In college, there is a roommate who can lie in bed for a day, except for going to the toilet. If you don’t have classes, you can order takeaways or ask others to bring meals. You can eat on the bed, or you can spit in a plastic bag on the bed (the quality is not bad). Playing games and getting tired, I lie down and read novels, groaning and talking constantly all day long. I can’t understand him more and more.

I have a roommate named Giant. He goes out early and returns late every day, and he is in the library and laboratory every moment. And I am called a dwarf. The main activity of the day is to lie down on the bed. Once lying down is a whole day. If you are tired… then change your posture. The roommate giant likes to read, write, and code. I like to watch TV series, such as bandits. The plot is silly enough to satisfy my debilitating mind. The roommate giant is a good teacher. When I go back to the dormitory every day, I hate iron but not steel when I am still in bed. I don’t want to pay attention to him. In just a few decades, how can I live it? I like to lie in bed, unfettered. The roommate giant is from a privileged family, and he wins various scholarships from the School of Computer Science every year. I occasionally feel jealous. After all, this is human nature. It’s not that I have never thought of working hard and moving towards my goal. With such a big person, who doesn’t have a goal yet? But why do you have to suffer yourself? Is it because novels and TV shows are not fragrant, or is it because the wife of the paper man is not beautiful? Therefore, no one understands dreams better than me. The so-called dream is just thinking about it. Speaking of dreams, the dream of Giant’s roommates is to build a great technology company and let everyone use their products. Whenever the giant mentions this dream, I always have to ridicule and show off my few sense of existence. I have long understood that the giants are not the same, but he always persuaded me to work hard for 996 to be the right way. I just smile and don’t talk. Today, it is another day when there is no class to lie down happily, and it is already eleven o’clock when I open my eyes. I wanted to order a takeaway, but looking at the WeChat wallet whose numbers were dwindling, I had to give up. Looking around, only the giant looked like he was going to the canteen to have a meal. For the sake of my cause of lying down, I had to ask the giant to help with the meal. “Giant, help me bring some food to the cafeteria.” My voice sounded flattering, but it didn’t matter. The roommate who was playing the game said: “Who is the giant?” I thought that the roommate was cooperating with me to mock the giant, so I said: “You are playing games and fooling around. The giant in our dormitory is a good student, outstanding cadre, and national scholarship. , You don’t know who is a giant?” “Aren’t our dormitories all scumbags?” I felt very comfortable and helpful, “Giant, that guy said you are scumbags.” Then he laughed. But when I wanted to see the giant’s expression, his seat was actually empty, and the nameplate at the head of the bed read: “Thought”.


By zhiwo

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6 months ago

I have come to tell, I am the one who can lie down for a day, and with my own efforts, I broke the dormitory and almost sent myself away. In my third year, my roommates are all my undergraduate classmates, and the relationship is very good before they become roommates. When Yanyi applied for a dormitory, she strongly hoped to be assigned to a dormitory with her roommate s. There was only one reason. She had a regular schedule. According to her undergraduate roommate, their dormitory turned off the lights and went to bed after ten o’clock. Such a good living habit is simply the gospel of my staying up party. Fortunately, we really became roommates. We stayed together all day, eating and wearing the same clothes. There were more courses and regular work and rest. However, when the semester began, things changed. During that time, our credits were almost finished, and we were in the stage of self-study or looking for internships. In other words, there was no academic and employment pressure. I took my roommate into the game. First, I ate chicken. Under my leadership, a person who only played Doudizhu was mixed up in the exciting battlefield and was addicted to the game all day long. Staying up late to play games at night, sleeping late during the day without breakfast, having lunch until one or two o’clock, dinner at eight or nine o’clock, really decadent. Occasionally I need to talk to my tutor and submit my study progress. I will always delay until the last few days to get up early to go to the library and stay up late to collect academic garbage. When we were intermittently complacent, we went to the driving school to sign up for a car. However, we started to eat and wait to die after we signed up. We signed up in March and went to the driving school to practice car in July. Fortunately, we were talented. After a summer vacation, we successfully got the car. Books. Perhaps it was the driving practice that made us feel the excitement of the real world. We found an internship and started a regular life. The second half of the year was quite satisfactory. However, the good times did not last long, the epidemic came, and the entire second semester of the second semester was spent during the epidemic. After the epidemic, the beginning of school is the third year. The two mountains of graduation thesis and employment made us breathless. Throughout October, everyone was busy with the future. After October, the work and papers of the roommates have basically come to an end. At this moment when you can relax and take a breath, I introduced the glory of the king to the roommates. There are four people in the dormitory. I and l are kings, and s and x are newcomers in the valley. We old people take new people, the new people learn from each other, and the old people go hand in hand. In short, the four people are not matched together, or in two or two teams, every day. In the canyon, the game was banned, the eyes turned dark, and the next day he slept until 11 or 12, the first hungry person went out to buy food and brought food along the way, or ordered a la carte takeout. After lunch, he continued to go black. I hadn’t landed in the Glory of Kings for half a year, but in this atmosphere, I had a dream about this game. We are addicted to this kind of happiness, and are willing to bring each other meals, and we are decadent together. I once enjoyed this state very much. Until I got sick, my blood routine was abnormal, and my platelets were terribly low. I started to run to the hospital every week, and I did the scary bone puncture twice, almost thinking that I was not far from leukemia. I ran to the hospital for more than a month, taking medicine as a meal, and my platelets kept rising and falling at a very low level. I have a very strange disease, immune thrombocytopenia. According to the doctor, there is a problem with the immune system. When I was hospitalized, I asked the nurse, does this disease have anything to do with diet, work and rest? Miss nurse said that it didn’t matter much, and there were many people who stayed up to a little bit late. That’s the case, but my personal experience tells me that platelets are low when staying up late, and when you live a regular life, platelets are lost. I checked my blood today, and my platelets dropped again. Thinking of myself who stayed up late and indulged two days ago, I really regret it. Since I was sick, my roommates have begun to pay attention to the work and rest. Even if they still play games every day, they don’t stay up late and eat regularly. Sometimes my roommate is lazy and asks her to bring food when she lies on the bed, and I will call her to come down and buy food together. In fact, I generally don’t answer questions like the subject, because I always think that other people’s lifestyles have nothing to do with me. I am not qualified to comment, but it’s really not a good habit to lie in bed all day long. I hope my experience can give you all Alert. It is everyone’s responsibility to cherish life.

6 months ago

If your roommate earns one hundred thousand a month, you may be anxious. Just like your roommate lying in bed for a day, you will feel anxious too. The former is a kind of envious anxiety: at the same age, how could he be so capable! I also want to make money like him. The latter is a kind of regretful anxiety: in the same school, why can he be so decadent? Am I going to take him as a warning? Whether it is the anxiety of the former’s rising urgency, or the latter’s anxiety of the fear of retreating. In essence, it is the inevitable result of your own [self-assessment ability completely wrapped up and swallowed by the social value system discipline you have experienced]. In other words, you lack the inherent logical confidence and complete understanding ability to judge and measure the significance and legitimacy of your own value. In fact, how your roommate is will only affect the actual state of the interpersonal relationship rating and emotional fluctuation space you communicate with him. However, you are wondering [how you should look at him], that is, how to understand this [the existence of the way of living and its influence on yourself]. This shows that you lack clarity and mature planning in your understanding and expectations of your own lifestyle and value realization goals. This is the real problem you face, that is, the inability to internally grasp the certainty of how to realize self-worth. Thus, the external abnormal phenomenon becomes the [patient] haunting you. External anomalies are nothing but a variable factor. Your anxious feedback and panic-like reflections are the real crux.

6 months ago

I just did it. Probably the fall of 2011. There is a big pillow on the back, a small table is placed on the bed, and the computer is placed on it. Put on the headphones and watch a variety show of film and television dramas for a day. When you are thirsty, there is water next to it. Hungry, let my roommate come in with a meal from the cafeteria. In the end, my head was dizzy…At eight or nine o’clock in the evening, I went round and round on the school playground. At around 10:30, 2 minutes before the door of the dormitory closes, go in quickly. After washing up, I went to bed again. Just once, just to experience what it’s like to lie down for a day. It’s really uncomfortable. As for the reason for this, it was because a roommate in the dormitory did it. I have to learn. You ask me what I think: a roommate who lay in bed for a day? Send you 4 words: It’s up to you? Just take care of yourself! You are just a classmate in the dormitory. The roommates and real friends in the dormitory can’t talk about it. They are all peers of the same age. You are not a teacher, a parent or something, can you control it?

6 months ago

em, reminds me of the little girl who broke up with my girlfriend in the dormitory next door. I was afraid of being recognized, so I made an anonymous bestie overseas Chinese (a native of Shandong, her father was doing business in the Philippines, she became an overseas Chinese inexplicably when she was 15 years old, hahaha), and then went to the same 211 university by 80 points lower than me. , Take an IELTS test and go abroad to continue studying for postgraduates. It’s so cool. Then, she was the cub that lay every day hahaha. Then I’m talking about that little girl, a student from Jiangsu University, who is conscientious and hardworking. Our class has the first professional grade (the 5th in the department), but there is no scientific research and no awards. It is also very good to reluctantly study at Nanjing Normal University. Say in advance (this post has no prejudice against Jiangsu) Originally, my best friend and I referred to this girl as X Ba for short, and we had a very good relationship. My girlfriend is sincere and honest. I will bring X with express delivery. We will definitely call X when we eat. Afterwards, my girlfriend doesn’t care about money. I reminded her that she would just talk about friends, and forget about the small money. There was another time X double degree defense forgot to bring the key. My girlfriend and I were eating out. My girlfriend didn’t eat the meal and gave her the key. It was 3 kilometers back and forth. We were in another campus, and she ran back in the rain. My best friend is good everywhere, just like to go to bed late and wake up late. Usually when we have few lessons, she just lie down for the whole day, and she doesn’t sleep on her mobile phone at night. (Silent), X feels very upset about this, and thinks she is too decadent. X has good academic performance, and we all admire her. In the final week of the term, my girlfriends and I wanted to divide the work and sort out the information, so that we can be faster. I hope that Xueba X can also share part of the work, so that we can also mention the results. As a result, Xueba X refused to give out what she was responsible for after taking the results of my girlfriend’s labor, and said: I sorted it out by myself. Why should I give it to you? My girlfriend: “But I have given you mine.” “You gave it to me voluntarily, and I don’t want to give it to you. These are two different things.” My girlfriend doesn’t know how to quarrel, so I cry angrily. Then at that time X started preparing for civil service exams. He often didn’t talk to her, cold wars with her inexplicably, and at the end of the next year of junior year. She felt wronged and inexplicable. I was a little trapped. I am also a native of Shandong. I think that countless readers have not encountered such shameless ones. So I went to X. Theory. As a result, before I waited, X started crying, good fellow, cried to me that my girlfriend Lao Yang doesn’t sleep every night, and she can’t afford it in the morning. Talking to her about the nutritious things, she knows how to eat, drink and buy skirts. She doesn’t want to return at all. she was. She has endured her for a long time. Why Lao Yang is particularly mourned every day. As soon as she sees her, she has no fighting spirit. She doesn’t study, doesn’t work hard, and doesn’t learn IELTS. What you can do in the future will know how to fall in love I was also deceived by a man…As soon as I saw her, I felt that I couldn’t learn during this period of time….There are many private things I won’t talk about…Anyway, it means that I left my home. Something changed, and then life was not easy. Good guy, I wonder if your life is not easy. A Burberry windbreaker is worth thousands, and a pair of shoes is 2400. (She is the one of the three of us in good conditions) Me:? My father started the company in Shenzhen. Do you want to worry about it? When can someone take the IELTS test? What does it matter if you learn or not? People go to bed late and wake up late and haven’t bothered you? Why are you going? Can’t you pull the shit to complain (four juan)? Good guy, give me a pissed smile. When I saw the subject of this question, I remembered her. It has been half a year since I had broken up with each other, and now I heard that she didn’t take the public examination, so she went to graduate school. Just take care of yourself, otherwise, just like a rural old lady, if the owner does not lay the eggs, the western sows do not lay the eggs, and you are all in charge? Do you have to taste the saltiness if there is a garbage truck at the door next step? You should work hard. You should work hard. The roommate who you look down on for a day is very awesome. You may not be able to compete for a big meal! There is also time to worry about people, but it’s really barefoot worrying about wearing shoes. This is just reality. You can’t deny that Jack Ma was born with a different rank than you, right? So live your own life with peace of mind

6 months ago

People’s freedom, don’t care if it doesn’t affect you. But don’t learn. There was a classmate from the university. He bought a folding table and lived in bed every day, eating, playing games, and sleeping. In the end, he almost didn’t get his diploma. Then it is said that he went back to inherit the family business. There was another classmate whose family was poor. He also learned from him. In the end, he stayed at two levels, but later he woke up and returned to the right path. Later, I went back to the coal mine in my hometown to work as a worker.

6 months ago

As long as it doesn’t affect your normal work and rest, you don’t need to watch it. He lie down and let the breeze blow on the hills. He sleeps by him, and the moon shines on the river. Nine Suns Divine Art inner strength mental method, all taught to you. In principle, one is born free, how to lie down, how long to lie down, and how to lie down in any posture are all personal powers. Anyway, people didn’t lie down on your kang. They only need to be on their kang, and you can do anything Nor has the right to interfere. In fact, it’s a blessing to be able to lie down for a day. Can you lie down before university? Jokes, tutoring classes, all kinds of test papers make you lose your waist every minute, after college, can you just lie down? A joke, the boss asks you to 996 every minute, so that you and other young people will accept the severe beatings of the society. To clarify, I am by no means negative. I just advise everyone to live a short life and have fun in a timely manner. You need to be happy in life, and don’t let the golden bottle go to the moon. I know that some young people may come to refute me, and they don’t want to make progress at a young age. How can they do it? I didn’t let you be negative, you should learn from you, you should go to class; what I am opposed to is the kind of life-intensive, inhumane, hard-working, big-leap-forward style that spends milk-feeding energy, and promotes growth. It’s not worth it, it’s not necessary, and it’s hard to get good results, because you have given everything you have, and you put the meaning of all your life in learning, so unless you get first, you All are failures. Even if you don’t fail, you will feel frustrated, because you clearly see that others didn’t work very hard, but the results are about the same as your endeavors, or even better. And this kind of frustration is fatal, in fact, it’s just that you got into the horns. When I was undergraduate, after failing the senior exam, I cried to us how difficult it was for me to review, how hard I was in reviewing, how much pain I suffered, and how many tears I suffered. I also described a scene in detail, saying ten. One night in January, he reviewed late and late, pushing his bicycle across the bridge. The cold wind on the bridge made him tremble. Naobu, then he said that he was crying, he moved himself to cry, and vowed to be admitted to a master’s degree, and he would live up to his parents, teachers, and himself. . . In the end, he was not admitted. What do we think? Senior, the hardship of study has indeed been eaten a bit. It is undeniable, but who hasn’t eaten it? Is self-impression useful? If self-impression is useful, I cry every day! So don’t overdraw yourself. Don’t overdraw your energy, otherwise it’s like loan sharks. You have to pay back at least 3 times your energy. You should eat and eat. If you want to play, you should learn and lie down. Finally, there is a little trick to teach everyone. It is a way to give yourself psychological hints, that is, every time you study is about to end, at the end you will do a question that you have completely mastered, which means that you can end the study smoothly, so that the subsequent psychological hints are all Be positive.

6 months ago

Do people need you to understand? ? Are you sure you can really understand who? ? Be yourself young man! I always feel that it is normal to lie in bed for a day. When I was in college, we used to do this in the same dormitory. Now people are middle-aged and they still do this often. what is wrong? No side effects! All of them are having a good time now. You may feel that such people are lazy, lacking vitality and self-motivated. No, no, no…no, no. At that time, our dormitory seemed to the outside world to be a mysterious existence. Others went crazy to occupy seats in the library, go to the cafeteria to grab meals, join the club, and run for the student union. However, you won’t see us here at all, and I won’t even go to the classes called by some teachers. In this way, it is enough for negative teaching materials. So what are we all doing in bed? My eldest sister and I have been in immersive reading all year round (non-web texts, serious books). My second sister, wakes up at 4 o’clock every day, and has practiced a focused and efficient learning method by herself. She is number one in the school all year round and is a full scholarship recipient. The fourth child, seems to sleep the most, but she went to a school to find a job in the second month after graduation, and she was officially a teacher. After all, I think there is a reason young people should know the sooner, the better. That’s right, if you are busy, it does not mean that you are efficient, nor does it mean that you are very productive. People are idle, which does not mean that they are ruining their lives. When I was in school, there were many children like that. The textbooks are full of various key points, such as class notes, after-school notes, sets of wrong questions, and sample questions. I have written nearly 10 books in one subject. I will be busy in the middle of the night after learning every day, but the exam will never “do not play well”… …why? Because they are all busy! I have time to copy notes, and I have memorized the entire book! During college, many people have their own clear goals and plans. After all, after graduating from college, they have to face their own lives. Because they know what they want, they don’t put too much energy into following the crowd, which is also common. You might say that your roommate is just playing games, and he is definitely not an aspiring young man who knows his heart. Then I will give you a more extreme example. There was a male classmate in our class, who was quite big, sloppy, and had a dull-eyed look. I met him no more than 10 times in the four years of university. It is said that he plays games in the bed all year round, and sometimes even buys a ticket to go home by himself, and does not come to school for a month or two. Many classmates said, “This person is a waste of firewood and will soon be fired”, “What can he do in the future, just like him, and he has to beg for food.” As a result, I only found out when I graduated that the principal is his cousin, with a diploma. Have its own way. There is no need to worry about making a living. The 6 stores in the family collect rent for him. Well, people have wealth and freedom from birth, but don’t they have the capital to play games in the bed! You understand this time, people’s plans are different, and people’s starting points are even different. Therefore, you can’t put your life rhythm on others, because you may not be on the same track at all. Of course, there are many people who have no ability, no plan, and no capital, but they still want to waste their youth in the bed. This is the most normal, because even if the times develop and progress, there will still be a large number of people who want to do the most basic level work and become a stepping stone for the elites. It is very realistic, but it is not sad, nor cruel, because even if he “does not mix well” in your eyes, it does not delay him from becoming a happy ordinary person. He has his life, you should pay attention to yourself.

6 months ago

There is nothing to look at. In fact, when the subject of the subject you cannot understand him, he may also have begun to not understand you. Some people love to rest, some love to move, why bother, each is blessed. After all, for things like college life, everyone has a choice for everyone. It’s not that I have to work overtime every day and stay up all night and I’m very busy (the key point is that many students are still that kind, I don’t know what is busy all the time, I was…), nor that I have to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship. Competition for forwards. Instead, if you can choose what you want. In fact, there is nothing good or bad. Besides, let’s not say you lie down for a day, occasionally laziness comes, I think it can be tried for two days. (After all, I’m so tired after the end of the term, I just want to dream in bed.) Besides, it would be great if I can do my own thing for a few years in college. Why have so many thoughts to look at other people’s lives? He lay down, let him lie down, and let him sleep as he slept. If asked how to look, I also want to go to sleep. Lie down on the dormitory bed and never ask questions. You say why, who do I say are you?

6 months ago

I always do this, so thank my roommates. Not getting out of bed or going out without class is almost normal for me in school. Of course, it was before chasing a girlfriend, having a girlfriend, and after the girlfriend was not in school. The reasons for not getting out of bed are as follows: First, laziness. Too lazy to wash hair, face, brushing teeth, shaving, too lazy to change clothes, washing clothes, too lazy to get out of the house. On a whim, I might go back to the library and sit for a long time just to see how nervous everyone is in the final exam, or I might see that because of the winter sun, I went to sleep on the bench in the college building for an afternoon. But under normal circumstances, I am really lazy to get out of the house and don’t want to deal with so many trivial things, just to have a meal. Of course, sometimes I feel that these things are so troublesome, so I can just rush out to have a meal and come back. Sometimes I do this too, depending on my mood. But when I meet acquaintances, good-looking people, and people who are actively working hard, I still feel a little ashamed, so I don’t go out at all. Second, learn Chinese. I am a stinky learner of Chinese, so I can read novels in bed every day. This semester, in order to complete a course thesis on Japanese literature, I spent two weekends in bed, reading a few novels by Kotaro Isaka, and watching adapted movies by the way. To learn more about Goethe’s life and thoughts, apart from class, I just lay in bed and watched “The Troubles of Young Werther”, “Goethe’s Autobiography” and “Goethe’s Memoirs” for two weeks. Watch in the morning, watch in the afternoon, watch at night, stay up late to watch. Play when you’re tired. Hupenyin is the Canyon of the Kings, the Battle Flag of the Tavern, and the Game of Genting. If you’re tired, keep watching. I just want to see it, I am happy to see it, and I can finish the paper at the end of the term. Besides, getting out of bed, going out and eating is really cumbersome. Third, a good roommate. I really thank my roommates. Before I go out every day, I still ask me, do you want to bring food? I twisted and embarrassedly said milk tea and stew pot, and I was ecstatic. Before returning from class every day, they always ask by the way, what do they want to eat? Or I Wechat them and they basically bring it for me when I see it. It seems to be a passing thing, but I am moved from my heart every time, because it is not just a simple way. Besides, I am not an introvert. I like to argue and talk a lot. I hum and chat in the dorm all day long. Every time I see something fun and interesting in a book, I want to share it with others and talk about insights. And my roommate happens to know everything, can pick up everything, and is willing to talk to me and give me some guidance. It’s really, really “ingenious”. Of course, there will be many problems in doing so, such as lack of realistic social connections, lack of internship experience, lack of clubs and competition achievements, which will affect work, college, and family. But if it has other meanings, what can it be? So how do you think about your roommate? It’s just a choice. If you get along, you might as well be a spiritual friend and a teammate in the game? However, if the reader is the person lying on the bed and still in school, please check your graduation conditions, at least you can guarantee graduation, and then you can guarantee that you will not drop a subject. Draw a line for yourself, the line between thought and reality.

6 months ago

Young people don’t know that the cervical spine is expensive, but old age can only protect the cervical spine. In the past, my biggest hobby was lying on the bed…more than just lying down on vacation, I can lie down in the dark. It doesn’t work anymore. I sleep at most 10 hours a day, otherwise I can’t fall asleep due to cervical pain. Therefore, I admire and admire such roommates. Being able to sleep is a blessing. Really. For those who have cervical spondylosis like me and cannot sleep, their biggest wish is to sleep as long as they want. As for what you said about being motivated, what does it matter to me, or what does it matter to you? Does someone snoring too much and bothering you after a day of sleep?

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