If you look closely, you will find that Usopp is just that. Counsel the people who will go on. The persuasion of ordinary people is that they will not look back when they run away. Usopp ran away, and then turned around because of his companions. For example, Aaron beat that murloc with a long mouth. Usopp obviously avoided it by pretending to be dead, and finally stood up to fight and defeated the murloc cadre. Alabastan faces the Weasel Man and Mr. 4. When he was about to run, he heard the weasel man mocking Luffy’s dream, his skull was cracked and his body was broken. For the sake of partners, I still turn around and continue to fight. In the sky island chapter, and Sanji go to save Nami. Even in the face of Anilu, he was horrified to die. Also boarded the spaceship of Aini Road. He even wanted to use his deceptive tricks to delay time to save Nami. In the Judicial Island chapter, he has been out of the group and came to the Judicial Island to rescue Robin in the incarnation of the sniper king. Finally, long-range sniping prevented Robin from being taken away. Dressrosa, or Usopp’s daily routine: running. But the end of his run was the battlefield, and finally he saved the world in an unexpected way. If you run away and never look back, then Usopp is really useless. But the real Usopp is always: I am counseled, I am weak, but for the sake of my partner, I will look back, and I dare to go. Since there are so many likes, let me say a few more words. I read the One Piece comics when I was in high school 14 years ago. At that time, the One Piece manga circulated in the class was Go to Sky Island. I watched the comics first, and then watched the animations. Because there are only one or two scenes in the comics, unlike the animation that runs for a few minutes or even one or two episodes. So when I saw Usopp standing up tremblingly for the village, preparing to face it alone, I really admired him. Although we also saw Usopp often talking big words and running away later, he was limited by the comic lens, and there were too many characters. Usopp didn’t get many shots, so it didn’t affect his senses too much. The most condemned by Usopp was probably because of the Meili, who got off the ship and duel with Luffy. There were so many people who scolded him at the beginning. But in hindsight, this is really the best arrangement. Luffy said when he played Bruno in the second gear that he wanted to become stronger in order not to lose any of his partners. Even for Robin, it should be echoed. Usopp and Luffy said when they quarreled that Luffy wanted to abandon the weak and useless companions. Furthermore, if Usopp readily agreed, wouldn’t it be contrary to Luffy? Then, did everyone give up the Meili so easily? If the Meili was completely abandoned at that time, I would not accept it. And if it weren’t for Usopp’s insistence at the beginning, when Judiciary Island finally fled, how could the magic soldier of the Meili descend from the sky, and finally save the Straw Hat regiment. Finally, Usopp is actually not that wasteful. With his mortal body, he can win close combat. It really gave him a long-range sniper opportunity, and he changed a place with a shot, and he could also achieve a beautiful record. It’s a pity that Oda loves to watch him slap in the face, and there is no way.


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5 months ago

Official answer: Because Luffy is a wise (idiot) and brave (crazy) captain! Private answer: Because Lu Fei firmly believes that he can “cover” all his partners himself! Before starting the description, first vindicate Usopp-“There is no waste in the world, only people who have misplaced it!” With the continuous development of the plot of “One Piece”, we found that Usopp is in the “Straw Hat Pirates” “It’s indispensable!” If it weren’t for him, the straw hat gang might have been wiped out by the regiment long ago! Two classic battle cases of Usopp: 1. KO Princess Mononoke; if there is no Usopp, kill these two “tricky” characters! I’m afraid “One Piece” is over! Therefore, GOLD Usopp deserves it! Therefore, in fact, Usopp may be more “useless” to deal with ordinary enemies, but if you encounter “an enemy specially designed for him”, it is definitely a “natural enemy” existence! This is just like the “Battle Tyrannosaurus” in “Digimon”, its “Dinosaur Nemesis” can completely restrain the Digimon of the dinosaur series: and Usopp is the “Girl Killer”! As for why Luffy had to let Usopp in! Let’s talk about it seriously: First of all, I wonder if you have discovered that Lu Fei and his partners have one thing in common-they have dreams! For example, Luffy’s dream is to become the King of Pirates, Sauron’s dream is to become the world’s largest swordsman, Sanji’s dream is ALL BULE… and Usopp also has a dream! Although Usopp was very, very LOW when he first came out-weak in combat, love to lie, unreliable… But he has a firm dream in his heart! Although he looks timid and fearful, he will not “really back down” when he really faces the test! He can duel for Meili and Luffy: Although he is often in a “fleeing state”, he can always find a solution to the enemy in the end! Therefore, according to the official view-Luffy is “a unique insight”! In fact, just look at the partner he chose! No one is “normal”! Of course, some people may mention “Jinping”…… I personally think that Jinping is probably of the “Mensao” type, and I believe his “abnormality” will show up in the future! Therefore, Luffy made Usopp who looked useless at the time, there must be his reason! Of course, the folklore is a different version-Luffy believes that he is strong and can protect his companions, so as long as he “looks pleasing to the eye”, he can board the ship! Why is there a “civilian” term? Because the official wants to “create gods”! For me personally, Luffy is actually just an “idiot”! Just a very “confident” idiot! Think about it carefully, in addition to sending invitations to his current partners, Luffy also invited others including “Viwei”! I believe they can get on the boat if they want! Just because they thought they were not strong enough, they temporarily refused! Therefore, in some respects, Luffy should be regarded as a “snobbery”-what he likes, no matter how weak he is, he believes he is strong! What he doesn’t like, no matter how strong he is!

5 months ago

Luffy didn’t want to invite Usopp aboard from the beginning. But when he saw him facing the pirates, he was obviously timid and weak, but he was able to rush to the front line to protect the villagers and Koya. Obviously his father is an irresponsible man who abandons him and his mother to go to war, but he can still be proud of it and wants to be a brave sea warrior. He can blame others, but he has grown into a confident and cheerful look. Lu Fei also said, “Usopp is a man who will take a shot when he should.” Lu Fei has already recognized Usopp in his heart. A man who has faith in his heart, his own “Dao” and dreams, is already worthy of Luffy’s invitation to board the ship. What’s more, he and Lu Fei get along well.

5 months ago

As far as the straw hat group is concerned, who was strong when they first went to sea? Who is strong? What is really strong in One Piece is the people who are extremely powerful in the spiritual world created by Oda, and those who stand up from the weak bit by bit. And you talk about Usopp like that, which makes people very uncomfortable. Although Usopp is not strong, it is not considered useless. What kind of people are strong in One Piece, those monsters in the New World? Kaido? Mother? This kind is really strong. But is it close to reality? As for Usopp, there is no fruit, can the resistance be as strong as Sauron and Sanji? But he was still with Luffy and the others. He experienced so much along the way and showed his strength in it. Instead, looking at Usopp, a simple ambition, a relatively ordinary person, slowly slow. Growing up will make people look more comfortable and affectionate. In addition, I think that Luffy is not recruiting based on strength. To be honest, just think about it. After seeing his strength, Luffy said that you are very strong, and I need you to be my partner. Kind of words. It’s all Luffy’s recruiting after seeing what he is doing.

5 months ago

The answers were all unanswered questions. What people asked was that “at the beginning” was so useless. Why did Luffy invite him to board the ship? Why are you talking about so many of Usopp’s miracles in the future? Of course I know Usopp saved the whole group more than once, but could Luffy think of so much? To answer this question is nothing more than Luffy’s willfulness and madness. If you see it right, invite it. No matter how much you care about, what about the Four Emperors? Just do it. Isn’t this the captain we like? Oda’s point of view is rich The character and fighting style of the crew, the contrast comedy effect produced by an extremely timid person encountering ghost fruit is almost a blow to how such a wasteful person can also get on the ship-although it is wasteful, it is quite interesting (such as the Battle of Fishman Island, participate in but Not considered a decisive combat power)-a qualified sea warrior (Burmese) with a strong sense of love and righteousness-an absolute god, who would die without him (ghost fruit), and the audience’s emotions were completely mobilized and blown A wave of Oda foreshadowing, what is God’s work (tactical backward)

5 months ago

Usopp does not give up. 1. Two years ago, when he was a 1V1 team member in the early days, Usopp didn’t lose a key battle (Franky’s plot is not counted), he fought the evil dragon group’s Tweet, the Barge group’s Mochi, and Baroque. Commune Mr.4 and Mr. Christmas, Shadli in the sky island, especially when he played Moria, it is generally accepted that no one of Usopp’s straw hats would be killed by Perona. 2. Usopp took on the role of a ship repairer and the role of a weapon blacksmith when there was no Frankie. 3. Although Usopp was embarrassed on the surface, he wanted to be a brave sea warrior in his heart. He had never counseled him at the critical moment. When he saved Robin, burning the flag can be said to push the plot of the Water City to a climax. . 4. The Meili is his friend. 5. With Luffy, Chopper formed the Big Three in the morning, followed by Frankie and Brooke in the five-member group. 6. God of desperation, do not explain, Luffy has the foresight, always blind cats and dead mice. 7. The awesomeness that others have boasted has been realized.

5 months ago

Don’t forget, Usopp brought capital into stocks. Who made the Golden Meri? Can’t leave the boat away, can you leave it? Just kidding, everyone who has seen Pirates knows a word. Good luck Sauron, adversity Luffy, desperate Usopp. Do you remember Usopp’s wish? Become a brave warrior at sea. Usopp is the weakest background in the entire team, even if his father is on the ship of the face, but he is not helpful at all. Teacher Oda let Usopp on board let us know that a small person can grow into a big person, and the sadness in it is more real. In Luffy’s heart, strength is the least important. To become One Piece’s partner, the first important thing is his wish. What do you want to do, if you don’t have your own wish, Luffy will not invite Usopp

5 months ago

Everyone knows that a car is assembled from gearboxes, engines and other components. Its quality is not only determined by the quality of the components, but also by the relationship between the components. If you only choose the best To assemble a car with the parts of the car, it must be a bad car. Usopp is the position of a sniper in the Straw Hat Regiment. You can’t ask a sniper to be strong in close hand-to-hand combat. He only needs to do his own job as a sniper. If Luffy finds his teammates to be able to fight all the time, then the first half of the great route of the Straw Hat regiment is estimated to have to break up.

5 months ago

Usopp’s true strength (not to be discussed in the later period). In the beginning, it was really weak. It can be said that there are many people who crush Usopp. However, they are obviously afraid of death, but when partners/friends need it, even if only When my partner dreams of being laughed at, I would rather die. I would not be afraid to die. I don’t have this quality. Although it’s not like the overlord’s one in a million, it is definitely one in a million. The ability can cultivate strength and progress. But this non-counseling quality is destined to not be in the pool

5 months ago

Usopp’s negative impression is nothing more than a plot to leave the team, coupled with frequent embarrassing battles, which results in a bad impression. In fact, think about it carefully, is Usopp the only one who defies every battle? However, the others are all handsome men and beauties, cute pets and protagonists, you choose to forget their horrible beatings. Usopp’s battle has not been survived any time, and he has survived adversity in the eyes of ordinary people with almost no chance of winning. I totally suspect that Oda is Usopp created after watching the adversity rascal Kaisi. In a team, who did the dirty work before Frankie’s professional repairs? Hope that the seaweed head that dozes all day? That lustful curly eyebrows? The wealthy girl? The idiot banana guy? It’s not Usopp’s job yet. . I think all the audience owe Usopp a thank you.

5 months ago

Asking this kind of question isn’t someone who came to fish or didn’t understand One Piece… Although he is a young man, he is a romanticism who bravely ventured into the sea. Luffy’s criterion for inviting companions has never been strength, but a fancy to this person. His character and dreams have the principle of upholding even if he lays down his life, and he has a dream to be realized during a lifetime of sailing together. Such a talent is qualified to be aboard the Golden Meri. The other conditions for boarding are professional skills, navigator, combatant, chef, etc… But this… Judging by Luffy’s standards, it is somewhat vague. After all, being able to play together is the most important thing. On the contrary, the character and dream mentioned above are what Luffy most values. The strength of the people on board is actually only part of the plot needs, just like the plot has entered the country of Waka, there are too many and too strong to fight. Usopp has always played a role as a surprise soldier, just like Killing “sugar” was called GOD Usopp. It is indispensable, but it depends not only on strength… Besides, if you think that mixing personal strength is the most important in this world, then you He must be a young man, and has not experienced the deep waters of society…Personal strength is always only a part of the complex factors, even a small part…

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