According to comprehensive reports, in recent days, the situation of India’s unstoppable epidemic situation has given people the illusion that time has gone back to the beginning of 2020.

Nearly 1 million people were diagnosed within 3 days; on average, one person died every 5 minutes in the capital of New Delhi; patients were sent to the hospital by ambulance but there were no beds; helpless people could only witness the death of their loved ones…

Why did this country, which initiated a vaccination plan early after the advent of the new crown vaccine, been tortured by the epidemic in just a few months?

At the end of 2020, Indian officials announced that the country has reversed the epidemic curve, and the situation seems to be very good.

In early 2021, the infection rate of the new crown in India has steadily declined, and the number of new cases in a single day fell below 10,000. As of mid-February 2021, India had an average of 11,000 new cases in a single day, and the average number of deaths on the 7th was less than 100.

The authorities and the people began to relax their vigilance. Various religious activities and political elections continued to be held. High-level officials and religious leaders attended large-scale gatherings of people. Many people did not take basic protective measures including wearing masks and keeping distance.

On April 12, local time, more than 2 million Hindu pilgrims gathered on the banks of the Ganges to bathe in the river to celebrate the “Big Pot Festival”. Most of them did not wear masks. Because the crowd is too large, the Indian police cannot take restrictive measures at all.

Unsurprisingly, after the “Great Pot Festival”, the number of newly diagnosed cases in India has repeatedly hit new highs. On April 24, local time, the number of new cases in a single day exceeded 300,000 for three consecutive days. On average, one person dies from the new crown pneumonia every 5 minutes in the capital of New Delhi.

-Lack of medicine and lack of medicine has led to a surge in deaths

As a country with a total population of nearly 1.4 billion, the middle and lower classes of Indian society have always had the problem of lack of medical care and medicine. The new crown epidemic has exacerbated this problem.

Dr. Gegia, a consultant at Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi, India, said that due to the surge in patients, there are no beds in the emergency room. “We don’t have that much oxygen supply. The places that provide oxygen supply are already overcrowded. Patients have to bring their own oxygen cylinders to enter, but there may not be oxygen. We all want to help them, but there are not enough beds, and there is no oxygen to provide them.”

He said: “All our telephone lines are full. People keep calling the helpline. The outside of the hospital is also chaotic: an ambulance stops and the patient wants to get off, but the problem is that there are no more beds.”

Singha, an intensive care specialist in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, said, “I have never seen this before in the intensive care unit for 20 years.”

Days and nights are full of helplessness, anxiety and fear, and ruthless bad news continues to come.

All life-saving necessities are in short supply or can only be found on the black market. Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana also face severe shortages. The Indian Air Force is delivering oxygen tanks and supplies to different parts of the country.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently met with the chief ministers and oxygen producers of the hardest-hit states. He asked the states to cooperate to stop hoarding and black market transactions, and said that the government is also considering further conversion of industrial oxygen so that it can be used for medical treatment to alleviate the crisis.

-Vaccination has a long way to go

For India, which is ambitiously planning to implement vaccination, there is a long distance between ideal and reality.

As early as mid-January 2021, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated a plan to vaccinate more than 1.3 billion people against the new crown. He proudly stated to Indians that this vaccination plan demonstrated India’s capabilities to the world.

However, as of late April, India had only received about 130 million doses of vaccine, which was far from enough to form the requirement of “herd immunity”. Moreover, early vaccination is limited to priority groups such as medical workers, front-line personnel, and over 45 years of age.

Although India has suspended exports of the new crown vaccine in late March, by mid-April, Indian media reported a shortage of vaccines in several states and hundreds of vaccination centers were closed. In the vaccination sites that remained open, the stock of vaccines was only enough for one or two days. .

The Indian government stated on April 19 that from May 1st, all adults over the age of 18 will receive the new crown vaccination. However, the current concern is that the existing vaccine supply gap may further slow down the speed of universal vaccination.

-Virus mutation or worse

What is even more worrying is that, unlike the beginning of the outbreak in 2020, India’s new coronavirus has mutated and mutated again.

India announced on March 25 that a “double mutation” variant of the new coronavirus was detected in samples collected from different states.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) quoted virologist Jameel to explain that double mutations in key regions of the viral spike protein may make the virus more contagious. He said that the mutation of the virus is the only “reasonable explanation” for the surge in confirmed cases.

Jameel also said that India’s screening of virus mutations was “relatively late”. As of December 2020, only 5,000 samples had been sequenced, and there was “no concerted action”. He pointed out that in January, India took action to coordinate various laboratories to speed up, and started operations in February, but “unfortunately, the second wave (epidemic) has already begun.” In a pandemic, sequencing is important because it allows scientists to monitor changes in the virus.

At present, British health officials are also investigating whether India’s “double mutant” virus is more likely to spread and whether it can avoid the immune protection provided by vaccines.

Dr. Camille, a virologist at Louisiana State University in the United States, said that a mutation of the mutant virus found in India is similar to the mutation of the mutant virus found in South Africa and Brazil. And this mutation may help the virus evade antibodies in the immune system, which can fight against the new coronavirus based on previous infection or vaccine experience.

“The situation in India is a painful reminder that the virus can be so rampant.” said the Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros. Scientists have warned that vaccination does not mean that infection can be prevented. Even after being vaccinated with the new crown vaccine, epidemic prevention measures should be taken and should not be taken lightly.


By zhiwo

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5 months ago

India has always been very serious… It’s just that the super prodigal of the United States is blocking it, and it seems that he is not that bad. Seeing that, even when India claims to contain the epidemic, it is increasing by nearly 10,000. Think about the time when our country was nearly 10,000, Fang Fang was already writing a diary. If Fangfang is in India, the diary is not enough, she should be copying the scriptures. But even so, there are various reasons for India’s sudden rise. 1. Virus mutation. There are more than 7,000 new coronaviruses in India, and a triple mutant virus has also emerged. This is not over yet. According to a report by India’s “Asia News Agency” (ANI), Dr. Souradipta Chandra, a doctor at Helvetia Medical Center in Delhi, said in an interview that in addition to sore throat, body aches, fever, and sense of smell In addition to the known symptoms such as taste failure, new patients in this wave of epidemics even have new symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash, conjunctivitis, confusion, and nose and mouth bleeding. And the age of the infected person has dropped from 50 to under 35. This means that a large part of the power that could have saved society has become the people who need to be saved. Second, numbness and carelessness, for the name Shemin. Do you remember the four-party talks on March 12? At the “Four-Party Security Dialogue” video summit held by the United States, Japan, India, and Australia on March 12, senior officials of the Indian government revealed to Reuters that they are stepping up efforts to expand global vaccination to combat China’s growing vaccinations. Soft power. As the world’s largest vaccine producer, India can take the lead in the project. Therefore, India is actively seeking investment from the United States, Australia, and Japan to help it increase vaccine production. A US government official said that the four countries are launching a financing mechanism to increase vaccine production to 1 billion doses by 2022 to solve the problem of vaccine shortages in the Indo-Pacific region. At that time, Old Immortal Modi’s vaccine diplomacy was so popular that he was a seedling boy everywhere. In late February, India began to deliver vaccines to African countries through the “New Crown Vaccine Implementation Plan” (COVAX) initiated by the World Health Organization. In early March, India provided Canada with 500,000 doses of the Covishield vaccine, jointly developed by the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca and produced by the Serum Institute of India, which solved the urgent needs of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. Trudeau made a special trip to Mo Thanks Di. After India announced in January that it would donate 1 million doses of vaccine to Nepal, it has donated 75,000 doses of vaccine to Zimbabwe. According to Indian media reports on March 10, India will provide Pakistan with 45 million doses of new crown vaccine products through the Global Vaccines and Immunization Alliance (GAVI). In addition, the two countries also donated vaccines to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other countries at the same time. How strong is the production capacity of the Serum Institute of India? A set of figures is sufficient to prove that COVAX plans to provide 337 million doses of new crown vaccine to 145 countries in the first half of this year. And what about India at this time? As of March 12, only more than 20 million Indians had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Even if India manages to vaccinate 1 million people every day, it will take nearly 4 years to achieve universal vaccinations. Old Immortal Modi dared to do that. To put it bluntly, he relied on being a tax-exempt country for patent medicines. When he saw a vaccine, he was unscrupulous. With the vaccine, I am not afraid. Copy it to production and it’s done. One stitch down, there is antibody; two stitches down, print is invincible! So, squander, show off, show off. Master rewarded me for free, you didn’t, hahaha. Old Immortal Modi was fudged by the Western hegemonies and couldn’t walk straight. He wanted to rely on me to save the Blue Star. Where is India, Phuket Island. What is the name of Shemin? What is sitting on the lotus seat and doing Raksha work? Cao Jian lives, this crime, Old Immortal Modi sits out of a hip shape. 3. Human life serves politics, and this life opens the way for the afterlife. India has always been unstable. Who remembers the peasant uprising in India and it continues? It is consumed by tens of thousands of people. In early March, Indian Health Minister Hash Vardan declared that India has entered the “final stage” of fighting the epidemic. He called the leadership of Prime Minister Modi a “world model in international cooperation.” Why would he do this? Because at the end of February, India officially announced the main elections in five states, which have 186 million voters. In fact, as early as February, some Indian media had noticed a sharp increase in confirmed cases in Maharashtra. However, India prematurely claimed to “overcome” the epidemic and still promoted local elections. They want voters, they want votes, but they do not want human lives. Then everyone knows: After drying this bowl of Ganges water, I will be an Indian again in my next life. There are two big Hindu festivals in April. One is the Big Pot Festival, which everyone knows now. If you miss a big Hindu festival every six years, you have to wait six years to wash away the sins of this life. What should you do in the next life? So, for the next life, fight it! As a result, the scene at the time was such that no one wore a mask. It is estimated that this year’s Big Kettle Festival in the eyes of Indians is like this; in the next life, I am coming! This year’s Big Pot Festival in the eyes of us Chinese is like this; in this life, he is over! Then there is another big Hindu festival-Holi. The scene at that time was like this; a mask is a fart, and you must be a Saiyan in your next life. The time is March 29, let’s look at the time of the virus outbreak in India. And what about Old Immortal Modi? Modi, who never wears a suit, still thinks about unifying India with Hinduism, and dare not stop the followers from going to the afterlife. It is true that natural disasters are still alive, and man-made disasters are dark!

5 months ago

The children of other people in your parents’ opinion will always be better than you, always correct, glorious and great. The children of other people in your mouth will always be worse than you, and they will always be stupid and selfish. And India, it is the child of someone else’s family in your name. As a result, your parents checked it and found that there is such a person. Before the epidemic in India, they had been taking their citizens as a bet. They felt that the immunity exercised by the Ganges River, the low liquidity caused by economic backwardness, and the blessing of Shiva, who was frantically engaged in religious activities, could make their parallel vaccines grow. Achieve herd immunity before the outbreak to avoid economic collapse. The results of it? …I lost the gambling, the people and the animals are on the street, the economy is shit, but our Great India government has won again. This wave of epidemics conservatively estimates that the number of infections will be in the hundreds of millions and the death toll will be in the millions. brake? What kind of brakes, my Tesla, ah yeah, my Greater India has always only installed energy recovery. Death, that is a better caste to reincarnate. There are many deaths, and only Hindu people and animals can be more united under the leadership of the old immortals and the true gods. Both the east and west are the fault of Commander Mu. Only by uniting under the banner of Shiva and his spokesperson Magic Di and Youji and adding more cow urine and cow dung to food, beverages and medicine can we overcome the new crown epidemic and the economic crisis. Dismantle that and the lighthouse. How should I put it, ignorance can be saved, and there is no cure for ignorance and madness. Thank the Himalayas, thank the People’s Liberation Army, and thank Chairman Mao!

5 months ago

India: I would rather die than breathe oxygen from China. India’s current tragic situation of purgatory on earth has been written in many articles, so I won’t repeat it. In fact, at the beginning of the epidemic last year, I wrote many times about my concerns about India in many articles. However, the stability for a while makes me think that the new crown virus is nothing more than that. If you look at India, there are not many deaths. However, human beings are ultimately small and immature in the face of the virus. Politics and lies have become “the emperor’s new clothes.” Last year, the Modi government’s series of political shows at the border and in the country were shattered by this second wave of epidemics. However, in addition to humanitarian concerns, I have some other perspectives: Why does India have a hatred of gnashing teeth that would rather die than accept Chinese aid? Why does the United States not even cut off vaccine raw materials and provide any substantial assistance, but India does not hate it? Why have so many people died and there hasn’t been a riot? Why is this religion completely useless, so many people are not awakened? Even if reality slams people’s mouths fiercely, people still believe what they believe, bathing in Ganges water, “attacking poison with poison”, pouring cow dung to drive disease, and believing in God. As a ruler, the first thing to do at a better time of the epidemic is to launch campaign rallies everywhere, and don’t care about the life and death of your people. In recent years, the hatred towards China has intensified, and the Indian people have a general feeling of hatred. This narrow nationalism also prevents Modi, the initiator, from coming to Taiwan. I asked a few Indian friends in Mauritius. Their family members are in India. They really “would rather die than breathe Chinese oxygen”, which is simply faith. What I want to say is how deeply the “Chinese terror” atmosphere created by Western countries in the whole world is deeply rooted. How do they do it? Recalling that on April 22, some country introduced the “2021 Strategic Competition Act”, which blatantly proposed to allocate 300 million US dollars a year for the so-called “counter-influence fund of China”, especially to discredit the “Belt and Road” economic cooperation initiative. To train journalists and control the media of various countries is to achieve the ability to “make a lot of money”. I think the Chinese are too kind. We may naturally consider problems with our own thinking. We take care of our own people. Therefore, other countries must take good care of their own people, and they must put the people’s happiness first. . If we improve people-to-people relations and benefit the people, we can promote the peaceful development of both countries. In fact, the logic of many countries is still inseparable from the law of the jungle. 99% of the people are nothing but zombies, but a tool manipulated by politicians, using religion and media brainwashing to serve their own purposes. No one cares about the lives of the people, and the people themselves don’t care at all. If so, will the people really care about your other country? Will you really go to work hard to find the so-called truth? Most countries are controlled by a very small number of elites, and this must have an influence on these people in order to truly form a relatively stable bilateral relationship. For the vast majority of people, we should have a set of self-consistent logic and communication methods. If not, all kindness is described as a vicious atonement, it is better to be indifferent, “China first” is good, at least the Chinese people are grateful. This is an era where everyone has to go to the door, so why do you have to carry too much moral baggage? This may be more understandable.

5 months ago

To put it farther, there are problems with the foundation of this country. There has never been a unified history. A nation without a subject (no more than 50%) has no subject language (now Indian may be spoken by 50% of the people, but the interstate is mainly based on English). Unity is considered a subjective religion. Hinduism also has many sects in it. However, in a modern secular country, religion is the main body-this is a funny thing in itself. It’s still a country run by elections—whatever the voters want, I will give you what they want. If voters want religious things, I will give them religious things—what will happen? How positive can religion play in the development of modern society? ——I’m not going to say that it’s all negative effects. In the past two years, Modi probably felt that the subject was insufficient. He wanted to use Hindu culture to unify the whole of India spiritually and suppress Muslims. In order to suppress Muslims, The Sikhs built the Golden Temple for wooing. As a result, the main opposition from the peasants this year is still the Sikhs. Before the closure of the city last year, the solemn Holi festival was also held. Holi (Holi Festival) is this kind of gathering effect. In 2021, the Holi Festival in March, and the Big Kettle Festival in April;) Basically the same way of gathering-this is obviously caused by the indulgence of the ruling party. Another very important thing is that local elections and state elections are basically voted in in April. When “India Today” was on the 20th, basically there were still three types of news on the front page: 1. Election 2. New Crown 3. What Cricket World Championships have been blacked out in the past two days. Finally, it is all news about the new crown. Regarding the election, it seems that Modi’s BJP has won a lot-this wave of new crowns will break out a month earlier. Can the BJP win? So is this data suppressed, or is it really just exploding just after voting? There are still weird things. The headline of “India Today” a few days ago was also about looking for the United States to find the United Kingdom for resources. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said three times that it would provide help. I didn’t see it on “India Today”. It may be in a small corner. This in itself is a very strange thing. For the sake of the so-called democratic form and religious form, let the people die. China used the gymnasium to build Fangcang Hospital, and India used the park to convert it into a crematorium. According to various opinions, more than 500,000 diagnoses per day are basically necessary results, and the current number of diagnoses and deaths still has a lot of fraud. According to the current situation, it is said that the city is closed, and it is only arranged week by week. People can also get out, and there are still various cars running on the highway-I guess there is no way. It is said that the ambulance will have to wait 8 hours to arrive. People with private cars are estimated to have to take the patients to the hospital. Even Uber didn’t stop. When the city was closed last year, Uber stopped. Only ambulances and police cars were seen on the road. It can only be said that it is completely chaotic now.

5 months ago

To put it simply, there are several reasons for this outbreak in India, which I think can reasonably explain all the doubts. 1. Inadequate prevention and control, rapid spread of the epidemic, India has never contained the epidemic. The number of infections has been increasing and has never declined. There is only one way to prevent the spread of the epidemic: copy China. India has basically not adopted strict epidemic prevention measures. How can it be possible to control the epidemic? 2. Cover up the real data India’s official statistics are all false. Let alone compare India and the United States. Although the United States is not as good as China in fighting the epidemic, after all, we have the superiority of the system. But Jingran can’t even compare to India, dare you believe it? The homeless people in the United States have better conditions than the untouchables in the slums of India. According to the results of nucleic acid tests, roughly 20% of people in India have antibodies, which means that a total of about 270 million people have been infected. India’s official figure is more than 16 million, which is ten times worse. 3. There are too many infections and deaths to cover the actual number of infections in India. The actual number of infections is 270 million. Most of them are poor and cannot afford to go to the hospital, so there is no such thing as a run on medical resources. Once burned, just throw it in the river, so it has not attracted attention. But there are too many dead now. According to the 5% mortality rate, 270 million people were infected. This year, there were 13.5 million deaths, an average of nearly 40,000 per day. Considering that the closer we get to the present time, the more people die every day, so the daily death toll in India may be more than one hundred to two hundred thousand, which is ten times the number of natural deaths of 26,000. 4. Medical resources are running on India for the holidays and a political rally was organized a few days ago. People of different strata who usually can’t make a difference have the opportunity to get close contact. As a result, the middle class was infected in large numbers and rushed into the hospital. There was a run on medical resources. The media reported it and shocked the world. India’s official statistics should only reflect the infection of the middle class who can afford to go to the hospital, and the large number of poor people are not counted at all. So looking at the statistics, it seems that the epidemic is about to end, but the bottom layer has actually exploded.

5 months ago

Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the end of 19, I have always advocated that this is a very terrible virus. But at the beginning, few people took it seriously. Even if the country closed the city, many big Vs are still making a big fuss. After China controls the epidemic , Is it too hard? At that time, it was Zhihu’s argument that DaV showed its “intelligence”. It is a pity that the shock caused by the new coronavirus far exceeds that of SARS. The outbreak of multiple mutant viruses in India is no exaggeration to say that this epidemic is no less destructive than World War I. The new crown virus tests not only the hard power of a country, the level of medical care, the thickness of the medical industry, the scale of medical staff, the level of biopharmaceuticals… What is more tested is a country’s organizational capabilities, mobilization capabilities, institutional flexibility, and national character. … So from the beginning, I didn’t believe that places like South America, the United States, India, and Africa can be controlled well. People in these places have a high EQ called love of life, and a low EQ called loose and undisciplined. What is ridiculous is that some Brazilian foreign players in the Chinese Super League were eager to go back to Brazil for refuge at the beginning of the outbreak in China, and even tore their faces with the club. Who gave them the confidence? Brazil’s hosting of the Olympics and World Cup has shown how much this country is Loose, chaotic, and undisciplined. How can we withstand such a “monster” as the new crown? Needless to say, India has a population density that far exceeds that of Brazil, and the government’s organizational capabilities and people’s discipline are not better than Brazil’s? To be honest, if the United States hadn’t had strong biopharmaceutical research and development capabilities and had no vaccines, the United States would have been done for a long time, instead of closing the gap at the expense of hundreds of thousands of deaths. After the new millennium, there have been outbreaks of SARS, MERS, H1N1. By this new crown, there will be a major infectious disease crisis in an average of five or six years. The new crown is not the first, and it is by no means the last. Anti-epidemic strategies, some immigration agencies should just let them go. If you go to the wrong place and encounter a more serious infectious disease crisis, it will really be fatal.

5 months ago

One of the three major illusions in life, others can do what they are. Just as the old saying goes, there must be a phoenix next to Wolong. There is India next to China. Compare everything with me! As soon as India saw that the epidemic in China was under control, it began to waver. I feel that my epidemic has also been brought under control. I will make three waves. Is it okay for 150 million people to have a big pot festival? New crown, it’s Temo, what are you called ah three? You are so arrogant. Don’t you know that I specialize in various buffs? San, what am I doing, don’t you see me looking at you? The second wave of epidemics broke out. China, alas, does Huaqiang have that strength with me than you? Okay, something useful, Modi is already a rare good prime minister for India. India does not need a papermaker, but a strong man to make drastic reforms. In fact, India has not never had a strongman. Nehru and his daughter, the Indian version of the Iron Lady, are both strongmen, but unfortunately they are not strong enough. In other words, it was too difficult for India to start. There was no India in the world, and it was only after a meal that the British shit-cutter made it into an India. Most people really can’t figure it out. A disunity country has no future, but sometimes there are problems that are unsolvable, such as religion. How did Gandhi die? He wanted to unite everyone and died in the religious conflict between India and Muslims. How did Injira Gandhi die? Died in the conflict between Hinduism and Sikhism. The biggest problem in India is religion. What does Modi rely on when he comes to power? It relies on the endorsement of Hinduism. Since we cannot unite everyone, we can only unite the majority. There are more than 1 billion Hindus. It is a pity that there are few perfect choices in this world, and you must bear the burden if you want to wear a crown. What kind of religion is Hinduism? Most people may not know it. Simply put, the caste system is rooted in Hinduism, and Buddhism is born out of Hinduism. It is basically the reincarnation set of things, the ruler’s favorite. This wave of pandemic was undoubtedly due to the Big Pot Festival, 150 million Hindus attended gatherings and held parties. The government didn’t stop it! Can’t it? Not willing? Dare not? Or does the government think that everyone is already immune?

5 months ago

In the recent period, the epidemic situation around the world has stabilized, but one country is still deteriorating in an overwhelming manner, with an increase of more than 300,000 cases per day, and the national health system is about to collapse. This country is India. There is a shortage of cremation sites and firewood in India, Indian men complained that they were slapped by parliamentarians for not supplying oxygen, aerial photography of large-scale cremation sites in the Indian capital, local governments in India intercepted oxygen trucks, patients with new crowns in India developed new symptoms, and new cases in India were nearly three days old. Millions… The Indian epidemic has been searched six times in one day. Today we will talk about what happened to India. 1 How terrible is the second wave of the epidemic in India? Let’s take a look at the increasing number of cases in India. Since the end of March this year, India’s daily increase in cases has almost rocketed up. On April 4, there were 104,000 new cases, breaking the 100,000 mark for the first time, exceeding the peak of the first wave of epidemics. Then the situation quickly got out of control. On April 15, the daily increase in cases exceeded 200,000; on April 21, the daily increase in cases exceeded 300,000. The time it takes to refresh the record is getting shorter and shorter. At present, the number of confirmed cases in India is as high as 16.6 million, which is only half of that in the US But if this trend continues, India will surpass the United States in the first half of this year and become the global epicenter of the epidemic. The rapid deterioration of the epidemic has almost collapsed India’s health system. Most hospitals are overcrowded, and two people have to lie on the same bed and share a ventilator. There are patients in the corridors and halls, and many patients who cannot be admitted to the hospital lie on the street. In New Delhi, the capital with a population of more than 20 million, the city can no longer find an empty intensive care bed. The leak happened in the evening rain. Some time ago, there was an oxygen tank explosion accident in a hospital, resulting in 24 deaths and more than 10 injuries. In the face of the turbulent second wave of epidemics, countless human tragedies have been staged in the South Asian subcontinent. The 65-year-old Indian journalist Vinay recently used the tragic way of live-streaming the death process on Twitter to try to awaken the attention of Indians to the epidemic. After experiencing suspected symptoms such as a rapid drop in blood oxygen concentration, Vinay wanted to go to the hospital, but was rejected by three different hospitals and asked him to get a positive result for the new crown virus first. Due to the lack of local testing capabilities, Vinay waited three days for the test, and then waited for the test results for another three days. Seeing the blood oxygen concentration continued to drop, it was difficult to breathe. Vinay and his family were begging everywhere but did not buy an oxygen cylinder. In the end, a relative lent them his own oxygen cylinder, but it quickly ran out. A few hours before the day of his death, Vinay tweeted a desperate cry of “When will someone help me?” At that time, his blood oxygen concentration dropped to only 31 (normal value is 95-99). Ironically, due to the continuous overloading of the crematorium, there are still a large number of remains to be burned at the scene, and there is no manpower available to take Venera away that day. 2 It can be seen from the curve of increasing cases in India that in January and February of this year, the increasing number of cases in India remained at a steady state, maintaining at around 10,000. What happened in March? The Indian government believes that the biggest reason is the mutation of the new coronavirus. On March 25, the Indian government announced that they had detected a “double mutant” variant virus in samples collected from different states across the country. Indian virologists explained that the infectivity of this “double-mutant” virus has been significantly enhanced, and it is possible to continue to mutate. However, a more contagious mutant virus appeared in the UK earlier, but the UK epidemic has not deteriorated significantly. So in the final analysis, India’s epidemic prevention measures have gone wrong. Since the overall easing of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, from Prime Minister Modi to civilians, India has been filled with inexplicable optimism, claiming that they have defeated the new crown virus and completely relaxed their vigilance. In the local elections that began in late February, some politicians continued to organize large-scale mass gatherings in order to build momentum. Modi himself is also a platform for politicians of his party. Looking around at the rally site, few people in Wuyangyang wear masks, let alone maintain social distancing. Religious activities interrupted by the epidemic are also resuming. The triennial Dahu Festival is an important festival in Hinduism. Hindus from all over the world gather to pray and bathe in the holy river Ganges. The Big Kettle Festival originated from an ancient legend. The gods and the devil fought for a pot containing the elixir, but accidentally knocked the big pot over, and the elixir in the pot was scattered in the Ganges. Hindus believe that as long as they bathe in the Ganges, they can wash away their sins and usher in health. However, they never expected that not only did they not wash away their sins in the Ganges, they accelerated the deterioration of the epidemic in India. According to local media reports in India, at least 1,000 positive cases were detected among the participants within three days after the Big Pot Festival. These fearless Hindus brought the virus back to all parts of the country. It’s not over yet. The Big Pot Festival just ended and the Cow Dung Festival started again, which also attracted thousands of people to participate. They are like time bombs, completely detonating the Indian epidemic. 3 Faced with the rapid second wave of the epidemic, the Indian government did not have any precautions. The Indian public health expert class pointed out that many cities had no beds in the first wave of the epidemic, but the government did not learn any lessons from it, and did not expect to increase the number of beds, ventilators and other equipment. Even the crematorium does not have any emergency plans. In Modi’s hometown of Gujarat, some of the metal parts of the crematorium’s gas furnaces began to melt due to continuous operation for too long. India’s defenselessness stems from their blind confidence in herd immunity. In January this year, the Indian government launched multiple rounds of new coronavirus serum antibody tests in densely populated areas such as New Delhi. After collecting tens of thousands of samples, the official results of the preliminary investigation showed that more than half of the tested persons were positive for serum antibodies. In other words, more than half of the people in these areas have been infected with the new coronavirus. Although these data have not been rigorously verified again, in the eyes of many Indian media and politicians, this means that India is close to achieving herd immunity. Some Indian media quoted private virus testing agencies as saying that a large number of Indians were infected with the virus unknowingly, and most of them recovered quickly and gained lasting immunity. However, the reality slapped the face too quickly. Looking back now, it is either that the immunity gained through infection cannot be sustained, or the official data is deliberately falsified to create the illusion that India has overcome the epidemic. Passive herd immunity has failed, and active herd immunity has been slow to reach the standard. As of late April, about 130 million doses have been vaccinated nationwide in India, and the vaccination rate is less than 10%. Moreover, the first group of vaccinated people are mainly medical workers, front-line personnel, and priority groups over 45 years old. The vaccination rate for ordinary people is very low. Even if the vaccine is vaccinated, the effect is difficult to guarantee. Some Indian media reported that between January and April 15th, 33 police officers who participated in the Great Husk Festival tested positive and many of them had received two shots of the vaccine. The Modi government is also powerless in this regard. After the epidemic hit the Indian economy severely last year, Modi dared not easily announce a second closure of the country. Beginning in November last year, Indian farmers held protests in various places, and even drove tractors into the center of New Delhi to sit in, putting a lot of pressure on the Indian government.

5 months ago

In fact, the real situation may be even more serious. India’s flights to Hong Kong carry a maximum of 188 people, but 53 people have been diagnosed. The Indians who can reach Hong Kong are basically middle and upper class, and they have all undergone nucleic acid testing. One-third of the people are diagnosed. What do you think is his real situation? The main reason is that the car cannot be stopped for religious activities. Millions of people will bathe in the Ganges within a few days. Isn’t this a natural petri dish? The key is that the government still supports it. Indian politicians can only cater to religions for votes. Whether it is the local or central government or Modi himself, he wants to use Hinduism, the greatest common divisor, to win people’s hearts, completely disregarding the need for epidemic prevention. World-class epidemics The third brother is never absent. The biggest worry is that India is still the main producer of AZ vaccines. He has not produced enough of his own. Other countries with low income levels in the third world cannot buy them. They can only rely on my country’s vaccines.

5 months ago

In fact, the real data is much more than that. In fact, this wave of outbreak in India has already had a sign. The thunder has been buried long ago, but it has exploded now. Specifically, what caused the Indian epidemic to be unable to stop the car? There are too many factors, including the inaction of their government, the inaction of their people, the imperfection of their industry, the lack of supplies, and many other factors. It can’t be controlled. Moreover, India is cultivating Gu. We were shocked by the mutant virus in Manaus, Brazil, and nervous by the mutant virus in South Africa. Now the third brother’s super virus is here. Ha ha, the vaccines of various countries are considered to be Hit it for nothing.

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