple foods and sugar as little as possible. To reduce the fine grains in the staple food, use coarse grains instead of fine grains. Coarse grains are digested slowly and sugar rises slowly, allowing the body to digest them calmly.

5 months ago

As a senior student who has gone through the third year of high school, I still have a little experience in how to improve sleep and how to be better during the day. If you want to have a good spirit during the day, first of all, sleep at night is very important, and secondly at noon. Set aside time for a lunch break! Good night sleep means good quality is OK, not long sleep time. We all know that as high school students, it is common for students to study late at night and get up before dawn. Many people are afraid that it will be affected for a long time. My own learning efficiency is just like the subject said that it is easy to doze off during the day, and the spirit is not very good. For high school students, the 8 hours of sleep we usually think the best time is indeed a bit luxurious, not to mention our regular work and rest. If you don’t have to sleep for 8 hours, most of us are easy to get into a misunderstanding. Every time the sleep time is short, we worry about not getting enough sleep, worrying about the efficiency of the day, etc. In fact, it’s not like this. Next, I’m going to share How to sleep only six hours a day and still stay energized (from Leng Leng’s school master training course) Before I studied with Leng Leng, I had always entered into a misunderstanding, thinking that I must sleep 8 It takes more than an hour to get enough sleep and I will be full of energy during the day. However, every morning I start to open my eyes sleepy, my head is groggy, and it is not efficient at all. Then I start my own journey of guilt and self-blame: I’m in a bad state today, I haven’t done anything, I’m too useless, etc. I’m really under a lot of psychological pressure and I’m not sleeping well. How can I be full of energy? Fortunately, what kind of problem you have, you will look for a solution in this regard, so I met Leng Leng-senpai~ Here I will combine my own practice to share with you (pure sharing is not an advertisement). The book “Sleep Revolution” puts forward an R90 program to improve sleep. R90 refers to a 90-minute cycle and reasonable arrangements for one’s sleep. Why do you use 90 minutes as a cycle? Because 90 minutes is the time it takes for a person to go through various sleep stages, 90 minutes is our one and a half hours. We generally need 4 or 5 cycles per day, which is 6 hours or 7.5 hours. Of course, some people will need 6 cycles, which is 9 hours. This is related to everyone’s internal rhythm. We need to find our own The rhythm determines how many cycles we sleep; everyone’s rhythm is different. Li Xiaolai also wrote in the book “Take Time as a Friend” that he has a friend who can only sleep for four and a half hours to six hours, and he He had to sleep for eight or nine hours. He was thinking that he would have at least two hours of study time less than his friends in a day, so he also wanted to sleep less. However, after finding that he slept less, the daytime efficiency was greatly reduced. This proved that everyone Li Xiaolai did not reduce a lot of his own sleep time. Instead, he reduced his sleep time by one hour. The reduced one hour was a nap during the day, and when there was a gap, he would squint. A squint like this not only guarantees high efficiency but also saves an hour~ Then how do we find our own rhythm? 1. First of all, choose a fixed time, which is the earliest time you must get up, to ensure that it will not delay anything. 2. Set a fixed time alarm clock to ensure that you wake up at this time every day, whether it is a working day or Vacation (Keeping it this way can help us develop our own biological clock, find our internal rhythm, and improve the quality of sleep. 3. According to your own wake-up time and the 90-minute sleep cycle, you can push back when you should fall asleep. An example: For example, if I get up at 6:30 every day and count according to 5 cycles, we will almost fall asleep before 11 o’clock, not going to bed. This is my rhythm. If you don’t need 5 cycles, you can try 4. The cycle is to fall asleep before 11 o’clock. From 5 o’clock, we cannot follow this cycle every day. For example, we sometimes complete tasks overtime, or other urgent things delay the time to fall asleep. We can make appropriate adjustments to ensure that there is 4 complete cycles, adjust the time to fall asleep appropriately afterwards; if you find your own rhythm and improve your sleep quality according to the above method, you can definitely be energetic during the day, but you must also take a nap and take a nap. , Less than half an hour, not more than half an hour. So, less sleep time is not a problem, the right way to sleep is the right way! By the way, some people will definitely be as confused as I was at the beginning, what should I do if I find it difficult to fall asleep ?First of all, our brain will automatically recognize many environments. When should we do things like falling asleep quickly, we must first create a dark environment so that your brain will tell you that you should sleep. I believe that if the intensity is high in a day After studying, in a dark and quiet environment, it is easy for us to fall asleep. What if the dormitory and roommate’s work and rest time are out of sync? What should I do if the dorm light is on after I sleep? What if my roommate is still talking? etc. Wait; this can be negotiated with roommates. For lighting, you can buy a blindfold and add a curtain with a little shading. This basically guarantees our dark environment. I have been using blindfolds since high school. I have always used blindfolds for my sister. I also bought it (my sister’s first grade), because they are strictly controlled by my mother in their hometown, they have to go to bed very early (around 10 o’clock), and I usually have to go to bed around 11:30. I sleep with her, and I don’t want to sleep. With the light on, she will turn off the light. I bought her blindfold behind. It is the same as the dark environment. I think this blindfold is pretty good. I have been using it~ Wearing not only the eyes are super comfortable, but also the dark effect. Midu dog with the same sleep goggles, blackout, breathable, men and women sleeping, eye protection, sleeping on Jingdong ¥ 39.00 to buy​Because if you can’t fall asleep with a sound, you can buy earplugs, the kind of sound insulation effect is very good~ I don’t use earplugs often now, before It is necessary, because I have found my own rhythm according to this method, and then I have developed a habit. Basically, I will fall asleep when I get to bed~ I believe you follow this method, stick to it for a period of time, and find your own rhythm. For earplugs, I used this one before. Earplugs may be needed in the early stage to assist Aneryou earplugs to prevent noise and noise. Earmuffs sleep with super dormitory to sleep Taobao ¥ 21.60 to buy​I hope to see this answer, can improve the quality of sleep, energetic during the day, learning efficiency Leverage the title of the college entrance examination gold list!

5 months ago

Everyone has said so many methods, let me give some suggestions from the diet. I have been studying in Germany for 3 years. German universities will not give students a nap break. Classes usually end at 12 and start at 12:45. They only leave lunch time for everyone. At the beginning, I was very uncomfortable and was dozing off. Later, I observed their diet and found that most students would eat salad at noon, or meat dishes + boiled vegetables + coarse rice or macaroni and potatoes. Their staple food is very small, and protein accounts for the highest proportion. It is recommended to have a reasonable diet, eat less starchy foods, and eat more protein and green leafy vegetables. Starch is the fastest food to raise glucose. The blood will participate in digestion. When you eat a lot of starchy food, the blood is concentrated in the stomach, and the brain will not supply enough blood, which is easy to cause drowsiness. Try to eat whole grains as staple food, and the order of meals is vegetable-protein-starch. Vegetables and protein are not digested so quickly and will not make people feel sleepy. Also, eat more fish oil. Fish oil contains Omega3, which can purify blood vessels, keep your brain blood vessels awake, and your memory will be much better than usual. There is also a variety of foods, eating more nuts, will also keep the mind clear. It is best to adopt a rainbow diet.

5 months ago

First of all, it is not recommended to drink coffee, refreshing tea, etc. to refresh yourself. Below I will give some of my own opinions and suggestions as a person who has come here: Human energy is limited. In the third year of high school, this period of high learning intensity will consume a lot of energy every day, which requires us to allocate it reasonably according to our own situation. Time, allocation of energy, and more importantly, learn how to quickly restore energy, just like the fast charging of a mobile phone, it can be fully charged in a short time, so as to maintain vitality and focus. Here are some of my suggestions: First of all, the first time between classes in the morning is a very important time period. During this time period, we can basically enter deep sleep. Although it is only a short ten minutes, we can recover quickly. Energy, prepare for the next few classes to focus on listening to the class (Note: You must adjust in time in the last month, and don’t stay up late at night. If the college entrance examination time is from 9 am to 11 am, then practice at this time in the last month Concentrate on the questions in the paragraph) followed by the noon break. This time period is very important. If you have a good break at noon, you will rarely feel sleepy in the afternoon, and you will have clear thinking and inspiration when doing the questions. Let me share my method. I usually sleep for 30 minutes during the lunch break at noon in the third year of high school, and then there is still a period of time before class in the afternoon. I will go to the playground and run two laps, then walk around the campus or sit on a chair and look up at the sky. Calm down, wash your face at the end, and go back to the classroom. You will find yourself energetic and mentally alert. Finally, I will give you my fast sleep method, which is to endorse (some famous sayings, poems, etc.), sometimes I will fall asleep with my back on my back, and the effect is very good. If you find my suggestion useful, please click on the screen twice to give a small like, and I will remember your great support.

5 months ago

It is recommended to keep enough sleep in the third year of high school, so that you can better cope with the intensive study the next day. And staying up all the time is not good for your body. It is not recommended to stay up late. Of course, it can be overcome if sleep deprivation caused by late sleep for various reasons. Two methods: restraining sleep and increasing sleep restraint, there are many ways. When I was in school, I used the Essence Essence which is applied between the nose and upper lip or on the eyes, and I also wash my face with cold water between classes (you can apply to the teacher to wash your face when you are sleepy in class), and you can go out after class For activities such as running and running, let your mental state be a little more excited, so that it is not easy to fall asleep. It is often used to stand at the back of the classroom to attend class. This is also quite effective in increasing sleep. It means to use the time between classes to get a quick sleep. However, this effect is unstable and may cause the effect of not falling asleep, so it is recommended to maintain adequate sleep. Stay up late, you can study better the next day, come on

5 months ago

Not much nonsense, I will directly provide things that are really useful in my opinion! There are benefits at the end of the article! 1. Sleep well at night! 1. The most important thing for the golden 90 minutes is to have a high quality of sleep at night if you want to not be sleepy the next day. In the “Stanford Efficient Sleep Method,” the author Seiji Nishino put forward the core point of view: For high-quality sleep, the most important thing is the first 90 minutes of sleep, called the “golden 90 minutes”. That is, in the 90 minutes before going to bed, as long as you sleep sweet enough, your sleep quality is high. On the contrary, if you toss and turn and have difficulty falling asleep during these 90 minutes, your sleep quality may be adversely affected. 2. There are two main reasons that affect our sleep for us high school students, learning anxiety and interpersonal worry. Interpersonal relationships include family, friendship, and love. 3. How to fall asleep quickly a. You only need to use your heart to perceive the true feelings of your body. No matter if it is comfortable or uncomfortable or not feeling, you don’t need to make any adjustments to them, let it happen naturally, you just Feel attentively. b. The key to focusing on breathing and falling asleep quickly is to “stop the rushing thoughts in your mind”. You must stop reflecting on the worries, worries, and problems of the day. A series of self-doubts will aggravate your stress and anxiety, and eventually become what people often say “the more you want to fall asleep, the more you can’t fall asleep, the more you can’t sleep and the more you want to fall asleep”, the more you worry about insomnia, the easier it is to sleep. The more I worry about the vicious cycle of insomnia. It may not be that simple to stop. My most common method is to focus on breathing. When I start thinking about things, I focus on breathing. It doesn’t matter if I suddenly become anxious again. Just focus on your breathing. c. Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy this is a warm spring day, and you are lying in a canoe on a very peaceful lake. You are looking up at the blue sky and clouds, floating clouds. Don’t have any other ideas. Just focus on a picture for ten seconds. d. Provide yourself with an environment that is easy to fall asleep as much as possible in the dark environment. In addition to lower temperatures, the sleeping environment should also be kept dry. A humid environment can make people feel sticky skin, and this discomfort will be amplified during the contact between the skin and the bedding, which will affect sleep. (2) Ways to refresh your mind 1. It is recommended that when you get up every morning, the first action is to open the curtains to let the sunlight in. Then don’t rush to wash, first stand still in front of the window in the sun, open your eyes and look around for 3 minutes. When the sun hits your face, the serotonin content in your body rises immediately. Then go wash your face 2. Spray your face with a spray bottle! This is quite useful! And the general spray bottle is also super cheap! 3. Refreshing mint wipes ~ the same as above 4. Black coffee ~ You can prepare black coffee by the side, you can drink the coffee when you are not sleepy, so that it is effective 5. Don’t eat too much, drink more water! Eating too much can really make people want to fall asleep! 6. Exercise, exercise can make the brain more active! 7. When you are sleepy, go to stand at the back of the classroom! 8. Take a deep breath! Take a deep breath and suck all the air into the deepest part of the nasal cavity for about 4 seconds! Pro-test is effective 9. Use the time between classes to make up for your sleep! 10. Wipe the wind oil on both sides of the temples (invalid for those with strong sleep consciousness. 11. Eat mints. 12. Focus! Follow the teacher to answer the questions! There is a student in junior high school, he told us that he finished the game overnight the next day The way to not be sleepy in class is to concentrate on the most attentive class. 13. Let your classmates pinch your own flesh, and bet with your classmates that you are sleepy in class and invite him to dinner. Ding Dong! Baby if you can see here If you do, please double-click the screen and give me a thumbs up, encourage and encourage me~ This is Ah Yi who is going to work hard, focusing on the third year of high school. If you have any troubles, please come and communicate with me! I will talk to you one-on-one for free. Communicate! Because I am helping myself when I help you, so please feel free to Ding Ding Senior Sister~

5 months ago

Personally, I think that you are in a vicious circle. If you can adjust, you will go to bed early. And the following day can make good use of time. Basically, staying up late can be avoided at night. For example, you can do more homework on a certain weekend, and you can adjust the homework moderately on the first day of next week. It depends on your personal situation. You must improve your efficiency. You can’t do the problems moderately and don’t hold on to it. Do not do the questions for the sake of doing the questions (check for omissions and fill vacancies, focus on the knowledge points that do not. Note that it is the knowledge points. Some final questions are not necessary to deliberately worry about sadness) I hope it will be helpful to you,

5 months ago

First, don’t “exercise” at night! Second, don’t exercise at night! If you still don’t understand what it means, please continue to look down. Some people are obsessed with “sports” and cannot extricate themselves, and once believed that men’s traditional craftsmanship should not be lost. As a result, it is very easy to yawn, cry, and lose concentration during the day. I once surveyed classmates who were energetic and well-studied during the day in high school, and found that none of them had the habit of doing “exercise” at night. On the contrary, those students who have panda eyes and languish all day have almost the habit of “exercising” at night. High school is a period of vigorous energy. Some people want to do some sports at night, such as push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises. You may think that you have been exercised, but it is not. Doing these strenuous exercises at night is not good for sleep. Take me as an example. I was obsessed with sports for a while in high school. I did 50 sit-ups and 30 push-ups in the dormitory every night. As a result, I often had insomnia at night, accompanied by the snoring of roommates. I have investigated the boys who snore the loudest and found that they don’t exercise at night. Third, the quality of sleep directly affects the mental state of the next day. So cherish the precious time to sleep at night. Use the evening time to brush up some questions, review the knowledge points, this is fine. But you have to understand: if your energy is particularly vigorous, and after such a long period of mental work in the daytime, you can still study in the evening in a good mental state, then you can study for a while at night. If you are exhausted after evening self-study, then I advise you to do nothing, calm down and sleep well. Fourth, diet will indirectly affect your sleep state by affecting your digestion and absorption, and nutritional status, thereby affecting your mental state during the day. When I was in high school, I sometimes couldn’t control my mouth. I went to eat some Laotan sauerkraut beef noodles, pickled pepper chicken feet, snail noodles, especially at night. The result is not only easy to get angry, but also easy to get thirsty at night and sore throat, so I have to wake up and drink water, and I have to go to the toilet every time I drink water, so the chain reaction can be imagined. I have investigated those students who are not easy to get angry, and found that their diet is very light. Fifth, often dry the quilt and keep the quilt dry. If you can’t do this, prepare more quilt covers and sheets, and change and wash the quilt covers frequently. The sheets are also conducive to sleeping comfort. Sixth, on Zhihu, if you can turn a person’s longer answer to the end, it means that you have learned something from it. At this time, double-click the screen and you will unlock a function of Zhihu.

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